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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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staying in an rv during the week and driving home on their days off and since the rvs are parked on city property it's all legal. embarrassing for the city? >> it's embarrassing for any city. >> reporter: city leaders had no idea this was going on until we brought it up this morning. so they are just now starting to scratch their heads trying to figure out what to like possibly adding more security including better fencing to protect the officers who are sleeping inside these rvs at night. it was measure b pension reform that voters approved back in 2012 that cut officer pay and benefits and triggered a mass exodus of officers leaving the department. mayor sam liccardo said the long-term solution now is for voters to pass measure f to boost pay and they can hire more cops. >> we need to restore this police department so we don't have officers working multiple overtime shifts on the same day in the same week. >> reporter: they will determine whether to declare a
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state of emergency to visit regular detectives to police patrol. a councilman says it's a short- term fix and all other options haven't been exhausted. even after seeing the rv's he stands firm. >> we need to give them more money. there are many things i think we can do. declaring an emergency isn't going to get the police officers out of their mobile homes. it's going to exacerbate the problem. >> reporter: the police union has known about the rvs for a while but didn't want to talk about them because of officer safety. president paul kelly says it underscores how bad the situation is in san jose. >> we are not going to retain officers. we are not going to recruit officers. we are going to keep on sleeping in a parking lot until we can get measure f across the line and certain negotiations to get over the line, as well. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the mayor wants voters to approve giving cops a raise but what else should san jose do to get more officers on the
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streets? kpix 5's len ramirez says there is another plan that people are talking about. what is that, len? >> reporter: that's right, veronica. the same councilmember that kiet talked to also has an idea that he said will give overworked officers more rest. unfortunately, it will also hit them in the pocketbook. >> i think that our police are doing a great job for the city. you know, we're still one of the best cities in the united states to live in and i am concerned that they are overstretched and they are working on the job while being tired. >> reporter: councilmember is worried san jose's unprecedented police shortage means officers are working too many overtime hours just to fill basic patrol duties. his solution? cut or eliminate pay jobs for full time officers and turn some of those jobs over to reserve officers or private security. >> i'm talking festival jobs, working at the mall. i know that the officers will earn extra money. but they can earn extra money working for the city. >> it's a hair brained idea!
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>> reporter: the proposal was condemned by the police union which says it could have the opposite effect of giving officers more rest. police officers often volunteer for pay jobs to earn extra money under this proposal the union says calls for service for on-duty officers could increase from schools, hospitals, churches and festivals all of which privately pay off-duty officers to be there. >> which is going to create more 911 calls for the patrol division to have to respond to all these locations which is obviously the problem we're in now. we don't have enough cops. we're in a state of emergency. >> reporter: lot city disputes that the reason not postponement of one high- profile festival was an officer shortage -- >> it was pushed off because the sponsors didn't come forward or secondary employment didn't meet the 45-day deadline. >> reporter: the bacon festival organizers showed their application was in two weeks before the deadline. the city now says the application was "incomplete." >> even if we did miss a couple of fields, when we submit it they usually give us feedback
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saying, hey, you need to fill this in. it just took a long time for them to give us that feedback and i think that was one of the challenges. >> reporter: the bacon festival is now planned for october 15 and 16. meantime, councilmember khamis plans to propose his idea at the next council meeting. incidentally, that's the same meeting that the city will propose this emergency measure to allow the police chief to redeploy more of his forces from inside and investigative jobs out to patrols. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. some homeowners in daly city have a mess on their hands after a water main break sent a river of mud down the street into their homes. the water department says that it was a contractor who broke the line about 9:30 this morning at san jose avenue and wilson street. at one point 6 to 8 inches of water were flowing. more than a dozen homes have been damaged. crews had to pump and sweep all
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that water and mud out. >> i could feel the pressure on my legs pushing but i'm pretty strong. it didn't knock me down. it did have a force to it. >> for a while 11 homes had no water. it's now back on. east bay commuters got a little smarter today. [chuckling] highway signs along i-80 smart corridor went live. but how to avoid congestion? jessica flores is driving on the east shore freeway. hey, jessica. >> reporter: veronica, that's right. we are driving westbound on i- 80 right now. and i can tell you actually things are going pretty smoothly. there are no accidents of the let me give you a look at what we're looking at. let me switch cameras for you. this is what we're looking at right now. there are no accidents right now. but if there were, these signs would show drivers which lanes are blocked and those structures will be dark if there are no problems, they
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will light up if there is a problem. in the east bay, slow-moving traffic is a sign of the times. more workers, more commuters, more headaches. what's it like being a driver having to drive that? >> frustrate. >> annoyed. >> frustrated, grumpy. >> reporter: these digital signs could provide some relief warning of accidents. the signs are in the 20-mile stretch to the bay bridge. this is where drivers face about a 30-minute delay in their morning commutes. >> we are hoping to achieve some congestion relief in terms of reducing travel time delay. >> reporter: caltrans animation shows house it works. green arrows mean good to go. yellow x means there's a problem ahead. and move lanes. red x means a crash is blocking the lane. move over when it's safe. within. >> within this corridor there are approximately 25 collisions
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or lane blocking incidents on average every week. >> reporter: caltrans says half of the 25 crashes that happen here are secondary collisions. they happen after the first crash when there is a long backup. >> we are hoping to reduce especially those secondary collisions and a similar project in seattle reduced those collisions by 25% on the weekend, 11% overall. >> reporter: caltrans is hoping for at least five minutes of drive time savings. for some, priceless minutes. >> look at the signs and it's helpful. >> reporter: but coming at a cost. the entire i-80 corridor project is $80 million. and again, there will be 11 advisory structures activated on the 20-mile westbound stretch 80 between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge. this is not the only part of this project. there will be more signs on san pablo avenue directing drivers when they should get on the freeway if there is a crash
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because a lot of drivers get off the freeway so these signs will actually direct drivers back on the freeway after the crash. and that will roll out in the next couple of weeks. in mobile5, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. two men died after venturing on to train tracks today. two different spots in oakland. around 9 a.m. a capitol corridor hit a man and another was hit at fruitvale and east tenth. no word on why they were on the tracks. the first train was carrying passengers. no one was hurt on board. a six-week-old baby girl is in a san jose hospital in critical condition. her father is in jail accused of abuse. 32-year-old matthew zabala was booked. evidence was collected at his home after the baby was taken to the hospital over the weekend with fractures including one to her skull. zabala is now being held on
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$500,000 bail. a judge has denied a change of venue for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres is charged with kidnapping and murdering the morgan hill teenager back in 2012. her body has never been found. the judge ruled there's no evidence the defendant would be unable to receive a fair trial in santa clara county. the court rejected the testimony from an expert defense witness on venue motions saying, the county is large enough to find an impartial jury pool. garcia-torres is due back in court tomorrow for a hearing on evidence. new at 6:00 tonight we are learning that the judge under fire for what some feel was a lenient sentence that he handed down to an ex-stanford swimmer has decided to stop hearing criminal cases altogether. according to a reporter with the "san jose mercury news," she says judge aaron persky requested to be moved to civil cases only. persky drew criticism this summer when he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for sexual assaulting an
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unconscious woman. the judge recently recused himself from another sex case over concerns some might doubt his ability to be fair. new at 6:00 another change at the top at san jose state university. a new president taking over as the fall semester begins. kpix 5's devin fehely on how she is trying to set a new tone on campus. >> reporter: there is the first time the new president officially address the the campus community and there were hopes they might turn the page on a painful chapter in the university's history. >> where do we stand and for what do stand. >> reporter: mary is san jose state university's third president in less than a year and a half. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: she takes the reins of the university after years of turmoil calling for calm and unity on a campus has seen racial tension after students were accused of
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harassing their black roommate in 2013. >> we are learning to respect each other to address difficult issues without betting angry and to reach -- without getting angry and to reach understandings. >> reporter: one of the changes in the aftermath of the controversy the university appointed a chief diversity officer. kathleen wong loo's job is to ensure san jose state is a campus where everyone feels safe and welcome. >> we need to learn to engage productively about difference. about some of the hard topics about exclusion. you know, some of it is intentional and some of it is unintentional. >> reporter: the president's vision of a more tolerant campus culture seemed to be well received even by those who stretch that much work remains to be done to achieve true racial healing. >> what i would like to see us having more conversations about, um, social justice and human rights and gender and racial equity. >> reporter: the campus community also seemed to want some assurance that the new president wasn't going to leave like her predecessors. she told them that she was a native californian and that
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coming to san jose state university was a homecoming of sorts and that she had no plans to leave in the foreseeable future. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. a long-time journalist known for his investigative work in san francisco has died. warren hinckle died of complications from pneumonia. he had been in hospice care and was recently taken off life support. hinckle wrote for newspaper such as the "chronicle," the "san francisco examiner," and his work appeared in liberal magazines and he wrote several books. he leaves behind a daughter and partner. he was 77. they ran into a burning building to save a total stranger. >> i remember my eyes burning a little bit. honestly, everything just happened so fast. >> after the break, two heroic bay area police officers take us inside the inferno. >> plus, it's a blessing in disguise. how scammers in one bay area city are using hidden microphones to rob the faithful. >> and talk about a buzz kill.
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the push to ban a booze perk at bay area salons. >> we are staying on the cool side of average but we should see sun tomorrow even at the coast. the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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man from this fire in the et bay. he's one of several officers who jumped into ac yeseterday evening in downtn pi new at six color we're 6:00 an officer jumped into action yesterday evening in downtown pittsburg. kpix 5's elizabeth cook tells us they arrived just in time. >> reporter: take a look at this. the house was completely engulfed in flames. officers initially tried to knock down the front door but were unsuccessful. one smashed a window got a cut
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and had surgery today. but they thought going through the front door was the best bet so they tried again and got in. >> as soon as the door popped open smoke came out behind it. i remember my eyes burning a little bit but honestly, everything just happened so fast. you don't have time to think about that stuff. it just saw something that needed to grab, grabbed it and pulled it out. >> reporter: he has only been on the force for two years. this was his first time everest skewing someone from a burning home. if the officers hadn't made it inside the house the man they saved would have died. this is the first time he rescued someone from a burning building. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. take a look at this surveillance video. it shows a group of four men robbing a cab driver with a stun gun. it happened back on august 2 in potrero hill. video shows the suspect tasing the driver in the neck while another starts throwing punches. the two men and two women got
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away with the driver's backpack, cell phone and wallet. the cabbie suffered minor injuries and was able to run away. law enforcement in san francisco as warning people to be on the lookout for con artists who are adding a new twist to the old blessing scam. in the past few months alone, san francisco's district attorney has heard of four victims who have collectively lost more than $100,000. today the d.a. hit the streets of chinatown to warn people. kpix 5's wilson walker explains how that scam works. >> reporter: pre ten for a second that i'm one of the bad guys. pretend i'm a bad guy. i'm out walking down the street looking for somebody to chat up. what's up, man. >> yeah. you saw this on my coat. >> yeah. >> tell me about the place. is it cool? >> lake merritt is where you want to go. >> take like family, friends, you know, animals, have a good walk with a date. do that. like man, it's the place. >> thanks for the tip, man. >> all good. >> see you around. >> thanks. >> reporter: now here's the
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thing. he and i weren't exactly talking alone. you see, i was wearing a hidden microphone and my partner in crime who is right around the corner has been listening to the whole conversation and he is about to run into our victim. >> hey, man. you look like the kind of guy who likes lake merritt maybe walks your dog there. >> how did you know that? >> i could see it. >> you're right. >> i could see it. >> i could give you a blessing. >> you seem like a psychic. i believe you. >> you have to pay me though. >> how much? >> to help get the word out the d.a.'s office made these beware of street scams shopping bags. they are asking anyone who has targeted to contact police. a state bill very close to becoming law would make it easier for salons to serve free booze to customers. the dry bar bill was passed by the state legislature last year. it would allow barbershops and beauty salons to serve a free six ounce glass of wine or twelve ounce beer to their
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customers without a liquor license. but not everyone thinks that's good. this protest outside of a lafayette salon last week was sponsored by a group called "alcohol justice." >> there's no license required so the alcohol beverage control agency isn't going to monitor or enforce this bill. >> if it's signed into law it would create 42,000 more places that serve alcohol. don't need a license to enjoy the weather. julie watts is going to share it with us. >> we are staying cool. if you like the summer heat, you'll probably not enjoy this forecast but this is a traditional bay area summer forecast. right? [chuckling] definitely cool out there. we are seeing some clouds. in fact, let's take a look outside right now. as you can see, we definitely have that cloud cover moving back in at this hour. highs today topping out a bit below average for this time of the year. 85 in concord. 7 redwood city.
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75 santa rosa. 63 today in san francisco. good news on the air quality front. [chuckling] we have good air quality for most of the bay area, moderate however in the santa clara valley. this is because we do have northerly flow -- a northwest flow. that's helping to clear out the smoke and push it off to the south. game time forecast for ya, friday night football, clear skies tomorrow night, for the 9ers game 67 degrees at 7 p.m. and then saturday, raiders fans will see clear skies and 65 degrees at 5 p.m. maybe you're looking for a little activity chinatown street fest this weekend. downtown oakland 70 degrees. you should see mild conditions out there. mixture of sun and clouds. we'll be a little cooler tomorrow and this weekend. we are right in between two areas of high pressure and that's creating this northwest flow so we do still have an overall onshore push but a northerly flow going to help to clear things out likely tomorrow so we'll likely see some sunshine around the bay and along the coast. 65 in san francisco. 68 oakland. 77 your high tomorrow in san
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jose. 81 concord. 82 fairfield. and 83 in livermore. your extended forecast shows more of the same. we are staying in the 80s. we warm up slightly a little bit of a bump sunday into monday and then we cool back down moving on into the middle of next week. so overall below average warmest day should be sunday into monday. >> all right. >> we'll enjoy it. >> sounds good. thank you. all right. still to come, why california could soon make it legal to break into a stranger's car under certain conditions. >> and saved by a shop vac? ♪[ music ] >> bay area animal officers get creative to rescue a trapped kitten. >> and football is back on kpix 5! tomorrow night at 7:00, the 49ers take on the green bay packers at levi's stadium. watch it all live right here on kpix 5. dennis o'donnell on the sidelines. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to rescue dogs trapped in h cars just.. cleared the legislature.
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the "right to rescue act" allows strangers to break io cars if necessary. and they can't be sued for causing a big to make it easier to rescue dogged -- a bill to make it easier for rescuing dogs in hot cars. they have to call police first but then if an animal's life appears to be in immediate danger from the heat, a break- in is now allowed. the bill goes to the governor for signature. a coyote is roaming through neighborhoods. it's been seen in danville in recent weeks. experts say it has a severe case of mange which is a skin disease caused by mites. they want to catch him so they can treat him. the coyote was close to being trapped but got spooked when someone slammed a car door. today animal control set out more traps to humanely catch this coyote. police have evaluated the situation and say the animal is no threat to anyone and does not appear to want to attack. animal control says once they get hold of the coyote, he can
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be cured of his condition and released. when all else fails get out the shop vac. they used it to rescue one of two kittens stuck in a drain pipe. check it out. >> ah! meow, meow, meow!! >> he is objecting! it was tuesday in pinole a couple out for a walk heard the cries from the pipe and called animal control. one kitten was pulled to safety but the other was too far down for tools to reach it. animal control decided on the shop vac. the martinez animal shelter says the kittens are recovering and they are going to be fine. [ continual mewing ] >> coming up in the next half- hour more drama for ryan lochte. why the u.s. swimmer could go back to rio. >> and why one nation's olympic team is having so much trouble getting out. plus, how this low profile walk along the waterfront could determine whether the raiders and a's stay in the bay area.
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>> and get your smartphone or tablet ready. we are asking you to weigh in tonight. do you think oakland is doing enough to keep its pro teams in town? head to to take part in our new snapshot survey. we'll be back with the results. ,, ,,
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staffing crisis in san jose. kpix five has learned... so officers are living in r-v's our top stories at 6:00 a ripple effect from the police staffing crisis in san jose. kpix 5 has learned some officers are living in r vs near headquarters. they are trying to cope with up to 17 hour workdays by eliminating their commutes. city leaders say they didn't know about this until we told them today. navigating the eastshore freeway got easier. the i-80 smart corridor went live today along a 20-mile stretch from richmond to the bay bridge. it uses red, yellow and green signs warning drivers of specific lane problems and how to avoid them. how would you like to make $19 million in three days? that's what hillary clinton just did on her quick trip to california. her cam is more than half to $1
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billion. in the meantime the race for the white house has both candidate accusing each other of playing the race card to win over voters. kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen joining us now and, um, we got kind of this war of words going on here. [chuckling] >> it's getting down and dirty. you know, usually conventional wisdom is it's around labor day that campaigns start heating up but we're not even there yet and we already have accusations of criminal activity and racism. it may be a new low point in modern political history. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> reporter: donald trump's most recent reboot where he brought on steve bannon and kellyanne conway to run his campaign. he has been talking about democrats and blacks. and inviting blacks to vote for
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him because democrats take them for grand. he says, what do you have to lose? hillary clinton responded to trump's remarks today while campaigning in reno. she not only said that trump attracts racists, she repeated her claim that he is mentally unstable. >> i hear and i read some people who are saying, well, that his bluster and his bigotry is just overheated campaign rhetoric. an outrageous person saying outrageous things for attention. but look at his policies. the ones that trump has proposed, they would put prejudice into practice. >> donald trump would be best for the job for president. >> yeah. >> the clinton campaign also released a web video highlighting white supremacists who support donald trump. >> all i can say is wow. >> i know there's been a shake- up amongst the staff members. is there anybody who is, i mean, is there any diversity on
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his staff? >> it is diverse. ben carson is with him. they have visited ben carson's hometown. >> it's hard to project where it's going to go from here. each day is like this twist -- you can't predict. >> it probably will not get nicer. let's just say that. [ laughter ] >> it will probably get worse between here and election day. i think we have reached sort of the new normal of this campaign. >> and i think like i think a low -- the low in modern political history was absolutely right. it's hitting the nail on the head. >> we're not done yet. we are not even done yet. >> i know. couple more months. >> thank you, melissa caen. significant developments on a couple of fronts for two oakland teens. a's executives toured a potential site for a new stadium while the raiders took steps to protect a new vegas brand. kpix 5's da lin explains. >> reporter: this could be the
6:33 pm
visit that bats in brand-new a's ballpark or it could be nothing. port of oakland engineers escorted a's majority owner john fisher this afternoon to tour howard terminal. they spent 40 minutes looking at the site. >> there's interest. this is exploratory. it's preliminary. so i wouldn't read too much into it. >> reporter: it's a 50-acre site on the waterfront. mayor libby schaaf hand city leaders have long encouraged the a's to build a stadium here. these graphics show a lot of potential. the challenge is the lack of public transit and the amount of money to clean up the site. right now, it's an active part of the port, four cranes unloading two cargo ships. sources say john fisher brought along his own engineers to evaluate the site and the potential costs. >> the win-win for the oakland a's for our politicians and for the oakland raiders. >> reporter: if the a's are willing to build at the terminal, city leaders and fans say it would benefit the raiders since they could take full control of the coliseum
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site and stay in town. >> if this comes to fruition we have been talking about it, this is definitely a game changer. >> reporter: it wasn't all good news forayeders fans today. the raiders this week filed a trademark application for the name "las vegas raiders" and las vegas leader released these graphics of a football stadium just off the strip. >> it's a kick in the face to fans but it's not -- just because they got a trademark doesn't mean they are moving. >> the owner doesn't want to say and i don't think the owner was groomed to be an nfl owner. >> reporter: back to the a's. co-owner lew wolff says he is not a fan of the howard terminal site but says the decision is up to the majority owner john fisher. but it is still very early. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> we want to know what you think. do you think oakland is doing enough to keep its pro sports teams in town? go to you can use your smartphone, tablet, computer. we'll put the live results on the screen and final results
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coming up in just a bit. lochte's story about being robbed in rio, he will be charged with falsely reporting a crime in rio. he and three others claimed they were held up at gunpoint during the games. but surveillance video shows them vandalizing a gas station and being confronted by security guards. lochte wouldn't have to be in a rio court but could lose his right to negotiate the charges. meanwhile, kenya's olympic team can't get out of rio. they are staying in these rundown accommodations for now. they were kicked out of the olympics village when the games ended. kenya's olympic committee is reportedly looking for cheaper flights to get them back home. the country's government officially disbanded that committee today over alleged mismanagement and doping. hope is dimming in the search for survivors of the powerful earthquake in italy. the number of dead is now up to 250 and it's expected to climb much higher. rescue teams are sometimes using their bare hands to clear
6:36 pm
mountains of debris. a few people have been pulled alive from collapsed buildings. but those victories becoming more infrequent. strong aftershocks are hampering the search efforts. it's the biggest hold keeping airplanes on the ground and you can point the blame at the airline. how outdated technology is slowing you down. ,,,,,,
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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reached an agreement with i american dealers... to compensate for losses fr the carmaker's emissions cheating scandal. volkswagen reached an agreement with its dealers in the u.s. it's to compensate for losses from the carmaker's emission cheating scandal. the tentative settlement does
6:39 pm
include cash payments but the exact amounts haven't been disclosed. about 650 dealerships all over the country are covered. today a federal judge in san francisco gave the two sides until the end of september to give them a final proposal. it's human nature passengers stuck at the airport want to know what's going on with their flights. now a new report says the airlines themselves are usually to blame. not the weather. bloomberg news examined federal data and found the leading causes are mechanical issues and problems with crew scheduling. on the other hand, the total number of delays has dropped too a low partly due to improvements in air traffic technology. back to our kpix 5 snapshot survey. do you think oakland is doing enough to keep the raiders and a's from leaving town? r snap shot survey for you tomorrow. we're continuing that sports theme on bay area nightbeat.. tonight, we're asking you to
6:40 pm
weigh in >> we have have another survey tomorrow. >> we'll continue that sports theme tonight on bay area nightbeat. we are going to did you to weigh in your thoughts on this on the city of oakland, the future of its teams. tweet me now at #veronicadlcruz. poll results and your best tweets will be coming up tonight. join us for bay area nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12. still to come, tahoe under attack. why angry bees are suddenly swarming in the popular getaway spot. >> and coastal clouds have returned to the bay this evening. it will be another cool one at least compared to seasonal norms. coming up your weekend forecast and what's up for friday still ahead. >> did you hear the news? the warriors are changing radio stations! why? >> never been bumped off a station. >> i'll get you can't guess which 49er bumped kevin durant off the court. >> said several times he thought i was going to go to the nba. >> the giants, they might get bumped right out of the play-
6:41 pm
offs. >> play-offs! >> sports coming up unless re reget bumped by weather again. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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disturbed by an aggressive . reporter macy jenkins took a trip to see what the buzz il about. it's a beautiful summer at e tahoe - but vacationers ar't the only ones en lake tahoe is disturbed by an aggressive pest. macy jenkins went to see what the buzz is about. >> reporter: it's a beautiful summer at lake tahoe but vacationers are not the only ones enjoying the water. yellowjackets are all over the area. they are fast, they are aggressive. and they are much more active than last year. >> this is the first year i remember it being this bad. >> reporter: from truckee to tahoe city everyone is buzzing about yellowjackets in the air. >> everyone is closing his patio dining. >> reporter: angela is a field station manager placer vector control. she says she has gotten more than 100 yellow jacket calls this year in the area alone. >> they will travel a quarter mile for food and water so that makes the search area very large. >> reporter: but we wanted to know why they are so active this year. >> for some reason the drought knocked them down over the past
6:45 pm
three years and they are back in force this year. >> reporter: the placer vector control says yellow jackets and wasps like water and don't travel alone. >> if they will threatened, it's not just one but it will be all their buddies that are going to come and try to defend themselves. >> reporter: many people mistake them for bees. but falco says they are more yellow than bees. and much more aggressive. >> the thing with yellow jackets is with unlike honeybees they don't lose the stinger so can sting multiple times. it's a health hazard. >> reporter: they love protein and sugar. the best defense is to stay away from the insects and hang traps nearby. but over at pdq market -- >> we got to get more. >> reporter: mary says the traps aren't staying on the shelves for very long. >> you feel bad when people come in here and they are on the holiday and they unfortunately aren't very comfortable. >> reporter: there's no repellent that works on yellowjackets so the best thing to do is keep the traps nearby and if you think you come across a nest, don't treat it.
6:46 pm
stay away and call vector control to look. we are on the cool side of average. sunshine in tahoe, not so much here. clouds starting off at the coast and by the bay tomorrow morning. right now outside, temperatures are in the 60s and 70s areawide. 60 san francisco. 68 oakland. 78 in concord. we have a northwest flowing clearing out some of the residual smoke improving air quality. still have overall onshore flow although i do think that northerly aspect can help to clear us out tomorrow. futurecast showing that about 11:00 tonight clouds come inland even more so as we move on through tomorrow morning's
6:47 pm
commute seeing clouds through concord, fairfield, santa rosa, certainly around san francisco. but notice how they pull back to the coast. we'll likely see just a little along the coast tomorrow but overall we should see plenty of sunshine as well for most folks tomorrow. temperatures still running on the cool side. clouds move in tonight. we'll see sunshine for most on friday staying cooler than average through the extended forecast. high temperatures again running on the cool side of average. 65 san francisco. the average 69. 81 concord, average 87. below average for san jose and oakland, as well. what are you temperatures? topping out in the low 80s for the warmer spots like los gatos and morgan hill. low 50s along the coast tomorrow. low 70s places like san mateo, palo alto, 74 in union city tomorrow, 69 in hayward. heading into the east bay we see our warmest temperatures there. temperatures in the mid-80s places like antioch and brentwood. 83 livermore. 82 in pleasanton. and 82 in danville tomorrow. 74 in vallejo as you near the delta. benicia 74, as well.
6:48 pm
60s around the bay for berkeley, alameda, oakland, 66 in richmond. 68 san leandro. 65 in sausalito. and 64 in stinson beach. we will likely see a couple of 50s on the coast. low 60s for the most part. head inland for heat to the valley or north. lakeport, clearlake in the upper 80s, near 90 in ukiah. we won't be seeing that here in the bay at least for a couple of days. 83 cloverdale, 76 i windsor. extended forecast, we stay cool. bump sunday into monday warming up to the upper 80s near 90 for the warmest spots inland staying in the low 70s by the bay. 60s along the coast. but then the extended forecast shows lower temperatures into the low 80s for the warmer spots tuesday through thursday, 60s by the bay and 50s at the coast. the moral of this story, we are staying on the cool side of average. we'll be right back.
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with the just for u digital coupon when you shop today at safeway! offer valid 8/1 - 9/1/16. digital coupons valid when downloaded to your club card. dial since reagan was in the oval office.. but when hilly or the donald take office..t will be time to switch to tm dial.. warriors have been on the same radio dial since reagan was in the oval office. when hillary or donald take the
6:52 pm
office they will leave knbr and begin on 95.7 the game an fm sports station that's been operating out of san francisco since 2011. bye-bye play man tim roy will make the jump, as well. his analyst still up in the air. despite being at knbr for 32 years, the warriors played second fiddle to the giants often getting bumped in favor of baseball including play-off games. that won't be the case at 95.7. >> what i could give them is the chance of being in the number one slot. and working with our partners the raiders and the a's, and prior or advertising -- prioritizing those games when they are making the run for the play-offs and through the play- offs of never being bumped off the station. easily findable on the fm dial working with them. >> and you can add 49er linebacker navorro bowman. he went to school with kevin
6:53 pm
durant in d.c. they played basketball together and ended up becoming close friends. bowman want surprised that durant bolted okc. >> a lot of guys have done the same thing that he has done with joining a team that was already winning but we don't hear anybody complaining about that so let's lay off of kevin and see what's the positive that's going to come out of this. >> could you post up against him in high school? >> oh, yeah. yeah. you could axe him. i don't like talking about my ballgame but you know, he said it several times that you know he thought i was going to go to the nba. i kind of gave it up and stuck to football. >> i'll schedule one game, one- on-one. >> i have to have a stick to block his shot! 49ers and packers kpix 5 tomorrow. kickoff set for 7:00 at levi's stadium. i'll be on facebook at 4 p.m. exclusively on the kpix 5 facebook page. not only does kpix 5 have
6:54 pm
the raiders and 49ers game this weekend. we will have the browns and bucs on our sister station, kbcw, at 5:00 on friday. i will not be on facebook for that game. the a's season is almost over but has anyone figured out how to spell the reliever mark accept chin ski's name? rzepczynski. [ laughter ] >> you got it. > >> i don't know where the zs go. it's washington, dc's problem now. he is traded to the nationals for a prospect. the giants are running out of ways to lose. justin turner scored the only run. they will go for the sweep tonight. bruce bochy's pregame press conferences are starting to feel like groundhog day. >> they have had to handle this before. this isn't first time. ♪[ music ] >> we're confident that we're going to come out of this.
6:55 pm
>> there you have it. giants three back of the dodgers. if matt moore doesn't pitch san francisco into a win tonight it's going to be 4. cal will kick off the college football season tomorrow when they play hawaii in sydney, australia. they had a long weekend of cultural experience for the bears. [ making noise ] >> that's not it? [ laughter ] >> bauers running back tray watson not the greatest with the digitry due. check out what an australian talk show host asked a couple players. >> what about college football? when people go to america from australia they are amazed at how big it is. it's probably in popularity bigger than the nfl. >> i wouldn't say that. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> boy, i reckon it's bigger than the nfl. >> it's huge! [ laughter ] >> cal playing this weekend.
6:56 pm
steph curry and his family are a new reality show call playhouse masters. his daughter riley recently got set up with a huge one. look at this. this is every kid's dream. >> oh. >> it's a set up in his east bay backyard in walnut creek. it's bigger than a san francisco studio apartment. >> you know what you could get for rent on that thing? >> 5 grand! >> that's amazing. >> i'm moving in. >> yeah. >> cool. big game tomorrow. >> riley has a lot of friends, huh? >> you know it. there's a line waiting to get into that place. >> for news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, . i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it!
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