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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check the conditions. the bay bridge, a nice shot this morning, a clear view of one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. >> ooooo! [ laughter ] >> i know. it is. it's beautiful, right? >> it's an adult version of disneyland without the eticket. >> it's cool for everyone to goes over it. >> my daughter loves the bay bridge! >> really at 3 years old? >> she knows it. >> gosh, she is so smart. [ laughter ] >> brilliant. >> that's what i think. >> hi, everybody. good morning. we can see the top of the bay bridge this morning. we can see the tower at sfo. so we'll keep you posted of the possibility of any kind of airport delays. we do have a gray slate out there right now temperature- wise anywhere from 55 in santa rosa to 61 degrees in oakland. winds have been under 10 but will be picking up to 20 later today. gusts up to 30.
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look at the numbers. we're slightly below average. but near perfect for this summer day in the month of august. temperatures are in the 60s today for a forecast high along the beaches no sunshine there but ample sunshine around the peninsula. climbing to 81 degrees in palo alto through los altos and then 83 in cupertino, campbell, back into sunnyvale, upper 70s in milpitas through fremont and then the further inland you travel east up to nearly 90 in brentwood, hey, byron, i bet you top off at 90 today. 88 in antioch. mid-80s throughout the tri- valley. high 50s north bay beaches through the 60s in mill valley through the 70s in petaluma. up to 80 in sonoma and napa. and you want low to mid-90s? met towards ukiah, lakeport and clearlake. we have the full forecast at 18 past the hour. >> let's check your altamont pass this morning. coming out of tracy, cars moving about 30 miles per hour. dublin interchange commute about 15 minutes. slow traffic in the commute direction there.
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also keep in mind there is some roadwork it should have ended about 5:00 but still causing major delays from your morgan hill to san jose commute northbound 101 between dunne avenue and blossom hill road and then here's a look at your bay bridge toll plaza. you have some backups in the cash lane carquinez bridge to the maze will take about 18 to 20 minutes and here's a look at your mass transit. no delays. the new school year soon to begin stanford university is launching a strict new policy regarding alcohol on campus. kpix 5's anne makovec reports. >> reporter: this is not going to apply to all parties. so it's not going to put a damper on the entire campus scene but these new rules apply to all on campus undergraduate housing. no hard alcohol allowed. that includes mixed drinks or shots. it doesn't apply to beer or
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wine for students who are 21 and up. and liquor will be allowed at parties hosted by student organizations in homes where graduates live. we talked to stanford students in april before the decision was made. >> it's absolutely right since we are discussing sexual assault and alcohol use to make sure it's healthy and happy but an outright ban is a law enforcement approach to a medical problem. >> stanford officials say this was an effort to limit high risk behavior. this all comes after stanford swimmer brock turner was convicted for sexual assault after a booze-y student party. anne makovec, kpix 5. san jose's police department may do some serious reshuffling to get more cops on the beat. right now, sjpd only has 413 patrol officers falling short of the minimum requirement of 500. it's been bridging the gap by paying overtime but that option
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is too pricy. so the city manager, police chief and union president met at city hall to consider a drastic option. they are working toward pulling detectives out of the investigations bureau to place them in patrol cars. officers were specialized units would also make a move. >> we're going to have widespread effects internally, a ripple effect. but bottom line is, number one, get to the calls for service. >> long term, we need more officers. there are budgeted positions. we have vacancies we want to fill to join our department. short term, the police chief garcia is looking for ways to make the reassignments within the police department. >> the short term solution would require moving 47 officers to different posts. the department hopes to make these changes by september 11. in santa clara, a former corrections deputy is now facing charges for reportedly beating an inmate.
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the sheriff's department says that former deputy timmy tri kicked an inmate in the head and face several times. the attack happened in the main jail back in october 2013. tri was put on administrative leave but no charges. now there's an arrest warrant. the sheriff's department is not saying what new information it received or if any other correction officers are involved in this case. hillary clinton's campaign is embarrassed again by an email scandal. meanwhile, donald trump is pleading his case with minority voters. for more insights we turn it ourwashington insider marc sandalow. so is there any evidence of corruption in the multi-million dollar donations to the clinton foundation. >> reporter: there's no evidence of bribery of corruption in the classic sense. i give you this money, do you
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this. but in terms of money being influential, people gave tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation asked favors of hillary clinton as secretary of state whether it was a visa for a client of theirs or a private meeting. now, a lot of these things weren't granted but, you know, if you think of corruption as sort of the mayor daley tammany hall illegal activity no evidence that hillary clinton engaged in that but if you think of it as corrupting sort of her true north star with her behavior affected? there's enough there that it creates an appearance of it. >> donald trump is reaching out to minorities telling them that they have nothing to lose by voting for him. is that an effective argument, in your personal opinion? >> reporter: there is a legitimate policy debate about whether or not liberal democratic ideas or conservative republican ideas best serve the poor. that's the kind of argument you have in a presidential election but in donald trump's case he
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began his campaign by calling some mexican immigrants rapists and murderers. he said a federal judge wasn't qualified to rule in his case because of his associations. he refused to speak to the naacp. he had trouble renouncing the klan. he famously said there ought to be religious test to keep muslims out of the united states. you can't make all of those arguments and then suddenly tell minorities hey, give it a try. what do you have to lose? you need years of -- of -- of a record to make that be an effective argument. it may well be that he was reaching out to swing white voters to try to convince them to that he is not a bigot which might be an effective argument for votes. >> over the last few weeks we have seen a shift in donald trump's campaign whether that's because of the changes at the top. who knows. but what's more important for trump right now, expanding his appeal or solidifying his base?
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>> reporter: so that's the great question that his campaign is wrestling with now. the old formulation is that republicans are always going to get 40% of the vote. democrats are always going to get 40%. you play for the 20% in the middle. the problem with donald trump is he doesn't have 40%. he has more like 25 or 30%, i think. he needs to expand that base. but if he expands that base by softening things like his big wall to mexico or his ban on some muslim immigrants, he may be cutting into his other base. and that's a problem they are dealing with. one quick demographic reminder, he doesn't need all minority votes, just a small fraction of them. the white vote has gone for the republican party nominee every election since 1964. the last time democrats won the white vote was lyndon johnson a generation and a half ago.
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>> marc sandalow in washington, dc, thank you. there is more fallout for olympic swimmer ryan lochte. several of his sponsors are cutting ties with him. speedo, ralph lauren, gentle hair removal and a mattress maker are ending their contracts with him. lochte has been under fire after reportedly lying about getting robbed at the olympics. surveillance video shows him and three other teammates at a gas station in rio. they claim someone robbed him at gunpoint but police later said that did not happen. lochte has apologized for lying. >> if i didn't overexaggerate the story, if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. you know, i was coming from a friend's house. i was highly intoxicated. and i made immature calls. and if that didn't happen, none of this would have happened. >> lochte is reportedly
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thinking about going to rehab. the competition is start to see who will host the 2024 games and los angeles is in the running. the l.a. mayor was in rio hoping to convince olympic official that his city should be the host. the 2024 games will cost about $6 billion. it could generate nearly $161 million from tv rights, sponsorships and ticket sales. l.a. is up against paris, rome and budapest. today in vallejo a bay area rapper is helping hundreds of preteens look extra fly as the fall semester begins. >> extra fly! [ laughter ] >> e40 is giving every student at benjamin franklin middle school a new backpack p jackie ward is live at ben franklin where kids will be making tough calls on colors and prints in a couple of hours. >> reporter: earl stevens is stepping up. he can relate to these kids
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because this school is his alma mater. so for the past couple of years, the middle school has provided backpacks with the basic school supplies for their students thanks to community donations and grants. no grant money this year and that's when the recording artist said he would make sure students could be equipped with what they need for a successful school year. school supply kids with binders, folders, notebooks, pens and pencils are ready to be handed out. so e40 himself will be here later this morning to hand out 700 backpacks in all. in vallejo, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 5:11. still ahead, a cracked windshield. why the driver of this car says the damage was lucky. >> president obama headed to louisiana today but some lawmakers say that he should have been there earlier. >> from the kpix weather center, good tuesday morning, everyone. our marine layer is just as deep this morning but the difference it will make in today's forecast.
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>> and there's some flat tires on the sunol grade. we'll tell you why coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome to your tuesday.
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looking towards the beautiful l.e.d.-lit bay bridge. that's glorious this morning. we are able to see it in all its glory due to the low clouds. the fog has lifted above 525 feet. we have that deep marine layer however and i'll talk about the effects it will have on your temperatures for this tuesday coming up. president obama will go to baton rouge today to assure people his administration has made their recovery a priority from the floods. donald trump and some other republicans have criticized the president for completing his family vacation above visiting louisiana. >> the president is focused on the response in the ground and the people in louisiana whose lives have turned upside-down by this terrible flooding event. >> trump visited last week. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton says she will go to the area when her presence doesn't disrupt
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emergency response efforts. good morning. let's take a look right now at some debris in the road causing some major flat tires. this is southbound 680 near andrade road and this is in the sunol grade. right behind that southbound 680 again after highway 84 a two-car crash on the shoulder cars moving about 30 miles per hour through there. san mateo bridge heading from hayward across the span into the peninsula 880 to 101, westbound will take but 15 minutes. and then also let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. looking good a little backed up in the cash lanes this morning. carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound will take but 20 minutes. here's a look at your altamont pass. red arrows out of tracy per usual. cars driving about 30 miles per hour 205 to the altamont pass about 15 minutes. and then here's the morgan hill to san jose commute northbound 101 between dunne avenue and blossom hill road. we have some earlier road construction there. should be cleared by now but we still have delays being
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affected right there cars moving about 50 miles per hour. and let's take a look at your dublin interchange. looking not too good in your commute direction. altamont pass to 680 westbound will take you about 16 minutes. roqui, i drive that 580/680 corridor every day. it's a nasty commute. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! your time check 5:17. this is our live weather camera looking out towards sfo. we have a layer of low clouds and some areas of patchy fog along the coast. i have not seen any reports of drizzle as of this morning. santa rosa, good morning to you, 55 degrees. it currently in the 60s from oakland through redwood city, san francisco 58. overnight wind speeds clocked at 30 miles per hour. today variable winds 10 to 20 in the afternoon. we'll see gusty winds. 12 in fairfield and in the napa area. we have so many weather watchers checking in at this
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early hour but i think this guy is having a good start to his day. hi. this is john miller in santa rosa. he says good morning, overcast again and pressure up to 30. you know, when he says that, that is our barometric pressure and when it's at 30 even, that means high pressure is in command and it certainly is. this area of high pressure is beginning to slide closer and closer to the coast. so john, that was a good call. this area of low pressure has been encouraging all that subtropical moisture to lift up through the back door into the high sierra. we have thunderstorms the possibility again late today in throughout the high sierra back in through yosemite. otherwise very mild in throughout the central valley into the 80s. 93 in ukiah. smoke and haze areas of smoke as well temperatures climbing from the 50s through the 60s around the rim of the bay. then you notice into the 70s around the peninsula, again a late day breeze up to 20. 80 in san jose when we should be at 83 so not too far off our
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summer mark. 70s common to the north. 80s to the east. outside number today will be 89 degrees in brentwood. as far as your air quality report is concerned, a better looking day to the east. now, the recipient of the chimney fire smoke will be the south-central bay and santa clara valley so pollution today. peak day of heat is wednesday. thursday temperatures become a little bit cooler. then notice that outside number friday and saturday, sunday. that's our outside number so many inland areas will be in the 70s. a's lost last night. it was very close. it was in the 8th inning santana hit a home run. they will try again tonight with manaea on the mound for the good guys. tomorrow is a day game. what do you say? >> wednesday, wednesday, let me see. >> 12:35. >> maybe. >> kids are in school. >> we can go. >> tickets on you? >> no. [ laughter ] >> on the a's!
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[ laughter ] >> but you're wearing their colors. >> i'm going to bring them a little good luck today. we'll see if we go tomorrow. >> game on! all right. well, speaking of baseball, players getting a lot of attention for his recent grand slam. not only did he hit it out of the park but shattered his windshield. yes! his windshield. this happened during a minor league game in illinois sunday night. brandon thomas grand slammed and hit the window of his toyota that was parked in the parking lot. >> it wasn't a little crack. that's pretty good damage. so -- at least i know i hit it pretty good. >> awesome. the good news is his grand slam led his team to victory. maybe he will hit the majors. >> what are the odds? and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, man, it's been a rough start for josh redick in los angeles and it just got worse. we'll tell you why. and he is back.
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good morning from the traffic center. time now 5:23. and that meanswe have slow traffic from the altamont pass
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to 680. good morning, everyone. the giants open up a huge three- game series against the dodgers tonight. but they might not face former athletic josh redick, who reportedly injured his finger while ordering room service at his hotel. he is hitting just .149 with l.a. adrian gonzalez almost increased the west lead yesterday. he hit three home runs with eight runs batted in in l.a.'s 18-9 beat-down of the reds. giants begin with a one-game lead in the west tonight. a's have placed billy butler on the seven-day concussion dl after he was reportedly hurt in an altercation with teammate danny valencia. neither player will be suspended and kpix 5 has obtained exclusive video of the incident. ♪[ music ] >> valencia kept his hands to himself and last night's game against cleveland. game score rest until the 8th when carlos santana had a home
5:25 am
run for the only run of the game. cleveland wins 1-0. oakland has lost eight of nine. colin kaepernick was a full participant in 49ers practice yesterday after missing five practices with the team's first two preseason games included. he had arm fatigue. he looked good although he didn't speak with the media. he should make his preseason debut on friday when the 49ers host the green bay packers right here on the big 5 and he is going to have to come up big because it looks like blaine gabbert has already won that starters job. i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. play of the day from major league baseball. boston at tampa bay. . leaping grab, boston player almost over the wall and brings it back to prevent the two-run shot. one more look. boston goes on to beat the rays with the help of anthony and
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that catch 6-2. 5:25. still ahead, there's a fight over color in marin. how some residents want the outside of this apartment building painted. >> reporter: stanford university cracking down on hard alcohol consumption. the new rules about to go into effect coming up.
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i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help. for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even bigger impact and end alzheimer's for good.
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wait until you hear how he got stuck. a man rescued overnight after he got trapped between two buildings. wait until you hear how he got stuck. >> if you're itching to fly, today is the day to book. how much of a discount you could get on your flight. good morning, it is tuesday, august 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. let's get a look at traffic and
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weather. it's 5:29 right now. >> and up here to the desk what did i find in my area a quarter? i'm thinking, michelle, you're giving me a penny for your thoughts ? >> and a quarter for i don't know what. [ laughter ] >> if you sing. >> oh, okay. well, you don't want that. i have people always asking me, what did you do with the money? the money your mom gave you for singing lessons. [ laughter ] >> ba da bump! i'll be here all week. >> i still have people ask me about autographs. [ laughter ] >> no more. no more. good morning, rise and shine! out the door this morning we have again a blanket of areas of low clouds and fog heading out towards the bay bridge. but you know what? it's really not the summer doldrums because we have subtle changes each day. today 58 livermore and san francisco. 61 redwood city. 61 oakland. mild start to the day. temperatures will be a couple
5:31 am
of degrees warmer today than yesterday. we're talking 60s at the beaches, no sunshine there. but warming to the mild 70s high 70s around the peninsula santa clara valley. 85 gilroy today. east bay numbers to nearly 90 in brentwood. discovery bay and byron, 90 degrees. 83 in san ramon, 84 danville, blackhawk and alamo. san francisco two degrees off the summer mark. winds variable late day today. west-southwest 10 to 20 in case you have stronger gusts. 70s and 80s. 90s in the clearlake lakeport and ukiah areas. we do have the warmest day of the week still coming up and the coolest, as well. i have that forecast at 48 after the hour. good morning, rocky. >> good morning. time now 5:31.
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let's take a look at your altamont pass. 205 out of tracy to the altamont pass will take you a heavy 30 minutes. cars driving at about 20 miles per hour. from there, to the dublin interchange, there's a lot of backup here in the commute direction. altamont pass and 680 westbound about 20 minutes. a lot of trouble in the sunol grade southbound 680 at highway 84 a two-car crash on the shoulder but before that near andrade road there's debris in the road causing flat tires and we believe reports are saying that these flat tires and that backup have caused that crash behind it. the maze to downtown on the bay bridge westbound will take about 10 minutes. but that traffic is backing up on the toll plaza. the metering lights could be on in minutes. san mateo westbound 15 minutes. thank you. stanford university students will soon start arriving at the farm for a new school year and a new set of
5:33 am
rules regarding alcohol. kpix 5's anne makovec is live on campus with more on the stricter policy. anne reporter: stanford trying to put a dent in culture that you see at many universities a culture of wild drunken parties. so stanford university just instated these new rules banning hard alcohol consumption by undergrads at campus party. that includes mixed drinks and shots forbidden in all undergraduate housing no matter how old the person who lives there is. but if a student is 21 they are still allowed to have beer and wine. we talked to some students about the rules earlier this year when they were first proposed. >> if there's a ban on hard alcohol then people are going to have it anyway. they always do it with a closed- door trying to, you know, chug alcohol or beer before the ra can get to them. this is about following the conviction of brock turner for the sexual assault of a drunk
5:34 am
unconscious woman fooling a boozing frat party. he was 20 at the time. the exceptions to the rules liquor is still allowed at parties thrown by campus organizations and housing where graduate students live. live at stanford, anne makovec, kpix 5. that wildfire in san luis obispo county has taken an unexpected turn going back turning two homes. the chimney fire burned more than 33,000 acres and destroyed more than 50 buildings. it's 35% contained. meanwhile, the threat to historic hearst castle had eased a bit but the landmark is closed to visitors. and in monterey county the 86,000-acre soberanes fire is 60% contained. it's destroyed 57 homes and 11 outbuildings between carmel and big sur. crews will be out today working to remove a dump truck that plunged nearly 200 feet off an embankment in marin county. it led to a dramatic rescue
5:35 am
yesterday off highway 1 near stinson beach. crews used a helicopter and a basket to hoist up the stranded driver and two passengers. the chp says that the main reason those men survived is because of the airbags inside the truck. >> it's 250 feet down with minor injuries for all. >> a preliminary investigation says that speed was a factor in the crash. san francisco is pushing harder than ever to clear up the homeless encampments on a street notorious for tents. division is no stranger to makeshift homes but the city is sending out more and more crews to remove them. in turn, san francisco is trying to step up its outreach services so that homeless residents stay off the streets. because mayor lee says the days of encampments must end, still some homeless residents told us they know people simply trade in tents for rvs to avoid constant moves. >> i think we are getting to a point where you can't say i
5:36 am
want to be on the streets without conditions. >> talk to a couple of rv owners and they don't get hassles by the police. the police are more kinder on rv owners for some reason. >> one homeless man told us despite changes in outreach services, he just walks two blocks down division each time crews come to set up his tenth again. a controversy in the spotlight in marin county this evening. people in corte madera have complained about the loud colored paint on the exterior of the tam ridge residences on tama l-vis sta boulevard. they will add gray and brown. the 180 unit apartment project is criticized as being too big for corte madera amid fears of extra traffic. new this morning, crews rescued a man who was trapped between two buildings. firefighters were called to the scene in pittsburgh, pennsylvania overnight saying the man was trying time press a
5:37 am
woman and attempted to jump from one roof to the next. he missed! he was stuck between the buildings. he hurt his ankle about is expected to be okay. not a smart move. what can you do. today in vallejo hundreds of middle schoolers about to walk with extra swagger. >> yes. because a bay area rapper is giving everyone a brand-new backpack. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at benjamin training lynn middle school where e40 is helping kids start the fall semester in style. >> reporter: so michelle here's something to think about. the kids who go to this school weren't even born when e40 was in his prime but they will know who he is after today. it's because of him that students at the franklin middle school will be fully equipped with all the necessary supplies this school year. for the last two years the school has been able to give its students backpacks,
5:38 am
notebooks, pens, pencils due to grants. no grant money this year so a graduate is taking care of the kids. this is e40s middle school. so in a few hours, he will come back to his alma mater and old stomping ground to give out 700 backpacks to take care of the student body. in vallejo, jackie ward, kpix 5. if you fly in and out of sfo you will want to hear this. parking prices are going up. to park in the long term lot it's going up $7 to $25 per day. in the international lot prices are going up $8 bringing the total to $36 a day. airport officials say that the increase is to encourage people to take bart or rideshares. if you think of fall travel plans today is the day to book it. experts say august 23rd is cheap flight day. they say summer is a peak travel time because kids are out of school and families are getting their vacation bid. now tickets will start going down by 20%. experts say the best days to
5:39 am
buy tickets are tuesdays, wednesdays and saturdays. makes me want to go somewhere. i'll be searching in about five minutes! this month marked a big birthday for social security. the system turns 81. but ahead of all the candles and cake, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to tell us what we should know before cracking into our benefits. all right. so you say americans are leaving social security money on the table how? >> reporter: you know, you are allowed to claim your retirement benefits as early as age 62. but your full retirement age is usually 66 or 67 depending on the year of your birth. now, if you claim your benefits early, it can permanently shrink the amount of money you will receive over your lifetime by as much as 25%. that's a big chunk of change. not only can that hurt you, it could also affect your
5:40 am
nonworking spouse who is planning to claim based on your record. the good news is although the system punishes you for claiming early, it rewards you for patience. if you wait after your full retirement age to file your retirement benefits, you're entitled to something called delayed credits. they can total up to 8% a year in additional benefits until you max them out at age 70. >> so jill, does social security penalize older americans when they work in retirement? >> reporter: yes. this is a tough one because more and more americans are working after they actually officially retire. so if you claim benefits early, remember, before that full retirement age, and you continue to work, you are subject to something called an annual earnings test. that means that if you reach your full retirement age, you can earn up to $15,720 no problem.
5:41 am
but above that amount, social security will withhold a dollar in benefits for every two dollars earned above that threshold. now, here's the good news. once you reach your full retirement age, you can collect your whole retirement benefit even if you do continue to work. it's also important to note that anything that was withheld while you were working, these are not lost benefits. once you get to that retirement age again, usually 66 or 67 at this point, your monthly benefit will be increased permanently to account for the months in which the benefits were withheld. sound confusing? don't worry. even while i was on vacation, i was working for you. i wrote an article about social security including whether or not the system is going broke. just go to >> you make it understandable easy to understand. i'm doing the math in my head. i figured out how many years i have to work. whew! >> oh, well, that's tough. don't do that. >> i know.
5:42 am
i know. thank you, jill. time now 5:41. a new vaccine is in the works for patients diagnosed with brain cancer. still ahead, what one patient says about the next generation treatment. >> here's something you don't see every day. doctors have to remove dozens of knives from a man's stomach. we'll tell you why. >> and let's take a look at 880 right now in oakland. you can see both directions moving pretty smoothly at this vantage point. roqui will let us know about any hot spots coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome to your tuesday. good morning, everybody. rise and shine! your time check is 5:44. we are looking at the beautiful bay bridge all illuminated until dawn which is at 6:33. mostly cloudy skies right now.
5:45 am
we have a change in your forecast. we'll talk about that in less than 4 minutes. new this morning a powerful typhoon has made a second landfall in japan. typhoon mindu le made landfall on a northern island. the storm is bringing heavy rain, winds and flooding. it could get another 7 inches of rain late tonight. a man in new york is giving new meaning to the term, leap of faith. >> he is going viral for his daredevil stunts. as you can see, in this video, he jumped through a wall of fire. there he goes through the wall of fire. his church is called faith on fire. >> okay. that just made me nervous watching. i'm glad he is okay. obviously he had a lot of people out there watching.
5:46 am
they had "faith." >> no words. >> wow. all right. >> living on a prayer. >> madonna. >> no, that's not madonna. >> i was just going to basically smack you in the back of the head. madonna was like a prayer. >> no, like a virgin. >> i'm going to get to the -- >> i know what song you're singing about. >> you do know the song and i know the video. >> just like the prayer? >> just like a prayer. >> i'll take you there. >> that's probably not it, either. >> roqui, save us. let's take a look at your morning commute. first, hayward, fremont area. northbound 880 at decoto big rig versus pickup truck on the shoulder causing minor delays. 880 commute right now looking good in both directions. actually 238 to 80 northbound, about 15 minutes. and let's take a look at the sunol grade. trouble here southbound 680 after highway 84. two-car crash on the shoulder. before that there's some debris
5:47 am
on the road causing flat tires. that caused the crash behind it. cars are moving at 50 miles per hour. maze to downtown westbound 10 to 15 minutes. very slow to the toll plaza down to the maze. we'll keep a lookout on that. and then that's a look at your traffic. how's the weather looking, roberta? >> the weather is very similar to yesterday but we have differences. good morning. this is the scene looking out towards the bay bridge all 25,000 l.e.d. lights brightly lit at this hour. the waters we can see the reflection of the lights, relatively cam. small craft advisory today. those winds 10 to 20 knots increasing to 25 to 30 late day. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. as you get ready to kick-start your tuesday, san jose, good morning, you're at 61 degrees with partly cloudy skies. west-southwest winds out of the north in redwood city, calm in
5:48 am
mountain view. these winds will be variable today west and southwest 10 to 20 gusts up to 30 similar to yesterday. 12 miles per hour from the west in napa. we have the enhanced marine layer. we have the cutoff low that's trying to encourage some of this monsoonal moisture to lift out of the vegas area into our high sierra. but meanwhile we have this area of high pressure. this is beginning to slide closer and closer to the coast and as it does so, today will warm by a couple of degrees in comparison to monday. still in the central valley today very mild temperatures into the 80s except once you get into fresno we jump up to 98. there's that thunderstorm possibility in the late afternoon hours in the high sierra through yosemite. 63 smoke and haze in monterey bay back through carmel into pebble beach. 98 in redding. official sun-up this morning at 6:33. by the time it sets at 7:51, we'll shave off a couple of minutes and about 14 seconds of daylight hours in comparison to
5:49 am
yesterday. air quality is improving in the eastern portion of our bay area. yay!! haven't seen that in quite some time but we are still seeing the effects of some of the blowoff in the form of smoke and particulate matter from the chimney fire in san luis obispo. across the santa clara valley in the south-central bay due to the southwest winds. today 57 at the coast. 60s around the the bay. mid-70s across the peninsula today. 85 degrees in gilroy. otherwise average high in san jose 83. forecasting 80. 70s for the most part across the northern portion of the bay and then from the 70s to fremont closer you get to the bay in the eastern portion of the bay area to the mid-80s in the tri-valley outside number 89. futurecast shows an enhanced marine layer due to the upper level trough. see what is wah it does to your seven-day forecast. -- see what it does to your seven-day forecast. thursday and friday the numbers come down. friday through sunday temperatures, this is an outside number towards brentwood so much of our inland
5:50 am
areas will only be in the 70s. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. all right. a new vaccine could mean a medical breakthrough for patients diagnosed with brain cancer. it was developed at roswell park cancer institute in buffalo, new york. the vaccine is considered a next generation treatment for brain cancer using immunotherapy. that means it's designed to simulate a patient's immune system to kill cancer cells. >> the surgery helps but we have to develop better drugs, immunotherapies, for example, that can kill cells, tumor cells, that the surgery can't get to. >> so far 15 patients are enrolled in a phase 2 clinical trial. one patient survived four years. a man in india has such an appetite for knives he had to
5:51 am
go under the knife. doctors had to surgely remove 40 knives from his stomach after he ate them over two months. they were all pocketknives each about 7 inches long. look at that. as for why he did it, doctors say he would only give erratic answers. he is said to be physically doing okay after the surgery. mentally? eh. >> i don't know. >> not so much. it is 5:51 right now. barbra streisand has some words for siri. coming up, why the legendary singer wants apple to make some changes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they captured on their nanny camera.. a man with a gun walking around their a scary situation for one family in georgia. they captured on their nanny camera a manage with a gun walking around their home. this happened in atlanta. police say the thief broke into several homes in the neighborhood. he is caught on camera stealing tvs and jewelry. the suspect is still on the run. want to drive a tesla without paying 6 figures with a long-term commitment? for the first time the company is offering two-year leases of the model s. they start at $593 a month with a down payment about $7,000. a controversial billboard that's being called too sexy for take-off is now up at john wayne airport in orange county
5:55 am
despite criticism. the billboard advertises mariah carey's las vegas show shows her practically naked with a gold sheet. some travelers think it's too risque for the airport. >> it's not that i'm uncomfortable but if i had a child i would not want to have to explain cleavage and all of that in public. >> it's good-looking picture of her. [ laughter ] >> of course. the airport in burbank also put up the ad but they are asking the company to revise it. no word on when that ad may be replaced or what the version may look like. >> different perspective there, male and female. >> it's always fun to get those. >> i think the pr team is getting people to talk about it. >> mariah carey always dresses like that. that's her gig. most of us have problems with our iphone, so we take it to the apple store. when you're barbra streisand, you call the company's ceo. the singer noticed siri
5:56 am
mispronounced her last name. it reportedly says it with a z instead of with an s. so she called tim cook. siri's next update will have the correct pronunciation when it's released next month. that's star power. >> when barbra speaks, they listen but not the government. >> all right. if you are afraid of heights, you might want to look away. >> new bridge is open in china that has a glass bottom! it's supposed to look like a glass butterfly from the air. it's the longest and highest glass bottom bridge in the world with 99 separate panes that are triple layered. for safety reasons only a few thousand can walk on it a day. ♪[ music ] parties over at stanford when it comes to hard alcohol and some circumstances. we'll tell but the new rules just announced next.
5:57 am
>> a famous graduate from this middle school who these kids probably have never heard of is helping their school year in a major way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
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6:00 am
and i'm kenny choi. alcoholic beverages will be tightly restricted, when good morning. it's tuesday, august 23. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. alcoholic beverages look restricted at stanford university for the new school year. -- will be restricted at stanford university for the new school year. the anne makovec has the reasons for the new policy. >> reporter: yeah. no booze in undergraduate on- campus student housing. that's the new rule just announced last night. it is an effort to crack down on raucous drunken parties. this applies to all undergrad dorms even if the student is 21 even though those students will still be allowed to have wine and beer. liquor will also be allowed at


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