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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at investigators -- as they nded an apartment. inside: a murder suspect. good afternoon now at noon a south bay neighborhood taken over by investigators as they surround an apartment. inside, a murder suspects. good afternoon, i'm anne makovec. >> i'm michelle griego. new at noon, kpix 5's maria medina is live at the east palo alto police department, where officers just released new
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details. you spoke to the victim's cousin? >> reporter: that's right. you know, this victim was shot several times back in june. today the police chief invited the media to announce they had made an arrest in the case when the victim's cousin showed up. she says not only did she know the suspect, but her cousin did, as well. how does it feel that somebody who knew your cousin could have done this? >> that's what hurts the most. that's -- that's the one thing that hurt the most. >> reporter: she stood just a few feet away as the east palo alto police chief announced they had arrested the man they believe killed her cousin. >> the homicide appears to be related to an ongoing dispute between the victim, christopher puckett, and the suspect, lionel mccoy. >> reporter: while the police chief isn't releasing many details, including the suspect's mugshot, he didn't hesitate to describe the 23- year-old suspect. >> we consider him to be armed and dangerous and very much a threat to our community and any of the communities that he was
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visiting. >> i don't know what kind of vehicle that is, but that is dangerous. >> reporter: a scene was recorded. >> cars everywhere, police officers with guns, dogs, battering rams. >> reporter: the army of east palo alto officers with the help of san jose investigators surrounded this complex on second in the middle of the night to arrest mccoy. >> he is really nice. every morning he would say hi. i guess, yeah, i would never have thought, would never have thought. i mean, they just moved in a month ago. >> reporter: little did they know their new neighbor was a murder suspect in the case of a man who leaves behind two daughters. >> loving person, cheerful, athletic, a man who loved his girls. >> reporter: mccoy was already on parole for a previous robbery. now, police aren't releasing his mugshot because they don't want to compromise the case. we also want to mention that a second man with mccoy was arrested this morning on an unrelated charge. live in east palo alto, maria
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medina, kpix 5. a six-week-old baby in santa clara county has died after allegedly being beaten by her father. earlier that week that baby was taken to the hospital. she had numerous body fractures. the baby's father 32-year-old matthew zabala was arrested and is now in jail. he is set to be arraigned this afternoon. right now, two people are behind bars after a major drug bust in pittsburg. during a search of a home, the team from contra costa county found a pound of meth worth $10,000, four guns, 150 rounds of ammunition, and more than $5,000 in cash. leopoldo fernandez and gianna gomez were both arrested and booked into county jail for numerous drug and firearms violations. officials say people who go to the golden gate bridge to commit suicide are younger than ever. now they are ramping up efforts to try to keep these people alive. the golden gate bridge district
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is partnering with crisis text line, to reach young people who are thinking of committing suicide via text before it's too late. the line provides free support. anybody can reach them at 741741. and major changes could be coming to the toll plaza on the golden gate bridge. a gantry which would look something like this is being tested out as a possible replacement for the current plaza. it would have lasers, cameras and other equipment to take tolls. since human tolltakers are no longer used, officials say the system could come to the bridge by 2019. happening now, officials are considering a higher minimum wage for workers in berkeley. kpix 5 reporter lisa chan shows us how much it could go up. >> reporter: today the becker city council are vote on a new ordinance that would raise the city's minimum wage to $15 an hour in two years. it would also increase to $13.75 by next year. this is intended to keep voters
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from getting confused about two dueling measures on the november ballot. measure bb wouldn't raise a minimum wage to $15 until 2019. measure cc would raise it to $15 by next year. so this ordinance the berkeley city council will vote on a compromise between the two measures. the issue divided the city council as well as labor leaders and businesses. berkeley's minimum wage is currently below emeryville and oakland at $11. in october, it goes to $12.53. oakland is currently at $12.55 and that will increase january 1. emeryville is at $13 an hour for businesses with 55 or fewer employees and $14.82 for businesses with more. if the berkeley city council passes the ordinance today, they want voters to reject both measures on the ballot in november. in the newsroom, lisa chan, kpix 5. the federal reserve inching
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closer to increasing short-term interest rates. chairman janet yell lynn discussed prospects for the rate hike today but stopped short of saying when it would happen. analysts say the timing could depend on the federal jobs report next week. take a live look at the big board this afternoon. the dow is down 85. right now, powerful aftershocks continue to rumble through parts of central italy devastated by wednesday's earthquake. at least 267 people were killed and rescuers are working against the clock to save more people under rubble. aftershock damage could cut off access to the hardest hit areas. jonathan vigliotti reports from amatrice. >> reporter: rescue dogs are searching the piles of brick and stone that were once buildings accumoli more than two days after an earthquake devastated parts of central italy, the race is on to find
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survivors. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: this trainer says the dogs are brought to areas where they believe there are missing people trapped under the rubble. from above, the scale of the destruction is overwhelming. several people have been pulled from the debris since the quake struck wednesday. but crews admit the odds of finding survivors is diminishing by the hour. aftershocks are slowing the effort. more than 1,000 of them have shaken the already unstable ruins and are threatening to close the roads into amatrice. this home puts the devastation of this earthquake into perspective. when the quake hit at 3 a.m., the home collapsed on top of itself. inside asleep at the time, a family of three. neighbors here say they didn't make it out alive. >> reporter: for many the search for loved ones ends here at a small airport in the regional capital of rieti. cars come in and out of the hangar where dozens of bodies
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have to be identified. funerals start today. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news amatrice, italy. in the race for the white house, the political attacks are heating up as weijia jang reports. hillary clinton and donald trump both accusing the other of bigotry. >> reporter: donald trump arrived in nevada today where he will make his case to latinos. last night trump shifted his stance on immigration after he stopped saying he would deport all illegal immigrants and promised a firm but fair plan. >> i don't think it's a softening. >> but 11 million people are no longer going to be deported. >> there's no amnesty and if somebody wants legalization, they will leave the country, hopefully come back in, and then we can talk. >> reporter: hillary clinton says trump can't be trusted and accused him of promoting hatred in america. >> he banned muslims around the world from entering our country. just because of their religion. >> reporter: the latest national poll shows trump is
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behind clinton by 10 points. the candidates exchanged accusations yesterday. clinton said trump was pandering to the "alt right" movement a group associated with white supremacists and nationalists. >> there has been a steady stream of bigotry coming from him. >> she is totally bigoted. there's no question about it. >> reporter: a recent poll shows nearly 60% of all voters feel trump appeals to bigots. 72% of minorities agreed. >> i think we're going to do with african-americans because they are going to give me a chance. >> reporter: with 73 days left until election day, both candidates are working to win over support from minority voters. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. still ahead, california researchers trying a new tactic to keep the zika virus away. how the work could one day help fight the disease everywhere. >> a rideshare company using only [ indiscernible ] where you can get on board. >> good afternoon, i'm roberta
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gonzales live from pleasanton home of the goodguys car show. we have over 3,000 beautiful automobiles here on this gorgeous friday afternoon. but the change for the weekend that you need to know about coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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using altered mosquitoes top pr it could be the key to battling the zika virus. researchers from fresno county are using altered mosquitoes to prevent the spread of the disease. chris martinez takes a look. >> reporter: mosquito controllers are trying a new tactic to prevent the zika
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virus. the mosquito is called "aedes aegypti." >> "aedes aegypti" is a vector of serious diseases historically yellow fever and now more recently zika virus. >> reporter: scientists are releasing hundreds of thousands of scientifically altered male mosquitoes to mate with females, which can carry the zika virus. the altered males carry a bacteria which prevents the females from preproducing. the females are the only ones who bite people and spread disease. >> so the eggs won't hatch. >> reporter: a kentucky lab injected the male mosquitoes with the bacteria and shipped them to california. are these all the same species? >> these are. >> reporter: researchers expect the mosquito population will plummet and they could use this army of mosquitoes strategically against zika if it appears. >> maybe you start to see disease transmission in a certain area and you can go to the area with these mosquitoes and release them. >> reporter: researchers say so far, the project's results are promising, with tens of
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thousands more altered mosquitoes left to deploy. chris martinez, cbs news. >> so far, fresno county's mosquito control is the only program in the nation to use these modified mosquitoes. but if the project is successful, they could see the altered insects in areas like florida where zika cases are growing. a pest is killing the bug for many lake tahoe visitors. yellow jackets are all over the area. many people mistake them for bees but experts say they are more yellow than bees and much more aggressive. if you come across a nest, don't get rid of it yourself. call vector control. no more calling the front desk. now you can give a verbal command and have your hotel room turn up the ac on its own. the hotels can control room temperature and lighting by talking to apple's siri. each room comes with an ipad
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that runs a custom app. a rideshare program is planning to give companies like uber and lyft a run for their money in california. "tesloop" has been operating in l.a. and las vegas for years and it will start picking up passengers in coachella valley this month. a pilot will pick you up and take you and three other riders to the los angeles area. on the way, you get healthy snacks and free wi-fi. it will cost anywhere from 29 to $79 for a one-way ticket. >> because there are so few people we drop two or three drops total and that's maybe 20 minutes of drop time total, which is fine for like a 2.5- hour ride. you get to where you are so you save that 20 minutes because you're right there. >> looks cool. tesla says it's still looking for more drivers. thousands of muscle cars and other classics are hitting the streets of alameda county. the goodguys car show is in town and roberta gonzales is
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live with the mobile weather at the fairgrounds in pleasanton with a look. i know you're having fun out there, roberta. >> reporter: it's a great afternoon in pleasanton. this is the 30th annual goodguys car show at the alameda fairgrounds. why have they been here for 30 years? they said look around. you have trees, blue skies, people relaxing. i'm so relaxed i even threw off my shoes! this is why we brought this big bad boy out here today. our mobile weather station. and so far, our unit has been reporting 75 degrees in pleasanton compared to that right there. look at the gray slate still in the city by the bay, the city of san francisco reporting 64 degrees. otherwise, oakland is at 63. we are in the 70s in san jose and redwood city. mid-60s santa rosa. let's go to our satellite map because i want to share with you the clouds extending inland a good 60 miles this morning. now look. just shrouding the bay at this
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particular time anywhere around tiburon, sausalito, san francisco, the peninsula, into the bay over in oakland all that will retreat along the beaches today but no clearing there. travel weather for getaway friday foggy, low clouds, hazy sunshine later in monterey bay unhealthy air 63. 87 degrees in throughout sacramento, stockton and davis. high sierra what you see at 76 is what you get all weekend. 60s at the beaches and bay, 70s peninsula, low 80s inland, 10 degrees below average inland. west winds 10 to 20, good air quality, except the south bay moderate air quality. sunset 7:47. and by the time it does set, these are the numbers we'll record in our record books today. we are talking 50s beaches, 80s inland. pretty similar conditions saturday and sunday. and then by monday, we have a tranquil weather pattern. tonight we have football right here on kpix 5. game time temperature 67. here at the goodguys car show, over the weekend, both days, temperatures in the mid-80s.
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and that's why i call in harry davies. we're here in ideal conditions. >> we are so grateful that roberta brought us the best weather possible! we have over 3,000 hotrods, customs, muscle cars, trucks, they are going to invade the pleasanton fairgrounds this weekend. >> so tell me, what makes this car show so special? >> it's our 30th anniversary and what makes it special is, it's the best fairgrounds, it's 72 and older which really brings out the hard core hotrod guys. >> reporter: so you're talking about cars from '72 and older. you call them classics and vintage. that means i'm classic and vintage. >> i think we both are. but that makes us better with time, right? [ laughter ] >> so it started today until what time? >> today until 5:00. tomorrow 8 to 5. sunday 8 to 3. $20 for general spectators. kids 7 to 12 are $6 and free under 6. >> we have lots of great food here that's driving me insane because it smells so good. lots of booths for shopping, as well. come to the alameda county
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fairgrounds for the 30th annual goodguys car show here in pleasanton. michelle and anne, i'm going to save a corn dog for you. >> oh!! >> save one. i want to take a ride in one of those cars. they're neat. isn't that pretty? >> oh, look how pretty that is. i love those old cars. all right, "ro,"thanks. we are celebrating national dog day. and boy, we have one that you could make your very own if you are inspired this holiday. we are going to meet kenny no relation to kenny choi coming up next. >> we like kenny, though. a live look at levi's stadium. counting down to kickoff. the 9ers play the green bay packers tonight. you can see it on kpix 5 at 7:00. can offer priceless company... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut.
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we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. pictures on our facebook pa. and we want to see yours, t. go to facebook dot-com slash "cbs san francisco" and sen to celebrate national dog day we are sharing our dog pictures on facebook and a lot of you have sent in your pictures. absolutely adorable. they have been making my day! all of us. it's just wonderful to see all these friendly faces on our facebook page and we are trying to share them with you on television. if you don't have a dog, you might want to consider getting one. and if that's the case, boy, we have a really good option for you this morning. this is kenny and, um, not to ig for sherry here, sherri franklin from muttville. but kenny is our prince of the
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day. tell us about him. >> oh, my goodness. this one is so special. his name is kenny and he was named by one of our junior volunteers at muttville. >> it cracks me up. i love human names for dogs. so this does have no relation to kenny choi who happens to be missing today. which -- >> so kenny was picked up as a stray in contra costa county. he is busy looking behind there. see that beautiful face. he is a lovely boy. super sweet. picked up as a stray. we don't know why. >> he was a stray in contra costa county wandering around and you're trying to find him a home. seems like he might have been owned by somebody at one point because he is so well behaved. >> he was neglected when we got him. really dirty and his eyes were a mess but that's why we're here. >> we don't have too much time left but if somebody is thinking about getting a dog, a lot of people are freaked out, i don't have enough time, i have this or that, there's a
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lot of excuses to not get a dog. what would you say? >> the time is now. [ laughter ] >> great. >> don't sweat the small stuff. i know you did anne. you worried and worried and it's not the case. i think making that commitment and making sure that you make a lifetime commitment to your pet, whatever cat or dog, they become part of the family. >> it's easy to work through some of the things you might be concerned about. >> i freaked out the first two weeks. >> and after that it's easy. >> kenny looks like he would be a wonderful candidate. to find out more about what's going on at muttville including yappy hour tonight that kenny will be at go to thanks for bringing him in. >> you're welcome. >> we'll see more of your pictures. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ >> bill: it's our time. katie's moved out. this is our home now. >> brooke: but katie was supposed to get the house. this is her home. this is where she was going to raise will. >> bill: katie doesn't want it anymore, brooke. she's letting me keep it. she's moving into a new place. you don't have to worry. i am offering katie an incredibly generous package. and this is my home again. this is where i want us to start our life together. >> ridge: yowa


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