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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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exceeded the standards. so why were educators giving themselves a pat on the back today? juliette goodrich reports. >> reporter: well, if you are a parent, you likely got the test results over the summer. i did. i have three kids in school. and now we're finding out how everyone did statewide. students at 11,000 public schools in california including here at san leandro high took the new "common core" smarter balanced assessment test and the results are in. the good news, scores are higher than last year statewide. >> i present to you tom torlakson. >> reporter: the state superintendent making the announcement at san leandro high school today where the increase was significant districtwide. and more specifically -- >> for african-americans, english language art weren't 5% they were 10% increased. [ applause ] >> reporter: but he says there
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is more work to do. the not so good news, the racial achievement gap remains large when it comes to educating black kids and latinos statewide. so what can be done to close that gap? >> looking at schools like this one. san leandro high school has been closing achievement gaps. >> reporter: how was that done. they have a variety of programs, career education, pathway, academic pathways. >> reporter: a junior at san leandro high takes at achievement test this year for the first time. he feels he is getting prepared in school every day. >> they reach out and ask what they can do to help me in class when i'm struggling. it's happened. last year in chemistry, i was able to pass the second semester. >> reporter: peter allen is with san jose unified school district and says districtwide students scores improved but he acknowledges the racial achievement gap exists for a number of reasons. >> i think there's a number of
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factors, socioeconomics being key among them but also i think some institutionalized prejudices and some, um, um, um, what you call structural prejudices. >> reporter: one basic answer, learn from the schools that are showing signs of success like san leandro high and its "common core" teaching methods. >> they have been trained to deliver that new curriculum. do you see that going statewide? >> yes. we want to take schools like this that are high performing, that have been closing achievement gaps and bring about the sharing of their strategies, their investments, that made it possible. >> reporter: so the challenge now, seeing those test scores go up year after year in districts like the one in san leandro saying they are ready to take on the challenge head on. in san leandro, juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> the tests are taken in the spring for third through eighth of grades and juniors in high school. the test scores are mailed over the summer and we have posted a
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link on a violent police altercation leaves a teenage girl bloodied and cuffed. now she is suing. kpix 5's joe vazquez was in court today where the case took an unusual turn. >> couldn't find her phone. >> reporter: the video begins calmly enough with a sonoma county sheriff deputy rolling up to a scene where a man and woman have been arguing. [ yelling ] >> you don't need to talk to her. >> what are you doing! you're not allowed to do that! >> reporter: but within minutes utter chaos! [ screaming and cursing ] >> do you want to hear what i have to say or do you just want to -- >> reporter: amid the screaming of relatives a sheriff's deputies tackles the woman's sister to the ground when she tries to walk away. >> come here. >> leave her alone! >> reporter: 19-year-old her face bruised and bloodied and bruised. the county charged her
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with resisting arrest. >> this is a good example of why departments should equip their officers with body cameras. >> reporter: kpix 5's law enforcement analyst howard jordan says this trial provides a close look at how body cameras can show context around an altercation with police. >> one of the things that the public have to understand when an officer gives you an order, whether you like it or not, you have to comply. >> reporter: gabi's trial took a trial when the judge allowed previouslily thrown out evidence. he allowed prosecutors to play audio for a phone conversation the woman had from jail with the mother. you can hear both women using racial slurs. >> gabi uses the "n" word. >> it might sway the juror to feel like was this racial? >> reporter: bad language aside, an activist hopes the trial's also an opportunity for residents of sonoma county to hold their law enforcement accountable for the way they
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handle heated situations. >> the deputy appears to have not had control of the situation which seems to -- that he could have de- escalated. >> reporter: in santa rosa, joe vazquez, kpix 5. new at 6:00, bad news for bacon lovers. the san jose festival featuring the favorite breakfast food is postponed. kpix 5's len ramirez says not for lack of pork but lack of police. >> reporter: this is all about police staffing. this afternoon the police chief went to the city council to ask for an emergency declaration that will allow him to more easily redeploy more troops to the streets. this is not just affecting crime and how the police respond to crime but also how the police respond to some of the fun things that happen in san jose. the san jose bacon festival promises a lot of pork. but apparently, there's not enough police. >> 2.5 weeks before the event, we get a letter from the city saying they don't have enough
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resources particularly police resources for the event. >> reporter: it would have filled plaza de cesar chavez with 10,000 to 15,000 people on labor day but now the festival is postponed until mid-october. >> this is exactly what we need and then we make it extremely difficult or impossible to hold it. >> reporter: it's the latest fallout from a police officer shortage that has gone from bad to worse and today the chief of police went to the city council to ask for an emergency declaration to allow him to put more officers on the street. >> really just need to draw a line in the sand to make sure my officers are as safe as i can have them and at the same time keep the community safe. >> reporter: the number of street-ready officers is down to 815 for a city of over a million. and with hundreds of vacancies, officers are being asked to fill 348 ten hour shifts for september in overtime. the emergency declaration would let the chief temporarily sidestep union rules about how officers can be redeployed from other assignments to put the maximum number of people on patrol. it's something even the union
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is on board with. >> the chief had to do something. it's a hardship on the officers. no one likes to leave the assignments that they have. but we know that we have to do what we have to do. >> by anyone's mission, this is a band-aid. this is a temporary fix to get more officers out there on patrol until we can get to november and with the hope that we'll have support from our voters on measure f. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a massive san jose gang sweep ends the arrest of a veteran police officer. police say officer derek antonio is implicated in the gang's criminal activity. among his charges, six felony counts including sharing private police information. you kiet do reports. >> reporter: it's a proud moment for the department but that was tempered by the fact that they had to arrest one of their own officers described by
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those who knew him as an average officer, quiet, kept to himself, and didn't say much. >> sadly, our investigation revealed that san jose police officer derrick antonio was providing confidential law enforcement information to members of this gang. >> reporter: derrick antonio a 9 1/2 year veteran has been on paid administrative leave since june. a tip came in to weed out other accomplices. they say he was acting alone endangering the police and the public. >> his acts were deplorable and doe represent the character of the remaining members of the department. >> reporter: gang investigators had been listening to wiretaps for months and had no idea a cop was involved until they heard a suspect say something like, have your guy check ncic to see if they are being watched. ncic is the fbi's national crime information center. however, every time an officer checks the database the system
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logs the activity. so it wasn't long before investigators followed the electronic trail back to antonio. what's more, police sources tell us investigators allowed antonio to keep it up so they could strengthen their case against him and round up more suspects. antonio's motive is unknown. it's also unclear whether or not he knew all his database searches were being logged. >> i'll be frank with you and tell you that i'm glad he didn't or else it would have been difficult to make this case against an officer that shouldn't be wearing this uniform. >> reporter: operation gang of thrones netted 23 arrests, 69 gambling machines, $200,000 in cash, 600 pounds of marijuana, 4,000 pills of ecstasy and a baby alligator. investigators say the bulk of the drugs were headed to louisiana, where several suspects were arrested. marijuana was found stuffed in cardboard drums in fremont and disguised as foot powder and many of the gambling machines were confiscated at vietnamese cafes like this raid back in march of 2015. while san jose police say they put a major dent in organized crime in san jose, the
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vietnamese cafes continue to be magnets for crime like extortion and prostitution. he faces five counts of illegally accessing information and also one count of an accessory after the fact. tonight he is free on bail. we are live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. well, the giants have mccovey cove. the a's could someday have conseco cove. the team is looking seriously at its own waterfront location at the port of oakland. kpix 5's john ramos says the idea could be a winner for two east bay teams. >> reporter: at oakland city hall today the mayor didn't want to get people's hopes up about the future of the a's but couldn't help herself. >> i don't want to get everyone too excited, um, the exciting thing is the a's are definitely staying in oakland. >> reporter: it's possible this will be their new home. tomorrow morning a's owner john fisher is supposed to meet with members of the city staff to tour the charles p howard terminal at the port of oakland
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right next to jack london square. mayor schaaf has long favored this site and says the a's are finally taking it seriously. >> that's why they are touring the site tomorrow with technical staff, engineers, people who understand the soil conditions, the seawall. >> reporter: but before any home runs find these waters, there are a lot of questions to answer like how much parking will be available. and the closest bart station 12th street citycenter is a mile away a 22-mile walk through neighborhoods that may be intimidating for some fans. also thousands of people would have to cross these railroad tracks meaning the city may have to pay for expensive pedestrian overpasses. mayor schaaf, who is against putting money into the stadium, says she doesn't mind funding improvements to the city's property surrounding it especially if it revitalizes the area like at&t park did for china basin. as for the fans? they just want to get it done. >> keep the a's in oakland and send them on down there to jack
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london. i go down there all the time. >> reporter: they say a gleaming new stadium on this site may be just what it takes to get more than just die-hard fans to come out to the park. >> sports are attraction and entertainment now. so you got to put everything out there for 'em. >> reporter: tomorrow's tour may just be that first step on what many feel has already been a very long and tiresome journey. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. and quick correction. john meant to say a 22-minute walk, not a 22-mile walk. well, right now, hillary clinton is in the bay area raising money for her campaign. earlier today, she made her first stop at a fundraiser in redwood city. chopper 5 captured her motorcade pulling up to the hotel hosted by amy rau who runs a local technology firm. just a few hours ago she attended a fundraiser that was host offed by apple's ceo tim cook. chopper 5 captured clinton
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walking into a home in los altos. later tonight, clinton is attending a third fundraiser in palo alto. it's being hosted by loreen powell jobs the widow of steve jobs. new at 6:00, facebook playing politics. coming up, the personal information the social media giant is sending presidential campaigns about you. >> plus, a man brutally attacked attacks a woman in broad daylight. police want him off the street. >> and friday night football. colin kaepernick is ready to return to the field. >> we are about 2 minutes away 2 miles way from the raiders facility here in alameda where you need sunglasses and a jacket. it is only 61.9 degrees on the shores of san francisco bay. we'll talk about the potential for any warmup and have your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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for the man who brutally be new at 6:00, san francisco police are looking for the man who brutally beat a woman walking in lafayette park. he runs up, punches her in the face while she is down on the ground. it happened saturday on washington street. the suspect was wearing a dark green zip-up sweater and jeans. the woman's nose was broken in several places. it required surgery. police have no motive for the attack. in concord, police are looking for the masked man who robbed a 7-eleven clerk. the robbery caught on the store's surveillance video. the suspect walked into the store on oak grove road at 2 a.m. yesterday. he concealed his face with a yellow cloth, held a knife to the cashier, and demanded money. the clerk gave the cash and the suspect fled. he was last seen running down oak grove road. police have released new pictures of the suspects behind a deadly stabbing in hayward.
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we have sketches of those two suspects. police believe they are behind the murder of 42-year-old jason villegas. stabbed to death at his home a week ago at cottonwood avenue. the two men were seen fleeing the scene in a white car. a marijuana raid in the south bay. chopper 5 over a home on the 21000 block of almaden road near mountain drive in the hills south of san jose. a greenhouse could be seen in the backyard and several police cruisers were in the driveway. no word on arrests police in san francisco now say the taxi driver who plowed through a newsstand in san francisco may have suffered a medical emergency. the crash happened yesterday near the intersection of sansom, sutter and market streets. two people were seriously injured when the cab crashed into their stand. both were taken to the hospital. one is still in critical condition. people in the area say both victims were shoe shiners. >> they been here 10 years, wonderful guys. just a shame it happened to
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him. >> really nice gentlemen and they always are greeting you with a smile on their face. >> nice guys? >> nice guys, yeah. they always say hello to people, always polite. >> police say their investigation could take months. they are witnesses to contact them. new at 6:00 a judge went to see for himself after oakland renters said conditions in their building were worse than a third world country. tenants advocates were with the judge today as he toured the single room occupancy building on 8th street. the renters are mostly low income chinese families and seniors. they are accusing the new owners of using harassment tactics to force them to move. tactics like gutting several bathrooms, also forcing families to rely on just one kitchen. one of the new owners blames the renovation delays on contractor issues. the judge issued a tentative order last week requiring the landlords immediately repair those bathrooms. bart is holding a town hall meeting in about 10 minutes and if you can't make it, you can phone it in. a call number is posted on
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bart's website. bart is looking for rider feedback about upcoming changes to its system. heading outdoors now paul deanno live in alameda. >> reporter: it a hidden gem out here. the view from alameda is absolutely fantastic. if you like it cool, you'll like the weather here, as well. we are only in the low 60s in alameda. contrast that with the mid-80s and our temperatures inland. here's your high temperatures today. as we see the golden gate bridge in the background, we had the 60s, 70s and 80s. morgan hill the hot spot at 88. concord 84. san jose 78. santa rosa 77. fremont very comfortable 74. but look at san francisco. only one time in the entire month have you even hit 70. certainly not today. 63 degrees the high. let's take a look at your air quality for today. and moving forward to tomorrow, it's going to be good to moderate. that onshore flow that's kept temperatures down over the past several days, will keep the air quality good for the next several days. the air is fresh from the pacific ocean keeping the smog and the smoke mainly to our
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east. good to moderate air quality coming up tomorrow. if you find yourself in alameda on thursday or friday lucky you. 68 degrees tomorrow. 66 degrees on friday. there will be lots of morning cloud cover. that's typical fare for this time of year but you get blue sky in the afternoon. weak ridge of high pressure sitting offshore, as long as it stays to our west we are going to keep that onshore flow winds clockwise around the high which is west of san diego county and orange county. that will feed in the ocean flow and that's going to keep temperatures mild. not going to call it cold because it's not but it will be mild. low cloud cover, let's look at futurecast. we have zoomed it in for you. you can see rolling right through the golden gate, marin county, alameda county, up toward el cerrito and richmond, you will be foggy and cloudy tomorrow. but notice the complete lack of morning cloud cover south of redwood city that's you palo alto, santa clara, los gatos, san jose, you will be fog-free coming up tomorrow. so tomorrow we are looking at highs 74 for fremont. but 86 in concord. 78 in san jose, but 60 for a
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high in pacifica. san rafael 76 degrees. your extended forecast, mainly 80s inland across the board. monday being the exception. we'll have a high of 92 in our hottest spots. near the bay, 60s to low 70s. and along the coastline, only the upper 50s to low 60s. so if you enjoyed the weather today wherever you were, chances are, guys, you're going to love the weather for the next seven days because not really changing that much. the onshore flow continues. and that means the chilly weather near the water also continues. back to you. >> summertime in the bay. >> mr. consistency. >> all right, paul. thank you, sir. preparing for a cheese shortage? coming up, why the federal government is stockpiling 20 million bucks worth of cheese. >> and a major study for women with breast cancer. how a test may identify the women who could skip a very toxic treatment. ,,,,,,
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes
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on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. that could allow millions of women to skip chemo. reporter serene branson..
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a breast cancer breakthrough that could allow millions of women to skip chemotherapy. serene branson reports. >> it's difficult to be on the front of the train. >> reporter: the woman was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. a new test at the time rated her as low risk. other factors favored chemo but she opted against it. >> human nature is to throw everything and the kitchen sink at cancer but i guess my gut and due diligence helped me decide. >> reporter: her results were submitted by her doctor. an expert from a breast center in beverly hills as part of the study. >> this is our future. this is now our present. we can get a genetic typing of your actual cancer. the biology of your. >> reporter: the study looked at early stage patients with invasive cancer smaller than 5 centimeters and in three or fewer nodes.
6:25 pm
it found 46% were clinchky high risk for recurrence and some then were classified as low risk. >> what they showed proof positive is that there is no statistically significant difference whether you do chemo or not if mammo print says you're low risk no matter what the clinical picture looks like the biology trumps the best guess. >> reporter: she says since chemo comes with so many debilitating side effects -- >> over 46,000 women every, single year in the u.s. who would be told to do chemo based on clinical criteria aren't benefiting from it. that's huge! >> reporter: and like nearly 95% of patients studied she remained cancer-free. >> i'm grateful that other women and men will have the same opportunity and avoid overtreatment. that's the bottom line. that was serene branson reporting. coming up in the next half-hour a 6.2 quake rocks central italy
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killing more than 150, hundreds more injured. the effort under way to free trapped survivors. >> and a scientific breakthrough. a new planet just found that nasa says is just like earth. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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a bloody petaluma police
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altercation caught on the officer's body cam. the teenage girl who got rod our top stories at 6:30 a bloody petaluma police altercation caught on body cameras. the teenager is suing. but the case took a turn. the judge decided to allow evidence that had previously been excluded. it includes jailhouse phone calls where the girl uses racial slurs against the officer. a if you report says student test scores across the state are higher than last year. the racial achievement gap remains large when it comes to educating black and latino students statewide. only 37% of latinos and 31% of black students met or exceeded expectations. the number of dead in the powerful earthquake in italy has risen to 159. and that number is expected to rise. the magnitude 6.2 quake struck in the middle of the night
6:30 pm
while most people were asleep. it's been 24 hours and the search for survivors is at a frantic pace. the worst of the damage is clustered in a handful of small towns. they surround the epicenter of norcia about 100 miles northeast of rome. this is a closer look from above. large areas of amatrice have been leveled. it was voted one of italy's most beautiful historic cities. it's also one of the most popular for visitors: now the mayor says it's gone. tina kraus reports. >> reporter: 10-year-old julia is lucky to be alive. she was pulled from the rubble in pescara del tronto. similar efforts were under way in amatrice. the town has stood for hundreds of years. it's now flattened. the earthquake hit a remote
6:31 pm
mountainous region of central italy killing 150 people. a clock tower still marks the time when the quake struck. this priest heard people calling for help and tried to lift stones with his bare hands to free them. the region is a popular summer holiday retreat for italians. one of the collapsed buildings is a hotel believed to have 70 guests. italy's prime minister hugged firefighters after touring the devastation. he said it's been difficult to identify some of the victims. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: some residents say the military response has been slow. the terrain has also made it difficult to bring in heavy equipment. crews continue to comb through some areas in the dark hoping to find more survivors. in italy, tina kraus kpix 5. >> 5,000 miles to the east another powerful earthquake. a 6.8 quake struck central
6:32 pm
myanmar overnight. there are only 4 reported deaths. but scores of ancient pagodas have been destroyed. the tremors were felt as far away of bangladesh, indiana and thailand. today is the two-year anniversary of the napa quake. the 6.30 shaker rocked the wine country. more than 100 people were hurt. dozens of buildings were damaged in the 6.0 quake. many like the county courthouse were red-tagged. repairs are still under way. in afghanistan security forces are still combing the american university after militants stormed that campus. witnesses heard an explosion and automatic gunfire on the campus just outside kabul. a security guard hired by the university was killed. nearly two dozen other people were hurt. students say they barricaded classroom doors and hid in closets. police are calling it a terror attack. campaign 2016. donald trump trying to win over new voters while campaigning in florida. cbs reporter weijia jang
6:33 pm
reports. >> reporter: donald trump walked through the rain to meet with volunteers registering new voters outside his event in tampa, florida. >> really great to be here. >> reporter: once inside, trump explained why he thinks minorities should vote for him. >> to the african-american parents, you have a right to walk down the street of your cities without having your child or yourself shot. and that's what's happening right now. >> reporter: hillary clinton has spent this week out of the public eye raising money in california. but she is in the middle of a new controversy creating more questions about her trustworthiness. the "associated press" reports more than half the people from outside the u.s. government who spoke with clinton when she was secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. trump called it a "pay for play" scam. clinton's campaign says she didn't reap any profits. >> the clintons do not personally draw salary or profit from the work of the foundation. >> reporter: and they say the ap's data is flawed because it
6:34 pm
omits 1700 meetings with world leaders. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. sending your personal information to presidential campaigns? true. but you can block facebook from doing it. we'll explain how. >> and get your smartphone or your tablet ready. also the computers. we are asking you to weigh in on facebook sharing your personal information with political campaigns what do you think? go to take part in our new snapshot survey. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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facebook is jumping into politics. the social media network has begun "labeling" its users' political leanings. we want to know what you think... cbs sf dot com sla facebook is jumping into politics. they are labeling users' political leanings. what do you think about that? log on to use your phone, your tablet, computer, should facebook share your political leanings with
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campaigns? vote now and we'll put the live results up on the screen for you. meantime, kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen on how facebook has figured out whether you're a trump or hillary supporter. >> reporter: whether you felt the burn are ready for hillary or are on the trump train, facebook has figured it out. it's now labeling its users' political leanings from very liberal to very conservative. >> i was not surprised by my category. >> reporter: stephanie of the electronic frontier foundation says the site is basing its judgment on all your of facebook-related activity. >> basically you're sharing and they're listening so anytime you click on a "like" button or decide to share an article, they are watching. >> reporter: and your activity doesn't even have to be political. liking something like ice cream for example could identify you as a liberal. >> facebook is that extra person that you don't realize is sitting there watching you.
6:38 pm
>> reporter: how can you find out how facebook classified you? go to your account. this works best on a desktop computer. go to then go to interests and click on lifestyle an culture. and see what it says in the box labeled u.s. politics. that's what facebook thinks you are. >> it's all part of being able to target you as a consumer. >> reporter: facebook says that your political views are not visible to other users. but they are to advertisers and campaigns who want to precisely target a particular audience. donald trump's campaign has reportedly paid for its ads to be sent to those who facebook had labeled politically moderate. so what if facebook is wrong? well, as with all preferences, the site does allow you to change it or remove it. but as privacy rights advocates warn, your political preferences can be out there somewhere else. >> it's not particularly
6:39 pm
sophisticated what facebook is doing. >> reporter: melissa caen, kpix 5, san francisco. tonight on nightbeat we're asking you with the latest push to appeal to minority voters, which presidential candidate do you think would be better for minorities and why? let me know your thoughts right now. you can tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. should be coming up on your screen. roll results and comments on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. an out of this world discovery the planet just discovered that scientists say is just like earth. >> here on planet earth specifically alameda with the kpix 5 mobile weather lab it is a chilly but sunny 61 degrees. the view this evening is phenomenal! looking toward the east bay hills, it's about 82 degrees on the other side of the hills. downtown oakland the water, we'll have it for you live with your seven-day forecast coming up. >> welcome to the hypothetical sportscast. >> we are going to use
6:40 pm
hypotheticals, we should cancel the season because hypothetically we won the super bowl. >> hypothetically what if the raiders signed usain bolt. >> not going to ask little to block anything. >> coming up. >> another look at our snapshot question. should facebook share your political leanings with campaigns? yes or no? head to take part in our snapshot survey. ,, ,,,,
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from the company. since then, c-e-o tim cook s put his own stamp on apple. it been five years since steve jobs resigned from the company and since then, ceo tim cook has put his own stamp on apple. just weeks after he took over he instituted a gift matching program going dollar for dollar to employees who give to charities. he also took stands on issues like homosexual rights and prevented the fbi from getting access to a terrorist iphone
6:44 pm
saying he was protecting privacy of customers. google is punishing sites that clutter their content with ads. if a website has a large ad or forces you to click through it, it will demote it from its website. on mobile searches it won't appear. the hope is to get you things in you're looking for faster. the government is stepping in to rescue dare if i farmers. the nation's cheese surplus is at a 30-year high. sluggish demand and falling prices are to blame. farmers have seen revenue plummet 35%. today the agriculture department announced it would buy 11 million pounds to distribute to food banks. >> score one for starbucks. the california judge just threw out a lawsuit against the company that was filed by the man who complained starbucks put too much ice in its cold drinks. he claimed he was getting less coffee than he paid for. the judge said that a reasonable consumer should know
6:45 pm
that when you order an iced drink, a portion of it will of course be ice. looks like earth has a new neighbor. scientists say we have a lot in common. nasa researchers confirmed the discovery of a planet called proxima b and it may be handable because there's water on the surface. it is in our solar system. scientists are now working to explore the planet's surface with robots. californians likely won't get a break from changing the clocks. this week the state senate blocked a bill to let voters decide whether to keep daylight saving time. the bill could still be revived before lawmakers adjourn next week. now back to your kpix 5 snapshot question. we would like to know should facebook share your political leanings with campaigns? we'll take a look at the voting: we'll have another snapshot
6:46 pm
survey tomorrow. time to head back outdoors and let's join paul deanno who is live out in alameda. you have a jacket on. so it's cold. >> yeah. yeah. i vote for this weather to continue. it is pick your climate. you wanted super cold just go to the beach. we are in the 50s there. you want it in the middle there's oakland 60s and 70s. in alameda live with the weather lab in the 60s here. you want the 80s? we have those. they are only 9 miles away from where i'm standing. numbers all over the place and here we are. the cold spot san francisco at 59. right next to us oakland downtown oakland at 61 degrees. warm in concord and livermore in the low 80s very comfortable. san jose 73 and santa rosa 71 degrees. we are sunny but we are also chilly near the water. checking the radar out, we are dry. it's clear today on the radar. no sierra thunderstorms up and down the spine of the sierra.
6:47 pm
no showers and storms. we are not on kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar. lows tonight 50s, vallejo 55. oakland 56. fremont 57. fairfield 54 degrees. there is a weak ridge of high pressure off to our west. this is very important to us because our weather is completely dependent on whether we have the flow from the ocean or not. with this particular setup, we absolutely keep the flow. notice those wind paralyzed particles moving northwest to southeast. that weak ridge of high pressure will keep temperatures mild especially near the water. and prevent any big warmups anytime soon. clouds moving inland. low cloud cover tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. temperatures cooler than average. the ocean is preventing a heat wave from moving back in. what will the sky look like over san jose tomorrow? let's fly in and take a look using our sky cast. a lot of sunshine for you.
6:48 pm
there will be a lot of morning clowning but the south bay is the exception to the rule -- there will be a lot of cloud cover, but the south bay is the exception to the rule. beautiful in santa clara and san jose tomorrow. mainly sunny skies. highs tomorrow running below average again. san jose that 78 is 5 degrees shy of the normal of 83. union city 73 for you. san mateo 75. chilly at the beach half moon bay only 61 degrees. cupertino 81 tomorrow. walnut creek you hit 84. pittsburg 83. pleasanton 86. north we'll talk about mill valley with a high of 63. daly city only 59. you haven't seen 60 in a long time. and alameda, where i'm standing will be about 68 degrees tomorrow with afternoon sunshine. lakeport the hot spot 93. windsor tomorrow 81. extended forecast calling for sunshine, afternoon sunshine every day but temperatures kept down by the onshore flow. upper 50s, low 60s along the coast. upper 60s to low 70s near the bay and very consistent with
6:49 pm
most afternoons in the low to mid-80s. we are back out live. this is the view from alameda toward the bridge and the city of san francisco. that wave of marine air that russia over san francisco every evening so far this month has returned. the view is stunning but you can see the low cloud cover pushing in tonight. another cloudy start to your day tomorrow. dennis with sports coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
kaepernick us expected to py qu this friday colin kaepernick says his arm feels great and barring any setbacks, he is expected to play quarterback for the 49ers this friday night on channel 5. and according to the coaches, the competition on who will start remains just that, a competition. the kaepernick saga has been well chronicled a super bowl quarterback to a backup to general manager trent baalke giving him permission to seek a trade that never happened. kaepernick didn't seen speak to baalke in the off season but the general manager recently said that he and kaepernick had a, quote, good conversation. although today kaepernick wouldn't characterize it quite that way. >> we have a business relationship. um, you know, that's the point
6:53 pm
that we're at. >> you had a good conversation with -- would you characterize that as accurate? >> we had a conversation. >> the head coach said the team hasn't decided on how much kaepernick will play or whether he or blaine gabbert are start on friday. and he wasn't very interested in giving any clues when asked hypothetically what the plan might be. >> this is my deal with hypotheticals because everyone wants to use them. so if we're going to use hypotheticals we should cancel the season because hypothetically we won the super bowl. let's say we won the super bowl so it's over. so we don't -- and we did it without a quarterback in the hypothetical world that i live in so wouldn't it be cool? [ laughter ] >> it doesn't work that way. so i just literally we're really the ral black and white deals. we are going to sit down when we find out exactly who is available. i would hope that based on what he has done so far that he is going to be available. if he is available, he is going to play. the raiders kick off
6:54 pm
saturday night here at channel 5 against tennessee. oakland has one of the best receiving can democrats in the nfl in cooper receiving players. what if there is a new weapon? coach del rio and quarterback derek carr wouldn't mind bringing in another out. the world's fastest man usain bolt and the two sounded giddy imagining the possibility of having bolt in silver and black. >> send him on a go route. certainly not going to ask him to come in and block anybody. so he can fly. [ laughter ] >> i think i saw something that he ran almost 27 miles an hour. and they compared like julio jones ran like 21 or 22 andist like that comparison to me? that's ridiculous. now, that doesn't even make sense. can fathom it. you can't really say oh, yeah that makes sense. that doesn't make sense. it blows my mind.
6:55 pm
just saying if you want to come run a go route. we're all good. >> that's a hypothetical! right? derek carr, raiders, 49ers and kaepernick and blaine gabbert. the browns and bucs on our sister station kbcw at 5:00 on friday. ready for football! billy butler take the blame for the altercation with danny valencia that gave him a concussion and sent him to the hospital. he apologized. but according to valencia he hasn't spoken with butler. indians starter trevor bauer and his glove got into an altercation at the coliseum today. a's already leading 1-0. max munsee base hit off bauer scoring one giving oakland the 2-lead in the second. valencia pops it up. there's two out. but carlos santana overran the baseball! two runs score. bauer not pleased. his a 5-0 game. and that was plenty for that
6:56 pm
man! kendall graveman allowed one run in 6 2/3 and allowed just one run in the last two starts. oakland wins 5-1 for their first back-to-back win in two weeks. >> good night, that is a huge fish! >> it's the big game of fishing. mark ciao from cal caught this 30-pound salmon on a fishing trim in british columbia with his friend craig cory a stanford grad who reeled in a 42-pounder so judging from the official weigh-in, stanford wins the big watch of the day! you think you can do better? or you have a fishing story for us? send us our pictures to >> all they needed were the bands. >> yeah. >> cool bands. >> band for the big catch of the day. >> good stuff. >> they would have interfered with catching the fish. >> the trombone -- whoo! i mean, whoo.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! ["family feud" theme playing] steve: good. how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. look. we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day from east orange, new jersey, it's the greene family. [cheering and applause] and from cedar park, texas, it's the krienke family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new, state-of-the art ford edge. [cheering and applause] let's get it on. let's play
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"feud." give me kevin, give me richard. [cheering and applause] ["family feud" theme playing] top--heh heh--top 8 answers on the board. name a part of the body that should never be mentioned in a love song. kevin. kevin: genitalia. steven ♪ genitalia your genital take your genitalia and pack it away for me i don't want to see your genitalia take your genitalia get away from me ♪ [cheering and applause] genitalia! [cheering and applause] pass or play, man? kevin: we're playing.


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