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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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shows a trestle engulfed in flames. trees and grass are on fire, as well. the building next door is an assisted living apartment units. they were evacuated briefly but told to go back inside to escape the smoke. firefighters had a hard time cooling it down. it started at 4 p.m. in the ravine of lower silver vehicle. there were people inside a homeless encampment right next to where the fire started. >> i think we'll have to do origin and cause investigation to see if the two are connected. normally these train trestles don't have their own ignition source so it would come from somewhere else. we'll investigate that. i couldn't say at this point where the fire started or if the homeless were the cause. >> reporter: as they are spraying this right now we did see some homeless people walk back to their encampment. this is vta property a dead end line not being used by trains. hazmat crews are monitoring the creek flow and since that trestle is still smoldering, looks like they will be out here for quite some time.
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live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. south san jose firefighters are working to put out another fire burning near the coyote creek golf course. chopper 5 over the scene about an hour ago. flames have charred this hillside. it broke out around 3:30 this afternoon. it has grown to about 100 acres. helicopter put it out with water. right now it's 50% contained. the blaze is moving away from the golf course. no other buildings in danger. a huge wildfire in southern california has forced more than 82,000 people from their homes in san bernardino county. the "bluecut fire" has exploded in size since yesterday and now covers 30,000 acres with no containment. that fire is threatening more than 34,000 homes. we have watched homes go up in flames. there's no official counts in the number of homes loves so far. that fire is burning in the
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cajon pass about 60 miles east of los angeles. flames and smoke have forced the closure of i-15 the main route from l.a. to las vegas. take a look at the fire. all afternoon we have seen the smoke and flames across rugged mountains and moving closer to the houses. amy johnson is near the fire lines to show us how this fire quickly grew out of control. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> seeps we'rewe'll bring that report to you as soon as we can. a man suspected of starting a massive wildfire in lake county is making his first court appearance today. 40-year-old damin pashilk was
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arraigned on 19 criminal counties for the clayton fire. kpix 5's emily turner shows us the long list of charges and the heat he is facing from lake county neighbors. >> reporter: after hearing the charges in court this morning, if there was any question how the people in lake county feel about pashilk, this sign was left here specifically this morning so he would see it on his ride from jail to court. damin pashilk tried to hide his face in the courtroom today but he can't hide from the 19 criminal charges he's in court 14 for arson and he can't hide from his scorched community. >> i wish i was in jail with him, you know, he could learn the pain he caused other people, it's horrifying. >> reporter: he is accused of starting 12 fires in lake county. the clayton fire is one of those fires destroying more than 175 homes and burning nearly 4,000 acres. investigators say the jerusalem
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grade fire from last year may be another one of them. >> we are looking at all fires and all instances. i cannot be specific. >> reporter: most specifics about the investigation are being kept close to the chest but we know that cal fire has watching him for a year but it wasn't until the clayton fire they had enough to make the arrest on monday. >> you get one shot at this. if you take your shot too soon, you jeopardize bringing someone to deserves to be brought to justice. >> reporter: while pashilk denies setting the fires, the community is already lashing out against him calling for maximum penalties, life in prison if convicted. >> he acted like a coward. there's no other word to describe that man. you have to be a coward to do that. >> several roads in lower lake re-opening now to traffic including areas east of highway 29 including all of clayton creek road. that blaze has burned nearly
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4,000 acres. it is just 40% contained. 175 structures have been destroyed. 400 homes are still threatened. new at 6:00, changing commute patterns crossing the bay. ferries hot, buses not. people are still staying in their cars. as we look live at the evening commute on the golden gate bridge there is word that the number of cars crossing the span increased significantly over the last year. phil matier on what's behind the jump in the number of cars instead of the bus. >> reporter: it's interesting. this year the golden gate bridge district spent some $90 million on a bus service aimed at getting people out of cars as you said and into buses but just the opposite is happening. what's going on? here's the story. >> i leave at 3:30 a.m. when buses aren't running. >> reporter: for people like this man from sebastopol driving is not an option. >> just doesn't fit my schedule.
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>> reporter: others just prefer their cars. >> because i can talk on the phone. >> reporter: whatever the reason, ridership on the district's bus lines has dropped while the number of cars crossing the golden gate bridge has surged to over the 41 million mark last year. that's more crossings than the entire population of california. >> we have had about a million more vehicles cross the road this past year. >> reporter: bus ridership on the other hand dropped another 2% last year. that brings the total drop to a 1.5 million rides a year since 2006. what's going on with the buses? >> we had several route cancellations this year. we had a problem with a number of drivers. we have also cut service in certain areas to balance the budget and because ridership hasn't been there. >> the service isn't as good in the daytime. >> reporter: so that's one of the reasons why you wouldn't take the bus because it's not that good during the day? >> i was thinking of taking a ferry but instead i drove in. >> reporter: what makes ferries so popular as opposed to, say, buses? >> congestion on the roads.
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when you're on a bus you're stuck in the same traffic that you are if you are in a car. >> reporter: so why aren't more people using the ferries? >> we're at capacity on the ferries. so we just simply don't have the space to add more riders. >> reporter: so part of the problem with buses is that it's the same as being stuck in traffic so people might as well drive? >> that's right. >> reporter: here's another irony. the bus service actually costs more money than it makes, whereas the toll service is just profit. so while more people are in their cars the golden gate bridge district is making more money to help subsidize the buses people aren't taking. phil matier, kpix 5, golden gate bridge. >> the districts is actually looking to increase ferry ridership when the smart train brings in more commuters from sonoma county starting in 2018. a sinkhole on 85 in sunnyvale closed lanes for much of the day. exposed rebar flattened tires this morning. traffic delays reached an hour at one point. caltrans had to repair the roadbed before they were able
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to re-open the lanes late this afternoon. bart is fighting to fire one of its own station agents. the employee is accused of beating a homeless man on duty. the station agent paul bailey says the man assaulted him in march at the macarthur station. now, according to the police report, the two had a confrontation. bailey followed the man out of the station and then hit him with a wooden rod. the union representing bailey objected to surveillance video being used in the disciplinary hearing and said it did not receive other evidence requested from bart. an arbitration committee found that bailey did not get due process and so his job was reinstated. now bart is fighting that decision saying it didn't get to present its case. bailey is charged with 2 misdemeanors due in court august 26. high-tech collides with ancient history. a south bay county fessing up to a mistake. the scramble after it laid out solar panels on an indian burial ground. >> stockton's mayor accused of
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playing strip poker with minors. our first listen to the record that is landed him in jail. >> and a major safety recall for young football players. the warning about popular helmets at risk of cracking. >> just another summer day in the san francisco bay area. mobile weather live tonight in daly city. it is 55 degrees with a peak wind gust of 20 miles per hour. it's cold and windy. is anything going to change in the seven-day forecast? we'll have it for you live from the mobile weather lab coming up next. ,,,,,,
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california's clean air laws are working. we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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massive fire in san bernardino that's exploded in size .. and has now burned 30 thousand acres. it's the blue cut fire.. back to the fire in san bernardino. it's exploded in size and burned more than 30,000 acres. it's the "bluecut fire." amy johnson reports. >> reporter: allen, this is a huge fire. just to give you a better perspective, take a look at the
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smoke behind me and then we can actually swing around and show you how far away this fire actually continues. take a look. you can also hear and see those sky cranes. they are battling this huge fire from the air and on the ground. in fact, there are 15 helicopters 10 fixed wing and dc-10 battling the fire along with 1300 firefighters on the ground. flames tore through the hills of the mountain lake resort and rv camping part in lytle creek where some 200 rvers and 30 staff members were evacuated leaving the rvs, chairs, coolers and gear behind as they fled from the fast-moving fire. air crews used the site's trout lake to suction up water to flight the "bluecut fire" that's burned some 30,000 acres since it began yesterday morning around 10:30. >> we're seeing explosive dangerous fire behavior.
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here in southern california, when we get that report of a fire, our response is always going to be immediate, decisive and aggressive. >> reporter: experienced firefighters haven't seen this explosive conditions in decades. >> the fuels are extremely dry and very explosive this time of year. in my 40 years of fighting fire i have never seen a fire behavior so extreme as it was yesterday. >> reporter: they say some of the hillsides can be deceiving. >> because we're in a fifth year of the drought, the vegetation even though it looks green it's already dead and especially on days where we have 100-degree weather under 10% humidity, a little wind behind it, there's really not much we can do. we are put in a defensive position. >> reporter: it's estimated that 34,000 homes and about 82,000 people are under evacuation orders? >> the fire has shut down highways and freeways as well as 10 area school districts. now, at last check, we were
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told 30,000 acres have burned but that number came at 9 a.m. this morning. we are waiting for an update. that number is certainly expected to grow. we have also been waiting to find out how many homes have been destroyed in this fire. one firefighter who was up in the air says that he believes it is dozens. that's the latest from san bernardino county. amy johnson, kpix 5. new at 6:00 the day before stockton mayor anthony silva goes to court for the first time, audio recordings and pictures from his phone are being made public. silva is charged with illegally recording a confidential communication at a strip poker game and providing alcohol to teenagers under the age of 21 including one minor. according to an arrest report, the alleged crimes happened at a summer camp hosted by the mayor in amador county in 2015. ken bastida has more from silva's attorneys who made this material available ahead of his first court appearance. ken. >> reporter: yeah, allen. as you may remember, anthony silva was arrested while at this summer camp earlier this
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month. his attorneys say the media was invited along to that event for maximum impact. now they want to get his side in front of the public, as well. alan sawyer and the other lawyer say silva happened upon a game possibly of strip poker and then he left. they say witnesses they spoke with tell them there was no minor in the room at any time but the amador county district attorney and the fbi interpret things differently. they allege a 16-year-old was in the room, that silva was involved in the game of strip poker and was trying to record the group without their knowledge. here's a portion of the tape. take a look. >> i want to get paid. [ laughter ] >> paid -- what? >> naked -- >> it's like a -- >> it's an amateur thing for vegas. you have to turn it in, you know? >> no! [ censored ] >> silva is also accused of
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providing alcohol to the underaged counselors. pictures on silva's phone what appears to be a game of beer pong going on. statement from witnesses to investigators conflict. one person says silva brought the booze. others say they are not sure. amador county district attorney said, we continue to believe in the strength of our evidence. we also believe that the appropriate place for that evidence to be heard is in the courtroom. >> so coming up at 11:00 tonight, we are going to play more from that tape and explain why silva's attorneys believe dirty police work and politics are behind these charges. veronica? >> thank you. new at 6:00 a question at the santa clara county planning commission these days is, how did that happen? the county approved construction at a nine acre site on highway 87 south of the capitol expressway. but kpix 5's devin fehely tells us officials didn't realize what was below the dirt.
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>> bottom line is you don't disturb remains. >> reporter: but santa clara county could have potentially done just that having started and nearly finished installing new solar panels on what turns out to be a well-known and well documented ohlone indian burial ground. >> the impact to those people who are buried there is great. >> reporter: alan leventhal is professor of archeology at san jose state specializing in the history of california's native tribes like the ohlone. leventhal says the first set of remains was discovered near the site back in 1973. and dozens more were removed during the construction of highway 87. but the current project was already well under way before someone alerted the county to the site's history and left them scrambling to correct the error. >> with knowledge that we're working in an area that's had archeological survey, there was remains there identified back in 1973. it means that we have to design a project so it doesn't disturb remains.
6:18 pm
>> reporter: the county has since hired an archeology firm and has arranged for member of the ohlone to be present when the work resumes. >> their particular corner is they don't want to have the destruction of their ancestral heritage site. but at the same time, they also want to be able to reconnect as stewards of their ancestral heritage. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> santa clara county jail inmates can soon take college credit courses for the first time. county supervisors approved a two-year contract with san jose state. low risk inmates at the elmwood correctional facility can take part in a pilot program next month. among the first courses offered, criminal justice. the courses could eventually expand to the main jail. well, the drought is not over but most water agencies in california are off the hook for mandatory cuts. 83% of state water districts have passed a sort of stress test saying they have enough supplies to handle 3 more years
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of drought. that clears them of any mandatory cutbacks. it's a big reversal from the previous statewide mandate to cut 25%. water officials dropped that in may and left conservation up to local districts. can't handle more drought unless we continue to conserve and paul deanno you're in a spot where they don't need to water outside it looks so cool. >> reporter: no need. it's chilly in daly city. the only place in america where you can do this. 55 degrees right now. but unhealthy air quality in the east bay. and 96 degrees just 30 miles away. it is a 41-degree temperature spread. air quality is an issue inland for tomorrow. right now the quality of the air is fine right here because we are half a mile from the ocean and it is whipping, winds up to 25 miles per hour and it is brisk in beautiful daly city a cloudy chilly daly city this evening. look at the highs though:
6:20 pm
we are in one of the cooler spots in all of the bay area with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab today. daly city your forecast for tomorrow not hitting 60. your forecast for friday not hitting 60. if you are watching us in, oh, dublin or watching us in santa clara, you're saying, that's so cold. talk together good folks out here this afternoon, they're used to it. they love it! that's why they choose to live here. they enjoy the fact that it's september and october where the warm weather comes and not during the summertime. your satellite review shows a high pressure ridge off to our west. a weak area of low pressure off to our east. that low is going to go against the grain and move from the east to the west over the next several days taking an already light to moderate onshore making it a little bit stronger knocking down the temperatures away from the water beginning
6:21 pm
friday into the weekend. tomorrow, very little change from today. a couple of degrees cooler for you in concord your high 89. vallejo tomorrow 77. santa rosa 80. san francisco 65. san jose 82 degrees. san rafael your high tomorrow 78. we lose a few degrees inland on friday and we lose a few more by sunday. highs will not hit the 0 -- highs will not hit 90 anywhere away from the water. forget about 90 to 60. along the coastline in beautiful daly city we'll be in the 50s every day for the next seven days. thats low cloud cover. that's the fog. we see it moving into san francisco bay. but where we are staning, this is where it starts. and live here in daly city, i'm here to tell ya, it doesn't feel like august. it feels more like one of the other months where it's not as warm typically. >> right. >> starts and doesn't end very soon. all right, paul, thanks. from bumps to potholes, we all have our horror stories on bay area roads. the new numbers on just how much the wear and tear is costing and the plea for bay
6:22 pm
area drivers to pony up even more. >> and before you go to the ballot box, have your say with beer. the battle brewing in half moon bay. ,,,,,,,,
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shabby state. kpix five's jessica flores on the price you are paying for the bumpy drive. driving over bumpy...deteriorated roads... this is what oakland residents
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inconvenience me for a couple of weeks. i'm not sure. >> in oakland, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> that same study shows california bridges are also unsafe if not falling apart and it brings us to tonight's nightbeat question. how would you rate bay area roads on a scale of 1 to 5 nightbeat.. at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw. 44 cable 12. coming up in our next half-hour: new word of a serious safety hazard.. involving football helmets. join us for nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. coming up in our next half- hour, new word of a serious safety hazard involving football helmets. the flaw putting young players at risk of head injuries. >> and brazilian police on the hunt for ryan lochte. how the olympian's robbery story just got stranger. ,,
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,,,,,,,,,, ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ wooden, train trestle.. sparking our top stories at 6:00 a grass fire spread to this old wooden train trestle covered in creosote. that sparked a massive fire. chopper 5 over the thick, black
6:30 pm
smoke there. it broke out about 4 p.m. today at julian and worcester avenue. a nearby assisted living home was evacuated briefly. the man accused of starting the wildfire in lake county makes his first court appearance. damin pashilk was arraigned. he passed out just before the hearing. he is being held on $5 million bail. changes in commute habit on the golden gate bridge. more people are driving across the span while the number of commuters taking the bus dropped 2% since last year. a shortage of bus drivers and a high number of canceled runs apparently caused riders to lose confidence in the system. a major recall to tell you about. some high school football teams are going to need new gear on the gridiron this fall. julie watts joins us now with word of a helmet recall that could be critical for young players. >> reporter: this is a huge safety issues. these helmets can crack putting
6:31 pm
players at greater risk of head injury. the consumer product safety commission issued a recall for 3 models. they were all either new or reconditioned between may of last year and march of this year. what's really troubling here though is in the most recent guidelines, the highly regarded virginia tech helmet ratings gave these models five out of five stars. so your child -- of your child plays football you should check with the school to see which model helmet they are using. weather we researched used football helmets two years ago, ? he go back to the factory after the season to get reissued after reconditioning to the schools so they can save
6:32 pm
money. some helmets cost up to $400 each. a judge in brazil was trying to keep ryan lochte from leaving the country giving the order that his passport be seized. but he is back in the states. thigh judge wanted him to stay so authorities could question him. lochte and three other american swimmers say they were robbed at gunpoint while out celebrating. but police have found little evidence to support their account. and police say the swimmers could not provide key details in interviews. donald trump got his first classified intelligence briefing today from the fbi. he also talked about his plan to take on terrorists with his advisers in trump tower this afternoon. also today, trump is shaking up his campaign staff less than 90
6:33 pm
days until the election. paul manafort is demoted. >> you don't take the top person and push him aside as they did to paul manafort. >> democratic nominee hillary clinton mocked the shake-up saying there is no new donald trump. she says the move will have little impact on his campaign. >> he is still the same man who insults people, demeans women, mocks people with disabilities, and thinks he knows more about isis than our generals. >> a new poll shows clinton with a lead in colorado and virginia. trump and clinton are tied in iowa. the presidential election means a tasty tradition here in
6:34 pm
northern california. one that's even gotten the attention of president obama. you wilson walker reports. >> reporter: it's election season. what's your tradition? >> so, every presidential election starting with the 2008 election we introduce our ale' election. so we have a beer in honor of both candidates. >> is this a blue collar working man's american lager and this being sort of a west coast hopped ipa. >> there you go. >> but the truth is. >> it's the same beer with a different label. they are both an ipa. we keep track of who is winning based upon the sales. >> reporter: in the past, have you seen a trend as far as how the score accumulates around here? >> for both 2008 and 2012, the sales actually pretty closely predicted what the local voting was going to be.
6:35 pm
>> your countywide vote? >> yes, we're democrats. we are close to -- it's a good indicator beer election better than polls. >> i'm hardly nate silver but my modeling would predict that the sheer novelty of trump love him or hate him, the sheer novelty of it would be enough to drive more sales this year. >> well, we'll see. we left the market and the voters to decide. this is not one of those people are not going to have an opinion about which one they like. i don't think a lot of people will flip a coin. i suspect it will be partisan. >> reporter: one way or the other. >> yes. >> reporter: leave it to beer to get us to the very heart of the 2016 election. >> there we go. cheers. >> reporter: thanks for having us down. >> thanks for coming. >> proceeds from the sale of the presidential beers will go toward election monitoring here in california. coming up a silicon valley tech giant handing out pink slips. details just released on the
6:36 pm
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it released the quarter 4 fiscal year earnings. it was a bit of a one-two punch. cisco is lay big news from silicon valley giant cisco. it released the quarter 4 earnings. they are laying off 5500 employees at 7% of its entire workforce even though their revenue is up 2%. the layoffs are part of cisco's plan to refocus on cloud computing, cyber security and artificial intelligence. also a little corporate prestructuring, solarcity will lay off workers and slash executive pay setting aside at least $3 million for severance payments. residents in alameda point have been getting a sneak peek at google's newest gadget. check this out a google owned energy company is flying a kite that generates electricity.
6:39 pm
experts call it a flying wind turbine. it will lift off on its own during strong winds and use its motors to generate power. when the winds die down, the kite docks with a tower but like all flights, there is a bit of turbulence. >> sometimes, they are practicing docking maneuvers which i think is probably the trickiest part. >> google has been tight-lipped about this project. we know that the goal is to power 300 homes with one single kite. a young tennis player making a difference with an idea that started in his garage. we'll meet this week's jefferson award winner next. >> san francisco bay area microclimates in full effect today. the high temperature in livermore 96 degrees. the current temperature in daly city with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab, 56 degrees. how chilly do we get? for some of you, how warm to degette? the answer for both coming up.
6:40 pm
>> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, as you ponder a job in the nfl, how do you spend your too him? >> working an painting the house. >> maybe bruce bochy should have taken matt cain out of the game. >> are you second-guessing yourself? >> i'm sure this reporter is second-guessing himself after going after michael phelps. >> what's the first thing you're going to do? >> you can ponder phelps response coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one young man in the east bay knew there were plenty of decent tenn so how much of us have good sports equipment we don't use? one young man in the east bay knew there were plenty of decent tennis racquets out there so he decided to find a way to get them into the hands of kids who need them. he is this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: every few months, jack nielsen get hits parents to help him sort through all the racquets, shoes and clothes that accumulate in their garage in alamo. jack collects all this tennis stuff on purpose. >> can be an expensive sport to play. and i kind of wanted to break down that barrier for a lot of people, um, you know, in the bay area.
6:44 pm
we got kids' racquets, too,. >> reporter: three years ago at age 14, jack created tennis community cares, asking for donations of gently used tennis gear. >> maybe somebody tried to play tennis and they played it for, you know, a few months and then they realized they didn't like it and they have all this equipment laying around or maybe they had old racquets they aren't used too much. >> in fairly good shape. >> reporter: he put out donation barrels at local tennis clubs and drew up a business plan convincing the u.s. tennis association to become partners. >> it wasn't just a couple of racquets and shoes. this was garages full of clothing and shoes and racquets and every type of thing. all of a sudden, we can direct these to different programs all throughout the bay area. >> reporter: jack, who is now a senior at monte vista high school in danville, says tennis community cares has helped nearly 500 people by giving away nearly 200 racquets, the same number of shoes, and 800 clothing items. most of it goes to kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to
6:45 pm
play the game. one of the schools benefiting is here at pittsburg high school where the coach says that every girl who wants to play tennis makes the team. so this year, it's about 60 girls. >> it would be good have them all come here monday ready to go instead of me having to say hey, you need tennis shoes, hey, you need a racquet, okay, i'll see what i can do. >> there are girls that, you know, can't even afford a racquet or workout clothes. so i think it's a really good opportunity because tennis, you know, it's known to be a very expensive sport. >> reporter: for jack, it's about sharing his love of the game. >> so what was important to me is sort of, like, giving back the sport to people who wouldn't necessarily be able to easily play it. >> reporter: so for giving more kids the chance to play and love a game they might not otherwise be able to play, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jack nielsen. allen martin, kpix 5. >> if you would like to donate used or new gear donate on
6:46 pm
their facebook page. we have a link in our story at and that's also the place to nominate your local hero for a jefferson award. paul deanno is standing by live in chilly daly city. hey, paul. >> yes. jets brisk. winds 20 to 25 miles per hour. relative humidity 95%. this is the forecast in the clayton fire. friday 96 degrees in lake county with low relative humidity. there's the forecast for the "bluecut fire" in southern california. it exploded over the past couple of days. 98 degrees tomorrow and 97 crutch on friday. hot and dry in many locations in california specifically in daly city with the kpix 5
6:47 pm
mobile weather lab. current conditions in the area 89 in concord. 63 in oakland. 61 in san francisco. 77 in san jose. 75 in santa rosa. 53 overnight in napa. san jose 59. san rafael 53. fremont 58. an area of low pressure off to the north and east. that low will retrograde back to the west by the end of the week. it will have an appreciable change in the forecast friday. inland your temperatures will drop. there's not much to drop anywhere in the water. you will stay chilly. lots of cloud cover into san francisco and san pablo bays overnight tonight. it should be hot and chilly in
6:48 pm
daly city and it will be tomorrow and cooler this weekend. cooler on the weekend inland. we'll be in the 80s. 60s near the bay. upper 50s in dc, san francisco, and the coastline. we are in the clouds in daly city just above skyline boulevard looking toward san francisco but can't see it. this is not the weather pattern for that absolutely amazing view. we'll have a view of sports with dennis o'donnell coming up next. ,,
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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ivan nova vs matt cain ..nova- cain..good ster let's face it. after the all star game watching the giants play baseball is like getting a root canal. ivan nova versus matt cain.
6:52 pm
novocain. good for a root canal. >> he is here all week. [ laughter ] >> thank you. the giants look to salvage a game against the pirates brandon crawford two-run triple 4-0 matt cain allowing just one base runner through four innings but in the fifth he walked in a round pittsburg's first run of the game and then matt joyce rips a two-run single pirates within a run and there goes andrew mccutcheon. six runs in that inning. 6-4 pirates in the ninth. giants bases loaded. down by a run. last chance for brandon crawford but he pops out. giants squander a late inning rally again. they lose 6-5. they are swept for the fifth time this season. >> are you second-guessing yourself? >> ah probably a little, you know, stuck a little long there
6:53 pm
being honest. i felt like he had enough to get through it and it didn't get through it. >> definitely with everything that's going on, we didn't need it today. bad job by me. last week the 49ers practiced at home against the texans. this week at the travel to denver to butt heads with the super bowl champs. peyton manning might have ridden off in the sunset but that bronco defense is good. >> the defense you guys are facing. >> you had to remind me. >> this is the type of defense that will give any offensive coordinator nightmares. colin kaepernick didn't make curtis' life any easier when was held out of throwing drills again with arm fatigue. newly acquired quarterback christian ponder was thrown in the fire after doing very little at home.
6:54 pm
>> i have been sitting at my house doing yardwork, painting my house, working out in my garage every now and then, not as much as i should have. had a quarterback net in the front yard. that's about how it went. real old school. >> did you finish your painting, no, my wife is not happy. >> running back mike davis was getting this shape during the off season. the second year back had 72 yards on five-car ris last sunday against the texans. and he has a secret to staying in great shape. >> man, i can't -- my favorite hits man were hutchitos. i have to stay away from chips. no type at all. i have to stay away from them. >> we feel the same way about our producer kevin kennedy's mom's chocolate cookies. have you had them? >> oh, my! >> 49ers and broncos saturday
6:55 pm
the big 5 coverage starts at 5:30. new olympic star kate ledecky returns home this morning after five medals, four gold in rio. dc native is heading to stanford in the fall and there's lots of catching up to do after all that training. keep in mind she is 19. >> did you get the driver's license yet? do you have the stuff for your dorm room yet? >> no. i don't have my driver's license yet. it hasn't been a top priority to get that. but yeah, i do have a lot to get for my dorm still. >> while ledecky was all smiles at the airport in dc, michael phelps wasn't ready to be on phoenix television when he landed it morning. >> mark liverman has just seen the big man walk himself out that way and there's michael phelps! good morning! >> mike, how does it feel to touchback though? >> does it feel good? what's the first thing you're going to do?
6:56 pm
>> i'm not answering any questions, guys. >> if you could give me that space -- >> i try to get my family home and shave i would appreciate that. i appreciate you guys coming but i'm trying to get my family home safe and that's what matters the most. >> congratulations, then, michael. >> okay. so you saw katety ledecky and michael phelps. in defense of phelps, this is not his first rodeo, right? >> absolutely. >> he has done this many, many times and he wants privacy at this point. ledecky just a few minutes won gold and wants attention. so i sort of see both sides. >> yeah. >> well, phelps doesn't want to answer the question, are you retiring? is this it? >> yeah. >> he could have given a maybe one sound bite. >> i understand. >> this is our big moment for reporters. >> he has a baby! >> see you tonight. y throat! would g.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you much. how y'all? i appreciate it. thank y'all very much. i appreciate you, folks. thank you, sir. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and we got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from fayetteville, north carolina--it's the champs--it's the holt's family... [cheering and applause] and from lindenhurst, new york, it's the curry family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility, though, of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the-art ford edge. [cheering and applause] let's get at it. give me angela.
7:00 pm
give me mike. top 8 answers on the board. name something a college kid might buy with the money his parents send him for food. angela: a pizza. steve: pizza. [applause] mike: drugs. steve: drugs? mike: ha ha! steve: what? mike: you said, "a college student." you didn't say, "michael, what would you buy?" steve: ain't you in college? mike: yeah, but i-- steve: ok. well, hey, hey, hey, what little church college you going to down there buying dope? the church dude said, "we're gonna buy some drugs." mike: ha ha ha! kenny: we got to do it. let's do it. let's do it. let's do it. let's do it. yes. brian: ok. ok. let's go. let's go. mike: ha ha ha h


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