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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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more are voicing opinions about colin kaepernick and his decision to sit down during the national anthem during preseason games. kpix 5 jackie ward joins us with the latest. jackie? >> reporter: kenny, it has been days since the preseason game but people are still talking about it. here is the action or inaction that people are still dissecting. yesterday kaepernick spoke to the media. he wants police brutality to end and there to be more law enforcement training, too. his not standing doesn't mean he doesn't support the military or unamerican. he is just exercising his right to not stand. >> i will continue to sit and stand with the people who are being oppressed. >> reporter: nfl says players are encouraged to stand but not required to stand during the
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national anthem. the final preseason game is thursday against the chargers. jackie ward, kpix 5. >> watch the entire interview with colin kaepernick. head to the web site, cbs sf for the link. today oakland officially begins the search for a new chief to take over a police department rocked by a recent sex scandal. the city administrator has been running the department since june after three chiefs resigned or were fired in a matter of days. the upheaval began when a sex worker claimed she had sex with multiple police officers while a minor. the mayor will discuss the search at city hall today. donald trump brings his campaign to the bay area with a pair of high dollar fundraisers. we know that the first is at an undisclosed location on the peninsula this afternoon. the second is somewhere in the napa valley area.
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tickets for that run up to $446,000. the trip comes as he prepares for what he is calling a major speech on immigration on wednesday. he may be softening some of his hard-line proposals including plans to create a deportation force. running mate mic pence maintains that -- mike pence maintains that this isn't a shift in policy. >> we will have a mechanism for dealing with people in this country that you heard the word humanly again. it will be fair, tough. no path to legalization or citizenship unless people leave the country. >> hillary clinton has been trying to paint trump as hostile to minorities. minorities at the same time the democratic nominee is dealing where what they call a pay to play operation between the clinton foundation and state department. >> it's not pay to play unless somebody actually gave someone 50 cents to say i need a
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meeting, no. >> clinton is holding more fundraisers after a stop in new york yesterday. not left of a massive fire that started earlier this morning. this is a live look at the scene at 6th and mina. crews were called around 5:00 after flames were spotted coming from the attic of a building being remodeled. no information on what caused the fire. there aren't reports of injuries and traffic in the area could be slow for a while as firefighters finish up at the scene. fran fire is saying please avoid the area so they can get work done. >> good idea for that. >> it has been a busy morning on the roads. let's take a look at traffic with roqui. >> if you are avoiding the area, take 5th street. that goes both directions. you can avoid the closure there. take a look at san jose. let's move along from the fire here to san jose northbound, 87 near the 280 connector ramp, an overturned car blocking two
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right lanes. cars moving about 16 miles per hour. slow road conditions. sunol grade moving slowly. five car crash on the shoulder. right lane is blocked. up here at 680 again, sunol boulevard, three cars crashed blocking two left lanes. cars are moving just down to 7 miles per hour. then of course a look at your altamont pass out of tracy, cars moving at 26 miles per hour. 205 to the altamont pass westbound up to 45 minutes. extremely heavy commute. that is nothing new for us here in the bay area. heading to the dublin interchange from the altamont pass to the 680 westbound up to 20 minutes. roberta, how is it looking outside? >> where is everybody going? i guess they are going to work on the last monday of august. rise and shine. we are taking you to sfo. so far we are not seen any reports of delays on arriving
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flights there. we have gray skies. 55 santa rosa. the winds are slight. big doings going on. satellite and radar sub suggests this here. this is a plume of moisture associated with a tropical storm. the name is madeline. tonight these clouds will invade the north bay producing a chance of a thunderstorm and also some very breezy conditions. until then, winds west 10 to 20 miles per hour. temperatures are slightly below average. we will have hints of sunshine at rockaway beach. pacifica 68. you will have a hint of sun at half moon bay. 70s around the peninsula today. we jump up to the low to mid- 80s across the santa clara valley, from san jose to the rose garden district to willow glen. east bay numbers in the mid- 80s. livermore around 91, 92 for this time of the year. that's about 10 below average.
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70s around the carquinez strait. north bay, this is where we could see the action tonight. we will keep a watchful eye on that. a slight chance. we have to put it in the forecast. 64 simpson beach through the 70s in terra linda and san rafael. then we jump to the mid to high 8 oars in the far reaches of the north bay. extended forecast coming up. we are talking about the labor day hold up next. a judge in riverside county turned down a request by some doctors to suspend a new california law that allows terminally ill people to end their lives. the judge ruled the law will be in effect for now he did agree the doctors to pursue the lawsuit. the suit contends the end of life option act does not have enough safeguards against abuse. this week governor brown is expected to receive a bill aimed at cutting down on prescription drug abuse. it would create a state database that doctors have to
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check first before prescribing opiates or other dangerous drugs. the goal is to eliminate the practice of doctor shopping where patients load up on prescription from multiple doctors to avoid detection. lawmakers will vote on extending overtime pay for california farm workers. overtime pay applies to a 10 hour a day or longer workday. the new bill would change that to 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. growers are fighting the rule saying they would have to cut hours for employees. supporters say it's beep fairness. -- it's about fairness. >> it would end in california the ugly and disgraceful 78 year exclusion of farm workers from the same eight-hour overtime protections that all other american workers enjoyed since the 1930s. >> an earlier version of the bill was introduced in may. it fell short of passing by three votes. starting today, the rules
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are changing for anybody flying a drone. some people won't be pleased with the fa a's plan. kpix reporter anne makovec. >> reporter: the rules are easing for commercial pilots but for people that fly drones for fun the rules are getting more stringent. they are lumped together with the commercial pilots. they now need a license. these regulations go into effect today apply to drones less than 55 pounds. commercial and hobby operators have to take a written test costing $150 and they need to be vetted by the tsa to determine if they are a security risk. but, they can skip the process of earning an actual airplane pilot license. we spoke to a drone operator about the rules when they were approved in june. >> my first reaction was finally, about time. >> this new rule will help a
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lot with business. the uaw pilot license makes more sense for us doing something smaller than a full size aircraft. >> this will not clear the way for commercial delivery, something that we have heard about from companies like amazon and pizza shops. drone operators must keep the drone in sight. they can't fly above crowds and cannot go above 400 feet. the head of the u.s. transportation agency are holding a press conference at 8:45 this morning. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> what about people that don't get a license? >> that is a good question. plenty of people won't get the message or ignore it. there will likely be an he had canal period but operating without a license means potential fines of $1,100 per violence. >> the water should be back on this morning for several homes in los altos. service was knocked out after
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7:00 when a water main broke. the cause of the break is under investigation. the company under fire for dramatically raising the price of a lifesaving drug is giving into pressure from the public now. >> one bay area city is going to start keeping a close eye on anyone driving in or out of town. >> its name is madeline. a tropical storm. i will tell you the effects it will have on the bay area forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! in just a few minutes. new this morning: authorities in brussels say a fire at a belgian cri good morning. welcome to monday, august 29th. 6:13. 13 minutes after the hour of
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6:00. gray skies for openers. we will have blue skies this afternoon and the possibility of thunderstorms. i will tell you exactly where and when in less than four minutes. authorities in brussels say a fire at a belgium crime lab started to destroy evidence. the incident sparked a bomb scare after residents heard something explode. five people were arrested near the lab. no reports of injuries. chp says a man came at an officer with a knife before he was shot. the incident early sunday morning shut down all northbound lanes in belmont for hours. police say they first tried using a taser when the man hopped over the barrier and started walking around the highway. no officers were injured. the city of brentwood is making progress with a plan to set up license plate readers to help track down suspects. want they will have 18
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installed by the end of october located at four intersections and on police cars. a new code of conduct establishes rules for sharing data with other law enforcement agencies. it has safeguards to prevent anyone from misusing the information. huge relief this morning for parents struggling with the cost of a lifesaving epipen. drug company milan has announced it will put out generic version of the medicine in the next couple of weeks. it will have a list price of $300 for a two-pack about half the cost of the branded version. mylan has been the target of widespread criticism for raising the price 400% the last decade. some think burning man is not for me. >> 60,000 people decided counter culture is what they need. all the burners are in black rock city, nevada. the nine day event for
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community and artistic expression. nor locals, the event requires prep work because stores are offering far more sun taken location than usual plus google's, first aid kits, anything people need to cope in the black rock desert. many don't mind that the large crowds mean lots of waiting. >> they don't bother me at all. >> get in and find a spot. first come, first serve. you wait your turn. >> the towns people say they expect tobies see all week until the final day of the events on september 5th. have you ever gone to the event. >> i lived and worked in reno for 2 1/2 years. i know a thing or two about that crowd. >> layer up with baby oil and lay out. that was burning man in our days. that might be more fun. >> that might be what they still do at burning man. >> i have a friend that goes
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every year. we cycle together. it takes him about a week to get conditioning back and memory as well. >> and why is that. >> because it burns brain cells at burning man. >> you burn calories as well. there is a lot of walking. >> ant dancing. >> have you attended? >> no, goes kenny. i lived in the area where the traffic was heavy going into burning man. >> what about burning rubber. >> i like that transition, michelle. we are burning -- not burning much rubber in the sunol grade. we have three crashes. reporting two but we have a third one southbound 680, five car crash is on the shoulder. now we have southbound 680 at highway 84. left lane is blocked. and southbound 680 near sunol boulevard, three-car crash cleared. cars are not driving at all.
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it's pretty much stopped. consider sunol boulevard and avoid the freeways altogether. northbound 87 in san jose now, 280 connector ramp, overturned car, that crash is cleared to the shoulder but causing major delays. cars driving down to 9 miles per hour. this street is closed due to the fire we have been talking about in san francisco. take 5th street. it moves in both directions and you can try to get to the city that way. a look at your mass transit, if you want to avoid the traffic altogether, it's looking good. roberta? >> not looking good this morning sfo. live weather camera suggests that we have mostly cloudy skies. much we have planes taking off. we have over one hour delays on some arriving flights due to visibility issues. 55 for the cool spot in santa rosa. air quality with the wind out of the west 10 to 20. good from the north bay to the
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santa clara valley with the smoke and haze confined to the moneterey bay area. the coast is not clear. we are socked in through the bay and 50 miles inland. livermore overcast conditions. same holds true into gilroy to the south. to the north, clearing to occidental. mild temperatures again but interesting doings over there in the western pacific. see this here? this is a plume of moisture. on the satellite and radar, you can get a better picture of that. a little hiccup in the satellite. you have to imagine the images are coming down from the satellite. so there is a glitch there but this is what i'm talking about. this is blowoff from a tropical storm named madeline. they will nick the bay causing breezy conditions and a chance of a thunderstorm in the form of pry marle dry lightning.
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keep a watch fuel on -- dry lightning. keep a watchful eye on that. mild in moneterey bay with the smoke and haze. low 80s in the high sierra. official sun up at 6:38. sunsets tonight 7:32. temperatures below average today. 83 typically the average high for this 29th day of the month. 78 about five degrees off the mark in santa rosa. 65, four below average in santa rosa. 83 when we should be about 91, 92 in livermore. look at this. can we all say stagnant. stagnant weather each and every day into the labor day holiday. that is the monday forecast. now let's get a look at sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. a northern california native finally makes it to nascar victory lane. no signs of panic in the giants
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game yesterday. actually there were two. in fact, we will explain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, everybody. the giants face the atlanta braves desperately needing a win to win the series especially against the worst team in the national league. giants hope to plug holes in the sinking ship. this is the second home run of the game giving giants a 4-1 lead over atlantic. the team hit four home runs in the game. bottom of the 7th, jared parker called up from the minors before the game, drives in two with one of the four triples. they are the first team in 18 years to have four triples and four home runs in the same game. they won 13-4. dodgers and cubs, gonzalez appears to ground out but it was covered too late. second base, run scores. l.a.
6:25 am
wins 1-0. they are two games ahead of the giants. st. louis is 2 1/2 behind the giants in the wild card race. nascar in michigan, kyle larson won the first sprint cup race. it clinches the 24-year-old a spot in the sprint cup chase. how about that. kyle larson victory lane in nascar. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. all right. play of the day from the world of golf. this is jason day putting for birdie. hard to see the downward slope from the green. he played it perfectly. look at the movement from right to left. perfect shot.
6:26 am
finished tied for 4th. the winner was patrick read. it is 6:25 right now. a chaotic scene at lax when reports of an active shooter sends people scrambling for the exits. >> and we are hearing from 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick on his actions from friday night. his teammates are standing by him, too. ,,,,,,,,
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new rules governoring the a new threat adding to concerns over the zika virus in florida this morning. >> and new rules governing the skies this morning. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom with details on the regulations for drone pilots. >> a tropical storm will affect the bay area. i will tell you exactly when
6:30 am
and where. >> and a san francisco building fire closing down sixth street. your alternate route. i will tell you coming up. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is overshadowing the final week of the preseason with his controversial protest during the national anthem. jackie ward is live in santa clara where kaepernick has been trying to explain his actions. >> reporter: yeah, the media got a chance to speak to colin yesterday. there is a charity event here and a practice. in the locker room, he talked about the recent controversy. so, of course, what he was talking about is the fact that he did not stand for the national anthem on friday at the 49ers preseason game. days later he isn't taking back what he did or didn't do. his teammates are supporting him too. he will continue to not stand as a way to stand up against
6:31 am
what he calls racial injustice and police brutality. in his opinion that shouldn't make him less patriotic. a freedom given to this country by the contributions they made. i don't see it as going about it the wrong way. >> reporter: in a statement released by the nfl, they say players are encouraged by not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. a lot of eyes will be on quarterback kaepernick thursday night as the game goes forward. >> a lot of people are chiming in on social media on that one. a check of traffic and weather. >> a whole new quarterback controversy now, right. >> it doesn't matter who is starting now. a whole new controversy. good morning. nothing controversial about your forecast but we have some
6:32 am
slight changes. but it's foggiest in the bay area on this last monday in the month of august. low clouds, areas of fog. sfo, delays over one hour on some arriving flights. 55 to 60 as you get ready to kick start the brand-new workweek. satellite and radar suggests we have the gray matter on the coast and into the bay, see that there, that is a plume of moisture associated with tropical storm madeline. it promises to nick the north bay producing a slight chance of a thunderstorm tonight. until then, sunny skies all the way back to the beaches. today a sliver of sunshine at rockaway beach at 68. cooler than that at half moon bay to montero. 70s will be common among the peninsula to san mateo. 80s across the santa clara valley. 87 in gilroy. good morning, san jose, through the rose garden district near 80. want east of the bay,
6:33 am
temperatures climb into the mid- 80s in brentwood, tracy and discovery bay but only the low 80s around the tri-state valley. we should be 10 to 20 warmer than that. north bay 64 simpson beach. through the 70s san rafael and terra linda. 70s common around sonoma. upstream to the high 80s. we will talk more about the chance of thunderstorms, dry lightning in the north bay and breeze he conditions for tonight. that report, 48 after the hour. rocky? >>roqui. >> thank you. the fire in san francisco is out but the road is closed 6th and minna street. consider the alternate route as 5th in both directions depending which way you are heading through the city. the bay bridge westbound about 15 minutes. traffic of course is backing up
6:34 am
through the toll plaza because the lights came on around 5:30. a look heading from hayward to the peninsula, across the span, up to 20 minutes. slow traffic across the san mateo bridge. take a look at the sunol grade. a lot of things going on. cars are slow southbound 680 at highway 84. that crash has been cleared and near sunol boulevard, the three- car crash is cleared but the one not cleared is androtti road through the sunol grade. weave the san jose crash northbound 87 near the 280 connector ramp, overturned car there, cleared to the shoulder but cars are moving slowly through san jose and a look at your san jose and south bay travel times. san jose to highway 237 will take you about 15 minutes. downtown san jose will take you about 12. guadalupe parkway to 101, 30 minutes. heavy there.
6:35 am
roberta, how is it looking outside? >> i'll take that. at lax, investigators want to know what caused such loud sounds that people feared a gunman was attacking the airport. >> i was in the bathroom. all of a sudden, there was a flood of people that came running into the bathroom saying there is a shooter. everyone is in a huge panic. so, i came out of the bathroom and everyone was backed up against the far wall. and basically it was a panic and then i saw there was a janitorial closet. i went in there and grabbed a broomstick. join what else to do. >> hundreds of people packed the entryways of the airport after running from the terminals around 9:00 last night. roads and multiple terminals were closed during the intention investigation. >> in the panic, police
6:36 am
detained a man in a zorro costume. his southward was sword was plastic. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec. >> reporter: solid rules for the drone industry that has blown up the last few years. regulators are scrambling to keep up with it. the rules are easing for commercial pilots like wedding photographers or realtors. but people that drive for fun, it's stringent. they are lumped together with the commercial pilots which means they need a license. the regulations apply to drones weighing less than 55 pounds. operators have to take a written test costing $150 and vetted by the tsa to determine if they are a security risk. drone operators must keep their drone in sight. they can't fly above crowds and can't go above 400 feet. >> the first thing to the new
6:37 am
pilots getting the drone for the first time, learn about the drone and learn about responsible flying before you put the drone in the air. >> so, while the new rules require more of hobby pilots, commercial operators like farmers are relieved. they can skip the process of learning an airplane pilot's license. they say the technology is crucial for detecting leaks in irrigation systems and keeping tabs on acres of crops. operating without a license means fines of $1,100 per violation. anne makovec, kpix 5. a rough start to the week in parts of western pennsylvania after a big rainstorm brought flooding and power outages. several cars were submerged by flash flooding in pittsburgh after floodgates failed to work properly. police and emergency workers had to use tow ropes to rescue people from the vehicles. parts of florida are bracing for a potential
6:38 am
onslaught as a strengthening depression approaches. it is expected to produce rain over the southern half of the florida peninsula as well as the florida keys. meanwhile, health officials want to make sure that potential floodwaters don't turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes that carry the zika virus. property owners face fines for up to $1,000 for not getting rid of pools of sanding water. juan gab right yell is being mourned in mexico. [singing]. >> such a beautiful voice. the man known for his ballads about love and heart break died at hissan tahman any kay home from natural causes. so many fans gathered outside his home that police had to clear the way so a van believed to be carrying his body could leave. his career spanned 45 years. his last concert was at the forum in l.a. on friday. >> gave a great concert. we never thought that would be
6:39 am
his last concert. >> definitely a legacy that will live forever in music. >> known to his fans, he sold more than 100 million records. donald trump arrives in town later today for a couple of high dollar events. things will likely go a lot definitely than previous trips. kpix political analyst melissa cane will join us to explain. >> the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. a quick look at the big board. you can see the dow is up about 78 points. ,,
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
four story vacant building near sixth and minna. this two-alarm fire in san francisco had crews scrambling this morning.
6:43 am
it started after 5:00 in this four story vacant building at sixth and minna. the fire is upped control. no word on what caused it. a pioneering silicon valley company is facing an age discrimination lawsuit. >> joining us is jason brooks. good morning. >> good morning michelle and kenny. hp and hewlett-packard are named in a lawsuit from four former employees in regards to age discrimination. this apparently occurred when they were together at one. it refers to quotes from ceo meg wittman with a preference for younger workers following a pyramid shape with younger workers at the place eventually reshaping a diamond shaped bulge of middle class workers. she had other quotes saying if you have too many older employees and not enough young employees earning new systemsed -- learning new systems the
6:44 am
company will face challenges. the economy is showing growth. in july spending was up .3 of a percent, a little slower than the prior month but continued a positive trend. incomes were actually a little bit bigger in july than the prior month and growing at a faster rate, too. that is a big key. we see strong hiring but wage growth is sluggish. that weighed on inflation, a key thing for the federal reserve as they consider the next rate increase. stock market off to a positive start. the big board, how we are doing. the dow gaining over 70 points in the early going nasdaq up 15 and the s&p is higher by eight points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. time is 6:44. a check on the roads with roqui. it has been a tough morning. >> it has been. the fire you were talking about, sixth street is closed.
6:45 am
it was sixth and minna. take 5th street. it goes in both directions as an alternate. the altamont pass out of tracy, westbound about 45 minutes through there on to the dublin interchange and the sunol grade heading west there is a lot of heavy track here. southbound 680 near androtti road there were three crashes before but this is the only one that hasn't been cleared. five car crash. cars driving 19 miles per hour and traffic is backed up past the dublin interchange. here is a live look at that as well. altamont pass to 680 westbound about 20 minutes. peninsula southbound 101 at highway 92 a crash on the shoulder there. not causing too many delays. but here is the slow moving san motorcyclist bridge 880 to 101 westbound about 20 minutes. roberta, it's looking hazy. >> it is. everybody in the east bay
6:46 am
should stay home. snuggle in bed and throw the blanket back over your head. that's what it looks like outside. gray conditions. particular starting the last week of august. low clouds, areas of fog. sfo delays one hour on some arriving flights. currently it's mild out the door. 55 for the cool spot in santa rosa. 60 san jose. winds are picking up slightly. 111 san francisco. 1 -- 11 san francisco. 12 sfo. westerly in pleasanton at 8. up to the fairfield area, 12 miles per hour. these winds will be westerly 10 to 20 during the afternoon. then it will clear out the atmosphere. good air quality. you will be able to see the diablo mountain range. pristine conditions. smoke and haze at the moneterey bay area. we have the low clouds and fogs at the coast penetrating the bay past the tri-valley.
6:47 am
concord overcast. morgan hill you see the gray skies. santa rosa a little clearing there and rockaway beach a hint of sunshine. this is what is interesting. look at this. what i will do is call in the other satellite and radar so you can get a look at this plume of moisture. we have a glitch, a hiccup in the radar about there. otherwise this is all blowoff from a top call storm -- tropical storm named madeline. it will nick the north bay producing a slight chance of dry lightning. no rain showers, just dry lightning. we will keep a watchful eye on that. computer models are just alluding to that slight chance. low 80s in the high sierra. 84 ukiah. 6:38 is the sunrise. by the time it sets 60s beaches. of the 70s peninsula. into the 80s inland area.
6:48 am
livermore you should be around 91, 92 today. instead only low 0s. look at -- low 80s. look at that, a benign weather pattern each day as we slide into the holiday weekend. >> roberta, thank you. talking politics, the presidential campaign returning to the bay area with donald trump arriving for a pair of pricing fundraisers. >> with more we are joined by melissa cane. good morning. >> great to be here in the bay area. last week hillary clinton held two fundraisers and today donald trump will be here for his first bay area fundraiser. reportedly he will be on the peninsula for an event during the day we don't know the exact locations but often democrats and rens don't want the address known ahead of time. we know generally where he will
6:49 am
be, not specifically yet. the last few times trump was in the bay area things did not go smoothly. in april he came to burlingame for the california state republican convention. you may call there were so many protestors at the front door that he had to go through a backdoor and walk across a service door to get in. in june he held a rally in san jose and afterwards protestors attacked trump supporters. it's fair to say that trump does not have the fondest memories of his recent trips to the bay area. perhaps that will change today with things that are more low key. >> fancy and pricey fundraisers. >> what are we talking about in terms of costs and attending the fundraisers. >> like ten hamilton tickets. >> that's a lot. >> expensive. >> ticket for lunch $25,000. dinner, anywhere from 5,000 to
6:50 am
a quarter million dollars. we hear big numbers like this. trump and clinton can only accept from each person 5,400. all the rest, the other hundreds of thousands of dollars go to other funds. generally speaking, the extra money goes into two buckets. one is the national party. the other is a collection of state parties. so, for example the california republican party could get money. that's why these numbers are so big but they are not necessarily going into the trump bank account when we hear that and get jealous. >> okay. well, does he have any rallies planned for the trip. >> not so far. he doesn't have any on his schedule for california that we can see. in june he claimed that he could win california and vowed to work hard but we haven't seen that much of him. the sunlight collects information about individual fund-raising events. he had three other fundraisers in california before today.
6:51 am
to put that in context, in 201 at this point in the campaign, mitt romney hosted 21 fund- raising events in california. for a starker contrast, hillary clinton has hosted 96 events in california since april of last year when she announced her candidacy. 40% of those events were in the bay area. last week she was in california for three days and raised an estimated $19 million. of so, the bar is set high. we know there are trump supporters in the bay area. whether or not they will come with their checkbooks is a different question. >> we will see. melissa, thanks so much. a major milestone today in the efforts to bring a huge central california wildfire under control. >> people are still talking about what colin kaepernick did or didn't do on friday night. now we hear from him.
6:52 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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i mean, whoo. reports of a gunman caused mass panic overnight... p five things to know. airlines are operating normally at lax after reports of a gunman caused mass panic overnight. police are trying to find the source of the loud noise that prompted reports of an active shooter. a search of the airport didn't turn up anything suspicious. donald trump has a pair of fundraisers scheduled in the bay area today. the first is on the peninsula followed by an event in napa valley with ticket prices approaching half a million dollars. >> a major sign of progress in the fight against the chimney fire. later today hearst castle will reopen to visitors. it was closed when flames got within two miles of the castle walls. the fire is more than 50% contained. >> mayor ed lee will be among those in sacramento to get a look at the first of muni's 215
6:56 am
new light-rail vehicles. the unveiling ceremony will be held at the see mons rail manufacturing plant. today oakland officially begins a search for a police chief. the city administrator has been running the department since june when three chiefs resigned over opd officer sex scandal. >> i'm jackie ward outside of lee very stadium. days -- levi stadium. people are stale talking about colin kaepernick not standing during the national anthem. people are still dissecting. yesterday he spoke to the media ant wants police brutality to end and more law enforcement training, too. he said his not standing doesn't mean he doesn't support the military or not american but he is exercising his right to not stand. >> i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with
6:57 am
the people that are being oppressed. >> the nfl is commenting on this. they are saying, quote, players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. you can bet a lot of people will have their eyes on kaepernick during the national anthem during the final game on thursday. jackie ward, kpix 5. roqui in the traffic center. first a look at the altamont pass out of tracy moving heavily 45 minutes from the 205. west to the sunol grade, southbound 680 near androtti road the five car crash, the tow trucks are on the scene. traffic backed up past the dunn brooklyn interchange and a crash at the dublin interchange on the shoulder causing minor delays. taking that to the dublin
6:58 am
interchange, that commute will take you about 20 minutes. you can see the cars are moving slowly in the commute direction. the bay bridge, the maze to downtown westbound will take you about 20 minutes. traffic is heave to the maze. in -- heavy to the maze. sixth and minna street closed due to the fire. the fire is out. the road is closed. take 5th as an alternate route because it goes in both directions. roberta, how is it being being -- looking outside. >> it's foggest -- that's what it looks like, foggest. we are up to 56 in santa rosa. we stand at 60 in san jose. winds are under 10. see the plume of moisture across the northern half of the state. that will spark a chance of dried lightning in the north bay tonight with breezy northwest winds to 20 miles per hour. tonight fair skies, good air
6:59 am
quality. 60s beaches and bay. 70s around the peninsula into the inland areas. it's benign each day through the holiday. >> she was supposed to make an appearance at mtv video music awards but gabby douglas had to rest after a mounted of mouth infections sent her to the hospital. she was scheduled to present an award alongside her final 5 teammates in new york. she shared the post hospital photo of herself on instagram wrapped in blankets while she watched the vma's on tv instead. >> the final 5 weren't the only opallians present at the -- a.m.ans at the -- olympians at the awards show. >> who has the best video? i couldn't choose. i couldn't tell you even if there was a gun to my head. >> look at that. oh. >> comedian jimmy fallon took the stage dressed as ryan
7:00 am
lochte. michael phelps amused. >> that may be the number one halloween costume this year. >> you may be right. >> have a good one. good morning to our viewers in the west. terrified passengers at los angeles international airport after false reports of an active shooter. >> donald trump said he will deliver a major speech on immigration this week amid new confusion about his policy and a showdown with hillary clinton over race relations heats up. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick said he'll continue to sit down. a fierce debate online and in the nfl. we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds.


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