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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that activity, gets its joy, gets its profits from preying on our community. >> reporter: the search has also turned up 18 guns, two cars, a boat, $15,000 and large quantities of drugs and illegal marijuana plants. as a result, law enforcement says they have already seen a dip in crime in contra costa county. >> it was a huge operation. we think we have made a difference. we hope to continue to make a difference. >> reporter: this isn't the end of this task force and all the things they're doing. they are not disbanding. they are going to continue fighting crimes. they won't give us details of the specifics because bad guys watch the news, too. reporting live in martinez, emily turner, kpix 5. we now know what sparked a devastating "valley fire" last fall. it was a hot tub. cal fire says it was faulty wiring a kind of do it yourself job that somebody used to hook up their hot tub. a source of the fire traced back to a home in the town of cobb.
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from there, the fire took off. four people were killed. that fire burned over 76,000 acres and became the third most destructive wildfire in california's recorded history. cal fire has referred the matter to the lake county district attorney's office. it's not clear in the homeowner will face criminal or civil charges for the fire. cal fire estimates the cost at nearly $57 million to put it out. a shocking discovery at a destination san francisco mall. a body found in the westfield shopping center. police ruled the death a homicide. that body was discovered somewhere inside the market street mall about 10:15 this morning. officials have not said exactly where the body was found and they are not saying how the person died. their identity has not been released. an unusual sight for drivers in san jose. a small plane crashed right on to a busy street. officials say the plane rolled off the runway as it tried to take off from reid-hillview airport nearby.
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it crashed through a fence and ended up blocking part of tully road between capitol expressway and eastridge way. here's a closer look at the damage. you can see the fence didn't stand a chance. no cars were hit. and the pilot and passenger were not hurt. we are getting our first look at one of the men accused of breaking into the apple campus early this morning. santa clara county sheriff's office tells you that this man was one of the men, three of them, who made their way into apple's cupertino campus. the trio led deputies on a chase through san jose. only this man was caught at a starbucks. kpix 5's maria medina on the search for the other two suspects. >> reporter: this is where that car chase ended when the suspect's car broke down. two of those suspects ran into the neighborhood behind me, one of them ran into a starbucks. >> this guy just ran in towards the bathroom and tried to go hide there. >> reporter: but stacey says because the man didn't have the code to get into the bathroom,
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he had nowhere to run. what happened next unfolded right in front of her, her coworkers and their customers. >> not even two minutes after half a dozen cops had a k-9 unit rushed in, where's your gun, what did you do with it, we were so shocked. you don't expect that at 5 a.m. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff's investigators say the man broke into this apple building with two others. they were able to drive off with stolen laptops. but an alert security guard got a good description of the trio's car. >> our deputies located the vehicle on highway 85. >> reporter: then the car chase was on. when the car broke down here, the suspects ran off. one of them in the starbucks off camden and ross, the other two -- >> i was nervous, really nervous. >> reporter: -- in this neighborhood, where deputies searched for hours. >> they came from house to house to house with the dogs and then they went from this block to that black block. >> it was scary let me tell ya. >> reporter: but as deputies
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began to leave one by one without suspects, they wondered where they were. >> i got to go to work. is he still here somewhere? you know? kind of spooky. >> reporter: in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. new at 5:00, we know a bay area man arrested in connection with his wife's murder is a well-known softball player. john was arrested monday morning in the blackhawk gated community. his wife linda marie died from blunt-force trauma to the head. a former teammate says john was a highly respected former softball player that has even been inducted into the hall of fame. so far, the contra costa district attorney has not filed charges against the man. tearful testimony this morning in sacramento from a victim who plummeted to the pavement below in last year's berkeley balcony collapse. as kpix 5's john ramos reports, she is reliving the worst night of her life in hopes of saving lives. >> reporter: the process of law
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making can be cold and calculating but emotions ran deep today at a hearing to discuss the balcony collapse that claimed the lives of 6 young irish students in berkeley last june. the tragedy occurred just as the person's 21st birthday party was getting started. >> i never could have imagined how it would have ended. [ pause ] [ crying ] >> reporter: she suffered major injuries herself and says now her birthday will forever be a reminder of the loss of her best friends. her mother says that pain is felt by all families involved. >> all our lives have been ear revokably changed and life will never be the same again. >> reporter: investigators say poor waterproofing led to the collapse and it was discovered that the contractor had paid out $26 million in defect settlements in the past three years. state senator jerry hill brought the families to the
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assembly appropriations committee to urge passage of sb465 a bill that would study how revealing secret settlement could help regulators ferret out bad contractors. >> if someone had done the right thing and not accepted a secret settlement, these kids could be alive today. if you look at it i'm speak out in honor of those who no longer have a voice. >> reporter: the building industry strongly opposes forcing contractors to reveal their settlements to the licensing board and lobbyists have succeeded in limiting the study of that issue to rental properties alone but those who want to see less secrecy say it's just a first step to shedding light on how well things are actually being built. in sacramento, john ramos, kpix 5. in campaign 2016, new fallout today after donald trump's comments about gun owners' power in the race for the white house. as craig boswell reports, clinton and trump are sprinting through battleground states and taking aim at each other.
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>> reporter: cbs news has confirmed that secret service has not formally investigated remarks donald trump made at a rally on tuesday that possibly called for violence against hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. >> boo! >> although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: trump says he was calling on pro gun voters to go to the polls. he talked gun control again in virginia today and received a standing ovation. >> we have to protect our second amendment which is under siege. [ applause ] >> remember that. it's under siege. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: clinton says this is the latest in a string of instances that proved trump doesn't have the temperament to be president. >> and if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. >> reporter: trump's second amendment comment is dominating
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the headlines and overshadowing another potential scandal involving bill clinton's charitable foundation. one email from a clinton foundation aide to huma abedin, secretary clinton's deputy chief of staff asked a favor for someone looking for a job. another email wanted to connect one of the foundation's top donors to someone with influence in lebanon. a clinton spokesman denies any connection. nearly two-thirds of voters view hillary clinton as dishonest. that's because of her private email server she used while secretary of state. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. and an unusual stunt at trump tower in new york city today. watch as a guy scales the 58- story skyscraper using what appears to be giant suction cups. police officers tried to get to him by removing portions of the vents. they also lowered a scaffold that window washers use. after more than two hours, officers were able to pull him to safety through a broken
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window on the 21st floor. there he goes. according to police, he is a 20- year-old man from virginia and a trump supporter who simply wanted to meet the republican nominee. police say he is set to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and will be arrested after that. after six days of striking, santa clara county court workers have agreed to enter mediation negotiations. this morning, employees marched and held up signs outside the hall of justice. they are mostly demanding higher pay. at first the court was not willing to open negotiations on wages specifically on a 3% raise. the strike has disrupted operations at all 11 courthouses. only hearings deemed essential are going on as scheduled. city leaders are reacting today to the guilty verdict against pg&e and the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. they say they agree the utility misled investigators. the issue now is the potential
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punishment. sandra osborne explains. >> reporter: some mixed reactions now in san bruno. city leaders say they are pleased with that guilty verdict. the city manager says justice has been served but some question the maximum penalty the company now faces saying it isn't enough. that explosion happened in 2010, killing eight and destroying 38 homes. a california jury found the largest utility company guilty of misleading investigators how it was identifying high risk pipelines. although prosecutors got the conviction, a decision to lower the maximum fine from $562 million to just $3 million took some by surprise. still, officials today say it was never about the money. >> the counts that the jury has found pg&e guilty on provide a black mark, if you will, on the corporate seal of pg&e. >> reporter: the city is asking
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pg&e not to appeal and to accept the verdict. the district attorney says the jury is making a strong statement with their verdict labeling the company as felons. and although it's been nearly six years, that neighborhood, that community, is still rebuilding right now dealing with the aftermath. in fact, right now, they do have a park in the works and also a memorial. in san bruno, sandra osborne kpix 5. right now, caltrans crews are getting creative with how they remove one of the last trusses on the old bay bridge. the one they are lowering now is the tallest and most visible truss left. but unlike the ones before it that were shipped off and their bases imploded, this one has some obstacles in the way. two communication huts sit at the bottom of the trestle so crews will have to cut the steel frame into thirds and ship them separately. thieves target a former oakland a's star. >> coming up, the prize possession stolen from jose canseco's car. >> reporter: they were supposed
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to be developing the motorcycle helmet of the future. tonight, allegations that the company's founder instead spent that "crowdfunding" money on a lavish lifestyle including strip clubs, fancy cars and san francisco rent. >> the san francisco 49ers go old school. the team returns to the stadium they used to call home nearly 40 years ago. ,,,,
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into early this morning in pittsburg. two guys swiped a couple of bats.. from his parked car at the inn around 3-30.. new at 5:00, former oakland a's star jose canseco had his car broken into early this morning in pittsburg. two guys swiped a couple of bats at his car at the hampton inn around 3:30 but the hotel manager called police. canseco tweeted this photo thanking the officers who got
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the bats back. the two men were arrested and booked into the county jail on suspicion of burglary and for outstanding warrants. canseco recently signed with the pittsburg diamond independent pro team. he is set to pitch tonight against the vallejo admirals. a man faces charges of dui and evading police after a low- speed chase through two counties. this all started in menlo park. and then he crossed the bay. officers used a spike strip to flatten some of his tires but that doesn't stop him. the chase went on for more than an hour and a half. the car eventually crashed and caught fire near the caldecott tunnel. chp officers used a beanbag gun to break a window. the guy still wouldn't come out of the car. finally, they sent in a k-9. the man was arrested. the 49ers returning to their roots today. the team had practice and youth
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football exhibition at kezar stadium. roberta gonzales lets us in on the excitement. >> reporter: why am i here with the san francisco 49ers gold rush cheerleaders? because it's a historic day here at kezar stadium! we have the 70th annual celebration season for the san francisco 49ers and you know what? it all started here at kezar stadium so fans, the faithful, turned out today just to watch a practice and also to watch a youth practice, a very special practice, right here on the field at kezar stadium. so there's been a lot of fun things going on for the fans. there's been a lot of 49er players from the past. they turned out to talk about just how meaningful this new season looks for the san francisco 49ers celebrating their 70th anniversary right here in the bay area. >> the 49er play the texans this sunday at levi's stadium. their new digs in santa clara. and you can watch that preseason matchup right here on
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kpix 5. seemed like the perfect startup with plenty of "crowdfunding" capital and a great idea. but consumerwatch reporter julie watts is here with a "crowdfunding" warning. she tells us why the motorcycle helmet of the future is now a thing of the past. >> reporter: it was supposed to be the motorcycle helmet of the future. >> turn left in 20 miles. >> reporter: the augmented reality scully helmet racked up nearly 2,000 backers on the "crowdfunding" site indiegogo. people contributed nearly $2.5 million for the promotion video called preorders. >> our technology fundamentally enhances human capabilities. >> reporter: the so-called scully nation reportedly made it one of the most successful campaigns in the history of indiegogo and scully was on the road to success when kpix 5's don ford interviewed one of the founders back in 2014. but even after an additional $11 million venture capital funding scully hit a dead end. the company's founders were
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recently force the out amid allegations that instead of spending "crowdfunding" on developing the motorcycle helmet of the future, they spent it on a lavish lifestyle including strip clubs, exotic vacations and fancy cars. the lawsuit filed by a former bookkeeper alleges the company's founders brothers marcus and mitchell weller routinely demanded fraudulent bookkeeping and used corporate accounts as personal piggybanks. it also alleges company funds paid the rent on their san francisco apartments along with weekly apartment cleaning, groceries and more. >> people who have committed their money early on are out of luck. >> reporter: andrew of "crowdfunding" insider says as a result of the alleged financial mismanagement of the company's new ceo is reportedly going bankrupt which is bad introduce for the crowd funders who believe they were preordering the helmet of the future. >> really, it looked good on paper. hard to decipher who is going to deliver and who is not. in this situation i think it's
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a tough story all around. >> reporter: now, we could not reach the scully founders for comment today but indiegogo notes that "crowdfunding" is not an investment backers are making a contribution, not a purchase. before contributing to any "crowdfunding" campaign, they stress that you should investigate that company make sure they have the experience and resources to fulfill any promises. but again, nothing is a sure bet because scully had all that and more. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. on the healthwatch, less is more. that's a trend that you might be noticing at the grocery store. food giants are hoping simpler ingredient labels will attracted more consumers. earlier this year, the hershey company introduced simply five sear ru it's a five ingredient version of its classic chocolate syrup that used to have 11 ingredients. tostitos has a bag of chips with only three ingredients.
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and bertolli frozen meals has ee lem nature preservatives and enrichments. what's behind the trend? it's trust. a recent survey said millennials don't trust food manufacturers. older adults are more trusting. air quality around the bay area not so healthy right now. tomorrow, in fact, is a "spare the air" day. bay area air quality management district says there's excessive smog and smoke in the atmosphere over san jose. chopper 5 captured some of that smoke. it was blowing up from a wildfire near big sur. ♪[ music ] going from good air quality to bad so something must be changing with the weather and it is. coming up, how much warmer we'll get whether it lasts for the weekend and how long we can count on san francisco sunshine. that's next. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, it's been around for more than a century. the fight to put the last [ indiscernible ] mine in the u.s. out of business. how it's contributing to an
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alarming change on our coast. ,, ,, california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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yeah. so driving any saw a little bit of fog through the golden gate but i kind of liked this. not as hot as it's been. >> this has been a fantastic summer. >> but this has really been a very nice summer. it's been wet in other parts of the country, really hot in other parts of the country. for us, it's been nothing but perfection. look at these temperatures. it's nice outside. take a look. 88 in livermore, 87 for concord. normal for inland. santa rosa 76. san jose 80. 60s cooler near the water. oakland 64. san francisco 62. overnight tonight we'll cool down to the 50s. keep the windows open. san rafael 52. fremont 55. redwood city 55. sunrise 6:22. we are losing two minutes of daylight per day now that we are in mid-august. that air quality forecast for
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tomorrow yes, it is a "spare the air" day. moderate air quality for the entire bay area with one exception. i expect the most smoke in the east bay. and that's the one spot that will have unhealthy air quality tomorrow but any one of those five zones goes unhealthy, it is a "spare the air" day. it is tomorrow. low pressure is leaving. we'll lose the ocean influence. as it leaves, look at the showers and thunderstorms being fired up in nevada and utah and arizona, tucson flash flood watch through tomorrow scottsdale and phoenix, arizona dealing with tremendous amounts of rainfall for them. this will eventually move out. it's been keeping the ocean breeze going so we are losing that forcing mechanism for the ocean breeze. now we see a ridge of high pressure building to our south and west a second one over southern california. the onshore flow goes from this to this. it's going to be much less and we are going to see warmer weather as a result because we are going to have that fan from the ocean turned down. that begins friday. and it will last for about a week. we are not going to get hot or see 100 degrees. it will be five to seven
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degrees warmer beginning friday. so less morning fog, less cloud cover. the air quality goes down. and the afternoons will be warmer especially inland. temperatures though will stay comfortable near the water. 88 tomorrow for concord and livermore. fairfield 87. oakland 71. san jose 83. redwood city 77. santa rosa 83 tomorrow. san francisco morning fog, 66 will be your high. now we get hotter on friday. low to mid-90s inland, the bay in the 70s. at the beach 60s. and we'll stay pleasantly nice comfortable whatever adjective you want to use we'll have that for the next seven days. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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over a fire burning in the westlake district... the fire started in one home en we have breaking news in los angeles. a chopper is over a fire burning in the westlake district. it started in one home and jumped to a neighboring house. we are told they are getting the upper hand on the fire but, um, it's kind of stubborn and no injuries reported there. new at 5:00, girl scouts of america celebrating national smores day in a delicious way. they just announced their new girl scout smores cookies. the new variety will have two versions, one includes a crispy graham cookie double dipped in cream icing and chocolate coating, and the other is a chocolate and marshmallow
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filling. sounds good. they will hit the market in 2017. captions by: caption colorado ♪ >> pelley: trump provides the ammunition. and clinton fires back. >> every single one of these incidences shows us that donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander in chief of the united states. >> pelley: also tonight, did an isis spy shoot this video of u.s. forces training syrian rebels? a police education course goes wrong, leaving an elderly woman dead. >> it's a fluke accident, but it's just devastating. >> pelley: and an unlikely path to the olympics for a woman without a country. >> my sister, sometimes when she


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