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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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pyramid. love it, beautiful, every morning. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. it is just about 4:30. and we have an all ladies show. >> well, hello, ladies. >> glad that you're joining us for it. >> it's an all ladies show on national women's equality day. kpix 5 planned this out. how do you know today's the favorite day of the week? i was born on a monday! that may be my favorite day of the week. >> we talk to you every week! [ laughter ] >> currently in the 50s and 60s. very mild start to your day. lots of marine layer. we'll have the forecast coming up. southbound in san jose 101
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near capitol expressway coming up from the morgan hill area there is an overturned car on the shoulder there but also on the connector ramp on northbound 101 at highway 84. that ramp is closed, as well. so we'll keep an eye on that and let you though when it's clear. breaking news in chinatown. police say a car slammed into a muni bus shelter. this is on stockton street between clay and sacramento. a lot of glass and debris on the street and sidewalk so crews are working to clean it up. the car was towed away about 45 minutes ago and police say the driver was not seriously hurt. no word on what the cause of the crash is. a bay area judge who caused a lot of controversy is making some changes. santa clara county judge aaron persky will no longer hear criminal cases. persky made the decision himself. starting next month, he will be moving to civil cases. he has been in the spotlight for only giving a former stanford swimmer a six-month jail sentence. brock turner could have faced up to 14 years in prison for
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sexual assaulting an unconscious woman outside a frat party. critics are still fighting to have the judge removed from the bench altogether. additional bias altogether. >> judicial bias is just as serious in the civil context. many issues affecting women are heard in civil court every day. >> persky's new role may not be permanent. judicial assignments rotate yearly. an attack was caught on camera and now police want everybody to see it. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports. >> reporter: in this surveillance video the taxi driver is blurred. he didn't want to be shown or talk to the media but we can see one of the suspects in the front seat. the driver picked up the group of four at market and mason at 4:30 a.m. police say the suspects asked the driver to take them to texas and 25th street in the
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bayview. when the suspects got out, police say one of them used a stun gun to attack the driver. in the video we see the driver jump back but another suspect pulls him out of the cab. >> there were some items stolen from the cab driver like a wallet with credit cards and cash. but thankfully, the victim was able to get away. >> reporter: officer grace says the driver is still recovering at home. >> we were able to recover the cab, the suspects were still outstanding, two black women and two black men. >> reporter: from the video police were able to pull these two images of two of the suspects. investigators hope releasing this new video can help solve the crime. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. if you live in fairfield, you may have heard some loud explosions overnight. police say they were working to disable some explosive devices. officers were first called to the scene on central place near pittman road and interstate 80 around 11:30 last night. there are no other details
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about the explosives or how they got there. but police say there was no danger to the public. on the santa cruz coast, a 24-year-old who jumped off a cliff and landed in choppy water is now considered a missing person. he was last seen saturday afternoon in an area known as the toilet bowl. witnesses say he screamed for help after landing in rough waves. boats and helicopters rushed to help him. the search was called off at 9 p.m. foul play is not a factor. also, he was not trying to hurt him is self. aftershocks in italy continue. the strongest was a 4.7 late last night near amatrice. crews are still looking for survivors in the rubble. at least 267 people died. hundreds of others are injured. drone video shows the extent of the damage over amatrice. you can see homes without roofs
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and other buildings barely left standing. many families still in shock this morning as they try to return home. i don't have a house. >> reporter: italy's prime minister announced a multi- million dollar effort to rebuild. the government has also canceled taxes for any of the residents affected by the earthquake. new york city's world trade center is lit up in honor of the victims of the earthquake in italy. governor cuomo asked that the building's 408-foot spire be lit up in italy's colors. new york is ready to lend support. >> that's nice to show solidarity for everybody in italy. how about here, roberta? what's going on weather-wise? >> it's amazing last night. i went to the gym. it was 88 degrees in pleasanton. i came walking back out. it was 64 degrees. i went -- did i forecast that? >> how long were you working out? >> okay. well, it's work, girl, it's
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work! that's a good call. very breezy conditions today and today will be the coolest day of the week as a result. good morning, everyone. this is our live weather camera. isn't this pristine? >> gorgeous. >> it is beautiful. you can see the reflection of those 25,000 l.e.d. lights off the bay waters where the winds are calm at this hour. no small craft advisories in place for today yet. santa rosa 58. livermore and san francisco 59. 60 oakland and san jose. average high in san jose is 83. instead today 77 degrees. we have 60s beaches, 70s peninsula and across the santa clara valley low 80s in morgan hill. 80s east of the bay. 60s, 70s and 80s in the north bay. >> we have a busy morning for your friday. time now is only 4:36. we'll take a look at a crash in
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san francisco. northbound 280 to the southbound 101 connector ramp here there's debris in the road left there from a two-car crash that's now on the shoulder. and let's head to san ramon. southbound 680 at crow canyon road a crash there blocking the middle lane not causing too bad of a delay there and then let's head to the south bay coming up on the morgan hill area northbound 101 at highway 85. connector ramp is closed. overturned car on capitol expressway on the shoulder. today ac transit is breaking ground on a new feature. the first of its kind bus rapid transit system. or brt. it's designed to shuttle riders quickly from downtown oakland to the san leandro bart station. the system offers all the benefits of a light rail system without the expense of building an actual rail line. today in berkeley a surprise meeting by the city council meant to clear up the minimum wage hike confusion.
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they are trying to decide when to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. two measures on the november ballot suggest different timelines. one pushes for $15 by next year. the other by 2019. so today council members are set to vote on a middle ground an ordinance to boost the wage to $15 by 2018. if approved, the council would urge voters to reject both wage ballots this fall. 96 years ago today, women were granted the vote in the u.s. and some bay area women are celebrating the milestone. house minority leader nancy pelosi and several other california congresswomen spoke at a women's equality day event at ucsf. the federally designated day commemorates the passage of the 19th amendment. pelosi underscored the importance of a woman's "right to choose." >> it's about respect, respect for women to make choices in their voting, respect for women
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to make choices in their lives. sadly, we are at a place where the woman's "right to choose" and therefore have an effect on everything in her life and the lives of the women's families is at great risk in what is happening in congress today. in the last presidential election, women made up 53% of the vote. to the campaign trail. the candidates are continuing their war of words over minority and undecided voters. hillary clinton and donald trump are accusing each other of bigotry. kpix 5's andria borba has the latest. >> reporter: with the turn of phrase -- >> hillary clinton is a bigot! >> reporter: -- republican presidential candidate donald trump opened a new can of worms in the race for the white house. >> one of the things that he has been saying is that democrats take these voters for granted and their policies don't help these voters. and so in the course of trying to have that conversation, he reached out and said straight
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out that she is a bigot. >> reporter: a point he doubled down in an interview with cnn's anderson cooper. >> policies are bigoted because she knows they are not going to work. >> she is personally bigoted. >> reporter: in turn in a speech from reno democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton said, there is only one donald trump, not a softer gentler version, since his last campaign reboot. >> these are racist ideas, race baiting idea, anti-muslim, anti- immigrant, antiwomen, all key tenants making up the emerging racist ideology known as the "alt right." >> reporter: kpix 5 political analyst melissa caen said clinton's speech in nevada took pains to surgically separate traditional republicans from the trump campaign. >> she actually very specifically said bob dole didn't act like this. george h.w. bush didn't act like this. george w. bush didn't act like this. what you see there is a subtle appeal to traditional republican voters that she might have turned off had she
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lumped us all together and said republicans are racist. specifically trump is one way, these other republican presidents have been a different way. >> reporter: she says expected the rhetoric to further devolve between candidates. >> we don't get nicer. we don't get more civilized. [chuckling] it can only go down or stay where we are between now an election day. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> donald trump once again yesterday insisted his first priority would be to build a border wall and to deport illegal immigrants. a pet bunny in the south bay getting his 15 minutes of fame. actually a bit more than that. why you'll soon be seeing his picture as you walk down the cereal aisle. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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property own a stockton man is behind bars in connection with a homicide. this comes after a manteca property owner found a body in a bin this week. police arrested 34-year-old eric wright. they believe he attacked the
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victim before he died. neighbors say they have been in the dark about exactly what happened on east french camp road. >> i had heard that relatives were living in the property but that's pretty much all i know. >> wright appeared in court in san joaquin county yesterday. he is facing murder charges. new details about a dramatic rescue in pittsburg. we are now hearing from the officers who ran into a burning home to save a blind man. kpix 5's christin ayers reports. >> reporter: the fire was raging by the time pittsburg police got to the house on east 11th street. at the time, firefighters had not yet arrived. >> there was smoke coming out of backyard coming out of the front windows. it was pretty much engulfed. >> reporter: this officer looked at his partner and without saying a word -- >> the look on his face said there's someone inside. so we just started going to work. >> reporter: one officer tried breaking that window and wound up with a deep cut to his forearm. three other officers went for the door kicking it over and
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over again until it finally gave way. >> large plumes of black smoke came out. under the smoke we could see there was an unconscious man within a few feet of the door. he was just dead weight pulling him out. we got him outside of the house and dragged him away from the fire. >> what i seen over here the guy laying right here by the fence on the ground. >> reporter: larry fair bank wasn't far away when officers brought his neighbor an elderly blind man out of the house started cpr and got him breathing again. >> they're heroes. and we are believed to have them. you know? no matter what. >> if officers didn't get into that house as quickly as they did, i don't think he would be alive today. >> reporter: in pittsburg, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the man who was rescued is recovering in the hospital. one of the officers had surgery yesterday and is expected to be okay. in southern california, the lions and tigers at the lions, tigers and bears animal sanctuary are on the sidelines this week because all eyes are
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on a bear! a brown bear named [indiscernible name]. he is celebrating his fourth birthday. he got his nickname -- got attention too when he broke into a garage and ate all the meatballs in a freezer. that's why his name is now meatball. wildlife officials decided that the bear should spend his days away from residential areas so they are now celebrating four years since he moved to the sanctuary. >> all right. hopefully he gets meatballs for his birthday. >> of course. >> that's his favorite. >> i thought bears were vegetarian. >> bears? >> i guess not! >> you mean they will eat you? >> yes! >> okay. >> that's what they say if the fairy tales, right? >> then we want them to keep away. we do not become one with nature. [ laughter ] >> not like that. [ laughter ] good morning, everyone. i have no idea what i'm talking about. it's friday! [ laughter ] >> as you get ready to head out the door, this is one thing i do know for sure. we do have a layer of low clouds. we do have areas of fog. and we do have drizzle along the coast into the bay, even a
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little bit inland this morning towards the castro valley area. temperatures 58 degrees for the cool spot in santa rosa with the cloud cover. it is 60 in oakland. in fact, everyone is reporting some overcast conditions. wind speeds have been under 10 miles per hour this morning. south-southwest at 5 in oakland through berkeley. 12 in fairfield. 14 out of the west at concord. when you see that well, that's more of an onshore push and because of that well, the air quality in our inland areas today will be on the good side as far as the east bay is concerned. but where the winds are more variable out of the southwest in the south-central portion portion, pretty much the peninsula and the santa clara valley, you will have haze because of the fires to the south of the bay area. no sunshine at the beaches. we do have some morning drizzle pretty heavy along the seashore and into the bay. sunny and seasonal today and warm with hazy sunshine inland. satellite-radar again, this deck of cloudiness anywhere from 1600 feet to 2,000 feet,
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it's producing the drizzle anywhere around the north bay coast all the way to santa cruz. it's expansive and extensive as it retreats back to the coast. no clearing at the seashore. the ridges of high pressure couple of double-barreled ridges of high pressure staying put with the upper level trough swinging through last night. that's going to keep us cool. 63 monterey county with the smoke and haze for your getaway friday 76 high sierra. all weekend long mornings are cool starting off around 33 to 34 degrees. 60s, 70s to the 80s today in fact my outside number happens to be only 84 degrees well inland. pretty status quo mild all the way through the extended period. right here on kpix 5, tonight we are televising the san francisco 49er game. roqui, will you be watching? >> i will! i'm excited to finally get out there and enjoy one of the games in person as well coming up. so let's talk about the altamont pass first and then i'll update you on some crashes throughout the bay area. looking at the 205 out of tracy cars at 40 miles per hour. so this is not too bad for your
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altamont pass on a friday morning. and here's your altamont pass to 680 westbound will take you about 15 minutes on the dublin interchange. and then also, near dublin, san ramon southbound 680 at crow canyon road. there's a crash blocking the middle lane but as you can see not causing too many delays there. and also northbound 280 to the southbound 101 connector ramp here. there's debris in the roadway in san francisco, two-car crash on the shoulder. and then a look at the south bay right now if you are coming up from morgan hill northbound 101 at the highway 85 connector ramp closed. southbound 101 near capitol expressway an overturn on the shoulder but a smooth ride throughout the south bay, as well. the south bay one pet bunny is in the spotlight because chestnut is on a straight shot to stardom. kpix 5's betty yu got to hold this rabbit and hear about her big break. ♪[ music ]
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>> reporter: this 5-year-old netherland dwarf-dutch rabbit from georgia is gracing the cover of a commemorative box of honey nut cheerios. what do you think helped edge out the competition? >> strength and her ability to keep going. so in her video you'll see that she is lifting barbells which are actually made of little piece of wood and styrofoam. but she is lifting the 300- pound barbells and she is really strong and she is ready to compete. >> reporter: natasha from sunnyvale submitted this video in the first-ever rabbit showdown sponsored by general mills. 90% of the company's cereal brands including cinnamon toes crunch and trix are now free from artificial flavors and colors. to celebrate their progress, they searched for real rabbits. chestnut beat out hundreds of other pets nationwide to win the prize. >> by using a rabbit, um, they are continuing that whole
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natural, um, food into their cereals so like a rabbit, their cereal is nice and natural and good for you and so, it kind of goes together. >> reporter: chestnut isn't just going to be on a cereal box. she also won a contest with evite. they are featuring her on a new invitation. in sunnyvale, betty yu, kpix 5. >> quite the big. >> chestnut likes betty, too! >> reporter: it cake is sparking a national debate. we'll talk to the minds behind it. that's next. >> and today is national dog day. send us your pictures with your dogs and we got a lot of them. we are showing them throughout the broadcast. rates....
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and whether they'll go up or hold steady. federal reserve chair janet yellen addresses central bas today we'll get an idea on what will happen with interest rates, go up or hold steady. the federal reserve chair addresses central bankers today in jackson hole, wyoming. volkswagen will compensate u.s. dealers for cars on their lots that turned out to be rigged to cheat emissions tests. the deal just announced is likely worth tens of millions of dollars paid to 652 dealers. the exact amount of the settlement wasn't released but
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vw says it will cover all past, current and future claims of loss by franchisers. the automaker says it will pay up within 18 months. a stunning loss for uber this year. bloomberg reports the ride hailing company has posted 2nd quarter losses exceeding $750 million. this after losing $520 million in the 1st quarter. according to uber's head of finance, huge expenses for uber's drivers are responsible for the majority of the losses. uber and lyft have some new competition in california. this app is different because it uses teslas. it's called tes lyft. it's been operating in l.a. and las vegas for years. it will start picking up passengers in coachella valley this month. on the way, you get healthy snacks and free wi-fi. it will cost from 29 to $79 for a one-way ticket. olympic swimmer ryan lochte
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has a new endorsement deal. he signed on with pine brothers cough drops. the company says, just as pine brothers is forgiving for your throat, they ask for forgiveness for an american swimming legend. he allegedly lied about being robbed at a rio gas station trying to cover up vandalism. he lost four endorsements since the scandal. and according to sources he is also currently in talks to appear on season 23 of "dancing with the stars." he has officially been charged brazilian authorities for filing a false police report. >> "dancing with the stars," that will be a ratings grabber. a bakery places a doll on a cake. >> ken wasn't wearing his birthday suit. he just looked dashing in a bright pink dress. sure. he started out in a bus. staff at the freeport bakery
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had grand plans for his dress. they made him a gown and jewelry out of frosting. and then they posted a picture on facebook that got much of the internet angry. many people wrote comments accusing the bakery of making a political statement about transgender people. it says it wasn't taking a stand and it has support from far away places. >> every negative comment or email or text message that i get, there's probably 30 to 45 people who are saying, we support you from new zealand. >> i don't know what the controversy is. it's a cake. i think it's the perfect expression of our "american values." >> ken and his tiara and earrings and dress received nationwide attention to. it's boosting their orders. 4:57. a car slams into a muni bus stop overnight. we are going to take you to the scene next.
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>> reporter: san jose police officers sleeping in rvs outside the department. why they have no choice. ,, ,,,,
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michelle griego. 'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it's friday, it's august 26. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi this friday. let's take a live look outside at the beautiful bay bridge this friday morning. not a lot of fog out there. roberta? >> we do have the fog. the difference is, though, in comparison to yesterday, it's not as low-lying. it's the higher deck of low clouds and fog. we have layers and layers of clouds. in fact, you probably even noticed a little bit more drizzle today than yesterday. right? >> a little bit, yeah. >> anne, you don't have so far of a commute. >> i know. >> you don't count. >> my windshield wipers had a break this morning. >> all right. sfo you will possibly see some delays after 6 a.m. on some arriving


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