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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  September 4, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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this sunday, september 4th. good morning, i'm julie watts. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> good morning, i am julie watts. >> and i am kristin ayers. more fallout for call in kaepernick as he prepares to take his sister -- concerns over police brutality to church today. and brough turner released after three months but the push to get the judge off the bench continues. and the countdown to election day is on as both donald trump and hillary clinton will make a final push. new numbers out today. how trump is close -- how close
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trump is coming to taking the lead but first let's start with the forecast. it's of -- it's a great start for many. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where you can see the sunshine with some of that fog starting to burn off. right now temperatures outside are in the 50s pretty much areawide and temperatures will remain below average today. a tad bit cooler than average but we will see warming as we move on over the next several days into midweek with temps back in the 90s but for now out the door, no clouds really from the san francisco peninsula south. they had clouds -- we had clouds move inland near livermore but north, clear skies as you head out this guy with sunshine for napa, santa rosa and fairfield. mild once again today, below average with -- low clouds but
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afternoon sun for most any warming trend for most with temps warming to the 90s by midweek. tomorrow slightly warmer than today. low 80s for the warmest spots, 70s around the bay. the full forecast is still ahead the first here's christin with your stories . tens of thousands of catholics flocking to the vatican today for the canonization of one of the most admired character -- figures in recent history. pope francis declared mother teresa a saint during a special mouse -- mass this morning. he praised her as defending the lives of the unborn, sick and abandoned. she died in 1997 after a lifetime dedicated to caring for the poor in india. colin kaepernick will speak to the third street baptist church in san francisco. the reverend there is supporting his controversial refusal to stand for the napa -- the national anthem. he said the action was in protest of police to -- police brutality toward people of color. the service gets underway at
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10:00 this morning. meanwhile santa clara's police chief is adds odd with the -- at odds with the officers union over protests as the union threatens to boycott games at the union -- at the levi's stadium. santa clara police chief -- >> we understand that they are disappointed like we all are. but he has a constitutional right to do that and we have taken an oath to protect that constitutional right and we need to defend that. >> the 49ers announced he will stay on the roster this season as the black up -- backup quarterback to blaine gabbert. meanwhile we are weighing in -- having people weigh in on whether he's a hero or hated. a group of kids had a boat
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capsized. the aquatic parks is the 15 sea scouts and their chaperone were wearing lifeboats and clinging to the catamaran yesterday. some of the cut -- kids suffered minor bumps and bruises. no word yet on what caused it to flip over. the fire has charred 95,000 acres and is 60% contained. nearly 60 homes have been contained -- burned so far. a huge recreational effort -- area is off-limits because of the fire. they extended the closure of the andreas national forest. in san bernardino county a deputy blocking traffic for firefighters tweeted out this photo overnight of a new wildfire burning yards away from interstate 15. they're calling this one the ken fire. it's burned nearly 20 acres and is 25% contained. it's the same site as last month's does -- devastating blue cut fire and -- hermine is moving up the
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coast being blamed for two deaths. teaches are closed as far north as new york. emergency efforts are underway in the states in the path of hermine. it's expected to drop to his tropical storm strength by tuesday -- to tropical storm strength by tuesday. hillary clinton and donald trump are taking a break today but tomorrow on labor day it is full speed ahead. clinton and tim kaine will -- be in pittsburgh and vice president joe biden will join them for a rally and sanders will be out on the campaign trail supporting her in new hampshire. this comes just days after the fbi released new documents from an investigation in the clinton emails. as for trump, he will be back in new york wednesday speaking at a presidential reception hosted by the vap -- gop party. he visited a church in detroit where he addressed a large
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black audience last night for the first time since winning the nomination. >> i'm here today to learn so we can together remedy injustice in any form. >> protesters gathered outside with a sign saying no hate in the white house. governor brown is expected to sign several bills by the end of the month. among them, and attempt to increase oversight over contractors after a balcony collapse that killed six and injured seven. it requires contractors to contact the state licensing board when they are felons or commit a crime related to their work. 14 people died in the december massacre in san bernardino and the cost to taxpayers has been estimated to exceed $18 million. right now they can only be reimbursed for 75% of those expensive. the state has passed
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legislation to fully reimburse those agencies and it's now awaiting signature by the governor. fueling the debate over a november ballot measure. the plan is backed by governor jerry plan -- jerry brown allowing california inmates to be released early to control overcrowding in state prisons. it's limited to nonviolent offenders and -- applies to rape and sexual assault in some cases like brough turner's case . he was released friday -- brough turner's case -- right now efforts to recall the judge in the case continue and still ahead we speak with him about why he thinks aaron persky should no longer be on the bench. after the board of supervisors legalized dispensaries in may. the process for more locations is underway and at least a dozen
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applications have been submitted for consideration but the community seemed to be divided on where they should go so the county is extending the public comment period on the issue. >> i am fighting it tooth and nail. i will do everything in my power to fight having a dispensary in our beautiful, in tillich sandra dibble -- idyllic san geronimo valley. >> the community is trying to heal. i am completely for anything that is of the natural substance for healing. this week santa cruz county will be holding a workshop to help marijuana growers with the cannabis registration process. the event is this wednesday at the felton community center as part of a countywide effort to identify growers who intend to seek a local license if they become available next year following the legislation vote on wednesday -- in november.
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a judge has rejected an ordinance that banned -- the judge said the law preempted by state law we got -- would not go forward. legislation was introduced in response to a housing crisis that is creating a shortage of teachers. with starting sally -- salaries at less than $3400 a month, san francisco schools have trouble filling vacancies. and that could help create hundreds of affordable housing units. the board is set to vote on two items to commit more than $9 million to creating nearly 400 more units for low-income residents. they would come from measure a. no word yet on where the proposed units would be billed. also on the agenda a study session on drones is the board will hear from representatives at the san carlos airport and parks department to learn more about how to use drones to
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improve services within the county as new rules went into effect last week requiring per -- commercial drones to be registered and restricted to flying below 400'. the board meets tuesday morning. brock turner is free but the push to recall the judge in the case is still in the works. next michelle joins us live from the campaign. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. but the push to recall the judge -- who handed down turner's sentence -- is still in the works. judge aaron persky is being reassigned to civil cases -- at his own request. that means he will no longer this morning brock turner is back at home after serving three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman but the push to recall the judge who handed down his sentence is still in the works. judge aaron persky is being reassigned to civil cases at his own request meaning he will no longer handle criminal cases but critics say that isn't enough. after turner walked out on friday they are calling for persky to be recalled. >> are you ready to give judge
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persky the early release that he deserves? >> yes! >> is it time to release judge persky? >> i hope he knows he's as much part of the problem as brock turner is. >> the das office issued this statement on turner's release: >> if we had our way brock turner would be in state prison serving a six-year sentence, not going home. the comment is a stark contrast from the one they sent to the va who prosecuted the case. kpix five maclaird weeks ago the prosecutor sent an email of -- has learned weeks ago the prosecutor sent an email saying i disagree with the sentence but i have the utmost respect for you as a judge. i'm really sorry for any negativity or personal attacks you are enduring. welcome michelle. talk to me a little bit here. we have seen that judge aaron persky is no longer hearing
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criminal cases. is that not enough in this case? >> no. we will be continuing with the recall until he is no longer a judge. first of all, that is a temporary voluntary reassignment . in santa clara county reassign our judges annually. he can transfer back to criminal court whenever he wants. second law, -- of all, one of the most egregious instances of bias included a civil case in which he presided over a civil case about a -- and a legend gang rape of a 17-year-old girl by members of a baseball team. he is biased and we don't need a biased judge in civil court either. >> so your contention is this is part of a pattern of bias in this case. talk to me a bit about -- we just heard from the assistant da in the case there who is actually defensive of the judge saying the judge has been there. does that -- has been fair. does that impact your feeling? >> no. what she's really referring to if you read the letter carefully are some personal
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attacks on the judge. in the form of potential threats of violence against the judge which we do not support or endorse either. she was not saying that she has an opinion on the recall one way or the other. >> okay. and your view is it's time at this point this is a judge that has been in the spotlight with a very harsh glare. where does this have to go -- your view is this has to go before the field -- the voters. >> yes in case after front -- case involving violence and domestic salt -- assault, he does not understand the crimes are properly way the harm. -- weigh the harm. a football player severely beat, choked and assaulted his ex-girlfriend and then threw her out of a car headfirst and was allowed by the judge to go to hawaii, to leave the state with no probation, no reporting
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and no supervision. we don't think that decision was legal. we are very concerned about his lack of empathy for victims of assault and domestic violence and his lack of willingness to punish them appropriately. >> what message do you hope to send and what impact you think this will have on other judges? >> we think this will have basically no impact on other judges because we have shown through our research into this judge's record that he is really an outlier. his sentencing patterns in these cases are very very different from those of other judges. for example we did a study of child pornography is -- felony sentencing and showed every other judge gives a sentence of six months for that very serious felony sex offense and judge persky sentenced to one offender to -- one night in jail. he sentences very differently and we think he is very biased compared with other judges.
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>> sounds like this is specifically about him. michelle daughter, thank you so much for joining us. -- michele dauber, thanks so much for joining us . we are going to check in with your weekend forecast. your holiday weekend forecast and we are starting to see blue skies over golden gate. this dog is the dividing line here. we are seeing some of those coastal clouds and morning lows but morning -- everyone will see later sunshine today with temps starting in the 50s pretty much in the out -- much areawide. we have fought really from the san francisco peninsula south this morning and low clouds inland for some portion of the east bay but as we make our way throughout the day, plenty of us will see sunshine as that fog pulls back . we are a little breezy in some locations right now but those winds have been dying down as we move out over the last couple of hours.
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we have pretty calm winds right now it north. from a satellite perspective we are going to continue to see mild temperatures as this area of low pressure moves inland but we have high pressure building in behind it and as it does temperatures are warming as we move into our work weeks the temperatures are looking like they could be in the upper 90s maybe some of the hottest spots england reporting triple digits by midweek but most of us will stay relatively mild today very mild. 60s along the coast and 70s around the bay today. 76 in san jose, 79 in santa rosa . if you are traveling around northern california you want the 90s, go ahead and heading to the valley. 60s along the coast from monterrey. and then 70 up in the high country for lake tahoe today. 88 in fresno. labor day, temperatures ranging from the 60s on the coast to the 80s -- upper 80s for the
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warmest spots so the warming trend begins tomorrow and then really kicks up especially for inland folks by midweek so we are talking mid to upper 90s for many inland locations by wednesday. although by the bay we stay in the 70s, not a lot of change but inland temperatures really ramping up wednesday into thursday and then cooling heading into next weekend. coming up next, hated or a hero? political insiders weigh in on colin kaepernick's scandal. plus, who else is weighing in this morning. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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kaepernick stand anytime soon during the national anthem. kaepernick has sai turning back to the ongoing star-spangled spent -- battle. kaepernick has said his action of sitting down was in protest of police brutality toward people of color and as he prepares to speak to a church today on the issue, it seems everyone is continuing to weigh in. jerry rice also gave his opinion disagreeing with kaepernick's stance saying quote all lives matter. so much going on in the world today, can we all just get along . call in i respect your stance
7:53 am
but don't disrespect the flag. and his former head coach jim harbaugh also spoke out saying at a michigan football news conference that he didn't respect the action. later he went on twitter writing quote i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. to support -- to clarify i support his motivation but it's his method of action that i take exception to. we have kpix 5 melissa -- political analyst melissa came -- is he a hero or hated? >>is it reflective of what this nation is all about? you can disagree with what he does. you can disagree with what he says and where he says it, what have you, but in defiance as it's linked to people who want to take money from the public, he's doing an incredible thing. >> you lost me. you can disagree with what he says -- so where's the positive in this? >> the positive is that we are all talking about it. we have to address the issue.
7:54 am
all of us would love to be able to say hey, we are just as tough as he is but we have to know and everything he says as to why he's doing it is consistent with what we ought to be saying and thinking about . although we come right up to the line and say we wouldn't do it. >> i think a lot of people say this are -- these are good issues but this isn't the exact appropriate way to do it and to say i am not going to stand until there's equality in america, you're just basically saying you're never going to stand for the pledge -- for the national anthem because that's sort of this very ambiguous goal and not one he might see in his lifetime. >> keep in mind, if you don't focus on it with the television camera or on this show or any other place -- it becomes a nothing in the eyesight of people. people were not screaming at him get up get up as the anthem was being played. >> what's the difference between sitting down and taking in the? >> taking in the is almost --
7:55 am
taking a knee is almost paying homage . if you go to the catholic church you are on your knees. if they say it's time to do that. >> taking a seat, what message does that send? >> that sends the message your feet are hurting. [laughter] >> i think you must be thrilled we are at least talking about this and not his arm. based on how he's been playing. a good headline is a good headline. >> but you have to remember in his performance a few nights ago, he was fabulous. he went 85 yards took them to a score, ran like he was doing some two years ago when he was playing for harbaugh. i think this guy kelly has finally found a quarterback that he can coach. >> you've taken it from being a national conscience issue to getting a -- being a good old get the ball across the line and that's what matters. >> it's good old football.
7:56 am
i am from mineola. >> now let's turn to sunday sports. hey good morning, everybody. nfl news for you of the raiders and 49ers. all the teams had to cut their rosters from 75 to a final of 53 yesterday so blaine gabbert will tell you his story. he's the story -- he's the starter. so says chip kelly. he will be starting a week from monday night against the rams. colin kaepernick is officially the backup. christian ponder third on the depth chart. gabbard has better command of kelly's offense at this point. it's as simple as that. about raiders, running batch -- back -- scored four touchdowns this preseason. probably will land on the practice squad. what a matchup yesterday. madison baumgartner cut jake arrieta -- cubs' jake arrieta went six innings but a well
7:57 am
devised pitch in the sixth inning allowed him -- to when it . the big fella in oakland last night, josi canseco tossing out the first pitch on his own bobblehead night. the red sox against david ortiz -- it was a long night. four hits, three hits, couple of rbis, the red sox ruled by a final of 11-2. that series will continue to finish a business at the coliseum later on today. that is sports at this hour. everybody have a good one. i am back with a full assortment of stuff at 6:00, 10:00, 11:00, game day -- you just don't want to miss it. just don't have your full of me by close of business. [laughter] >> all vern all the time. how much part is requesting this november for funding and what officials say the money will be for.
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good morning, i'm live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. the time now is 8:00. good morning i am julie watts . >> i'm kristin ayres. -- i am christin ayers . what this man eventually was accused of doing. battling over border control after a trip to mexico,
8:01 am
donald trump in a disagreement with the country's president about who should pay the bill. and political insiders weigh in on whether trump's stance on immigration is hurting or helping him. and still to come we are talking to scott wiener a member of the san francisco board of supervisors on the ballot measure you'll see in november but first let's start at the forecast. >> we will stay on the cool side again with temperatures mate -- remaining below average but we will see some sunshine along the golden gate bridge, that being the dividing line between clouds and sunshine. temperatures in the 50s areawide with the exception of santa rosa at 48. visibility wise, not bad but we are seeing those low clouds that have made their way inland in livermore, concordat and heyward. -- concordat and heyward. we will see two pictures on the cool side below average for
8:02 am
this time of years but mild temperatures once again and warming through the afternoon and the warming try to head. we will warm up to the 90s by midweek but you have to wait a couple of days, today staying mild, 60s along the coast. your full forecast is coming up. now here's kristin with the stop -- with the top stories. a man who led deputies on a wild chase is behind bars. several patrol cars from the santa cruz police department, chp and the santa clara county sheriff's office surrounded his van early this morning. it started around midnight when police in santa cruz got a call about a man driving erratically . when they caught up with the suspect he didn't stop but instead led them on a roughly two-hour chase on highway 17 and city streets. officers eventually cornered him near bottle road in cupertino. >> the sheriff's office does know him. we were talking to him but he didn't want to comply. he had a device in there that
8:03 am
may have caused an explosion. he had a few will take he was trying to puncture. >> the suspect eventually surrendered and climbed out of the car and was taken to the hospital before being booked. alameda county corners have identified the teenager -- coroners have identified this teenager who died overnight. 17-year-old isaiah mease of union city died after the honda he was driving collided with a pickup truck near one -- around 1:30 this morning. for the people were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. two correctional officers are in critical condition after being shot at the fresno county jail. officials say a man visiting the jail opened fire yesterday morning and witnesses say the suspect wanted to cut in line and got angry when he was told he couldn't. he got into a scuffle with the officers, pulled a gun and shot at the other officer before -- shot at the suspect before the other officer arrived to help. --
8:04 am
the 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook key energy producing areas where wastewater from oil and gas is stored underground. officials have not said why some of the fields have been shut down. tens of thousands flocked to the vatican for the canonization of one of the most admired figures in recent history. pope francis declared her a saint during a special mass this morning. he praised mother teresa as a merciful say to defend the lives of the unborn, sick and abandoned. mother teresa died in 1997 after a lifetime dedicated to caring for the poor in india. the president is downplaying any trouble between the u.s. in china. questions came up about the relationship because of disputes over media access
8:05 am
during his weekend trip to china for the 220 summit. president obama says there is always tension over negotiations when he travels overseas but that the white house doesn't leave behind its ideals and values when he takes those trips and that they can cause friction but it shouldn't be blown out of proportion. those are your top stories. julie back to you. a special meeting is planned for wednesday to discuss improving the jail procedures for handling people in custody. it will also include a panel discussion with officials from other facilities. the meeting is in response to last year's beating death of inmate michael tyree a apparently at the hand -- hands of correctional deputies. sfpd is hosting a series -- series of meetings to get input on the election. the next one is wednesday at city hall. you can also fill out a city -- a survey online and you can find that on our website. at least 60 people have applied to be the next police chief. 11 of them are current or former members of the police department.
8:06 am
a dozen san jose police to -- police officers traveled to hawaii in search of recruits and the search didn't net much more than a big bill for taxpayers. it cost about $43,000. they doesn't -- interviewed dozens of candidates but only picked up one possible candidate. to up -- >> it was a poor public relations choice because even as they may have had good intentions, it looks like a boondoggle, a trip for fun. >> we tried to reach the recruiting officer but so far we have not heard back. the san francisco budget is an all-time record totaling $9.6 billion but the big question is where is all that money going? as the chronicle reports there were two explanations, the first that many are moving into the city and the second that it's a city and county so it's
8:07 am
responsible for paying for just about everything. one other thing to note, the high cost of living means higher costs for city workers and leaders. who makes the most, now taking the number one spot is mayor ed lee making over $280,000 a year. in the second top spot is fire battalion chief kirk richardson making over $190,000 a year. b.a.r.t. is estimating it needs $9.6 billion just to keep trains running. in november it's asking voters for $3.5 million for improvements . bay area residents rely on the system to get to and from work but after 44 years not much has changed and now officials want to bring it back up to what they feel it should be. bay area members are taking on big soda. still to come we are talking to scott wiener a member of the san francisco board of supervisors on a new push to get attacks on sugary drinks -- to get a tax on the ballot on
8:08 am
sugary drinks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forces... in suppo,,,,,,,,
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8:11 am
would tax sugary beverages. the measure would charge two bay area cities are joining forces to support a november ballot measure to tax sugary beverages. it would charge one penny per ounce of soda they sell for a bottle the size, $.20. they say charging the distributors is basically attacks on their businesses. >> it would be ideal to raise one thing. i would prefer to spread it out a little bit so it won't seem as much affecting them. we have produce and groceries, tortillas, flour, all of that is pretty much the necessities we need at home. it could pretty much expand through all of that just to cover the cost of that sugar tax. >> it's on the ballot in oakland, albany and san francisco. >> joining us now to talks -- to talk about this tax is scott wiener a member of the san
8:12 am
francisco board of supervisors and candidate for state senate. i get the feeling you have a pretty strong reaction. he said listen if i have to pay more for soda i am not going to just charge more for soda, i'm going to spread it out across all the items in my store, thus the reason some are calling this a grocery tax not a soda tax. is it a grocery tax or soda tax and what do you have to say to that? >> this is a soda tax. it is ace -- it is a tax on the type of beverage exploding -- making diabetes explode in our -- one can of soda has 10 teaspoons of sugar. these drinks are making our kids sick. >> i think most people agree that soda is not healthy and that certainly there are some negative side effects but i think the concern for many folks specifically in san francisco is is this tax going to cost me more when i go to buy my produce or anything else at the grocery store? but the
8:13 am
answer is no it won't. this whole idea of a quote grocery tax is a talking point by the american beverage association, coca-cola, pepsi etc. because they know the soda tax is popular. that people understand it. so they are trying to trick people into thinking it's going to make all groceries more expensive. it's not. grocers don't spread cigarette taxes to milk and produce. it makes cigarettes more expensive than that will be the case here . >> is there anything written into the law that would preclude a grocery from doing that? let's say they have to charge $.20 more or whatever it is to edge -- a can of soda as opposed to anything else. let me give you a quick example. when berkeley past their soda tax last year, in 2015 i did a story there where we went into a burger joint and they were charging a $.22 tax for every beverage including water, tea, you name it. i started investigating and we found that was illegal. first of all they were calling it attacks but they were keeping
8:14 am
the money so you can't do that but -- and they quickly changed it after we pointed it out but what is to preclude a grocery from doing that to raising the price on everything? >>the government doesn't micromanage how grocers set their prices but in terms of how business is actually act when there is a tax on the distribution of soda and sugary drink because they are causing type ii diabetes, we know from experience with cigarette taxes that that will lead to soda and sugary drinks being more expensive. >> so you are saying listen grocers don't take the cigarette tax and spread it out among all there other products -- their other products so they shouldn't be doing this with soda as well. >> correct. that's not how retail pricing works and we in 2014 when we went to the ballot, we talked to a lot of grocers and small business owners and it was very clear that this will not get spread out. this will make soda and sugary treats more expensive just like
8:15 am
cigarette taxes make cigarettes more expensive and people are healthier as a result. >> i wish we had one -- more time to talk because we had a similar proposal in 2014. it didn't get the votes necessary. what was the percentage? >> 56%. the soda industry spent $10 million against us. 56% said yes but we needed a two thirds majority. >> you still need that? >> no, now we need a majority. >> so if you get the same number of votes this year, it will pass. >> yes. >> thanks so much for being here. christin, back over to you . clinton and trump taking the day off from the campaign trail -- trail. last week trump claimed the
8:16 am
issue of building a border wall never came up but his host emphasized on twitter what he said he told the candidate to his face, quote mexico would never pay for wall. several members of his hispanic advisory council took his rhetoric as an excuse to quit and that comes as a new reuters pro -- poll shows 36% of likely voters back trump and 39% back clinton. we will meet this week's jefferson award winner. ,, ororor asasnarrator: it wasn't that long ago. ,, years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion
8:17 am
in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
8:18 am
you. the one issue that has sparked the most controversy in the u.s. has been that of immigration/illegal immigration. trump is basically banking his campaign on america backing his choice. debt, does he win or lose? >>at this stage of the game he has an equal shot of being the president of these united states and i frankly hate to say that. >> he's so close in the polls. you'd think there's a bigger difference but he's staying right with her. he's certainly in striking range. >> delivering that speech in
8:19 am
phoenix after going to mexico, where does that put him? >> back in the spotlight. as a matter of fact, the various newspapers giving an account of it, started out where i don't want them to start if i am a hillary person and that's with trump. hillary has gone back to being second billing. you don't want that. >> there's been a lot of political chatter but i think the truth is a lot of people really like that speech and they liked seeing him act presidential. i think it helped him. i think the post these polls will show a jump for him. >> i have been talking with pollsters and they are amazed. they say other -- unlike others where you start seeing tracks about how things are going, this is a roller coaster. it goes up and down. >> remember for almost a year now are more donald trump has literally restructured how we do things politically.
8:20 am
he's restructured how we do things reporting wise. he slayed -- restructured how you measure with polls. this guys doing what you're not supposed to do. >> he's driving people crazy at least on the chatter -- it's not just his message but his tone. is his message on immigration that much different than obama, or is it about his tone and bombastic take statements. i'm going to build a wall when in fact, we have parts of the wall going up. >> i think a lot of it has to do with the tone. he started a speech by saying this isn't a rally, this is a policy speech but it sounded like a rally and there was a lot of enthusiasm in there. the truth is if you look at the clinton campaign for example, president obama, they are not necessarily opposed to deporting people who commit violent felonies either. so the idea of deporting people were detaining people arrested for violent crimes is not unique to trump.
8:21 am
>> but is he betting too much on that one issue and could it caused him latino votes? >> he literally doesn't care about latino votes. he knows he has 45% of the population. he's got to keep them entertained. he's got to keep giving them red meat and then he's got to rely upon -- the press with clinton, the turnout with all her problems associated and what have you and then he's got to say about the johnson guy in a couple of others in the race, please, if you want, don't vote for me. don't -- vote for them. he's doing it the way he has to to get to the numbers. >> it's an interesting equation and one we will keep an eye on. for now we are out of time so back to you guys. we will take a look at the weekend forecast now heading outside. we're starting to see blue skies especially for the northern portions of the area
8:22 am
and here's a look at current temperatures outside in the 50s for the most part. 48 in santa rosa. future cast is showing the clouds really over the san francisco peninsula pulling back as we moved to the morning and we will see sunshine for most as we move on throughout the day today. wind speeds have been dying down. we are still seeing breezy conditions out at sfo. calm as you head to the north bay. higher elevations will obviously see breezy conditions as well. overall temperatures continue to stay mild. basically we've got this area of low pressure and the trough that will continue to push off to the east. high pressure pushing in behind it and that means warmer tomorrow and warmer still as we make our way through the first school week for many kids. you might want to keep the shorts handy for wednesday of this week. high pressure building inland well into the 90s by wednesday of this week. no 90s today, today topping out at the 80s. 82 in concord, 82
8:23 am
in fairfield. 79 in santa rosa and 77 in napa today. travel forecast, looking for 90s, head to the valley. 60s along the coast. 70 unlike tahoe -- on lake tahoe. the forecast really ranges in temperature as we generally do in the bay area. 60s along the coast with lots of clouds and then warming up to the upper 80s for the warmer spots inland tomorrow. warmer today, not nearly as warm as we are getting though as we move into the work week. mostly sunny mid-60s for you in sausalito. your extended forecast shows temperatures continue to climb into the first school week for many kids so 81 today, upper 80s for the labor day weekend. 90s heading into the weekend and of course those are inland temperatures. 60s along the coast.
8:24 am
now to this week's jefferson award winner, a south bay teenager bringing smiles to children in the u.s. and around the world. kpix 5's sharyn shanahan explains. >> reporter: she leads them in the afternoon routine at delmore high school in san jose . they collect bottles and cans that the 16-year-olds trade for cash at the recycling center. the work can be filthy. >> just knowing i'm doing something good makes me not even think about the gross part. i want to thank -- change someone's life. >> she's raised more than $60,000 for recycling there's not -- for smiles a nonprofit she founded in 2011. a quarter of the money has gone to smile train to correct clift -- cleft lips or pallets for underserved children. >> she's one of our stupor --
8:25 am
superstars. she has the initiative and drive that she's demonstrated at such a young age. >> the community service projects started five years ago when she was 11 years old. they gave her $100 for christmas and said use the money to make a difference. >> she wanted to pay for a child's cleft lip surgery but didn't have enough money so she turned to recycling and didn't stop. today students relatives friends and businesses help her collect bottles and cans. volunteer allison sanchez has learned something about giving. >> you don't have to build a hospital for example to help a lot of people. you can to start a club like sonali did and her own charity. >> teachers called sonali a role model on campus. >> she makes a difference to all of us here at school.
8:26 am
>> through risk-based through recycling for smiles, sonali has donated tens of thousands to other causes like dental care for kids in sri lanka, meals for children in yemen and school supplies for bay area students . >> when it comes to wanting to do good, every -- small thing counts. >> so through raising money through recycling, this week's jefferson county -- jefferson award in the bay area goes to sonali ranaweera . >> to find ways to nominate your own local hero, go to cbs dash/hero ,,,,,,
8:27 am
we will be in the 80s today , 90s heading to the work week into the first week of school for many kids so grab the shorts for them.
8:28 am
have a happy labor day. thanks so much for joining us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation." candidate enter the final stretch of campaign 2016 and east coast prepares for another possible round of hurricane hermine. saturday, donald trump went to church looking for minority votes and maybe some divine intervention to help his campaign against hillary clinton. >> i am here today to listen to your message and i hope my presence here will also help your voice to reach new audiences. >> dickerson: after surprise trip to mexico and speech on immigration further muddled his message, outreach strategy work income we'll find out battleground tracker poll numbers plus analysis of where the race stands. we'll talk with new jersey governor chris christie who heads donald trump's president shall transition team and check in witri


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