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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. tales of luxury the owner of this bay area wine shop schemed customers out of millions. so where did that money go? tonight tales of luxury cars and online dates. tonight that berkeley wine shop owner admits to fooling customers and using their cash for his pleasure. >> kpix5's christin ayers shows us how he did it. >> reporter: the storefront is still standing, but the business is bankrupt. today john fox, former owner of premier crew fine wines in berkeley admitted to running a ponzi scheme and ripped off his customers for $40 million. here's how the scam worked.
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a customer would purchase expensive european wines from fox with the promise it would arrive in six months to two years, but in many cases fox admits he falsified purchase orders and never even bought the wine. the u.s. attorney said fox acknowledged between 2010 and 2015 he sold or attempted to sell approximately $20 million worth of phantom wine that he never actually purchased. what's more, fox admits he embezzled funds from the premier crew account to make payments for personal expenses like memberships to private golf clubs. he also bought and leased exotic cars, corvettes, ferraris, mercedes-benzs. he will likely spend six or seven years behind bars and have to pay tens of millions of dollars in restitution. >> fox will be sentenced in december. tonight the mystery
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deepens, the man found murdered in a san francisco mall was a chef at a popular restaurant in the city. he's been identified as 28-year- old frank galacia. his body was discovered yesterday morning in a stairwell inside the westfield centre. that stairwell is only accessible by key or key card. it's near a public entrance to the mall on vesey street. gal -- on jesse street. so far police are not saying how he died or if there are suspects. a couple big earthquakes in the ring of fire tonight. kpix5's paul deanno has more on those. >> a 6.1 earthquake struck six miles south of fiji and before that another earthquake struck at a nearby island.
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the pacific tsunami warning center issued an alert and canceled it shortly after. 90% of the world's earthquake's occur in the ring of fire. tonight a tree killer in san jose appears to be at it again. 24 chinese fringe trees were sawed at their base this morning on meridian avenue. they were planted by the nonprofit group our city forest with the help of more than 100 volunteers. and this isn't the first time something like this has happened. about three weeks ago two dozen trees on the opposite side of the street were cut in the exact same way. councilman oliverio is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a poisonous chemical has been discovered in a water trough at a south bay park. park rangers found these white pellets yesterday comprised of chemicals likely used to kill rodents. they were inside a water trough at the santa teresa county park in san jose on the mine trail.
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now park officials say that it's unclear whether any animals were exposed to the tainted water and urge equestrians and dog owners to inspect troughs before allowing their animals to drink from them. good news if you're heading to the russian river this weekend, that bluish green algae does not appear to be toxic. new test results found no detectable amounts of harmful toxins. there will be more tests the next two weeks to confirm. in the meantime people are told don't drink with the water or cook with it and take a freshwater shower after getting out of the river. tonight macy's is closing about 100 stores and saying good-bye to some prime property in san francisco. according to the business times, it's in negotiations to sell its men's store in union square. julie watts has the bottom line. >> reporter: how often do you physically shop in stores? >> routinely every week.
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>> regularly. >> a couple times a week. i love shopping in department stores. >> reporter: that was reaction from macy's customers, but when we headed around the corner to h and m which caters to a different demographic, we got a different response. >> not very often. it's very congested and hectic and they don't have your size and you have to order online anyway. >> reporter: but while most blame online shopping for the demise of department stores, this consumer psychologist says not so fast. >> i think online shopping has really changed what consumers expect from retailers, but it's not why macy's is doing poorly. >> reporter: she says consumer brains have been retrained by online shopping and points to fast fashion retailers like h and m which are still doing well because they're satisfying what she calls the new consumer mind. >> which wants more product turnover, more pricing predictability, smaller venues because everything has to be easier to find what you're looking for. >> reporter: she also points out people spend less money on stuff in general, spending more
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on travel, entertainment, food and tech, but when it comes to jobs, it's not all bad news. while the retail sector has reportedly laid off about 44,000 people, government numbers indicate that they've added overall 200,000 jobs. jumped rcent to in san francisco julie watts, kpix5 news. the berkeley city council was supposed to vote on plans to raise ge tonight.. b >> macy's stock shot up more than 17% today. wall street liked the mainstreaming plan. the berkeley city council was supposed to vote on a plan to raise the minimum wage, but a quorum didn't show up. voters will decide whether a $15 an hour hike should take effect next year or in 2018. donald trump spent a lot of time clarifying comments made on the campaign trail, but as major garrett reports tonight, he is not backing down from what he said about the president and hillary clinton and isis. >> i call president obama and hillary clinton the founders of
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isis. they're the founders. you get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most valuable player award. her own competition is barack obama. >> reporter: on the hugh hewitt radio show the conservative host gave trump the room to back down. >> no. i meant he was the founder of isis. i do. >> but he's not sympathetic to them. >> i say he's the founder. >> today republicans signed a letter to rnc chairman reince priebus urging him to divert funds to senate house and republican candidates to save the party from downing with a trump emblazoned anchor around its neck. also patty davis, daughter of president ronald reagan, the last american president to survive an assassination attempt, said trump's remarks
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over hillary clinton and the second amendment and the supreme court could inspire violence. she said hillary saying words matter makes all this even more horrifying. major garrett, cbs news, kissimmee, florida. >> here's what nancy pelosi had to say about donald trump and his isis remarks. >> it's reminiscent of demagogues who want to be in the bess no matter what they have to -- press no matter what they have to say. they make their verbal poo poo any place to get attention. while many sta >> the clinton campaign for its part accused trump of trash talking the united states. while many states like california are moving toward legalizing pot, tonight the government continues to just say no at least when it comes to medical marijuana. the dea rea federalled today there is no currently accepted -- reaffirmed today there is no
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currently accepted medicinal treatment in the united states. that means in the eyes of the federal government marijuana remains a schedule 1 drug, the same as heroin and lsd and use is only permitted for strictly controlled research. >> it's not about danger. stuff in schedule 1 could be really dangerous or not as dangerous. it's whether or not it's a safe and effective medicine. >> i think it's bogus and i think it's protecting the pharmaceutical industry and the alcohol industry. ong >> 42 states and the district of columbia allow the use of various forms of marijuana for medical use. the bay area's own green day drops its first new single in years. tonight how the provocative song packs a political punch. >> and talk about irony, this bay area attorney built her career pushing for housing solutions in silicon valley. tonight she tells us she's
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being price out of heron home. (((break))) (((break))) (((break))) -- her own home. -- her own home. >> an ,,
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making a musical statement -- about mass shootings. nightb tonight we're hearing the first new music from green day in years. the legendary bay area band is making a musical statement about mass shootings. nightbeat's andria borba with the comeback song. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: with a bang bang. the first single of their 12th album east bay born and bred punk rock band green bay took on the topic of mass shootings in america. the song made its world premier this morning on live 105 and is written from the perspective of the shooter. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: live 105 music
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director says the album revolutioned radio and the song bang bang is a return to classic punk form for billy joe armstrong and bandmates and that the chart's topic is not surprising. >> looking at the history of green bay one of their most defining and iconic albums was american idiot in 2004. that was a politically punk rock charged album about various social issues. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: in an interview with rolling stone armstrong said the album as a whole was inspired by a protest he saw and eventually participated in in new york over the death of michael brown by police officers in missouri. armstrong also said bang bang was a response not only to mass shootings but narcissistic social media. >> some of the well documented situations that have happened over the last few years i think inspired him to come out with
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this sort of protest against the current state of gun control and some of the issues that are plaguing the country. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix5. >> green day's new single will be available tomorrow on itunes. tonight a sign that san francisco's red hot rental market might be starting to cool off finally. zillow reports rents rose just 5.5% for the year ening in june. the year -- ending in june. the year before they skyrocketed more than 16%, but an attorney told us she's fed up with the bay area's sky high rents and says she's being priced out of her own home. the irony, she made a career trying to create housing solutions. >> reporter: kate downey dropped the bombshell she was quitting during the last meeting as the palo alto planning commissioner. >> we wanted a future where we weren't staying up at night
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worrying about how to pay the bills. >> reporter: she posted her resignation letter on the internet talking about how she lens this home in palo alto -- rents this home in palo alto with another couple for $6,200 a month. the letter chastises the council for having retail with no reason to serve the average joe when the city is only available to joe millionaires. >> when the firefighters said we can't afford to live here, nobody listens. why anyone is listening now that an attorney can't afford to live here, i have no idea, but the point is all the normal people are being priced out. the question is that what we want for our future? >> reporter: we tried to get reaction from the mayor, but a spokesperson had no comment saying a planning commissioner's position is voluntary and they're looking for her replacement. steve and kate have bought a home and are moving to santa cruz. in palo alto kiet do, kpix5. >> kate is an attorney at a hi-
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tech company. her husband is a software engineer. tonight b.a.r.t. officials are considering reopening the bathrooms at several underground stations for the first time since the 9/11 attacks. the pilot program would remodel and reopen two bathrooms, one at the powell street station in san francisco, another one at the 19th street station in oakland, estimated cost, about $400,000. board of directors will talk about the plans tomorrow. a deer crashed a swimming lesson today in effectually. look at this. it jumps -- in berkeley. look at this. it jumped into the swimming pool this morning. luckily the kids in the pool didn't get hurt. the deer jumped the fence, strolled over to the deep end and dived in. that's when lifeguards jumped into action. >> the staff kind of gently led the deer to the pool steps and the little deer sprung out of the pool and ran into the bushes. >> take one more look at the
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photos. the water was treated and monitored before the children were allowed back in. we are just a couple hours away from a very big light show in the sky. joe vazquez tells us about it. >> it's a spectacular sight every year, the perseid meteor shower, but this year it's supposed to be that much better. it comes year about this time. here's video from a past event. every august the earth moves into the trail of debris left behind by an ancient comment. these shooting stars are the result. this year jupiter's strong gravitational pull means you could see a lot more stars than normal, possibly twice as many as last year. >> you need to find a dark location and just sit back and look at the northeastern part of the sky. if you're close to the city, you may only city 40 or 50
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meteors an hour. if you get out to a really dark location like up in the mountains somewhere, you may see as many as 200. >> check out this live feed from nasa, not a lot of activity so far. if you're inclined to go outside and see it for yourself, go out around 1 a.m. it could take a couple hours, get your eyes used to it and watch the show and the best part? it's free of charge. as luck would have it, paul, i'll be up, those working at this time, six of us in they're right now. here's the deal the reason why after 1:00 is the best. the moon will set, so zero light pollution in the sky. here's a look at the air quality forecast tomorrow, not that great, the east bay once again unhealthy. south bay looks the worst, but your air quality is moderate. the east bay is causing the spare the air day.
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we had the summer concert series earlier in the park in fremont this evening. santa rosa 54, concord 63 and oakland now 60 degrees. overnight tonight 50s, redwood city 56, san francisco 54, mid- 50s for concord, vallejo, low 50s santa rosa and napa. change is coming. that area of low pressure that gave us the onshore flow is finally moving out. what is replacing it is that big strong ridge that won't be directly over the bay area until september and october when it gets hot. near the water things won't change much, perhaps earlier in the way of sunshine, but otherwise you'll stay comfortably cool. the fog returns tonight, not good if you want to see the meteors or half moon bay, too much cloud cover.
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it will be warmer tomorrow and saturday. sunday we cool back down to 91. it sounds hot, but it's only 3 degrees above average. san jose warms up to 84 degrees tomorrow, los altos 80, san mateo 80, fremont 81 and pacifica still 59 degrees and foggy tomorrow morning, too much. >> 90 for -- tomorrow morning, 90 for danville, santa rosa 83, lake port 96 degrees. the hottest day is saturday, a couple mid-90s inland, temperatures near the bay don't move much, right around 70 degrees. we'll stay around away from the water and comfortable near the bay. this is the summer without a super-duper heatwave where everything has gotten hot, just hasn't happened yet. >> thanks, paul. well, how sweet it is. tonight we'll tell you about the bay area bakery just named the best in the country.
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>> wow. >> coming up on the late show with stephen colbert tonight james corden, scott stevens. >> and 49ers take on the texans in a preseason match-up sunday starting at 4 p.m. here on kpix5.
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newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. day it's become a sort of necessity of life even for the homeless. st. anthony's in the mission today began offering free wi-fi inside its complex.
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san francisco's tenderloin. there is also a new charging station so people can keep their cell phones powered. the clients say it's critical keeping tabs on the services they depend on. >> this kind of thing is not a luxury having a smart phone, having access to the internet is not a luxury that only those who can afford it should have. it's something that people need to live. >> the service was made possible by a $25,000 donation from craigslist co-founder craig newmark. how sweet it is for a san francisco bakery. >> on the mission district, named the best bakery in the country. the owner says he opened the bakery because he couldn't find great croissants any more. what's the secret? he says he does not skimp on quality. >> tell you the truth i cheat a little bit. to make things taste good i use
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very good ingredients. >> this is tremendous. it's superior. >> the owner's favorite? the almond chocolate croissant, midnight snack. >> i'll take a dozen. >> i looked it up, though, but they close at 1:00. >> every afternoon. you got to get there early to get the good stuff. >> bakers start early, though. >> that's true. coming up next in sports the a's looking for a four game sweep and another reason to circle christmas on your calendar, the regular season rematch for the warriors. we'll be right bac,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ey keep chuggi the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> the a's starting rotation is in shambles, but somehow they keep chugging along. they're looking for a four game sweep today of the orioles. orioles nation gets to stay in the bay area because they have plans to play the giants this weekend. bases loaded for mark trumbo and he puts one deep to center. a grand slam for the major league home run leader, 7-0 o's. chris tillman had a shutout going on until the 5th. ryan healey ended that with a two run bomb, his fourth home run since mid-june. it was 9-6 baltimore bottom of the 90. the a's trying to rally with -- 9th. the a's trying to rally with the bases loaded. the a's get the mariners for three games this weekend. the warriors schedule came out today. golden state will open october 25th at home against the spurs and the much anticipated finals rematch will be on christmas
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day in cleveland. as for kevin durant, he will return to oklahoma city when the warriors face the thunder on february 11th. says meanwhile the raiders open the preseason schedule tomorrow against the cardinals in arizona. quarterback derek carr says the biggest difference in this year's training camp has been his comfort level. that's a big reason why the raiders have such high expectations. carr is also more comfortable in his uniform, no sleeve this year for him. >> -- sleeves this year for him. >> my wife saw a preseason picture of me last year and said you have a horrible tan line right here from your jersey. so that's why i rolled my sleeves up and didn't wear sleeves this year. that's the only reason. hey, sounds silly, but i'm going to do what she says, man, make her happy. >> now he'll just have a tan line right there, just a few inches. it works. >> got to make ,,,,,,,,,,
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park. "airborne aviation" recently got the okay from the f-a-a to give eet up. a fo can't hike? >> no problem. >> a company called airborne aviation recently got the okay from the faa to give tours from 10,000 feet up. the national park service won't let them fly any lower than that. a four seater airplane takes off from the small mariposa airport and gives you a bird's eye look at half dome, el cap,
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waterfalls and more. an hour long flight costs 199 bucks for the first passenger, $99 for each additional passenger. >> it's so beautiful. >> you miss a lot, though, unless you're on the valley in yosemite and actually experience the walls. >> looking up and seeing everything. the late show with stephen colbert is up next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. morning at 4:30. we'll see you announcer: todd's a great guy. i mean, look at him. what. a. sweetheart. attaboy. wait, todd, what are you doing? how totally selfish and un-toddlike of you. come on, todd, come on, man.
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