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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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when crews arrived, half of the kids were still clinging to the boat. >> it was very windy but we were get all the eight remaining people on our boat, put them down below, get them blanket. >> they were sea scouts. they had minor bumps and bruises. all the kids were taken to local hospitals as a precaution. no word yet on what caused the boat to flip. nearly a dozen san jose police officers took an all- expenses-paid trip to hawaii to get new recruits. da lin shows us, the trip to hawaii did not net much other than a big bill for taxpayers. >> get over $35 an hour while you're in the academy. >> reporter: 11 recruiting officers and 11 days in hawaii. call it creative or just plain desperate. the trip was supposed to bring back new recruits but after spending about $43,000 and that's not including overtime, just one possible candidate for
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the upcoming october police academy and that's if he passes a background check. >> it was a waste of time and money. >> reporter: the department is in a state of emergency because of short staffing. a councilman says they can't afford to waste resources. >> we could have been using that time asking the chp and sheriff for help like other cities do or spending that money to provide bonuses for new hires. >> reporter: the trip happened back in may. the officers say that the waikiki beached marriott resort and spa, they stayed there. it was the department's first time recruiting in hawaii. the cost of living there is the same a san jose. they tested and interviewed dozens of potential candidates but many didn't work out. >> it was a poor public relations choice because quite frankly even if they may have had good intentions it look like a boondoggle. it looks like a trip for fun. ♪[ music ] >> i don't think like "magnum pi" is somebody that we're looking for in san jose. so no, i don't think it's a good use of tax dollars.
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>> reporter: sunnyvale police were also there recruiting at the same time. they ended up hiring 13 officers and two dispatchers from that trip. a sunnyvale police captain says they started recruiting in hawaii 10 years ago so they have more experience. >> you get good employees by having good benefits and good salaries. and you don't have that no matter where you go, you're not going to get the draw. >> reporter: aside from that one possible recruit for the academy, five other recruits say they may sign up for next year's academy. in san jose, i am da lin, kpix 5. >> we did try to reach the police department's recruiting officer today but so far, no response. right now, two correctional officers are fighting for their lives as they were shot at the fresno county jail. police say the gunman entered the jail lobby around 8:30 this morning and said he wanted to visit someone. there were about 15 people around when he started shooting. the two injured officers were hit in the head and neck as
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they try to subdue the shoot -- tried to subdue the shooter. >> personnel were professional. reacted in a reasonable manner lawfully and that's what happened in this case when the deadly force is no longer present, the sheriff's office personnel responded appropriately. and now he will be held accountable for what he did. >> officials say the shooter then ran to the jail records area where he eventually surrendered. we are told the suspect recently served prison time for rape. it's unclear what motivated today's rampage. a man who was let out of the san francisco jail by mistake has turned himself back in. 20-year-old victor rodriguez walked into the lobby of the hall of justice just before 9 a.m. he had been free since wednesday when a clerk mistakenly filed paperwork dismissing all charges against him. jail official didn't realize what had happened until the next morning. rodriguez still faces charges of robbery and battery from an
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earlier case. brock turner's parents are asking police to keep a close eye on their ohio home for their son's say. that's where the former -- safety. that's where the former stanford swimmer will be serving probation for sexual assault of a drunk unconscious woman. he served three months of a six- month sentence. he stepped into a waiting suv and said nothing. he will be living with his parents at their home near dayton where protestors have been gathering since yesterday. tmz reports the parents have reached out to police to help them protect their son against any possible threat. the local police chief says they expect to see turner very soon when he registers as a sex offender. >> he will be a 3 offender which will require him registering every 90 days with us. we anticipated he will make a visit with us in the very near
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future. >> turner will have to have random drug and alcohol testing for at least three years. judge persky is no longer going to handle criminal cases. he is reassigned to civil cases at his own request. he still faces a recall threat. a new twist in the colin kaepernick controversy. the police chief is asking his officers not to follow through with their threat to boycott the 49er games at levi's stadium. kpix 5's jackie ward is there now where santa clara officers are out on patrol apparently for a coldplay concert. jackie. >> reporter: brian, the parking lot opened here for that concert just a few hours ago and there are santa clara police officers here working tonight. that will be the case for any future event happening here. anytime a santa clara police officer works an event at levi's stadium -- >> it is voluntary overtime but what i'm going to do is i have urged the poa leadership to really focus on what their job is. >> reporter: santa clara police chief mike sellers told us he
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understands the frustration the santa clara police officers association demonstrated in a statement released yesterday that said in part, quote, intentional acts and inflammatory statements by mr. kaepernick are insulting to the members of the scpoa. but chief sellers says now is not the time to let their feelings get in the way of why they wear the badge. >> i understand that they are disappointed and like we all are. but however, he has the constitutional right to do that. and we have taken an oath to protect that constitutional right. and we need to defend that. >> it really, um, adds fuel to an already tense relationship between the public and the police. >> reporter: former oakland police chief and kpix 5 law enforcement expert howard jordan agrees with chief sellers and says officers need to rise above the emotions. >> people make derogatory comments about the police all the time. and our job is to serve and
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protect regardless of whether you agree or disagree with what someone may say about your profession. >> reporter: chief sellers says moving forward, he will continue to work with the scpoa and encourage them to keep the public safety their priority. >> reporter: 49ers coach chip kelly recently announced that blaine gabbert will be his starting quarterback. colin kaepernick will be his backup. vern glenn has much more ahead tonight in his sports report. brian, back to you. >> jackie ward at levi's stadium in santa clara, thank you. this is not the first time police have threatened to boycott a stadium event over one celebrity's stand. earlier this year beyonce performed her hit song formation during the super bowl 50 halftime show. also, the song makes reference to police brutality and "black lives matter." officers in houston protested when the tour went through their city. the miami police union called on its officers to refuse to work beyonce's show at marlins
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park. both concerts ended up fully staffed anyway. beyonce will be back, by the way, at levi's stadium on september 17. the alameda county sheriff's department wants you to take a good look at this picture. 57-year-old kent murray of san lorenzo has been missing for two days. he was supposed to pick up his children from school on thursday but never showed up. his family says he has his wallet and cell phone with him but the phone is turned off. and his bicycle is also missing. it's not like little to go somewhere without telling anybody. call police if you see him. sheriff's deputies in marin are investigating how a man's body ended up in richardson bay. a boater spotted the remains near sausalito this morning. the man is described as white, possibly in his 30s. deputies say there were no obvious signs of trauma. the coroner's office will determine the exact cause of death. the search is on for a hit- and-run driver who ran over and killed a man in napa. the suspect vehicle is similar to this one. 2014 silver vw beating with
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plate 7efy913 california plate. the driver ran over 54-year-old michael green it at monarch and by way east in napa last night. car may still be in napa. a dozen medical marijuana suppliers are competing for a chance to set up shop in marin county. but officials will issue only four licenses at most and all for spots in unincorporated areas. now, until recently dispensaries were prohibited throughout marin. county supervisors voted to allow two dispensaries on the 101 corridor and another two in rural areas. but last wednesday's deadline they had 12 applications and the advisory committee will hold public meetings next year to hear from citizens before issuing the licenses. a huge recreation area is off limits in monterey county tonight. fire officials extended the closure of the los padres national forest because of the soberanes fire. the 95,000-acre fire has been burning for six weeks now. it's just 60% contained.
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about 60 homes have been destroyed. more than 400 are still threatened ♪[ music ] still to come his family survived a crash and he got hit with a ticket. >> this should never be an issue or concern for any family to worry about, you know, during this time. >> why the chp cited this northern california father while his wife and daughter were in the hospital. >> plus, a holiday headache for the tsa. why a record number of loaded guns is turning up in people's carry-on bags. >> and keeping their cool a family of bears takes the plunge to get some relief from the california sun. >> head to the shoreline, my fine young bear. not much sunshine there. things will be changing tomorrow. we'll have the forecast for you coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after a violent crash sent his wife and daughter to the hospital... the c-h-p hit him -- with a "fix-it" ticket. a sacramento area man says after a violent crash sent his wife and daughter to the
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hospital, the chp hit him with a fix it ticket. >> it was very scary. >> reporter: these photos show the aftermath of the violent collision. >> i have mental snapshots of the accident from that evening. >> reporter: darrell got the call his family was in a bad crash. >> upside-down. the whole front end is ripped apart. >> reporter: his wife was driving. >> and even after hearing her voice, i still wondered if she was still alive after seeing that accident. >> reporter: his 15-year-old daughter was inside, too. >> i just remember, like, being in the ambulance, like, i -- that's all i can remember. >> reporter: now relieved his daughter and wife are recovering, he is outraged with the chp for sending him a fix it ticket. >> we just got this letter saying that, you know, you guys got a ticket for not providing proof of insurance on this horrible day. >> reporter: he says a photo inside the mangled suv shows his family car insurance and registration in the passenger
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seat. >> it was there. then again we get this ticket. no one communicated to us. >> reporter: the chp collision manual reads each officer has the responsibility to develop report writing and investigative skills that will lead to high quality and professional documentation of collisions." a chp spokesman told me, officers are required to issue tickets if no proof of insurance is id. >> i think this should never, ever be an issue or concern for any family to worry about, you know, during this time. >> reporter: he says he will now pay the fee and show his proof to traffic court. a distraction during a trying time. and a disappointment with the chp. >> and they are more concerned about just writing a ticket. >> reporter: in rancho cordova, steve large, kpix 5. >> well, the chp didn't say anything about the case. but a spokesman said that officers are required to complete their collision reports within a day. track work may slow down your ride on bart this holiday weekend. there is no service between the
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glen park and daly city stations. expect delays especially going to sfo could take an extra hour. crews amaking re-- are making repairs to the track way. the closures will continue on select weekends into october. bart is running a free shuttle service between the stations. and another travel alert. if you want to check out the view from the golden gate bridge this labor day weekend, you'll need to take public transit or a tour bus. the parking lots on both ends of the bridge will be closed 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. through monday. millions of americans are hitting the roads for the holiday weekend. according to a survey about 10% more people are traveling this year. and more of them are flying. air travel is up by 6%. but the vast majority are going by car thanks to a dip in gas prices. most people will be driving. if you are flying this holiday weekend the tsa says don't load
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your luggage with guns. a record 81 firearms were recovered in tsa checkpoint lines from august 12 through the 18th. 70 of the guns were loaded! the previous record was set just a week before. not clear exactly what's behind that spike. but even if it's an accidental oversight, the consequences are serious. >> it's not just a little slap on the hand. an investigation will be opened if your firearm is discovered. you will get a fine. and you may miss your flight because you're going to have an interview with a police officer about it, as well. >> by the way, the fines can run up to $11,000. three little bears in southern california had their own plans. laurie perez shows us they were caught on camera making themselves at home in a pasadena pool. >> reporter: on a hot day, who could blame them? this black bear and two cubs took a dip cooling off and showing off their swimming skills in danny's pasadena
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pool. he caught their pool party on his smartphone. >> they are probably 100 pounds apiece. >> reporter: then heading for some dumpster diving. it's not new here but homeowners called nine one when the trio started trouble breaking a glass window as they tried to mess with a dog. later this little dog wasn't having it chasing one of the bears away. neighbors say it's the dogs that always give them heads up that a bear is around. >> dogs bark. that's how we find out, the dogs. >> reporter: and truth is, they say the bears are always around. so often, linda put up this bear crossing sign. >> you want to make sure our bears don't get hit by a car. >> reporter: it only took us about 20 minutes in the area to see this big one ourselves meandering through an empty lot, hopping a fence. that's how the family says bears get into their shady yards just across the canyon. >> i looked up and i saw these two cubs just wrestling each other right in front of me. >> reporter: in fact, they think they came face to face with the same three bears at their kitchen window on sunday.
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they took this amazing video with their cell phones. >> crawled up and came right up to the glass and started paying us. >> reporter: giving 3-year-old maylana a close but safe encounter she is still talking about. >> i think they're going to play all day. [ laughter ] >> well, fish and wildlife officials say it's not unusual for bears to be in that area during the day and they normally return to the woods at night. >> they certainly know how to have a good time. >> they say don't feed the bears. as we have a beautiful saturday evening under way in the bay area, we are continuing this unusual cool. right now 67 at concord. oakland 64. the city is 60 degrees. san jose 71. 76 for santa rosa. this afternoon, partly -- i'm sorry, tomorrow afternoon partly -- it would be easy to forecast what happened today. partly cloudy skies for the coast tomorrow morning. the bay will be sunny by the afternoon. same for the inland areas. and numbers just about the same
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as they were today as we sweep back from lake tahoe to show the unusually mild temperatures continue. deep area low pressure trough over the west coast and that's keeping numbers down a bit as pressures fall and the cool ocean temperature, 55 degrees, abeam northern california, is contributing to the cooler temperatures. so if you look ahead at what is expected for tomorrow, by 8:00 tomorrow morning, some clouds over the area but notice as the day goes on the northwesterlies, away go the low clouds and we'll have mostly clear skies for much of sunday. so it's looking good. we'll have temperatures until the low 80s inland after night and morning low clouds and unusually mild temperatures to continue all week long. a's and red sox, partly cloudy and chilly. for something to do this weekend, it's fun at the millbrae art and wine festival. and the weather will cooperate
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as well with mostly sunny skies about 71 degrees to broad brush it this afternoon. there's a scottish gathering and games in week in the aptly named pleasanton, sunny temperatures about 77. tonight overnight lows in the low to mid-50s mostly. sun up in come morning at 17 minutes before 7:00. and -- sun-up tomorrow morning at 17 minutes before 7:00. mendocino tomorrow 62 degrees. 65 eureka. 64 monterey. temperatures in the central valley mid-80s. looks nice at tahoe, too. 79 for santa rosa for a high of 77 a napa. 76 san jose. for labor day on monday, sunshine around the bay and inland. numbers not unusual. low 60s near the shore. mid-80s inland. in the extended forecast, we'll have the usual night and early- morning low clouds sun in the
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afternoon continued warm inland, and fairly nippy right there at the shoreline. very serious business is this weather. but if you want funny business, here's jules. still to come, three no safer city than san francisco this weekend. why superheros are all overtown. >> ahead, boy, some eyebrow raising college football highlights. let's face it. it's a pro football market, though. >> and we have nfl news and notes as every team's roster of 353 is set today including the 9ers -- every team's roster of 53 is set today including the 9ers and the raiders. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today is the second day of "comic con" at the marriott marquis hotel. it features actors from movies and t-v series... and plenty of comic books and artwork for sale. people say an ev superheros are showing up at the marriott marquee hotel. comic-con is going on. people say an event like this is overdue in san francisco.
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some are showing up for all three days including today's costume contest. >> a lot of the artwork is fantastic. plus a lot of the effort that people are putting into their card plays are amazing. >> cool panels going on, a smash roads tournament, dr. strange. but it's enjoying the whole came. >> it's open until midnight and continues tomorrow. if you are more into kilts than comics, why not head to pleasanton. we can't ask you enough. people from around the world are gathering there this weekend for the 151st annual scottish highland gathering and games. 30 bagpipe bands, heavyweight championship, dance competition, one of the largest scottish gatherings in the world. >> one of the things we look forward to all year. it's a place where we can come out and celebrate our scottish heritage and meet with others who are just as proud and have
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a great time. >> sounds like fun. the event continues tomorrow at the alameda fairgrounds. >> it's wonderful. see them along main street in pleasanton. >> i have done that. i have donned the kilt and tossed the kaber. i have been around! nfl up top. everything official now. first of all, blaine gabbert is the 49ers starting quarterback. period. according to coach chip kelly. colin kaepernick is the backup. 9ers open for business a week from monday night. hosting the rams. gabbert started the first preseason games and started the remaining eight games of 2015. the team's record over that span was 3-5. chip kelly today. >> you know, i think his grasp and command of what we're doing. he is a good fit. have a lot of confidence in what he can do offensively. i think kap is not up to playing the way he was when he
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was successful here and he will continue to work on that. he missed a couple of weeks with the arm and that set him back because of the timetable was the timetable. now right now we have blaine as the starter. wideout rod streater number 80 with the raiders is now a 49er. the 9ers traded with the chiefs to get him today. is he the team's second best receiver right now? i'm not kidding. streater signed with kansas city in the spring after four seasons in oakland. he got into only four games the last two years. some of the notable cuts made by the 49ers: some of thes s might return e team on the pr quad. as for the >> now, some of these players might return to the team on the practice squad. as for the raiders, they cut running back george atkinson ii who had scored four touchdowns in the preseason.
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atkinson the son of george atkinson former raider great could return to the oakland practice squad where he spent the last two seasons. and i'll be up front with you. i walk around and i saw sports all the time. i mentioned raiders and 49ers. people get fired up. i try to start talking college football i get, ahem. it's unbelievable. >> there are the die-hard ones out there. >> i'm looking for 'em. [ laughter ] >> my neighbor. all right. coming up in our next half- hour, she lost her son, then she lost her lifeline. >> i took care of my child and then the system failed me horribly. >> the grieving mother who is now fighting for justice for california families. >> also ahead labor day weekend is going to be a washout for millions of americans as tropical storm hermine churns its way up the east coast. >> i have never held a piece of gold that big in my hands before. >> and a new gold rush in the sierra foothills. this nugget is worth as much as
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a tesla. we'll tell you where it turned up. wow. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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calling it a waste of time and money... after nearly a dozen san jose police off our top stories tonight a city councilman calling it a waste of time and money after nearly a dozen san jose police officers traveled to hawaii to look for new recruits. the city spent $43,000 and ended up with one possibility. police in sunnyvale have recruited 13 officers and two dispatchers from hawaii during the same time. the santa clara police chief is at odds with the officers union over colin kaepernick national anthem protest. many officers are angry about his attempt to call attention
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to police brutality. they are threatening to stop patrolling the games at levi's stadium but the police chief says they should set aside politics and concentrate on doing their jobs. and security concerns in ohio where former stanford swimmer brock turner is moving in with his parents to serve his three-year probation for sexual assault. he was released from the santa clara county jail yesterday after serving half of his six- month sentence. protestors have been gathered outside the family home near dayton ever since. tmz reports turner as parents have reached out to police to help protect their son against possible threats. hermine is continuing to pick up powerful waves along the eastern seaboard. now it has sustained winds of 70 miles per hour and it's expected to regain hurricane strength as it keeps traveling up the coast. wendy gillette shows us emergency preparations now under way as far north as connecticut. >> reporter: hermine caused trees to crash into homes in charleston, south carolina; flooded roads in atlantic beach
6:32 pm
north carolina; and left hundreds of thousands of people without power from florida to virginia. hermine hit florida as a cat-1 hurricane and is now a tropical storm. it he could regain hurricane strength as it moves north over open waters. it's predicted to hit the jersey shore sunday night. it's already creating high waves and dangerous conditions here. >> the beach is officially closed at this time. >> reporter: after that announcement, lifeguards locked the gates to seaside heights closing down the beaches more than 24 hours before hermine arrives. double red flags were posted warning of the danger. >> we are 60-mile-an-hour winds, 10 to 15-foot waves. so it's going to be even worse. >> basically just one big washing machine. >> reporter: but menacing clouds didn't keep crowds away from the boardwalk. dan moyer brought his family from pennsylvania for a day at the beach. >> we didn't think it would be this bad with the waves being this tall. but i would imagine the undertow would talk you right out. >> reporter: there is -- would take you right out.
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>> reporter: this is the same town where sandy knocked a roller coaster into the ocean in 2012. hermine is not going to be as severe as sandy but the storm could stay around for days intensifying possible flooding and beach erosion. wendy gillette for cbs news, seaside heights, new jersey. hawaii is bracing for big waves. a surf advisory is in effect as a hurricane lester moves through the pacific. forecasters say waves could be up to 25 feet as the storm sweeps by the island. did you hear about this? people in oklahoma got a wake- up call this morning from a 5.6 earthquake centered near pawnee in north-central oklahoma. it was so strong it was felt in arizona. no major injuries reported but the force did cause some building facades to crumble. several are closed for safety reasons. the worst damage is in an old building in the center of town. >> it's an old has stork sandstone building and some of the outer wall has broken away
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an fallen on to the sidewalk. and that's just from a drive- by. >> a sandstone building. geophysicists say the damage was limited because the area where the earthquake hit has good bedrock and that tends to absorb more of an earthquake's energy. both presidential candidates traveling today. craig boswell reports donald trump went to detroit seeking support from the black community while hillary clinton tried to put some distance between herself and that nagging email scandal. >> reporter: donald trump clapped his hands while a choir sang during his visit to a black church in detroit saturday. he vowed to fix problems facing blacks across america. >> i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy in justice in any form. >> reporter: it's the first time trump has addressed a large black audience since
6:35 pm
winning the republican party nomination. the pastor wrapped a special shawl around trump. protestors gathered outside. security set up barricades and exchanges got heated between supporters. >> hillary clinton is a liar! >> hey, guess what! guess what, donald trump should be killed! >> reporter: on friday, the fbi released 58 pages from its investigation of clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state. the documents show clinton's memory was spotty when agents showed her classified emails from her personal account. many she didn't remember. clinton said she didn't recall receiving any email she thought should not be on an unclassified system and repeatedly said she relied on others to use their best judgment when handling classified information. clinton's campaign says the materials only prove why the justice department didn't prosecute her. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> most polls show trump support among black voters is
6:36 pm
under 10%. in just hours mother teresa will be cannoninized. this morning pope francis praised her at a special gathering. a new exhibit on her life is attracting followers. >> the poorest of the poor. [ indiscernible ] >> see christ in them. >> mother would say, do the little things ordinary things see where you can be attentive to the person around you even in your own family who needs love. >> mother teresa spent nearly half a century helping poor. today her order has around 750 homes that continue her work. here in the bay area an exhibit honoring her has been set up at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. a mass will be said tonight to honor her. she will be canonized about 7 hours from now at the vatican about 1:30 our time.
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president obama is in asia where he sealed a deal with china to curb climate change. they confirmed their country's participation to limit climate change and delivered documents to the u.n. secretary-general. the president of china said he hopes the deal provides a global impetus to develop new technologies and mr. obama said there's momentum in the right direction. >> the world's two largest economies and two largest submitters, our entrance into this agreement continues the momentum of paris and should give the reservation of the world confidence whether developed or developing companies that the low carbon future is where the world is heading. >> china and the u.s. are responsible for 40% of the world's carbon emissions. the paris agreement set a goal of cutting emissions enough to keep global temperatures down. it is the world's first comprehensive climate agreement. a bill to protect californians who care for
6:38 pm
disabled family members is now on governor brown's desk. the help would come too late though for one mother. that's not stopping her from fighting for others. >> reporter: 9-year-old caleb spent his life struggling to live with a terminal heart defect. his mother kathleen williams of barstow says caring for him was 24/7. >> he had his first open-heart surgery when he was 6. >> reporter: she quit teaching to care for him and under a state program she received money to do it. but in march, he died. and so did her paychecks. >> caleb died and all my finances in a moment my whole world crumbled. >> reporter: even though she said she paid taxes on the money she received she wasn't eligible for unemployment. under state law, all caregivers can receive unemployment except for spouses and parents. >> i took care of my terminally ill child and then the system failed my horribly.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: she fighting for ab1930 a law that passed the senate and assembly and is now on the governor's desk that would close that loophole. just last week, she went to sacramento with the bill's author assemblyman tom lackey and brought thousands of signatures in support of the bill to the capital. and where she goes, show does olof, his favorite doll because inside are his ashes. kathleen got a new job and says now she is fighting for the rights of others. >> maybe caleb came here and we went through all those things so that in the end, i could help people. [ crying ] >> that's tough. governor brown has until the end of the month to sign or veto the bill. she hopes to meet him before then. a study on surgery. those most dangerous time of the day to go under the knife. >> google gives up the fancy phone project the tech giant is saying putting it on hold. that's next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is almost as important as choosing the doctor holding the knife. that's according to a new 5-year de blasio when it comes to having surgery when you get it is almost as important as choosing who is holding the knife. a new study found out that the patients operated on at night are twice as likely to die as those undergoing surgery during the regular business hours. they think that there might be a number of reasons why including surgeon fatigue and overnight staffing shortages. delta airlines says the global computer outage that disrupted flights for days last month cost the company $100 million in lost revenue. the malfunction forced the cancellation of about 2300 flights. delays went on for days as the system recovered. delta says passenger revenue fell by more than 9% compared to last year due to the outage. ups is raising its service.
6:43 pm
it plans to raise freight fees this month. google is dropping its plan to design a phone with interchangeable parts. they are dropping it for now at least. the company wanted to create a phone that users could customize on the fly with an extra battery, speakers or other components you could just change out. even though the tech giant no longer plans to release the phone itself, it might try to partner with another company to bring it to market. and still to come, they say rain on your wedding day is good luck. if so, the east coast couple just hit the jackpot. >> we are out of luck on that score. but we'll see if there are any changes ahead. the forecast coming up. straight ahead, giants have 27 regular season games left. and they are right in the mix, too, this even number year. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased.
6:46 pm
art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. they had a tropical storm. but they didn' this couple had more than just rain on their wedding day in north carolina. they had a tropical storm. but they didn't seem to mind. they took their photos as hermine dumped rain on the area yesterday. they are from arizona. they said their i dos earlier in the day. they didn't mind the wind and rain as the backdrop for their
6:47 pm
pictures. they say it will give them great memories to look back on. >> the way to look at it. look on the bright side. as we are doing just that as we gaze through the east bay. a few low clouds across the east bayshore line and actually coming into the diablo range. in most locations tonight clear skies, marin, sonoma, napa, santa clara counties. mostly clear at this hour. san francisco 60 degrees. concord 67. in santa rosa, an unusually warm 76. we have sunshine right now. here's how it looks high above the west coast. low pressure has dropped an unusually deep trough over the west coast. the pressure comes down, pressure follows suit, cold ocean water, brisk onshore freeze with unusually cool temperatures all august continuing into the first week of september. this is the cloud cover at 9:00
6:48 pm
tomorrow morning. mostly sunny skies. a few low clouds whisk out. very dry direction unusual in september to have this chapped hands weather. we look forward to september and october as being warm and balmy close to the shoreline. not happening yet. we have low clouds at the shore tomorrow. temperatures in the low 80s inland where they have been for what seems like years now. unusually mild temperatures this week. art and wine fest 71. pleasanton 77 degrees for the scottish gathering and games. the 151st year they have done that. overnight lows tonight in the mid-50s. sunrise tomorrow at 17 minutes before 7 a.m. and if you are heading out of the bay tomorrow up route one to eureka, 65 degrees. fresno 80s. nice in the mountains mid-60s. forecast 79 santa rosa tomorrow. plenty of sun at livermore and 77. vallejo 74. 74 mountain view. 75 redwood. labor day looks nice.
6:49 pm
temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the mid-80s. extended forecast will go with "stratus quo," the usual low clouds in the morning, sun in the afternoon and keep it in the 80s through next week and that's weather. here's sports. >> you got it. some nervous giants fans biting their nails as they run to the finish. third time's the charm in chicago. what a draw. madison bumgarner versus jake arrieta and here we go. top 4 giants ahead of the cubs. looking for more. nunez knocks in joe panik. it was then 2-0. 5th inning cubs dribbler here runner going, nunez over ran it. brandon crawford had his back, but javier baez was too fast! safe at home. the giants lead cut 2-1. next inning arrieta throws and the ball got away. wild pitch allowed crawford to
6:50 pm
tally a 3-1 lead. 3-2, bottom 9. here's how it ended. fowler a sack bunt but the runner rizzo overran the bag at second. it's a double play to end it. we're done here. giants 3-2 winners. they are now 1.5 games behind the dodgers in the west. l.a. is playing tonight. a's and red sox also tonight. now, division i college football saturday. first of these highlights. akpix5 game. texas a & m and they are swaying. playing host to number 16 ucla tied at 24 in overtime. aggies quarterback trevor knight tiptoed in to put him up 31-24. next possession, bruins on fourth and goal. josh rosen's pass incomplete!! and a & m held to beat ucla 31- 24. we can thank houston for the shocker of the day hosting oklahoma. what do we call it?
6:51 pm
>> a kick six. >> brandon wilson he gone! a 3rd quarter 100-yard return off a missed field goal. touchdown cougars. they beat the sooners by 10. 33-23 the final. michigan's jim harbaugh a quarterback fired up ritual. wilson's recipient, michael jordan looking on. spate through three touchdown passes against hawaii this one to jake butt. to the pylon. it is a 7th ranked blue michigan rolling final of 63-3. how about a lot of wisconsin badger nation inside of lambeau field today against 5th-ranked lsu? 3rd quarter badgers leading but brandon harris, into the end zone tigers 14-13. but they trailed 16-14. lsu quarterback harris they say he is supposed to be the best
6:52 pm
quarterback in the scc. oh! this fella paid for it. talk about taking one for the team. wisconsin 16-14 the final. all right. >> more highlights tonight including alabama. >> okay. >> against sc. >> thank you, mr. glenn. coming up, there is gold in them thar hills. a nugget the size of a t-bone steak, a tiny one, turns up in the sierra. now local businesses are banking on a gold rush for the holiday weekend next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
rush this holiday weekend. you may be wondering -- why now? well, one prospecter just well, one prospecter just found a modern-day gold rush out in gold country in jamestown. one prospector found a gold
6:55 pm
nugget weighing more than a pound. that's worth something these days. kelly ryan shows us the rock and how much it could be worth. >> reporter: it was tuesday afternoon when the owner of this hotel got word his friend found gold. when he came over to show him, he was expecting to see a nugget. he wasn't expecting this. >> oh, my god! look at that. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i thought that guy he's a lucky guy. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that lucky guy is oscar espinosa of modesto says his pals over at gold prospecting adventures. his friend frank powell posted this video on facebook after oscar brought the gold in. >> i have never held a piece of gold that big in my hand before. >> reporter: espinosa told them he had been prospecting in nearby woods creek. but powell can't say where exactly. >> he wouldn't tell me. >> reporter: it weighs about 18 ounces. >> i would like to see the man get 70. >> reporter: thousand dollars? >> $70,000. >> reporter: the owner calls it a rare find and he says will spark collectors' interest that could drive up the price for or
6:56 pm
five times higher. >> it's more valuable this way because it's a piece of history. when it's melted down into a piece of gold it's just another piece of gold. >> reporter: he is keeping a low profile but asked his friend charlie morgan the owner of the jamestown hotel to keep it safe until he finds a buyer. >> but he, um, felt more secure with it being put away. >> reporter: soon this nugget will be back in a safe. for now there are guard dogs. >> the safe isn't actually here. nobody knows where it is. >> well, we know the approximate location. that was kelly ryan reporting. shop owners are expecting an even bigger crowd for the holiday weekend as gold fever hits again and visitors hope to strike it rich. when james marshall struck it richer, said don't tell anyone. >> when you win the lotto,
6:57 pm
don't tell anyone. >> great guard dogs for security. see you back here at 11:00. thanks for watching. ,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy.
6:59 pm
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