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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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could be there at any time. it's scary to see. >> reporter: now, behind me market street is closed in the westbound direction. but we happened to have dispatch tapes of what emergency crews heard in the moments after the crash. >> taxi went on the curb next to the bus area hit several pedestrians getting several calls. completely down, large crowds. [ signal breakup ] >> reporter: now, the crowd here at sutter and sansom about a block away right now is a bart station. multiple muni lines have been rerouted because they can't get on market street westbound closed between battery and m. andria borba, kpix 5. a woman in the north bay tried to save her two young
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daughters when their pickup truck plunged into the riggs river. it happened on highway 1 just south of jenner when they plunged into the russian river. it was foggy as the girls' mother drove them to school. >> reporter: the car was driving down highway 1 in jenner when it veered off the road into the russian river below. the waters appeared calm but down deep below, a horrifying scene. two young girls trapped inside a truck their mother swam out. witnesses say it happened in a matter of moments. >> before i could recognize whether it was a car or truck, it went down. big bunch of bubbles came up to the surface. then a woman came up shortly after that screaming,my babies, my babies, something like that. >> reporter: chp says the two girls just 4 and 7 years old died after the truck plunged into the russian river.
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metics treated the 32-year-old mother at the scene. crews in jenner pulled the 2009 ford truck from the river. records show it's registered to sarah marcus. law enforcement haven't released the names of the children killed in the crash. >> heavy fog and mist made the roads slippery. >> reporter: investigators say highway 1 this morning was foggy and slick. the mother reportedly was taking the children to school. chp says the mother was not injured in the incident. in jenner, jessica flores, kpix 5. >> it took divers 30 minutes to get to the family in the truck. a woman left paralyzed by falling tree branch in san francisco is demanding answers from city leaders. today mayor lee visited her in the hospital for the first time since that accident. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the help the mayor is offering and why it won't change the family's plan to take legal
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action. >> reporter: the meeting was private. reporters were kept out as the mayor visited the victims at the hospital. they go by the names of emma and tony anglicized names. the mayor offered to do what he could. >> it's kind of relief a little bit. hopefully, he can help me. >> reporter: it's been 10 days since a large branch fell directly on emma's head while she was watching her kids play at washington square park. her spine was broken, skull cracked. she told me from her hospital bed on sunday it still hurts a lot. >> i can't move. i just lay down on the bed, now. >> i'm all today about making sure that emma recovers and she is in good spirits. >> reporter: he offered to help the family resettle their two daughters in the san francisco school district so they can be closer to emma. he says he will call tonys' boss to make sure he can take time off and the mayor says he is also encouraging people to donate to a "go fund me" page
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set up by a family member. >> i know the commissioners, they contacted me this morning said, i want to be part of this family's recovery. >> it's going to take years of expensive recovery and rehab so he will probably sue. >> get a lawyer to help me get some money. >> still might do that? >> yes. i will do that, yes. >> reporter: children continue to play in the playground here at washington square. the mayor insists that the city has inspected the trees and that they no longer pose a threat to the public. in san francisco, joe vazquez, kpix 5. bart is left with a big repair bill after someone went wild swinging a golf club breaking windows at the west oakland station. a bart spokesman took this photo of the damage this afternoon. we are told the person also swung the golf club at a train causing that train to be held for 30 minutes. here's no shot of the damages. no reports of injuries. thigh man with the wild swing
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was taken into custody an armed robber targets two san francisco tourists in a popular spot where they were taking photos at twin peaks around 10 p.m. last night when a man walked up with a gun and threatened to shoot them. he stole their backpacks. inside it had two tablets, a hard drive and camera. no arrests have been made. the party is over at stanford university. the school announced a new ban on hard liquor to curb undergraduate drinking. kpix 5's devin fehely is live at stanford. there are questions about whether this ban could backfire. >> reporter: yeah. there are some people that are questioning the effectiveness of the ban. all of this happens against the much larger backdrop of the controversy and questions surrounding the conviction and sentencing of former stanford swimmer brock turner. but there seems to be a consensus amongst university leaders is that something had to be done to change a campus
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culture of drinking and sexual assault. the university says the ban on hard alcohol on undergraduate parties is to prevent binge drinking and the behavior that follows. even students wonder if too much is blamed on the alcohol. >> we have to be careful to not take the emphasis off personal responsibility and cannot say that having drunk alcohol diminishes the responsibility of people who do terrible things while they are drunk. >> reporter: the policy change comes close on the heels of the controversy surrounding the conviction and sentencing of former stanford swimmer brock it uner for sexual assaulting a woman who got blackdown drunk at a campus party, brock turner. this person isn't sure the campus will be safer with the ban. >> however well intentioned this may have been, we're not going to stop students from consuming, um, hard alcohol. what we can do, though, is increase the riskiness of the situation in which they do that. >> reporter: graduate students
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will still be able to enjoy mixed drinks. but shots are against the rules for both groups. >> i always find it a bad reason to not ban something because you think you cannot practically ban it anyway. we would never do that with robbery or murder. >> reporter: now, this ban is likely to be fairly unpopular with students in the spring in a campuswide referendum students voted overwhelmingly more than 90% against a ban on hard alcohol. at stanford university, devin fehely, kpix 5. the judge under fire for a lenient sentence for ex- stanford swimmer brock turner is back in the news. this time, he has recused himself from another sex case. according to the "mercury news," judge aaron persky says he will not rule on a case involving a plumber charged with possession of child pornography. in a statement, persky says some might doubt his ability to judge fairly on the case. turnstile jumping and sneaking on the bus without paying will no longer be a
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crime for california youth. governor brown signed a bill that prohibits people under the age of 18 from being criminally charged for not paying transit fares. instead, they will face fines an penalties. this is to prevent juveniles from entering the criminal justice system just because they can't afford bus or train fare. that law goes into effect next year. the president today got a firsthand look at the devastation caused by historic flooding in louisiana. as reporter manuel bojorquez tells us, the president dismissed critics who said he got to the disaster too late. >> the prayers of the nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. >> reporter: the president toured east baton rouge parish one of the hardest hit communities. floodwaters destroyed or damaged about 60,000 homes. >> people's lives have been upended by this flood. local businesses have suffered some terrible damage. families have in some cases lost homes. >> reporter: the water in this house came up to the owner's
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shoulders. repair crews tore out the wood and carpet and tossed it on the lawn. >> all your worldly goods are gone. it's like, okay, god has a reason for us. we're going to listen to what he says and follow him. he will provide for us. >> reporter: more than 106,000 people have registered for emergency federal aid. 80% of people in louisiana do not have flood insurance. the president says the government is beginning to distribute $127 million in federal disaster relief to those who have had to flee their homes. >> i need all americans to stay focused on this be. if you are watching this today, make sure that you find out how you can help. go to >> reporter: president obama's visit follows one by donald trump on friday. the republican nominee criticized the president for not cutting short his vacation on martha's vineyard. today trump tweeted, the visit by the president was too little too late.
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manuel bojorquez, cbs news, baton rouge, louisiana. a federal judge's ruling ensures hillary clinton will be answering questions about her emails until election day. reporter weijia jang explains. >> reporter: hillary clinton went to justin timberlake's santa monica home as part of a star-studded california fundraising trip that included an appearance on jimmy kimmel live. >> i do feel sometimes like this campaign has entered into an alternative universe. >> reporter: she talks about debating donald trump, her health and the latest twist in her email controversy. the state department is reviewing 15,000 previously secret messages the fbi uncovered during its investigation. >> my emails are so boring. >> yeah. >> i mean, i'm embarrassed about that they are so boring. and so we have already released, i don't know, 30,000 plus. so what's a few more. >> reporter: but trump isn't laughing. he wants a new look in clinton's email server and the
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access clinton foundation donors got to her while she was secretary of state. >> require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately, immediately! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: trump said democrats have let down minorities. >> to the african-americans, who i am employ so many, so many people, to the hispanics, tremendous people, what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: trump is no longer talking about deporting all illegal immigrants living in the u.s. but he insists his plan to build a wall isn't going anywhere. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> and trump is fundraising in texas today and hillary clinton is in the bay area tomorrow to raise money. apple's ceo tim cook will host one event. new zika cases are popping up in florida but not in the identified hot zones. coming up, where the latest
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infections were discovered and what florida leaders are doing now to fight the spread of the disease. >> plus, today is known as cheap flight day. are the prices living up to the hype? a travel agent weighs in. >> a bay area rapper who rose to fame not forgetting his roots. how e40 is giving back to one of the places where he got his start. >> friday night get ready for some football! the 49ers host the packers at levi's stadium. catch all the action right here on kpix 5 at 7:00. ,,,,,,,,
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discovered... including onen tampa bay. according to the the zika virus is creeping up the coast of florida. five new cases were discovered today, including one in tampa
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bay. according to the cdc, these new cases were contracted inside the u.s. for weeks the zika virus was discovered in a concentrated cluster in miami- dade county and now other counties are involved. but today at a roundtable discussion, governor rick scott seemed unfazed by the new cases. >> just because we have one case here doesn't mean we have local transmission. the next step is the department of health working with the local department of health working with -- they will start doing aggressive mosquito control and tests to find out if we have local transmission. >> so far 43 people have been infected in florida. solarcity is making cuts as it prepares for a tesla takeover. in october, the company says it will lay off 80 employees from its office headquarters as well as another 28 workers from its san francisco facility. despite growing sales, it comes after solarcity fell short of expectations last quarter with
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a net loss of $55 million. tesla is buying that company for more than $2 billion. in may soon be cheaper to listen to music on amazon than apple. they are planning to launch a cheaper subscription to its music streaming service. customers would only have to pay $4 to $5 a month if they own the echo speaker. customers who don't own the speaker can stream unlimited songs for $10 a month. [ rap ] >> earl stevens, e40, grew up in vallejo before rising to stardom for his music. the rapper frequently references growing up in the bay area in his songs. today he really went down memory lane heading to franklin middle school where he once made the honor roll. kpix 5's jackie ward shows us he wanted to give back to the school that helped him. >> he gives back to vallejo. >> reporter: 700 of these
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backpacks are filled with critical school supplies. and a special note from e40 himself. >> i'm speechless. that's right. how many people actually come back to the community? this is what he has done. he has not only come back to franklin, he has come back to vallejo. >> reporter: this is the thirst year franklin middle school has given out backpacks to each student thanks to community donations and grants. this year, when the school was trying to find a sponsor for the backpacks, e40 stepped up and donated $25,000 for the bags. every one of them has a lifetime guarantee. [ indiscernible ] >> i'm sitting up here reminiscing now looking at the facility and environment. it's a beautiful thing though. >> reporter: even though these kids weren't during his musical prime, they know who he is. >> just, like, crazy, like, a famous person is actually coming. when i heard i was, like, oh,
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my god. it's just like a dream come true. >> it's pretty cool that e40 is doing this for us. >> parents don't have the money to buy all the supplies they need for their children. that's one of the burdens we take away from them. we buy them supplies. >> reporter: his message was the same one that helped him out when he was younger. >> just stay in school, stay positive, stay out of trouble and pray. >> reporter: so that one day, famous or not, these kids can give back to franklin and vallejo, too. e40 has always been a very active alum of franklin middle school. and he is also giving them money for a music studio set to open this school year. in vallejo, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> so e40 gave enough money to not only cover the cost of supplies for the beginning of the year but for all year. special day for them but for the rest of us probably seems like a regular tuesday. >> but according to some in the travel industry, today is cheap flight day. it's being billed as a special
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day to save on airfare. bay area-based airline analysts say it's only sort of special. >> it's a marketing ploy by a website to try to get some publicity. >> reporter: he says today august 23rd is traditionally the day airlines release their fall fares. fares that are generally ten to 20% lower than they were during the peak summer travel season. >> if you can travel during what they call the off-peak times, which includes much of september and october, and early to mid-november, you can find a good deal. >> reporter: $241 roundtrip from san francisco to chicago on united. $313 roundtrip from oakland to new york on spirit and 378 roundtrip from san jose to maui on hawaiian airlines. but he says the slower fall travel season isn't the only factor. >> there's a lot more competition from budget airlines such as allegiant,
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frontier and spirit. >> reporter: and he says, most of the best deals are on flights to big cities. new york, chicago, los angeles, houston. places where airlines fly frequently. good news for many, including this traveler at sfo who is ready for another getaway. >> with inexpensive fares, i think i might like to have some dessert. >> the big exception to all this is holiday travel. airfares typically go up way up around christmas and thanksgiving. you are staying in san francisco, it is not a warm month. the warmest the city has been the entire month of august is 70. despite the fact we have sunshine every afternoon, it's that onshore flow. will it let up and will we warm up? the answer in your seven-day forecast. >> coming up, all new at 6:00 tonight, we are in the middle of the back-to-school frenzy. why hundreds of bay area parents are pulling their children out of a certain school.
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians.
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ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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all this talk about going back to school. you want to wear summer clothes, shoes, flip-flops. >> not in sausalito and tiburon. it's going to be chilly most of the time in san francisco. usually get a break couple warm days thrown in. not this august. i think we'll finish the month with onshore flow and nothing warmer than 70. what is it in san francisco now? sunny. 63. only 6 in santa rosa and oakland, 69 degrees. below average despite the sunshine all because of that flow from the pacific ocean. still a few isolated showers in the sierra. they are moving away from us and that low pressure area that caused some hail around lake tahoe yesterday. that's moving out. hi-def doppler radar showing dry conditions around this time of year. the last time since we have seen a decent rainfall in the
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bay area, that was may 7th. 108 days. the record in case you are curious is 194. i don't think we'll get there but we'll add at least 7 to that. we are going to stay dry. mid-50s overnight tonight. oakland 56. san jose 57. concord 54. sunrise at 6:33. let me paint the picture in the atmosphere for you. the next couple of days is a ridge of high pressure which will get us just a little bit milder over the next couple of days. sometimes you can minimize, from the moderate onshore flow to a weak one. we are going to see that. which means about 5 degrees away from the water. means nothing in san francisco, foggy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. chilly temperatures. this is what the sky will look like over the city tomorrow. lots of morning cloud cover, watch the blue skies begin to emerge and 1, 2, 3 p.m. still some cloud cover out there but another coolish day in the financial district and all of san francisco. what you can expect moving forward, low cloud cover returning tonight. 23rd straight night for august.
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hazy sunshine once again tomorrow. couple of degrees warmer especially away from the water. temperatures below average for each of the next seven days because of that flow from the ocean. next week perhaps back to 90 degrees or above average away from the water. but all in all, staying kind of chilly because we sit next to a really chilly ocean. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lawrence tops forbes magaz's list of the world's highestd actress for the second yeara ro jennifer lawrence can thank the "hunger game" franchise for a big bank account. she tops the list of highest paid actresses for the second year. $46million over the past year. if a texas rapper has his way, they will all end up gold. not gold medals but gold grills. rapper paul wall and his business partner julie johnnie dang are offering free custom gold grills to olympic athletes complete with the color engraving of the rio logo. a way to honor the champions and give them something nobody else has. captions by: caption colorado ioning sponsored by cbs
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>> dubois: the new trump-pence immigration policy. 'r reporter: you're here lelegally you have to leave the country. yes or no? >> dubois: also tonight, florida tries to determine if there's a new zika zone outside miami as the numberuito-spread infections grows. martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he's defending the soaring d cost of life-saving epipens. and we first met pat hardison shortly after his amazing face transplant surgery. wait until you see him now. >> now i'm just an average guy walking down the street. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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