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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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i-t-t tech is shutting down all of it's collge campuses nationwide. good afternoon, it's tuesday september 6th. i'm mich new at noon closing permanent itt stick shutting all over the nation, itt tech. good afternoon, it's tuesday
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september 6. i'm michelle griego. tens of thousands of students were preparing for classes. kpix 5's jackie ward reports on the thousands of employees who will also lose their jobs. >> reporter: it is very quiet here at the downtown oakland itt tech location. the doors are locked. the phone number we were given doesn't even have its voicemail box set up anymore. it comes as no surprise. last week the department of education barred their parent company from enrolling students who use federal financial aid. the federal government also forced the company to increase its cash reserves and provide a letter of credit showing sufficient funding. that's why it was announced this morning that it will discontinue academic operations at all of its locations nationwide. this means hundreds of thousands of students are now unexpectedly displaced and more than 8,000 employees will have to find another job. in a statement released this morning, itt said, quote, we believe the government's action was inappropriate and
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unconstitutional. however, with the itt technical institute ceasing operations, it will now likely rest on other parties to understand these reprehensible actions and to take action to prevent this from happening again. john king says that current or recently enrolled students at itt may be able to have their student debt forgiven. they may also be able to transfer credits to another school. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the company has operated vocational schools on more than 130 campuses in 38 states often under the itt technical institute name. last year it enrolled 45,000 students and reported $850 million in revenue. new video shows former stanford university swimmer brock turner registering as a sex offender in his home state of ohio. the 21-year-old arrived with his parents this morning at the sheriff's office in green county. he must now register as a sex offender every 90 days for the
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rest of his life. turner sexually assaulted an intoxicated unconscious woman on the stanford campus last year. he was convicted earlier this year then served half of the six months in santa clara county jail. the superior court judge who handled turner's case has been sharply criticized over the sentence. to avoid distractions, judge aaron persky requested to be transfer from criminal to civil cases. as sandra osborne reports, his new assignment begins today. >> reporter: the move not enough to satisfy protestors who want the judge recalled. his decision to sentence the former stanford university swimmer brock turner to only 6 months in jail for sexual assault shocked many around the nation. judge aaron persky asked to no longer handle criminal cases and instead move to the civil division. now, typically, moves like that aren't made until january. but another judge agreed to basically swap jobs with persky. a statement by the court says, judge persky believes the
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change will aid the public and the court by reducing the distractions that threaten to interfere with his ability to effectively discharge the duties of his current criminal assignment. now, today is his first day at the old courthouse in san jose handling those civil cases. protestors, however, say they are not done with him. they are hoping to have him fired altogether. in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. happening right now, rape survivors and victims advocates are gathering at the state capital to urge governor jerry brown to sign a new sex crimes bill. the assembly has already passed the measure to eliminate the statute of limitations to prosecute felony sex crimes. right now charges can only be filed within 10 years of the offense. a senator proposed the changes in the wake of the rape accusations against comedian bill cosby. and speaking of cosby, he is back in court right now facing his own charges of sexual misconduct flanked by lawyers and police. he shuffled into the courtroom
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just about an hour ago. cosby's lawyers are expected to ask the judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence in the case. he is charged with felony assault from a 2004 case involving a temple university employee. since then, dozens of other women have come forward with similac accusations. -- similar allegations. donald trump and hillary clinton are on the campaign trail today. trump's recent meeting with mexico's president is making headlines. >> the united states and mexico share -- >> reporter: donald trump says mexico's president broke the ground rules when he said the men discussed trump's proposed wall on the us-mexican border. >> it was discussed, it wouldn't be discussed, but they know my stance. >> reporter: he went to mexico last month in what seemed to be softening his stance against illegal immigration but hillary clinton says trump went to mexico with a different mission. >> it's been the mission of his whole campaign from the very
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first day to demonize immigrants. >> reporter: both candidates will spend much of the remaining weeks of the campaign in the key battleground states that are expected to decide the election. trump will be in virginia today while clinton heads to florida. on monday, she spoke to reporters on her new campaign plane answering questions about her email scandal for the first time in month. >> everything i did at the state department, i did in furtherance of america's interests and our security [ scratchy voice ]. >> reporter: trump also spoke to reporters on his plane and agreed to attend all three presidential debates but said too much preparation could be risky. >> i have seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there they can't speak. i have seen that. >> reporter: the first debate is september 26. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> trump released an open leather morning from 88 retired generals and admirals citing an urgent need for a course correction on america's national security policy. , releasing an open letter. oakland police are
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investigating an accident that injured three people this morning about 1 a.m. at 44th and san leandro streets. police say a suspected drunk driver and her two adult sons were in the suv when it hit several parked cars and poles before overturning. all three were taken to the hospital. one is in critical condition. on northbound 880, three lanes were blocked a few hours ago after a motorcycle crash just south of 238. chopper 5 was overhead as emergency crews tended to the injured motorcyclist. no word on the driver's condition. all lanes have since been reopened. also on 880, a massive gravel spill snarled traffic this morning. this is south of marina boulevard and you can see that huge black smear in the middle of the road. the right lanes were closed as crews cleaned up the mess but all lanes are now back open. crews have controlled a building fire in san francisco. the two-alarm blaze began early this morning near haight and octavia. there are no reports of
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injuries. next, working to stop zika. the controversy brewing right now over the safest ways to fight the virus. >> plus, major job losses feared. still ahead why rideshare drivers for companies like uber and lyft are already preparing to find other work. >> from the kpix weather center, good afternoon, everybody. we are tracking a hurricane to the south of the bay area. we'll talk about if the possibility of those effects will hit us here. also, the blue skies and the warmest day of the workweek. all that as the news continues right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as margaret brennan reports: right now, president obama is on a historic visit to the country of laos. as margaret brennan reports, he is the first sitting president to visit the isolated southeast
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asian nation and is already in the middle of a diplomatic dispute. >> nobody but nobody! >> reporter: it was a shocking insults from a u.s. military ail! >> you must be respectful! >> reporter: speaking in his language, the philippine president duterte called the u.s. president a son of a bitch if he questions his handling of drug dealers. >> i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past and so clearly he is a colorful guy. >> reporter: but mr. obama swiftly canceled his two-day meeting with mr. duterte who is known for those unusually frank comments including cursing the pope and using a homophobic slur to describe the u.s. ambassador to the philippines. instead, president obama is
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dealing with another crisis here in asia. [ explosions ] >> reporter: nuclear armed north korea fired off three ballistic missiles into the sea of japan yesterday, a reckless move the white house said, that threatens boats and planes in the area. it rattled the nerves of u.s. ally south korea. president obama discussed how to respond to the incident. >> we are united in condemning these missile launches including this week while china was hosting the g20. >> reporter: president obama will next try to repair the rift with laos where residents are still dying from bombs from the u.s. during the vietnam war. margaret brannon, laos. today lawmakers are returning to work and on their "to do" list a bill to fund the federal response to zika. cdc director thomas frieden says they are almost out of
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money to kill the mosquitoes and find a vaccine. president obama asked congress in february for $1.9 billion in emergency money. legislation to partially pay collapsed in july. meantime a controversy is growing over the safest way to fight the virus in florida. miami is using specialized trucks today for the first time to kill mosquitoes carrying zika. they are spraying what's being called an environmentally friendly organic bacteria called bti. >> it attacks the larva of the mosquito getting into the gut to make it so they can't process food and they can't develop. >> the mayor of miami-dade county says the chemical has proven to be effective but critics say it's not strong enough and they need heavier chemicals to be used. the commissioner is calling on miami-dade county to stop using it. a wildfire is growing in northern california. the saddle fire has burned 600 acres in butte county south of
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paradise. cal fire announced this morning three structures have been destroyed and 300 more are threatened. evacuation orders are in effect in some areas. the fire started yesterday and is only 10% contained. the cause is under investigation. right now, hurricane newton is pounding the southern end of mexico's baja, california, peninsula. power is knocked out and thousands of tourists are stranded in cabo san lucas and other resort areas. newton made landfall this morning as a category 1 storm with heavy rain and winds of 90 miles an hour. it's now moving to the northwest. the national hurricane center says newton could cross the peninsula and re-enter the gulf of mexico. howling winds and powerful waves battered the east coast this week as tropical storm hermine churned up the atlantic. emergency crews struggled to put out a fire in rhode island. south of rhode island, a enabled lost power when a tree
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snapped a utility pole. >> all of a sudden i heard a crack and it sounded like lightning! i ran and saw the tree on the ground. naturally it happened in seconds. >> dangerous rip currents and strong winds are expected throughout new england later today. the storm is expected to head back out to sea. and roberta, you have been tracking these storms for days. what's so interesting, michelle, with tropical storm hermine, we have this huge blocking ridge of high pressure over canada so it has nowhere to get so it's out over the open waters. this one is beautiful. this is hurricane newton. it's still hurricane strength category 1 status. as it blasted onshore at cabo san lucas overnight with winds up to 90 miles per hour. now those winds are at 75. the gusts were up to 100. now, this is a projected path at this particular time. once it's downgraded this particular hurricane tie tropical storm, then the remnants -- to a tropical
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storm, then the remnants of the area of low pressure enter arizona with heavy rain. this is high pressure. this is building into the west coast nudging out the area of low pressure. end result is we have ourselves a slight offshore push. look at the blue skies towards the transamerica pyramid. visibility is unlimited. wind speeds under 10 miles per hour. we'll continue a west wind 5 to 10 throughout most of the day. not enough to blow out the pollution. the air quality is moderate. but meanwhile later on tonight this wind will rotate southwest and increase 20 to 30 at the seashore where today it's fun in the sun! nearly 70 in pacifica. bright sunshine around the bay. satellite-radar there you have the clear slot. there you have the shield of low clouds and patchy fog out over the open waters there. and that is what you see right there newton as it continues to lift up north as we continue to track that particular
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hurricane. air quality for your wednesday. this is just issued. it is a "spare the air" day for tomorrow with pollutants, the smoke, the haze from the soberanes fire to the south of the bay area being lifted up into our region. 91 state capital today. 71 going up to 73 in the high sierra. 62 with smoke and haze in monterey bay. 70 at rockaway beach. 70s at the rim of the bay. 80s peninsula. 90s inland. you feel the difference inland today. sun goes down at 7:30 and boo then, our temperatures span 61 to 95. we are going to flirt with 100 degrees tomorrow on our wednesday. but meanwhile, we have a baseball game. the boys of summer playing host to the angels. we have neal on the mound for the good guys. >> go a's! some good news for apple watch. after a slow start a new report shows the tech giant's watch is now dominating the wearable technology market. according to the tech research
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firm, apple watch captures more than 50% of the smart watch market beating outfit bit and samsung. sales grew by 89% in the last year. the new iphone 7 is set to be revealed tomorrow in san francisco. according to the "wall street journal," the new design is doing away with the headphone jack to make phones slicker and more water-resistant -- slimmer and more resistant after declining sales in several quarters for the iphone. driving for ride hailing companies is a new way to make money but many drivers are already preparing for it to end. the reason? a ton us in cars are just around the corner -- autonomous car are just around and reducing the need for humans. down the road even truckers may be replaced by technology. you can see the dow is up about 23 points this afternoon.
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looking to help ease congestion? next the new train service muni is launches today in order to help you get around the city quicker. a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with
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organic bunch carrots. they are coming out at this time of the year and you know, every once in a while you see them at the marketed and let me tell you something, they're so many fun. tyke a look at them -- they are so much fun. take a look at them. many different colors, look at the yellow ones. wow. look at that purple one. these bunch carrots are great but selection and storage are very, very important. when you buy them, make sure the colors are all beautiful, very important. make sure it's free from any cracking. check right here. you see this? the green? it's got to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home, in the refrigerator right away. there are so many different ways to buy them, precut, baby carrots. the bunch carrots are still one of favorites. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. would you look how beautiful these are? bugs bunny would have loved these. happening today, a study session on drones. the san mateo county board of supervisors will hear from
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representatives from the san carlos airport and the parks department to learn more about how to use drones to improve services within the county. this comes as new rules went into effect requiring commercial drones to be registered and restricted to flying below 400 feet. and a vote by the board today could help create hundreds of affordable housing units and would vote on two items to commit $9 billion to create 400 more unions for low income residents. most of the funds would come from measure a. no word on where the propose the units would be built. the meeting is under way right now. san francisco's muni transit system is launching a new shuttle train service today hoping to ease congestion on its busiest lines. shuttle trains will run in loops on n-judah from hillway avenue near uc-san francisco to the embarcadero. they will operate between 8 and 9 a.m. weekdays and that's when passengers at certain stops can't get on regular trains
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because they are too full. >> i know that people especially at the duboce area and church and karl and call, by the time often times they get to the stop, it's full. and not a lot of people can get on the bus -- on the trains. and so i'm really excited because these cars are going to arrive at these stops pretty much empty. >> the two extra trains will each do two loops daily. a reminder to you now. if you have a consumer problem or question, email or call: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. we were just talking food! captions by: caption colorado ,,
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