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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it runs into the area where fuel are vegetation has already been removed. >> this is a live look at hearst castle which you can see on the ridge line in the distance. it remains close today as this fire is still threatening it. the active body of that fire is about two miles away from hearst castle. weather conditions have not been ideal. they have not been able to set the backfire said they want to yet but they hope to do that sometimes in. -- sometime soon. >> deven you have been out on the fire lines all day long when you see as the biggest challenge? >> reporter: i think they would tell you that it's the unpredictability of the weather . the wind earlier was really pushing this fire westward toward the coast directly into the path of hearst castle. for now mother nature has cooperated and the fire has shifted as we mentioned to the north. they say that could change and if it does hearst castle will be under an even greater threat once again.
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a number of wildfires burning in california can be seen from space. nasa released a satellite image of the smoke rising from four areas. among them the fire in monterey county. in san bernardino county firefighters are making progress as they were to put out the blue cut fire. it has burned more than 35 -- 37,000 acres but it is 89% contained. it has destroyed hundreds of structures including several homes. in lake county students headed back to school the first time since the lake fire broke out a week ago. other students will get to return tomorrow. that fire is 95% contained. it has been one month since the fire started in monterey county. the flames are burned more than 86,000 acres in burned many homes. breaking news out of marin. the chp and fire crews working to rescue a person inside a dump truck that went down a
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steep ravine. this is happening on highway 1 just south of stinson beach. the truck is 250 feet down the steep? -- steep cliffs. word is one or two people are trapped inside. out of redwood city we are getting information on an accident involving a child. at have been on redwood shores parkway near sandpiper elementary less than an hour ago. topic that was overhead and caught what appeared to be a white nissan between two trees. the front end of the cars -- car is completely smashed. there was a car seat onhe ground near the vehicle but it is not clear if the injured child was inside the car. san jose appears to be about to take drastic action to get enough police officers on the street. the mayor will reportedly soon declare a state of emergency. that would allow the city to overwrite an existing contract.
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the mercury news says the plan is to move nearly 50 officers from specialized and investigated divisions and out on patrol instead. the shot -- the staffing for -- shortfall even the police union supports the plan. >> i stand behind that. we all know we are hurting as far as staffing is concerned. in regards to the state and the numbers that have come out and in this emergency situation i standing on it to keep our officers safe on the street and make sure that calls for service are answered. >> administrators have determined that even with the use of overtime the police department is falling far short of its staffing needs. two brothers gunned down outside his san jose home. it happened in the 900 block of south eighth street about 9:00 last time. neighbors heard shots and called 911. friends say the victims are michael and arturo ramirez. one of them died on the scene and the other was taken to the hospital where he later died.
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>> we do believe that the suspect or suspects were in a vehicle. to use the term drive-by might be appropriate. >> police say the deadly shootings have rattled the community. most neighbors knew the victim and some were related to the two brothers. police are looking into whether it was gang-related. a brawl outside of her marina bar. the shirtless man went crazy and bit off the finger of a bartender. kpix 5 reporter joe vazquez has more on the man's meltdown. >> reporter: he did the bartenders finger clean off. the crime happened inside this karaoke bar back on july 17. it was not caught on camera but i do want to show you some video released by police of the suspect acting strangely outside beforehand. the surveillance camera captures a shirtless man wrestling with a guy in a jacket outside a bar. >> this happened around 12:00.
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what you don't see and what we don't have is the fact that the bartender ended up closing the bar at 2:00. >> reporter: police say the suspect was drunk and got way out of hand trying to force his way back inside after the bar closed. being in kicking and pulling on the door and damaging a window trying to climb in. the bartender tried to bounce him and police say he went ballistic. >> he got on top of them and started punching him several times in the face. his face was very swollen and his eyes were almost literally shut. the bartender was able to turn around and get on top of the patron. unfortunately his hand was a little too close to his face and the suspect took it upon himself to bite off the ring finger of the bartender. when i mean right off i mean completely separate off as an amputated. >> here he is another snippet of surveillance buttoning his shirt while munching on pizza. police describe them as
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hispanic about six feet tall with black hair and brown eyes. if you recognize him or anyone in the video you're asked to call police.'s >> police say that surgeons were not able to put the man's ring finger back on but they haven't been able to attach a prosthetic. joe vazquez kpix 5. a new state law is creating a backlog of students as they head into the schools in the area. disco floras tells us hundreds of students were turned away. >> reporter: disco oakland classroom welcomed in the new school year on a high note. some were forced to stay home. oakland unified school district tells us they turned away hundreds of students who failed to meet the state's immunization requirements. >> we are intent on insuring that we are following the law. we need to enforce the expectations that they put out for us. >> reporter: before the law
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parents with personal belief could opt out. parents say the majority of students without immunization records come from families that just did not know about it. >> we have a lot of students who are english learners. those students would have been in school in our country at all. >> reporter: amid the problem okun -- oakland mayor tour the schools today. >> i'm so sorry that today was a frustrating day for so many families. as mayor i'm here to help the school district did children into classrooms as quickly as possible. they have partnered with clinics and kaiser to help families meet the law and get immunized quickly. >> those who might be getting insured through private health insurance regard -- we are connecting them as well. we want to be sure the wreck of
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-- records get on board. >> parents used a personal belief exemption for the law went into effect they are grandfathered in for now but as they start seventh-grade they wanted to have all of their shots. cal fire is looking for a man accused of trying to rob a woman yesterday afternoon in the parking garage at the uc berkeley extension golden bears center. the woman said she met the man online and agreed to meet him in person. he tried to rob her using pepper spray. earlier this month we reported uc berkeley ranks number one for property crime and number two for overall crime on california campuses. california teacher union scores of victory on tenure. laws on job protections will stay on the books. the group of students had to deciding the practice of dumping the bad teachers in underprivileged schools but an appeals court says that has no -- nothing to do with tenure.
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travelers who parking sfo's long-term lot are in for an unpleasant surprise. a price hike on daily rates. prices jumped 7 dollars in the long-term lot bringing them to a new high of $25 per day. in the international lot prices shot up eight dollars making it $36 per day. the hike is to encourage people to take part or rideshare. the passengers said nobody gave the morning. >> part is getting creative and testing out a new non-toxic urine resistant spray. they plan on coding each elevator floor but that spray. estimated prides -- price tag is $340,000. b.a.r.t. hopes to have 80% of the fires spread by april. it was a grease fire that caused commotion at san francisco ferry building this
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morning. this was the scene at 7:30 this morning. crews battled it from the roof and were able to market down quickly. no one was injured and ferry service was not disrupted. the fire may have started inside a bakery. campaign 2016. some questions about whether donald trump is softening his stance on immigration. he is delaying in immigration speech which is set for thursday in denver. just yesterday his campaign manager said it's to be determined if trump will stand behind the idea of the deportation task force. trump saying today he is not flip-flopping and he wants to come up with a fair bedform process. hillary clinton's email controversy is far from over. the state department says it's looking at thousands of previously undisclosed messages. we should jane has details. >> reporter: the state department is going through nearly 15,000 emails that were recovered during the fbi investigation of hillary clinton's private email server. >> we still don't have a sense
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of how many of these 14,900 our new that we have not seen before. >> reporter: the department expects to release the first batch just before the presidential election. >> the latest battleground tracker shows clinton with a six-point lead over donald trump in ohio. >> after a staff shakeup he -- appeared more disciplined sticking to the campaign message. >> he is growing in his role. >> reporter: on monday he attacks the host of morning joe implying that the couple was having an affair. sunday when things settle down i was tired of story. voters are turned off the trumps personal attacks. >> they hate it when he is laserlike in his criticisms of
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people or things they find him mean and insulting. >> reporter: the new campaign manager says he does not hurl personal insults a misuse attacked first. weijia jiang cbs news the white house. more trouble in store for ryan lochte. each companies are cutting ties? a coyote sighting is being treated as a medical emergency. bay area woman accused of terrorizing a member of the kardashian family returns to court. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kpix five's jackie ward wasn the courtroom. another court appearance for the person accused of
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stalking members of the kardashian and jenna family. jackie ward was in the courtroom. >> reporter: she pled not guilty to all the charges she is facing. the majority of the corpus easy -- proceedings involved pinkston's use of the internet. eventually the judge ruled that christina bankston the woman that based charges of cyber stalking identity theft and extortion will be allowed to use the internet as long as she does not discuss the case at a new level. today she was named custodian and is now the surety in this case. she posted $25,000 bond on friday without a surety. 's not allowed to drink any alcohol. is alleged she was suggest -- interesting excessive amounts of it. she has been suspended from her job as a nurse's assistant. she will have to traveled to los angeles where the charges are pending. she has been suspended for her
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job as a way to pay for her own attorney. >> more sponsors are leaving some allottee -- ryan lochte out to dry. speedo dropped them saying the actions do not a lie. a few hours after speedo's jumped ship loaded with ralph lauren and all this after the olympian -- >> i want the people of brazil to know how truly sorry i am because i am embarrassed. i am embarrassed for myself and my family and for my country..
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>> a few hours ago she issued a statement. officials are trying to track down a coyote with a severe case of mange. has roamed the current -- area and the recent days it is not -- they plan to set some tracks up this week in hopes of capturing the animal. the father who tried to save his son from an alligator attack. that had reached in his -- into the animals mount in an attempt to read his son. he was in the looking at the grand floridian resort. the animal may have had diminished their of human by being in an area full of people.
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a group of tech companies is joining forces to fight robo calls. they signed up for the robo call strikeforce. one of the ideas is caller id. aaa set a record for roadside rescue's last year. it was often the newer cars that needed the help. chris martinez explains why. >> reporter: every day los angeles tow truck driver comes to the rescue of dozens. >> 70 280 calls today. >> reporter: the first was a hybrid toyota that would not start with problems in the batteries. >> very common. >> reporter: aaa rescued a record $32 million -- 32 million drivers in 2013 with battery or tire issues. it is newer vehicles that are having problems. about 40% of new cars do not come with a spare tire. when michelle stevens got a
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flat on her way to work she only had an inflator kit in her trunk.'s director was too big of a whole to use that so i had to call for a tow truck. newer technology in cars are continuing to breakdance. keyless ignition systems can put a major strain on the battery. >> that with all the additional electronic devices available today would drain the battery more quickly. the life expectancy rate of a battery is only three years. if you have that battery for more than three years you are living on borrowed time. >> reporter: testing your battery once it reaches three years old can help you ensure that you face fewer problems on the road to go chris martinez cbs news market -- los angeles. it is breezy and the berkeley hills tonight and has already cool down to the upper 50s. we will talk about how chilly we were going to get for some of you today in the seven-day
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forecast coming up. coming up on new at 6:00 it has been a huge hazard from a so why is a bay area city saying it will take several more months to fill this massive sinkhole. first the markets closed makes today here's a look at the closing numbers. ,,,,,,
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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in parts of the bay area.... area... but, for the most part it cleared up. we go straight to chief meteorologist paul deanno..o joins us live from the berk hills. paul, what can we ex this week? kind of agree morning and parts of the bay area. it cleared up. >> we go to chief meteorologist who just got back from vacation -- what can we expect this week. >> this week is going to be a little bit cooler than it has been. we can feel a chill with the marine air making all the way up . the mobile weatherlab is live in the berkeley hills. 's only 60 degrees outside. there is a little bit of the
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freeze and resume in the peak wind gusts at 16 or 17 miles per hour i would not call it windy but definitely a chilly breeze. it has not been a warm day and it will continue to be the case for the next couple of days. big-time cool down and livermore the 90s are gone and the 80s are gone. santa rosa 73 san jose 71 the one spots are santa rosa and livermore. you still have lightning strike on radar right now. if you are wants to -- watching us in point where you heard a couple rumbles of thunder. that is finished for now the thunderstorms will likely stay over the sierra and the foothills. air quality is improving as we increase the onshore flow is giving us better area -- air to breathe.
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close tonight in the 50s. san francisco 55 oakland 56 napa 52. and livermore your low is 57. have a low-pressure area that caused the early morning showers moving out over southern california. a ridge of high pressure is moving closer and will stay off to our west will keep the feet from the chilly pacific ocean going and temperatures will stay near or below average as a result. there's no significant warm up anytime soon. clouds pushing monday evening and overnight tonight we will see drizzle along the coastline with hazy sunshine and plenty of fires burning to our self. some of it will walked in our direction. we will collect hazy sunshine. temperatures will stay below average for the rest of the week. tomorrow san jose 80 concord 84. alejo 79 santa rosa 78. the extended forecast calls for the warmest day be in wednesday and only on that day the
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warmest inland spots will make it to 90 degrees. the rest of the week will stay the low to mid 80s inland mid- sixties near the bay and upper 50s along the coast. here is a view of the marine layer. we are feeling the effects on san francisco bay. that cloud cover is moving in early tonight. that is the forecast we will be back with more in a few minutes. to help pay for field trips like the 5th grade overnight trip! don't be absent from helping your local school! buy 10 participating box tops for education items and get 60 bonus box tops with the just for u digital coupon when you shop today at safeway! offer valid 8/1 - 9/1/16. digital coupons valid when downloaded to your club card.
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cheap airline tickets. august 23 is the black friday for airline deals. summer peak their strop and pallbearers kick in. we are talking tickets sticks -- to scan a 10 to 20%. summer vacations are winding down and kids are headed back to school airline select with plenty of available sheets. in general the best is to buy tickets are tuesdays wednesdays and saturdays. kobe bryant is launching a $100 million venture capital on an today helped ring the opening bell on wall street. the money will focus on helping smaller businesses involved with media, technology, and data. they have been investing in companies for the past three years and kobe says the part he enjoys the most is helping others succeed. >> he did not waste any time.
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that's it for news at 5:00. we will see you back your at 6:00. >> dub to school in the zika zones. lesson one: protection. >> i don't take them anywhere where we're going to be outside for an extended period of time. >> dubois: also tonight, campaign 2016. donald trump on immigration. >> no, i'm not flip-flopping. >> dubois: and revelations of more hillary clinton e-mails. wildfires. firefighters battle them. scientists try to understand them. >> it doesn't even require flame to ignite? >> no. just hot air. >> dubois: and there are eight million stories in new york city. anthony mason found one in this bookstore. >> reporter: a lot of people must come into this shop and wonder why you're still here. >> every day. >> reporter: why are you still here?


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