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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

5:30 pm ioning sponsored by cbs >> dubois: the new trump-pence immigration policy. 'r reporter: you're here lelegally you have to leave the country. yes or no? >> dubois: also tonight, florida tries to determine if there's a new zika zone outside miami as the numberuito-spread infections grows. martin shkreli became the poster boy for drug price gouging. now he's defending the soaring d cost of life-saving epipens. and we first met pat hardison shortly after his amazing face transplant surgery. wait until you see him now. >> now i'm just an average guy walking down the street. this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> dubois: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm maurice dubois. this is our western edition. donald trump is retooling his controversial immigration policy, which included a vow to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. so what's the new plan? everyone's waiting to hear. today, major garrett talked with trump's running mate, governor mike pence of indiana, about that and more. >> reporter: when it comes to tportations can you explain to me donald trump's immigration policy? >> donald trump put the whole issue of illegal immigration back in the forefront of the national debate through the republican primaries. and i commend him for that. >> reporter: but in the last few days about what he actually means and what he intends to do. >> i think he's been very clear. donald trump is going to restore strong borders, enforce our laws. he's going to build a wall. >> reporter: build a wall first, in other words. >> we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: first. >> we're going to enforce the wsws that are on the books today, major, and the mechanism
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o r how we do that, he's also been very clear that he'll do it in a humane way, and with congress to make sure we treat people-- it will be tough but fair when donald trump is president of the united states. >> reporter: can you explain what "tough and fair" means when it comes to deportation? >> i think-- i think-- those are issues that will continue to be worked out in the days ahead. >> reporter: after landing in philadelphia, we asked for more detail. you used the word "deportation ys ahe" sk that you're understanding. >> people who have run afoul of the law have got to leave immediately. >> reporter: leave immediately. >> the details and how we do that, we'll work that out with the congress. >> reporter: we also inquired about trump's tax returns. pence said his were coming. >> donald trump and i have both complied with the federal rules about financial disclosure. >> reporter: yes but it's a different standard running for t.esident. you know that, governor. co of course. >> reporter: presidential candidates have released these returns for decades now. >> and i will tell you i'll be releasing my tax returns in the days ahead.
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>> reporter: how soon? >> and donald trump will be x leasing his tax returns once the audit is completed. maok, this is a man-- >> reporter: before the election? >> this man-- >> reporter: before the election, governor? >> well, i think that's yet to be seen. al reporter: we also discussed trump's recent boast he could win 95% of the black vote in 2020. >> i think donald trump is one of the most optimistic people i have ever met in my life. >> reporter: that would redefine "republican optimism," wouldn't you agree governor? >> i don't, abraham lincoln was the first republican president of the united states. >> reporter: 95%? s the truth is the liberal policies that can hillary clinton has advanced, barack obama has advanced, the cemocratic party has advanced now for two generations have disserved people in our major cities, one after another. >> reporter: and trump's latest appeal to minority voters. he said, "what the hell do you have to lose?" does that sound like ronald reagan to you? >> no, it sounded like donald trump, and that's what people love about him.
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>> reporter: pence also told us pa expects trump to participate in all three presidential debates and waved off his ongoing negotiations with the debate commission as mere formalities. maurice, pence said he expects inump to win those debates and in the process turn this election around. re dubois: major garrett outside philadelphia tonight. t d the first debate is just under five weeks away. one line of attack for trump could be the clinton foundation. today, the associated press reported that more than half the non-u.s. government people who met with hillary clinton while ete was secretary of state gave money to the foundation. here's nancy cordes. >> nobody has ever seen anything like this before. >> reporter: g.o.p. officials joined trump today in calling for a special prosecutor to look o-to what they say was a pay-to- play scheme in clinton's state department. >> it's criminality. everybody knows it. >> reporter: his accusation is based on e-mails to and from top
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clinton aide huma abedin. they were released yesterday by the conservative group judicial watch. the e-mails from 2009 show that foundation donors from bahrain's crown prince to slimfast owner danny abraham requested and were often granted last-minute teetings with clinton but the e- mails do not show that donors got anything beyond that. in fact, in one, abedin said she is nervous to get involved when a donor asks for help to obtain a visa to the u.s. for a british hccer player with a criminal charge in his background. >> state department spokesman mark toner: >> we have seen no evidence of any behavior, any relations with the clinton foundation that weren't completely above board. n reporter: clinton's running mate, tim kaine, argued trump's the one beholden to foreign interests. ld before you go about attacking a charity, why don't you come clean about your own business dealings and tell the american people who you are in debt to.
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>> reporter: even without any evidence of the quid pro quo it's the number of donors that clinton met with that is causing her some heartburn tonight, maurice. >> dubois: nancy cordes in washington, thank you. today, florida reported five more zika infections spread by mosquitoes, bringing the total , w to 42. one of the new cases is in ofnellas county on the gulf coast. that is far north of the two zika zones in miami and miami beach. so officials are trying to determine now whether there is a third zone with active local transmission. david begnaud is in miami. >> reporter: in miami beach, city sanitation crews spent hours looking for and vacuuming standing water. it's a breeding ground for zika- carrying mosquitoes. we followed code compliance inspectors, also making their tounds, searching for standing water. >> this is the stuff we're looking for. >> reporter: they found it in an alley at a construction site. we noticed this cement truck
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dripping water. officers manny villar and viji marharaj took action. >> we're going to issue a violation for creating a health hazard and nuisance, which is a $1,000 violation. >> reporter: quickly someone grabbed a broom and started sweeping. be the citation was being handed out, let me show you something we noticed-- an air conditioner r it where water is dripping. it's just a drip, but look at pue puddle it's creating at the bottom, something as small as this is exactly where mosquitoes can breed. the problem code enforcement has is what do you tell people, turn off the air conditioner? it's 91 degrees on miami beach in the middle of august. the inspectors gave the tenant a s de violation and said he had five days to fix the leak or face a fine. wh hey, who i do report this to? >> reporter: erika thomas has been waiting for this type of ortion. she lives in the wynwood zika zone. outside her high-rise apartment is standing water at a tinstruction site. after calling and tweeting pictures to city officials, she didn't like what she was told weeting, "my situation in wynwood will be handled in 24-72 be s. what a joke." >> do you know anything about mosquitoes? that's a long time for a lot to
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happen. ep reporter: an official in miami-dade county told us they toow about the site erika is referring to. they've treated it before, and they're going to target it again this weekend. maurice, that new case up in pinellas county, crews are now going door to door there, randomly surveying people. wey want to find out if there's a new cluster of cases. b dubois: david begnaud following zika in south florida tonight. today, president obama saw for f mself some of the flooding damage in louisiana. the floods left tens of thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. the number of people killed, at least 13. manuel bojorquez is in zachary, louisiana. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: president obama walked through a devastated neighborhood in zachary, louisiana, urging victims to apply for federal aid. >> have you applied for fema and everything? >> reporter: while acknowledging a full recovery will require more. >> federal assistance alone is not going to be enough to make people's lives whole again. so i'm asking every american to do what you can to help get
5:39 pm
families and local businesses back on their feet. nt reporter: the president's visit came as he faced some criticism over his own response. east friday, republican nominee donald trump toured the disaster area and blasted president obama for not cutting short his new england vacation to do the same. >> i guarantee you, nobody on bis block, none of those first responders, nobody gives a hoot whether you're a democrat or a republican. what they care about is making sure they're getting the drywall out and the carpet out and there's not any mold building. >> reporter: the number of r gistrations for emergency assistance continues to rise, now at more than 115,000, including that of amy and samuel cave in nearby denham springs. >> we got a newborn on the way thanksgiving day. we don't know where we're going to bring him. v reporter: volunteers are helping them sort through the few things they might be able to save. >> it's heartwarming seeing everybody come, of course, but it's just-- your whole world is gone.
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i mean all the clothes, all the bed stuff, all the baby things, everything's gone. >> reporter: nearly every single home in this subdivision the president visited has some type of flood damage. maurice, fema has already approved $127 million in immediate aid. the president said he may call t congress to fund a long-term recovery package. >> dubois: manuel bojorquez, the flooding aftermath in zachary, louisiana, tonight. terrorism is being investigated as a possible motive in a weekend knife attack in virginia. chip reid reports federal agents want to find out whether the suspect might have been inspired by isis. >> reporter: in the shadow of the blue ridge mountains in southwest virginia, people in roanoke county say they never expected an isis-inspired attack here. but the f.b.i. is now uevestigating a gruesome stabbing at this apartment amplex as a possible act of terror and local police have charged 20-year-old wassil farooqui in the attack on a man and woman this weekend.
5:41 pm
angela von behren saw it happen. >> i looked down, and saw blood all over the railing, and then at the bottom of the steps, underneath those stairs right there, was the knife. it was a butcher knife, about eight or 10 inches on the blade, covered in blood. >> reporter: roanoke county assistant police chief chuck mason says farooqui jumped the couple at the base of this staircase. gh went up all three flights of stairs and eventually into the victim's apartment. >> reporter: and shouting alluh akhbar. >> however many times that happened. >> reporter: alluh akhbar means, "god is the greatest" and is often shouted by perpetrators during islamist-inspired terrorist attacks. u.s. officials say farooqui traveled from the u.s. to turkey earlier this year in what may have been an attempt to cross into syria to join isis. for some reason, he was unsuccessful, and returned to she u.s. the male stabbing victim has been released from this hospital. they hope the female victim will
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be released later this week. as for farooqui, he told police he was hearing voices that ordered him to attack random people. he's being held without bond. maurice. >> dubois: chip reid in roanoke, virginia, tonight. in afghanistan today, a u.s. soldier was killed, another wounded by a roadside bomb in helmand province. the americans were helping afghan troops who were trying to retake the area from the taliban. this is the second u.s. combat gaath in afghanistan this year. once again, the sentence in a sexual assault case is being criticized as too light. the accused-- a former high school athlete in western massachusetts-- will not spend any time behind bars. michelle miller is following the case. >> reporter: according to the documents in the case 18-year- old david becker assaulted two unconscious females at a friend's house party in april. the victims told police that all g ree had been drinking and fell asleep in an upstairs bedroom. later that morning, victim number one said she awoke to
5:43 pm
find her pants and underwear down to her thighs. she told police at no time did she consent to david touching her. victim number two told police that becker assaulted her, too, that night. the next day victim number one says becker texted her, "just wanted you to know i'm really sorry." she replied to him, "don't even worry about it. it's all good." she told authorities she didn't know what else to say. becker was charged with two counts of rape and faced the possibility of two years in prison. the judge sentenced him to two years' probation, no jail time. becker's attorney defended the sentence saying: but the judge's decision has been widely criticized for being too lenient. laurie levinson is a professor at loyola law school. >> i think there's a strong outcry because there's a perception among the public
5:44 pm
we're not take these cases erriously enough, that we're not protecting the women. >> reporter: carla martin was erassmates with becker. >> this whole sentencing shows other people, other victims of r xual assault, that if they say something, no justice is going to happen. >> reporter: a spokesman for the d.a.'s office here says that one of the accusers said in her victim impact statement that she didn't believe jail time was necessary. maurice, court watchers say the hact that neither of the accusers were present in court may have been a factor in the judge's decision. >> dubois: michelle miller in palmer, massachusetts, tonight. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," look who's defending the skyrocketing price of a life-saving allergy treatment. y d later, a first responder's remarkable recovery from a face transplant.
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they deliver life-saving injections for people with avere allergies, but as we've reported, the price has gone up by nearly 500%. vinita nair has been following this. >> he started going into anaphylactic shock. her lips turned blue. >> reporter: lexy and justin heneger's daughter, ellie, almost died from food allergies twice. an epipen saved her life. but the price of the injectors soared over seven years ago from about $100 for a two-pack to over $600 today, all of it for a drug that delivers just $1 or $2 worth of the life-saving hormone epinephrine. it became a virtual monopoly for mylan after a competitor took a similar product off the market. >> they have one product where they're finally making a little money and everybody is going >> former head he was heavily criticized for
5:48 pm
cis 5,000% hike of the a malaria and h.i.v. drug darapram. today he defended mylan. v.ese are life-saving drugs. people don't have a choice whether they can buy them or not. >> yeah, well that's up to hesurance to pay for them. ske i said, it's $300 a pen. my iphone is $700. >> reporter: but you don't need an iphone to exist. >> that doesn't matter, though, because it's $300 and 90% of americans are insured. stateporter: in a statement, mylan said they are "committed to working with customers and pairs to find solutions to meet the needs of the patients and families they serve. today, the company's stock fell 5%. >> dubois: vinita nair, thank you. still ahead, one year after a double hand transplant, zion ahrvey has big plans for the hture. re. has
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>> dubois: washington's governor declared an emergency today in 20 counties in the eastern part of the state because of wildfires that have been burning since the weekend. ndousands of acres and more than a dozen homes have been
5:52 pm
destroyed near spokane. finight, more than 30 fires are burning throughout the west. one of the most familiar faces on television died today. steven hill. for 10 years, he played the curmudgeonly district attorney adam schiff on "law & order." and here's a bit of tv trivia-- hill was the original leader of the "mission: impossible" team, replaced after season one by peter graves. steven hill was 94. well, this looked like a scene out of a disaster movie. thousands of people running through the streets of taiwan's capital seemingly in a panic but we're told these were pokemon go players trying to catch one of the rarest characters, snorlax. and if none of this makes sense ge you, we suggest contacting the nearest kid, a millennial, to explain it. speaking of kids, today nine- year-old zion harvey showed off the progress he's made since undergoing a double hand transplant one year ago.
5:53 pm
he lost his hands and feet to infection when he was two. zion is from baltimore, and three weeks ago, he threw out ire ceremonial first pitch at an orioles game. vi what's next for him? >> convince mom to let me play football. ( laughter ) >> dubois: not sure if mom's on board with that, but you wouldn't want to bet against that little guy. and coming up next, we'll check in on the recipient of another remarkable transplant. remarkable transplant. eing terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means
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5:57 pm
>> reporter: fellow first responder jimmy neal remembers seeing his friend right after the accident. >> i had never seen anybody burned that bad that was still alive. >> reporter: for 14 years, brdison battled pain, stares from strangers and a loss of hope. >> how are you feeling? >> reporter: but one year ago, doctors at n.y.u.-langone medical center replaced hardison's face with that of a 26-year-old cycling accident victim named david rodebaugh. >> now i'm just an average guy walking down the street. they can tell something's happened but they would never look at me and think i've had a face transplant. >> reporter: have you ever been so happy to be ignored? >> no, i can promise you that. >> it's still almost unbelievable to me that we can we chis. >> reporter: the head of plastic surgery, dr. eduardo rodriguez, told hardison he had a 50-50 chance of surviving the surgery, which took 26 hours. >> although we added chin bone, cheek bones and the nasal bones, the remaining portions of his facial skeleton are what built
5:58 pm
his face and that's why he looks so similar to his children. >> reporter: so his underlying bone structure is almost like a scaffolding? >> correct. >> reporter: hardison's oldest daughter, allison, wondered, why do it at all, until she said goodbye to her dad just before the operation. >> he said, "i won't have to wear a ballcap and i won't have j wear my sunglasses. i'll look normal whenever i get to walk you down the aisle. and that right then pretty much sealed the deal for me. >> normal has become a reality over the year because it wasn't normal wasn't something i ever thought i'd see again. >> reporter: and normal never felt so special. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. >> dubois: and that is the "cbs evening news." for scott pelley, i'm maurice abois. thanks so much for joining us. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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of two charter schools. the domino effect it's now crea. back to school chaos. hundreds of bay area parents pull their children out of two charter schools. the domino effect it's creating. the school is facing allegations of fraud. two schools. new at 6:00, kpix 5's good on how the new school year has become a scramble for parents who want their kids out. >> reporter: this is a notice of all of the violations that's been handed over to the two charter schools everything from charging illegal tuition to overreporting per pupil expenses. as a result, 40 kids were pulled out of the school and now they are within the livermore unified school district and the state
6:00 pm
superintendent tom torlakson has taken note and is launching an investigation. what happens when 400 children on the first day of school are added to the mix of livermore public schools from charter schools? chaotic. >> i hope they can accommodate them. they need to go somewhere. >> reporter: worrisome to some parents. >> i worry about it because there's already an overpopulation of the kids at the school. >> reporter: livermore valley joint unified school district's superintendent says dealing with the additional students is manageable. he says the bigger issue, the reasons why parents are pulling their kids out of livermore's two charter schools. >> could these allegations shut them down? you possibly have all these other students coming to your. > that's a possibility. obviously, our goal is to help them right the ship. our goal is to help them fix the problems that they have and be able to maintain their school and sense of community. but if they


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