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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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the sky filled with smoke, a blanket of unhealthy air is choking much of the area. >> pretty bad today. is it going to be better? >> we'll see some improvement throughout the bay area. i'll explain why coming up in the 2nd. not uncommon to have fires burning in fire season. what is uncommon, winds from the south carrying smoke from other parts of the state 300 miles away and transporting that smoke into the bay area! that's what you were breathing this morning. it's always ozone. air quality managers say it's a bad combination of both. >> in the bay area, we're being contacted impacted by -- impacted by smoke from several
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wildfires, ozone due to high temperatures inland. those two factors have come together and created a number of spare the air alerts in recent days. >> this evening, the air quality got better. t because the winds are beginning to change. i'm going to call it elevated smoke tomorrow. it'll still be there tomorrow. but where we're breathing, it will not be there. the onshore flow will get stronger. the air that we breathe will be better tomorrow, but the smoke will ab. thankfully not in our lungs. here's the latest on that wildfire near big sur. the u.s. forest service is taking over the firefighting efforts. this will bring in more resources from out of state. the fire has burned 81,000 acres and destroyed 57 homes. to the south that huge wildfire this san bernardino
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county is now 40% contained. crystal armstrong - evacuee pkg: (nats - fire rapidly approaching/ - woman yells ) as the fire and smoke begano surround them, these were t panicked and frantic seconds where life and death decisis were made. twin sisters recd this video as they escaped r home in the cajon pass tues (sot - let video play of the esca s for the >> no sfchl >> reporter: as the fire and smoke began to surround them, these were the panicked and frantic seconds where life and death decisions were made. >> we gotta get out of here. >> reporter: they recorded this video as they escaped their home tuesday. it only took moments for the sisters to realize the flames were on their doorstep. [ yelling ] >> no! >> reporter: this is crystal
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armstrong and sunshine now. it was crystal's home that burned. sunshine was there to help her pack up. she was the one who started shooting as the flames came within striking distance. >> i have my life. i have my husband. i have mayan mals >> reporter: crystal rescued most of her republican malbus hr cat did not survive. even as this fire took everything she owned, she says she will rebuild. >> i still have my faith in god. >> reporter: officials here in southern california are asking for the public's help asking anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the cajon pass the day the fire started to come forward with that information. firefighters are now helping >> the clayton fire is now 75% contained. firefighters are now hoping to rebuilt infrastructure and assist people returning to
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their properties were the fire destroyed 299 structures, including 189 single-family homes. a baby boy from san jose who beat the odds swons beating them again tonight. he was delivered as his mother lay dying after a car crash. we found out his condition has been upgraded. the 2-car crash happened early wednesday on highway 101 near actually road in san jose. the woman was a passenger. she later died. valley medical center says her baby's condition has improved from critical to serious. boy's name is christopher. ryan lochte says he's sorry. he did not specifically admit that he lied about being robbed in rio, but video doesn't help his case. >> reporter: "i want to apologize for my behavior last
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weekend." brazilian authorities say lochte made up the story cover up what actually happened at this gas station. lochte and his teammates disappeared down this walkway, they're seen lingering behind a wall and pulling down a poster. when they tried to leave, security guards blocked their taxi. police say the swimmers were drunk and belligerent, vandalized this bathroom and left $50 to pay for the damage. >> stupid is the word. there is a very short shelf life for olympic athletes. he just fell off that shelf. do i want to give my money to ryan locky? that is no longer a choice >> reporter: he originally claimed they got robbed at gunpoint after a night of partying. >> he put it to my forehead and said get down. >> reporter: the u.s. olympic committee apologized to the people of brazil and said what the swimmers did was not
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acceptable. legend mark spitz.. to get his tak the 9-time olympic champ sa: the only thing that was sto. light from the other our reporter in los angeles caught up with a 9-time olympic champion to get his take. he says the only thing that was stolen was the spotlight from the other athletes. >> i'm sad that it happened in the first place. and i think that a lot of athletes obviously went there to compete and to try to do well. and we're more interested, i think, about the result of the athletic competitions. that's what the olympics is all about. and i think this sort of stole some of that attention away from some of the great performances. >> he said loblthy had a knee jerk reaction that went the wrong way. the vpa is still working on some damage to electrical lines
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chte had a knee jerk reaction that went the wrong way. the vpa is still working on some damage to electrical lines. there were no extra busses available to take soccer fan s to tonight's earthquakes games. they hope to have repairs done around midnight. donald trump is attempting to win over african american voters. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs. what the hell do you have to lose? >> our analyst says the comment meant to get people fired up but it backfired. >> needless to say this characterization of all black americans as poor, going to bad schools and unemployed has not gone over well at all. in fact polls show trump already at 0% or 1% with black voters. >> he also predicted if he were to run for reelection in 202010, he would win 95% of the african
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american vote. this autoheels of another -- on the heels of another shakeup in trump's staff. one resigned amid allegations he took money from the ukrainian government and routed money to u.s. lobbyists. the bay area is on a hiring spree. we're talking tens of thousands of jobs here. >> construction, information, education, and health serves. the biggest losses were in the leisure sector and hospitals. the golden state put more than 36,000 more people to work in july. >> continues this trend of strong job growth over the past three plus years >> reporter: while the overall unemployment rate ticked up one tenth of 1%, here in the bay area, that number is lower across the board with san francisco's unemployment
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hovering at 3.7%. former employment development director says gain,ing felt in just about every sector. >> even manufacturing. we often think manufacturing is dead in california but we dwayned 7,000 jobs. we saw the biggest change in gain transportation, 15,000 jobs >> reporter: that can be attributed to jobs in logistics and distribution firms like amazon shipping warehouses. it takes manpower to make your prime deliveries happen. >> most of the uber drivers are not counted as payroll jobs because they're not employees. they're independent contractors. so they're counted in the unemployment rate, but not in the payroll job numbers. >> what remains to be seen is how the recent layoffs will transplate to employee numbers
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in the coming months. a stalker terrorized the kardashian family. the suspect a bay area nurse's assistant. what her father wants everyone to know. >> teenagers hospitalized after a bizarre attack in northern california. the surprising attack by oters. >> tony bennett saying he left his heart in san francisco. every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. tonight. this happened just about anr and a half ago.. on san lea street. it's a single- story struct. the fire is contained to the garage. ters. >> tony bennett saying he left. cc a single story structure, and the fire was contained to the garage. a bay area woman accused of
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terrorizing the kardashians. his daughter spent $50,000 to live at the beverly hills hotel and stalk the famous family. he begged her to come home but she refused. now she is facing federal charges. >> reporter: the woman accused of stalking and corporating kris gener and her family faced a formal judge is today. she suffers from a mental illness, and her family says what she did was to be expected. once married to caitlin, the woman formerly known as bruce jenner. authorities now say they are victims of a bay area based stalker. in an indictment, authorities allege that christina bankston spent six months terrorizing kris and caitlyn jenner, sending a slew of disturbing text messages. >> i want to apologize to the jenner family for the torture they went through for those six
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months >> reporter: by fen, her father who did not want to be identified told us his daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 14. >> she went home to junior high school and started a fire there, and they threw her out of school there. >> reporter: from there, things only got worse. she started stalking a family's friend, a manager at this ford dealership in fremont. >> she broke into fremont ford and stole this guy's keys. he was the manager, and she was stalking this guy. >> reporter: eventually she began targeting the kardashian family. she claimed to have a sex tape. then authorities say she hacked into jenner's cellphone and impersonated her in a text message conversation with cade lynn jenner. according to the indictment, she told the jenners she was the best hacker in the world and claimed she placed a tracking device on kris's car. >> i don't know why she picked
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that lady. it's a mystery to me. >> reporter: her father said she's already served time in juvenile hall and the california youth authority. she faces a list of new charges. an elderly woman tied up and robbed in san mateo county. one of the suspects is the woman's caretaker. this couple broke in, placed a pillow over the victim's head and tied up her wrists. she recognized her caretaker's voice. that led to the arrest. a bay area mom was out with her children at the park. she expected to get out of the icu this weekend. her husband told jacky ward she will never walk again. >> reporter: it's been one week, sitting on a bench, watching her daughter place, when her life changed if he ever. >> oh, it's amazing that she's
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still, you know, breathing and talking right now. autolike a miracle. >> reporter: her husband says he hasn't slept all week and trying to stay as strong as he can for their 9-year-old and 5-year-old girl. they're scared for what their mother is going through and are too traumatized to go to school. >> they saw what happened, and they probably don't want to talk about it >> reporter: mayor lee released a statement after the accident. "we are praying for the recovery of this young woman". >> i don't know to say. it's so terrible. this is the worst day of my life right now. >> reporter: arborists have been conducting visual assessments all week and say these pines are all in good condition. they say the accident was just a freak and tragic situation. gray is expected to be out of the icu in the next
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couple of days. ago.. still >> we were surprised to find out that a big sinkhole that opened up in the east bay months ago still hasn't been fixed and won't be any time soon. the 15 by 20 foot hole opened up in march. caltrans blamed soil erosion from the rainy winter. estate received federal money for costly repairs. now it appears time has run out to make those repairs. the city will have to wait until after the rainy season ends next year. lane-splitting is legal in california. that's when motorcycles squeeze between cars along the lane line. it used to fall into a gray area. law enforcement let it go as long as motorcyclists did it safely. now though it is legal. today governor brown signed a bill that defines the practice and authorizes the chp to establish rules for it. we all know tony bennett left his heart in san francisco.
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tonight he says his heart is full of love. the city's/of an icon. >> reporter: that's right. usually tony bennett does the singing. tonight the fans have the cards and the songs just for him. giant birthday wishes for tony bennett. at age 90, he still sings i left my heart in san francisco, the song synonymous with his name. before their game against the mets tonight, the giants' ceo and willy mayes brought a huge cake and dedicated this in his honor. it will go up after it every giants victory here at giants park. >> i love it. beautiful. >> reporter: fans felt honored to take part. >> he is an absolute icon.
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>> he's a symbol of san francisco. i just love seeing him, hearing him. >> reporter: a bronze statue of bennett was unveiled in front of the hotel where he first sang i left my heart in san francisco in 1961. >> he is the ambassador for san francisco. ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> happy birthday to you! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: remember the victory flag? in the last hour, it will unfurled for the first time over willy mays plaza because the giants won. go to cbs s-f dot- com.
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>> a little spoiler arc alert. for more photos and is video clips, go to our website. tonight, some northern fornia teenagers i'm gonna say this. hey, california wildfires, because of you, tony bennett song, we had this today. a lot of smoke and haze in the atmosphere. this is a live shot, if looked smoky, the sky had a milky color to it. that haze will be prevalent again tomorrow. it'll be in the mid and is upper levels of the atmosphere. i don't think you're gonna smell or see as much smoke tomorrow. moderate air quality throughout the bay area coming up tomorrow. they were dancing in jack london square earlier tonight. oakland at 60, liver more 64, san francisco 59.
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tonight 50. fremont 57, consort 57, napa 52. low tonight in san francisco, 55 degrees. the sunrise at 6:30. interesting setup. midlevel winds coming from the south, numerous fires burning to our south. smoke being transported here. this will continue tomorrow. down at surface, we have a low pressure area to our south, continuing to feed in the onshore flow, causing a few isolated mountain thunderstorms. up to tahoe, sierra over the weekend, watch out for an isolated shower or thunderstorm. otherwise we stay cooler relatively speaking, seasonal pause of that continued ocean feed. a very pleasant weekend to get outside. morning clouds near the water, absolutely, hazy sunshine tomorrow. air quality okay. the afternoon highs exactly where we should be this time of year. 83 concord, hazy sunshine in
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danville. only 65 in san francisco. berkeley 68. novato 82. cloverdale, 88 degrees. set it and forget it. a couple degrees warmer monday, tuesday, wednesday, overall very normal august weather. normal is good. some northern california tarjs say this is evidence of -- teenagers say this is aefdz of of an otter attack. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they say they have the bite marks to prove it. hopped into the lak a group of otters attacked them on a lake. >> they say they have the bite marks to prove it. they hopped into the lake and five river otters chased after them and started biting them. >> one just kept attacking us. i remember looking back at it and seeing its teeth. we had to swim swim back about 70 yards to
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our camp. >> both the boys were treat at the regional medical center. the hospital offered them otter pops. >> sense of humor at least. [ laughter ] guess who's back in 1st place in the nl west? a pretty good clue right now. what a grab! out and re-took it... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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1st place in the west... they earned it, giants retook it. 1st place in the west. this fella loves his new york metropolitans. a sure hit, take it away. hunter pence, oh, man! keeps it tide at 1. sure gaper. aryanza found a hole. and the giants -- with nzñez riding in safe in the play that. start something in the 7th. denard span, 4 hits tonight.
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thee-1. giants won the game 8-1. lead the dodgers by a half game. a's pitcher kendall graven against the white sox tonight, heech the man! you gotta believe in steven vogt. 10th home run for the year. made it four maf 0. all he needed was one. one batter over the minimum. had command. first complete game of his career. a's won it 9-0. ended a 5-game losing streak. no one, i mean nobody, loved the world's fastest man more than this fan. >> rooted the jamaican superstar on at the olympics with a little emotion. [ screaming ] >> woo! [ laughter ] >> and that was for his eighth olympic gold.
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image what she did when he won his ninth in a relay. >> couldn't have done it without her. [ laughter ] >> happy that wasn't in real life. >> i'm told it's a common occurrence. the country is completely -- screaming! >> absolutely. good stuff. [ laughter ] ,,,, ♪
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i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. >> the late show is next.
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