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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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right now in southern california -- firefighters are trying to slow the spread of a devastating wildfire that's forced about 82- t good morning. right now in southern california, firefighters are trying too slow the spread of a devastating wildfire . the "bluecut fire" in san bernardino counties is burning about 80 miles east of los angeles. we have the latest from the cajon pass area. >> reporter: the raging flames tore through parts of san bernardino county overnight scorching acres of land and reducing structures to rubble. fire crews worked into the night to keep the blaze from reaching more homes ordering residents in the area to evacuate immediately. the so- called "bluecut fire" ignited tuesday morning near interstate 15 in the cajon pass. despite efforts to contain the blaze from the air and ground,
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the fire expanded in size and intensity in a matter of hours. on highway 138 you can home after home burned to the ground. laura anderson was driven from her home yesterday and is still unsure if it's still standing. >> you can imagine terror and sadness and concern. >> reporter: the fire caused traffic backups for miles at the area's main highway was shut down. many drivers were left sweltering in their cars in triple-digit temperatures. >> we need cold water and food and i don't know how long we can go home, you know. >> reporter: hot and dry california has been plagued by wildfires for months. fire officials are hoping cooler temperatures and lighter winds will help get the fire under control. >> here in northern california firefighters are making
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progress in their battle against the destructive clayton fire in lake county. it's 35% contained and cal fire hopes for full containment by the weekend. the fire is still 4,000 acres in size more than 175 homes and other buildings are destroyed in the lower lake area. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in the newsroom with details of a court hearing today for the man accused of setting this fire. >> reporter: he is charged with 17 counts of arson for fires in lake county in recent months. damin pashilk is in jail this morning as we're learning more about him he was once a firefighter himself when he was in prison. he served five years for drugs and firearms charges. during that time, the state trained him as an inmate firefighter. at one point he was deployed to the fire lines in trinity county. since his release he has had 6 parole violations. today he face charges that could increase his punishment if he is convicted because of
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the number of homes and businesses that were destroyed in the fires he is accused of setting. more than a dozen in and around the area where the clayton fire is burning today. >> can't release the details of whether or not there were multiple ignitions of a single fire but it's safe to say that he is responsible for starting numerous fires near lake county over the lease year or two. >> reporter: the people who live in and near the clayton fire are relieved obviously that a suspect has been caught but they are trying to understand how one person could do so much damage to the community. we'll hear from one of them in the next half-hour. pashilk's hearing is 1:15 this afternoon at the superior court house in lakeport. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> any word on when the evacuees can return home? >> reporter: it's going to be a process over the next several days. firefighters say they are going to start escorting so many people back to their properties as soon as today. but a lot of the evacuees have been very concerned about
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looting. in fact, police arrested three looting suspects yesterday. >> a fire in a 24-hour recording suited glow san jose happened around 8:-- studio in san jose happened around 8:45 last night at west san carlos street. it houses a tattoo shop. investigators say that a black pickup hit the gas meter on the side of the building starting the fire. everyone in the car and building were okay according to police. the cause is under investigation. starting today, expect delays on bart lines between the morning and evening commutes. bart will single track trains between south fremont and hayward while it replaces power infrastructure and cabling. trains will be delayed up to 30 minutes in the area between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. monday through friday. the work -- 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. monday through friday. the work will last through september 9. so we have a few more hours until the delays
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start. here's the traffic report. >> reporter: mass transit is on time. now let's move on to the nimitz freeway. looking good in both directions 238 to 80 northbound 20 minutes. traffic is lagging on southbound 880. cars are moving. southbound 20 minutes. and let's check your san mateo bridge bridge. >> i was calling up about that haze that you're alluding to sfo dialing them up right now to see what kind of delays we have due to the low clouds and fog and let's see what they are reporting at this time. it says up to 40 minutes delays so if you are expecting anybody early this morning, there's a possibility of them delayed due to this right now.
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it's the bank of low clouds the patchy fog. >> everybody is reporting overcast conditions. later today some haze in the atmosphere due to the clayton fire north of the golden gate bridge to the south it's the soberanes fire in the monterey county area and clipping the eastern portion of our bay area. if you were in the east bay yesterday now what i'm talking about. meanwhile, good air quality due to a west wind around the beaches and into the bay. concord well above average. 60s beaches. 70s through the 80s into the peninsula. 90 morgan hill. los gatos and saratoga. willow glen will top off in the high 80s. east of the bay we are seeing the cooler temperatures next to
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the bay in the 70s towards hayward. 60s through the 70s into the 80s north of the golden gate bridge. 84 degrees in novato today. 80 petaluma. 64 refreshing degrees in stinson beach. hot in ukiah. and around the fire zone we are talking about temperatures in the mid-90s to high 90s. relative humidity dropping down to 15% southwest wind at 15. more on the fire conditions and the allergy report. that's straight ahead 48 after the hour. a drowning death in ocean beach in san francisco has reignited the debate over whether lifeguards are needed along that stretch of coastline. on sunday a 29-year-old surfer was pulled from the waters and later died. the city and national park service are looking at putting
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up better signs and educational efforts. visiters were in favor of lifeguards but park officials say that may do more harm than good. >> if there are going to be people out here it's better to have them safe than sorry. >> the presence and appearance of a lifeguard might just give the implication and the notion that this is a swimming beach. >> in april, two vallejo teens died after they were swept away by a rip current at ocean beach. in just a few hours, a transit expert will give bay area drivers some sober news. he will spell out how much shoddy roads cost us. kpix 5's maria medina is live in san jose on how the new study could swing votes on a proposed transportation tax. maria. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. if you are in san jose, you are paying almost $2,500 every, single year in wasted time and gas because of the bad roads according to report and statewide that total is nearly $54 billion every, single year. this morning, city and county
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leaders plan to hold a press conference to talk about that new report that says most of our roads in california are in poor condition. they are seeing more congestion and even nearly a quarter of our bridges are falling apart. and if we don't do something about it now, it could cost us more later. all right. so the solution, well, they are asking voters to actually pay for a tax hike that would pay for road improvements. we spoke to voters last year and they didn't seem too thrilled. >> just paid enormous property taxes and i think i don't want any more right now. >> if they lower the rents, i will agree to pay more for the roads to be better. >> reporter: so we are told the vta spokesman says that the mtc chairman will actually push for that tax hike for the november ballot. the proposal would be called measure b for santa clara voters and if passed, that would pay for bart extensions
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from san jose to santa clara among other improvements. so again, this morning, city and county leaders will have a press conference at 9 a.m. to talk about that new study and push for more solutions. maria medina, kpix 5. the santa rosa city council has approved stronger protections for people who rent their homes. the long-term rental control program includes a requirement that landlords have a good reason to evict tenants. it also extends rent control and applies to duplexes and owner occupied triplexes build prior to february 1995. the wine grape harvest starts and there is a blessing of the grapes. three religious leaders will be there to take part in the tradition. it starts at 11 a.m. 6:10. we are finally getting a better idea of the extent of the damage after historic flooding in louisiana as a massive relief effort now gets under
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you what. >> and a couple of big victories for marijuana businesses operating here in california. >> good wednesday morning from the kpix weather center. sure, we have a bit of haze in the atmosphere. but we have some pollen as well and that report is straight ahead. >> and good morning from the traffic center. we have some slowdowns in hayward. we'll keep an eye on that for you as time goes on. stay tuned. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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goon. we go to the embarcadero -- good morning. we go to the embarcadero at folsom street. we're looking at the bay bridge. we have overcast skies there. pockets of drizzle and the effects these clouds will have
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on your wednesday forecast. we have the details 4 minutes away. at least 11 people are dead and 40,000 homes are damaged or destroyed as louisiana deals with horrific flooding. while floodwaters have begun to recede in some areas, they are still in downstream areas. more than 30,000 people have been rescued since friday and searchers are still looking for others. >> we're going to head over on to the house so what we can salvage and help others. >> some flooded parts of louisiana are under curfews because of looting. a potentially big breakthrough for the medical marijuana industry could grant growers and users new protections. yesterday, a federal appeals court in san francisco banned the justice department from prosecuting medical marijuana cases if no state laws are broken. that includes those who grow it, supply it or use it. marijuana is still illegal under federal law. and federal prosecutors are still bringing cases to federal court.
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but they will now need to show what state laws were broken before those cases can proceed. and another victory for the industry yesterday. the state senate approved a bill that would allow marijuana businesses to pay state taxes with cash while avoiding penalties. with pot shops unable to use banks the bill won't the policy of charging a 10% surcharge when taxes are paid in cash. in menlo park a squirrel bit a power line. firefighters say the animal's died and it caused an explosion. two people were trapped in elevators for 20 minutes and 1700 other people were inconvenienced. pg&e says that many customers lost power for nearly an hour and a half last night. simone biles has been one of the breakouts during the olympics and last night she capped off her historic run in rio in the gymnastics. she took home the gold in the floor exercise winning the fifth medal in 8 days.
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fellow american aly raisman won the silver for her floor >> the 19-year-old is now the first woman to win four gymnastics gold medals in a single olympics since 1984. fellow american aly raisman won the silver for her floor routine. and u.s. volleyball star kerri walsh jennings came up short in her bid for another olympic gold with her new partner. walsh jennings and april ross lost to the brazilian team in the semifinals last night. jennings is the first loss in her olympic career after 26 victories. >> tough one. and the olympic spirit was on full display at the track in rio during a heat for the women's 5,000 meter race. abby d'augustineo tripped over another runner. she helped her and stayed
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behind. abby finished on an injured ankle. >> do you remember that, that was budd and mary decker. zola bud was running barefoot and in tears at the l.a. coliseum. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i was watching women's table ping pong. >> table tennis. >> i thought they were just using the video and doing it in fast motion because it was so fun. >> that's my husband's favorite sport to watch. >> it is. >> you watch it once every four years. >> exactly. >> all right. let's check traffic. so now we have foreclosure 880 in san jose to northbound 280 the connector there the slow lane is blocked. reports are saying that traffic is backed up for miles so we'll definitely keep an eye on that for you guys and then let's take a bridge check right now.
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bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. backing up to the carquinez bridge to the maze will take about 20 minutes. san mateo bridge hayward to the peninsula 880 to 101, westbound will take you about 15. moving well there. golden gate bridge, looking good. but the fog is crazy right now. southbound will take but 15 minutes into the city. -- will take you about 15 minutes into the city. altamont pass takes 17 minutes. so very slow there. then the altamont pass looking clear into dublin interchange. that's bad fog, "ro." >> that's some very dense fog this morning causing delays at sfo on some arriving flights up to 40 minutes but i got this. i got this for kenny because i know how much his wife loves camping so i have this particular picture of tuolumne meadows in yosemite. keep the photos coming. gray slate across the board.
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the deck is lowered to about 500, 600 feet. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the winds are slight. good morning to our weather watcher john miller. hey, cheers to you, john. he is reporting 54 degrees in santa rosa with a high of 85 degrees there today. satellite-radar shows that we do have a stack of low clouds and fog lining the immediate coast. saturating the bay. marching inland a good 50, 60 miles. it's breaking up into the tri- valley. 96 state capital today. 65 monterey bay. 107 awfully hot in the redding area. 103 in fresno. currently we are in fact 50s going up to 82 in the high sierra with a threat of thunderstorms today but more like on thursday. we have some concerns about that for the possibility of lightning strikes and that could cause the potential of fire dade county there. meanwhile, our sun-up this morning is slated at 6:27. by the time it sets at 8:00, our temperatures will top off a
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couple of degrees warmer than yesterday. he 60s beaches, no sunshine in the daly city bay area. 60s, 70s across the rim of the bay to 80 around the peninsula. mid-80s santa clara valley through the rose garden district including the willow glen area, as well. low 80s vallejo, benicia, martinez, american canyon. 70s and 80s north. 90s east bay. air quality today moderate. good along the coast. if you have allergies, wow! itchy eyes today due to the grasses. here's your extended forecast. we have an afternoon baseball game. we have a temperature at 60 to 63 degrees. go, giants, dennis has more with sports next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, i don't know if you have seen the pix olympics on our morning show. but you're going to see it coming up. and the giants stage another
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comeback. but would they be able to hold on and stay in first place? the answer straight ahead. ,, california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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police in san francisco are walking back their initial assessment of what happened to the man found good morning. the dodgers beat the phillies last night. last night meaning the giants needed to win or they would be in second place in the west for the first time since may 10. the pirates trying to erase the giants from the top of the standing. tied at 3 top of the 8th. pirates 4-3. bottom of the 9th same scored denard span with runners at second and third. chance to be hero --but he grounds out to end the game. pittsburgh wins 4-3. dodgers now in first place in the national league west. sky continues to fall for your oakland athletics. they led 4-2 going into the bottom of the 10th with texas. the rangers score three in the tenth with bases loaded and win 5-4.
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another day of the rio olympics is in the books. we can't show it to you but we are your exclusive home for the pix olympics. >> have a nice trip. see you next fall. i don't think we'll see him in the 2020 olympics. [ laughter ] >> those are the pix olympics. don't forget the 49ers and the broncos this saturday right on the big 5. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. it is 6:26. police in san francisco are walking back their initial assessment of what happened to the man found dead in a mall stairwell. >> and as firefighters continue to battle that huge wildfire in
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lake county, the man accused of setting it is due in court. what we know about him this morning next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm michelle griego. time is 6-- just a short time ago... cal good morning. it's wednesday, august 17. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. just a short time ago, cal fire announced an increase of containment of the destructive clayton fire in lake county now 40% contained up from the previously reported 35%. the fire is still under 4,000 acres in size. more than 175 homes and other buildings are destroyed in lower lake and surrounding areas. that number is also unchanged. a hearing is set today for the
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suspected arsonist. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live from the newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: damin pashilk's hearing is 1:15 this afternoon at the superior court house in lakeport. he was a prison firefighter. he served five years for drugs and firms charges. during that time --firearms charges. during that time the state trained him as a prisoner firefighter. he has had six parole violations. the charges he is facing today carry enhancements that could increase his punishment if he is indeed convicted. that's because of the homes and businesses destroyed in the fire he is accused of setting. people who live in the burn area are reeling. >> a lot of the people here that my kids grew up with all have children. they were all friends together and now they have nothing. it's all for one person's foolishness? >> reporter: those whose homes are still standing are worried about looting. police arrested three people yesterday accused of taking advantage of those homes
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temporarily evacuated in clearlake. police say they have checkpoints at every major entrance to the evacuated neighborhoods but obviously, people who live there are in a hurry to get back home. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. anne, we know you spoke with firefighters on the front lines in lake county. what kind of progress are they making? >> they do think that they are going to have this fire fully contained by sunday. but it's been unpredictable and after seeing that fire blow up last weekend, they are not taking anything for granted. michelle? >> all right, anne. thank you. evacuation orders are under way for more than 82,000 people in the southland in san bernardino county. the "bluecut fire" started yesterday and burned already more than 18,000 acres in cajon pass north of san bernardino. some firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation and first
6:33 am
degree burns. >> we are willing to get back out here and help out. there's still a lot of homes to protect. we are ready for it. we are not going to let the little things like this stop us. >> a stretch interstate 15 in that area is closed. time now 6:33. here's roberta. >> and that stretch is a main artery from los angeles to las vegas. so a lot of people are affected by that, plus the homeowners in that area went up in smoke just a couple years ago, as well. good morning, everybody. we still have our fire, the clayton fire, in the north bay. burning could you tell of control. the air temperature topping off at 96 degrees. humidity down to 15%. slightly cooler after a deeper marine layer. tomorrow morning for the soberanes fire you will be sending smoke into the east bay and into the santa clara valley. we have low clouds and fog in
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the city by the bay, the city of san francisco. clouds down to 500 need. we can't see the top of the transamerica pyramid. delays at sfo up to 40 minutes on some arriving flights. moderate air quality today santa clara valley south- central bay and east bay because of the soberanes fire in monterey county. north of the golden gate bridge, all because of the clayton fire, the recipient of a nice sea breeze today along the beaches and into the bay. good air quality. numbers a couple of degrees warmer today in comparison to 24 hours ago. 60s around san francisco which is seasonal. low 70s around oakland, emeryville, through alameda into hayward. 80 mountain view. mid-80s to the south and north. mid- to high 90s to the east. we'll talk about your local forecast and when we can expect the cooldown. allergy report is coming up at 48 after the hour.
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>> crash northbound 101 at trimble road. there's a four-car crash on the road, cars are driving 25 miles per hour. your south bay traffic times san jose to 237 northbound will take about 20 minutes. guadalupe parkway to 101 northbound will take you about 11 to 15 minutes so not too bad in the south bay and then the san mateo bridge, traffic is slowing down there into the peninsula. 880 to 101 westbound will take about 20. right now police are looking for a man they say tried to kidnap three women. two of the alleged incidents happened within days of each other. this man is accused of pepper spraying a woman walking on washington avenue on an east 14th in san leandro. san leandro, rather. luckily, [indiscernible name] was driving by and stopped the man from dragging the 22-year- old woman into his car. he helped the victim get away
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but the case triggered memories of two other women who said they were followed or approached by the same man. we have learned that the suspects may be driving a 2014 nissan sentra sr4. a week after a body was found in a stairwell at a san francisco mall, investigators are now calling it a suspicious death rather than a homicide. 28-year-old frank galicia was found dead outside westfield mall last wednesday morning. police changed the initial assessment of his death after an autopsy indicated that it was unlikely someone else was responsible. uc-berkeley will have to find a new chancellor after the abrupt resignation every current chancellor nicholas dirks. he didn't say why he is stepping down but it's not a surprise. he has been criticized for the way the university handles recent sexual harassment cases. he is also accused of paying for his wife's trip to india using school funds. dirks wrote a resignation letter to the campus saying:
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>> he says he will stay until a successor is in place. in campaign 2016 a shake-up in donald trump's campaign team. the republican nominee is reportedly bringing in breitbart news's steven banon as ceo and promoting pollster kellie anne conway as campaign manager. paul manafort will remain campaign chair. the changes which will formally be announced this morning come as trump's poll numbers are sliding in several battleground states. meanwhile, while trump spoke a few miles from milwaukee last night, which was rocked by weekend riots, the gop nominee focused on law enforcement and race relations. trump said critics of the police shooting last week shared responsibility in the unrest in the city. he vowed to restore law and order as president and accused rival hillary clinton of bigotry and pandering to
6:38 am
communities of color. >> those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, share directly in the responsibility for the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our country. >> clinton campaign spokesman said, with each passing trump attack, it becomes clearer that his strategy is just to say about hillary clinton's what's true of himself. now he is accusing her of bigoted remarks, we think that the american people will know which candidate is guilty of the charge. end quote. top secret computer code from the n sa may have been leaks online this wake raising concerns that hackers may have accessed the system.
6:39 am
the code was posted by shadow brokers. it's custom built malware that the nsa uses to break into the networks of foreign governments. it was obtained from nsa servers or ones they use overseas. experts say the code seems to be old so it's possible the nsa has updated its security since then. time now 6:39. an unfortunate end to the search for an alligator roaming around the south bay. why state wildlife officials say that they were forced to shoot the reptile. >> reporter: california's bad roads costing drivers billions of dollars. the breakdown of how much you're spending on wasted time and gas every year.
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i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good. good morning. welcome to your wednesday, time
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check 6:42. here's what you can expect today. around the coast, shrouded in a deck of low clouds and fog into the 60s. peninsula refreshing into the 80s. 90 in morgan hill across the santa clara valley. mid-80s around the rose garden district back through milpitas. in the eastern portion of our bay area, topping off in mid- and high 90s, 98 degrees in brentwood. low 90s in fairfield. and 80s around the carr carquinez straits. warm in novato and petaluma. here we go in the north bay lakeport 97. ukiah 103. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. >> reporter: michelle, i haven't seen you in ages! hello. >> i missed you. >> good to see you. >> reporter: really good to see you. we're in southern california the scene of a growing wildfire
6:44 am
that's destroyed neighborhoods and injured firefighters, plus the controversial video of a man killing a black bear with a spear and the fight over whether that's even legal to do and the reactions of gymnast allen martin aly raisman's parents, what goes through their minds? amy schumer for the first time will be here in studio 57 right here at the table sitting over there. she is an introvert but now she is opening up about her life in a new book. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> she opens up. the we learn the first time she "lost her virginity." what she uses for birth control. the first time she got a laugh. any comments? >> no. sounds personal. that's her. she's funny. >> reporter: i know. it's great. it's very funny and poignant. very good book. >> we'll be watching. >> see you.
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>> starts at 7:00. time now to talk about the local economy. a big round of layoffs appears to be in the works for one of the largest employers in san jose. >> with the latest, here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. you can forgive cisco employees if they are tense today. there's speculation there will be layoffs at the network gear maker. it's ending its fiscal year today and in the past from 2011 to 2014 at the end of the fiscal year each of those years it laid off in the thousands. each of those years. 2015 it was a break as new ceo chuck robbins was getting acclimated. crn is reporting that this round of play-offs could be a lot more severe than what cisco did from 2011 to 2014. it reports its earnings after the closing bell today. and if there are any layoffs, cisco is not commenting on this story right now, we'll likely find out at that time. a lot of earnings are coming in for the resale sector and not a lot of them are looking good.
6:46 am
target and lowe's, each getting hit hard on their respective results. target did not meet expectations for the future couple of quarters. it lowered its guidance, says it struggled to get shoppers into its stores in the 2nd quarter. says that there's a trend with shoppers now preferring experiences over shopping. shares in target and lowe's are going down. stock market is lower as a whole. in just a few hours, a transit s some sober cisco shares down 2% in the early going. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. in just a few hours a transit expert tells bay area drivers some sobering news. we'll learn how much it costs to us use worn-out roads. maria medina is live in san jose on the study that may tip the scales when voters weigh in
6:47 am
on a proposed transportation tax. >> reporter: according to a new report because of california's bad roads, san jose drivers are paying nearly $2,500 every, single year in wasted time and gas and statewide that total is nearly $54 billion every, single year. so this morning, city and county leaders plan to hold a press conference to talk about that new report that says our roads are seeing more congestion. they are in poor condition and that even nearly a quarter of california's bridges are falling apart and that we need to do something or it will cost us even more. so the solution, well, they are going to push for taxpayers to pay for that solution. the mtc chairman will push for voters to vote this november on a tax hike to pay for road improvements. meanwhile, the ceo of silicon valley leadership group pulled several hundred --polled several hundred voters last year and they say more than half are willing to pay. >> yes, we are frustrated by traffic. but yes, we're willing to put our wallets up to do something about it. we are looking for the right time to move forward on the ballot. the grassroots support we need, we need to build some new transportation improvements.
6:48 am
>> reporter: so the proposal would be measure b on the november ballot for santa clara voters. it would help to extend bart from san jose to santa clara among several other road improvements. so again, this morning, city and county leaders plan to meet at 9 a.m. to talk about the new report and push for solutions. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. >> how much are the bad roads costing drivers in san francisco and oakland? >> reporter: so again, in san jose, it's costing drivers here $2,500 in wasted time and wasted gas in san francisco and oakland, it's costing drivers there more than $2,800 every, single year. >> thank you. time now 6:48. if you are going out the door, let's check traffic with roqui. >> we have more going on in the south bay as maria said.
6:49 am
let's take a look at northbound 101 at trimble road. there's a four-car crash on the shoulder but causing speeds up to 19 miles per hour so very slow there. and also you have 23 and 30 coming backed up into san jose. eastshore freeway, slow track there. speeds are down to about 28 miles per hour. so keep a lookout for that as you head into san francisco. and then here's a look at your bay bridge toll plaza, carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound takes 30 minutes already. and you see traffic is backing up into the maze and as soon as that traffic clears out, we have afternoon traffic for the game pittsburgh pirates versus the giants. first pitch at 12:45 p.m. and also keep in mind, post- game traffic, too. i still haven't been to a game. can you believe it? >> we can go today. we certainly can because it's an afternoon game. but you want me to tell my joke one more time compliments of -- yeah. >> yeah. okay. so he told me this earlier.
6:50 am
we have nova on the mound for the pirates and we have matt cain on the mound for the good guys. so we have novocain on the mound today. >> we couldn't laugh this time because it's the second time we heard it. >> i'll stick with weather. [ laughter ] this is our live weather camera looking towards drizzle on the camera lens as we take a sneak peek out towards the transamerica pyramid. that ceiling so low we have delays at sfo up to 60. ray has high overcast and of 0 and spot on. this is our satellite and radar radar. >> locally inland with the low clouds and areas of fog, clouds retreat earlier today. sunshine and hazy and smoky in monterey bay, carmel and pebble beach. 96 sacramento. 103 fresno.
6:51 am
look at the temperature in redding. 107. 103 in ukiah. and now we have to introduce a chance of a thunderstorm in the forecast for the high sierra back in through yosemite. better chances on thursday. we'll have to keep a watchful eye on that but the potential of fire danger due to lightning strikes. temperatures in the bay area today no clearing at the coast in the 60s. 60s and 70s at the lip of the bay today then we jump into the 70s and 80s around the peninsula. average high in san jose typically about 83. 85 today so seasonal summer day. mid-80s to the north in santa rosa. mid-90s to the east except for the closer you get to the bay of the water, hayward, around the 70s. air quality today moderate everywhere. soberanes fire across the monterey county area looking at some smoke and haze in the south-central bay, santa clara and east bay. clayton fire causing smoke to the north. pollen report, blame it on the glasses. outside number today 98. cooler conditions back in the
6:52 am
forecast by the weekend. make it a great "hump day." saddening for the four-foot alligator dumped in fremont's niles canyon. the department of fish & game killed it yesterday after determining they couldn't recover it safely from an area along the alameda creek trail. people who live by the creek where the gator was hanging out say it's a popular swimming home. fish & game says it was a young alligator and someone's illegal pet that became too much to maintain in a home. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
6:53 am
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louisiana are still trying to get an idea of the extent of the damage following deadly flooding. the water is expected to continue to rise today. the floods forced thousands of evacuations...and triggered the nse in the deadly flooding in louisiana. floods forced thousands of
6:56 am
evacuations and triggered the largest disaster response in the u.s. since hurricane sandy. donald trump is set to receive his first intelligence briefing at the fbi's office in new york today. the republican nominee continued to painted himself as the law and order candidate in wisconsin yet. a poll shows hillary clinton may be leading trump in florida and virginia. uc-berkeley will have to find a new chancellor to replace nicholas dirks. he announced his resignation yesterday without any explanation. but dirks has been criticized for the university's handling of sexual harassment cases. he is also accused of using school funds to pay for his wife's trip to india. and later this morning in livermore, the 2016 wine grape harvest begins with the annual blessing of the grapes. several people will be at the winery to take part in fact tradition. it starts at 11 a.m. firefighters in san bernardino county are trying to get the upper hand against a
6:57 am
massive wildfire that forced 82,000 people to evacuate the area. the "bluecut fire" ignited yesterday morning at the cajon pass. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in the region. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom watching the progress firefighters are making in lake county. the clayton fire is now 40% contained. that is up from the previously reported 35%. it is still just under 4,000 acres in size more than 175 homes and other buildings are destroyed in and around lower lake. today the man accused of setting that fire damin pashilk is due in court facing 17 counts of arson. he was actually once a firefighter himself when he was in prison. he served five years for drugs and firearms charges. during that time the state trained him as an inmate firefighter and at one point he was deployed to the fire lines in trinity county. police says he responsible for a dozen counts in lake counties over the past few months. >> i can't release details of whether or not there were multiple ignitions of a single
6:58 am
fire but it's safe to say that he is responsible for starting numerous fires here in lake county over the last year or two. >> reporter: the evacuations continue. those whose homes are still standing are worried about looting. police arrested three people yesterday in clearlake. pashilk's hearing is at 1:15 this afternoon at the superior court in lakeport. anne makovec, kpix 5. santa clara northbound 101 at trimble road a four-car crash on the shoulder causing a lot of backups all the way into san jose. cars driving about 13 miles an hour. and to your santa cruz mountains, northbound 17 at a restaurant a two-car crash blocking the right lane cars at 22 miles an hour. toll plaza traffic is backed up into the maze. >> live weather camera towards the transamerica pyramid, 40- minute delays at sfo -- whoa cue the bird. 40 minutes delays on some arriving flights due to the low
6:59 am
clouds and fog. birds have no problem with visibility out there. 50s and 60s out the door. the winds are under 5 miles per hour. we'll be picking up west- southwest 10 to 20 late day. numbers 60s, 70s, 80s, up to the mid- to high 90s. couple of degrees warmer than what you experienced yesterday. extended forecast does call for cooler conditions on thursday and friday. seasonal by the weekend. a strange find off the coast of southern california has everyone talking. take a look at this. yeah, ro likes it. some saying it's very cute. meet stubby the squid who looks more like a muppet than a sea creature. look at that color. the purple googly eyed guy is actually related to the cuttlefish. stubby's debut was captured by researchers live streaming an expedition of the floor of the ocean off california's coast. stubby stole the show. >> it's not nice to stare. [ laughter ] >> it's so cute. >> i want to get an aquarium at home just store stubby.
7:00 am
i would have one of those in my home. >> how about fried calamari? [ laughter ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, august 17, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new california wildfire explodes, it is burning whole neighborhoods to the ground. more than 80,000 people are told to evacuate their homes. donald trump reboots his campaign team again. the gop nominee adds two new managers, amid yocontroversy an singing numbers. killing a bear with a speer, and why it is being investigated. today's eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. at this point, the


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