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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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o it. [ laughter ] >> that's why they permanently installed it because the entire bay area loves it. 25,000 l.e.d. lights just lit up brightly until dawn. stayed we can see them because we're -- today we can see them because we're not socked in with the areas of low clouds and fog but we have the high, thin overcast. the sfo the possibility of airport delays on some arriving flights. currently we are in the 50s and 60s. 62 degrees in redwood city. haze drifting back into the eastern portion of our bay area. moderate air quality there. the south-central bay and santa clara valley, as well. temperature-wise, pretty close to average. but still, slightly below normal for this 24th day of the month of august. 78 degrees in san jose. temperatures to the eastern portion of our bay area in the 80s and 90s. maybe a degree or two warmer than yesterday. peaking out as the warmest day of the workweek. 60s, 70s, and 80s north of the
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golden gate bridge. and then we have our high spanning all the way to 94 degrees in ukiah. we still have the full forecast ahead which may be some surprises but right now, rocky, do you have any surprises for us? >> i do not have any surprising luckily but let's take a look at your bridges now. carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound will take but 20 minutes and your toll plaza is looking good. metering lights will come on about 5:30. your san mateo asan mateo, 880, 101 into the peninsula west bounce 15 minutes. looking good there, as well. on the altamont pass, not looking good. westbound 580 at north flynn road there was a stalled car there. it's been towed now but still causing some major delays. cars driving down 10 miles per hour. we'll keep you updated. san jose's police department breaks down its
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progress in a case called operation gang of thrones. maria medina reports from san jose where a cop was just arrested as part of the investigation. reporter: that officer could have his gun badge stripped away. the police chief plans to hold a conference today about the arrest. according to the "mercury news" this 9 1/2 year veteran officer is accused of leaking sensitive information to vietnamese gang members. his identity and what information he gave hasn't been released. his arrest was part of a month long investigation into a vietnamese gang crime ring. several gang members arrested allegedly involved in crimes like public extortion, drugs, gambling and extortion -- public corruption, rather. a few weeks ago we did a story about vietnamese street gangs and they operate out of a central location. we spoke to a lieutenant about four unsolved murders last
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month. >> all four of 'em have some connections to the asian cafes. in some of our investigations, there's vietnamese street gangs that associate with some of these clubs. >> reporter: according to the "mercury news," that officer was put on leave, the officer arrested this week. he faces a few charges including unauthorized access of a computer and as well as accessory. again, those details as far as what information he gave allegedly gave the street members -- [ signal breakup ] [ no audio ] >> sorry about that. we're having some technical difficulties with maria. we'll check back in with her later. today, the san jose city council is expected to act on the police staffing shortages that plagued the city. they expect to have a proposal put in place for next tuesday' city council meeting that would help put more officers on patrol. we should also learn today whether the city will declare a
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state of emergency to address the shortfall. currently, the department is short about 87 officers. terrified residents huddled outside collapsed buildings last night as the death toll climbed after a deadly earthquake in central italy. with reports still coming in, the quake's ultimate impact could be severe. the u.s. geological survey said it was 6.6 magnitude. reed binion has the latest. >> it woke us up. we ran out. reporter: michael gilroy an american traveling abroad reacting to the deadly earthquake that rocked central italy wednesday. >> we went up to the main area where there's a big chandelier and the chandelier was just swaying back and forth and that's when we knew, you know, just trying to get out of the building as fast as we can. >> reporter: the usgs says the 6.2 quake struck roughly 6 miles southeast of the town of norcia its tremors reverberating to rome 100 miles
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away. >> it was felt pretty much throughout central italy. >> reporter: it was followed by a 5.5 aftershock about an hour later as reports started coming in of collapsed buildings and at least one town in ruins. the death toll rising throughout the night. wednesday's quake striking near the site of another deadly earthquake in 2009. >> it occurred near an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 that happened in april of 2009 which caused a lot of damage and also several casualties. >> reporter: preliminary assessments were ongoing overnight but the result of wednesday's quake could be devastating. the quake striking not only with significant force but at a very shallow depth. a destructive combination that officials say could be followed by multiple aftershocks, possible landslides and extensive casualties. i'm reed binion reporting. >> the latest reports out of italy indicate at least 38 people have died, many others are still missing. fire watch now. the chimney fire in san luis obispo has now grown to more
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than 38,000 acres. evacuation orders are in effect for hundreds and the fire has already devastated some communities. one resident thought that some homes were safe when the fire burned past them. but a change in the wind direction brought the fire back. >> the point i just told them is there's fire all around me so i ran to my truck and got out. >> the fire is currently 35% contained. in the bakersfield area, crews continue their fight in the cedar fire. the blaze hasn't destroyed any homes yet but it has burned more than 21,000 acres. cal fire says that the cedar fire was only moderately active yesterday allowing crews to reach 10% containment. still, some locals in kern county say they are worried about how close the flames are getting. >> our friends live right up across the way there. and we looked out and saw the fire coming across and we thought for sure the house had burned. >> to keep visitors safe, the nearby sequoia national forest has closed roads and trails near the path of the wildfire.
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the cause of this fire is under investigation. also in southern california, firefighters are still taking on the ray fire. the blaze has burned more than 26,000 acres and is 30% contained. nearly 1400 people are battling the rey fire and helicopters are trying to contain the flames. the cause is unclear. new video this morning. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton greeting enthusiastic supporters outside a fundraising event in piedmont last night. today she will attend two fundraisers in silicon valley. the first is an afternoon event in palo alto hosted by the ceo of integrated archive systems. later a dinner in los altos hosted by apple ceo tim cook. today a rally planned demanding the removal of judge aaron persky from the bench. he is the judge who was criticized for sentencing stanford university swimmer brock turner to six months in
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jail for sexual assault. today's rally is set for 11 a.m. outside the california commission on judicial performance in san francisco. earlier this week, judge persky recused himself from his first sex crimes case since the turner ruling. a new study suggested a drop in sugary drinks consumption in berkeley since the city began taxing the beverages. anne makovec joins us live from the newsroom with more on how this tax appears to be working. >> reporter: it has been five months since berkeley implemented its penny per ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages. a bottle this size costs an extra 20 cents and with that new tax lower income residents have consumed 21% less soda during the same period people in oakland and san francisco drinking 4% more sugary drinks. this is according to a new study in the american journal of public health. and it indicates that it was indeed the tax that caused people to change their drinking habits which means that so-
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called sin tax might be working as intended but a survey of berkeley residents found they drank fewer sports drinks, energy drinks and less regular soda. they cut the consumption of tea and coffee swede sweetened by 15%. a ballot in november in oakland we'll talk about that coming up in the next half-hour. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> why do they focus on low income residents. >> reporter: also specifically non-white residents. they say those groups are more likely to consume sugar sweetened drinks and then end up with the health consequences of it like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. time now 5:09. three tourists missing in yosemite are found. the challenge the crews had in
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getting them to safety. >> plus what you might not be able to do the next time you take a vacation in hawaii. >> good morning from the kpix weather center. we have the return of the low overcast, some areas of mist and drizzle. we'll talk about how this will affect your midweek forecast. >> our normal hot spot is hot they are morning. what's happening on the altamont pass, i will tell you coming up. stay tuned. ,, i found her wandering miles from home. when the phone rang at 5am, i knew it was about mom. i see how hard it's been on her at work and i want to help.
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time check 5:13 on this august in. looking towards the glorious bay bridge under overcast skies. the full forecast is coming up. a yuba county woman who went out of town for a few weeks found squatters took over her home. she got home to two unfamiliar cars in the driveway. three adults, three children and five dogs had been living in the home while she was gone. they trashed it, broke windows, doors, graffitied the walls. deputies found drugs on the suspects when they were'srd. >> i thought it was really awkward. there was no u-haul truck. there was no furniture.
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they just moved in there. >> the yuba county sheriff's office says that the squatters caused $8,000 in damage. three tourists who went missing near yosemite earlier this week have been found. the women were found off an embankment in an isolated part of the national park. they had been in a car crash and the steep slope made for a challenging rescue. >> the heat is impacting the crews working down the hill. just the technical nature of the extrication was a challenge. this isn't something that we deal with a lot. it's a technical extrication so it's a challenge. >> two of the women were injured and flown to the hospital. another was able to get out of the car on her own. let's get a check of the morning commute with roqui. >> let's take a look at a new crash in burlingame not causing many delays. it might later. southbound 280 at trousdale drive the car is on the
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shoulder. not causing tomorrow delays but it's out there. so keep an eye out. westbound 580 your altamont pass at north flynn road there was a stalled car there. it's now been towed but still causing delays. altamont pass at 9 miles per hour. so 205 on the pass will take up to 30 minutes. on the dublin interchange, that commute will take you about 16 minutes. and you can see cars are building in the commute direction. carquinez bridge to the maze 20 minutes. a beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge smooth in both directions. san rafael commute to san francisco on the golden gate bridge will take but 14 minutes. roberta? >> roqui! hello! [ laughter ] >> good morning. good day to you. 5:15, good morning, everybody. we are going to wake up this morning and get you ready to head out the door with live weather camera looking towards sfo. we have some high overcast skies but nonetheless with only two runways there at sfo, that
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could cause some delays on some arriving flights. so we'll keep you posted as officials check in shy of 6 a.m. time check 5:16. temperatures uniform with that deck of cloudiness. we are in the 50s and 60s. it is currently 62 in redwood city. we are checking in with our weather watchers. this is john miller. i love john. good morning to you, sir. he is reporting some overcast conditions in santa rosa and misty conditions, as well. please be advised of that because even though it's light condensation associated with the marine layer, it could be the roads will be slippery. good air quality in the north bay, coast, central bay, due to a well, 10 to 20. more of a southwest breeze 10 to 20 miles per hour the air quality is moderate side east bay south-central and the santa clara valley all that due to the fires that continue to burn out of control to the south of the bay area.
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satellite an radar clouds stacking up next to the coast moving into the bay penetrating our inland areas a good 50 miles toward the tri-valley. patchy stratus at the delta. all the clouds retreat back to the beaches today but cloudy at the coast. it's going to remain mild for the next few days but then this area of high pressure will start to nudge itself closer to the coast. as that happens we have the abundance of sunshine. but a cutoff low encourages our marine layer. 87 degrees sacramento today. i'm taking the thunderstorms out of the high sierra forecast back through yosemite. we have hazy conditions in throughout the fresno area due to the cedar fire. meanwhile, it is a soberanes fire in the monterey area leaving us with smoke and haze. and then of course it is the chimney fire in the san luis obispo area is keeping our air quality compromised. there is the official sunrise and sunset. smack in between, today we are shaving off 2 minutes 14
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seconds of daylight hours due to the, boy, have you noticed the long shadows as the sun begins to set? feels more like the end of september than the end of august. temperatures 60s at the beaches today, 60s around the bay, 70s around the peninsula. towards later on tonight, through your thursday and friday, this cutoff low gets also closer to the coast. it enhances the marine layer. we'll be cool at the seashore for the next several days through the weekend. here you have it with 50s and 60s at the beaches. 60s approaching 70s bayside. 90s inland. today and tomorrow. then look at that. when i talk about the temperatures at 86 degrees, that's a far outside number inland locations in the 70s. it's play ball! it's graveman on the mound for the good guys. daytime baseball. i'm going to be there. we are going to be reporting live for our noon show because graveman just came off his first complete shutout against the white sox this past weekend. he threw like 98 pitches and
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only had two hits. he is awesome. we are going to be there today. we are going to eat hot dogs and have our sunblock off. we're going to win two in a row! then they go on the road against st. louis and we're hoping there, too. >> you're excited. >> i love the a's! >> you have their colors. >> i know. fake but it's gold. [ laughter ] swimming with dolphins in waters off hawaii sounds like paradise but wildlife experts say that only the people involved are having fun. it's by why there's a ban in the works to help dolphins swim solo for good. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says dolphins get stressed out when they interact too much with people. spinner dolphins in particular are nocturnal so when they are trying to sleep it's a hassled to be swimming with humans. it negatives how they interact with offspring and causes them to abandon their habitat. responses to the proposed ban
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are mixed. >> we're not harming them. if anything, they come to us. they are not really scared of us. they swim right next to us. they want to play with us. >> it's out of hand in the areas where the animals r they are a resource we have to protect. >> noaa is holding public meetings over the next few months to get feedback. if approved, the ban would likely go into effect next year. the olympic flag arrived in tokyo a few hours ago. tokyo's governor held the flag as she got off the plane and walked down a stairway to the tarmac. preparations are already under way for the 2020 olympics in tokyo and construction of the main stadium is slated to start toward the end of the year. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, could madison bumgarner put the giants back in first place? it's north versus south game one. and what a 49er coach said yesterday that throws new fuel into the quarterback competition. coming up. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to, and we may come and feature your school on the show.
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play o' the day from major league baseball... texas at ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. the giants stumbled into dodger stadium with the worst record in baseball since the all star break. still, they were just a game behind l.a. and san francisco had their ace
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on the hill. man, it's been an odd season for the giants, hasn't it? down 3-2, 5th inning when belt find the right field line. that guy has to get hot. angel pagan trots home game tied at 3. bumgarner did not have the stuff last night. giving up five runs on nine hits and only five innings. adrian gonzalez with the bases loaded. hottest man on earth right now. the bullpen no help either. dodgers beat the giants 9-5. san francisco now two games back in the division. despite colin kaepernick missing the first two preseason games, the 49ers quarterback competition ain't over yet. >> it's already over. >> ain't nothing over until it's over. >> kaepernick practiced again yesterday and is on track to play friday night against the packers. now, because blaine gabbert hasn't lit the world on fire, colin kaepernick is going to get his shot according to the offensive coordinator. >> i'm happy with blaine. he is doing a good job. why not name him a starter now?
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>> it's not time. it's a competition and kaepernick hasn't had a chance to perform yet. when that happens and coach feel like it's time, we'll do that but right now it's not time. >> cap will get his shot tonight on channel 5 against the packer a lot of questions. a's beat the indians, 9-1. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the play of the day from major league baseball texas at cincinnati. billy hamilton in the outfield diving in center field at the warning track. take another look. this one cincinnati beats the rangers 3-0. the play of the day. the so-called sin-tax against soda appears to be working in berkeley. at least according to one new study. what that could mean for a ballot measure front of oakland voters next.
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>> reporter: and a san jose police officer accused of running with a gang. the charges he faces that could have him off the force for good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and we're learning more ab cab driver j the death toll climbs this morning after a powerful earthquake shakes italy. >> we're learning more about why a san francisco taxicab driver jumped the curb and hit multiple people. >> from the kpix weather center, good wednesday morning, everyone. sure, we do have clouds now. but i'm going to talk about a big change in your forecast. >> the metering lights are turning on. you have backups already on the toll plaza. we'll keep an eye out all morning. good morning, it's wednesday, august 24. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. today san jose's police
5:30 am
department is spelling out its progress in a massive investigation. it's called operation gang of thrones. maria medina is live in san jose where a cop was just arrested as part of this case reporter: and kenny, that officer has now found himself on the other side of the law. and the police chief plans to hold a press conference about his arrest today. according to the "mercury news" this 9.5-year veteran is accused of leaking sensitive information to vietnamese street gang members. now, his identity and exactly what information he gave are unknown. but what we do know is that his arrest was part of a month long investigation into these vietnamese street gangs. many of them were arrested and they are accused of a long list of crimes including extortion, public corruption, drugs and gambling. according to the "mercury news," that officer was put on leave and faces charges like
5:31 am
unauthorized access of a computer and accessory. those details are unknown but we hope to learn them plater today when the police chief will have a conference about his arrest and this investigation at 3 p.m. outside police headquarters at sjpd. maria medina, kpix 5. >> what have police said about crime at some of these vietnamese cafes recently? >> reporter: a few weeks ago we did a story about four unsolved murders involving these vietnamese street gangs and we learned from a lieutenant at the time that many of these crimes are happening at a central location. they say they are happening at vietnamese cafes here in san jose. back to you. >> thank you. devastation this morning in central italy where searchers are combing the rubble for survivors and victims of a strong earthquake. at least 38 people are confirmed dead. that number will rise over the course of the day. it was 3:36 a.m. local time when the quake struck. [ non-english language ] >> this woman says, the whole
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ceiling fell. i just managed to put a pillow on my head so i wasn't hit. >> according to the u.s. geological survey the quake was a magnitude 6.2 with an epicenter southeast of norsia. the hardest hit town was amatrice. two years ago to the day since napa was hit by a magnitude 6 earthquake. one person died, 200 others injured on august 4, 2014. napa, vallejo and other nearby cities had about $300 million in damage. this afternoon, st. john the baptist catholic school will hold a rededication ceremony for a building that has had major repairs over the last two years. >> can't believe it's been two years already. we were out there covering that earthquake. and still, a lot of buildings are recovering from that. >> very much and the economy, as well. >> and the economy. >> i stop and think about my son who was born in 1992, when
5:33 am
we experienced that earthquake just two years ago, he had never experienced such a magnitude. being a native californians having experienced all of them and covering loma prieta and northridge and landers which was up there close to 6.8 actually but in the middle of the mojave desert i was shocked at my son. i had not realized he had never experienced such a large earthquake before. show now we're earthquake- ready. just ah, mom, why are you stocking up on the water? we don't need that much toilet paper. that's okay. now he is okay with it all. good morning. as you get ready to start your midweek, this is what you can expect out the door this morning. we have thin overcast skies. visibility not so much an issue but we are seeing reports of mist and drizzle in the santa rosa area at 55 degrees. it is now 60 in san jose and in oakland. 58 degrees in livermore. we do have our air quality report today. it has been modified to include the east bay, moderate air quality due to the smoke and
5:34 am
haze. we are talking about the chimney fire and soberanes fire. your air quality will be compromised to the south again today. look at the temperatures. typically we should be at 69 san francisc 65 today. oakland high 69. no sunshine at the beaches today. 70s at the peninsula. 79 degrees in santa clara. mid-80s morgan hill through gilroy. east of the bay, this is where we'll see some of the warmest temperatures. it was 89 yesterday in pleasanton. so today 90. mid-80s in livermore. low 90s in brentwood. then we come over to the north bay, 60s at the coast, 70s san rafael, 80s novato and in napa. we'll still have your weekend forecast, never too early to start talking about the weekend, roqui, coming up. >> i agree, roberta. i'm ready! let's talk about right now your altamont pass. it's our hot spot every morning pretty much but now it's even hotter coming out of tracy. cars are driving at 9 miles per
5:35 am
hour. this is due to a stalled car that was there earlier. it's being towed but still causing delays. if you take that on to the dublin interchange, as you can see, commute direction, lots of cars backing up there. altamont pass to 680, westbound will take you about 15 minutes. and here's a look at your bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights are on now. of course at 5:30 carquinez bridge to the maze westbound will take but 20 minutes. and then a little slow to get through the toll plaza. and then here's a look here in san mateo on the peninsula southbound 101 at poplar avenue a two-car crash on the shoulder. so we'll keep an eye on that. and also in burlingame southbound 280 at trousdale drive there is a car on the shoulder there, as well. michelle? >> thank you. these two little girls drowned in the russian river after their mom's truck crashed right into the waterway. 6-year-old caitlyn marcus and 4- year-old haley marcus were unable to escape yesterday because the truck sank fast. witnesses say the vehicle was going at about 35 miles per
5:36 am
hour on highway one when it started to slide because of wet conditions. the chp believes the mother overcorrected and her truck fell quickly into the water. she broke one of the truck's windows to try to save her girls and a passing driver ran to help. but rescue crews could not get them out until about 30 minutes after the accident. in san francisco police are trying to figure out how a cab driver wound up slamming his car into two pedestrians and completely shearing a newsstand. the crash happened at the busy intersection of sutter, sansom and market yesterday afternoon. witnesses say that right after the crash it seemed that the three people involved were all unconscious. but the cab driver crawled out of the car. he and shoe shiners who took the brunt of the impact were all rushed to san francisco general where one remains in critical condition. witnesses say that the sounds and the scene were tough to bear. >> like a loud smack like someone dropped a slab of
5:37 am
concrete from a few stories up. >> the old man flew up in the air. that's his mark there. jazz was knocked off his feet and had wood debris on him. >> a muni bus did capture the crash on surveillance video. the cause of the crash is under investigation. transportation secretary anthony foxx will be in santa clara this morning as silicon valley leaders update the public on phase one of the bart extension to san jose. that phase will link fremont with san jose's berryessa area. if all goes well, that stretch will open late next year. today the vta will also provide updates on phase 2 of the project extending service to downtown san jose and santa clara. on to the presidential race. this is day 2 of democratic nominee hillary clinton's fundraising swing in the bay area. here she is greeting fans last night in piedmont. today she will be in silicon valley for more private praisers. the first one is in the
5:38 am
afternoon in palo alto, hosted by amy rau and dinner in los altos with tim cook. there is a new sign a soda tax is working by lowering consumption of sugary drinks in berkeley. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: in berkeley, a bottle of this size of soda costs an extra 20 cents. that is one penny per ounce. and with that new tax, lower income residents have consumed 21% less soda. that's according to a study in the american journal of public health. one in five respondents said that was indeed the tax that caused them to change their drink habits. it's incorporated into the price of an item. the merchant pays it rather than it being added at the register. that's why opponents call it a grocery tax that can drive up the price of other items.
5:39 am
>> because our margin is really low. [ indiscernible ] >> those are merchants in oakland where voters have their own sugary drinks tax on the ballot in november. there is a big campaign against it. this study will be fodder for it. it found less than half of the tax was passed to consumers specifically in the form of higher prices of soda and other sweet drinks. again, 21% fewer sugary drinks consumed by the study group in berkeley and during the same period people in oakland and san francisco drank 4% more. a closer look at the numbers in the next half-hour. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> berkeley could be a trend setter. >> they were the first to pass it and now in two dozen other states. san francisco voters shot it down in 2014 but it's back on the ballot in the city in november. it was a mess in berkeley.
5:40 am
the rules were unclear. the cart came before the horse but now berkeley's law could be a model for other cities. kenny? >> thank you. hulu is tired of giving away its goods for free so it's following the netflix model and making us all pay up. jill wagner of has that story and more trending topics. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kenny, so far it's been a quiet week on wall street. economic data is light and a lot of investors are on vacation. the dow rose 17 points yesterday? >> the nasdaq was up 15. tesla says the new version of its model s can do 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. hugh low is shifting to ad free subscriptions only and that puts them more in line with competitors like netflix. >> best buy stock had the best day in years yesterday up nearly 20% on stronger-than- expected sales in the last quarter.
5:41 am
their earnings prove americans still want to test out and see home entertainment centers and other electronics in person before they buy. kenny? >> you have to blast that bose in the store before you purchase that speaker. >> absolutely. >> yeah. jill, um, there's also some interesting news. starbucks, um, saying they may, um, that may from some ice coffee loves -- may interest some ice could have no lovers. tell us about this. >> a california judge threw out a lawsuit against starbucks from a man who complained that the coffee giant was putting too much ice in its cold drinks and that meant you got less coffee than paid for. the judge said a reasonable consumer should know when they order an iced drink, a portion is going to be ice. >> yeah. good to know that there's some common sense in our courts these days. jill wagner of >> reporter: i should note there's a similar case going on in illinois. so we'll see. >> nothing should shock us anymore, right? >> reporter: yeah. exactly. [ laughter ] >> all right.
5:42 am
jill, thank you, this morning. time now 5:41. new video after a fatal incident involving officers in southern california. why it's under review this morning. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. time check 5:44 on this wednesday. this is our live weather camera. we are looking out towards the bay bridge. looks like we can see one of the local cruise liners there, the ones that cruise around the bay. what a perfect day for that. we'll have calm winds around the bay today until the late afternoon hours. we'll have compromised air quality, however, and i'll pinpoint those locations. the air quality report is coming up in less than 4 minutes. in southern california, the riverside county sheriff's department is investigating the death of a 71-year-old man who was shot by an indio police
5:45 am
officer. a bystander captured a few seconds of the saturday night confrontation on video. investigators say officers were called to the scene outside a convenience store because the man had threatened people with a knife. investigators are also looking at footage from the officer's body cameras. >> the cameras are part of the investigation. and, um, to my knowledge, indio police does have a policy where they use body cameras out on patrol so there was one there present and it is part of the investigation. the bystanders' camera appears to have recorded 7 gunshots. the officer is on administrative leave. a standard move in such cases. in livermore, two charter schools have lost hundreds of students in a couple of weeks after disturbing allegations surfaced. just last night, the school board made clear that it's time for change. board members issued a notice to the organization behind the
5:46 am
two schools. irregularities in the budget process, unpaid or delinquent financial obligations, and charging illegal tuition to exchange students are some of the problems. some employees at tri-valley say not all of this bad press is deserved but many parents feel the company can't be trusted. >> i think that the information isn't all accurate. so -- and i think that we all have the best interests of the kids at heart and i just want to move forward that way. >> i totally understand why parents have pulled their students out. they are frustrated. they feel that the corporation isn't responding to them. they feel the corporation isn't trustworthy and i'm one of those. >> despite warnings and even the recent notice, the livermore school board hasn't given up on tri-valley. it wants to work with the charter schools instead of shutting them down. james corden could be looking at another viral video in a few days. after a long wait his latest
5:47 am
carpool karaoke airs thursday. >> thank you for helping me get to work. traffic is gridlock. >> you're welcome. ♪[ music ] >> didn't hear any singing but britney spears will join him for the latest session not only to belt out some of spears' classics, she will also talk about her las vegas show. one time i tried to do karaoke with a friend and it was a britney spears song, realize i didn't know any of the words and even though i didn't really even know the tune because even though the words scroll up on the screen -- >> which was it whoops i did it again? >> baby -- no, what -- [ simultaneous speakers one more time. >> i know -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> i tried one with lady gaga. >> oh, no. [ laughter ]
5:48 am
let's check traffic. you can also do some karaoke in the car apparently. right now let's take a look at your altamont pass. hot spot this morning, cars coming out of tracy at 10 miles per hour and this is due to a stalled car earlier. it's been towed but still causing major delays on top of that normal morning commute through the altamont pass on to the dublin interchange here. that will take you about 16 to 20 minutes as you can see, there are some cars building up in the commute direction. also, a crash southbound 101 at poplar avenue this is in the san mateo area. two-car crash on the shoulder. not causing too many delays though and then also, your san mateo bridge if you are heading from hayward to the peninsula, 880 to 101 westbound will take but 15 minutes. and your metering lights are on on the bay bridge toll plaza so the maze to downtown will take you about 12 to 15. roberta? >> rock me baby one more time! >> i'm more like a bad romance kind of girl, you know, lady gaga. good morning. the only thing i like about
5:49 am
sunrise a little later this morning at 6:33 we get to enjoy the view of the bay bridge all lit up in its glory by the 25,000 l.e.d. lights. temperatures currently in the 50s and 60s. visibility isn't hampered even though we have thin high overcast skies. compromised air quality today. this is your modified air quality report now including the eastern portion of our bay area. smoke and haze due to the fires south of the bay area. the plume of that smoke particulate matter lifting up from the south into the north clipping the santa clara valley. the south-central bay and the eastern portion of our bay area. west winds at 6 in san francisco. 8 around vallejo, benicia, martinez and american canyon. 12 in fairfield. today breezy late day with the winds variable 10 to 20 miles per hour. clearing around the bay, socked in at the coast warm and hazy inland. this is our satellite-radar. we have the penetration of the low clouds and fog marching
5:50 am
past the bay all the way a good way inland. an upper level trough to the north of us will enhance the marine layer and keep our temperatures slightly below average over the weekend. 87 sacramento. 77 yosemite. air quality unhealthy through carmel into pebble beach. sunrise 6:33. sets at 7:50. a little earlier today. we'll have smack in between 60s beaches and around the bay 70s peninsula to the north, as well. 78 in san jose when the average high is about 83, 84 degrees. close to average in the livermore area. our outside number will be 91 in brentwood. wanted to share this with you because as we set you up into the weekend this low will move closer to the coast. look what happens. temperatures 86 degrees outside number at best.
5:51 am
so many of your inland areas will be in the 70s. daytime baseball today. we'll be reporting live there at noon. we hope to see you there. go, a's. have a great day. time now 5:51. one popular clothing store under fire this morning. why zara is facing criticism for some of the prices on the stickers. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
international clothing company zara h d with a 5- shoppers may can't to check their tags before they buy. international clothing company's zara has been slapped with a $5 million class action lawsuit for allegedly cheating american customers out of billions of dollars. the suit claims that the spanish company which prices many items in euros on the rack incorrectly converted to a higher dollar amount at the register. >> so whereas the lowest tag price would be, let's say, 9.99, in euros they were charging 17.99 in dollars. >> by the way, 9.99 in euros is equal to $11.27. zara denies the allegations and said they will look forward to presenting their full defense. thanks to some help from the younger generation, domino's pizza stock hit an all- time high yesterday shares up 35%.
5:55 am
they have aggressively taken aim at millennials allowing orders through text messages and apple watches and tweeting emojis. it worked with half of sales coming digitally. pizza hut and papa johns have seen gains in millennials. pizza is the most popular purchase among 20-somethings. dairy farmers had revenue drop by 35% in the last few years. the government announced it is going to buy $20 million worth of excess cheese from private inventories. it plans to give it to food banks and pantries across the country. today in san francisco, technology of the 21st century meets sunken ships from world war ii. at the cal academy scientists are giving a live look of two shipwrecks. one is the uss independence 30 miles off the coast of half moon bay. bay area scientists have been
5:56 am
exploring the wreck through remotely operated vehicles. >> she did sustain one torpedo blast. >> using an unmanned submersible camera, the crew has been examining every tunnel on the uss independence. back in 1951, the ship was sunk on purpose after rushing it through several battles and nuclear testing. today's ship to shore chat involves quite a bit of history. it is 5:56. in the next half-hour, the thirst for sugary drinks waning a bit in berkeley. the results of a new study on the city's soda tax. >> a san jose police officer arrested what he is accused of doing that has the police chief speaking out later today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
and i'm kenny choi. rescue crews are sifting through what's left of several
6:00 am
taly -- good morning. it's wednesday, august 24. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. rescue crews are sifting through what's left of several small towns in central italy after a deadly earthquake. this is a live picture from amatrice where dozens of buildings collapsed when the magnitude 6.2 earthquake devastated the region early this morning. at least 38 people are confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise. there are reports as many as 50 people were killed and hundreds of others injured. tina kraus has the latest on the race to save the survivors. >> reporter: hours after the earthquake hit, rescue teams led this man in a white apron covered in blood away from the devastation in amatrice and crews carried a little girl to safety. frantic residents and emergency workers used buckets, bulldozers, even their hands, to dig through the debris. this rescue workers says, we need chainsaws, shears to


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