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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  August 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:02pm PDT

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,, to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse. it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box. hey, where did jack go? he was just here. >> first half was sunday fun day and the second half all
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houston. for those of you looking for 60 minutes that's on kbcw and we'll wrap up this 1 in about two minutes? we hit the two-minute warning and texans in control. >> a buck 60 rushing in the first half. >> 7 up in the pocket. the flag a news in the middle of the field as that pass was overthrown. >> the defensive holding in the middle, and i think -- >> prior to the pass, holding, defense number 38, 5-yard penalty, automatic first down. >> when the niners go to denver on tuesday, they play the broncos on saturday, the story line of the week is can colin kaepernick come back and practice and play in the bronco
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game? you get a couple weeks in training camp and you are not able to play in the pre-season games there, won't be quarterback competition after that. >> and i don't know if they know that yet, and i think, to be determined. his arm was just fixed the other day. >> i also think, and hopefully, this is the case for next saturday, but i want to see arik armstead and buckner play together. >> i think arik is all ready to go with the training camp during houston on friday and during one of the drills, he was stiff and that was a deciding factor that he was going to shut it down in the pre-season game. >> he had an amazing camp, and he is flat-out rag doll. >> and the thing with him that makes him so impressive, just watching him, talking about his skill set and hand quickness, what he can do with his hands and grabbing and shedding and
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getting away from guys and being violent with his upper body, not a lot of bys can do what arik armstead in major leagues can do with quick twists and hand speed. with consistency with keeping his hands down, he looks like he will throw and take good offensive linemen and looks like a basketball player and will get his hands in their chest and bend them over backwards, and part of them would be like a rookie. >> could be the final play of the game. wow. still figuring out 2's got it, and houston got on top of it, and that's the fiement 20
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seconds. - - final 20 seconds. and feeling good about playing gabbert, a very good play in space. offensive line looks vastly improved from a year ago. >> mike davis looked terrific. other than a lost fumble, and carlos hyde did nice things and dujuan harris. all the running backs played well and the first and second groups on the offensive line played well and defensively, the coverage throughout the first half but the ones and 2s were terrific. >> a couple of productive days. houston wins, 24-13. we'll wrap it up from levi we'll wrap it up from levi stadium ,,,,,,,,
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so the texans win it 24-13. they own the second half. the 49ers own the first half with 300 yards of offense. our audi play of the game. tim ryan, i like the advance to mcdonald. >> the line backer fell down and blaine gabbert saw it and delivered a beautiful ball and the rest was vance mcdonald, a nice wiggle, good moves and costs -- cuts to the safety and hits pay dirt. blaine gabbert had a couple of ugly throws to start the game, and then you can convert a big third down and capitalize with the touchdown to vance donald. the resill resiliency was impressive. >> and the one man who could not get away from him though,
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was dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: blaine gabbert, the 49er offense, off to a slow start but finished strong. assess your performance tonight. >> there were ups and downs and communication errors we have to correct on film. but everybody stayed healthy. >> reporter: talk about the play it looks like the defender lost his footing but talk about that play. >> he did a good job with the route and the corner and the safety and linebacker. >> reporter: i talked with vance a couple of days ago, and the knock on him has been not being able to hold on to the football but he was poised for a break out season. what's it like in camp so far and the sense he could have a break out camp? >> he was doing a tremendous job and i want to see consistent improvement day in and day out. >> reporter: and chip kelly's offense you have to run the football. 160 in the first half alone.
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so wad that say about the offensive line that appears to be a. improved unit? >> just setting the bar early. >> reporter: blaine gabbert, thanks a lot. guys? >> i think the first half was fun and different and a lot to talk about. the second half was a lot of pre-season football . >> and that's the way you have to look at it. blaine gabbert, not having colin kaepernick. and i think thad lewis looks like a guy who knew the chip kelly operation. >> and he does but unfortunately he went off limping going to the locker room. here is my hope. the first offense was good and the first defense was good but learn from the tape and i hope colein capper nick can get back. i think the competition will just make the position stronger. >> we'll find out kaepernick is competing in denver. we'll be with you as the 9ers
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take on the broncos next saturday, 24-13, houston able to win. the 5th quarter coming up down in the locker room. for tim ryan, this is bob fitzgerald saying so long from levi, pre-season, game 1 in the boxes. book. texans with the win, 21-13. ,,,,,, ,,,,
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a wildfire burning out of com in lake county. the fire ripping through the community of lower lake. it is 100-miles north of san francisco. a view from the air shows multiple homes destroyed. hundreds more are threatened at
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this hour. the entire community of lower lake has been evacuated they long with the southern end overclear lake. highway 29 is closed in that area. the hospital in clear atlantic has been evacuated. so far the fire is 5% contained 123450 administration centered a have been set up at the senior center in clear lake along with red bud and austin parks additional evacuation centers indelude twin fine casino, kellyville high school and 7th dayed a venitis church in lake port. we have several cruise at the scene. we'll have more coming up in 30 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome everybody to levi stadium. we got this party started at 3
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3:30 this afternoon. one preseason game in the books under chip kelly. what do you think? >> well we have work to do to have a competitive football team out here. you saw bright spot thus the day. running game was working early on. i don't know if we decided anything with the quarterbacks today but it is a start. we are watching football in the bah again. >> exactly. you can't argue with the fact they ran off 50 plays in the first half. and they had over 2300 yards of offense. and that blaine gabbert did throw the touchdown pass and ran for 160-yards. let's look at the first half. would you be more approved of that opposed to the overall game. >> it is not going to happen. the first group came out and sputtered. then they got going. the run game got going. that was exciting to see.
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they credit lanes in the back and did stuff today that was special. >> we saw sort of a cameo from carlos hyde. mike davis made the most of us opportunity. first year player last year. i think unofficially five of 70. he had a good game. >> five of 72 is a monster game. he did a nice job. looked like he had good vision. they got a good one-two punch with carlos heading into the season. >> we talked pregame about anthony davis and how his coming back in the 49 lineup will approve the offensive line. he returns tonight at a 49ers. he is with vern glen. >> reporter: tell us about the offensive line pushing people back in the first that have. did you know you ran a play every 23 seconds? >> that's impressive. i think we can go faster. our practices are faster.
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>> reporter: you can go faster? >> i think so. it will take us coming together and working at it. but i felt like there was some times in the game where the ref slowed us up. as a unit first and second team for me now. >> reporter: when you are a way friday the -- away from the game what did you miss the most? >> i was focused on working on myself and improving life outside of football. i didn't watch a lot of football until later on in the season. and once i got everything together with myself that's when i was looking forward to flying. >> reporter: here we are working your way back in it. assess for me this first game now that you have it under your belt. >> i wish we could have one. won. i know it is preseason but when they are keeping score i'd like to win. it was getting back into it. one play it will even up.
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i'm excited we get to come out next weekend and play again. >> reporter: next week it will be denver. one more thing about today. the first half as efficient as we have ever seen. you had over 300 yards total offense at the half. >> i feel like we can do a little bet. we had a lot of self-inflicted counts. that's why we'll practice. next time we're out we'll step it up. >> reporter: i was going to ask how blaine gabbert was in the huddle. chip kelly doesn't believe in huddles. >> right. >> reporter: terrific start. we'll see you down the road. >> thank you. >> reporter: anthony davis joining us here. back to you. >> thank you. anthony davis got beat for a sack. it was brought up during the broadcast with tim ryan that anthony davis had a fantastic camp. trent brown, starter at right tackle has had a great camp, as well. and they might move anthony
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davis in to play the guard position on the right side and keep trent outside. you see that as a realistic possibility? >> i think the possibility is always there. you try to get your five best linemen on the football field any way you can. if you have to put a pro bowl right tackle there, i think it is a great idea. you are trying to find your best five now and find the best positions for the five. >> i think what was a weak link in the football team could be the strength for the 49ers offensive line. we'll hear from the head coach and get an injury update when we come back. ,, to prove how authentic my new brewhouse bacon burger is ,, i'm going undercover, at an actual brewhouse.
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it's awesome. amazing! what if i told you, you are eating a jack's brewhouse bacon burger from jack in the box. not this one. absolutely lying. and what if i told you... that i'm jack. whaaaat?!! no way! no! didn't see that coming, did you? porter ale cheese sauce, grilled onions, and bacon on a artisan potato bun. jack's new brewhouse bacon burger, new from jack in the box. hey, where did jack go? he was just here.
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turnovers the defense with houston returning a fumble for a touchdown in the first half. let's hear from chip kelly. >> isn't 100%. it would not have been fair to judge him on that competition. we are trying to get him healthy and see him this week against denver. it is a day-to-day thing. it is nothing that is a long term thing. it is a day-to-day thing. he says he feels better as we go. we are not going to push him so we can have proper evaluations of him. >> [indiscernible] >> it was up and down. won't blaine gabbert and the offensive. the first drive couple of balls
7:24 pm
think probably wants back. once they settled down i thought they did a nice job executing. concern for us is you cannot turn the ball over in this league. we turned it over twice in the first half. once on the touchdown. that's a 14 point swing we need to win those if we are going to win games this season. that was our biggest concern. i thought we moved the ball. at times we ran the ball well. i thought fans showed up. it was good to get production from the tight end position. overall there are things to be excited act. there are a lot of things we have to clean up. >> does blaine gabbert getting these extra practice reps give him a leg up on the starting jump? >> i don't look at it as a leg up. we'll judge them on the opportunities to get in there and go. if collin does a great job i'm not going to say he didn't get as many snap as grain. it is two protects the football the best and gives us the
7:25 pm
opportunity to win games. >> collin is healthy in practices during the week. do you want to see him start a game so you have that basis? >> we'll take collin day-to- day. i have never been an f guy in terms of hypotheticals. i don't really know. for me to talk about him and he blows his ankle on thursday and jeff is starting we'll have a whole new conversation. we'll take it day-to-day. that's the the only way it is fair. >> was the decision made today? >> no. we decided yesterday. he was over here getting rehab trying to work on his shoulder seeing where we can get him. hopefully to see if we can get him to denver. >> was he pulled because of the injury? >> we planned on taking him out around that time. so it was both, to be honest with you. >> what do you think it is? >> i thought it was up and down. there is a couple others i'm sure he wants back, too.
7:26 pm
i think there is some positives to build on from it though. >> it is not fair for me to talk about his full medical disclosure. >> blaine gabbert was high and wide opened with patton on the slanted. it is easy for me to say easy passes. >> we'll put you in there and rush it. >> then he settled down. do you think it was nerves going on? what was happening? >> that's a good question. the good thing is he did settle down. like i said there were real positives to build on. >> buchner played almost entirely the first half. were you meaning to get him
7:27 pm
those kind of reps? what did you think of him? >> i thought he had a good camp and he did good things today. it is for all the rookie, their first time playing a national football league there are things they need to clean up. we have been impressed with him. there are a lot of things he can continue to work on. >> how fluid is the situation within the starting five? >> second question first, i think very fluid. this was our first game. we had a good day with houston on friday. we felt good about that group. we'll continue to try to figure out exactly what we'll play. there are some guys joe will play. you know where he is with that. try to work the rest of it in terms of how the guys fit. some of the guys in the second group could have an opportunity to push. when you look at it with mike
7:28 pm
davis i thought we ran the ball well. we'll have to look at the film and evaluate. i think we have guys to select from. it is not a situation that i'm nervous where we are in the offensive line. i'm positive from the offensive line standpoint. trying to find out which five it will be will be in the next couple weeks against denver and green bay. >> what was your overall thought? >> we had to make sure -- there are assignment questions going on where do we call? where was he working to? part is this process. you get to play a game. who is communicating? how do we call it? who is responsible? we made the call. it looks on film it is this guy but i may not be that guy. it could have been called a different guy and didn't realize he had the guy. >> seems like the moral of the story of the press conference is you cannot take too much away
7:29 pm
from the preseason game. media trying to get after them on the quarterback. performance of blaine gabbert and also what's up with colin kaepernick. blaine gabbert inaccurate on the first series. turnover in the second series. touchdown on the third series. what do you think about him tonight? >> i think his explanation was perfect. he was a mixed bag. he was really good in a couple situations. he was really bad to start the game. for him to go cement that job you would like to see more of him with the touchdown pass and some of that. he had an easy swing route and missed by three yards behind the running back out of the back field. completely missed the slant throw. relatively easy throws by most standards. i don't know if i could hit them but for an nfl quarterback an easy throw. you want to see more of the
7:30 pm
latter. maybe it wasn't nerves but the pressure of earning the job in the preseason game. he'll have another to play. i'm sure they'll get plenty of time between him and cap both. i don't think he outright won the job today. he didn't lose it either. >> it doesn't sound like colin kaepernick is seriously injured. >> he hasn't thrown in a long time. he is not the same physical stature he was. he is probably putting fatigue on the shoulder. i think that's all it is. >> 49ers play broncos in denver next week. joshua garnet with vern glen. >> reporter: alongside jab >> reporter: along -- joshua
7:31 pm
garnet. were you aware you were doing what you were doing? >> we are playing through the whistle. we have to do it all fourth quarters. which is the big thing coach kelly was talking to us about. you have to play every snap that hard. if we want to be successful that's what we have to do. >> reporter: you are a stanford guy. a smart guy. i know you can play left guard and the right guard, i was trying to explain to somebody the other day, wouldn't it be like, say you are right-handed and off to start left handed. is it like that? >> a little bit. you are a professional. you have to be able to do everything like that. where ever the coaches need me to go for the team to be successful that's where i'm going to play. >> reporter: blaine gabbert will be one of the big watercooler discussions tomorrow. what is your assessment of him and how he ran the offense? >> i have been blocking. i'm not a good representation or analyst for quarterback freeways -- plays. you'll have to ask the coaches
7:32 pm
about that. whoever is in the quarterback there, the offensive line will do the job. we'll block the same way and make holes and keep them untouched. >> reporter: they are calling on the phone now in the middle of the interview and they are already calling. >> we have great fans. we had electric environment today. we got to finish like we did in the first half and come out and get a win. >> reporter: we saw the unvailing of had the lewis today. at one point he was dead to right. he turned it into a three-yard game. >> we have to keep the pocket integrity better for him. >> reporter: one more thing on mike davis. couple of times he hit the hole, made a guy miss and he was gone. it was like a highlight reel. >> that's what you want.
7:33 pm
if you stick on your blocks and get in position the guys will take care of the rest. offensive line, like i said before, we have to finish. that's what coach preaches every day. these guys are professionals, too. >> reporter: it is on to denver next week. great start. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: joshua garnet joining us in "the 5th quarter." >> what did he say? >> the place was electric. >> if he thought it was electric for the preseason game wait until september for the rams. >> it must be like a lightning storm in here. >> as the coach said it was a fluid situation on the offensive line. he has started out at right guard. he is now playing left guard. anthony davis could be in it. it is a work in progress. talented people on the line. >> he said one guy has a position now. left tackle we'll go with joe.
7:34 pm
the other four you have to earn a spot. >> we'll with be back with more on "the 5th quarter." 49ers go down to the houston texans in preseason game number one. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> just like coach said there was ups and downs. we saw, when we got in the groove, what we can do as a
7:37 pm
unit and vance made a tremendous freeway -- play after the catch. it was good to get a touchdown on the board after the first drive. >> in the first two series you had two throws on the slant and you misfired. was it jitters? >> i would not say that. i missed one to carlos early. we have to work on the backside bringing pressure. it is a hot answer. we have to be on the same page and see the ball and catch the ball. >> it is an opening exhibition game. >> it was gun to -- fun to get out and get our feet wet. it was fun to see the level we can execute at. there are definitely good things
7:38 pm
on the film. there are a lot of ups and downs and things we can correct from the film that we will going into next week. >> what was your reaction of chip going on 4th downs on the field? >> it was great. i was like let's go for it. carlos did a great job on the offensive line. tight ends did a great job opening up a hole. it is a tough run. any time unconvert a 4th down in the jump the ball situation and stay in the same group and went for it, it is a big momentum boost for the offense. >> how does it feel playing playing? >> it was good. when we have quality plays and extended drives, i put such pressure on the defense to make plays. when you are rolling like that you can call any play and make it work. >> how was the operational aspect. was it different in practice?
7:39 pm
>> no question. the way we practiced prepared you for the game. we tried to make practice as part of possible. so when we get to the game it is easy and fun. you are playing ball with the guys. offensive line saw the effect our tempo offense has on the defense. they liked it. >> he works behind the offensive line combination in camp. what are you seeing from guys? >> they are doing a good job. to see the first camp to the first preseason game. the level of chemistry the guys built in the summer through training camp has been tremendous. >> chip describes what he is evaluating for decision making. quick decisions and right decisions. is that how you are being evaluated? >> no question. playing the quarterback position is based off decision making. you have to take care of the
7:40 pm
football and not turn the ball over. let the tight ends and running backs and wide receives make plays. you do that with decision making. >> do you evaluate that? >> i think if you are forcing balls down the field that are not opened, that goes back into the decision making category. what we look at as a quarterback group are you making the right decision is from your post and presnap correct? you have to deliver the ball on time. >> that was blaine gabbert 49ers quarterback. it is much pressure, me talking about chip kelly offense and the quarterback, i may be about the running back. >> it definitely is. if you look at what he's done with the teams through the year they have always had a good run game. today was indicative of that. they ran the ball for 160-yards in the first half. it is tough on a defense to chase the ball. they make you cover the whole field. you have to cover from one sideline to the other.
7:41 pm
they are back and forth in the tempo. it is tough to chase its down and have a stamina. >> looking ahead to denver. does colin kaepernick have to play the game to keep the quarterback competition going? there already two more games after. that's does he have to play in denver? >> i don't think so. if you don't play by a third game it is not a question anymore. it will be his deal. >> 49ers lose to the houston texans in the preseason opener. they'll travel to denver. jeremy you and i will both be in denver. >> we'll be there doing the same thing after that game at mile high. >> they send you on the road. that's the priority. 49ers lose game one. mixed results. good running. good offensive line play. defense shut osweiler down. he did not score for the houston texans offense in the first half.
7:42 pm
we'll see you tonight on game day with more of jeremy. we'll talk raider football at 11:30.
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tonight: hundreds are fleeing a fast- moving wildfire that's already ripped through one town.. and is threatening another. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. i'm brian hackney. the clayton fire has exploded across at least 2- thousand acres in lake county since it broke out just over 24-hours ago. a view from the air shows multiple homes destroyed. hundreds more are threatened. the entire community of "lower lake"---a community of about 1200 people--has been evacuated.. along with the southern end of clearlake...four miles to the north. highway 29 is closed in that area. and st. helena hospital in clearlake has been evacuated. so far: the fire is just 5-percent contained.
7:45 pm
evacuation centers have been set up at the highlands senior center in clearlake.. along with redbud and austin parks. additional evacuation centers include: twin pine casino in middletown.. kelseyville high school.. and the seventh-day adventist church in lakeport. people in lake county have seen more than their share of big fires lately. this new one is ripping right up the middle of the burn zones from last year's valley, rocky and jerusalem fires. kpix 5's joe vazquez is in lower lake. he begins our team coverage. joe -- what's it look like? joe vazquez in lower lake. joe, thank you.
7:46 pm
7:47 pm
joe, thank you. to give you an idea of just how
7:48 pm
to give you an idea of just how fast this fire is moving: kpix 5's maria medina and photojournalist robert moonan had to find a new way out of the fire zone.. after the flames suddenly closed in behind them:
7:49 pm
((nats of radio with flames in background)) firefighters...with very warm left for a half hour to get some lunch and got the word everything was on fire. >> reporter: rick davis did all he could to save his home as the fire closed in surrounding it. >> it looked like it wasn't close to us again. then all of a sudden the wind changed. >> reporter: we witnessed how quickly the fire could spread. we were shooting video of the home burning behind me when there was a flare up. you can see it behind me. a spokesperson says there is no way out the the way we came in. >> we are stuck at this point here. we can not progress any further back the way we came in. >> reporter: the cal fire spokesperson allowed media cruise to get closer to the flare up to shutdown norbegan valley morgan
7:50 pm
valley road. embers caused hot spots that ignited instantly. >> we were next to the field when the fire flared up next to us. firefighters are trying to battle the fire. >> reporter: firefighters pushed us back as the fire grew closer to us. one of the last pieces of information they said before we eventually made our way out, more homes were threatened. firefighters trying to move they head of the flames to stop more homes that already burned to the ground reduced to nothing but ash. spontaneous nature of this is amazing how the fleams are coming up. it is the old, old story. there is so much dry fuel and a few years of drought and weather conditions near the scene are tough for firefighters with very warm tvs expect. ed - - temperatures expected. winds out of the west southwest driving the fire toward clear
7:51 pm
lake. southwesterlies bear more moisture than southeasterlies. the humidity 15%. it will be hot again tomorrow. several crews in the bay area headed north to help with the fire fight. they include strike teams from san francisco, nevada, marin county and sonoma county. others are expected to join them if the fire gets worse. we are monitoring the situation closely. we'll have more information later tonight. stay with us for the very latest. and we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,
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7:53 pm
control in lake county. it's exploded across at least 2- thousand acres.. and is just 5- percent contained. ltiple homes have be the latest on the clayton fire in lake county. it is 2,000 acres. 5% contained. multiple homes destroyed. hundreds threatened. entire community of lower lake
7:54 pm
has been evacuated with clear lake. >> reporter: we want to put this in perspective. often we cover a fire and there are two or three home or a block of homes thatting doubt fire. here we are talking about the main street the towner town -- town of lower lake. you can see as we go west one fire truck after another. there are dozens out here doing what they can to get this under control. the reason they are on the west side of this thing is because highway 53 is over there. the other side the clear lake. the higher population area we spoke of earlier. the focus is not to get these fires out. they are done. they have done what they can here. it is not preventing the fires from spreading.
7:55 pm
>> thank you very much for that report time hear from you at 11:00 as well as 10:00 on the cw. the best you can say about the weather is it could be worse. í the winds are not out of the northeast. they are out of the southwest. that's driving it toward the north twaddler atlantic. this has 15,000 people. winds are out of the west southwest 20 miles per hour. we have summer time conditions with low clouds near the shoreline providing moisture up toward the fire. we'll continue with low clouds. fog will persist at the shoreline for the next couple of days. it will remain warm inland, including the scene of the fire, where tomorrow temperatures will top out near 100 degrees. that's bad news. at least the winds are not out of the northeast. they'll be gusting to 20 miles per hour. for us the usual summer time pattern all week. san francisco tomorrow 65. that's average this time of the year. concorde 88.
7:56 pm
san jose 80 degrees. oakland 71. morgan hill86 degrees. salt lake san jose. pacificy 77 degrees. half-moon bay 62. eastbound bay tomorrow a few low clouds then sunshine. in brentwood warm at 94 degrees. 90 fair field. livermore tomorrow 89. pleasant hill 89. close to the shoreline the numbers tomorrow relatively cool. mid 60s for the bay. alameda tomorrow 70 degrees. notice as we head north these maps are difference colored for a reason because the hotter colors suggest hotter
7:57 pm
temperatures. you'll notice as we head toward lake county the background of the map gets in the read. that's where the numbers approach 100 degrees. 96 lake port. 96 clear lake. 93 cloverdale. again for firefighters the numbers tomorrow will be near 100 degrees up by clear lake. extended forecast will go status quo in the bay area. usually low clouds in the morning. sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures will top out in the low 90s around livermore and pleasant hill and concorde. around the bay shoreline we'll be in the low 70s. mid 70s around the central part of the bay. at the shoreline the numbers manage only 60. as we head into next weekend things will cool. there is no major changes weather wise on the horizon. there is no high pressure offshore. that would be bad. >> thank you for watching. big brother is coming up next. >> for news through the evening the latest online.
7:58 pm
we'll see you back here at 1 1:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> announcer: previously on "big brother" -- america sent james a care package. >> james -- >> giving him the power to eliminate two eviction votes. >> the power to eliminate two votes makes me a little nervous, and i know there's going to be a lot of eyes on me. >> with zakiyah and michelle on the block -- >> i nominated you zakiyah and michelle. >> he disagreed about who should be sent packing. >> she is a strong girl. michelle is an emotional wreck that will blow up. >> if i have anything to say about it michelle will be going home. i'm doing what is best for my game, not his. >> announcer: they concocted a man to keep michle


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