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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning everyone, it is monday, august 22. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi, let's go outside and look at the conditions, a live look at the bay bridge. a little bit foggy. >> is that our camera doing that or what? >> that is condensation on the lens. good morning everybody, the big story was the rain moving into the outer areas overnight,
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discovery bay, brentwood, antioch, you know what i am talking about. we are picking up precipitation throughout the central valley, 11 of light rain showers right there beginning to diminish but nonetheless we have precipitation in the last 24 hours. mostly cloudy skies at this hour, temperature wise 50s and 60s. if you are getting the kids ready for school today, bank on a cooler day, mostly seasonal but we are a little below average in the inland areas, into the 80s and 70s. to the north and 60s and clout is along the seashore, i will tell you what, we will analyze our doppler radar and we will have a full forecast coming up. let's look at your marin county commute, southbound
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taking 15 minutes across the golden gate bridge and then let's go to the altamont pass, 205 out of traci. taking 11 to 12 minutes, right now some red arrows coming out 27 miles per hour onto the dublin interchange. taking about 15 minutes. let's take a look at your mass transit, no delays police investigating a double homicide. lisa chen joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the victims are brothers, police have blocked off part of eighth street while they investigate this double homicide, they were called around 8:40 fight last night to south eighth street after reports of shots fired, when they arrived they discovered two male victims each suffering from at least one gunshot wound. one of the victims died at the scene, the other was taken to a
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local hospital where he died later. police don't know what led up to the shooting or what the motive was. so far no suspects have been identified or taken into custody. out here live this morning someone left a candle near the scene, this double homicide march 30 third and 34th homicide of the year. live lisa chen kpix 5. hundreds of structures are threatened because of a wildfire, hearst castle is now shut down, the chimney fire is burning more than 27,000 acres near the historic estate, a special base has been set up at the castle to protect the nearly century-old structure. >> there is world renowned art inside, tapestries, furniture. an amazing art collection inside. we do have plans in place.
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>> the fire is 35% contained, it started a week ago it has destroyed nearly 50 structures. firefighters in lake county secure the 4000 acre perimeter around the clayton fire. the fire started over a week ago, it has destroyed 300 homes and businesses. police arrested a clearlake man last week suspected of intentionally starting the fire and more than a dozen others. all evacuation orders have been lifted for people living near the blue cut fire. it is now 85% contained, it has torn through 37,000 acres since tuesday. destroying more than 100 homes. 12,000 homes and businesses now have electricity after a major outage last night. in areas between oakland and castle valley starting before 8:00. power was knocked out at the san leandro station causing delays on this -- the transit
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system. a separate outage affected more customers all power has been restored. there is keeping up with the kardashian's and then there is keeping to close. a woman ended up in jail. jackie ward joins us from the newsroom. >> later this morning she will be back in court to settle on a defense attorney. the 36-year-old is facing cyber stalking and identity theft charges. authorities say that she spent six months terrorizing kris jenner and caitlyn jenner through disturbing text messages. alleging to have a sex tape of chris saying that she has a tracking device on her car. we spoke to a man who says he is the father of the woman. >> i wanted to apologize to the jenner family for the torture they went through for those six
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months.>> the father says his daughter was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 14 years old. and previously served time in juvenile hall and the california youth authority. the woman is scheduled to appear in los angeles at a federal court where charges are pending. from the newsroom jackie ward. the clinton campaign says the democratic nominee is halfway to a $1 billion fundraising goal meanwhile trump's campaign promises it is back on track after another week of falling poll numbers. brian webb has the latest. >> donald trump's newly should --'s -- shuffled campaign stance . >> make sure we enforce the law and we are fair and humane for those who live among us in the country.>> will the plan include deportation?
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to be determined. >> mixed signals on his deportation force plan come as the nominee continued reaching out to minority voters over the weekend. he met with hispanic leaders in new york saturday after sending a stark message to african- americans. >> you are living in poverty, your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell do you have to lose? >> a cbs news battleground tracker poll shows clinton six points ahead of trump in ohio. a crucial state. clinton is on a fund-raising blitz. she is trying to put her long- lasting email scandal behind her. her campaign manager addressed a more recent issue. denying foreign donors to the clinton foundation receiving any special treatment. >> we have republicans in congress and right wing groups
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doing everything they can to make something out of nothing. >> clinton will continue fundraising in los angeles while trump campaigns in ohio. ryan webb cbs news. >> the candidates are campaigning in the bay area. clinton will be in town for a fundraiser hosted by tim cook. next week donald trump will hold a fan -- fundraiser in napa valley. the summer olympics have come to a close, four-time gold medalist simone biles carried the american flag during the closing ceremonies, team usa earned 121 medals 46 were gold which was the most of any nation. meanwhile there are some interesting messages at this rio airport, a giant marker while where visitors can write notes, the most popular west -- message is sorry about ryan lochte. here is a closer look, one person had some other words as you can see in this picture.
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lochte under fire since he lied about getting dropped last week. san francisco state university kicking off the school year with its welcome days event. the college president will address the newest members on the campus this morning. the time 5:09, a bay area woman speaking out after being involved in a freak accident. why the city isn't doing enough to prevent the accident from happening again. cleanup underway in the louisiana. why the state governor is thinking donald trump. from the weather center there was they -- rain within the bay area last night. now, i will show you where there is lightning. monday morning how your drive is shaping up this morning. stay tuned. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good monday morning, welcome to your august 22 look at this and live high definition doppler radar. rain showers across the area last night and we are picking up lightning strikes off the north bay coast. we have your full forecast featuring my doppler radar coming up. in baton rouge, floodwaters are receding and workers are
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cleaning up. the effort will take some time because many homeowners have lost everything. they are getting help from a variety of federal state and local agencies along with volunteer groups and businesses. fema has approved $55 million in temporary assistance. tomorrow, the president will visit the state, louisiana's governor pushed back at critics who said the president should have come sooner. >> i asked him to let us get out of the response mode where we were conducting searches of houses where we were making rescues. i didn't want to divert the deputies and troopers and other essential resources and assets to providing security for the president. >> the governor expressed appreciation for the visit by nominee donald trump. it is going to be a long road to recovery for many flood victims, but some had a reason
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to smile when a little boy decided to celebrate his ninth birthday by giving back. instead of having a party, carson delivered pizza to those busy restoring their lives family and friends were so touched that they pitched in to help. carson raised enough money to buy 363 pizzas. >> so they don't have to stop what they are doing. we are going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods. >> you don't see children that young that have such a big giving heart. >> so giving, several neighbors joined in to help them deliver the pizzas. new video showing a dust storm over arizona, this aerial video captured last night in phoenix. wind gusts were up to 40 miles per hour at times visibility was down to 1/4 mile or less. >> these dust storms are common
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in phoenix. not here thankfully. >> we have had a couple right?>> earlier we were talking about driving through the mojave desert and getting hit by one of those. >> i have not seen one yet. that is good enough. >> it is better to see it on video. those are the same ones that come from dubai. okay, let's take a look at the altamont pass, our only trouble spot, 205 westbound taking 15 minutes so heavy traffic coming out of their. cars moving 26 miles per hour. from there to the dublin interchange a lot of cars in that direction, altamont pass 680 taking you 20 minutes. looking at your bay bridge toll plaza cars are moving well, westbound direction taking 20 minutes and here's a look at the east bay travel times, 238 to i-80 taking just 20.
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good morning everyone, 5:15 we are firing of our live high death doppler radar. if you're in they antioch brentwood or discovery bay area last night you had rain showers coming from this tropical moisture over the high sierra lifting into the central valley. now, take a look at that. we are backing up so you could see early this morning the blowup from the high sierra's and then watch that picking up lightning strikes off the coast right there. you can see several lightning strikes so far this is clock to cloud lightning. we do have the light rain showers picking up light rain earlier this morning. we detect low clouds with fog and condensation forming drizzle lifting into the bay. right now temperatures are mild, 61 degrees in redwood city also san jose a little bit
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on the muggy side out the door. satellite radar shows we are under the influence of this dome of high-pressure but this area of low pressure lifting up the tropical moisture out of the area in arizona where we saw that the storm that was hundreds of miles long. going 10,000 feet high. causing some airport delays over the phoenix area. all of that moisture is lifting into the high sierra working its way into our back door. that is where we saw those showers and thunderstorms. sacramento into stockton some of those showers drifting into discovery bay and brentwood, a few showers in the forecast today and through the high sierra. this is something to watch for, the potential of fire danger. we could see that due to the lightning strikes. son up at 6:25 sitting at 7:56. a cooler day with sunshine away from the coast, 60s and cloudy
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at the beaches today for pacifica, also san francisco and the sunset district including the mission as well. 70s around the peninsula, average high san jose 84. today we are forecasting 77. the warmest temperatures will be to the east, 83 in livermore, average high of 89 degrees, turn off the ac and open up the windows for the first time maybe this summer. here is a look at the week ahead, calling for a chance of a sprinkle in the far reaches of the north bay otherwise these temperatures are kind of seasonable by tuesday. more likely wednesday will be the warmest day of the workweek. thursday and friday very mild into the weekend, i have been receiving text and facebook messages people saying you did not forecast this rain. well, i wasn't working.
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we were talking about it friday, there is always a possibility when you have the blowup over the high sierra some could drift into the backdoor. >> we have to keep an eye on it because it is back in the forecast today. all right, as wildfires grow increasingly more common in california they may have serious health consequences in the future. researchers announced in the coming decades people who live in san francisco will be at the greatest risk of exposure due to the dangerous smoke waves which occur when there are two or more consecutive days of unhealthy levels of smoke. climate change can cause these waves to be more frequent and more intense. a mom hit by a falling tree limb at a san francisco park speaking out hoping to prevent the accident from happening again. she was injured earlier this month when a branch fell on her
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head at washington square park. she is in critical condition, her husband says the only call he has gotten from the city was from the parks department saying that the tree was healthy. from her hospital bed she is calling for the city to do more. >> what to do you think about that? >> it is not okay. i don't want anybody getting hurt like me. they should do something. >> family members set up a gofundme page to help with her medical bills. good morning everybody. i am ready. a brief sports hit coming up. we will set the table for what unfolded yesterday. e-mail nominato us at: cool schools at kpix- dot-com. we may come and what is cool about your school, you can email your nomination to us. and we may come and feature
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your school on the show. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. your time now is 5:23, we have a crash and we will tell you where it is and how to avoid it coming up. good morning everybody, the giants top of
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the nl west no longer. losing a no hitter and a shutout when he crushes this one, two run shot was the difference, the giants couldn't get anything going. three hits yesterday. the mets won 2-0. the dodgers ahead by a half-game. three-game series starting tomorrow. a's fans in chicago, the food was good but the white sox needed to do something. doing the damage another home run in the fourth. he hit one on saturday. chicago wins 4-2. yesterday in rio, team usa men's basketball defeated serbia 96-66 to win their third straight gold medal. kevin durant scored 30 points winning his second gold medal. his new teammates klay thompson
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and draymond green won gold for the first time. that is sports at this hour. have a terrific monday. tomorrow, giants and dodgers, three-game series this one is critical. just 38 games left in the regular season. all right, let's go back to that unfortunate a's loss in chicago for the plays of the day. take a look at that, full dive. spectacular, one more look again the a's fell 4-2. police are investigating a double homicide this morning, the victims are brothers. we are live in san jose with the details. kris jenner always tries to get everyone's attention that it is the attention from one
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woman that crossed the line.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. turned away. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a lot of kids are going back to school today, but hundreds could be turned away. a big rescue after a toddler was thrown from a boat. from the weather center good morning, we had rain in the bay area last night, now i am firing up our doppler radar to show you where it is raining. a couple of crashes one including an overturned pickup truck. , got. good morning it is monday, august 22 i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. in san jose police investigating a shooting leaving two men dead.
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lisa chan is live south of downtown with the latest.>> reporter: the 32nd and 33rd homicides of the year. someone has placed a burning candle here at the scene. at south eighth street near martha. police were called last night after there were reports of numerous shots being fired, police say when they arrived they discovered two male victims each suffering from at least one gunshot wound, one of the victims died at the scene. the other was taken to a local hospital where he died later.>> we do believe that the suspect or suspects were in a vehicle and so the term drive-by might be appropriate. it appears at this early stage the suspects did drive up in the vehicle, gunfire was produced from their vehicle resulting in the double homicide. >> reporter: police do not have a motive or know what led up to
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the shooting and no suspects have been identified or taken into custody. the lieutenant told us the victims are brothers and they have family in the neighborhood. anyone with information is asked to contact police. live from san jose, lisa chan kpix 5. let's get another check on your weather with roberta. i thought my eyes were deceiving me because i saw a tiny little droplets >> that is the marine layer. we have had some rain in the last 24 hours i feel like i am learning how to drive again. i am just steering and zooming in on the precipitation. we had light rainfall last night in the antioch traci oakland brentwood and discovery bay area. this morning we are calling on our doppler radar, that is the only sell picking up at this point but minutes ago we had lightning strikes detected. we are zooming out so you can see the big picture and all of
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this is coming in from the central valley, from the central valley this originated in the high sierra around the greater lake tahoe area where we had thunderstorms overnight. you can see this lifting from the back door as the morning progresses and then we hit these pop-up cells. a little bit of light precipitation in this area. that could be the case later on this evening. a slight chance of a pop-up shower for the most part we are picking up the drizzle with cloudy skies temperatures in the 50s and 60s. san jose is clear at 61, everyone else reporting gray skies. it will remain cloudy along the coast into the 60s. 60s around the rim of the bay. 70s in the peninsula. san jose average height is 80, today 77 degrees. 70s, to the north and 80s to the east.
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temperatures are 5 to 6 degrees off the average mark. we will talk more about the rain showers coming up but right now let's send it over to roqui with traffic. we have an update at your san rafael richmond bridge, and overturned pickup truck blocking the left lane westbound 580. crews are out trying to clear the scene. keep that in mind. and then let's look at your southbound 680. two car crash causing minor slow which and here is a look at the toll plaza. meter lights are on. westbound taking you 20 minutes and here's a look at the san mateo bridge from hayward, 882 101 will take 15 minutes. this morning kids in oakland are getting ready for the first day of school, but hundreds could be sent home for not having all of their vaccines. after a new state law kicked in the summer saying that parents can no longer use personal or
5:34 am
religious belief as a reason not to get their kids immunized. the one exception is if you had a personal exemption in place before january of this year you are accepted. >> those who had the exemption before january 1 won't have to be vaccinated until they get to seventh grade and then they will have to show proof of immunization under the new law. a case of bad timing in miami-dade county in florida. gets going back to school after a new cluster of zika virus was discovered. at least five people infected in miami beach. health experts just to be did repellent and protective clothing to parents whose kids attend schools in the zika zones. other states along the gulf coast may also be at risk. >> i would not be surprised if we see cases in texas and louisiana. particularly with the situation with the flooding in the louisiana. >> the national institute of health a says zika could linger
5:35 am
in the u. s. for up to two years. testing on a potential vaccine is underway. a bay area woman leaving the kardashian family fearing for their lives. now they have to watch their tv show from inside a jail. jackie ward joins us live from the newsroom telling us the woman is heading to court today. >> christina bankston is a 30- year-old nurses assistant who has to face charges of cyber stalking, hacking and identity of -- theft. in an indictment she was allegedly in the bay area when the stocking was done anonymously. they believe she used a variety of electronic means causing or intending to cause a substantial emotional distress to the victims primarily christian or and caitlyn jenner. we spoke to the man who says he is the family -- father of the woman. >> she started issues in junior
5:36 am
high. >> the indictment states she hacked into the cell phone of kris jenner and impersonated her in a conversation with caitlyn jenner. bankston will appear in federal court in los angeles. jackie ward kpix 5. did her parents know this was going on? >> no, she was told by their daughter they were going to disneyland but in reality she spent $50,000 to live in the beverly hills hotel to stock them. her parents said when they found out where she was they begged her to come home but she refused. a civil rights lawsuit is expected to be filed in connection with the fatal shooting of a suspect in newark. the parents of the 23-year-old
5:37 am
plan to sue the city claiming a wrongful death. the man, valencia committed an armed robbery in march. the officer fired after the suspect pointed a semi automatic handgun at him. nine people are hurt after a car slammed into a crowd at an outdoor concert last night near cleveland, ohio. a 74-year-old woman leading -- leaving a frank sinatra tribute concert hit people exiting the show. two people in serious condition. it appears to be an accident. an incredible story of survival after a florida toddler was rescued after being trapped underneath and overturned boat. a 23 month old was on a family boating trip when the boat capsized, for nearly an hour rescuers searched for her in the pitch black waters. as time passed they began to lose hope but after 44 minutes
5:38 am
they found her floating under the boat tucked inside of an air pocket. >> we heard her crying, usually these incidents don't turn out like that. >> the family was thrown from the boat after it struck a power line. train travel between san jose and sacramento will be convenient starting today. more schedules in effect for the commuter service. created to meet higher demand during peak week date travel hours. charlotte and north carolina will low longer be hosting the 2017 nba all-star game, instead it will be played in new orleans. the change because of the north carolina controversial bathroom law. charlotte was expecting an economic impact of nearly $100 million. a number of other entertainers have canceled shows in north carolina.
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dozens of companies coming together to crack down on unwanted robo calls. jill wagner explains what is behind the so-called robo call strikeforce. good morning. >> good morning, the nasdaq opens after its eighth week in a row of gains on friday the dow fell 45 points. but rising for the week the nasdaq. the federal reserve will meet looking for clues about when the feds could raise interest rates. yesterday stanley fischer said the u. s. economy is close to job and inflation targets which means a rate hike this year is very much on the table. more than 30 companies including at&t verizon and comcast joining forces to create a robo call strikeforce which is aimed at stopping annoying robo calls. sales at footlocker jumped nearly 5% last quarter, growth across the board. they got a big boost from
5:40 am
millennial's who are into sneakers. >> all right, movie theaters going high-tech as a way to get people off the couch so what are they doing? >> some new technology called 4 d using special effects like sense motion and water to help bring a movie to live. regal is expanding the number of theaters that have these effects after a successful test run in new york and los angeles. i don't know about water being sprayed on me but the rest of it sounds okay. >> that it doesn't sound comfortable, i can't remember the last time i went to a movie theater. it is difficult and expensive to go. >> everything comes to netflix or it is on demand so quickly that it is easy to wait a couple of months.
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>> spend the night at home, a lot easier. jill wagner thank you. the time 5:41, still ahead what day you should book your next trip for the lowest prices. crocodiles on the loose. wait until you see where some men dumped these reptiles. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good monday morning, welcome to your monday. we had rain showers overnight sticking around off the north bay coast, we'll talk about the possibility of rain where you live as you get the kids off to school. that full forecast coming up. if you are planning on traveling, tomorrow could be the day to book it.
5:44 am
august 23 is cheap flight today. fares start to drop for fall because summer travel is more expensive. ticket prices could go down up to 20%. new video shows four people breaking a window at a college in australia. and then shoving three crocodiles through the window. then they enter the building throwing computers and other equipment on the ground when inside. it is not known where the crocodiles came from.>> we managed to get the crocodiles in custody. now they are being looked after. >> police are looking for the suspects. >> crocodiles and alligators all over the place. crocodiles in custody. all right, we are checking on traffic. >> no crocodiles on the roads but we have a traffic alert. richmond bridge westbound 580
5:45 am
at the toll plaza reports of a driver slamming into the toll plaza, now stuck in his car. we are looking at that now. that is the dublin interchange. the overturned pickup truck is blocking three lanes here, the crews are on the scene, we have footage of the crew with some lights flashing but traffic is backed up pretty bad. keep that in mind if you're headed from the east bay. also, another crash southbound 680. two car crash in the center divide backed up all the way to the dublin interchange and here is your ultimate pass. at 5:25 it is getting pretty bad. 17 miles per hour 205 to the altamont pass taking 20 minutes. and here's a look at your bay bridge toll plaza backing up, the metering lights are on, you can see some cars so downtown 12 to 15 minutes.
5:46 am
after 8:00 last night i started getting my first text messages and tweets and facebook messages saying that it is raining. in discovery bay and brentwood and tracy and oakley and shingle springs toward citrus heights and sure enough we had rain showers lifting from the high sierra to the central valley throughout the backdoor corridor and this morning this is our high definition doppler radar several lightning strikes off the coastline you can see the rain has been falling. i haven't had to use this since may. this is very like precipitation, we will keep a chance of a couple of raindrops in the forecast in our outer areas for the late afternoon otherwise mostly cloudy skies. we have been picking up quite a bit of drizzle this morning with the condensation from the marine layer. everybody reporting cloud cover at this hour except san jose, clear skies and 61 degrees. otherwise our satellite and
5:47 am
radar picks up monsoonal moisture lifting into the high sierra, this will be the sierra -- scenario again today. we were talking about that friday, we will keep a watchful eye on that. this is the cutoff low encouraging the monsoonal moisture to lift up to the north from the state of arizona, we saw a dust storm as a result of that cut off and we are under the influence of high- pressure. the marine layer is making its presence known along the coast, we will have a lot of sunshine from the beaches. 63 and hazy in monterey bay. the smoke affecting the air quality around this area. we are trying to lift up into the san jose area and the eastern portion of our district has a little bit of hayes otherwise the thunderstorm definitely possible throughout the day. temperatures coming in at redding at 98.
5:48 am
i'm going to consider this an unseasonably cool day. typically we should be at 84 degrees in san jose, instead across the santa clara valley temperatures are generally in the 70s. look how refreshing throughout the peninsula. emeryville back in through richmond, 80s around concord, clayton and walnut creek. 83 in livermore, here is the extended forecast, the warmest day this workweek will be wednesday. a little bit more seasonable and then we see a decline in the ridge of high pressure dropping temperatures as we slide into one of the last weekends of august. is that right? that is a look at your money forecast. hundreds of flights been canceled at the tokyo international airport due to strong winds from a typhoon. making landfall this morning bringing heavy rain and strong winds to tokyo and surrounding areas.
5:49 am
the typhoon was sustaining winds up of more than 78 miles per hour gusting up to 112 miles per hour. one person has been killed. health experts are warning consumers not to eat certain types of seafood caught off the northern california coast. the warning applies to rock crab and mussels clams and scallops caught in monterey bay because some contain dangerous levels of demo look acid. a naturally occurring toxin that can cause sickness and death in severe cases. the new blow is hurting fisherman. >> it used to be 50 parts per million. nobody would get sick. now it is 30 pounds per million. >> more realistic research has to be done on it. because other countries are not following this standard. >> so far, there are no reports of illnesses.
5:50 am
marine biologists trying to solve a 400 million-year-old mystery lurking in the water they have recruited two baby great white sharks. the sharks were released off the coast of long island, scientists want to know if the area is a nursery for great white sharks, they tagged the baby predators to learn more about their patterns. the time 6:50, i had a big rescue caught on camera. how firefighters got to a bulldog that had been trapped for days. , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! stuck down a ten foot well for days. sa firefighters work quickly to rescue a bulldog that was stuck in a well for days. a neighbor spotted the dog missing from last wednesday. after a call to 911 firefighters quickly and carefully made the whole bigger trying to get to the bulldog who was a lifeblood out of reach. when they saw their chance they lowered a firefighter, the owner of angus posted signs all over her neighborhood. she told firefighters he had no eyes suffered from seizures. >> we went and got the dog. >> he can't really walk from the bed to the den. >> after being rescued a
5:54 am
veterinary -- a vet determined he was dehydrated. you have heard of pasteurizing milk, now the practice is used for nuts to keep them salmonella free. alpine pacific not outside modesto has never had a recall, they are using a custom built multimillion dollar machine to pasteurize their walnuts. it helps control microbiological issues. the machine handles nearly 80,000 pounds of walnuts at a time. the key is not the steam, but a vacuum. >> you draw in the deep vacuum so when you injected it feels up all the area in the chamber. that is how it gets inside. >> just to let you know steam pasteurize walnuts and do cost more than normal walnuts. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg following through on a promise to donate 99% of his wealth to
5:55 am
charity. he sold nearly 800,000 of his company that was never worth $95 million, it will go to his initiative, a nonprofit started by him and his wife to advance human potential. get ready to pay more at the pump, gas prices are going up because of crude oil prices. the national average is $2.16 per gallon. it is higher in california at $2.65 per gallon. the monday blues, change careers if you want to spare yourself from health problems down the road according to ohio state university researchers. they tracked more than 6000 people who were unsatisfied with their jobs, the data found the unhappy people reported being more depressed, worried and having trouble sleeping later in life. there is demand for celebrity saliva. >> that is so gross.
5:56 am
the winning auction bid of nearly $3200 for a mouthguard used by golden state warrior steph curry. a fan found the mouthguard and a carrying case at a were years road game last december. the selling price was a bit disappointing. the auctioning told espn they were expecting it to go for $5000. but $3200 it better be from steph curry. how do you prove that? we will be back. up next, a beta area woman with a history of stocking in court for allegedly cyber stalking and hacking into the phones of the jenner kardashian family. police investigating a double homicide this morning. ,,,,,,,,
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live this is kpix 5 news.
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>> good morning to everyone, take a look at this beautiful shot of the bay bridge. this is a look from the ship. it is monday, we all need our coffee it is august 22 i'm michelle griego. >> morning, i'm kenny choi. san jose police are trying to track down a suspect after a shooting that left two people dead. lisa chan is near the scene.>> reporter: a lieutenant told us the victims are brothers, officers have blocked off part of eighth street while they investigate the double homicide. investigators were called to the scene at 8:45 last night. there were reports of numerous shots being fired, police say when they arrived they discovered two male victims each suffering from at least one guns


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