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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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this is a look from our dubn camera. parts of the east bay and s bay are now at noon smoky skies around the bay area. this is a look from our dublin camera. parts of the east bay and south bay getting the worst of it. here's a look from a camera on lick observatory on the summit of mount hamilton just east of san jose. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego.
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>> i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's roberta gonzales live with the mobile weather lab in san francisco's nob hill. roberta, most of the bay feeling the effects of the wildfires. >> reporter: we have been feeling the effects and seeing the effects for the past couple of weeks but primarily it's been affecting our inland areas but today, a whole different story. people woke up. they walked out their doors and they could smell the smoke anywhere from the bay through the peninsula into our inland areas. take a look at the sky conditions right now in the city of san francisco. sure, we are the recipient of low clouds. but we also have some smoke and haze being entrained in the wind flow. let me show you why. first of all, you have to imagine the soberanes fire that continues to burn out of control in the monterey county area. then combine that with the chimney fire in the san luis obispo area. the end result, the smoke is lifting from the south in a northerly direction clipping the santa clara valley, lifting into the eastern portion of our bay area, and the east bay. you are seeing the worst conditions because all the
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smoke is trapped in the diablo mountains. but meanwhile because of that southerly flow, right near san francisco, you can smell the smoke, as well. that is why we have that "spare the air" day, the hardest hit the east bay. the local forecast is coming up later. thank you. we'll check back in with you from that tony bennett event later in the newscast. an update to those wildfires roberta was mentioning. the soberanes fire in monterey county is 60% contained. it has burned more than 81,000 acres since july 22. >> in lake county the clayton fire 65% contained. it broke out saturday night and chewed through nearly 4,000 acres. >> in san bernardino county, the "bluecut fire" is now 26% contained up from 22%. it's burned more than 50 square miles. one fire spokesman says some of the nearly 1600 personnel
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working that fire will finally be demobilized this afternoon. a bay area woman accused of stalking the kardashians will walk out of prison. she is suspected of making the reality tv star's life a living nightmare. kpix 5's maria medina was at the federal courthouse today and has the story. >> reporter: before christina bankston found out she would be released on a $20,000 bond she walked into the courtroom calmly. she looked back several times to see if her family had shown up. she told her attorney they had not. now, federal investigators arrested bankston at her newark home yesterday. the 36-year-old is accused of terrorizing reality tv star chris jenner. her family members as well as her assistant and caitlyn jenner, as well. among the texts she allegedly sent, she described herself as the best hacker in the world. she allegedly hacked into jenner's icloud, instagram account and said she had a sex
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tape of her. she also impersonated the whom is a mother to the famous kardashian siblings and also lied to federal agents and told them someone was go to commit a massacre at jenner's home. bankston faces a list of charges including cyber stalking and identity theft. she is expected to be back in court on monday at 9:30 to figure out who her lawyer is. in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. >> bankston lives with her parents in newark and works at a kaiser hospital in santa clara. the judge says she cannot leave the district and is not allowed to contact the kardashians. in politics a shake-up for the trump campaign. paul manafort resigned. he is being investigated for allegedly accepting cash that was routed to u.s. lobbyists. meanwhile, trump is reworking his campaign with a new campaign ceo and manager. they are being credited for trump almost apologizing for a controversial remark that he made in the past.
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>> and i do regret it particularly where it may have caused personal pain. >> today trump also debuted his first campaign ad for the general election airing in battleground states. new at noon, swimmer ryan lochte says he is sorry for an incident in rio that's turned into a black eye for the olympics swim team. he originally said he was robbed at gunpoint but police say they vandalized a gas station and then the four swimmers paid armed guards before leaving. ben tracy with the latest from rio de janiero. >> reporter: olympic gold medalist ryan lochte says he has learned some valuable lessons from the incident at a rio gas station. in a statement on instagram, he says, i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend for not being more careful and candid in how i described the events of that early morning. it's traumatic to be out late with your friends in a foreign country with a language barrier and have a stranger point a gun
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at you and demand money. several security cameras captured what happened early sunday morning. lochte and his teammates disappeared down this walkway leading to the bathrooms. they are seen lingering behind a wall and pulling down what appears to be a poster. when they attempted to leave, security guards blocked their taxi. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: police say the swimmers were drunk and belligerent. vandalized this bathroom and left $50 to pay for the damage. >> stupid. >> reporter: this woman said lochte's subsequent actions made it worse. >> you pay the damages, you apologize for being an ugly american, you let the oic know what you do and move on. >> reporter: they were robbed at gunpoint, he said. >> cocked it put it to my forehead said get down. i put my hands up. >> reporter: the gas station security guards were armed but called the actions appropriate.
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lochte, a six-time olympic gold medalist apparently returned to north carolina before rio police could re-question him. on thursday, after speaking with police for a second day, gunnar bentz and jack conger flew back to the u.s. as for jimmy feigen, he is the last swimmer here in rio. his attorney says they'll pay a $10,000 fine that will likely go to charity and leave the country later today. ben tracy, cbs news, rio de janiero. >> lochte says he waited to comment on the incident in rio until the legal matter was handled and he was sure his teammates got home safely. two men are behind bars accused of the shooting another man on a trail. 19-year-old man was arrested in richmond yesterday for attempted murder and two unrelated robbery warrants. they nabbed 18-year-old fernando cruz armento earlier this morning. it happened august 2. police found a 25-year-old man with a gunshot wound to the abdomen on
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arroyo creek trail. he is in critical condition. san jose state university student are getting ready to hit the books but the dorms are not quite ready for them. more than 800 freshmen are assigned to a new dorm building that was expected to be ready for move-in this month but officials say it is not quite there yet. students who were hoping to move into the village 2 tower will be placed in other residence halls temporarily. light rail commuters in parts of san jose are taking a bus today so crews can make repairs to overhead wires near the children's discovery museum station. buses are available on the santa teresa alum rock line as well as the mountain view winchester line. the repair work is examined to take most of the day. new at noon, miami south beach has been identified as the second area of local zika transmission in florida. two cases have been linked to south beach, one a tourist who visited two weeks ago the other a resident who works on the beach but it's unclear if the virus was transmitted by
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mosquitoes. up until this week, the virus was being investigated in the wynwood neighborhood, which was being referred to as the zika zone where bug spray is being distributed to students and pregnant women are being warned to steer clear. >> mentally, it's going through my mind. do i go outside? >> health officials are conducting a thorough investigation of these new cases. the red cross is calling the flooding in u.s. the worst u.s. disaster since hurricane sandy four years ago. donald trump is touring the area. president obama is being criticized for not cutting his vacation short to tour the devastation. the homeland security secretary toured it yesterday and says the president is monitoring the situation while fema is working to help those in need. >> the federal government is here. we have been here. we will be here as long as it takes. >> louisiana governor john bell
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edwards say he has been in constant contact with white house officials adding that a presidential visit would require pulling police and first responders from recovery efforts to provide security for the president. still ahead, a statue of a naked donald trump may be staying in san francisco [chuckling]. who is fighting to keep it here in the city. >> long lines outside this bay area pop-up shop. the limited edition gear these people were willing to wait for, for hours. ,,,, california's clean air laws are working.
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we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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at the center of it: *this. it's a statue of donald tru. stark naked. the depart a custody battle in san francisco. a statue of donald trump stark naked is at the center of it. the department of public works removed it overnighted from the
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castro hours after it was put on display. now one san francisco supervisor is fighting to give it a permanent home in union square. >> the more we can remind the world, um, of -- of just who this guy is and what a shyster he is, the better and so we need to get this statue out of, um, city custody and over to lefty o'doul's and on display through the election. >> supervisor weiner says that even though the statue is funny, it carries a serious undertone at the time it is still with the department of public works. a special meeting set for today for linkedin shareholders to vote on a buy-out by microsoft. they are voting on a non- binding proposal for named executive pay. it's a $26 billion deal that could make linkedin's chief executive's hiring package worth about $88 million. microsoft hopes taking over the professional networking site will put it at the center of people's business lives. live look at the big board on this friday.
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the dow is down 43 points. right now, fans are flocking to kanye west san francisco pop-up shop, lines outside the store at 45 wentworth place stretch for at least two blocks with some sitting waiting for the doors to open. it's one of 21 temporary stores selling life of pablo merchandise for the weekend. fans told us that getting a chance to buy the limited edition kanye items is worth the wait and that it's in part because they are hot sellers on ebay. >> just because it's so unique to each place like no cities have the same colors and it's -- it's super cool because it's only a limited time you can get it unless you go with resale which is crazy so it will be exciting. i'm excited. >> the san francisco store is open until 9 p.m. and again tomorrow at 10 a.m. now, more than 100 people showed up for the pop-up stores opening in l.a. others are located in singapore, amsterdam, detroit
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and atlanta. back in march, west also had a pop-up store in new york that reportedly brought in $1 million over three days. he left his heart in san francisco. and today, the city is showing legendary entertainer tony bennett some serious love. let's check in with robe roberta where a bronze stature bearing the likeness of tony ben net is being unveiled today. >> reporter: good afternoon. san francisco and tony bennett. they both go hand in hand. that's why today is tony bennett day right here in san francisco. i'm trying to keep it down a bit because behind me, mayor lee is speaking at this very prestigious ceremony with tony bennett fans. we have dignitaries here. and we have a major statue to unveil. i'm going to get to all the excitement coming up but right now let's check the current readings as we look towards the transamerica pyramid and the city of san francisco. we have 60 degrees right here
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in san francisco on nob hill. 76 degrees livermore. 70s san jose. today we spoke about this earlier in the newscast, it is a "spare the air" day. all areas of the bay area seeing the effects of smoke from the south. we have the most "aversely" affected area the east bay. temperatures across the bay area today a couple of degrees cooler from yesterday with no clearing at the beaches. 60s at the bay, 70s at the peninsula, highs today in the 90s inland. 91, 92 degrees the outside number. official sundown tonight before 8:00 in the evening. we'll have lots of smoky scenes as that sun does set. the most smoke inland. no sunset to be seen at the coast. we have dianne feinstein at nob hill who just took the
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stage. she is here just a number of dignitaries here to honor the legendary tony bennett who of course is world-renowned as a singer but also a painter. he is also a very strong civic leader. and all his fans are out here today. i was really curious why this was at the fairmont hotel so i caught up with the general manager and asked him, why here? >> um, this is always his home away from home. we certainly hope it is. this is where he first sang that little song "i left my heart in san francisco" in december of 1961 on new year's eve so we're here to celebrate that and reveal a beautiful statue of mr. bennett. >> take you back to 1873 ... >> reporter: so i was able to catch up with tony bennett about this time last summer. i did catch up with tony bennett. he was singing at wente vineyards in the livermore area. i had a little meet and greet with him and he was performing with his daughter. and i have to say the man after
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over a 50-year career, he still has the charm. he still has the charisma. he still has the pipes. he is still a showman. tony bennett day here in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco. behind me here, you see that blue drape? that is where we are going to see the unveiling of the tony bennett statue. now, i was told that this statue was designed by bruce wolf a local artist in piedmont. he started on this statue back in january. he just finished it a couple of days ago. it's 8 feet tall on white granite. we can't wait to see it! not going to happen now. there's too much speeches going on, too much music, as well. we hear that phony will be singing, as well. we'll bring that all to you live on so don't go away. >> very cool. thank you for that. could be th lem... and how to take care o still ahead, a problem for
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a lot of pets losing fur. our pet expert is here to explain what could be the problem and how to take care of it. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your school on the show. every friday, we take your questions about your pets' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our pet expert. today's topic comes from "p" whose chihuahua is losing fn his tail. dr. jill chase is every friday we take your questions about your pets' health and well-being. we talk to our pet expert dr.
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jill chase. thanks for being with us. today's top sick from perry whose chihuahua is losing fur on his tail. so what do you think about that? you have some cats here. first introduce us to these kitties. >> on my left is stoleie and this is his sibling at home yakob. they are about 3. he wants to leave. >> i don't think they are too pleased with the studio experience. >> no. so, um, it's a good question. of course, i can't diagnose without actually looking at a pet but in general, whenever we have an animal that has fur loss we're looking for several things. one is it itchy? is the animal itchy? is that why the fur is being lost? are there any lesions? is it just skin and no little bumps and scabs? and the location of the hair loss is very important. >> so in this case, it sounds like it's the tail is -- does that give you any clues? >> yeah. flee allergy dermatitis is the
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most common reason why animals lose fur on the tail so i would recommend they see a veterinarian. we see that in cats also. cats are interesting in that when they are grooming from fleas they will be like from the shoulder blades backwards and sometimes the fur will change color because of the saliva. dogs itch over the butt and tail. so think about that you don't always -- i can't say this too many times. you don't always see fleas when it is a flea problem so don't think because you don't see fleas it's not fleas. >> you would notice a certain amount of itching? >> yes with flea allergies. we think about mites. we can done skin scraping fungal cultures. there's a lot of things we can do. >> all that fun stuff. yeah. dr. jill chase thank you for that. thank you for bringing your friends in today. just email, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. ,,
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a morning staple could beco the thing of the past... how a northern california professor g to save -- the banana... coming up lat today on kpix 5 news at fiv it's lunchtime, and if you e a morning staple could become the thing of the past. how a northern california professor is trying to save the banana. coming up later today on kpix 5 at 5:00. >> didn't know the old banana was in danger. it's lunchtime and if you are looking for a sweet treat for dessert, besides a banana, it is launching a new flavor. >> you know those ice cream
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sandwiches made in burlingame? now they are adding green tea to the line-up. the flavor is made with macha green tea powder. other flavors are vanilla, chocolate, mint, strawberry, capuccino and pumpkin. they have been making the ice cream sandwiches for 100 years. >> we had the company barbecue a couple of weeks ago? i had three or four, they're that good. >> let's take a look at the tony bennett statue about to be unveiled. it's a big day for the city of san francisco. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> wyatt: this is over. you and eric can't happen. >> quinn: it's gonna work out. >> wyatt: how could it possibly work out? >> quinn: well, steffy's gonna come around. >> wyatt: [ scoffs ] what? >> quinn: the whole family will, eventually. they're -- they're gonna see that i've changed and that -- and that i'm good for eric. >> wyatt: ne-- they are never going to accept you, and you know that. >> quinn: so, what am i supposed to do? just give him up? >> wyatt: yeah, that is exactly what you're supposed to do. you are a huge reason why steffy and i are even together in the first place. god knows how many crimes you committed to get that to happen. >> quinn: zero. technically. >> wyatt: so, are you willing to give that all up? everything that you worked for? 'cause that is exactly what's going to happen. if you move in here and you pursue this relationship, i will lose mine. now, you helped get steffy into my life. do not be the reason why she leaves it.


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