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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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or remote interview. she is still recovering from pneumonia. a video of her leaving a 911 memorial service was jarring, even to some of her supporters. >> after watch k some of those -- watching some of those videos i hope she is getting rest. >> when they hide it or cover up the information. >> the issue wasn't so much clinton's health, as it was the handling of the message about her health. >> if she is sick, everybody gets sick, but it's how the campaign handled it. the story has changed three times and this is problematic with the perception they have of the campaign is you hear one thing and turns into another and never know if she is telling the truth. >> expressed frustration. today he tweeted antibiotics ka take care of pneumonia, what's
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the cure for proi pro pryty that takes care of an unnecessary problem. >> i think she is strong. i think she will make a great president. >> now, we talked to the organizers of this event and they say that not a single person has requested a refund. back to you, liz. >> has clinton made any public statements about her health. >> she tweeted she is feeling better and thanks everyone for their support. she also says like any other working woman, she is eager to get back to work. >> the clinton campaign says they will release additional health information this week. meanwhile, donald trump is asuring voters he is healthy and will release results from a physical this week too. how much do these matters, donald trump is now calling health an issue in the campaign, alan. >> donald trump and his
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surrogates have repeatedly questioned her health. he then went over the attack on the comment she made of his supporters the day of her diagnosis. >> you can put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> she made that in front of an lgbt fundraiser. >> she and her donors all had a good laugh. they were all laughing. >> he slammed trump. >> hillary clion is an insider supported by powerful insiders attacking americans who have absolutely no political power. >> trump has made his own controversial comments in the past. >> donald trump has got to go. >> and a handful of protesters were udz his pennsylvania hotel -- outside his pennsylvania hotel to remind
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againsts. >> highlighting clinton's deplorables comment, she regrets criticizing, but his campaign has given a platform to hateful reviews and voices. she gave her web add highlighting trump's deplorable insults. >> and la rams prime time vie vie stadium. the game is not until 7:15. the parking lot opened hours ago. the 49ers eager to get it started. >> explains there will be a mix of pay rowtism and poll sicks. >> there were really two questions would colin kaepernick continue his protest, i think the answer will be yes. the other question will police be here to control the stadium and the answer is definitely yes. >> santa clara police are out
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in full force with traffic control in and around levy stadium after saying they will boycott kaepernick. officers reverse field and went to work. >> public safety is no. 1 here in our city. >> late last week lisa gilmore stepped in to encourage officers to work the game, even though it is a voluntary overtime assignment. >> they appreciate the fact we acknowledge that they are a huge part of the success of the stadium and so they are going to go back and do their job, the job that they are proud of doing. >> but in agreeing to work the stadium, the police union expressed disappointment of the 49ers management of ignoring their concerns and while protecting the right, they did not acknowledge hue the protest could harm officers. fans waiting outside are glad the police will be there. >> what's football without
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cops, the security of cops and i think we are thankful they are actually going to come and protect us. >> reporter: so the police are out in force. the taillighters are out in force here. you see american flags as well as 49er flags, there are about 70 officers from various departments that normally patrol the stadium. i don't know how many are santa clara police department, but there were several out here early patrolling the stadium. >> kpix 5. >> three u.s. air force aircraft practice a fly overthe stadium. they will be part of the pregame ceremonies and will make at plasm during the the national anthem. traffic is slowing down around levi stadium. here is a look by chopper 5.
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101, no surprise there, more than 65,000 are expected to attend tonight's game, that's combined with a monday evening commute. here is a wider look, lots of red on the highway and on the emmets freeway. we will keep an eye on it for you. >> oakland raiders, talk about that win, but they could be a step closer to calling sin city home. this week las vegas budget commit tree is going to issue a -- committee is going to issue a statement. they want funding for the 1.9 million dollar stadium. they could put it to a vote this week, that's because developers say they need a decision by next month for the raiders to make their relocation case to the nfl. developing right now, authorities are investigating a shooting. chopper 5 over the scene, it
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appears to happen near this home along lambert road. police have blocked off the area. police are releasing few details. on gunpoint on their way to a high school. touching off a police chase. they were targeted near fairfield high school. they chased them all the way to vallejo. julia is live where it all started. >> lynne, this high school was on lockdown, warrants alert and police went on a chase to track down these armed suspects. >> i said what's going on? she said i don't know, but there is a lot of sirens going off. they are keeping us in the classroom. >> heller got a terrifying text message from her daughter this morning, the school is on lockdown. >> so she was scared. she said it wasn't a drill. it was for real. they were on lock down and there was all kind of sirens, so i held off on bringing my other
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son to school until i found out what was going on. >> police say several students were walking to fairfield high when they were approached by two suspects carrying guns. another student alerted the principal who called the police. >> principal made decisive -- had a decisive reaction to lock it down to make sure our kids were safe and secure. >> the suspects took off i 80 to vallejo. they tracked them to north camino alto. they tracked down both suspects hiding in nearby yards. they arrested 20-year-old taylor and 18-year-old from fairfield. the lockdown lasted 12 minutes at the high school. it was lifted when police determined the area near the school was safe. parents were alerted via district tweets and phone messages about the lock dune. brandon says he drives his
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daughter everywhere now. >> times have changed since i went to school. we used to walk everywhere, but nowadays we give them a ride everywhere they go. >> reporter: all this happened off campus, so that's why they went on lock down, the principal wanted to take all precautions. now, these suspects are behind bars, no students were injured. i asked police why would they go after students walking to school? they said likely they are carrying something valuable in their hand, their cellphones. julia good rich. and two suspects who knocked their victims unconscious. it happened near uc berkeley and bancroft way. sun suspect punched the victim, knocking him out. the pair snatched his briefcase and took off in a white sedan. one of the men is believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, 6 foot tall and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.
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anyone with information should call the police. and three people were killed when their bay airplane crashed. the small plane was bound for the san carlos airport. dresher was the pilot and spokesman said it developed an unknown issue and crashed in a parking lot. >> some answers will remain because the debris field makes it an active investigation. >> no one was hurt and they are investigating. >> california farm workers, jerry brown signed a bill expanding the overtime law to agricultural laborers, the four year plan to implement the law starts in 2019. by 2022 farm workers will get overtime pay when they work more than 8 hours in a day.
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according to a report from uc davis, california employs 800,000 farm workers every year. >> a bay area bank executive at the center of a massive fraud investigation. >> coming up, why the bank exec just scored a multimillion dollar payday. >> plus they are creepy and harry, why you may come across more tarantulas here until the bay area. >> and why some people look for shared housing on craigslist say they are finding something else. ,,,,
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is walking away with nearly 125- million dollars. new at 5:00, the wells fargo bank executive at the sender of that massic fraud case is walking away with more than 125 million bucks. carry ran the division where employees opened 2 million unauthorized accounts. wells fargo agreed to pay a 185 million fine for defrauding customers and fired more than 5,000 employees who were involved. he quit before it was settled, that means she keeps the stock she would have forfeited had she been fired. and turbulance due to a
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lawsuit, virgin america customers, fewer amenities. alaska air says it doesn't expect the lawsuit to accept the company to get regulatory approvals for the 4 billion dollar deal. future of an apple car after dozens were laid off. they set up an automotive testing lab. the plan dubbed project tie tan kicked off with the hiring of dozens of employees. but new york times says apple is already cutting back. coming up at 6:00, we talked to an industry insider about what layoffs might mean. tesla is getting ready to roll out its auto pilot that relies on radar instead of cameras. it very likely could have prevented a deadly crash in florida four months ago when a driver slammed into a
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tractor-trailer his self-driving system didn't identify fig. they came under 2 federal informations after that crash. the new update will be available sometime in the next two weeks. meanwhile self-driving carts got the greet. a patent for shopping cart that is drive themselves, customers will be able to fetch carts with a user interface device, most likely a smartphone. no word on when and where they start using this system. and recalling 120,000 of its cars and suvs because the brake light can leak and cause fire. they are warning to park away from buildings until they are fixed because there have been several fires, one that damaged a home. morano hybrids. you will know if the warning light stays on for more than 10
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seconds. for more information on this recall, just head to our website, now some apartment hunters on craigslist say it's gotten harder because of an app that is supposed to help people find a room. >> julie watts explains. >> reporter: private spacious bedroom in a 2-bedroom russian hill apartment. >> under $700, but when he responds to ads, he keeps getting the same almost instant response. >> see how fast that was? >> a text or e-mail with a link to room ster. there is no sign of the apartment listed on craig east list, only application for room service. >> it's making it ten times harder. >> basically hijacking the space.
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>> while room ster does allow customers to join for free, in order to connect, you have to pay. >> if you don't pay, you don't get to look at your messages. >> and according to the better business bureau, it has a pattern of complaints of people who have paid with renewal policy and deseptemberi advertising. it is aware of the billing complaints, but fully transparticipant with our answer lacing process. the company says affiliate members who receive cash for leads have advertisements on craigslist in violation of the company policy. >> lovely supplied queen room. >> room ster says as soon as it find out the ads are taken down. >> prohibit companies like room ster from posting on its site. it told the company to stop
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posting and does remove room ster listings when they are reported. julie watts. they are creepy crawley kreechers. >> it's mating season, so they are out looking for a match. don spoke to an expert on the arack anieds. >> director of sonoma rep sigh and is a spider expert . >> rite now is getting started so now is the time to see spiders making love. >> oh, god. >> it's tarantula mating season. the east bay parks and honestly, just about any open space, not too big on courtship. >> at this time when they come out looking for girls this is generally they will breed and die. >> if you see one of these spiderers don't be afraid, but don't pick them up either.
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>> they will bite you. >> not all the time. the tarantula oftentimes doesn't bite you. it is considered to be one of the more docile of all spiders and some folks like lori keeps one in her house. >> they are very sweet. she is totally mellow. >> cuddly, right? >> like a teddy bear. look at her. she is all fuzzy like a teddy bear. >> the male has special claws to hold the female while mating. this prevents her from killing him when they are done. and if you are walking around in a warm area, keep your eyes open. the tarantula mating season only lasts 30 day, so if you are on a trail and you see these creatures, just let them be and consider yourself lucky. don ford, kpix 5. >> they are wonderful creatures, i have had them as
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pets. you are afraid of everything. the venn venim is not considered dangerous. i will get you a couple. >> we have the chilliest weather we have seen tht bay area since -- in the bay area since may. where did the sunshine go? where did the heat go? i found them and will let you know when they are coming back. >> and weeks away from a pivotal vote on legalizing pot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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snowball. >> it's cool today. san francisco weather has been shoved today. cool, temperatures outside are quite chilly and it's going to be brisk for the home opener for
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the 49ers, about 1 1/2 hours away. sunny spots will be san clair. it's only going to be 65 degrees and because of the late start, half the stadium will not be baking in that sun. the sun will be low enough. look at the cloud cover over the bay bridge, nobody over 70 degrees. that's rare. san francisco 58. the warm spot is 68. santa rosa is the high today only 68, coldest afternoon since may 22nd. and san jose, speaking of the 49ers, taking on the rams tonight, kickoff, 7:20. it will be partly cloudy and cool. quickly will be in the upper 50s by half time. san jose 55, vallejo 53. look at santa rosa, upper 40s for the north bay.
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what's going on? not only is it chilly and breezy all because of this area of the low pressure, we had snow. it is snowing in northwestern wyoming. snowing in southwestern montana. this is what happens when you drag down cold weather from canada. it will be chilly for us, your weather headlines are calling for a chilly night tonight with mainly cloudy skies. you will get drizzle might feel like a rainfall. it will be chilly tomorrow with a mixture of sun and clouds. wet will warm up late in the week. we will see 90s by the end of this week. this cold snap is not going to last. low pressure gone and strong ridge. friday sunshine, warmer, low 90s by the end of this week. tomorrow 60s and 70s. concord only 73, napa 70 and san francisco 65 degrees. that temperature spread which could be 30, 35 degrees will be
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about 12 degrees tomorrow. sunny and warmer wednesday, much warmer thursday, friday low 90s away from the water and the week will feel nothing like today, 70s near the water and 80s to mid-90s inland. be right back with more news.
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check this out, new pictures from mars show striking rock formations on the red planet. nasa's curiosity rover sent back these pictures from a place called mount sharp.
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they show hills, plateaus and layers of pointy rocks formed billions of years ago, nasa plans to compile the photos and compare to u.s. national parks. burger king is adding a new item. >> helping to build buzz, they are putting a chooes cheesy twist on their chicken fries. they will be dusted in cheat toes. you will have to wait until wednesday to try them, though, 9 piece order will cost $2.89. fast food restaurant matchup with cheat toes. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: diagnosis, pneumonia. lilness forces clinton off the campaign trail, raising questions about her health and her secrecy. >> in retrospect, we probably could have released more information more quickly. >> pelley: also tonight, trump on that clinton quote. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> you cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. >> pelley: a lot more soccer playing kids are winding up in the e.r. and, america's newest museum. >> it is the museum that says, "here is a balanced history of america that allows us to cry and smile."


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