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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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christina allegedly told chris she installed a cracking device in her car and claims she had a sex tape of chris jenner. kpix 5's maria medina was inside the courtroom today. >> reporter: for someone who faces potential prison time, christina bankston walked into the courtroom calmly in her jail jumpsuit. she did look back several times to see if her family was there and she told her attorney that they had not shown up. but she faced the federal judge. she did not appear to be scared or nervous at all. >> reporter: when christina told her parents she was going to southern california in 2014, she said she was going to disneyland. but that wasn't the case. >> she spent about $50,000 of her savings to go down there and live in a beverly hills hotel to stalk these poor people. we didn't know what to do. she wouldn't come home. said baby, come home. >> reporter: christina described herself as the best hacker in the world but former fbi agent and kpix 5 security
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analyst jeff harp says these days cyber stalking is hard to get away with. >> thin about it. when you sign on you're leaving a trail wherever you go, an electronic trail. there is ways people try to cover their tracks but at the end of the day the fbi will peel back the onion and find you. >> reporter: christina's dad said this isn't the first time she stalked or harassed others. she will be released on a $20,000 bond but her father says she is no longer welcome at their newark home. her father also told me she was supposed to start work at kaiser in santa clara as a nurse's aide this past month but she didn't show up. cate caugiran, kpix 5. a smoky fiery mess in san luis obispo county. the chimney fire burned 12,000 acres. smoke from that fire and others in northern california choking much of the bay area. take a look. you can see that blanket of gray haze from a variety of our
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tower cameras. kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno live for us in dublin. paul tells us which part of the bay area is getting it the worst right now. right, paul? >> reporter: we are standing in it, veronica. we are 1,000 feet above the tri- valley. i'll step out of the way. it's usually a gorgeous view, very much not the case today. it is hazy, it is smoky, and it is not just confined to the tri- valley and the east bay. many of us woke up this morning smelling it or at least seeing it outside of your window as you got ready for your day. it wasmon the east bay, certainly in the south bay and also san francisco, marin county, oakland, you went outside, walked to the car like, wow, i'm smelling smoke. that's something i normally don't do. many residents say they haven't seen haze like this scattered throughout the bay area in years. so the question is, why is this happening? we have a number of fires burning to our south but frankly that happens every year. what's different is the wind profile moving from the south to the north carrying the smoke
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from three different fires. one as far away as cajon pass in southern california grabbing that smoke and transporting it up interstate five into the bay area today. now, as for air quality, the numbers really don't jibe with what we're smelling and seeing. it looks and smells a lot worse than it is. the only area with unhealthy air quality is the east bay today. everybody else is moderate air quality and this image is cool. it shows you the concentration the heaviest concentration of the smoke. you can certainly see those brighter reds in the east bay and south bay. that's where the majority of the haze and smoke are currently. back out here live in dublin, the breeze is picking up. it's an onshore flow which will take some of that and send it to the east toward the central valley. we'll talk about whether the smoke sticks around for the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, paul. see you then. new developments in a scandal that's become a black eye for the u.s. olympic swim team. today, ryan lochte is apologizing. as ben tracy report, lochte's claims of being robbed at gunpoint didn't hold much
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water. >> reporter: olympic gold medalist ryan lochte says he learned valuable lessons from the incident at a rio gas station. on instagram he says: he goes on to say: >> reporter: several security cameras captured what happened early sunday morning. lochte and his teammates disappeared down this walkway leading to the bathrooms. they are seen lingering behind a wall and pulling down what appears to be a poster. when they attempted to leave security guards blocked their taxi. police say the swimmers were drunk and belligerent. vandalized this bathroom and left $50 to pay for the damage. >> stupid is the word. >> reporter: a sports columnist said lochte's subsequent actions only made things worse. >> you pay the damages, you
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apologize for being an ugly american you let the u.s. team know what you did, everybody moves on. >> reporter: lochte originally said they were returning from a night of partying when they were robbed at gunpoint. >> cocked it put it to my forehead and said get down and i was like i put my hands up, i was like whatever. >> reporter: police said the gas station security guards were armed, but called their actions appropriate. >> coming back to the wall here. >> reporter: lochte, a six-time olympic gold medalist apparently returned to north carolina before the police could requestion him. on thursday after speaking with police for a second day, gunnar bentz and jack conger flew back to the u.s. as for jimmy feigen, he is the last swimmer here in rio. his attorney says that he will pay a $10,000 fine that will likely go to charity and leave the country later today. ben tracy, cbs news, rio de janiero. a dorm dilemma unfolding now at san jose state. just hours before students were to move in, there is word a brand-new dorm called campus
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village 2 isn't ready for them. kpix 5's keit do on where hundreds of students are going to have to live instead. kiet. >> reporter: yeah. the university had been tracking this project keeping an eye on it for the past two years. and then on monday, it became very obvious to them that the crews were running out of time and weren't going to make it. campus village 2, so close yet so far. construction started on the $128 million ten story dorm two years ago and now they are a month behind schedule. san jose state spokesman pat harris says it's disappointing. embarrassing? >> this is certainly a moment when the entire san jose state community is coming together to make sure that we do everything we can to help the 800 students who will be arriving here in the next few days. >> reporter: it's an active construction zone so media aren't allowed inside but sjsu described the remaining work as finishing touches. could anything have been done differently to get this project done on time? >> again, kiet, i'm going to be very honest with you. we could speak with, um, the 30 or 40 people who have been
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involved in leading the structure and get 30 or 40 different versions of what's happening. um, because it's a complex structure. >> reporter: and so 820 freshmen got word yesterday that instead of moving into brand-new state-of-the-art dorms tomorrow, they instead will have to triple up in the so-called bricks, a cluster of 60-year-old dorms that were slated for demolition. crews were busy assembling hundreds of beds and mattresses today for the big move-in tomorrow. they normally get their own room but now he will have a roommate for a month. >> it's more of a luxury thing, to be in your own room. but i mean, it's something that's out of our control so they told us that's all i know. >> reporter: everyone else will have to cram three to a room that measure about 15 by 15 feet until mid-september. how did you get privacy? >> you don't. simply you don't. ha. >> reporter: and so to make it up to the students, they will get pro rated rent for the next month. and then also they will get
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$150 student campus money credit and then a free sweatshirt. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. campaign 2016. donald trump spent this morning in flood-ravaged louisiana. more than a dozen people were killed, thousands are displaced from their homes. the visit came amid a major staff change in the trump campaign. >> reporter: donald trump showed his sympathetic side visiting flood victims in louisiana. but his combative nature came with it. >> glad you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard. that's all we can say. definitely. >> somebody is that shouldn't be. >> reporter: trump highlighted the fact that he, not president obama, made the trip. but louisiana's democratic governor asked president obama not to come so that they don't have to divert resources from recovery efforts during his trip. instead, the president will visit tuesday. before arriving in louisiana, trump accepted the resignation of his campaign chairman paul manafort. manafort resigned as
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investigators in ukraine are trying to determine if he accepted illegal cash payments and whether he secretly routed millions of dollars to u.s. lobbyists. >> i think my father didn't want to be distracted by, you know, whatever things paul was dealing with. >> reporter: hillary clinton is also trying to distance herself from the perception of foreign influence. the clinton foundation announced it will no longer accept donations from corporations or foreign countries -- if she's elected president. it's a custody battle over a naked donald trump statue. this life-sized mold of the nominee appeared yesterday morning in the castro. it's one of several that popped up around the country. last night, the department of public works removed it. now one san francisco supervisor is fighting to give it a permanent home in union square. >> the more we can remind the world, um, of -- of just who this guy is and what a shyster he is, the better and so we need to get this statue out of city custody and over to lefty
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o'doul's and on display through the election. >> as of now, the statue is still in the custody of public works but it's agreed to hand it over to lefty's once they figure out how to get it there and who is going to pay for it. another big national story that we are following right now. a deadly collision between two commuter buses in new jersey. video shows how one of the buses hit the side of the other bus. investigators in newark say the driver of a bus just beginning its route may have run a red light. the second bus driver was killed. so was one of his passengers. 17 other were hurt including a passenger still listed in critical condition. mayors in the east bay are calling on the governor to help stop shootings on 80 and 4. they say they need funding for new cameras and it cannot wait. this week they sent a new letter to governor brown and the state transportation secretary. it says, with the end of the current legislative session rapidly approaching, it is imperative that the $1.5
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million to $2 million in funding needed be found. since the mayors sent their first laetner mayor the city of pittsburg paid for 14 new cameras along highway 4. but they say more are needed. more than 2 dozen shootings have been reported along highway 4 and i-80 since november. back to our fire watch, officials announced today a preliminary count shows 96 homes have been destroyed in the "bluecut fire" in san bernardino county. 213 buildings reduced to rubble. since it started tuesday, it burned 37,000 acres. at last check it's only 26% contained. as chris martinez tells us, some evacuees are now just starting to come home. >> reporter: with some of the evacuations now lifted out here a lot of folks are getting back into their neighborhoods for the first time to see up close the damage caused by this fire. and at this hour there are many families who are still not allowed to return home at all. firefighters doused smoldering hot spots in the blackened hills around san bernardino,
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california. the "bluecut fire" has consumed more than 59 square miles of this hilly woodland community since tuesday and destroyed at least 96 homes and more than 200 other structures. those on the front lines blame the state's withering drought. >> i have never seen fire conditions that were so explosive. >> reporter: the fire is slowly being contained, but continued high temperatures and strong winds could change that in an instant. these two people have lived here 10 years. their house was spared. they credit the heroic efforts of firefighters. >> three houses behind us all the nearest ones they all burned, unfortunately. but thank god for those guys again. >> reporter: charles gill and his family are living in a trailer next to their home. their house is also intact but doesn't have electricity or water. he is thinking about his less fortunate neighbors. >> all these people you care about, live close to, everything that you work hard for, it's just -- it could have been going to in an instant and it was for so many people.
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so, um, you know, just feeling very blessed. >> reporter: the cause of the fire is under investigation. animal control says since this fire began they have been able to reunite more than 100 dogs with their owners who were separated during the rushed evacuations. also, a relief fund has been set up for the families here who have lost everything in this fire. in san bernardino county, i'm chris martinez, kpix 5. ♪[ music ]♪ still ahead a new twist on a bay area tree older than the golden gate bridge. the new it's-it flavor that's going viral. >> plus a morning staple could become a thing of the past. how a northern california professor is trying to save the banana. >> and the bay area tribute to a music legend. the statue just unveiled to honor tony bennett. tony mcewing ,,,,,,,,
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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and now there's a "n well it's a bay area tradition. a much loved treat of ice cream, cookies, it's-it. and now there's a new version. consumerwatch reporter julie watts has the scoop for us. >> reporter: tough assignment. legend has it it's-it got its name when the creator took two cookies put it together over ice cream covered it in chocolate took a bite and said that's it. now it's approximate it's-it. a new flavor is reaching a new generation via social media. what got you in here today? >> the new flavor the green tea flavor. >> the green tea flavor. >> instagram and the new green tea flavor. >> reporter: for fans. it's-it ice cream sandwich a new flavor is a big deal. for decades there were only
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four, vanilla, mint, capuccino and chocolate. a couple of years ago they added strawberry and pumpkin which incidentally unlike starbucks isn't seasonal. it's it sells pumpkin at its burlingame factory shop year round. and now they have added green tea which earned the hashtag it's-it 7. so popular on social media, there was no need to advertise. how did you find out about this? >> instagram. >> instagram. >> facebook. >> that's largely thanks to the younger generation of the it's- it family paul and justin who tell me they don't do press releases because social media works. and frankly this bay area icon older than the golden gate bridge pretty much sells itself. it's it originated in 1928 at the then beach tucked near the cliff house. after playland was town down in the 70s the patriarch couldn't stand to see it's-it go. >> my grandfather was here at your age. >> reporter: he bought the trademark and launched it it's-
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it 2.0 two years ago now a wildly successful family business expected to sell millions this year. he success is the old-fashioned way they make ice cream. >> it's hard, more expensive but the quality is a lot better than any other product. >> reporter: but more importantly, he says, it's the loyal fan base generation after generation that it's-it can thank for its success. >> san francisco original just like the giants. the giants were from new york but -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, incidentally, you can actually get it's-it in new york. a couple of years ago they started boxing them up and shipping them nationwide because they were so popular. californians may be moving out of state. you can not find the green tea flavor in stores at least not yet. they say stores generally stock the most popular flavors easiest to sell, however, if you ask your local grocer, they may start carrying them. allen? >> just wonder can you buy the whole box? that box that you held up, i want to buy them by the box. >> reporter: everybody who has been coming in has been buying
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them by the box. every, single person. seriously. >> there you go. all right. bring one back. >> reporter: i have a secret. you might be getting some back at the station. >> oh!! that's what we are hoping for! thank you. it's a breakthrough fort banana. researchers at uc-davis have helped genetically map three fungal diseases threatening the world crop. it will be used to create disease resistant plants. the ban in a in a one of the top five staple foods. tony bennett got a great birthday present in the bay area. he turned 90 years old on august 3. kpix 5's roberta gonzales shows us the bronze statue just unveiled in his honor at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. >> reporter: what an amazing day here in san francisco. we are outside the fairmont hotel on nob hill honoring tony bennett day. tony bennett and san francisco go hand in hand. we have had dignitaries and the
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unveiling of this 8-foot-tall bronze statue very life like standing on top of white granite. look at everybody clamoring around it. i had to wonder why is all this going on outside the fairmont hotel? so i went to the big guy and asked him. why here? >> this is always his home away from home or we hope it is. this is where he first sang "i left my heart in san francisco" in december of 1961 on new year's eve so we are here to celebrate that and reveal a beautiful statue of mr. bennett. >> reporter: it doesn't stop here. tonight, tony will be honored at the san francisco giants game as they play host to the mets. and then tomorrow right back here at the fairmont hotel, tony plays host to a concert of -- a very intimate one of 350 people, all proceeds benefiting the zuckerberg san francisco general hospital the pediatric ward which is close to his heart, which he left right here in san francisco. coming up this weekend, see the tony bennett statue and make it
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a great weekend. >> nice. it looks like him, right? >> yeah. we're not giving his heart back. he left it here. we're keeping it. [ laughter ] >> bennett is singing the national anthem at the giants game tonight but tomorrow it is all about the 49ers. >> we have the 9ers taking on the broncos in deny have been tomorrow night at 6:00. you can catch all the action right here on kpix 5. >> and we'll be right back. ,,
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did you notice the haze and smoke outside today? we are live this evening on a friday in dublin where the air quality is at its worst in the east bay. our 18th "spare the air" day of the year. thankfully the breeze is picking up. we are right along interstate 580. i'm going to show you our weather computer here and 75.7 degrees there it is the temperature down about 10 degrees just over the past hour and the wind gusts have been up toward 15 miles per hour as of late. the wind moving in from the west taking some of that bad air and shoving it off to the east. so things are improving albeit slowly out here in the tri- valley.
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and specifically, dublin. take a look at our weather maps. current conditions throughout the reaming. we are -- current conditions throughout the region. we are in the 80s. 63 in san francisco. 70s san jose and santa rosa. 84 livermore. 64 right now for oakland. so that temperature spread is there although our inland locations are not as warm as we have been earlier this week. 50s overnight tonight. san francisco 55. livermore 59. fremont your low 57. waking up early in san jose for your saturday morning your low temperature 58 degrees sunrise at 6:30. despite what you will see perhaps even despite what you will smell, the air quality is going to be moderate. it's not going to be a "spare the air" day coming up tomorrow. now, that measures ozone and ozone hits its maximum when temperatures are between 90 and 94 degrees with cooler weather forecast tomorrow. that's why ozone levels will not be terribly high. but as for the smoke and haze, i expect a repeat tomorrow of
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the visibility, better on sunday. but the haze is likely to continue into the weekend. low pressure staying to the south which means perhaps a little bit cloudier this weekend. i think the rain will stay away. we'll see a few showers and thunderstorms up over the north sierra. but for us, all we'll see is a brief increase in cloud cover. so hazy, with some fog returning overnight tonight. and plan on that haze and smoke at least at higher elevations to stick around this weekend with a mixture of sun and clouds. as for your temperatures, very close to what is normal for this time of the year. which is comfortable. that's 83 degrees for you in napa. that's 80 for you in santa rosa. 82 for san jose. seasonably cool near the water including 65 for san francisco. and concord tomorrow 88 degrees. extended forecast: this is the view from dublin toward mount diablo. usually crystal clear. not today. fires burning to our south blowing smoke in our direction. air quality an issue as we head toward the weekend. we'll be right back with more news. ,,,,
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p?p?o?gv the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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shop. well, the lines stretched around the block this morning in chinatown. all thanks to a new kanye west pop-up shop. believe it or not. the location on wentworth place is one of 21 temporary stores nationwide selling life of pablo merchandise for the weekend. if you want to go grab some limited release clothing from the area you have a couple of hours until 9 p.m.
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it reopens tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. captions by: caption colorado ♪ ♪ >> pelley: zika breaks out of the containment zone. a new cluster turns up, this time in a major tourist destination. >> from the sun and fun capital of the world, miami beach! >> pelley: also tonight, trump dumps his campaign chairman, and tries something new-- humility. >> i regret it. e d i do regret it. particularly, where it may have caused personal pain. >> pelley: regrets, too, from ryan lochte. he apologizes for the behavior that got him branded "the ugly american." and, steve hartman-- when marge harlan recreated history, she reopened old wounds. >> no, i don't like it. >> just brings back thoughts of,


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