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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> the bay bridge is a little shy! >> it's a little too early this morning. 4:29. >> we forgive you. >> you know what i noticed? he called it a she. >> she. >> right. >> out the door we currently have the fog, the low clouds along the coast and into the bay temperature-wise into the 50s and the 60s. boy, it was really difficult sleeping last night. slow to cool down after the mid- 90s. today warmer, 60s beaches, 70s bay, 80s peninsula, high 90s away from the bay. i have your full "hump day" forecast coming up. good morning, rocky. >> good morning. let's take a look at road closures around the area. first in san ramon valley 680
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in both directions between livorna and crow canyon road. 880 both directions in fremont between whipple and mission boulevard. posey tube is closed until 5 a.m. use the high street bridge as an alternate. an investigation is under way this morning in san jose after a truck careened into a building with dozens of people inside and ignited a huge fire. betty yu has more from the scene reporter: we'll give you a closer look at the damage. you can see what was done to the roof and just below it a black pickup truck. the fire captain says that that is what started it. the car hit a gas meter on the side of the building rupturing a gas line starting the fire. there are no injuries reported. pg&e was able to safely cap that gas line. witnesses tell us it was a pretty chaotic scene out here. at least a dozen people were inside rehearsing music at the time of the fire when they heard this big crash.
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>> we grabbed a couple of guitars we were using, ran out to the back way. by the time i got to the back, smoke was pouring through the back and flames started shooting up about the size of -- about half the height of the building. >> reporter: was everybody running out in panic? >> a lot of people were panicking. a couple of girls rehearsed there. they were yelling and some people were trying to run back and forth and you're them to get out of the building because it's on fire. who knows if the gas could have blown at any time. >> reporter: band members are taking stop of their equipment and damage which could total into the thousands of dollars. now, the fire captain said that the driver of the pickup and his passenger did stay on the scene and are in touch with san jose police and were not injured. at this point, we don't know what caused that car to hit the building. in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5.
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california firefighters have yet another major wildfire on their hands this one known as blue cut fire. it forced evacuations for more than 82,000 people in san bernardino county. they include the entire ski resort town of wrightwood. the fire has burned more than 18,000 acres since it started yesterday morning in cajon north of the city of san bernardino. a lot of homes and other buildings are damaged or destroyed. but it's not yet clear how many. forecasters also predict hot, dry breezy conditions in the area through tomorrow evening. >> this fire is aggressive. we have seen some erratic fire behavior. get out so we can focus on working on the fire rather than rescuing citizens. >> a stretch of interstate 18 is closed. backups for miles yesterday. keep in mind also southern california's traditional fire season begins in the fall when the hot santa ana winds arrive. in the northern half of the state, some encouraging news
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about the clayton fire in lake county. it's now 35% contained and cal fire hopes to have it fully contained by the weekend. the estimated size of the fire is still 4,000 acres. more than 175 homes and other buildings in the lower lake area are destroyed. the lake county man accused of setting the wildfire is expected to be arraigned this afternoon. kpix 5's joe vazquez has more on the suspect's history reporter: sadness is beginning to turn to anger as the people of lower lake learn more details about the man the sheriff's department says turned their beloved town into a war zone. state officials now say that the suspected arsonist, damin pashilk was once a firefighter himself when he was in prison. >> we have nothing. [ crying ] >> reporter: that news is a punch to the gut for those who lost everything. >> i hope somebody burns his [ censored ] off. >> reporter: according to cdc our records pashilk served five years for drugs and firearms charges. during that time, the state trained him as an inmate
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firefighter. at one point, he feels deployed to the fire lines in trinity county. since his release, records show he had six parole violations. >> i can't release the details of whether or not there were multiple ignitions of a single fire. but it's safe to say that he is responsible for starting numerous fires here in lake county over the last year or two. >> reporter: he was on the prison firefighting force for two months before he was paroled. >> some of those people are model prisoners. >> reporter: john's home was missed by the flames but there is devastation all around. >> a lot of the people here that my kids grew up with, all have children, were friends together, now they have nothing. all for one person's foolishness? sad. >> reporter: in lower lake, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> the hearing is set this afternoon at the superior court in lakeport. police are keeping busy on the fire lines catching suspected looters. they arrested three suspects in clearlake. some homeowners say that these types of thieves are the reason
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they ignored evacuation orders and stayed home. marshall curtis said he sat on his front porch and watched officers chase them. >> i heard this motorcycle fire up and hall butt down the street. pd right behind him. >> police say that they have checkpoints at every major entrance to neighborhoods in clearlake. in lake county nearly 700 customers are still without power. pg&e says they are replacing dozens of utility poles destroyed in the fire. it should be back on this weekend. 4:36. here's roberta. >> it feels like the whole state is ablaze. we have fires all over the state. good morning, everybody. some extremely dry conditions. also a lot of smoke and haze today with moderate air quality. right now we have a little bit of drizzle lining the immediate
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seashore into the bay. the ceiling is down to 500 feet. it is 54 degrees in san francisco. it's in the low 60s in san jose. very slow to cool after highs yesterday in the mid-80s. numbers today san francisco typically should be at 68. today 66 degrees. san jose at 85. low 70s in oakland. we are talking 60s at the beaches, not much sunshine in half moon bay or in daly city or in colma. but notice the temperatures jumping to the 80s around the peninsula. 90 in morgan hill bested by about 94, 95 in gilroy. the closer you get to the bay of water you see the numbers from 78 in mountain view to union city back through the newark area but once you start to head inland, you see the numbers in 9 6 in brentwood and livermore. hot again today. 90s in concord, clayton and walnut creek. 60s in the north bay beaches, to the 80s in the inland areas topped off at 84 degrees in napa. and near the fire zone highs in
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the upper 90s and even triple digits in ukiah. the full forecast is coming up. rocky. >> thank you, "ro." good morning, everyone. let's take a look outside now at your road closures, first your bay bridge looking good carquinez bridge to the maze westbound 20 minutes and then let's head to san ramon valley 680 in both directions between livorna and crow canyon roads you see slowing there 59 miles per hour. then hayward, fremont, 880 in both directions again between whipple and mission boulevard and then here's your posey tube it is closed again, use park street or high street bridge. and then here's a look at your golden gate bridge looking good marin county golden gate bridge toll plaza about 15 minutes. developing news in oakland. police are trying to figure out why a man turned this corner store into a fire zone. police say that a suspect entered the liquor shop around 9:00 last night started throwing things all over the floor then police say set the
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place on fire. the blaze went to two alarms and forced cops to block off the immediate area. right now, police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap three women. this man us is could of pepper spraying a woman walking -- is accused of pepper spraying a woman walking in san leandro. a person was driving by and intervened as the man dragged the 22-year-old woman toward his car. he ensured that woman got away, but the case triggered the memories of two other women who say they were followed or approached by the same man. the driver says what he saw was violent but one officer fears things may get worse. >> for a guy just from the side of the car jump up and kind of -- it was immediately i saw a reaction didn't look normal. >> maybe first they try to follow somebody. then maybe they try to engage
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somebody in conversation and each time their building up courage to kidnap. >> the suspect was driving a 2014 nissan sentra. donald trump is adding breitbart news's steven banon as campaign ceo and promoting pollster kellie anne conway to campaign manager. trump says that paul manafort will remain as campaign chair. the shake-up is the latest as trump heads to the fbi today for its first national security briefing traditional given to major party presidential nominees. these briefings reportedly don't include sensitive information like undercover spy operations or the identities of intelligence sources. in wisconsin yesterday, trump talked about this week's violent unrest in milwaukee following the police shooting of a black armed suspect. >> those peddling the narrative
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of cops as a racist force in our society, a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, share directly in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. >> that prompted a response from the campaign of hillary clinton. in a statement, she said, the american people know it's trump who is guilty of bigoted remarks. uc-berkeley is looking for a new chancellor. nicholas dirk says he is resigning. he didn't say why. he faced criticism for the way he handle sexual harassment cases. he accused of paying for his wife's trip to india on the campus dime. in a letter to the campus, dirk said, i have come to the personal decision that the time is right for me to step aside and allow someone else to take up the financial and institutional challenges ahead of us. he says he will stay until a
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successor is in place. time now 4:41. still ahead, a mountain lion caught roaming around a bay area neighborhood with something on its neck.
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portable toilets on fire. investigators are looking into a strange crime out at san francisco's china beach after someone set portable toilets on fire. these pictures show the damage caused after the flames spread to a nearby wooden structure. the main building at china beach also received some minor heat damage. the damage estimated at $30,000. the beach was temporarily closed during the investigation. so far, no arrests have been made. two maintenance workers were injured after this fire tore through the tahoe queen. the cruise boat is used for tours of lake tahoe but it's been out of service for a year undergoing renovation. >> we're going to work with the coast guard. they are going to take over the investigation for the cause and the origin of the cause of where this fire was. >> the boat caught fire while docket at a resort on the
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nevada side of lake tahoe. fuel did not leak into the water. summer in san francisco often spells fog and wind and, of course, cooler temperatures. >> but researchers at uc- berkeley say olympic organizers may crave our cold conditions as global warming gets worse. the new study suggests that by 2085, no place in latin america or africa will be able to host the summer games thanks to climate change. the cal scientists point to san francisco as the only city cold enough to sponsor the competition and they hope people start paying attention to the topic. >> the results weren't surprising but i guess when they are put in the context of something that people are -- that's on people's mind right now like the olympics, it's sort of, um, um, brings it to people's attention. >> the researchers do admit their study is based on aggressive climate change models. time now 4:45. here's roberta with a check of
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weather. >> i'm stunned that they are spending all this money on research for 2085 for the olympics. economically they are not any more -- they're failing. they are not any more positive results or the end result economically for a city after they leave. they are still bankrupt. the cities are bankrupt after the olympics. >> a lot of issues surrounding the olympics. >> keep a stadium like in athens. >> make it simple. >> or los angeles that did it right. just one venue. all right. okay. let's move on to the weather forecast. stick to weather! >> that's what they are saying out there. they are showing their shoes at the tv screen right now. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! out the door this what will greet you again a deck of low clouds and fog, some passage of drizzle along the coast into the bay this morning. temperatures we are in the 50s and 60s. boy, was it uncomfortable sleeping in our inland areas. very close to cool down.
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61 in san jose. i was walking my dog about 8:00 last night, it was still 84 degrees in pleasanton. well, okay, slow to particular up the winds this morning, as well. right now variable west at 8 san francisco. southwest at 5 in san ramon. we have a west-southwest in antioch. these wind will rotate to the west-southwest and increase 10 to 20 late day today. air quality will be moderate from the coast to the bay into our inland areas from the golden gate bridge to the north, you are the recipient of the smoke and haze from the creighton fire that's burning out of control from the east bay and -- clayton fire that's burning out of control from the east bay and the central bay into central valley you have smoke from the soberanes fire. satellite and radar shows that we do have a deck of low clouds and fog into the bay. it's patchy. it will push out. as it does so we'll have cooler temperatures with an ocean breeze by the weekend.
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96 in sacramento and livermore. we have the pollen report suggesting if you have allergies, boy, another day of itchy eyes. temperatures begin to come down by thursday. rocky, did you feel the -- roqui, did you feel the heat yesterday? >> no, i need to come to pleasanton to feel 84-degree temperatures. i miss that. time now 4:48. we have some road closures but here's the nimitz freeway looking good in both directions. san ramon valley -- excuse me, posey tube closed use park street or high street bridge as an alternate until 5 a.m. then to san ramon, 680 both directions between livorna and crow canyon road. you see some slowing down there cars moving about 37 miles per hour. and then hayward fremont area 880 in both directions as well between whipple and mission boulevard. altamont pass and 680, 15 minutes. golden gate bridge looking good. a mountain lion is causing
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a stir in santa cruz. surveillance video captured it jumping a fence. the homeowners couldn't see what was on its neck. it's a tracking device. kpix 5's keit do went to find out what these devices are revealing about the big cat. >> reporter: the video was shot a month ago and it shows a mountain lion creeping aroundful not to make too much noise. it hesitates and then jumps. >> wow. >> reporter: john pierce set up this wildlife camera this year at his home in santa cruz after one of his animals was killed. his video shows a mountain lion population in the santa cruz mountains thriving, healthy and on the prowl. >> maybe more cautious at night and, um, not let my dog roam out there. >> reporter: it turns out that jumping cougar is a year and a half old 93-pound male who was just fitted with a gps tracking collar and given the designation 77m a few weeks ago. he is the latest addition to
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the puma project. researchers have mapped out the various territories through the gps collar. it shows strongerdults with huge distinct territories in the remote areas away from humans. it doesn't leave room for 77m whose tiny little territory is squeezed up against homes. >> those young males stay closer to people and as they get older they will move into the open space further away from people. he is acting normally from what we see so far. >> reporter: they are crossing highway 17 at lexington reservoir near the spillway and also on laurel curve. the animals are getting hit and killed. bad for them and for drivers. and so various agencies including caltrans are working on a so-called wildlife tunnel to help the cougars roam around safely. what's more, the researchers found the big cats wake up at dusk and stay on the move all night hunting or feeding but always hiding. are they watching us?
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>> um, they could be. it's true trail cameras and gps -- through trail cameras and gps tracking collars we are just learning about it. >> reporter: in santa cruz, kiet do, kpix 5. >> you certainly want to be careful. it's a little scary to think they are just sitting around -- >> they're pretty close, right? >> watching and close. >> i know roberta is really fearful of mountain lions as most people r. the research found mountain lions prefer to stay 150 yards away from developed area while hunting. so that's good. time now 4:51. the price of a life-saving allergy medication is skyrocketing. after the break, how california schools plan to cover the costs. urance giant "aetna" is calling off its planned expansion, within president ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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are act. health insurance giant he had in a is calling off its planned expansion within president obama's affordable care act. the company made the announcement yesterday claiming it will lose $300 million on the health exchange plans this year. aetna cites higher-than- expected costs especially from expensive specialty drugs. humana and united health group already are scaling back their exchange participation in 2017. the new apple store in new york city is catching a lot of attention. it opened yesterday at the world trade center as transportation hub. it's the most modern design yesterday. a spanish artist designed the 3.9 billion structure to look like a flying dove. it features a sitting area called the forum where people can sit and play with new products. epi-pens save lives during
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the worst allergic reactions. reporter kelly ryan tells us, the price tag just spiked by 500% leaving parents in a terrible bind. >> you just push and hold and that's all you have to do. reporter: that's all you have to do if you're having an allergic reaction using an epi- pen. even if you don't need one to treat an emergency allergic reaction, it's likely you have heard of epi-pen. the pharmaceutical company put out commercials strengthening the brand name and with little to no competition, the price has soared. >> the company that bought the rights to it basically has gone and made it from $50 per pen device into a $300 per pen device. >> reporter: sacramento family practice physician dr. eric tepper says people are being forced to make choices. >> i have patients every day who complain who says i know i need this. i can see it. i can't aforward it. >> reporter: a state. >> i can see it. i can't afford it.
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>> reporter: a state requirement has required epi- pens to be on hand for schools. how can they afford it? >> they are provided free by the manufacturer. we have 60 schools with 240 pence each year. >> reporter: they have a short expiration date so the school gets a fresh shipment every year. good for the schools and the kids who need it there. but expensive for parents supplying it at home. >> if a doctor recommends that you purchase an epi-pen for your child, what parent is going to say, well, what's the -- if i don't do it, what's going to happen, if the answer is potentially death what parent isn't going to try to do that? >> if you think it's easy for a competitor to just jump in and decrease price, it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to get approved by the fda. in sacramento, kelly ryan, kpix 5. >> doctors are testing out a new technology that helps them understand their patients' habits better.
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they are calling them smart pills. children's health in dallas is the first to use the technology on kids. the pills look normal but they have a tiny sensor in them. the sensor activates inside a child's stomach transmitting a signal. it sends data to doctors and parents alerting them she took her medication. >> it provides heart rate monitor functions. it gives us an idea of activity and sleep cycles. >> children's health plans to use the smart pill technology on about 75 children before they take the idea to other hospitals across the country. 4:57. the tables turn for a highway patrol officer. he is now under arrest. why his wife turned him in. >> reporter: bay area's bad roads causing drivers billions of dollars every, single year. why you could be paying even more if you want anything done. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. a look at weather an good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, august 17th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's head outside check out some of the conditions in the beautiful city of san francisco. a live look at the bay bridge this morning. it is a little bit foggy to start. and roberta, here, roqui is here, to check our traffic and weather. >> i think we have been looking at bridges to see how low the ceiling is. that's our barometer. it's the same broken record with the low clouds, fog, pockets of drizzle. so this morning we're able to see more of the bay bridge than in recent mornings. but we cannot see the tip-top of the bay bridge that leads me to believe the ceiling is down to 500 feet. temperatures we are very mild into the 50s and in the low 60s. today's numbers may be a degree


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