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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 16, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> breaking news tonight, police say this man started the wildfire that destroyed more than 100 northern california
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homes. >> kpix5's christin ayers is in middletown outside twin pines casino where authorities just revealed that big arrest >> reporter: authorities it turns out have been investigating damin pashilk at least the past year. they say he's a prolific arsonist and tonight word of i had arrest is the first good news this -- word of his arrest is the first good news this community has had in days. the announcement came. >> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damin anthony pashilk. >> reporter: and a cheer went up. 40-year-old damin pashilk of clearlake arrested for a string of arsons suspected of setting 17 fires in the last year alone including the layton fire which has burned already 125 -- clayton fire which has burned
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already 125 structures. this woman recognized the man as an acquaintance before her house went up in flames. >> she believed he burnt her place. she showed me his face and now they say they arrested him as an arson. >> reporter: authorities believe pashilk set the fire off clear creek road on highway 29. ryan lewis knows his mother's home is a loss already, though with pashilk behind bars, he says lower lake can begin healing. >> lower lake is my home and to see it burned to the ground is very heartwrenching. >> reporter: pashilk is expected to be arraigned wednesday. cent contained tonight. >> the clayton fire has burned about 4,000 acres, more than 6 square miles. the fire is 5% contained tonight. late today governor brown declared a state of emergency for the affected areas.
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the fire forced st. helena hospital to shut down. the medical staff are continuing to treat people at smaller facilities that the hospital operates elsewhere. able to re-open. >> our incident command is operating wonderfully and able to respond to all needs and at our outpatient sites in the county we're able to see community members and evacuees that might need outpatient services. >> the fire did not reach the hospital, but as of now it's not clear when it will be able to reopen. more than 1,600 firefighters are trying to contain that clayton fire including this strike team from south san francisco. this fire is just the latest to tear through lake county in the past year. tonight kpix5's andria borba shows us for some evacuees this is deja vu. >> reporter: the firestorm last night burned through downtown lower lake very quickly and with much for ferocity -- ferocity. look at this barber chair.
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the mop-up has continued all day long inside what used to be homes. that to me right there is the only thing left standing. people in lake county say between the fires last year and this year their nerves are shot. >> it's nerve wracking to have to leave your home and come back and leave and come back. when last year we left our home three times. >> reporter: there are countless shelves of propane tanks and cars scattered throughout downtown lower lake, tires burned away, metal charred. behind me is what's left of the habitat for humanity building. they were in town to rebuild from last year's fires here in lake county. it seems their confidences will be needed again -- services will be needed again this year. >> schools in the clearlake and lower lake community are closed the rest of the week. the unified school district is expected to provide an update friday. let's give you another perspective tonight how the fire burned through lower lake.
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this is an overview of the town of 1,300 people. one of the hotspots yesterday burned east of lower lake high school. flames jumped home to home. miles away a home on the very top of a hillside did not stand a chance when the fire consumed the top of this ridge line. by this afternoon the landscape completely changed. this is just one street and on the left where homes once stood, on the right just blocks and blocks of ashes. we'll have continuing coverage of the clayton fire on air and online at four guys from san francisco have a story to tell about their weekend trip to lake tahoe. steve large tells us they're alive thanks to their ice chest and a seat cushion. >> we do get called out for boat rescue squad often, but nothing as i guess spectacular as this one. >> reporter: firefighter paul appel helped pull the four out of the frigid lake tahoe water
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in the darkness. this photo shows the group rejoicing after their rescue still clinging to the cooler and seat cushion they used to stay afloat. the odds anyone could have located them? >> pretty slim, absolutely. pretty slim. >> reporter: it was midnight. the men were 3 miles from shopper. the search and rescue started when people onshore -- shore. the search and rescue started when people onshore called 911 about calls for help from people at the lake. >> we could hear the faint cries for help. >> reporter: the employee said one of the men answered a call at 9:30 p.m. when the boat was not returned on time. the person said they would be late. what happened after that is unclear. the employees says the men still have not called the rental company. the boat is at the bottom of lake tahoe. the four declined medical attention and are asking firefighters to keep their name as none plus. a cooler like this one able to keep these guys afloat, pretty
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incredible. firefighters recommend wearing life vests and they say wearing a glow stick attached to it is also a good idea just for cases like this. in lake tahoe steve large, kpix5. one tahoe -- >> one tahoe district firefighter said had they not been rescued, the men would likely have drowned in another 30 minutes or so. in san jose investigators looking for clues in a double shooting just after 6:00 on north white road in east san jose. two men were shot. one died after being taken to the hospital. the other man has nonlife threatening injuries. so far no suspect descriptions. a san leandro teen-ager missing over a week is home safe tonight. 15-year-old deanna bendetto went missing august 6th. someone recognized her on a b.a.r.t. train near concord. police are withholding details where she was because of her age. a suspected serial bank
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robber nicknamed the dreaded bandit is behind bars tonight. he's a parolee out on probation for armed bank robbery. this is surveillance video of him. he's called a dreaded bandit because of a dreadlock wig that is part of his disguise. he was wanted for a series of takeover style robberies in san francisco and san mateo. he's been identified as 57-year- old andre mitchell brown. cops say they nabbed brown and his get-away drive as they were about to pull another -- driver as they were about to pull another job. >> reporter: donald trump trying to convince voters he is the right candidate to defeat isis. kpix5's allen martin shows us the republican nominee outlined his plan to fight terrorism. >> the rise of isis is the direct result of policy decisions made by president obama and secretary of state clinton. >> reporter: in a foreign policy speech in ohio donald trump did not repeat his call for a ban on muslims, but he did propose a new immigration
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policy. >> the time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. >> that includes tests of applicants for "hostile attitudes." >> those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hated will not be admitted for immigration into our country. >> the secret is he has no plan. >> in scranton, pennsylvania, hillary clinton argued trump's terror proposals vary by the day. >> he talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis, a major country in the middle east that could launch attacks against us and others. he's talked about sending american ground troops. well, that is off the table as far as i am concerned. >> vice president joe biden joined clinton on the campaign
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trail today. >> no major party nominee has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. >> today president obama warned that unless democrats campaign aggressively in the next 80 days it is still possible for hillary clinton to lose the election. allen martin, kpix. some silicon valley tech companies teaming up tonight to get out the vote on election day telling their workers take the whole day off. >> pregnant women warned tonight about taking tylenol, how it's linked to serious behavioral problems in children. >> and someone spotted this in fremont. an expert tells us it's an alligator. the question tonight, where did [music]
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thank you.
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you got a king? go fish! it only takes a moment to make a moment. take time to be a dad today. offering employees a new perk: a day off to vote. here's kpix five s betty yu. pkg ã some big name tech companies are offering a new perk to employees, a day off to vote. here's kpix5's betty yu. >> reporter: it started with a tweet from san francisco venture capitalist hunter wok. he asked silicon valley ceos to consider sending out companywide messages to block off time to vote and so far nearly 180 start-ups and venture capital firms across the country have pledged to do just that. some of the biggest names include new york based spotify, surveymonkey, task rabbit, square and door dash in san
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francisco. in a statement to kpix5 the food delivery company said we don't want work to be the reason that prevents people from participating in a democratic process. >> the u.s. is probably one of the only developed countries where elections are not held either on a holiday or day off like saturday or sunday and to me that's always been very strange. >> reporter: yuri sagalov is ceo of a filed sharing and messaging platform in palo alto. his 30 employees will get the day off. he says a lot's at stake for silicon valley workers. >> as a tech employer i want to be able to attract people to the bay area, but the firstening is they need to be able to immigrate -- first thing is they need to be able to immigrate here and to be able to afford to live here. >> it's easy to say hillary clinton is going to win california, so who cares? but the ballot is important for a number of reasons. there are 17 statewide initiatives on this ballot, gun
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control, billions in bonds, legalization of marijuana and the death penalty. >> the last thing i think about is voting when i have to get a lot of work done and i have to pick up my daughter. yeah, i would definitely vote if i had some extra time. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix5. >> according to the california elections code, if you don't have enough time outside work to voted, you may take off up to two hours paid to cast your ballot. if you've recently stayed at a hotel, this could keep you up at night of your personal data may be compromised. hotel operator hei says that it discovered malware in its payment systems in june. the hotels affected include the la meridian on battery street in san francisco. also affected, hyatt, sheraton, player why the, westin and intercontinental -- marriott, westin and intercontinental. >> all that's required is for a
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careless employee to click on something. >> i kind of have to imagine a large company would go out of their way to not have these things happen. >> the hotel group says the breach has been solved and customers can safely use payment cards at their property. researchers say women who take tylenol during pregnancy could be putting their children at serious risk for behavioral problems, things like add or adhd. we have the possible link. >> reporter: at 38 weeks pregnant nicole amerean suffers from migraines and takes acetaminophen to ease the pain. >> i think it's probably the safest over the counter medication to take. whatever my doctors tell me is what i'll take. >> reporter: acetaminophen, the active ingredient in tylenol, has long been considered safe for pregnant women, but a new study found a link between the drug and behavior problems in children. the study questioned pregnant women at 18 and 32 weeks and found those who took acetaminophen had children with an increased risk of behavior
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problems and hyperactivity. of the nearly 7,800 pregnant women studied 5% of their children had behavior problems. dr. sherry ross of providence st. johns health center says that's not a large number, but she's taking notice. >> it gives us reason to pause and remind patients anything you take in pregnancy could potentially be a problem. >> reporter: she says there could be other contributing factors. >> there are other variables that can come into play that are not monitored well in these large studies, is there a genetic component? is the mother smoking or taking alcohol? >> i just took the high road and thought why am i going to cause any harm to my child? >> reporter: nicole said she took acetaminophen when pregnant with her other two children who don't have behavior problems, so she doesn't expect issues with her new little boy either. >> until there's scientific evidence that proves it, i'll
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listen to it, but these studies doesn't concern me at all. this is mozzar a dog found abandoned in the north bay is looking for a new home tonight. this is mozarella found near a dumpster in mill valley. the smaller picture on the bottom left shows how the 2- year-old poodle mix looked when he was found. his first meal after he was picked up was a little cheese. that's why the rescuers named him mozarella. they've done a good job nursing him back to health. he'll be ready for adoption soon. we got a tip about a rare and mysterious discovery in a creek in fremont. our joe vazquez went to check it out. >> crazy. >> reporter: todd meyers was walking the path with his two teenage daughters this morning when right there in niels creek in the canyon he spotted it. >> it was about a 4 1/2, 5-foot
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alligator. i got a video of it. >> reporter: todd shot this cell phone video which he says shows the alligator laying on top of a rock. the cops arrived around noon. >> i brought them back. the al alligator was back on the rock. so we tried to hike back. as soon as we came up behind him, he went back in the water. >> reporter: again, it's very difficult to see on the video, but an animal services officer told me that the creature is indeed an al girt and they're doing their best to appear -- an alligator and they're doing their best to capture it. officials say it's the early stages of the investigation and they won't speculate, but animal control says sometimes animals are abandoned because their humans can't afford to feed them. he disappeared by the time we got there. animal control officials weren't able to catch him either. they plan to come back in the morning and try again. in fremont joe vazquez, kpix5.
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paul deanno, what a long day for you, the fire and back here to report. smoky up there. every gas station and coffee shop along highway 209, fire forecast for tomorrow, wednesday, it's going to stay shot and dry as it has been the past several weeks. for those of you watching us tonight, it's going to be hot and dry, but the big story is that five year drought. we have very, very drought stressed trees which burn very quickly. humidity not a problem in the city tonight. it's 56 degrees. san jose 61, concord 61, 50s for oakland and santa rosa, cool tonight, low 50s in the north bay, mid- to upper 50s in the south bay and fremont 56 degrees. air quality taking a little turn for the worse, not pictured here lake county where i can confirm smoke in the air, a moderate air quality in the north bay and watch out for
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northern napa valley. moderate is worse than we were today but not spare the air category. that wind really increased yesterday. in area of low pressure traversed across northern california increasing the winds at 4:00, 5:00 in afternoon when thing get windiest. we have another low pressure system area that will pass by tomorrow. it won't increase the winds that much. by the end of the week that low will help cool us down about5 to 7 degrees. tomorrow we will warm to the low 90s away from the water, concord 91, average 87. san jose 83, sunny, fremont 78, san mateo chilly, foggy at the beach, hatch moon bay 62, daniel 92, pittsburg 89, 60s for daly city, san francisco and sauce -- sausilita and 90s
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and 100s for lake county and mendocino county. by the time we hit the weekend we'll be in the 60s near the bay. we've not had the super hot stuff, but it's been consistently warm in the places most susceptible to fires. it will be that way this week. this bay area sculpture is starting to take ship. tonight why some say it is indecent exposure. >>,,,,,,,,,,
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>> closed captioning is sponsored by living spaces furniture. a 55-foot statue is going up in a brand-new san leandro tech campus. >> but not everyone is happy about it. the sculpture is of a naked woman and right now you can only see her legs, but soon she'll be in full view near a batter station and office buildings. city officials say women are underrepresented in the tech industry and hope the new art is welcomed and so far it's been met with mixed feeling. >> the artist is extremely talented. i'm not sure it's appropriate for public display. i think it might be better suited in a museum so people have the option whether that's something they would want their children to view. >> the rest of the sculpture will arrive in mid-october.
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in the 49er game i interviewed chip kelley for the first time. >> i saw that. he was very forthcoming for you. >> a very nice guy. jim harbaugh, sometimes at halftime it was like pulling teeth. >> he was short. >> michigan writers found that out. harbaugh doesn't like too many questions about his players. michigan writers know that. you see that coming up. the giants have fallen and they can't get up, but hey, at least they held on with ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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vogelsong made his return to
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at&t park tonight, and his meback after 24 games over .500, seems like such a long time ago. people can't seem to figure out why the giants had the major league baseball best record before the break and collapsed after. i don't think they're as good as that team before the all- star break and they certainly aren't as bad as they're playing now. former giants pitcher ryan vogelsong made his return to at&t tonight and after his comeback after being hit in the face with a pitch and it doesn't surprise his old buddies. >> a true testament to who he is, what he stands for. he's just a beast, you know, took a pretty rough shot and came back stronger than ever. >> he got a huge ovation from the at&t crowd. pittsburgh leading 6-4, 7th inning. a fan reaches out and grabs the baseball. he was escorted out. pirates lead 7-4. bottom of the inning, two on for eduardo
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nunez. looks like he'll get above home, but look at andrew mccutchen make the catch to end the inning. pittsburgh wins 8-5. giants' lead in the national league west is down to a half game over the idle dodgers. in texas a hotdog beneath all those jalapenos and onions, it's there. gives you heart burn. adrian beltran grand slam off ross detwiler giving texas the lead. a's lost four of five. jim harbaugh suspended two michigan players but had no interest in giving the players' names to the media. >> i know you like to ask a lot of questions, but we'll handle that internally. >> reporter: how long is the suspension for those guys? >> that's why i don't give you any information because you're never satisfied. you always want a second question, a third question, a fourth question. i just said we'd handle it internally. thank you. good? thanks a lot.
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>> harbaugh abruptly leaves the news conference. >> it wasn't a news conference. there was nothing wrong with the questions. >> no. it's only taken one, one year for this to already start again? >> folks, you see a pattern here, what's going on? >> michigan football, as you know, it's a huge deal. harbaugh is there as ,,
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. the late show with stephen colbert come up next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30. we'll have all the latest. we'll have all the latest. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ight.
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