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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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michelle. oakland firefighters stumb good morning, it is monday, august 8th. oakland firefighters stumble to a grizzly crime scene while responding to a call. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan is live where two bodies were found overnight in a burning car. >> oakland police responded to a 911 call at 1:46 this morning. when they arrived, they discovered a car on fire. this happened on the 9900 block of empire. the fire is out. but police do say there are three victims. two are confirmed dead and one was transported to the hospital. police did set up a perimeter while they investigate. they're keeping us a few blocks from the scene. two people are dead this morning in a double homicide. live in oakland, lisa chan, kpix 5. if you're flying delta this morning you could be running in to big problems. a lot of flights have been
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delayed or canceled. at one point all of delta's flights were grounded this morning after a computer glitch. kpix 5 reporter sandra osborne live at the airport with an update. >> we're being told by the airline that the computer systems are slowly coming back online. we're seeing improvements. however this is after already impacting thousands of passengers and the airline still not in the clear just yet. here at sjc passengers have been checking in for their flights since about 4:00 this morning, not knowing whether or not their flights would be canceled. the good news, delta representatives at san jose expect those departing flights to leave on time this morning. still one woman we talked to was frustrated that she wasn't contacted by delta before arriving. >> i'm irritated a little bit. disappointed. i was really excited. they didn't let us know, an e-mail, any kind of contact. so we just show up here ready to go and it's like, no.
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>> delta has 25 flights departing daily from sjc. the corporate office says to expect residual delays and cancellations globally until their systems are fully restored. delta says of course that you are keeping an eye on it. they're working on it. in the meantime, before you leave the house, they say check your cell phone if you have the app or check online before heading to the airport. reporting live, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> what a mess. time now, 6:02. let's check our morning commute with roqui. >> we've got a couple accidents to report now heading in to the san jose area where northbound 87, both onramp lanes are closed now. that accident is blocking those. cars moving about 53 miles per hour. then in hayward, southbound 880 at tennyson road, a motorcycle is down on to the right hand shoulder. causing some delays. cars moving about 58 miles per
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hour. southbound 680 at washington. a car has overturned on the freeway. two lanes are blocked. cars are moving about 33 miles per hour. good morning, everyone. your time check now at 6:03. welcome to your monday, august 8th, a brand new work week. we've got a brand new forecast for you. kick starting with the view, looking out toward sfo where the ceiling has been lowering but so far i have not seen any delays on arriving flights at sfo, manetta or oakland international. marine layer is roughly 1300 feet deep. i've not picked up any reports of drizzle this morning. check out santa rosa dipping to 48 degrees. san jose in the upper 50s. mid 50s in livermore. these are the averages and these are the forecast high temperatures. we'll be spot on from concord, walnut creek. san jose pretty close to average. oakland just a couple degrees above where we should be for
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this time of the year. so let's play it like this today. some sunshine, albeit limited in half moon bay backing through the pacifica area. los altos, you'll pick up a variable wind. we jump up to the mid 80s in morgan hill. 90 in gilroy. and pretty seasonal summer day in throughout the santa clara valley. 92 degrees in byron and discovery bay and also through brentwood. 88 throughout the trivalley. 90 in fairfield. wrapping around to the northern portion of the bay area, you want 60s, you head to the immediate sea. bodega bay through stinson beach, a bit blustery through the afternoon hours. 70s san rafael and mill valley. 80s in petaluma. 90s noted in ukiah. full forecast featuring air quality report. that's coming up at 18 after the hour. deputies are trying to piece together a killing in contra
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costa county. they were called to a home on quail run lane in black hawk on saturday. when they arrived they found the body of a 69-year-old woman. deputies believe the victim and suspect knew each other and say it could be a domestic incident. former san mateo officer accused of sexually assaulting five women while on duty will be back in court today. winchester pleaded not guilty last week. five women claimed he coerced them to having sex with him by threatening to arrest them on made up charges. he's set to appear at a bail reduction hearing this morning. he's in custody. juan solarte worked at a pet store in may when a 1-year-old daschound died in his care. an x-ray of the dog showed it had two broken ribs and a punctured lung. presidential contenders hillary clinton and donald trump will both deliver speeches in
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detroit this week focusing on the economy. today republican trump is expected to announce a plan to slash corporate taxes. >> we're comfortable we can get the agenda and the narrative of the campaign back where it belongs which is comparing the tepid economy under obama and clinton versus the kind of growth economy that mr. trump wants to build. >> thursday democrat hillary clinton will promote her economic plan. >> we're fighting for jobs and we're fighting to improve the economy. donald trump is shadowboxing against every last person on the planet. >> new polls over the weekend show clinton maintaining a strong lead nationally. the emperor of japan is considering stepping away from his position in the rare public address today. the emperor spoke about his declining physical health and expressed concerns about his ability to continue to fulfill his duties. since world war ii, the emperor of japan has likely been a
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symbolic position. 6:06. a water park turns in to a crime scene when a 10-year-old boy is killed on the facility's main attraction. >> a bay area olympian making history in rio. more on his remarkable achievements straight ahead. >> good monday morning from the kpix weather center where we have a marine layer pushing onshore. we'll talk about the impact at local airports and on your monday forecast.
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can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] good morning, everybody. welcome to your monday. this is what will greet you as you're getting ready to step out the door, whether you're in the city looking out toward the transamerica pyramid, or if you're inland. we're shrouded in the marine layer. i'll talk about the effects this deck of clouds will have on your monday and temperatures in less
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than 4 minutes. today a former quarterback on de la salle's renowned football team while died becoming a soldier will be honored by state lawmakers. 21-year-old michael peros died last month after falling ill in army ranger school in georgia. state senator steve glazer of contra costa will speak about him during today's legislative session. the u.s. army statement says peros was diagnosed with hyponatremia but his official cause of death has not been released. family and friends are grieving the loss of a college baseball player shot to death at san francisco aquatic park. they said it happened while he was playing pokemon go on his phone. authorities have not identified a shooter or motive. he was a popular baseball player where his dad was an assistant coach. he went on to play for san joaquin delta college in stockton. calvin's family has set up a
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gofundme page which surpassed its fundraising goal within a day of his death. new details in to last month's deadly hot air balloon crash in texas. according to the new york times, federal investigators believe the pilot tried to descend through a break in the clouds without noticing power lines in the balloon's path. 16 people including the pilot were killed when the hot air balloon crashed and burned. the official cause of the crash has not yet been determined. a water park in kansas city, kansas remains closed today while investigators look in to a death on the park's main attraction. brian webb has the latest on yesterday's tragic accident. >> reporter: a day after the tragic death of caleb schwab at schlitterbahn water park, investigators have yet to determine what happened. >> a full investigation is underway. our focus is on the family. >> reporter: the 10-year-old was killed on the verruckt water slide sunday afternoon. the ride, certified as the world's tallest by the guinness
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book of world records, features a 168 feet plunge at 65 miles per hour. 264 stairs lead to the top. >> our lifeguards are critical and it will be very difficult for them to focus after something like this. so for that reason we felt it was wise to close the park. >> reporter: caleb, the son of kansas state lawmaker scott schwab, was at the park with his family at the time. in a statement, the family thanked the community for their support, adding, quote, since the day he was born, he brought abundant joy to our family and all those he came in contact with. the verruckt, which means insane in german, opened in 2014 following multiple delays. the attraction as well as the entire park are closed pending the investigation. brian webb for cbs news. >> according to the park's website, riders have to be at least 54 inches tall and all three occupants in the
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three-person raft cannot exceed 550 pounds. rick scott is accusing the federal government of lagging and providing help to prevent the spread of the zika virus in his state. winewood is the site of the first transmission of the mosquito-borne virus within the u.s. scott, a republican, says the president and congress need to work together on what he calls a national and international issue. here in the bay area, alameda county says it now has 10 reported cases of the zika virus. that's up from march when only one case was reported. county health officials say all those patients contracted the virus while traveling in other countries. so far 134 cases have been reported in california. 23 of those people were pregnant women and two babies born in california have birth defects linked to the virus. one person in the state contracted the virus through sex. stanford is adding to its reputation as a premier
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destination for olympic champions. >> there he is. yesterday alexander came up just short in the finals of the men's foil competition but still became the first american to win an olympic fencing medal in the modern era of the sport. the 22-year-old from south san francisco still has a chance at gold in the team competition. in 2008, massieles made history as the youngest u.s. fencer ever. >> when katie ledecky leaves stanford in the fall, she'll probably have to make space in her room for all the gold medals. the 19-year-old from maryland smashed her own record in the 400 meter free style last night. ledecky beat her closest competition by almost 5 seconds. she'll compete again today in qualifying for the 200 meter freestyle. the u.s. is out to an early lead in the medal count. with 12 total medals, three gold, five silver, four bronze.
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china has eight total medals. australia has six. that's incredible. 5 seconds in the gold medal swim. >> and i love seeing those cameras under the water capturing their beauty and grace. a quick question, the fencer from san francisco, is that reported jackie ward's brother-in-law? >> we'll claim him as our own. [ laughter ] >> he's a south san francisco boy. >> he's invited on our show as soon as he gets back. on our agenda, traffic. >> let's head to pleasanton. we've got an update on the fallen tree we've been reporting all morning long, causing major delays. traffic is moving 18 miles per hour as opposed to 8 miles per hour earlier. that is now open. in fremont, westbound 680, an accident to a report at washington. a two-car crash, one car is
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overturned. that's blocking all lanes. cars moving 17 miles per hour and then in hayward, southbound 880 at tennyson road, motorcycle crash moved on to the right hand shoulder then the bay bridge, northbound 87, accident was blocking onramp lanes. now cars are moving 63 miles per hour. good morning, everybody. let's go ahead and pop this up for you because this is our live weather camera looking out toward the transamerica pyramid. we can see the tip top of it but the clouds are trying to lower. and because of that we do have delays on some arriving flights at sfo. now up to 37 minutes. temperatures, 48 in santa rosa. require a light jacket heading out the door there. upper 50s from oakland to alameda in to emeryville and el cerrito. san jose in the upper 50s. we have forecast in the trivalley, mid 50s. we're totally socked in at the
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coast. we have the marine layer pushing on shore. this is a look at our wind speeds. pretty flat at the morning hour. an onshore push around the peninsula. west southwest, once you get over the bay. 13 in concord. winds shy of 20 in the fairfield area after peaking at about 24 to 46 earlier this morning. here's our futurecast. it is optimistic as far as your afternoon is concerned. shows clearing at the sunset district back through ocean beach. twin peaks as well. then we'll see the clouds clearly filter back on shore in the overnight hours and we'll kick start our tuesday as we have today with a gray slate from the coastal inland areas. low pressure well to the north of the bay area contributing to our slight onshore push but that marine layer is roughly 1300 feet this morning. low pressure with the wrap
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around participation will hang out all week. playing your numbers out like this today. 95 in sacramento and in stockton. full sunshine in the high sierra. very dry conditions. 75 degrees. 98, shy of 100 in fresno. our sunrise is slated at 6:20. by the time it sets at 8:10 we'll have our daylight hours, 13 hours and 50 minutes. that's about 1 minute and 5 seconds shorter than yesterday. temperature-wise, 60s at the coast. 70s around the peninsula. jumping up to the 80s in campbell, morgan hill. swinging around to the eastern portion of the bay area, all the way up to 92. that will be in brentwood, tracy, and oakland. discovery bay as well. these 80s that we're contributing to right there throughout the tri valley is spot on for this time of the year. 77 in benecia, backing through american canyon. 74 in mill valley. you have 60s, 70s, and 80s north
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of the golden gate bridge. 70 degrees in alameda. 90s from clear lake, cloverdale, lakeport, and ukiah. here's your extended forecast. a day like tomorrow will be experienced wednesday and thursday. the as playing host to the baltimore orioles. we have 65 degrees and go as. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, what is up with the giants? their lead in the west is almost gone. their record round, what's the lowest round in golf history? i'll show you straight ahead. >> what's cool about your summer camp? e-mail your nominations to
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,,,, california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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good morning, everybody. madison bumgarner has had five starts since the all star break. the giants haven't won one of those starts and their lead now in the west is down to one game over the l.a. dodgers. you think jonathan papelbon is upset he lost the national closer job? scoreless top of the 7th. brandon belt looks like he's going to drive in two runs. he's robbed of the midnight ride of ben revere to preserve the shut-out. bumgarner gave up the solo shot for the only run of the game. the nationals beat the giants 1-0. the as clearly decided to rebuild with younger players. anthony rizzo drops one down the left field line. dexter fowler makes it 3-0. chicago won 3-1 and they sweep the as. that's a good baseball team, folks. history in colorado yesterday. ichiro became the 30th player in major league history to join the
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3,000-hit club. marlins won the game 10-7. history yesterday on the pga tour. the tap in by furyk finished off the lowest round in tour history of 58. furyk finished the tournament in 5th place after starting the day in 7th. you know what next sunday is, folks? 49ers first preseason game of the year. did i tell you, right here on the big five? i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. our play of the day is from major league baseball. philadelphia at san diego. a rare opportunity to see a triple play. the phillies infield did look impressive. >> pulls it to 3rd. there's one. a triple play. >> wow. here is another look at the triple play. philadelphia, boom. two, three. philadelphia went on to beat the
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padres 6-5. >> nice. time now, 6:25. an unusual move in one bay area town. the mayor e-mails residents to let them know that police officers are likely breaking the rules. >> i'm lisa chan live in oakland where police are investigating a double homicide and a car on fire. we'll have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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a computer glitch causing major problems for one airline. i'll tell you what that means for delta passengers locally. >> major wildfires causing hundreds of people in one california community to look for safer ground. >> from kpix weather center,
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good morning, everybody. today will pan out to be warmer than yesterday but not as warm as tuesday. good morning, it is monday, august 8th. in oakland police get a call about a car fire and the scene quickly becomes a homicide investigation. kpix 5 lisa chan is live in oakland this morning with more on the investigation that's underway. >> there's an officer going door to door right now trying to talk to people about what happened here early this morning. i did speak with a man as he was on his way to work. he did not want to be on camera. he told me he did hear quite a few gunshots early this morning. police responded to a 911 call at 1:46 when officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a car on fire. this happened on the 9900 block of empire. the fire is out but police say there are three victims. two are confirmed dead and one was transported to the hospital. once again, two people are dead this morning in a double
6:31 am
homicide. we are live in oakland, lisa chan, kpix 5. thousands of delta passengers are stranded this morning. a lot of flights delayed after a computer glitch. kpix 5 reporter sandra osborne live in san jose. you hear flights are finally taking off again? >> here's the deal. delta is saying make sure to check your flight status online before heading to the airport this morning because they still will see some residual delays. they're slowly seeing the system come back online. that's improved news for people here in san jose. here delta workers have been checking in passengers since about 4:00 this morning, not sure whether or not those flights would get off the ground today. delta has 25 flights departing daily from sjc and now workers expect those morning flights to leave on time. here's what one passenger had to say when they were still waiting in line, fingers crossed for that computer glitch to resolve.
6:32 am
>> we got dropped off so now we have to wait around and see if anything is going to happen with delta and if not, we're going to have to try to get a ride back home and figure it out. >> the glitch was caused by a power outage in atlanta. it's still causing issues this morning. in fact, in san francisco, not all delta flights have been able to leave so far today. if this whole thing still sounds all too familiar, it's because just last month another computer glitch caused southwest to cancel more than 2,000 flights. reporting live, sandra osborne, kpix 5. firefighters are making slow but steady progress in their efforts to contain the soberanes fire. most evacuation orders were lifted and the fire is at least 45% contained. it's burned 57 homes since it started two weeks ago. crews to the south are trying to get a handle on a new fire in san bernardino this morning. the pilot fire started yesterday
6:33 am
afternoon east of silverwood lake and north of crestline in the san bernardino mountains. the fire quickly caused hundreds of people to evacuate the area. 0% containment on the fire. the fire is filling the air with a lot of thick smoke visible for miles. >> fire season really ramping up in california. it's relatively early in the season. >> i was driving through the tehachapi mountains and i could see the air quality compromised due to that fire, the sand fire that continues to burn in the santa clarita area. as you enter the bay area, see the haze from the fire across monterey county and the fire to the north in the lake berryessa area. good morning, everybody. our air quality will be a bit on the hazy side throughout the eastern portion of the district and also the santa clara valley. a little moderate around the coast of the peninsula as well. right now all that you see, that's a deck of low clouds,
6:34 am
areas of patchy fog. no drizzle being reported this morning. check out santa rosa, 48 degrees. it's 55 in san francisco. we do have gray conditions throughout the tri valley. upper 50s in oakland. satellite and radar suggests this marine layer this morning has intruded the bay, a good 60 to 75 miles. no condensation reported with this deck of clouds that roughly 1300 feet deep but we do have delays at sfo. some arriving flights at 37 minutes. temperatures once the clouds do retreated to, we'll have partial clearing at the beaches in the 60s. we'll have ample sunshine around the peninsula in to the 70s. we top off at 84 in campbell. pretty much cupertino, in to the rose garden district of the santa clara valley. 80s and 90s common east of the bay. the warmest locations of course once you travel toward the brentwood, tracy, oakwood, discovery bay area. 77 degrees in benecia across the bay in to the martinez area. 77 degrees in san rafael back in
6:35 am
to mill valley, novato. low 80s. and a west and southwest breeze 10 to 20, ushering temperatures from the high 80s to the low 90s and the far reaches of the north bay. we have the full forecast coming up including your as outlook and that's just at 48 minutes after the hour. we have a couple accidents to report to you. let's go to the oakland area. time now, 6:35. southbound 880 at 16th there's an accident blocking the right lane. cars are moving very slow at 12 miles per hour. let's head to fremont, westbound 680 at washington, a two-car crash is blocking all four lanes there. cars are moving 7 miles per hour. then for your mass transit in the marin area, your larkspur ferry, 8:40 ferry is canceled due to technical difficulties. your 7:30 is delayed as well. for your altamont pass, it is moving pretty slowly per usual. westbound will take you about 28
6:36 am
minutes. you see a lot of red coming out of the tracy area. metering lights came on at 5:33. that's definitely backing up but clearing up as well. new details on a central valley skydive that ended tragically. we've learned one of the victims, one of the skydivers was a teenager taking his very first jump. here he is. 18-year-old tyler perner just graduated from high school in los banos. he was set to be a freshman next month. several of his relatives were count ground saturday ready to watch tyler make a successful jump but something went wrong. turner and his instructor jumped out of the plane by the lodi airport and their chute never opened. the pair landed in a vineyard near the target. they're working with local authorities to figure out why the equipment failed. in san jose nearly 400 court workers plan to show up at the hall of justice but they won't
6:37 am
be clocking in. it's the second week of a union strike. nobody is budging until they get a raise. the court workers haven't seen a pay hike for eight years. the union says it's not right that workers make the same money while rents keep rising. for the bulk of the staff on the picket line, the court said these services are in limbo now. hearings and search warrants are only part of the problem. the raise negotiations have lasted over two years. starting today, the federal government will start treating e-cigarettes like their traditional counterparts. vaporizers and e-cigs now fall under the same rules as regular cigarettes and tobacco products, part of an effort to prevent minors from getting hooked on nicotine. a new study out today suggests more than half of young people start using e-cigs out of pure curiosity. more than 40% said enticing flavors contributed. the same study found middle and high school students keep using e-cigarettes because it's cheaper than tobacco and allowed
6:38 am
in more places. department policy was likely violated by officers accused of having sex with a woman at the center of a scandal. chief brown wrote a memo made public yesterday. it reads in part, quote, the evidence will likely sustain multiple violations of policies, noncriminal against several officers, end quote. the woman in question goes by the name of celeste guap. she claims to have had sex with 30 men in bay area law enforcement. time is 6:38. debates are fast approaching. melissa caen will be joining us to discuss the battle of the debates ahead here in california and amongst the presidential contenders. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago as we take a look at the big board. the dow is up 20 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks.
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good morning, bay area. welcome to your monday, august 8th. time check, 6:41. i'm taking you for a ride around the bay area. partial clearing to the skies around the beaches. highs today in the 60s. it will be sunny and 70s and 80s common across the peninsula. we jump up to 85 degrees in morgan hill. 90 in gilroy. santa clara will top off around 82 degrees. from the 80s to the low 90s. this is smack where we should be for this time of the year. with the west and southwest wind 10 to 20 miles per hour, a bit of clearing in stinson beach in the 60s. we jumped in to the 70s in mill valley. in to the 80s dross napa valley and low 90s will be experienced in ukiah. i have your full forecast coming up in less than 4 minutes. couple of silicon valley companies are making a heck of a lot of money off the pokemon go fad. >> jump onboard. joining us now, kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> you can count apple and
6:43 am
google as big fans of pokemon go. intelligence firm center tower reports in the first 30 games of the game's release, more than $200 million has been raked in by the app store and google play. that's the quickest to $200 million in 30 days by any other mobile game. it's the quickest to 10 million downloads worldwide by any mobile game also by pokemon go, smashing the prior records held by candy crush and clash royale. the average user spends 26 minutes a day playing pokemon go. big rumored takeover in silicon valley came down last week is not going to happen. chinese ecommerce giant ali baba says it has no interest in buying netflix. it sent netflix shares soaring higher. today netflix shares pulling back. netflix still trying to get in to china. it's not been able to move in to
6:44 am
the market because of a host of regulatory concerns. it said it's still trying to get in to china, it's just not finding any good ways to expand in to the country despite being in more than 100 countries around the world. stock markets saw new record closes for the nasdaq and s&p friday thanks to the stronger than expected july jobs report. the market off to a pretty flat start today. let's go to the big board and see how we're doing. dow is up by more than 20 points now. nasdaq gaining 4 and the s&p is moving higher by 2 points in the early going. >> jason brooks from kcbs this morning. it is 6:44. time to get a check on traffic. roqui has been watching a few trouble areas. >> fremont at washington, southbound 680. a two-car crash blocking multiple lanes. cars driving at 8 miles per hour. in oakland, southbound 880 at 16, a big rig versus car blocking the right lane, causing
6:45 am
delays, 12 miles per hour. then also let's take a look at your trouble area in the morning, altamont pass, 680 westbound is going to take you about 30 minutes. traffic is moving very heavy out of the tracy area. good morning, everyone. your time check is 6:45. it is live. it's our weather camera looking out toward the transamerica pyramid this time around, we could see the clouds are beginning to lift. that ceiling was down to about 800 feet. nonetheless the damage is done. we do have delays at sfo. 37 minutes on some arriving flights, all due to the deck of cloudiness. no reports of any drizzle at this very early hour but we're getting a temperature of 43 degrees in sant rosa. actually need a light jacket. back in through alameda in to emeryville, san jose in the upper 50s. same in the oakland area. here's your satellite and radar. we do have clouds roughly 1300 feet deep this morning. we see the green specks.
6:46 am
that's condensation being noted out over the open waters. this marine layer has marched in land at least a good 60 miles. our weather watcher this morning, this time around it's becky dukes in san carlos. 57 degrees and off to yet another beautiful day on tap. thanks, becky. gorgeous picture there too. we've got a gorgeous forecast for you today. light wind this morning. onshore push westerly at 8. sfo. across the bay those winds begin to dial back. pick up in the san ramon area. also in concord at 13, 15 in fairfield. winds will rotate around to more of a westerly onshore push this afternoon. 10 to 20 miles per hour. so shallow marine layer for openers. then becoming sunny around the bay today. more warm sunshine in your inland areas, couple degrees warmer than what we experienced sunday. here's your futurecast. look at that right there. actually some clearing around the sunset district passing through the twin peaks region. then we have the clouds push back on shore to the san mateo coast as the evening progresses
6:47 am
and we kick start your tuesday with a gray slate similar to today. satellite and radar, sure we've got this low well to the north of the bay area. you see the participation in the counter clockwise position around the low. it pretty much stays there for the next several days. what you see today is what you're going to get tuesday and wednesday and thursday and friday. [ laughter ] 95 degrees in sacramento. low 60s, sierra. unhealthy levels of the smoke particle in the atmosphere. 6:20 is your sunrise. by the time the sun sets tonight, we'll see the temperatures across the bay area seasonal. 70s around the peninsula. 80s, santa clara valley. good morning morgan hill at 85. east of the bay stacking up to the 90s well inland. warm spots, discovery bay, brentwood, antioch, tracy, mountain house. 87 degrees in walnut creek.
6:48 am
90, fairfield. north bay numbers pretty consistent from the 60s to the 70s in mill valley. climb in to the 80s inland. 92 degrees in ukiah. your extended forecast, what you see is what you get each and every day all the way till the end of the work week. hope you have a terrific monday. to politics now. now that the primaries are over, the next big event, the debate. but the candidates don't always agree on where and when to debate. >> sounds like california's candidates for senate don't see eye to eye on debates either. political analyst melissa caen here with more on that. >> good morning. the debates about the debates have begun. on friday political consultant for kamala harris tweeted that harris would agree to do two debates, one in sacramento and one in l.a. then her opponent, loretta sanchez, she has a consultant who stated that there should be more than two debates and in more places. not just sacramento and l.a.
6:49 am
harrison's consultant replied the candidates already had two debates before the primaries. and, quote, if loretta sanchez cannot make her case in four debates, it should be case closed. ouch, right? the candidates have to agree on a debate before it can happen. if harris says two it is, that's all it's going to be. although i think we can expect sanchez to continue to call for more debates on the campaign trail, much like sort of bernie sanders did when going head to head with hillary clinton. >> that can definitely be expected. what's the thought process for a candidate like harris as we move closer to the debate? >> why would the candidate not want to debate? for someone like harris, there's not a huge upside to debating. polls show she's way ahead of sanchez. she doesn't really need the boost that comes from a debate. but if harris were to make a mistake in a debate, that could be a huge problem. very little upside and potentially big downside for
6:50 am
every debate. there may be other reasons too. but generally speaking, the candidate with a strong lead in the polls want to keep the race the way it is. and that means minimizing debates because they offer opportunities to upset the status quo and derail the race. >> watching some of the video from their last debate. sanchez did a really good job in that debate. so i can see why she's looking for more debates. >> she's been in congress for a long time. she wants to talk more about her experience. to the presidential race. donald trump complaining two of the debates are on the same nights as nfl games. >> that's truement two of the three presidential -- that's true. two of the debates have been scheduled. they released the dates and times last september and that's just how they fell. donald trump has alleged that hillary clinton somehow arranged for the debate schedule to be during the nfl so fewer people will watch the debates but we've
6:51 am
seen no evidence that that's true. he claims the nfl sent him a letter complaining about the schedule. the nfl says that's not true. the commission who sets the dates and times says those are set, we are not changing them. so what is donald trump doing here? we know he refused to participate in two of the primary election debates so he's not afraid to skip a debate. his recent complaints may be laying the groundwork for doing just that. the first debate is scheduled for september 26th. mark your calendars. clinton says she'll be there and ready to go whether trump will is anyone's guess. >> oh, my gosh, he has to. >> not necessarily. that's what people said about the primary debates but he didn't show. the last time a presidential candidate skipped a debate was jimmy carter back in 1976. >> the switch button between the debates, if it they do have them on the nfl game and the debates. >> have the big screen and the small screen if you have that. >> thank you very much. time now is 6:51ment we'll be right back.
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[ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
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by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. remains closed after a death on the park's main attraction. caleb schwab was killed on the water slide yest the water park in kansas city, kansas remains closed after a death on the park's main attraction. caleb schwab was killed on a ride. the 10-year-old boy was the son of a kansas state lawmaker. donald trump set to deliver a major economic speech in michigan. it comes after he repeatedly questioned hillary clinton's mental health after her response to questions about the fbi's investigation in to her e-mails. in the last week, clinton has extended her lead in several national polls. mudslides in two mexican states are now blamed for at least 39 deaths. the remnants of hurricane earl dumped torrential rain after making land fall on the southeastern portion of the
6:56 am
country over the weekend. in the pacific tropical storm javier is expected to hit the baja peninsula earlier tomorrow. a new wildfire in southern california has forced evacuations near the san bernardino national forest. the pilot fire started yesterday afternoon and quickly grew to more than 1500 acres. the cause, under investigation. police looking for the killer who shot a college baseball player at san francisco's aquatic park. 20-year-old calvin riley was playing pokemon go on his phone before 10 p.m. saturday night. authorities have not identified a shooter or a motive. i'm lisa chan live in oakland where police are on the scene of a double homicide. they received a 911 call at 1:46 this morning. when they arrived they discovered a car on fire with two bodies inside. this happened on the 9900 block of empire. the fire is out but police say there are three victims. two are confirmed dead. they are inside the burning car and one was outside the car with
6:57 am
multiple gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital. officers are now going door to door talking to people in this neighborhood. they tell me they believe there were possibly dozens of gunshots fired. they are searching for a suspect. live in oakland, lisa chan, kpix 5. let's take a look now in the fremont area, the accident we were talking about southbound 680 at washington has been cleared. there's a two-car crash. one was overturned causing major delays. now on to oakland, southbound 880 at 16th, a big rig versus the car. the car is still blocking right lanes but the big rig is on to the right hand shoulder. then your mass transit, keep in mind larkspur ferry in marin county, 7:30 ferry delays. 8:40 ferry is canceled. northbound headed, about 19 to 20 minutes. pretty clear. not so clear when we take a look at our live weather camera.
6:58 am
look toward the bay bridge. we have nothing but haze. we have some gray conditions out there. low clouds, areas of fog. marine layer roughly 1300 feet. not seeing any drizzle but look at santa rosa at 48 degrees. it's 59 in san jose and also in oakland. your satellite and radar suggests we have little green specks off the coast. condensation, drizzle. on the shore we have morning overcast skies. building ample sunshine later today. 60s, beaches. 70s across the bay. to the low 90s in our inland areas. around the mid and high 80s across the santa clara valley and backing through the trivalley with the west and southwest breeze to 20. enjoy your day. crews in san francisco cleaning up the party that once was outside lands of the weekend. concertgoers braved the city's clouds and wind to hear big names. at&t says many were taking pictures most likely of themselves. the company looked over its data
6:59 am
traffic and estimates that at least 19 million pictures were taken from the venue over the weekend. spotify's latest feature will help you find undiscovered jams so you never miss a beat. release radar is what it's called. it uses an algorithm designed to evolve with the user. up to two hours of new songs based on your listening habits. i still haven't moved on from the generic free pandora app. >> i love pandora but i just started listening to spotify and they have some really great playlists. >> what's your jam? >> it's called love and water. i'm keeping the other word out of it. >> amy winehouse, clint eastwood soundtracks. >> it depends on the mood, right? >> they've got something for everything. >> cycling on pandora. listen to it while you're biking. >> i don't want people yelling at me while i'm cycling. cbs this morning is coming up
7:00 am
next. your next local news update at 7:25. to determine what happened. and u.s. swimmers, michael phelps and katie ledecky mick tory in rio. plus an up set for the williams sisters. first, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is an issue of delta passengers across


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