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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 24, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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tonight.. and we've just learned, there are casualtie breaking news. a disastrous earthquake rocked italy tonight and this are casualties. that earthquake destroyed buildings. right now some people are buried under debris. >> veronica de la cruz is tracking the latest developments. veronica? >> reporter: the quake traveled to rome and italy, measured in a 6.2. this is all that's left of some structures in the mountain town of omatrice tonight. the mayor said that past the town, no longer -- that half the town no longer exists. at least two people have died
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and a fear is that the death toll will climb much higher. right now there is a desperate search for people trapped under the rubble. several aftershocks followed the 6.2 quake including one that measured at a magnitude of 5.5 with blackouts in the area. again, a magnitude 6.2 quake rocking italy tonight. we will bring you updates as soon as we get them. this taxi plowed into a bay area sidewalk and plowed into pedestrians this afternoon. two people are hospitalized tonight. one in critical condition. a third person has just been released from the hospital. kpix 5 is in san francisco with more details of what may have card. >> reporter: you can still see the crews cleaning up overnight, trying to clean up the debris on the sidewalk as police and investigators try to figure out what may have happened out here. >> it is kind of a like smack,
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you know, someone drops a big slab of concrete from a few stories up. >> reporter: that was the sound that ricocheted around the financial district after a yellow cab jumped a curb plowing onto the sidewalk at the intersection of sotter, sansone, and market -- sutter, sansone, and market. >> that is his mark right there and that he had some debris on top of him. >> reporter: the old man is bay. a long-time fixture shining shoes on the corner. his partner jazz was also hurt. >> jazz was bleeding from his face and stuff and his head. >> reporter: for a few moments after the crash, it seems like everyone was unconscious. >> then when they turned jazz over, that's when he started to swear and saline said that he started to come to tears. >> reporter: every air bag was deployed, the driver crawled out of the cab. >> he walked a few steps, then went to his hands and knees,
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then laid dun on the back -- laid down on the back. someone else was performing cpr. >> reporter: when conscious he told witnesses this. as emergency personnel arrived all three men both shoe shiners and the cabbie were rushed to san francisco general hospital where sfpd began their investigation and firefighters took care of other problems. >> nobody could shut the car off. the key broke off in the ignition. >> reporter: the crash happened near montgomery state park. a muni bus captured the whole crash. now just a short time ago we learned that one of the men have been released from the hospital. one remains in fair condition at san francisco general while one is still in critical.
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live in san francisco andria borba kpix5. these two sisters died in the russian river tonight. the mother was on her way to drop those girls off at school this morning. then the truck veered off the road plummeting 40 feet into the water below. the mother escaped, but the truck sank too fast for her to reach her daughters. it took rescuers half an hour to get to that submerged truck. >> before i could recognize that there was a truck, it went police officer was taken into custody as a part of a city wide sweep
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targeting a vietnamese crime gang. several others are also in custody. the police department is holding a news conference tomorrow. we are learning more details about a jail deputy charged with beating an inmate. kpix 5 betty yu is outside the jail with more, betty? >> reporter: a law enforcement source says that there was no smoking gun in terms of new evidence in this old case against this jail guard rather a new political climate. given that this jail is under scrutiny for misbehaving jail guards. this is the man that prosecutors said repeatedly kicking an inmate in the head breaking his cheekbone, leaving him with stitches. timmy tree was a santa clara deputy off the job after being
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but this time a fresh review and an expert witness changed their mind. they said that the inmate got into a fight with the correctional deputy who struggled to restrain him on the floor. he managed to pin down one of the inmate's hands. tree then rushed over to help and instead of holding down the inmate's other free hand, he kicked him in the head two or three times. >> as a part of the jail reform plan, the sheriff's office was looking at some of the old charges. >> reporter: they came under fire for alleged high-profile violence by jail guards.
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three deputies are facing murder charges. a law enforcement source says that he does not know if there are more cases of excessive force that need to be re- examined by the sheriff department. meanwhile tree could face up to seven years in prison. he has since bailed out of jail. live in san jose betty yu cbs5. hillary clinton is here in the bay area. ticket prices ranging from $33,000 to $100,000. tomorrow clinton will attend two fundraisers in silicon valley. tim cook is hosting one of those. the effort to get rid of daylight savings time in california is over at least for now. the state senate rejected a bill that would have put the issue on the ballot. california has observed daylight savings since 1949. a highly contested bill that could extend the climate change goal is expected to become law. today they narrowly approved
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the bill in a 49 to 29 vote. the legislation would require a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the year 1990 levels by the year 2030. now currently the state is required to reach 1990 levels by 2020. the bill is expected to be approved by the state senate. back-to-school chaos in livermore. two charter schools are accused of shady business. kristin ayers shows us the shady business going on. >> reporter: a brief outburst before they voted to send a notice of violation to the district's two charter schools. >> i no longer felt confident that the stability and the safety of the children were the first priority of the tri valley learning corporation. >> reporter: she decided to pull her two grade school
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students out to place them in public schools. in the last few weeks about 450 students have abandoned livermore valley charter and livermore valley prep. tonight, they accused the learning corporation of the regularities in their budget process. unpaid or delinquent financial obligations, charging the legal tuition to exchange students, and an overall lack of transparency. >> people lost confidence. >> reporter: some parents say that they felt like they would have no choice, but to switch schools. >> i totally understand why parents have pulled their students out. they are frustrated. they feel like the corporation isn't responding to them. they feel like it is not trustworthy any longer. and i'm one of those. >> reporter: but the development director at the learning center insisted that not all the allegations are true. >> i think that the information isn't all accurate. and that we all have the best interest of the kids at heart and i want to move forward that way. >> reporter: it is one of the series of the warnings that the board has issued the charter
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school. board members said tonight that they hope to work with the school rather than revoking their charter. in livermore kristin ayers kpix 5. the world's biggest clothing retailer faces a massive lawsuit tonight. how it is accused of a deceptive pricing scheme. this castle, uc berkeley is getting ready to reopen tonight. the secret room inside. tonight, we will take you 2,600 feet below the surface of the sea to show you a piece of history sitting off the
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ripping off american custom reporter rachel kim has mor the "bait and switch" lawsu against zara. >>fashion retailer zara is popular for its trendy and affordable clothing... >>21:49 "i like the style, u can find any kind of style there." >>but right now, the clothi company is making headlines because a federal class actn them of unlawf fashion retailer zara is popular for their trendy and affordable clothing. >> i like their style. you can't -- you can find any kind of styles. >> reporter: the company is facing a lawsuit that accuses
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them of unlawful pricing. >> i think that it was intentional, deceitful, motivated by greed. >> reporter: ben mycellas represents the plaintiffs, accusing zara of bait and switch that many items are priced in euros. when those prices are converted at the register, customers are overcharged. >> and so whereas the lowest price would be, let's say, $9.99 in euros, they were charging $17.99 in dollars, then telling the consumer once they got to the register and not even before that it was due to a conversion error and a conversion rate change. >> reporter: zara was manipulating the conversion rate, cheating customers out of billions of dollars. the multi-national retailer is also accused of covering up pricing where stickers and the dollar prices were covering up the cheaper euro price. the customer showed us the tag on the shirt she just bought. >> this is the dollar amount.
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>> $25.90. and then you can peel this price tag and then you see $17.95 in euro. >> the currency changed all the time every day and that they only make the tags like maybe once a month or something. and so like if they could make changes on the tag every day that it could be correct. >> they issued a statement denying the allegations, saying that they would look forward to presenting their full decent. tonight stanford is sending a sobering message to their students, implementing a new ban on hard liquor. the idea to curve binge drinking and the dangerous behavior that goes with it. but some says that the new ban will not make campus safer. >> however well intentioned that it may have been, that we are not going to stop students from consuming hard alcohol. >> beer and wine will still be allowed for those 21 and over.
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tonight, uc berkeley is celebrating the reopening of the hall after the major renovation. they have a secret room that very few ever get to see. >> the word that first strikes you is castle. >> reporter: at first glance, this looks like a castle over uc berkeley's campus. once you step inside, it is like stepping back in time. 1929 is when it first opened as a residential college. >> you know people that care about you and you have a family who is here to support you. >> reporter: emily is one of five graduate students and three faculty members who live in the hall with the students to help them navigate big university life within a
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smaller community. university alumni spent more than a decade to restore the hall to its original purpose, maintaining its old architecture and charm. but with a few upgrades to the dining hall and recreation areas, making this place more than your average dorms. >> when i walked in here, are all dorms like this and then i realized that this is crazy. >> reporter: like harry potter there are a few secrets. right now we're in the attic which is considered a secret room here. when they get up here they are allowed to leave their marks like big tom did in 1966. >> it is such a big school. i think that it is really nice to have a small tight-knit group of people to be around. >> reporter: in berkeley kpix 5. a proposed ban on one of
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hawaii's most popular tourist activities is making some waves. lawmakers are hoping to put an end to spinner dolphins. according to the the national marine fishery service, spinner dolphins are nocturnal as they need to hunt for food at night by allowing some companies close enough to swim with them during the day, that they are derived of the -- deprived of the sleep they need. we are getting a look at sunken treasure off the coast of half moon bay. the incredible footage of the ship wreck frozen in time. >> as we approached the stern that we were able to carefully examine it with traces of paint still left on them. one could make out the name independence. >> we have our best look yet at a haunting relic from the cold war sitting perfectly upright as if it were placed there by hand.
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it has been quite a life. uss independence and aircraft carrier built on top of a cruiser hall joined the pacific fleet in 1943. to lady gulf she fought right through the end of war. it was hit with two atomic weapons during the test, but she did not sink. >> packed with some debris that they wanted to dispose it and towed it offshore approximately 30 miles and sung it in the national sanctuary. >> we are learning that the ship is home to new life. >> there are giant sponges, it is covered in sponges. >> reporter: but even more compelling is the evidence of the ship's past life. >> an aircraft sitting inside the main hangar is a strong
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reminder of her service in the war. >> reporter: as the years passed, the first hands of the accounts of the war are hard to come by. even the video of the atomic age that could feel like a different age altogether. but it's really not that far away from us. the cold war, which threatened every human being on the planet, it only sits about 30 miles off the california coast. about 2,600 feet below the surface. >> so when you see something like this on the bottom and it connects to not only the world history, but to their own personal history, it is profound. >> half moon bay chris walker kpix 5. >> we don't know anything about that. we know more about the surface of the moon than we do portions of the ocean floor. kind of crazy what is literally right there below us. we have 50s and 60s outside tonight. on the berkeley campus we have our video, 63 right now in san jose. oakland, concordat 61.
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the cool spot is not san francisco tonight. napa and santa rosa at 50 degrees. here is the set up in the atmosphere all about the rimming of high pressure, which in -- ridge of high pressure, which in the wintertime would keep the storms well off to the north. for us we're talking about the on shore flow that we've had it every day of the week. it is sitting off to our west, wrapping around that ridge which is still a light to moderate on shore flow. less than today, so inland you gain about three to five degrees. you'll stay very chilly because even the light on shore flow is still an on shore flow. future cast is showing you the skies tomorrow morning and tomorrow in san francisco. staying kind of cloudy throughout the day with the highs only in the mid-60s. let's go back down to the south bay, which is a different
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story. you'll have some morning cloud cover, afternoon sunshine, and temperatures will either be about 12 to 14 degrees warmer than your friends up highway 101 in san francisco. so it's not going to be cloudy everywhere, but it will be cloudy especially in the morning near the water. then that on shore flow actually gets stronger as we head towards the end of the week. future cast is now looking at friday, big low pressure area offshore making that on shore flow even stronger keeping the chilly feed from the ocean going out for the next several days. so inland the mid-80s tomorrow. warmer than today. san jose with that sunshine at 78 degrees. fremont 76, hayward only 72. pacifica, 50s most of the day. walnut creek at 84. fairfield is 83. san francisco only 65. daily city is 59. sonoma is 79. clover dale tomorrow at 89 degrees. we have temperatures everywhere every day. a little bit cooler on friday through the weekend, mid-80s inland. upper 60s near the bay and slight warming next week. usually we get a couple of days
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in july or august, where you know what it actually is feeling like summer. this summer the country has been so much warmer with the exception of the area being here in the bay area. >> we are an exception. all right, mom always said to wear your sunscreen. tonight we'll tell you about the new sunscreen that smells like fried chicken. >> chicken! you will hear it on the late show host with stephen colbert. the packers are playing this friday at levi stadium. catch the game right here on kpix starting at 7:00 p.,,,,,,,,
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courtesy k-f-c. it gave away 3- the stuff. sunscreen that smells like fried chicken, oh. >> yup courtesy of kfc. they gave away 3,000 bottles of the stuff. why? we don't know. the fast food chain is using the stunt to promote their extra crispy fried chicken, which you don't want to be is extra crispy. kfc said they were out of the bottle within a few hours after appearing on the company's website. >> really? >> what is the spf? >> you could make any kind of finger looking good. >> any kind of spray that you need. >> do you want to smell like chicken? >> no. >> think of the possibilities. could madison bumbumgarner put them back up on top? and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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record in baseball since the all-star break..still, theye just one game behind l.a. a
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had their ace on the hill.. giants have the worse record in baseball since the all-star break. still they were just a game behind l.a. they had their ace on the hill as well. it's been an odd season for the giants down 3-2 in the 5th inning when brandon belt found the right field line. this guy, he's got to get hot. angel pagan trots home. game tied up at three. bumgarner did not have his stuff tonight, giving up five hits on only five innings. adrian gonzalez with the bases loaded, hottest man in baseball right now. giants lose to the dodgers 9-5. san francisco is now two back in the division. the a's may have fallen down the rabbit hole, but the mad hatter enjoyed himself at the coliseum tonight. bottom of the first two on for khris davis, crushing the opposite shot into the cheap seats. that's his third home run in the last five games. 33rd of the season. at least somebody is doing well on that team. a's beat the indians 9-1.
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despite colin kaepernick missing the first two games, the quarterback competition isn't over yet. >> it is not over until it is over. >> kaepernick practiced again tonight remaining on track to play friday night against the packers. blaine gabbert has not exactly lit the world on fire, kap will get his shot according to the defensive coordinator. >> and what hap -- what happened to blaine, he is doing a good job. >> it is a competition and kaepernick had a chance to perform. and when that happens and when coach feels like it is time we'll do that, but right now it's not time. >> packers and 49ers on friday night. that will be an interesting call because, you know, this is the dress rehearsal, the third pre-season game, playing to as close to the real deal as you can. is kaepernick going to play with the first string team? a lot of questions. we will find out. >> he'll be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> our next newscast [music] thank you. you got a king? go fish!
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