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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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all here. >> yes. girl power. >> that's right. i like that. >> i'm just kind of like sitting here. >> sitting -- >> i like through. >> i feel -- you there. >> i feel empowered. >> on your seat? that's right. >> just keeping it warm for you this morning. hi everybody, welcome to your monday. right now these are the numbers, you can expect heading out the door. we're pretty much in the 50s to 60 degrees in san jose. we have the clouds marching inland at least a good 45 miles. we have areas of drizzle at the beaches and the peninsula the bay and into the inland areas and look at these temperatures. they are coming down. i know you look at 90 and you say that's down? but sit. i have the full week ahead forecast but right now let's say good morning to rocky. good morning everyone. let's take a look now at the oak -- in oakland 880 nimitz freeway. looking clear right now and also we want you to know that there's road work going on between hayward and fremont on 880 in both directions two lanes closed between whipple road and mission boulevard. then the alameda posey tube the
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closed right now. use the alternate routes park street or high street bridge. michelle? all right rocky. right now crews are working tirelessly to crush the clayton fire which is scorched more than 3,000 acres. the anytimes are spreading in an area -- flames are spreading in an area that's seen damage from wildfires. you can see the other blazes struck nearby. now locals in lake county are hearing just what they did during those massive wildfires. you have to leave home to stay safe. so far the clayton fire has sparked more than 4,000 evacuations and crews said that high temperatures and erratic winds caused the fire to jump containment lines very quickly after it broke out saturday afternoon. and cal fire says the blaze a destroying everything that gets in its way. >> we're seeing everything unfortunately burn right now. grass, vegetation, structures, homes, cars. we're experiencing propane tank explosions so we're throwing everything we have at it. >> the flames moved very quickly toward the town of lower lake forcing crews to evacuate nearly 1400 people.
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but some struggled to leave all they had behind. >> i couldn't drive. stop at the bottom -- of the bridge, because it's my everything. >> the clayton fire is now just 5% contained. more than 8300 people have lost power because of the blaze. right now clear lake is a key focus for crews as the flames approach the town of 15,000. but bay area fire departments are doing everything they can to help battle the clayton blaze. san francisco's department is sending six fire protection crew plus 26 staff members and contra costa county is bringing two engines the fire lains -- to fire lines and crews in lake county are also getting help from san mateo and oakland. there are four centers open in lake county at twin pine casino in middletown, kelseyville high school the seventh day
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adventist church in lake port. our make say -- mark sayer talked to some of to evacuees. >> reporter: dozens of evacwees came here to kelseyville high school. and nobody has any idea what's ahead. >> well, i was nervous. at first, and then i calm and collected and got myself together. >> reporter: david jones and his mom didn't have much notice when the sheriff came through town and told them to evacuate from their home in lower lake. but they were not about to take any chances. >> this was to evacuate and get all of our stuff out. >> reporter: here at the high school in kelseyville the red cross has set up cots forthose who want to sleep indoors and others say the plan is to sleep overnight in their cars and trucks and this school has recent experience as a center for evacuations because it was also used for the valley fire. >> red cross is spread out a lot today. and so people come you up to me -- come up to me all day long and said what do you want? >> reporter: out on the field gary says he pretty much
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grabbed a few important papers and his dog rocco but he says leaving your home is not easy. >> better to lose the house than us but still you hope everything is all right you know. >> reporter: others are concerned that looters could come through the fire zone while the area is closed off and the evacuations are underway. >> first thing in my mind is how many looters are we going to get before the firefighters get here and stuff. so -- we try to secure everything. and hose everything down. >> reporter: one of the original evacuation centers actually lost power as a result of the fire. and many of those evacuees came here. in kelseyville, i'm mark sayer, kpix 5. >> it was supposed to be the first day of school for kids in the school district. but classes are canceled because of the fire. we have those schools listed. they are -- lower lake high, lower lake elementary, carle the education center and burns valley. pomona east lake and clear lake creativity tent center are also
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closed today. and we have a team heading to the fire zone and you can look for live updates throughout the morning starting at 5:00 a.m. we will also bring you updates on and as crews gain control of the other fire, more and more people in monterey county are getting the green light to head home. but cal fire is still being cautious about lifting evacuation orders. because more than 400 homes remain threatened by the fire. the wildfire has been burning hillsides near big sur for almost three weeks now and it has coveraged over 72,000 acres and is now at 60% containment. fire officials say i won't be full -- it won't be fully out until the end of august. happening today, santa clara county superior court employees return to work after they voted to ratify a new contract ending their strike. the new deals gives them gradual raises over the next two years. most port operations have ground to a halt since the walkout began on august 3rd. as employees get back to work, it's expected to take several
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days to clear the backlog. construction of new parks across the state is still a memo. this comes years after voters approved grant money to pay for them. ten years ago voters passed the proposition setting aside $400 million to build parks and neighborhoods without them. the goal was to build more parks and higher populated areas where kids have gone without. but so far fewer than half of the 126 parks that received money have been built. including walnut creek in winters andest prado community park in yolo county. these behind the project say that time adds up behind planning and design. >> lot of jurisdictions are really trying to build the correct park and fit for the community. >> not only talking about constructing the park, but we're actually talking about maintaining the park for the future. >> yolo county has also spent month raising additional funding for park operations. all right, it is 4:36 right now. let's get a first long check of weather. how you doing? >> i'm doing well.
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it's so good to have you. >> you missed me in. >> i did. >> i did i missed you. >> how's the family? >> they're good. we had a nice little vacation in southern california. >> right before school starts. this weekend, i did have lots of fun with them. just did some solo events but actually i drive through morgan territory into walnut creek, wow, how spectacular beautiful it is with lots of green trees out there. laden with lot of drizzle from this morning's low clouds and fog that saturated the inland areas at least a good 50 miles even around the dublin grade and also bayside into the peninsula. and the beaches. temperature-wise right now we are in the 50s. later today, 63 in pacifica. low 70s oakland through alameda. mid 70s in mountain view we will top off in the low 90s away from the bay. a cooling trend and finally when you can expect it and right now over to rocky. thank you are. i have a solo weekend myself
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planned. let's take look now. we have a crash already at 4:37 this morning. northbound 680 at willow pass road. on the right shoulder now. and also your bay bridge toll plaza westbound, looking clear. cars are moving pretty swiftly there and then let's take a look at marin. the golden gate bridge toll plaza commute looking good. 580 the golden gate bridge toll plaza southbound will take you about 15 minutes. michelle? thank you. in san jose, a man speeds down city streets to flee police but the dangerous drive ends in an arrest. kpix 5's deafen feely shows us -- devin fehely shows us why the suspect may be linked to much worse than one pursuit. >> matches the description of all the 246s that have been occurring on placerville. he's taking off. >> reporter: the suspect led police on a wild chase. >> passing 87 right now. speeds about 110. >> reporter: to the wheels or wheel literally came off. >> they just lost a tire. driving down the median. approaching white oak. looks like he's losing control.
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spinning out here on basket. approaching camden. >> reporter: the suspect tried to run but didn't get far and was taken into custody a short time later. investigators believe he may be connected to a string of car shootings on blossom hill load in south san jose but -- road in south san jose but they're trying to prove that first. but people in the area say they're relieved. >> i don't want to get the call at 2:00 in the morning, hey you know, i'm in the hospital. because the guy on this street was shooting. you know it was very concerning to me. >> i don't know if you doing it for fun, this is not fun. this is scary for us as a family, as a people that own a business in the area. this is not a joke you know. shooting random cars. >> reporter: police would not say if they recovered a gun or what other evidence might connect the suspect to the shootings but believe they have finally gotten a break in a spree that until recently stumped them and terrorized a community. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. menlo park police are trying to track down two armed men who robbed a trader joe's grocery store. it happened shortly after 9:00
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sat night at the -- saturday night at the store on menlo avenue. the robbers wore masks entering the store after closing time. investigators say the two men ordered all employees at gunpoint to lie facedown on the ground and then demanded money. the robbers took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. a man who reportedly stole a car and ran into some police cruisers is in critical condition. haywood police say they got a call on saturday afternoon about two men driving a stolen mercedes. when officers arrived, the driver rammed into their patrol cars and one of the officers. the cops fired at the car and hit one of the suspects. he was rushed to the hospital. the other suspect was arrested. overnight, the unrest in milwaukee, wisconsin continued for a second night. the violence started saturday after a police officer shot and killed smith during a traffic stop. one person was shot during protests last night. officers used an armored truck to get that person from a crowd of people. another car was also set on fire. this comes after protestors
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said at least four -- set at least four businesses on fire saturday night. the milwaukee county sheriff requested the national guard be activated. >> i'm not going to get caught like ferguson and baltimore, not going to happen. because you all will stand up here rightfully so and say sheriff it doesn't seem like you guys were prepared for this and what am i going to say? >> at least four officers have been hurt in the last few days and the officer involved in saturday's shooting was not identified but officials say he was wearing a body camera which could help with the investigation. that unrest in milwaukee comes as community leaders plan to gather today in san francisco to call for a moratorium on all police use of force. this afternoon they will meet for a rally in front of the mission police station at 17th and valencia. explore the option of disarming police completely along with community based solutions. time now is 4:41. next, a look at where severe flooding swept in this weekend
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leaving buildings and cars underwater. and the rescues still underway. >> plus, chaos at jfk airport. what caused the terminal to be shut down and dozens of people to be evacuated from their plane. that is still ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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set to offer a 10- thousand dollar reward.. for any information that developing now in new york city, a muslim advocacy group is set to offer a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of a gunman. he's accused of killing a mosque leader and his associate. here's a sketch of the suspect. he's described as a dark haired man with a beard and glasses. surveillance video captured saturday's attack and as you can see someone approached the two men from behind and showed them a gun and then shot them. police aren't sure if this was a hate crime or not. new details about a possible threat at jfk airport. police have given the all clear after reports of gunshots inside the airport. it all started when two people told police they heard gunshots inside one of the terminals.
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the terminal was shut down. flights were canceled and passengers had to be evacuated from their planes. police went floor to floor looking for any evidence and did not find anything. in louisiana, homeowners are scrambling to reach dry ground after days of heavy rain and flooding but this baton rouge woman couldn't get out in time. she actually rushed to her rooftop where a coast guard crew rescued her. it is just one agency during the state's severe flooding. that rescue is just one of many happening in the state. president obama has declared parts of louisiana major disaster areas after historic flooding. the governor says 20,000 people were rescued but as don champion reports, it's still unclear when they'll be allowed to return home. >> reporter: flood waters have shown little mercy on south louisiana. torrential rains over the weekend left entire neighborhoods underwater.
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this morning, 10,000 flood victims are waking up in shelters. films like the twilight saga were shot here at celtic studios and overnight flood victims were bused to sound stages here to spend the night. >> just going to take one day at a time. right now i'm going so set up and go get me some rest. >> reporter: alvin mccrory showed up pushing a cart of his belongs. he was rescued by -- belongings, he was rescued by boat from his flooded home. >> turn your back for a second and it started raining and you have water. >> reporter: major highways like i-12 were also shut down. and some drivers were even stranded on the road for more than 24 hours. >> very crazy we never experienced anything like that and hopefully won't have to do it again. >> reporter: a federal emergency declaration was granted to help people in the hardest hit areas. as the water begins to recede in some places, the state's governor warned the danger is far from over. don champion, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. >> the death toll from the
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flooding has climbed to five now. very devastating in that area. and i don't think we've seen that kind of flooding since -- august 29th of 2005. when hurricane katrina moved on shore. and again, it really doesn't take that much to flood louisiana. because they are below sea level. >> below yeah. >> but this kind of devastation has not been seen in over ten years. over a decade. and that particular area. good morning everybody. as you are heading out, we have some condensation in the form of drizzle it's along the coast and into the bay. now the transamerica pyramid stands 853 feet tall and we can't see the tiptop of it. in fact when the ceiling is that low which i'm guesstimating right now 6 of hundred, 7en hundred feet. that's when we see delays at sfo. that will be the case this morning certainly and keep you posted on that. right now 50s and 60s out the door. we have the drizzle all the way back into the tri-valley and satellite and radar shows we're totally socked in this morning with the deep layer of low clouds and fog. meanwhile today returning more again to that southerly flow
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that lifts the winds up to the north. bypassing the santa clara valley and also the east bay. so we will see some more smoke and maize in our inland areas. not as bad as it was when we left you last week but nonetheless still a haze in the atmosphere. futurecast clearly indicates during the afternoon showers no clearing at the immediate seashore. this time tomorrow, it looks like we will start to see the clouds lifting back into our tri-valley. so we'll kick start the tuesday where we leave you off today on this monday. low pressure watch to the north of the bay area enhancing that marine layer and high pressure keeping us nice and warm inland. but not an enediol triple digits as -- end to the triple digits as experienced on friday and saturday. 6:26 sun up this morning and by the time it sets numbers coming down in the lainened areas but still into the -- inland areas but still into the 90s. 81-degrees in san jose that's pretty spot-on for this time of year. 82 santa rosa. outside number today. nice comfortable 93 towards discovery bay and brentwood also to the north of the clear
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lake area. temperatures rise by wednesday then begin to cool by the end of the workweek. that's a look at your week ahead of weather. here's roqui. we have a couple of things to go over right now. mass transit has been delayed and b.a.r.t. delays ten minutes at daly city station. this is due to some leftovers from the weekend may not machines. also northbound 680 at willow pass road between heyward and fremont a two car crash there. not is slowing up too much but it's on the shoulder now and here's a look at the 880, 238 to 80 the maze northbound will take you about 20 minutes. and also guys there's a giants' game tonight. pittsburgh pirates versus the giants and first pitch at 7:15 p.m. and also remember though there's the ten game home stand change-up. that means lot -- coming up. that means lots of traffic coming in on the cities and freeways. michelle? >> you can watch the giants game or a movie. a big weekend for the new movie "suicide squad." it was number one for the second week in a row at the box
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office. >> seriously? what the hell is wrong with you people? >> we're bad guys. this is what we do. >> the movie earned nearly $44 million. well, the new comedy "sausage party" came in second followed by pete's dragon and jason bourn e and "bad moms." ♪ disappointing news for adele fans. the singer says she will not be performing at the next super bowl. during a concert in l. a. on saturday, adele told fans the nfl asked her to be a part of the event but she said she knows she's not beyonce and she can't dance and she said no. still stings though. the creators of pokemon go are making sure everybody plays fair and square while hunting peek chew. if a player lies about their location or uses software to access the game in a quote
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unauthorized manner, they'll be permanently banned and people using the website reddit first blew the whistle about cheating with pokemon go. they posted about the third party software tactics inspiring the page to update their frequently asked questions page and make the rules clear. one company is looking to give tesla a run for its money. the new car being unveiled and how much it will cost to buy. >> and what's cool about your summer camp or your school? so many schools are starting. e-mail your nominations to us at and we may come and feature your camp or school on the show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning everyone, your time check is 4:53. take a look at if will numbers
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on the to have -- on the tv screen because these are numbers we will realize as we kick start the monday. number wise 65 degrees in san francisco and typically we should be at 67 degrees, how about the peninsula and ample sunshine 70s and 80s. good morning san jose spot on in the low 80s. east of the bay coming down from the triple digits and into the low and mid- 90s. you will feel the difference. and north bay numbers stacking up from 67 degrees in stinson beach to 83 in novato. your full forecast is still straight ahead but right now let's send it over to roqui. good morning everybody. let's take a look in concord right now. northbound 685 at the 242 interchange. some debris left from lanes, the crash is now on the shoulder and not worried about the speeds too much. but just remember there are some debris on the road. a spoiler alert we learned about some thrilling olympic firsts at the rio games. one of the wins sparked a whole lot of celebrating in the streets of jamaica.
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that was the reaction last night after usain bolt set a record in rio. both became the first sprinter -- bolt became the first sprinter ever to win the 100- meter dash at three olympics in a row and now working to set the same record in the 2 # hundred and the four by -- 200 and the four by 100 relays. meanwhile one puerto rican tennis player all smiles. monica puig says the afterparties have been pretty sweet. >> it was exhausting. but all the athletes from puerto rico are waiting for me. it was like a surprise party in the room. they had balloons everywhere. they had cake. they had everything. it was -- it was a huge celebration. >> puig scored that top prize in women's singles tennis and at just 22 she became the first unseeded player to win the singles title since the event came back to the olympic games in 1988. the united states has plenty to be proud of at rio. won 26 gold medals and 21 silver and 21 bronze. the bulk of the wins have been
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in swimming with 16 golds. well, tesla has some new competition. karma automotive just released a new luxury electric hybrid. it's called the rovero with a solar rooftop and can run on electricity alone for about 50 miles, we won't find out the official price tag until next week but some reports say it will top $100,000. ouch. well, ruby tuesday is closing some of its doors. the chain hasn't said which locations will be going out of business. but we're told 95 will close by the end of the year. the company says sales were down about 4% in its last quarter. now in our health watch, people who volunteer in middle and older aged tend to have better mental health and emotional well-being, that's according to british researchers who also found volunteering didn't have the same positive association for people under 40. they say it could be that older people see volunteering as a way to be involved in the community but younger people view it as an obligation. if you want a better
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memory, try changing your diet. that's because eating a mediterranean diet can slow down cognitive decline and it includes leafy greens, fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and nuts. researchers in australia found the diet improving memory, attention, and language. it's 4:57 right now. still ahead in the race for the white house, new polls show hillary clinton leading in key battleground states with just months until the election. why donald trump thinks his numbers are dropping. >> the san francisco police commission is asking the community for their input on what they want in the next chief of police. we'll tell you about a few public meetings where you can express your thoughts and concerns coming up.
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good morning everyone. it's monday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. kenny has the day off. let's take a look outside at
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the transamerica building this morning. it's cut off. you know, to quote roberta, where did it go? [ laughter ] >> it looks fuzzy outside. >> it does. it looks fuzzy. how you doing morning? >> doing well. >> can't complain. you must be doing well too. >> i am. yeah back from vacation. so it's nice. >> it's not -- when you have kids her age it's not vacation, it's called a relocation. >> i love that. >> right i'll learn that one day how? >> it doesn't look like it but we had some subtle changes over the weekend. and upper level trough blew through causing some breezy conditions clearing out the air quality a bit and also caused this. the deepening of a marine layer some drizzle noted along the beaches the bay and even into the inland areas a good 40 miles. number-wise we are into the 50s and low of 0s. -- low 60s. take a look these abuse are the -- because these are numbers you can see to kick start the new week. 6 60s with barely any clearing at the seashore today and 70s refreshing along the peninsula. 80s in our inland areas and east bay numbers stacking up


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