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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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foot wide by 20 foot long sinkhole developed. the collapse ruptured a gas line forcing businesses to evacuate and a shelter in place order. >> we are hoping to have it fixed by october. that is what we were told. >> five months later the sinkhole is still there. now, residents are wondering what is going on. >> it has been way too long. i don't know what the holdup is. >> it is a safety hazard>> the town public works director says it is a problem. >> this is a huge sinkhole at a major intersection in your town. >> yes it is. and we need to get it fixed we are working very patiently. >> caltrans says the federal funding will likely come next year.'s >> people say there is money here, what could have been done on a local level?
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>> well, we don't have dedicated funding for these types of emergencies. >> they will have to move forward with plan b, contingency winterization plan making sure underground pipelines are secure. that is the worst-case scenario. >> yes it is. >> the sinkhole sits on the corner of an auto repair shop location. did you think it would take this long to repair and possibly on in the winter? >> i did not. initially they said it would be about a month. >> caltrans says the sinkhole will eventually get fixed, just not before the winter months. >> juliette goodrich kpix 5. a rescue operation on the marin county coast a dump truck traveling on highway 1 went over the side of a cliff plunging 250 feet down a ravine. this video into the newsroom showing the chp helicopter airlifting one of the people
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rescued from the truck. two others were able to climb out on their own. no word on the extent of the injuries. that stretch of highway 1 is famous for its tight turns. no word whether the driver missed a turn or what. police are investigating a car crash that involves a child. the white nissan went off-road, it looks like it smashed into a tree, the front end completely crushed next to the wrecked car officers are inspecting a car seat, awaiting word on the condition of the people in the car. turmoil at a well-known school for the hearing impaired with a top administrator being replaced. a student walkout happened at the school in fremont, teachers have complained about punitive management techniques, we report they are not satisfied with the new change in leadership. >> at the california school for the deaf the lesson of the day
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is civil disobedience. 50 high school students walked out of class under the watchful eye of the staff and teachers. using a messaging app the students said we want the superintendent to leave. students parents and teachers say for the past five years he cut popular programs ignored complaints and ran one of the premier schools and the country with fear intimidation and retaliation. >> we feel we are not getting what we need. we need him to leave. >> after weeks of complaints he was removed and temporarily reassigned to work at headquarters in sacramento until further notice. >> is clearly not a fit for the school. he has potential but he is not fit for this school. >> the state has appointed scott kirby as the acting superintendent. they want assurances that the
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old superintendent is gone for good, the community says dealing with the department of education is a struggle. >> i think the state does not understand the best process for death -- deaf education. >> the state gave kpix 5 the same letter they get to parents saying the state superintendent has been meeting with stakeholders and has been conducting a thorough fact- finding process and exploring ways to enhance communications and outcomes for students. in fremont, kia to go kpix 5 . laws on tenure will stay in effect a group of students had sued citing a practice of dumping bad teachers in underprivileged schools, an appeals court said the problem had nothing to do with tenure. today the high court agrees. we saw something today we have not seen in two decades. cars coming off of a ship not in oakland but san francisco.
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a sign of changing times at the port of san francisco. it means quite if you -- a few good jobs. >> for many years the port of san francisco was synonymous with tourism, but this other side of san francisco the south side is now getting some long- overdue attention. here is the story. from the street to the calypso to the longshore drill team to a fire boat salute. san francisco turned out christening the return something the waterfront has not seen in 20 years. cargo shipping. in this case 150 rental cars from hawaii will be cleaned up and fixed up at the port and then shipped across the country for resale. >> not too long ago we were designing americas cup boats right here. >> or recently it was a homeless shelter. >> now it will serve as a
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talking point for 93 ships a year bringing in 150,000 cars and hiring 50 dockworkers and 150 auto detailers for every delivery. with half of the jobs going to bayview residents. >> working-class jobs, once we have said we will bring ├║san francisco. >> jobs that have been going across the bay to oakland for years. >> this location has been dry of any type of work. also the work being shipped to oakland because embarcadero not being able to accommodate ships. >> this represents the very first step, the next step is to export cars. >> tesla, driverless cars, more electric vehicles. >> aren't these cars coming off the ramp today the same gas guzzlers that the mirror says they want off the roads? >> you are trying to get people off the roads and you are bringing in 150,000 more?
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>> it is an industry and he will take it where he can get a. on one side are fisherman's were driving fishing now we are driving tourists. we have the old naval shipyard which is now a massive housing development, in between we are getting back to our roots in san francisco. phil year kpix 5 news. san jose is about to issue a state of emergency. more on the story that has been developing all day. >> reporter: the declaration of the state of emergency will enable the city to override a contract with the police union. currently 413 officers patrolled the streets. well short of the necessary minimum of 500. filling the whole gap with overtime is too difficult in terms of money and logistics. now, there is a plan to move 47 officers who specialize out onto patrol.
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the police union is on board. >> it is tough. there is no doubt, investigators and special ops wanted to stay in their positions to do the great job they do, but the patrol also knows they need help to keep them safe and do the calls for service. >> the move amounts to a change in were conditions meaning the city must confer with the union and the meetings started having this afternoon. trying to law enforcement analyst and former police chief howard jordan says the plan carries pluses and minuses. >> that can be seen as nationwide the entire city of san jose in turmoil and things are very chaotic. i am not sure that is the right message you want to send to the nation. i completely understand why they are doing it. as i mention it gives the chief more resources to put onto the streets. >> this comes as measure f is
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appearing on the measure ballot. it would remove rules that would have to be approved by san jose voters in 2012. a popular landmark is under threat from a wildfire. hearst castle has been closed as firefighters work to keep the flames away. kpix 5 reporter devin feeley has been live all-day. >> pursed castle is on the hilltop behind me, behind that is another hillside where they fire is actively burning. all of the efforts are focusing on a singular goal to make sure the fire and flames never reach hearst castle. >> the plan to protect hearst castle is to fight fire with fire. >> they put fire on the ground against a containment line in front of the main body of fire. >> all day long helicopter
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after helicopter has dropped fire retardant on the ridge two miles away from the count -- castle. and when conditions are right they will set a place to meet and snuff out the fire. >> we are burning off and removing the education -- vegetation to a safe location so if the fire advances it will run into the area where vegetation has already been removed. >> the so-called chimney fire was marching toward hearst castle, the former home of william randolph first, two days ago the wind shifted. giving firefighters time to regroup. without the threat completely gone the beloved landmark is closed to the public. >> it is very scary, devastation. we will not be able to see what we came here for.>> they are allowing firefighters to set the backfires, they have to be exceedingly cautious as you can imagine because if they set the fires and the wind were to shift toward the coast they
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could do more harm than good. at hearst castle devin fehely kpix 5. a grease fire might be to blame for a blaze at the san francisco ferry building. this was the scene at 7:30. you can see smoke coming out of the top. firefighters were able to knock it down quickly. preliminary investigations show it may have started in a bakery. dangerous driving. >> coming up with video showing a driver stopping traffic to do donuts on a busy road. >> caught on camera. crooks target a bay area family twice. what the thieves were after. they are back, after homeless tent cities were banned dozens are back. what the city is saying and what the homeless are doing to get around police sweeps. it is brisk in berkeley, 56.7 degrees and the fog and low cloud cover rolling up the
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berkeley hills, pretty chilly in the forecast for the next seven days. we will tell you which days are the coolest and cloudy is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a viewer shot this video of a car spin a wild and noisy scene in part of san francisco last night, a viewer shot the video of the car spinning around repeatedly, the witness says six vehicles were involved, police say they received reports of the sideshow but all the vehicles had left before officers arrived. and oakland family is thinking not again, they were the target of a crime which was a repeat performance of a violent incident from last year. the video that has led to some new arrested. >> they say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, in
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this case, same streetcorner. same family and almost the same result. the suspect car drove by and so the victim parking her mercedes suv. the suspects pulled around, two men jumped out and tried to rob the driver but the doors were locked and the suspects took off. >> oh, my god. >> a dead end street, the suspects almost hit a car trying to get a. -- out. >> she was terrified, very shaken up by it all. she had her daughter who is two years old. atoll during the child see. >> last year after the family parked the suv, two men snatched the 82-year-old grandmothers purse. oakland police say these are two different groups, neighbors say these guys from last year are in jail. police say these men are linked to three separate attempted robberies. the same time in the same area.
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thanks to the video detectives found the car and detained two people. still looking for a third person. >> great, get off the street. let them know they are not welcome. >> oakland police say a lot of rubbers are casing drivers who are parking their cars are getting out. they are looking for high end cars, i did a story last month about this same type of robbery. police are reminding drivers to be alert when they park. from oakland kpix 5. >> the people they detained may be connected to other robberies in recent weeks. san jose police say the victims of a double homicide last night were brothers. friends have identified the brothers. michael died at the scene and arturo was rushed to the hospital where he later died. about 9:00 last night a car drove up someone in the car opened fired as news spread, neighbors from the tightknit community were shocked.
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many new the victims, some were family the -- members. the 32nd and 33rd homicides of the your. a bay area woman pleads not guilty to charges of cyber stalking identity theft and cyber extortion centered around members of the kardashian and gender family. the 36-year-old christina pinkston will be allowed to use the internet despite her history of harassment. family members say she spent several months and a small fortune assuming the identities of the gender family and hacking their accounts. on friday she posted $20,000 bond. a new push to ease the long- term homeless problem in san francisco. but it means more shuffling for those who seek shelter. wilson walker shows us the situation on division street. >> we are in the midst of moving. we have no idea where we are
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going. >> the arrival of the public works crew means it is time to go somewhere. >> this was somewhere for three weeks. that was somewhere. and then for that two blocks over was somewhere. >> division street has been home to the most visible of the city homeless. these days people here are doing the shuffle. >> the shuffle. >> a sign of the city recalibrated homeless efforts a push to limit the large-scale encampments while outreach teams offer services to those who are asked to move. >> those individual tenants need to not turn permanent. we are giving people notice when we come in. we have got answers for them and places to go. >> once again, you have how many homeless people? >> the city works to keep the sidewalks in offer -- order. while trying to scale up available help to match demand.
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that is a plan that could take years, if you live on the street things are much more day today, for a lot of people the best plan b is an rv. >> i have talked to a couple of rv owners and they don't get asked about sleep. they are kinder on the rv owners. >> drive down division and it looks like the same problem but a new approach is underway. >> we are getting to a point where you can't say i want to be on the streets. >> a city has found workable solutions, they will unfold in slow motion which means everyone here will see a lot more of the shuffle. >> i am thinking we go back down that way. >> in san francisco wilson walker kpix 5. the san francisco zoo has welcomed a new bundle of joy. born saturday afternoon, the zoo posted this video on youtube showing the little girl taking her first step about one after -- our of doing board.
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the mom and baby are doing just fine. you might be asking what is that? it is a south american memo similar to the llama. we were searching for some sun today and you finally found some.>> yes, we found some and then we lost it courtesy of the marine layer working its way up the east bay hills. a lot of sunshine, 70 degrees today but quickly things changed, down to 57 and a breezy 57 and a breezy 5710 to 50 mile-per-hour breeze. that is standard in the berkeley hills this time of year. the onshore flow keeping temperatures down, san francisco 62 degrees for the high, only 73 in fremont, 77 san jose, 86 in concord and livermore below average. the ocean influence has returned keeping temperatures near or below average for each of the next seven days. the highs are normally in the 60s 70s and 80s.
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kpix 5 high definition doppler radar showing thunderstorms over the sierra. specifically right around the tahoe area numerous lightning strikes south of the lake but numerous reports of hail piling up on the shores of lake tahoe a few showers in the east bay earlier today and an isolated thunderstorm. the a's forecast no rain for you mostly clear and cool, 61 degrees first pitch taking on the indians after 7:00. your berkeley forecast tomorrow morning cloud cover limited afternoon sunshine. 67 wednesday a high of 67 with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. temperatures are below average because of the low pressure area to the south moving out and a high ridge of pressure getting closer it will stay to the west keeping this going. if you have been in san francisco for the last couple of weeks it has been chilly and i will not change soon. the high tomorrow 65 degrees, livermore in the mid-80s.
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santa rosa 78, san rafael 73, mountain view 77, extended forecast near the water we are brisk. not even hitting 60 for the next several days along the coastline and highs will be in the 80s. we are coming up on september which means the weather will cool down it is supposed to warm up around here around san francisco but right now there is no sign of a pattern change. but it will come, just not yet. a sad sight caught on camera in the east bay. coming up the search for this coyote and why it needs immediate medical treatment. let's make a deal, the new property pitch from the man who helped found the rock group metallica. ,,,,,,,,,,
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(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at in marin county. a new proposal for
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development and preservation of open space in marin county. the metallica rocker abandoned a big project before but now he is going back to the drawing board. the land in san rafael south of lucas valley road. john raymo's has details on what could be a workable compromise. >> the people who live along lucas valley road are fiercely protected of the open spaces be -- around them. they geared up for battle when the county got a request to build 34 homes across the street from the neighborhood. >> a lot more construction and homes over a bigger area. it was not well received. >> the landowner who proposed it was none other than the metallica front man who owns a huge amount of land next to his ranch here. he further angered locals when he built a fence blocking public access to the space. now the county has received a
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new proposal. >> to develop approximately a 40 acre portion of the remaining unprotected 280 acres. >> proposing building only four houses, big ones up to 8000 square feet. the rest of the la grande 240 acres would stay private but would be designated as a conservation easement protected from development. >> high-definition they are perpetual. so the protection would be permanent. >> none of the details have been worked out but if the deal goes through the compromise could be the public would not be allowed on the land but no more homes could be built here ever. the most remarkable thing about the story is this is marin county a place where everybody argues about everything especially development and nobody seems to be against the. >> we were very very happy. there are a lot of owners and developers who don't pay attention to what the community
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wants. in marin county, john raymo's kpix 5. police on the lookout for this guy, his bizarre attack on a bartender and a lasting injury that he left. >> more problems for ryan lochte and this time it is all about the money. ,,
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you are watching kpix 5 news are top stories, a sinkhole is still gaping nearly 5 months after it opened up. instead of fixing it the city is preparing it for winter. what is the hold of? it is an issue of who is going to pay for the repairs and federal funding won't kick in until next year. turmoil at a public school for the deaf in fremont, the superintendent at the school for the death was reassigned to sacramento. students parents and teachers have complained about cuts in programs and heavy-handed management, now they want to assure the leadership changes permanent. in the marina district a drunk man goes crazy after being bounced from a karaoke bar. he bites off the finger of a
6:31 pm
bartender. a shocking video showing the man and his bizarre behavior just before the scuffle. >> the surveillance camera captures a man wrestling outside of the bar. >> this happened around 12:00. what you don't see is the fact that the bartender ended up closing the bar at two back oh clock. >> he started banging and kicking and pulling on the door after the bar was closed. the bartender tried to bounce him but police say he went ballistic. >> he opened the door got on top of him started punching him several times in the face. his face was very swollen. the bartender was able to turn around and get on top of the patron. his hand was too close to his face, the suspect took it upon himself to bite off the ring finger of the bartender. when i mean bite off i mean
6:32 pm
completely sever off as an amputee. >> here he is in another snippet of surveillance buttoning his shirt. police described him as hispanic, 6' with black hair and brown eyes, if you recognize him you are asked to call the police department. the crime happened inside the silver cloud karaoke bar and was not caught on camera. as for the bartender, the surgeons were not able to reattach his left ring finger but they have been able to put on a prosthetic. in san francisco, kpix 5. wildlife workers will said more traps to catch a coyote suffering from a severe case of mange. video shows the animal roaming around in the past few weeks, mange is a skin disease caused by mites, wildlife workers want to capture the coyote so he can be brought in for treatment. they will set more traps this week.
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the green light to expand its train fleet, the california state transportation of agency awarded $45 million for the growth and monetization of the san francisco vehicle fleet amounting to 42 new trained. the first light rail vehicles will be delivered by the end of this year. they will be placed in service next year. an unusual and rather expensive solution that it will help will prevent people from using elevators as urinals. the plan is to use a new non- toxic year and resistant spray and coat the floors of the elevators. they hope to have 80 of the 127 elevators sprayed by april. the price tag $340,000. they have already tried a few solutions but hope this works. ryan lochte fighting to keep his head above water after his account of being brought in
6:34 pm
rio was discredited. today four of his sponsors are jumping ship. speedo was the first to announce they were dropping lochte a short time later ralph lauren followed suit and the last two mary ours the gentle hair removal and mattress maker airwave announced they are cutting ties. speedo said it cannot condone behavior that is counter to the values this brand has long stood for. lochte and three teammates said they were robbed at gunpoint after attending a party at the olympics in brazil mack -- but a few days later it is found out they were vandals. lochte has since apologized.>> if i didn't over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. you know, i was coming from my friends house highly intoxicated and i made immature calls. and, if that it didn't happen, none of this would've happened. >> lochte issued a statement saying that he respects the
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decision to end his sponsorship. >> with the flame extinguished in rio going to japan the competition is on for who will host the 2024 olympic games and los angeles is in the running. the la mayor was in rio trying to convince olympic conditionals -- officials his city should play host. the 2024 games would cost about $6 billion and generate $161 million surplus from tv rights, sponsorship and ticket sales. los angeles up against paris, rome and budapest. >> is blood thicker than water? researchers seem to think so but their studies conclude a person with more family lived longer with those than just have friends. we want to get your thoughts on this do you believe blood is thicker than water? tweet me right now, poll results coming up tonight. come join us for bay area night beat.
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critics say donald trump flip-flopped on one of his most talked about policies, immigration. and the state department uncovers more of clinton's emails. the latest from the campaign show coming up. ever wonder what it would be like to live on a cruise ship? meet a retiree who is doing that. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in denver this week. it' donald trump is scrapping plans to make a speech on immigration in denver amid questions about whether he is changing his stance. and hillary clinton is facing more problems over her email scandal. reporter diane gallagher has the latest. >> since coming down the escalators on day one of his campaign, immigration has remained a central issue for donald trump.>> thank you. >> a signature part of his plan, deporting the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the u. s. >> we are rounding them up in a humane way. they are going back. they will
6:39 pm
go out, they will come back some will come back, the best way process.>> over the past couple of days the chum campaign has been ramping up its minority outreach and hinting the deportation stance may not be set in stone. >> as the weeks unfold he will lay out the specifics of the plan he would implement.>> will the plan include deportation? the kind he talked about?>> to be determined.>> the millionaire insists this isn't a stance reversal per se. >> so you're not flip-flopping? >> no, i am not flip-flopping. we want a fair but fermenter. >> for chumps opponent it is a battle of the former secretaries of state, colin powell publicly pushing back that he planted the seed for clinton to use a private email server while in office telling the media her people are trying to pin it on me. he believes clinton had the
6:40 pm
server a year before he sent a memo explaining he used a private email address in washington, diane gallagher. a federal judge ordered the state department to provide a timetable for releasing nearly 15,000 emails uncovered in the clinton investigation. the department expects to released the first batch of messages before the presidential election. retiring on the water. not a houseboat, how one person is living on a cruise ship. foggy in the berkeley hills. the mobile weather app reporting 55 breezy degrees, when does the chill and? -- end? he returns to practice. and we have his wife's response. and on the eve of their biggest series of the year, the giants
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lose more ground. put down your spoon, dinner can wait coming up.
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because so much is taken care
6:44 pm
of-- the cooking, cleaning, entertainment a growing demographic for cruise lines because so much is taken care of, cooking cleaning entertainment and activities. >> when the cruise is over most return home to their regular lives, peter greenberg met up with one woman who found a way to travel the world without ever leaving home. >> you could say this 88-year- old has earned her she likes. >> how often do you talk to your family at home? >> i talked to them every day. i talked to them twice a day. >> aboard the crystal serenity she is known as mama lee. she has been living there for the past eight years. >> i don't have to shop or cook. i don't have to do anything. i do what i want, when i want if i want. >> she and her late husband took nearly 100 cruises together before he died in 1997.>> the last thing he said
6:45 pm
to me the day before he died don't you quit cruising. i started frequent cruising. but i got very very tired of packing and unpacking. so i said there has got to be a better way to do this. >> the answer was how about i don't believe that all. mama lee sold her house in florida along with her car and her belongings. never looking back. >> everybody knows her, she knows everybody. >> the captain of the crystal serenity. >> a little bit of a diva in a good way. she gets along with her day makes herself busy. she is a wonderful person. >> at your age there are people who would say i am going to go to a retirement place.>> not me. why do that? >> mama lee has done more than 240 cruises around the world and visited hundreds of different ports, but where the ship is going, irrelevant. for mama lee the ship is the destination. >> everything is been there,
6:46 pm
done that. if i have been there i don't go off the ship and i loved one everybody goes touring. >> she doesn't care where it goes, she loves to dance her way around the world.>> that is crazy. >> if you are wondering how much it costs, try $180,000 per year. >> mama lee will be making history as a passenger on the first cruise ship to go 500 miles north of the arctic circle. it feels like we are in the arctic circle right now in the berkeley hills, a little bit breezy and chilly. in september and october come up around here around sunset a fantastic view of the bay but not tonight because all we see is white and gray because it is foggy and cloudy. it is only 55 degrees, one of the coldest spots in the bay area rivaling ocean beach.
6:47 pm
the relative humidity, throw in a breeze it feels kind of raw outside it is in the berkeley hills, live from the mobil oil -- whether lab. it is not very warm, 76 degrees in concord, 72 livermore, warmer than here but well below average, 10 degrees below typical for this time of day. oakland at 64 below us. san francisco holding steady at 59, san jose 69, santa rosa 62 degrees, there is activity on the doppler radar. numerous thunderstorms bubbling up over the sierra. we will show you the evolution of the storms, a few made it into the central valley and a few leftover showers in concord and portions of the east bay. i do not expect a repeat tonight because our low- pressure area is further away giving us stable air. the breeze from the ocean gives us better air quality, good to moderate quality everywhere, no
6:48 pm
smoke concerns at least in the low levels of the atmosphere, and overnight tonight 50s in santa rosa, 52 livermore, 57 oakland, 56 san francisco 55. in livermore you are warmer all night long been berkeley right now in the berkeley hills. low-pressure area moving over southern california, san bernardino county portions under a flash flood warning until 7:00. high-pressure moving in but it will be bashful staying offshore and when it spins to the west it will feed into the onshore flow which means if you live close to the bay or along the coastline it is not getting warm anytime soon. clouds pushing inland with coastal drizzle likely. hazy sunshine tomorrow looking up in the atmosphere some smoke , hazy sunshine for tuesday. temperatures they will be below average every day. for the next seven days. highs tomorrow a few degrees below normal, not cold, but chilly. half-moon bay, 61, san ramon 83,
6:49 pm
the niche 87. was in 1085. only 59 for the high in stinson beach. one country, nampa at 80. temperatures are staying in the 80s across the board with wednesday being the exception, mid-to upper 60s near the bay, mid-to upper 50s along the coastline, this would be the view of san francisco of the bay of oakland. tonight you get fog. nothing but fog. that is your forecast. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health.
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now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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arm fatigue that forced him to miss five practices and two pre-season games. colin kaepernick back at practice over the arm fatigue forcing him to miss five practices and two preseason games. he did not meet with the media but at least one team a was impressed. >> are you a good painter? >> i don't know, ask my wife. i don't know. >> okay, barring any setbacks let's move ahead, the 49ers
6:53 pm
christian ponder could there be a third-party emerging cracks meanwhile at a home finishing the paint job he abruptly abandoned four days ago. christian replied sorry, i'm not sorry. meanwhile, no cordoba controversy for the 49ers opponent. the green bay packers. >> how disappointed are you that you will not be a 49er? >> not as disappointed before they didn't draft a. >> he returns as the 49ers host the packers friday night at 7:00. see the game on kpix 5. amazingly the giants have blown an eight-game lead against the doctors who have put more players on the disabled list than any team in national league history. san francisco plays nine of the 38 games against the dodgers
6:54 pm
beginning in los angeles. >> this was probably as important as the next two. >> they will be facing the red- hot dodgers offense, erupting for seven home runs today in cincinnati. three by adrian gonzalez. taking a one-game lead over the giants going into the three- game set beginning tomorrow. the giants are struggling, the a's have imploded, one-game out of last place, billy butler was placed on the concussion list after he got into a physical altercation with a teammate. bob melvin said neither player will be suspended. our catch of the day. kayla henderson look at this. she caught two largemouth bass. she was not a fisher woman, decided to give it a shot and
6:55 pm
now she is hooked. you can see why. those are pretty thick. do you think you could do better? send us your pictures your catch of the day. and if you are busy doing preseason football this is what you missed this weekend. >> the little guy might think taught -- twice about having ice cream again. he is showing off his taylor swift impression. it to did not end with the week. -- wig >> stick to his day job. chase peterson, his first career start. unfortunately, he was playing against the
6:56 pm
nationals. peterson stayed in the game and hit a walkoff home run. he wins the game. a final image from rio. mongolian wrestling coaches not happy with the official decision. both men stripped down to their underwear before being removed from the match. they were upset because their wrestler lost when the judges awarded a penalty point after the finish of the match. which is pretty rare and you can see the mongolian wrestling coach not happy. they did it in protest. dot-com. join us for nightbeat at 10 -- on kbcw 44 cable 12. and ack here tonight at >> for news throughout the evening always go to we will see you back here tonight at 11:00. ! i mean, whoo.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: hey, y'all. how y'all doing today? i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from gadsden, alabama, it's the weatherly family! [cheering and applause] and from montgomery, alabama--the gump, baby--it's the james family! [cheering] all this. everybody here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the art ford edge
7:00 pm
right there. [cheering] well, let's go meet the james family. [cheering] lauren. lauren: yes, sir. steve: first of all, introduce everybody. lauren: this is my handsome husband henry. steve: henry, how you doing, man? henry: steve, nice to meet you. steve: doing good. what do you do? henry: i'm a defense lawyer. steve: a defense lawyer. henry: yes, sir. steve: so good. and who else? who you got? lauren: this is my younger but definitely not shorter brother will. steve: will, how you doing? will: how you doing, steve? will. steve: what do you do, man? will: i am, uh, insurance underwriter. steve: ok. so who else you got there, lauren? lauren: i have my father, the man that's buying our dinner--randy. randy: it's all good. steve: good, good, good. what do you do, randy? randy: i'm a lawyer, but i have the greatest job in america, and i really believe that. i'm a mediator, and, uh, that means as a lawyer i never lose a case, i'm undefeated. i've done over 3,000 mediations across this country, and i love it because at the end of the day i bring people together


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