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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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along with other injuries. the family, as you can imagine, extremely upset with the suspected dui driver saying this accident was preventable. >> i just had them with me all day yesterday babysitting my grandson. an hour later i find out there was an accident. i'm totally numb. my whole body is just numb. >> reporter: charles and tina are trying to stay strong for their family. this is what's left of their daughter's car, crushed, hit by a suspected dui driver last night on i-6 80 year the bollinger canyon exit. it killed their 3-year-old grandson, elijah dunn. >> he was such a sweet little boy, and i can't help but picture his face when he kissed me goodbye yesterday. it was that smile and gave me a big giant hug. that's all that i have going in my head right now. not knowing that that's going to be the last time you see
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your babies. >> i'm holding back my tears right now. my grandson would have been 4 in two weeks. >> reporter: instead of celebrating his birthday, they're now planning his funeral. they share these facebook photos with us. they say their daughter, crystal, left their sunnyvale home to drive back to her san ramon house. her three kids were in the car. >> ran out of gas. pulled all the way over to the right side of the shoulder of the road, all the way against the wall there. >> reporter: the chp says that's when the 39-year-old slammed into the parked car. officers arrested her for driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter. she's the wife of an alameda sheriff's deputy. >> are you an sheriff's deputy. >> yes. >> i see. is she your wife? >> yes. >> you don't have any thoughts for the family? they're going through a pretty difficult time. >> no, i don't want to make any comments. >> to the deputy, i know you can't say much. you don't have any words for me. but my heart goes out to you
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and your family as well. one day i will forgive your wife, but right now i can't. >> reporter: some powerful words. both families are destroyed. the suspect has young children herself. as for the victims, the two kids in the car, they had some minor injuries but were released today from oakland children's hospital. but, of course, they're extremely traumatized. the family told me those two kids saw their little brother, elijah, took his last breath. so they are emotionally just in a very bad place right now. live in walnut creek, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> thank you. well, a group of whale watchers spotted a lot more than they bargained for off the monterey county coast. a man's body in the water. they were two miles off the state beach when they made the grisly discovery thursday. a dive team was called in to recover the remains. the body has not been
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identified. new at 6:00, a battle over rent control in san mateo. opponents of a new push say it won't do anything to solve a housing crunch. but as kpix 5's devin fehely shows us, supporters are out there making their case one voter at a time. >> reporter: this is the ground get out the vote effort for measure q, a first of its kind rent control ballot issue in the city of san mateo. >> people are having to leave their homes or leave the community entirely. >> reporter: capping them at a maximum of 4% a year. it would provide renters with protection from unjust evictions and create an independent housing commission to oversee the new rules. >> if you have stable rents, you have a stable community so we don't lose our teachers, our nurses, people working at the emt, paramedics. >> reporter: but support from measure q is far from
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universal. some members of the city council as well as the chamber of commerce are fighting against it. they've taken out this full- page ad arguing it creates a new and costly bureaucracy and won't create housing at all. but voters say it will help preserve what little affordable housing remains. >> we have the power to find a good balance between economics, capitalism and community development. >> reporter: in san mateo, devin fehely, kpix 5. >> the california apartment association also opposes measure q. in a statement they told us this measure contains absolutely no protections to ensure that the families who need affordable housing will get a rent controlled unit. now, they claim people with high-paying jobs could represent the units and ultimately squeeze out those lower income families anyway. meanwhile dozens of families in east palo alto are being evicted this weekend.
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they've been living illegally in garages, trailers, sheds, even cottages. city code enforcement officers recently red tagged 40 structures. tenants have been given just ten days to leave. the evictions sparked outrage from some people in the community who claim the crackdown on illegal living spaces has made an already bad housing situation even worse and they're asking the city council to call a halt to this process. >> i'm asking all of you, the five of you, to put a more rah tory on the -- moratory on the situation. >> it's important to review. there is no simple solution. >> the city council is expecting a report on the status of the evictions soon. after that it will schedule a formal hearing. a bicyclist is dead after a tragic accident today in the north bay. it happened around 11:00 a.m. near windsor. the chp says a 55-year-old woman was riding with a friend
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when a pickup truck trying to pass another car suddenly barreled toward her. now, it's still unclear if the truck actually hit her or if she died from the fall. the chp is investigating. the streets of san jose will be a little safer tomorrow when extra officers go out on patrol. the department is about 300 officers short. some are working so much over time they resorted to sleeping in rv's between shifts. the city declared a city of emergency late last month giving the police chief the power to pull officers out of specialized units and get them out on the streets instead. other bay area officers had their reactions tested today with an active shooter drill. kpix 5's jackie ward on how lessons learned from a recent california terror attack helped them make split second decisions today. >> reporter: today this san lorenzo studio is a conference room in san bernardino.
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unlike december 2nd, the screams and the blood are fake. that's not how the berkeley s.w.a.t. team sees it though it gives us an opportunity to work through a wide range of opportunities and test the scenarios we have to face and test our stamina. >> this is one of dozens of scenarios the berkeley police department will face this weekend and it's a challenging one. they need to quickly evaluate who is injured, who can still move around, figure out how to safely handle the explosive device and track down the suspects. >> managing all four of those things at the same time and making sure everyone is doing so safely in a sound way, that can be a real challenge. >> this is where alameda county set up the end of the car chase. today's exercise focused only on the active shooting portion. in actuality the car chase, as we know, ended four hours after the active shooting. completing these missions isn't about speed. it's about efficiency. >> if you don't train for it, you're not going to have a clue. and you're getting all these
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teams of getting this extra training to hopefully save somebody's life or keep a life from being taken one day. >> reporter: san bernardino county responders are in the bay area this weekend and they'll have to face this active shooter scenario on monday morning. in san lorenzo, jackie ward, kpix 5. tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terror attack in american history. events will be held across the country to honor the victims and heroes of 9/11. here in the bay area, a tribute will be led at 10:00 a.m. at the flight 93 memorial. it was bound for san francisco when it was hijacked. passengers fought back, charging the cockpit and forcing the plane down in a rural field in pennsylvania. everyone on board was killed. the passengers heroic sacrifices saved countless lives by preventing the hijackers from hitting their intended target. firefighters all over san francisco will pause at 6:45 a.m. for a city wide remembrance
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ceremony. they'll also unveil a remnant from one of the world trade center towers which will later be installed for public viewing. this bell in san francisco's first responders plaza won't be ringing to mark the somber anniversary. it's called the all is well bell. it's supposed to chime every day at noontime to significant all is well. but the software that runs it is broken. now, the bell's maker lives in france and won't be able to fix it in time for tomorrow's event. the bell, by the way, cost $300,000. tonight, some church leaders are asking their followers to take a knee like colin kaepernick. the national baptist convention is calling for a national knee- in at church tomorrow. as you've likely heard, kap has been refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest police brutality. in san francisco many parishioners at the third baptist church plan to wear kaepernick jerseys in support of his stance. still to come, it's a disease that most of us have only read about in the bible. but it's hitting home for some
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families right here in california. the leprosy scare at their kids' school. plus a warning to some bay area pet owners. keep your cats outside. the city that's seeing a sudden spike in coyote attacks. how this truckload of travel is building a future for millions of northern californians. here's a live look outside looking north. the fog has clearly rolled in. i have your sunday forecast and a cool down ahead for the work week. details coming up. ♪
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a southern california driver is run over by his own car... as he e from stealing well, terrifying moments caught on tape. a southern california driver is run over by his own car as he tries to stop someone from stealing it. security cameras outside huntington beach health center captured the carjacking. the man had just taken his mom inside the hospital when someone jumped into his car. the victim was hit as he tried to stop the man from driving away. we're told he will be okay: the car was later found but so far police haven't located the
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suspect. parents at a southern california school are dealing with a scare that sounds like something out of the dark ages. two students may be suffering from leprosy. the cases are unconfirmed. lab results are pending. a school district in riverside county sent home letters late last week out of what it called an abundance of caution. as you might expect they had a lot of follow-up questions. >> first thing i did was i called the school and asked about decontamination, any kind of process, what's going to be happening. i was googling the cdc website. >> leprosy is associated with disfiguring skin sores. while it sounds terrifying it is easily treatable with antibiotics and most of the population is actually immune to it. health officials say it's unlikely anyone else will get sick. a major victory for workers in support of long beach. a judge ordered dozens of cargo ships sitting offshore to come in for unloading.
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reporter adrienna explains. >> reporter: it's been more than a week since it went bankrupt leaving the ships afloat in the middle of the ocean full of cargo and workers. >> we're here to say we're concerned about the workers and looking forward. this problem is from what we hear is only going to get worse. >> reporter: three ships have come insofar to be unloaded. their cargo, everything from furniture to electronics to clothing. the men and women onshore responsible for unloading the ships and transporting the goods for distribution have been sitting idle for days. >> there's another ship that's out on the sea. we don't know what is happening with that. we don't know what the conditions are of those workers on those ships. >> reporter: union leaders are outraged, saying thousands of these workers aren't part of the union at all. every day they sit without work, they're losing money. the tracking companies for which they exclusively work charge them every day whether
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they're working or not. so as much as $150, $200 a day they're going into the hole during this bankruptcy. >> an estimated half a million containers are waiting on those ships to be unloaded. on to the fire watch now. the massive fire burning in monterey county covers more than 100,000 acres and is still just 60% contained. this fire has been burning for 50 days now. it's destroyed dozens of homes, hundreds more are still in the line of fire. among them the oldest zen center in the west. it's a few miles away and they're moving heaven and earth to protect it. our wilson walker will have that story tonight at 11:00. a pet owners in berkeley are being warped to keep their cats inside. at least three have been found dead in the north ray area in the last few weeks. neighbors blame coyotes. one woman thinks she heard one of the attacks on labor day. she says it sounded like two cats fighting. later she discovered cat
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remains on a sidewalk. a berkeley animal services says the coyote attacks have actually been going on four months. someone posted a sign advising people to keep their pets inside at night. a new effort under way along the american river to help struggling salmon and trout. kelly ryan on how it can save the fish. >> reporter: heavy construction equipment traverses the river downstream from this dam. >> it will be habitat for the small fish. we'll put wood in here and hopefully get willows going up. >> reporter: this federally backed program has a mission, a whole makeover for chinook salmon and steel head trout. >> it's too large for the fish to use in this area so this new gravel is smaller. fish will be able to spawn here and reproos successfully. >> reporter: -- reproduce successfully. >> reporter: the spawning fish have been on the decrease since
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2000. >> the rocks in this area was like bowling ball size material on when the salmon spawns they use their tail and have to dig out a nest. the rock was too big for that. >> reporter: over time, fullsome dam built in 1955 blocked the river flow making it difficult for fish to spawn. >> we're making a berm right now. >> reporter: bringing in spawning gravel is ideal decor for fish nesting. >> the spawning gravel is gravel in the size range like, say, a quarter inch to four inches. it's gravel that salmon can move in the right place in the river. >> reporter: gravel and river rocks are first excavated, then a power wash to avoid cloudiness in the water. >> the big stuff goes out one direction. the fine goes out another direction. >> reporter: then back to river's edge. >> like 20, 25,000 cubic yards will go in the river. >> reporter: the project is
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being paid for by water users for the central valley project at a cost of around $800,000, a project the bureau of reclamation says will allow the fish to flourish. the goal is to complete the project by the end of september. the salmon start spawning in november. we are watching the fog roll in. this is a look from the transamerica camera. looking east, behind these clouds you should be able to see the bay bridge although you can't see much of anything right now. temperaturewise we are in the 80s for some of the warmer spots inland. concord and livermore at 81 right now. in san francisco in the low 60s. 66 in santa rosa. temperatures very similar to what we saw yesterday. tomorrow a more significant cool down. overnight tonight your lows dipping into the 50s, pretty much area wide. our relatively mild evening, those clouds will roll back in and they will filter into the
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inland valleys once again tomorrow, but by the afternoon hours, they'll pull back to the coast. i do think san francisco will stay socked in much of the day. certainly coastal locations will see the marine layer, but overall sunshine for most folks inland. we have seen a significant cool down especially since wednesday and temperatures near triple digits for many locations. this area of low pressure though has been moving north and brought our temperatures down keeping things cool today. cooler still even more so as we head into the work week. so sunday and beyond as the stronger area of low pressure sinks from the north. as it moves in it brings a cooler air mass. and with that cooler temperatures. tomorrow we are still topping out in the 80s for some of the warmer spots. livermore, walnut creek, temperatures in the low 80s tomorrow. but most spots only getting into the 70s. san jose, 79 in fairfield. 60s along the coast. mid-60s in places like oakland.
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74 santa rosa. 78 in napa. here's what to expect over the next 24 hours. clouds and fog developing once again overnight. cooler sunday than what we saw today, but i do think we'll see sunshine for most folks inland. cooler still next week as temperatures continue to drop. if you're looking for something to do tomorrow, how about opera in the park? elsewhere the art and wine festival this weekend in mountain view. sunshine there, 75 at least by the afternoon hours. how about a little sumo this weekend. the sumo festival, san francisco japan town, partly cloudy, and 62 degrees. a look at the extended shows temperatures continue to dip as we move towards the beginning of your work week. low 80s for the warmest spots tomorrow. only topping out in the 70s for the warmest spots on monday. tuesday and then we begin gradual warmup wednesday into the latter half of next week as
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temperatures slowly begin to warm back into the 80s. now andrea, over to you. still to come, hanging 10 with man's best friend. the bay area beast that went to the dogs today. anyone coming up in sports, 49ers anthony davis is only 26 years old and he may soon announce that he's retiring for a second time. and a man that took over davis' job is getting the attention of one of the best defensive players in the nfl. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, disappointment tonight for a bay area swimmer trying to make history. kim chambers was attempting to swim 93 miles from sacramento to tiburon nonstop without a wet suit. but today 24 hours and 44 miles in, high winds forced her to get out of the water at sherman island. chambers had the strength to keep going, but conditions were just too rough. it's still the longest swim she's ever done. she tweeted this message,
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quote, 30 knot winds for 8 hours made my swim unsafe to continue. glad myself and crew are safe. it was a right decision. all good, hashtag kim swim. >> she'll be back at it. some cold water canines showed off their surfing skills today. it was the first ever world dog surfing championship in pacifica. the dogs owners say it takes a special breed to take on the chilly waters. >> her life jacket helps keep her warm and she has a good fat layer as well. so that helps. >> it's a good activity for the dogs. it's a good core builder and i've been trying to get a lot of my friends to try it. if the dog really likes waits they really like doing it. >> all proceeds from the event go to the humane societies and to muttville seniors dog'srescue. it's good for their core. >> the first annual, it has to
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be an annual event. >> it's a good one. maybe brian hackney is there with his dog. coming up in sports herself the anthony davis come back may be over before it even starts. according to reports davis sat out last season is considering retiring again. he is listed as questionable for noninjury reasons for monday night's game against the rams. davis was the 49ers starting right tackle but when he left trent brown took over the spot and beat out davis for the job. he has the attention of von miller, the super bowl mvp last february in santa clara. the superstar said recently the 49er second year tackle was his toughest opponent, a comment that seemed out of left field, even to brown. >> my eyes were big, then i was like, dang, did he just say this? am i listening right? >> i feel like trent brown has a very bright future in the
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national football league. not many guys like von miller. >> people haven't really seen him, but i feel like he's one of the better tackles in the national football league. >> i didn't know what to do. i was speechless. >> what a nice compliment. in college football central michigan trailing by 3 was given one untimed down after an oklahoma state penalty and made the most of their extra chance. >> touchdown, unbelievable. >> corey willis takes the lateral and scores, stunning the cowboys, 34-27. at the game the referees said they made a mistake on oklahoma state's penalty and central michigan shouldn't have gotten an untimed game. they win anyway. the spartans bounce back from last week's loss against tulsa. they beat portland state 66-35. the quarterback accounted for five touchdowns, three through the air and two on the ground.
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they are 1-1 on the season. >> all right, good. thank you, andrea. so chocolate lovers, this is the weekend for you. the annual ghiradelli chocolate festival is underway in san francisco. more than 50 vendors are displaying their wears in ghiradelli square. it's all for a good cause. proceeds benefit project open hand. >> one of our programs is feeding around the city. we have 22 to 25 senior sites we feed on a daily basis. they are provided a nutritious balanced meal every day. >> the two day event features a chocolate and wine lounge. you can go to chocolate school and learn how your favorite treats are made. the festival continues tomorrow from noon to 5:00. coming up tomorrow, a financial candidate under fire for a presidential comment and this time it's not donald trump. >> you could put half of trump
6:28 pm
supporters into what i call the basket of deploreables. >> how trump and company are firing back tonight. plus, he opened fire on the president of the united states. but tonight, he's a free man. why the feds are letting john hinkley go home. it's a population that's gotten out of control and needs to be managed. >> it's one of san francisco'surban treasures. why eliminating trees may be the only way to save the forest. ,,
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has claimed the life of a three- year-old boy he hospita our top stories tonight, a violent crash near san ramon claimed the life of a 3-year- old boy and put his mother in
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the hospital. it happened along 680 last night. the family's car was disabled on the shoulder when an suv slammed into it. the driver, a 39-year-old was arrested on suspicion of dui. she is the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. backers of a rent control measure are working to get out the vote. it ties rent increases to the consumer price index with a cap of 4% a year. it also includes protections from unjust evictions. but opponent including some of the city council, the measure does nothing to address a housing crunch. you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> and hillary clinton is apologizing after that comment last night. the remark drawing a sharp response from her republican rival. reporter wendy gillette says donald trump is warning clinton the comment will cost her. hillary clinton says she regrets remarks she made about donald trump's supporters at a fund-raiser friday night. >> you could put half of
6:32 pm
trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> reporter: clinton released a statement saturday that says, quote, last night i was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that was wrong. she added that many of trump's supporters are hardworking americans. trump tweeted, wow, hillary clinton was so insulting to my supporters. millions of amazing, hardworking people. i think it will cost her at the polls. the republican national committee said clinton's comments showed her condescension and disrespect. clinton held one private fund- raiser outside new york city saturday. about 15 people paid at least $100,000 each to attend. clinton will be here in manhattan sunday to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. trump spent a somber saturday ata the funeral of friend and supporter phyllis schlafly in stalls. she did monday.
6:33 pm
she was a conservative author, activist who opposed communism, abortion and the equal rights amendment over her life. >> phyllis was there for me when it was not at all fashionable. trust me. >> reporter: trump has no other scheduled public events until monday. wendy gillette for cbs news, new york. if you ever wanted to live like donald trump this is a good place to start. his childhood home in queens, new york is going up forauction next month. the opening bid will be $849,000. a steal by bay area standards. the man who shot president reagan was released today from the washington, d.c. mental hospital. [ gunshots ] >> it was 35 years ago john hinckley shot the president and three others as they left the washington hilton hotel. president reagan was hit in the chest. press secretary james brady was left paralyzed. a federal judge ordere john
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hinckley released after deciding he no longer poses a danger to others. he will live with his mother and his movements will be restricted. he will be required to work or volunteer at least three days a week and continue to see his psychiatrist. a new attempt at a cease- fire in syria goes into effect monday night. the u.s. and russia brokered the deal and don champion tells us the syrian regime at least appears to be on board. >> reporter: bombs were still falling across syria hours after the united states and russia announced a cease-fire deal for the war-torn country. syrian president has agreed to stop bombing u.s.-backed rebels starting monday at sundown. the agreement would also allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach syrian towns like one where 2200 people have died since july. >> we are announcing an
6:35 pm
arrangement that we think has the capability of sticking, but it's dependent on people's choice. >> reporter: last week, president obama met with russian president vladmir putin during the g-20 summit, but the leaders failed to strike a deal. if the truce holds for a week, russia and the u.s. will carry out coordinated air strikes against isis. the 5-year-old conflict has taken its toll. at least half a million people have died and millions of refugees have been forced from their homes. for now, the deal allows assad to stay in power for the foreseeable future. don champion, cbs news, dallas. one of the world's largest religious pilgrimages has begun in saudi arabia. [ speaking foreign language ] >> hundreds ever thousands of muslims started the first rites
6:36 pm
of mecca's grand mosque. pilgrims seek forgiveness for their sins and meditate on their faith and trace the steps of the prophet mohammed and of abraham. at least 23 people are dead and dozens more hurt in a factory fire in bangladesh. a boiler explosion triggered it. the flames spread quickly because the packaging factory was storing flammable chemicals. the explosion happened near the end of an overnight shift. it's not clear what caused that boiler to blow up. in florida tonight, mosquitos spraying is underway again in miami beach despite continuing protests. there are more than 650 cases of zika site wide. 80 involve pregnant women. on thursday an angry crowd shouted down the miami dade mayor as he tried to assure them the chemical being used to kill the mosquitos won't hurt humans. >> that's what the experts are telling me. >> they're lying. don't believe them. >> please, this is information. >> after that heated hearing, spraying was delayed for 24
6:37 pm
hours to allow people a chance to leave the area. and back in the bay area, they're about to begin mosquito fogging of its own after insects there tested positive for west nile virus. it will happen late wednesday night in an area centered near 680 and yosemite drive. if you're in the fog zone, you'll get a notice on your door. they say there's no danger to the public, but if you want to minimize your exposure simply keep your windows closed wednesday night. still to come, a medical miracle in southern california. >> we're probably at the beginning of something really remarkable. >> the simple treatment that got this quadriplegic moving again in just weeks. later tonight in 48 hours, a man gunned down on his way home from work, simply for the thrill. even more shocking, the suspected shooter was hailed as a genius. that story coming up tonight at 10:00 right here on kpix 5. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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southern california tonight.. where a man paralyzed from the neck down can now use his
6:40 pm
arms and hands again. a bit of a medical miracle in, where a man para liesed can use -- paralyzed can use his arms and hands again. he was badly injured in a car crash in march but the medical center at u.s.c. released this video of him lifting weights. doctors there injected chris with an experimental treatment of stem cells directly into his cervical spine. two weeks later he started improving. >> thank you for giving me life back. thank you for allowing me to live my life again. sorry. >> within three months of starting treatment, chris could already feed himself. >> wow, amazing story. meanwhile across the pond, another patient is enjoying the miracle of sight. after years of frustration. here's what life was like for him. >> if, for example, i take a
6:41 pm
book, and i cover my left eye, which is still good, all i see is mush except odd words around the periphery. >> in a world first, surgeons at oxford used a joystick controlled robot to remove a membrane 1/100th of a milliliter thick from his right eye. the difference he says was like night and day. >> i can see. it's 22 minutes past 9:00. >> it's almost the world of fairy tales, but it's true. it's the difference between being active and doing the things i need to do and enjoying art and enjoying life. >> surgeons hope the procedure will pave the way for more complex eye surgery than currently possible with the human hand. still to come, it's every college student's dream come true. fresh burritos dropping from the sky? yep, we'll tell you about chipotle's drone dreams. speaking of the sky, here's
6:42 pm
a look at what should be the sky. there you see a glimpse of it. certainly the fog has rolled in this evening. your forecast is ahead. and sports, the green and cold run into trouble with their ace on the mound against the mariners and we're less than 24 hours away from the raiders season opener. and our vern glenn with a full report as he's forced to take a little detour to new orleans. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're partner goggle and chipotle are teaming up to become the new flying burrito brothers. they're partnering up to test drone delivery service on the virginia tech campus. students and employees will be able to order their burritos at a special kiosk and will be made at a chipotle food truck nearby and a drone will do the rest, delivering the hot burritos to a specified area on campus. well, we are watching the fog roll in this evening. this is a look from the transamerica cam looking east where you should be able to see the bay bridge but clearly shrouded in fog. temperatures this evening really varied depending on where you are. the further inland, temperatures in the low 80s. concord, livermore at 81 right now. 68 in oakland. 61 san francisco. 72 in san jose. temperatures overnight dipping down to the 50s pretty much area wide. sunrise tomorrow at 6:49. we will see temperatures in the
6:46 pm
mid-50s for pretty much all of the bay area. not a lot of variation there overnight. tomorrow though we will see more variation. what we are going to see tomorrow as well, the return of the fog. we've already seen it roll in to the bay. it will likely move into some of our inland valleys. a futurecast shows it pulls back to the coast by the afternoon hours and rolls back in tomorrow evening. so cloud cover along the coast likely sunshine for folks inland. temperatures though area wide will be cool. we begin cooling mid-week thanks to this area of low pressure that is slowly moving north up the coast. but it's another area of low pressure, a much stronger low sinking in from our north and that will bring with it a cooler air mass going to cool temperatures across the board. beginning tomorrow, more significantly though as we move towards mid-week. tomorrow warmest locations topping out in the low 80s. places like walnut creek, livermore, 82 degrees there. 79 in fairfield. 60s along the coast. 65 in oakland. 74 mountain view.
6:47 pm
78 tomorrow in napa. here's what to expect as we make our way through the next few days. clouds and fog develop once again overnight tonight. cooler sunday. but we will see sunshine for most folks inland cooler still as we head into the next work week. take a look how cool we get. low 80s tomorrow. 70s for the warmest location, folks. 60s by the bay. 50s along the coast for monday, tuesday, on into wednesday. the latter half of the week moving into next week, that's when we gradually start to warm back into the mid-80s. andrea. >> thank you. the raiders kick off this season in the big easy and we have vern glenn to cover the game. unfortunately his trip to new orleans has been far from easy. vern joins us to tell us about his flight detour. >> reporter: hey, andrea, this is a first. i'm not coming to you from new orleans. i'm coming to you from a united flight in san antonio. we've been divert. it's been refueling and weather delays. it's been one thing after the other.
6:48 pm
i'm have iting with you now talking about raiders and the saints. new orleans is where it all started for head coach jack del rio who shared a nice memory as a saints rookie. >> i remember spiking the ball so hard after i scored a touchdown that i fell down. all right? it was a great moment, and then it was an embarrassing moment. it was a fumble recovery that i scooped and scored a touchdown. yeah. and i slammed it down and then couldn't keep my balance, went down on both knees and then just said, yeah. >> the raiders/saints relations don't stop with jack del rio. dennis allen is the defensive coordinator for the saints. the former raider head coach will be a nice sight to see for derrick carr sort of. >> i expressed to him how thankful i am that not only he gave me a chance to be in the nfl but gave me a chance to start. for that i appreciate him very much, you know, and i root for him all the time, just not this week. >> next time i see you, it will
6:49 pm
be from inside the superdome tomorrow. from san antonio, on flight 540, thanks to united, vern glenn, kpix 5. all right, thanks, vern. the giants are looking to win two road games in a row for the first time since june 30th and july 1st. that's how bad the stretch has been. they have a decent chance tonight in arizona. johnny quell is on the mound versus archie bradley. the green and gold face mariners pitcher felix hernandez. top of the third, already 2-0. nelson cruz doubles off the wall with the bases loaded scoring two. cruz was 3 for 4 in the game. now it's 8-0 in the 7th. kyle seager goes deep for his 28th home run of the year. it kicked off a 6-run seattle ending and crushed the a's 14- 3. to tennis, u.s. opens women's final angelique kerber going against karolina pliskova. angelique kerber took the first
6:50 pm
set 6-3. karolina pliskova bounces back in the second. she drops a shot over angelique kerber to win the point and karolina pliskova would win the set 6-3. in the third match point for angelique kerber and karolina pliskova's got long giving angelique kerber her second grand slam title of the year. with the win angelique kerber takes over the world's number one ranking from serena williams. pga sergio garcia had such a rough afternoon on the greens he bent his punter. much better day for jordan spieth. he chips in for eagle on the par 5. he shot a 4 under 68 today and is tied for 9th. everyone is chasing justin johnson. he rolls in the birdie putt on 18 to finish off a 68. he takes a 3-shot lead into tomorrow's final round of the fedex cup playoff event. we are happy to report that vern is now in new orleans. >> he touched down. >> he's there. get to a hotel, rest today and back at it tomorrow.
6:51 pm
game on. all right, thank you. still to come, saving forests. >> it's about changing things, people want to keep it natural. people want to keep it safe. >> but to keep it that way they may have to tear some of it down. ,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
well, it's a pristine woodland in the middle of one of the most densely populated areas in the country. >> but san francisco's beloved sutro forest won't last much longer without serious help. our wilson walker ventured into the woods to show us why. >> what i love about this trail, like this part, you can just see all over. just its pristine. >> reporter: it is truly one of
6:54 pm
the great jewels of the city. 80 acres of wild land right in the middle of san francisco. but while the forest planted by sutro in the 1880's is still beautiful it is also in serious trouble. >> 25% of the trees in the reserve are dead. many more are dying. >> you don't have to be a professional tree person to see these trees are not looking healthy. >> reporter: we hit the trails with urban arborist scott wheeler who says part of the problem is the source of that unmistakable smell. >> blue gum, you either love it or hate it. the thing with uca lip particular trees is -- these trees are actually fueling their own demise, because when the fog turns this hill into a cloud forest, the trees send that moisture to the forest floor, fueling an explosion of ground cover that prevents any young trees from ever taking hold. >> blackberry, ultimately you can see how it's growing up in
6:55 pm
these trees. >> reporter: ucsf which owns the property says the problem is a long time safety concern that's getting worse with passing years. >> so if we don't do something to manage the reserve, we're going to continue to see a decline in the conditions. >> a perfect example of what this might look like is over in the presidio where they've been replacing the older forest in tiny bite-sized pieces like this old grove sitting right here for turned into a giant spire. all of the land that was cleared out has been replanted with a more diverse range of trees, staggered over several years. >> so the idea is to both regenerate the eucalyptus canopy and increase the biodiversity. >> they've been reaching out with public meetings trying to draft a plan that many keep opposition to a minimum but there is a growing consensus time has caught up with the forest and now is the time to
6:56 pm
start planning for the future. >> this is us trying to catch up with bad planning in the past. it's got to evolve. there has to be an evolution. >> reporter: in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> well, obviously the final plans are still being drafted. they'll start with the most dangerous trees, but refor resting the whole area could take 20 years or more. an incredible feat, but so beautiful to see nature in the middle of the city. we are lucky to live in such a gorgeous place. >> i tell my kids do not take green for granted. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest is always on at >> we'll leave you now with a live look at new york city where twin towers of light are illuminating the manhattan skyline to mark the 15th anniversary of 9/11. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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