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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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a a blazing battle, stores replaced with pot shops. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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along the side of the freeway in marin county. this happened on highway 101 southbound at seminary drive ore 10 o- clock. c intense flames as an eye burns along the side of the freeway, this happened on highway 101 southbound just before 10:00. chp officers said they were trying to jump start the vehicle when it suddenly, the driver and the dog got out safely. a fight over hot, worried about where medical marijuana dispensaries could be coming in and neighbors are already fired up. >> 12 different locations have applied to become dispensaries and only four of them get
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selected. the competition is as steep and as tough as the debate. right now, now, they are antiques and fresh produce. this could soon become a part dispensaries. >> i'm fighting tooth and nail, doing everything i can to fight this in our beautiful idyllic valley. >> and the county has extended the comment timeframe. the board of supervisors unanimously made the - - legal in may. where they will go has not been decided yet. the valley is a perfect place for people to heal and take anything that can help with
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that healing. >> the she seems divided. the process will be a long one, the meanings - - and is beginning generate. >> i think it will be in line with reality, people are using medical marijuana for their health and healing >> for me, there is a delivery service service from fairfax. if you need medical marijuana, you can get it in the mail >> - - the coast guard and san francisco police and fire crews rescued in this afternoon. and there were 15 scouts and the chaperone clinging to the side.
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the rescue was tricky. s o i t took a while, we were getting blown all over the place but we were getting the people on our boat. >> many of the kids suffered bumps and bruises. the santa clara police chief is at odds with the national anthem protests. many officers are threatening to boycott any of the 49ers games. and jackie tells us the police chief has something to say. >> a stance that is not to be taken lightly. the police officers association threatening to boycott events because of: x-uppercase-letter recent actions. so this is the first time i can recall you making a statement like this. the police chief says he gets the union frustration but a threatening not to serve the community is not what the badge
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exemplifies. so i i can understand if you are disappointed. but they need to focus their attention and protect our citizens in our community. >> they said yesterday intentional actions and inflammatory statements from colin kapernick are insulting. the former police chief and law enforcement expert howard jordan says that in this case politics must be set aside despite raw emotion. it is with them to put the lives of thousands of people in attendance of these ballgames in jeopardy because they do not agree with this. >> colin kapernick has the right to protest and do things that we do not agree with personally. but we still have a job to do. see you tomorrow morning he will speak of the national
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anthem controversy in san francisco. meanwhile, 49 is announced he will stay on the roster this season and will be the backup quarterback. more on that coming up next. a pair of correctional officers are clinging to life after being shot at the county jail. there was a report and the suspect was identified. 15 people including some children were there when he suddenly started shooting. s o t h e officer is in critical but stable condition. he shooter. he eventually surrendered and was arrested. vang previously served time for and said today he the other officer is also in critical condition. the officers were hit in the head and in the neck. he eventually surrendered and was arrested. he served time for space and wanted to go back to jail. shasta police are investigating how a man's body
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ended up in the bay. able to notice the remains. the man is described as white and in his 30s. say that there were no obvious signs of trauma. a driver is accused of running over and killed a man. the 54-year-old was arrested along interstate 80. he was driving a silver volkswagen when he struck and killed michael green last night. one dozen police officers traveled to - - hawaii, not on vacation but in search of recruits. but it was a big bill for taxpayers. >> $35 per hour in the academy. >> 11 recruiting officers and 11 days, call it creative or plane desperate. - - desperate. after sending out $43,000 not
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including overtime, if you pass the back ground check. >> the time and money was wasted. >> they are in a state of emergency because of staffing. they say they cannot afford to waste valuable resources. >> we could ask the chp and the share for help like others do. will provide bonuses for new hires. >> the trip happened in may. the officers stayed at the beach and spa, the departments first time recruiting in hawaii. the cost of living there is the same as in san jose. they tested and interviewed dozens of candidates. >> it is a poor public relations choice. even if they had good intentions - - intentions, it looks like fun. >> i don't think magnum pi is the one we are looking for in
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san jose. no, i think no, i think it is a bad use of tax dollars. >> san jose ended up hiring 13 officers and two different dispatchers. a police captain tells me they started recruiting in hawaii 10 years ago and have more experience. >> you have good employees by having good benefits and salaries. no matter where you go if you don't have that, you will not get a draw. >> five recruits say they may sign up for next year's - - next year's academy. >> we try to reach the recruiting office today. so far, we have not heard back. pulled - - people along the coast of new jersey and new york are bracing for tropical storm hermine. and it is east of maryland. tomorrow, forecasters are expecting to move northward
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along the coast. the new jersey governor has declared a state of emergency in three counties. a strong earthquake registered by .6 magnitude. no structures collapsed, no one was seriously hurt. the quake was centered outside of the town of pawnee, west of tulsa. one woman described the shaking. >> it was like being in a waterbed, going up and down constantly, it went on for 1.5 minutes and the aftershocks continued. >> later, officials ordered a shutdown of 37 wells. there was a link between the injection of lake water to the earthquake. >> mother theresa will be made a saint after she dedicated her
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life to helping the poor. >> the ceremony is set to start at 1:30 in the morning. cates shows us how people are honoring mother teresa's legacy. >> mother teresa, revered in life and in death. >> she is very special to me. she's done a lot of miracles in my life and i cannot even explain them to people, it is such a blessing. >> she left a towering legacy, a lives work put on display at the cathedral. >> the exhibit is a celebration of her life and of her work. >> reporter: stephen lopez works with missionaries of charity. >> it is nice to have people inspired by this exhibit. >> it showcases the best and the worst of times. >> mother teresa said that i am
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but a pencil in the hands of god. she said that if she hadn't picked up the first homeless person in calcutta, she would not have picked up 37 others. >> mother theresa was fast tracked to sainthood. tomorrow pope francis makes it official in rome. they said we will have the joy of seeing mother theresa proclaimed as a saint, adding that she deserves it. >> this time has come. i can't believe it is here. >> and emotional ceremony for people like marcy who vowed to follow in her footsteps. >> she answered my prayer. i cannot describe the beautiful miracle. >> for her, it is merely a formality. >> for us, the people who have looked up to her for a long time, she is already a saint. s o tomorrow morning there will
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be a special reception after a mass to honor the newly sainted mother theresa. >> still had, not the fishing adventure they hoped for, a boat crashes into the rocks and starts singing. and how they got to safety before it was too late. >> what it took to make this the tallest building west of the mississippi. is it as iconic as this? we will talk about the forecast when we come back. ,,,,
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sinking fishing boat off the coast of san diego. the boat had crashed into two dozen people are recovering tonight after being rescued from a sinking boat off the coast of san diego, the boat crashed into rocks this morning and broke apart completely. five crew members crewmembers and 21 passengers were on board and another fishing boat brought them to safety. >> we went straight into the islands. >> i was sound asleep in my bunk. then i heard the loud banging and the hard jolt and i was on the ground. >> i picked myself up off the ground. i said this is wrong, something really bad just happens. >> passengers and crew members were wearing life jackets. one person suffered a back
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injury but declined treatment. the coast guard is investigating. >> a huge recreation area is off-limits. the extent of the closure of the padres national forest because of a a wildfire that has been burning for six weeks now, it has charred 95,000 acres, 67% contained, 60 homes have been to try - - destroyed and 100 are still threatened. donald trump is trying to gain support from african- american voters, the nominee visited a black church in detroit today, the first time he had addressed a large black audience since winning the nomination. he vowed to fix the problem facing the black community across america. >> today they will learn so we can remedy injustice in any type - - any form. >> protesters said no hate in the white house. and they set up barricades
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after conversations, heated. and as for clinton, the fbi has released 58 pages from their investigation of her server. her memory was spotty when agence showed her classified e-mails from her personal account. >> the tallest building west of the mississippi. reporter greg mills was there as the finer piece, into place. >> two men sat on top of this 1000 feet up, here to guide the final piece into place, making this tower the tallest building in the western united states. >> it is a great accomplishment. >> a point of pride for those who built this massive voting downtown. bob's grandson followed him into the construction and has worked on this almost since the start. >> i am proud, very proud.
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>> he worked on the earlier generation of the skyscrapers and cannot believe the skyline now. >> it is unbelievable. >> it does not rival the biggest buildings in the big apple but it is certainly the best in the west. and this building is 1100 feet, the tallest building west of chicago. the e-mail - - the architect had that in mind, right? maybe not. >> the media pointed out, we were not trying to make it the tallest. >> it took away - - the 10-ton spier was lifted up 73 stories. these workers connected it to the existing fire. and his son was knockout - - going to miss it. >> he was in the hospital until one hour ago. but he had to be here for this. this is the big - - this is a
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big deal. >> the biggest deal in building history. >> a flood of visitors in a modern day gold rush. a prospector found a gold nugget worth 18 ounces. he runs a business and says it is a rare find. he thinks it will draw interest from collectors and that could drive the price higher. >> we've got clear skies inland. along the shoreline, more clouds moving along the east coast. and a hurricane off the east coast, the her right - - hawaiian island chain. hurricane lester has a maximum sustained when of 240 miles per hour. and it is not really going to
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affect the islands, not close enough. they won't get much in the way of wind or rain. as it skirts the chain to the north it will become a tropical depression within three days. and this is how it looks on the approach, mostly clear skies, cochran with 60, san jose at 62 right now. low-pressure, unusually deep lows over the coast. temperatures follow suit. unusually mild temperatures continue this week. low clouds over the area this morning. by the afternoon, mostly clear on sunday, holding true through the rest of the day, and to sum it all up, you know what today was like, do you know what the next couple days will be like? low clouds, temperatures in the lower 80s inland, unusually mild temperatures all the - - all week long. and the temperatures with readings inland, middle 80s
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from here until next weekend. we will have low clouds along the bay to start things out. then into next saturday and sunday, 70s around the bay, 60s and clouds inland. so there is no disagreement about the weather. now the great controversies and big decisions being made in sports. burn is sorting it out. >> frank sinatra got an oscar. and coming up, we have a football segment. do you know what that means? i will tell you about this fellow. not the one receiving but the one who made the pass. really, two versus one for the 49ers. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to 53 man rosters.... blaine gabbert nfl up top, dress rehearsals are really over now. all teams are down to 53 man rosters. the big news locally, lane gabbert is the 49ers starting quarterback. colin kapernick is the backup. gavin will be under center or shotgun formation. and he started the first four preseason games at a regular three and five and the last eight games of 2015. here is the coach. >> he is a good fit for what we want to get accomplished. and i have confidence in what
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he can do offensive play. i think he missed a couple of weeks there and that set him back but the timetable is the timetable. >> local college for all, a rough one at tulsa. watch this. spartans and blue, tim crawley is back. a snickers getaway moments. san jose start - - state, 45- 10. in alabama, upset about being neutralize neutralized early, they led the charge - - trojans have it. humphrey with the number one ranked second six. poke the bear, alabama crushed them, 52-6. the worst loss for fc since 1947. and they are just warming up.
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and we were coming back with where the giants stand with 27 games left. stay with us, we will be right back. ,,,,
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giants have to overcome a 2-game deficit to the dodgers in the west.... ....madison bummm- garner & the giants held baseball has 27 games left until the giants have to overcome the deficit to the dodgers in the west. the giants held their end of the bargain, top four, giants ahead and looking for more, joe
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penick, noon is overran and it was too fast, safe at home, giants lead cut in half 2-1. next inning, the ball, away. and crawford gets a 3-1 lead. and i can - - i could not bear to watch this. 3-2 cop item nine, double play, the runner overran it at second. giants are the three do - - 3-2 victors. st. louis did lose and the giants increased the lead for the first wild-card spot, 2.5 games. and how about josi canseco? the red sox slugger two, here
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he is, big blind in the third, ramirez with 20 making it 3- zero, still in the third, now at seven oaks zero, ortiz just missed the three run home run. and he is retiring. 9-0, when 11-two, they outscored oakland 27-for in the first two games of this series. at least they had josi canseco tonight. the bubble had as well. >> thank you. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thirty. news and weather updates are always on cbs-sf-dot-com. goodnight. thank you so much for watching, our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. go to our website for more information. thank you for joining us. have a good night. we are looking at the queen tell her right now. we will see you again tomorrow night. ,,,,,,,, ,,
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