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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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anthem. we will have full coverage. good morning. it is tuesday, september 13. i'm kenny choy. >> i'm michelle griego. let's say hi to rocky and roberta. you always want the 49ers to win. >> who does? >> not her. [ laughter ] you're a raider fan. >> i was rooting for them. >> you know, it was a smackdown. i don't think it was very exciting. the rams are not that great of a team it to begin with. we will see how it goes here. i am feeling objective for this next sunday's raiders home opener and two in a row, that would be the first time in years. opening up the season with to big wins. >> great expectations. >> that's what i'm looking forward to. >> good morning, everybody. as you're getting ready to head out the door, water cooler talk about last night's game, you might want to talk about this. we are looking at the high def doppler radar. a trough is blowing through the area. it could produce some heavy
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drizzle around highway 17. anywhere in the san mateo area, to the south. so we got to keep a watchful eye on that, with the possibility of slick roadways and rocky will keep you on top of all of that as the morning progresses. right now 50s and 60s. it feels refreshing, and autumn is in the air. although it is officially arriving in nine days. and 50s, 60s, 70s for the daytime highs. with the full forecast minutes away. right now, we say good morning to rocky. good morning, roberta. good morning, everybody. let's take a look at some road work around the area. first, lucas valley area, 101 in both directions, and this is between fritas parkway and lucas valley road and westbound 92 between hes peer onboulevard. and the san mateo bridge, a good commute. westbound will be 15 minutes from 808 it to 101. and you might have saw something shaking overnight. the usga says a magnitude 3.5 earthquake hit the east bay around 1:00 a.m.
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and is struck about two miles southeast of piedmont. kpix 5 viewers who felt it called overnight but we have not heard of any reports of damage. near uc berkeley, a weekend concert sparked three separate reports of sexual assault. we have more on why some female students are getting more worried about their safety. >> reporter: the greek theater is all locked up but saturday night the venue on the cal campus was packed with people attending the block party. with music from a collection of famous dj's. >> it was a really long line. there were a lot of people drinking. you could smell a lot of weed. >> reporter: amidst the crowd, three women reported being sexually assaulted in separate incidents. it was around 8:00 p.m., when an 18-year-old student says is she was dragged away from a bathroom line and assaulted. and cal received another report sunday morning. with a different suspect description. and a third. the greek theater is situated down the hill from several dorms here on the cal campus.
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students were sent e-mail warnings about the sexual assaults. >> i didn't expect it to be that often, maybe like once, like every couple months or something, but like this is kind of insane. like three women in one day. >> reporter: the berkeley campus has become notorious in recent years for sexual assault problems. freshmen say they don't walk alone at night. and are armed with pepper spray. but are still rightfully worried for their safety. >> i know how to be careful but honestly i don't know when these things will happen. >> reporter: at cal, kpix 5. despite recent cases of sexual assault, cal has just earned the top honor, the u.s. news and world report has named uc berkeley the best public university in the u.s. the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating an officer- involved shooting. the department is not releasing many details but confirmed that a deputy was involved. it happened around 8:00 last
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night. off titus avenue and saratoga. no word who has been shot and who was arrested. and the 49ers off to a great start this season. they shut out the l.a. rams in the home opener last night. final score 28-0. a lot of eyes were on colin kaepernick before the game. he continued his protest by kneeling during the national anthem. safety eric reid joined him on the sidelines. kap talked to reporters after the game about taking a stand. >> i think it is so blatantly obvious that athletes and people in general have to react. it is not something that with social media, there are so many instances, where it is instantly to you. and you see these things every day. day after day. >> kpix 5 betty yu talked to fans outside levi stadium and many of them have mixed reactions to the protest. >> this is the first time michael decided to wear an american flag over his shoulders. >> i don't think what he is doing is the right. i think as an nfl player, the nfl kind of gives us a chance to escape all of the drama of
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the world, and he is bringing it. it is something that brings people together, almost. >> and this country has the highest incarceration rate in the world the majority black and latino. >> people stood or sat or knelt on the flag, protesting police brutality and in support of the backup qb. >> i will sit on the flag. as black people, we have been sat on all our life. >> we go through police brutality. you know what i mean? we lose people every day, you know what i'm saying by police brutality. >> after threatening the boycott 49ers game over kaepernick's anthem protest and his wearing of socks showing officers as pigs, santa clara police showed up in full force, in and around levi stadium. by agreeing to work, the police union also expressed disappointment at the niners management for ignoring their concerns. while they protected the players rights, the union says the team did not acknowledge how the protests could harm officers. at one tailgate party, these
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navy sailors and retired redwood city police officers displayed their patriotism on their cars. >> outside of football, he should be able to do whatever he wants, and speak whenever he wants but inside of football when we come to a football game, we are here to enjoy football and we don't want to get into the politics. >> getty yu, kpix 5. time now is 4:36. roberta is here with a check of weather. >> we do have a change in our forecast. i think we started to feel the difference yesterday. >> i was really cold last night. >> you wore your moccasins. >> i did. i had them on. my husband looked at me and said what is this? >> that is called married for 20 years. >> yes. >> that's what that is called. >> exactly. >> nice. >> absolutely right. good morning, everyone. and this morning, as you're heading out, there is a bit of a breeze. a chill in the air. and damp. a chance of drizzle for the santa cruz mountain area, along the peninsula as well. as the trough goes through. live high def doppler radar, it
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is not picking anything up right now but temperature-wise with the overcast skies and the chill in the air in the 50s, it is 57 degrees in san jose. and 54 in vallejo. through benecia, into martinez. and the winds have been pretty much fluctuating from the west to the southwest, and now, southeast, and fremont at 6. and they are pretty much under 11 miles an hour. and at 10, antioch. at 5. the winds will pick up during the afternoon, 10 to 20 miles an hour. and high temperatures today under mostly cloudy skies at the coast. partial bay clearing and sunshine with a few clouds floating through in the inland area, down right unseasonably mild, 60s it to the 70s, we still have the full forecast, including a warmup and when you should expect it, and that's later on in the newscast. but right now, how busy are you rocky? pretty busy, actually. time is 4:37. a look in the san rafael area. where we do have a crash to update you on. westbound 580 to westbound, excuse me, northbound 101 connector, a big rig versus a
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car crash. not causing many delays because there are not many cars on the he road just yet. if that stays out there, it will definitely have some effects here, and let's head to some road work in the same area. lucas valley road work on 101 in both directions, that should be cleared out by about 5:00 a.m. and this is between friedus parkway and lucas valley road. and altamont pass out of tracy, cars are moving at 40 miles an hour but looking good into the dublin interchange with some slowdowns. back to you. >> rocky, thank you. campaign 2016 now. hillary clinton is once again off the campaign trail today recovering from pneumonia. but her illness didn't stop some of her biggest bay area supporters from showing support. kpix 5 joe vasquez on the fundraiser that carried on with no clinton at the podium. >> reporter: even without the star, the show went on. >> well, i feel really badly that she is ill and couldn't make it. >> hundreds lined up at the masonic auditorium to wish hillary clinton well at her san francisco fundraiser. even though the candidate was thousands of miles away, at home, in new york.
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people get sick. we're human beings. they're not robots. >> cameras were not allowed inside. but an audience member who does not want to be identified recorded her speech. she encouraged her supporters to get out the vote and even head to other states to work on her campaign. >> i wish so much i could be there because you are of course such a treat. -- you are in for such a treat but i know with your help, we will have many, many opportunities that love trumps hate. >> it it sounded like someone was on the recovering side of pneumonia. >> secretary clinton's knees buckled as secret service agents helped her into her car. her campaign says she was overheated and dehydrated and later announced she has been battling pneumonia since friday. >> i am feeling so much better. >> on cnn, mrs. clinton admitted she held back information about her health. >> shy have gotten rest sooner. -- i should have gotten rest sooner. i would have probably been better off if i had pulled down
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my schedule on friday but like a lot of people, i thought i could keep going forward and power through it and obviously that didn't work out so well. >> joe vasquez, kpix 5. a campaign spokesperson for clinton says more medical information would be released this week. and that the records prove that clinton does not have any other, quote, undisclosed conditions. the co-founder of linked in is taking his mind off the job market to spend millions on politics. reed hoffman says he will give $5 million to veterans causes with the catch. the service men and will will only get the money if donald trump releases his tax returns by the final presidential debate on october 19. also days ago another silicon valley executive say nounced he is spending big for the november election. the facebook co-founder is giving 20 million to help democrats win their races. new details about a woman who was involved in a deadly dui crash that took the life of a little boy. this is the second time she was arrested for a dui in a matter
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of weeks. kpix 5 kristen acer has more on how she was able to drive. >> reporter: she is facing dui charges, a crash that killed the boy and mother with six broken ribs and a shattered bone in her back. she learned this is molly hunt's second arrest for dui in three weeks. court records show she was also arrested for an alleged dui in pleasanton august 23 and she had a child in the car. molly's physical license would have been confiscated by police for the alleged dui on august 23 but given a provisional license in its place which is why she was allowedded on the road when the crash happened last week. >> there is no reason she should have been driving. absolutely none. >> mary clopspock is with mothers against drunk driving and her son was killed by a drunk driving in 2001 and she is taking elijah's death
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personally. >> i failed that family because i have been trying to get the bill passed. >> sb1046 sitting on jerry brown's desk awaiting hig signature and anyone arrested for a dui, install a breathalyzer in their car like this one to continue to drive. >> it would have stopped her. >> she says with this device, molly hahn would not have been able to start her car, if she was in fact, drunk. she hopes this crash and elijah's death will be a wake upcall. >> i am imploring governor brown to sign this bill. how many more lives have to be lost. 4:42. this ice cream man has been hard at work for more than 50 years. how his story went viral, and helped him officially retire. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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mosquitos. they've been spraying to stop florida is reporting more zika cases this week, with 64 confirmed cases from local mosquitoes. they have been spraying to stop the spread. as andrew spencer reports, they are now looking for some help
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from washington. >> reporter: it is getting worse. florida health officials say there are eight new zika cases in the state since last week. all of them from local mosquitoes. again, all eyes are on washington, to see if lawmakers will finally pass funding for the fight. they failed to pass funding before a july break and again last week when they returned from their summer holiday. president obama says it is time to get back to work. >> number one, to make sure that the government stays open. number two, to make sure that we are able to adequately fund our efforts to not only deal with the zika outbreaks, but also to come up with diagnostic tools and vaccines that will solve the problem for good. >> reporter: democrats and republicans blame each other for the impasse. obama proposed $1.9 billion in february, and congress wants something more modest. republicans proposed a $1.1 billion bill, and got it
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through the house. but senate democrats blocked it, saying there were strings attached. like restrictions on funding for planned parenthood. that angered republicans like house speaker paul ryan. >> the senate democrats voted three times to block this. they need to get past the politics and work with us to protect the public. >> reporter: congress is expected to reconsider that $1.1 billion package. this time, as part of a larger government spending measure. i'm andrew spencer, reporting. >> congress has until the end of the month to pass a judge to avoid a government shutdown. new information about the victims involved in a deadly plane crash in reno. we know at least two of them were from the bay area. friends of those victims tell kpix 5 their names are robert dresser and ed momberg. and they say dresser was the pilot who just moved to half moon bay. mumberg was a bail bondsman from san jose who was reportedly in reno to track down a fugitive. >> he said well, i am on my way to reno to arrest a runner, rearrest a runner, for him to
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die in this, in this way, it is very vexing. very troubling. >> the third victim's name has not been released. authorities say the plane crashedded into an airport parking lot shortly after takeoff sunday night. the ntsb is investigating. it is day two of tech crunch disruptions, well known bay area athlete is said to make an appearance. wars point guard steph curry will talk about his involvement with the content management startup slice and the work with the united nations foundation nothing but net, a global movement to save lives by fighting malaria. speaking of the warriors, in a few hours you can buy tickets for the warriors upcoming season. the first presale event begins at 10:00 this morning. for season ticket holders. tickets will be made available to the general public beginning thursday. the quake overnight in piedmont had pretty of people shaken up but scientists say the next big one may be more likely to happen if it is a full moon. a new study shows that large
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earthquakes are more likely to occur during unusually high tides, which it typically happen during a full moon. and researchers from the university of tokyo is say the weight of tie dal water can add more strain on faults and trigger earthquakes. it it is the first study that shows a statistical connection between quakes and high tides. and from here on out, we will tay even more attention to roberta's forecast. i guess the next question is, when is the next full moon? >> i knew i would be checking that out. and we are at 56% waxing moon right now. so we are on our way to becoming a full moon. i will get the data. probably in another 10 days. >> okay. >> and you know what? that is the first day of autumn. >> that's right. >> whoo. [ laughter ] >> mark your calendar. >> that's right. >> pay ait tension, everyone. >> okay. -- pay attention, everyone. >> okay. first day of autumn and full moon. we will double check that fact for you. but okay. good morning, everybody. a look at some of the things
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going on right now as you are getting ready to head out the door get your kids off to school. as we take a look at the current conditions around the micro climate, into the 50s and into the 60s. and right now our wind speeds are pretty much under 10 miles an hour in the fremont, hayward and union city area. winds are clocking in under 10. san ramon under. the winds are pretty variable. more consistent later today out of the west and southwest increasing to about 20 miles an hour. your high temperature today, forecast at 73 in san jose. and boy, what is a good 11 degrees below average. oakland, your average is 75 but instead your temperature today topping off at 64 degrees. so we are unseasonably mild on this 13th day of the month of september. we have a trough, it is actually passing through the area. you might have felt it last night. when we cooled down, and the winds picked up. here is the precipitation, associated with it, pretty much due east of the bay area. but a couple of light rain showers, just some heavy drizzle, could accumulate over the santa cruz mountains or
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back into the peninsula this morning, so we will keep a watchful eye on that. here is the future cast, it clearly illustrates that we will stay for the most part mostly cloudy around the peninsula and the seashore and santa cruz and back to the beaches here. and we will see the clouds push back onshore tomorrow. but for the most part, high pressure will begin to build in. and that is from our future cast. wednesday through friday. as that happens, the temperatures will respond and we will begin to warm up. meanwhile today, cool and sacramento, 75. and 66 high sierra. and our numbers in the 60s and in the 70s. outside number today, we are pretty much right around that 77-degree mark. 89 degrees more cease seasonable by friday. that's a quick look at the weather forecast. here is rocky. thank you, roberta. a look at the roads. time is 4:50 and the bay bridge is looking good. headed through the it toll plaza, not to worry. a little backup in the cash lane but all good from there. carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound, it will take you about 18 to 20 minutes. would he have our friend,
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spider, on side there, too. let's head to the san mateo bridge, headed from hayward to the peninsula, some slow-moving traffic i can see there. 808 to 101 on 92 westbound. it will take you about 15 minutes across the span. and here is a look at the san rafael richmond bridge. looking good through this whole plaza. but also in that area, in san rafael, westbound, 580, to the northbound 101 connector, we have a big rig, and versus a car crash, not causing too many delays though, and not too many cars outside right now, but also, in the same area, as well, lucas valley road, road work, on 0101 in both direction, and this is between friedas parkway and lucas valley road. it should be cleared up in 10 minutes. back to you. in chicago, an 89-year-old man pushed a cart of popsicles every day. and his daughter died and he was in serious money trail and it started with him being in
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financial straits. and he struggled to move his cart. a man posted it on facebook and a man who grew up seeing him sell the p0olentas, and they had a go fund me page and they raised near tally $250,000. >> on the opt nistic side i thought -- optimistic side i thought he could get $2,000 and maybe he got a week off. and we got him retired. pretty awesome. >> he says he is buying his wife a present. he doesn't know what the present is yet but hopefully it is a good one. >> awesome. time now is 4:52. if you're someone who just can't get enough pasta, olive garden has just the thing for you. you can get unlimited pasta, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the u.s. senate banking committee will hold a hearing next week to look into the scandal at san francisco bay's wells fargo bank. the consumer finance protection bureau says wells fargo employees may have opened as many as 1.5 million checking and savings accounts without customer's authorization inned the cfpb says a half million credit card accounts were opened. wells fargo says it has fired more than 5,000 workers for their involvement. the hearing will look into whether aggressive sales tactics by wells fargo caused this to happen. struggling teen clothing retailer aero postale, a judge has a bankruptcy deal that allows 130 stores stay open. the companies have agreed to keep the stores open as part of the $234 million bid for the company. aeropostale, filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in may and
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the store continues to plan offering clothe at all stores and some will remain open now. a young boy is recovering from second-degree burns after the phone he was holding burst into flames. this happened in brooklyn. authorities say the-year-old was watching videos on his grandmother -- the 6-year-old was watching videos on his grandmother's samsung galaxy when it exploded and the boy is pretty shaken up but is expected to be okay. >> the phone did that. >> samsung says they know about 35 incidents of the phone's batteries exploding but this is the first reported injury. the company says anyone who owns a galaxy note should turn it off, and exchange it. a lawsuit threatens to delay alaska airlines plan to purchase virgin america, an airline based in burlingame. a group of virgin america passengers filed suit saying the deal would affect airways and service and alaska says it does not expect the suit to
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prevent it from getting regulatory approval. if you need an excuse to binge on passta, olive garden is making it easy for you. the restaurant chain of limited pasta passes returns this week. for $400 you can eat all you want for seven weeks starting october 3. the 2,000 pass sold out last year in one minute, so this time, there will be 21,000 passes sold, and it will go on sale thursday. >> i am assuming a lot of people will want the passes. >> wow. >> hungry? >> yes i am actually. 4:57. did experts play down the health hazards of sugar? the shocking findings in a new report. >> and more fallout from the bay area law enforcement sex scandal implicating dozens of officers. what the police chief here in richmond says, we will tell you what he announced coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, september 13. i'm michelle griego. >> let's head outside to check out the conditions this morning, as we start tuesday morning, september 13. a live look at the bay bridge. >> yes. a beautiful look at the bay bridge. did you see my socks on facebook last night? >> i did not. >> i will have to take a look. >> denver broncos socks? >> no the winter moccasins. i pulled them up. >> i know it is getting cold. >> i almost considered throwingon my heater last night. >> don't go there. >> almost. >> we will get on you, for that. >> don't go there. it is really hard. because then you're acclimated to that and we still have temperatures near 90 by the weekend. >> okay. >> all right. >> don't turn on the heater yet. >> this is september, and it gets cool and hot and gets cool. i love autumn in the bay area. and today, we are still cool, but not as cold as we were yesterday.


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