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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 27, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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suspect accused of trying to kill a police officer. tonight: area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a bay area man hunt for a suspect accused of trying trying to kill a police officer. tonight had secret spy tool they used to hunt him down. kpix 5's andria borba found out how the tool is used and why it is under scrutiny. >> reporter: the use of stingrays have been hush-hush by law enforcement triggering lawsuits about privacy. tonight a case out of the bay area is showing us more about stingrays and the methods officers use when deploying them. >> reporter: it was january 21, 2013 when they were looking for a man accused of attempted
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murder on an officer. they tried to track his cell phone with this device. a stingray. >> a wireless device. >> reporter: they work like a mini cell phone tower. he told christin ayers in 2015 this about stingrays. >> i can fool your device into believing i am your carrier. >> reporter: governor jerry brown signed a law saying law enforcement agencies must obtain a warrant to use a stingray. in 2013 it was a legal gray area. they did not have a stingray warrant in the search. it may not have been advanced enough to find him and detectives called in the fbi. kpix 5 says the feds requires a warrant to use the stingray. >> the department of justice, dea, u.s. marshals, if we are
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going to use it let's go through a process where we get a warrant for that. whatever we collect we -- it is good to go. >> reporter: he surrendered after the stingray pinpointed him to a two block radius. documents in this case were ordered unsealed. >> they are on call 24 hours. if it is a weekend, a kidnapping and you need to use stingrays. >> reporter: this document is still preliminary. there are still months to go before his case gets a trial date. andria borba, kpix 5. this just in, sheriffs and k-9s searched for an a-- search for an escaped female prisoner in martinez. law enforcement combed the
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area. authorities say the prisoner escaped while being transported. she is still handcuffed. she was arrested for trespassing and vandalism. tonight she is on the loose. a sheriff's deputy out a job over trouble he had with his wife. kpix 5's christin ayers tells us, his problems don't end there. >> reporter: as of 5:00 p.m. this evening he he no longer works -- he no longer works that police department. his relationship with a prostitute and his involvement with a domestic dispute with his wife. he was arrested for domestic violence and violated a restraining order. he called his wife from jail a number of times and threatened her. he was arrested again in november for violating the restraining order and he is investigated for having sex
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with a prostitute. other bay area law enforcement officers are also being investigated for having sexual contact with her -- >> we had a number of people involved in that. four of our deputies involved. we went out and reached out to that individual on social media. we brought her in for an interview. investigated our people to determine if anything illegal took place. >> reporter: he has been with the sheriff's office for 8 years. he had a clean record till these problems started late last year. >> thank you. in the past hour police released this sketch of a suspect in a brutal beating in san francisco. police believe he attacked a woman saturday night. punching her repeatedly, pinning her to the sidewalk. the victim suffered a broken nose. another look at the suspect's sketch. police say he has a mole on his
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right cheek. the motesive unclear-- motive is unclear. over worked police officers camping in rvs. kiet do shows us the situation extends beyond the police force. >> reporter: wondering what an rv parking program looks like, hire you go. two dozen employees live on the property during their work week. they have been quietly offering the option to workers for 20 years. >> reporter: is this embarrassing? >> it is not embarrassing. if people aren't aware of the situation they have been living under a rock. >> reporter: to qualify workers must live 50 miles or more from their work site. there are no water, electricity or sewage hook ups but you could run a generators.
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employees must fill out an application and register their r vs -- rvs once a year. guns, drugs and alcohol are not allowed. they are at or near capacity with 44 people across three parks. the top base salary for an operator is $67,000 a year. >> this is our reality. we have affordable housing crisis here and not everybody can afford to live in homes or rent apartments. so having that flexibility and understanding what the situation is like is the first step to improvethic situation -- improving the situation. >> reporter: a dozen officers had been living in rvs and driving home on their days off. the park has brianer been growing -- has been growing
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since officers working mandatory over times with shifts 17 hours a day. could san jose follow in their foot steps and offer rv parking? the police officers associations plan to ask the city for an rv park and more secure fencing. the city manager says they have to study the situation before making decisions. kiet do, kpix 5. north bound traffic came to a stand still on the golden gate bridge today. a motorcyclist crashed and died before 6:00 p.m. chp cleared the lanes 90 minutes later. governor jerry brown is sticking a stand against coal shipped through california. he signed a bill banning the state from funding new coal products here. a senator authored the mother to try to stop projects -- measure to try to stop projects. it will have no impact on
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current coal products. measure aimed at making sure dui offenders don't drink and drive again is on governor jerry brown's desk tonight. offenders who want driver's licenses back would have to get a breathalyzer device installed. if the governor signs the law it would take effect in 2019. a dui crash changed the life of an 8-year-old girl. tonight kpix 5's sharon chin shows us the community is rallying together to help her and her family. >> reporter: she dreams of being a police officer to help people. but her neighbors want to do something for her. a family friend and her husband are planning a fundraising stage production. she can't move most of her
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body. her spine snapped when a drunk driver slammed into her father's car. the third grader lovers to draw -- loves to draw and read. she hopes to raise $100,000 for treatment and a new house to replace the family's small apartment. >> there is a scenario happening here in our school that we can all do something about if we come together. >> reporter: when she introduced the idea on social media volunteers poured in. including the mystic theater that will host the sunday, november 20 benefit. music, authors and spinal cord injury survivors. >> the more i hear about how many people want to help, i am in shock. >> reporter: she more comfortable sharing kindness
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than receiving it. >> someone not feeling the greatest at school, she tries to make them feel better. i love that about her. >> reporter: supporters hope to produce an annual fundraiser so she can draw encouragement from the community to keep dreaming about her future. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> if you would like to help you can find information on click on the links and numbers page. a tirade on a law maker and it is caught on voicemail. >> foodies find this hard to swallow, why fast food is booming in the bay area. >> every nfl player has a chip on their shoulder. literally.
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tonight: a suspect is in custody. police say 22- year-old rog man stabbed at san francisco b.a.r.t. station and tonight a suspect is in custody. he attacked a man at the civic center station wednesday night after an altercation. the victim is in critical but stable condition. b.a.r.t. credits the arrest to his surveillance cameras. campaign 2016 republican presidential nominee donald trump is in lake tahoe tonight, he was the key note speaker at a fundraiser. it was closed to the media. outside the hotest protesters trying to get the attention of
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people driving by. no word of problems. in maine a law maker is calling for an intervention for the governor. tonight the governor unleashed a tirade on a political rival. it is pretty obscene stuff. >> 95% of the state is white. >> reporter: even for maine governor, the voicemail he left a legislator yesterday was blunt. [ indiscernible ] >> i would like to talk to you about your comments about my being a [ bleep ] >> reporter: he exploded after a reporter told him he criticized him for saying wednesday that 90% of drug dealers arrested in maine are black and hispanic people. from out of state. >> i want you to prove i am a
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racist. i have spent my life helping black people and you [ bleep ] [ bleep ] i need you to -- i want you to record this and make it public because i am after you. >> reporter: he says he called the remarks racially charged but never called the governor a racist. this afternoon he apologized for the people of maine having to hear the voicemail but not for the voicemail itself. after leaving the voicemail he then said he wanted to challenge him to a dual and point his gun right between his eyes. the governor backed off that friday saying it was simply a metaphor and he meant no physical harm. the ceo of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures epi
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pin, they help stop allergic reactions. the price sky rocketed 400%. the ceo struggled to justify the price spike. >> look, no one is more frustrated than me -- [ talking at the same time ] >> how can you be frustrated? >> my frustration is there is a list price, there are four or five hands that the product touches and companies that it goes through. >> the company announced it is increasing the value of rebates but the price of the epi pin remains the same. the bay area is big on organic sustainable foods, why are fast food chains on the rise? tonight we sent kpix kpix 5's kate kelly to find out -- cate cauguiran to find out. >> reporter: dunkin' donuts opened its newest bay area location in half moon bay with
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one more in fremont on the way. the head of california donut kings, the group behind the expansion said dunkin' donuts hopes to open 26 more shops in the bay area in the next 8 years. but that is nothing compared to dairy queen that plans to open 400 locations in california in the next 10 years. >> the suburbs are a perfect situation. you have a large vehicle traffic element that you don't have in the cities which can enhance the growth of the restaurants. >> reporter: bay area cities are a different story. this year we reported several mcdonalds locations closing up in san francisco like this one behind me. just like the people are moving toward the suburbs, so are the chain restaurants.
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>> when you need a certain high volume that fast food restaurants do, they are expanding into markets that haven't been present in or are under served. >> the bay area may be known for healthy eating but money talks. >> we haven't gotten away from the healthy eating, just shifting to demographics, under curved or lower price points. >> reporter: cate cauguiran kpix 5. here is a live look at levi stadium where tonight 49ers lost their pre-season game to the packers. 21-10. this year the nfl making use of new technology. chips will track every player providing data on things like speed and location. kpix 5's benny y got a look -- betty yu got a look at how it works. >> reporter: the chips in the shoulder pads on every nfl player is changing the game.
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they send out a signal, the league partnered to track every move on the field. all the data is monitored in real time at the company's command center in san jose. during games broadcasters get the data and for the first time this season all of the stats are delivered to the teams the next day. >> they are able to see three important things, how to better train players, health and safety on the field. the second is coaching. how can you coach the player to hit their routes better. and the third is tactic. >> reporter: new this season the football is tagged with the same censors. >> the fun thing about the football you could know the distance of the throw and the feed-speed at which it left the quarterback's hands and landed in the receiver's. >> the real time stats help out the team and enhance the
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fan experience. sometimes broadcasters will announce in the stadium or you can access the data from home. even if it is not game day, some teams are using the technology during practice. >> the 49ers are progressive in what they do. so they usually get that data analyzed in ways that will improve their player's performance. >> reporter: at levi stadium betty yu, kpix 5. all right. summer in san francisco. it is cold. >> clearly it should not be warm. which is the case most days. rarely do we not get warm for a month. last time san francisco did not get warmer than 70 degrees for the month of august, 1942. gas cost 15 cents a gallon. 74 years ago last time we have been this chilly every day for the month of august. only hit 70 degrees once. not going to go above it for
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the rest of the month. it is 60 in the city right now. oakland 63. concord 62. san jose 64. weekend time. wake up tomorrow morning cloudy. concord 57. fremont 57. upper 50s redwood city and mountain view. no real huge weather maker out there. all of the things behind me are doing one thing, keeping the onshore flow going. ocean temperatures running above average. last several summers they were 10 degrees above average. now a light breeze coming from the ocean is enough to keep you not hitting 70 in san francisco. not hitting 80 in san jose. we will stay mild for a way. tomorrow morning a lot of gray. the south bay is the only exception. otherwise everybody in the bay area starts off with clouds. you will get the sunshine in the afternoon. 4:00 p.m., even the coast may
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get sunshine. weather headlines through friday night. low clouds and drizzle once again tonight. sunshine tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will remain cooler than average. temperatures running 6 to 10 degrees cooler. only place in the country where this summer has been cooler than average. sunnyvale tomorrow 78 degrees. morning clouds. fremont 73. danville 81. pittsburg 80. 66 in san francisco. the streak continues. san rafael 73. couple degrees warmer sunday and monday and then we lose those degrees next week. if we expect huge change on the first day of september which is the end of next week not going to happen. we will start the month cooler than august. it will change eventually. [ talking at the same time ] >> this has been a remarkable august. every day has been cooler than average.
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>> crazy stuff. >> keeps the weather man employed -- [ talking at the same time ] vern is at levi stadium tonight. >> reporter: that's right. 49er empire. have you seen enough? or have you seen enough? i have the highlights after this. nfl up top... ....49ers business. a highly antic,,,,,,,,,,
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at levi stadium, 49ers
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business highly anticipated debut for one player, dress rehearsal for everybody else. quarterback colin kaepernick, yeah, he saw reps tonight. got the call against green bay. later on in the game. but it was blaine gabbert. mid-1st quarter, flip over to the general. ran it in from three yards out. 7-0. but, boy, aaron rodgers, boy, mid-season form. flips to cobb. took the screen for a six yard score to tie it up. colin kaepernick he looked rusty in his first outing. he had more runs than passes. 4-2. >> reporter: [ inaudible
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question ] >> yeah. i think so. that is up to chip and the coaching staff. i can go on winning. >> reporter: we are only getting started. there was a bay area football team that actually won tonight. we will tell you ,, ,, college football, this was not a drill. 15 hours from here, cal's
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football season. cal against hawaii in australia. yeah. here is the quarterback making his debut. going up top. 17-yard scoring play. cal 14-7. 14 catches. wow! 20-14 now. does it with his legs. cal 34-14. webb 434 yards and 4 touchdowns. the bears won 51-31 in the land down under. >> baseball for you. giants. 7 shut out innings against the braves. pagan blasts his 9th home run for the year. a two run blast. 5-0. giants won 7-0 to pull within a game of first place
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l.a. >> a's in st. louis. bottom first. deep. a two run shot. st. louis won 3-1 to stay 1 and a half games behind -- one and a half games behind the giants. >> 49ers third pre-season game is still in the books. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> you will never ,,,,,,
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have a great weekend. late show with stephen colbert is next. >> make it a good weekend. ,,,,,
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stunning views, and then come back and enjoy some wine tasting. >> chris: jules, you got to check out this outback by keystone. it's loaded with technology, and the best technology of it is the in command center right here. >> jules: wow, that's cool. touchscreen? >> chris: all touch screen, all command, all control because i have the power. [evil laughing] >> jules: what does it do? >> chris: what does it do? it controls awnings, jacks, ac, sliders, lights. you name it, it controls it. >> jules: wow, that's awesome. okay, good, so nice touch--whoa, what does your phone have to do with it? >> chris: i can control it with my phone, or by tablet. so, i can be at the beach watching you, whoo hoo, and controlling all the things to make the place in here cool it down because it's too hot. >> jules: oh, so we can get the ac started while we're still on the beach, and come back here and be comfortable? >> chris: of course. >> jules: sign me up.
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okay, the only thing i need to do now is check out my kitchen. well, chris, you know what i really love about this kitchen? i mean, it has everything i'm looking for. but this island, i mean, this is so cool for entertaining. i mean, it really feels like home, right? >> chris: it does. i'm glad you like this kitchen, but where the real magic's going to happen is in the master bedroom up there with that queen size walk-around bed. >> jules: you're right. the other thing that i really like, talk about having fun on the road, look at this other room in the back of the rv. i mean, it has bunk beds, and it also has a--you know, a couch that opens up. i mean, that's great for our kids. here's the deal, we get to have our own area, and they get to have theirs. and game on, right? >> chris: game on. >> jules: well, listen, head on down to your local rv dealer, where you can check out all the latest and coolest rvs. we'll be right back. >> mr. seegrins: "rv with me." hey folks, what color is the black box on a commercial airliner? a, black?


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