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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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$10,000. the money stolen at the collection plate.
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blooded killers on surveillance... but tonight, this should have captured killers on surveillance. we have learned the bay area park cameras have been useless for years. we started digging and found out the problem goes beyond that part. >> [ audio not understandable ] >> reporter: her brother was murdered in this park two weeks ago. and another man was executed. a crime that happened in front of park surveillance cameras. >> my heart got some hope
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because they will see who did this to my brother. >> reporter: they asked police about the cameras. she said she got three different stories. >> they don't have enough memory. the one story was they are not working and they had been tampered with. >> reporter: we found out the cameras in this park have not been operational for years. the department of public works found out the video storage equipment in this park had been damaged in a flood a year ago. they never fixed it. >> we dropped the ball. >> reporter: a city councilman said the city has known about the camera issue for some time. >> the cameras have not been in operation for a number of years. it was not until we had two other young men lose their lives on the other side of the park that the captain and i tried to pursue public works to get them installed. >> reporter: the plan to replace the cameras stalled.
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>> i think it is a lack of responsibility. that is what i would call it. >> reporter: even worse he said the problem is not isolated. >> there are some others that are not working that should be. councilman said he got a commitment today from the city administrator that the cameras at the park will be reinstalled. he said there is no timeline. we have breaking news involving a delta flight headed from new york to san francisco. flight 425 had to make an emergency landing in columbus ohio about 90 minutes after takeoff. one passenger reported the pilot told them they lost an engine. the official word from delta is there was an issue with the left engine. delta said the original plane was taken out of service and
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another aircraft was brought in to complete the trip. no injuries were reported. 118 passengers and seven crew members are on board the flight. the teenager at the center of a bay area police sex scandal is ready for a new start . she is using her legal name. going to rehab and dreams of becoming a veterinarian. she is out of jail tonight. there are new accusations against bay area law enforcement. >> [ audio not understandable ] >> reporter: this young woman is free. a florida judge agreed to a plea bargain which reducer charges to a misdemeanor providing a guard at a rehab center. >> [ audio not understandable ] >> the fact that she is alive today is a miracle. >> reporter: her attorney said her client is coming home to the bay area. >> we are happy to say.
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>> reporter: she will go by her legal name. >> the person who was being sex traffic that had been on the news was a victim of child sex trafficking. jasmine is a young woman who will find yourself. >> reporter: investigators found that 30 police officers across seven jurisdictions had some kind of contact with her. among those seven officers have been charged with crimes. she blasted the richmond police department for sending jasmine all the way to florida for rehab. >> there is no reason why she is an stuart florida. the fact that she was in a matter of days was arrested charged and jailed for 17 days on a felony charge is mind- boggling. >> reporter: our legal analyst said that is highly unusual. >> for a police department or a city where there may be
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officers who are actually from the department involved in this to pack her up and send her 3000 miles away smacks to me of witness tampering. >> reporter: i talked with the mayor of richmond and he said by telephone is was not witness tampering. he stands by the decision to send her out of town to get her away from her old friend zen habits. is of not -- if something had not gone wrong in florida we would not have this discussion. he believes the lawyers are grandstanding. they will have another conference tomorrow morning. we hear they may have more allegations. >> the story continues. >> i hope she gets help here. a bb gun bandit is on the loose in san jose. police say someone opened fire using a pellet gun on local businesses this afternoon. when an officer arrived the
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suspect began shooting at him. nobody was hurt. the suspect got away. suspected child sex predator in antioch is behind bars. bernard kane was arrested last tuesday after police say he sexually assaulted a 13-year- old girl. it happened as she was walking home from school. he is suspected of trying to lure a girl just a few blocks away in january. he is facing numerous charges including child molestation. he is in custody at the contra costa county jail. police believe there may have been more victims. the race for the white house is getting physical. trump is 70 years old and hillary clinton is 68. making this the oldest presidential election matchup in usa street. tonight we show you the nominees are going public with their medical records.
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>> reporter: the clinton campaign is trying to convince voters to forget about the stumble. clinton having to be helped into a van on sunday her doctor confirming that a t scan performed last friday shorter with the case of a doctors call small right middle lobe pneumonia she was given antibiotics and told arrest. we are getting a full workup on clinton's health. blood pressure 100/70. cholesterol 189. heart rate 70. besides pneumonia in january clinton was treated for sinusitis and an ear infection and suffers from seasonal allergies. as for medications she takes medicine for her hypothyroidism. coumadin as a blood thinner. donald trump offering only a glimpse of his health records. they came during a taping of the dr. oz show that airs tomorrow. he released a one-page summary of his most recent physical. >> these are the reports? >> the tests were done last
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week. >> reporter: tim kaine also released his medical records this afternoon. his doctor said he is in excellent health. the only recommendation is he had a vitamin supplement to his diet. trump campaigned in flint michigan today. he started to attack hillary clinton and then this happened. >> now hillary clinton -- >> i invited you hear to thank us not to give a political speech. >> trump had been attacking clinton for supporting free trade agreements. have santa clara taxpayers been on the hook for bills that levi's stadium should have been paying? >> reporter: after a month of investigating the two season auditors the levi's stadium likely owes the city a significant amount of money. >> are we talking about tens of thousands of dollars?
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are we talking about over $1 million? >> i don't have a number for you right now. we know it is an issue. >> reporter: voter approved measure j was meant to keep taxpayer money from running levi's stadium. earlier this year the santa clara county -- the grand jury conducted many interviews but in the end it could not verify the complaints. recommended an audit because after asking multiple stadium managers how do you assure that the city's general and in the press front are protected from subsidizing the operation and maintenance of levi's stadium as they did in measure j? the answer was i did not know. >> i don't know how that happened. we will find out what is the damage. >> reporter: former police union president is running for the chief position. he asked the council members that were here to lift the blanket order that prevents police officers
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from speaking to the public ear >> i have a sense that you have seen some wrongdoing. >> that is correct. i have had officers came to me with their concerns. they have laid out what they think are possible violations of measure j. >> reporter: the police chief said this is election-year grandstanding. he welcomes the audit. we asked the mayor if she is confident they will actually get reimbursed and she said they can prove they are owed the money and by law it must be repaid. this church is a crime scene tonight. $10,000 was stolen. there is a clue that could lead cops to the criminal. there is a second that involving a self driving test what. the company is accused of using its customers as human guinea pigs. the street becomes a bowling alley. tonight what is that? ,,
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a guy goes into a church.. but he an unholy crime and paulo out to. a guy goes into a church but he is not the to pray. we spoke with the pastor. >> reporter: it was a packed house at cornerstone community church. not a spare seat in the pews. the topic of the september 11 sermon was genesis. >> how god is good. all the time. >> reporter: in the middle of the sermon he noticed someone he had never seen before. >> there was a gentleman who lingered. he stayed after the service. we thought he was a newcomer. >> reporter: the pastor spoke with a man briefly and began chatting with another family. that is when he noticed the collection basket was missing from underneath the pulpit. >> it was a split second. >> reporter: the collection was
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nearly $10,000. money to be used to feed the homeless and help single moms. >> it occurred to us. there was need in his life. >> reporter: it was cash and checks. that may lead detectives to a suspect. >> they use it somewhere and there is video of who cash the check. >> reporter: the pastor said his house of god should not be home to crime. >> this is supposed to be a place of worship. place for families. the port of oakland is one of the first terminals in the u.s. to hold a vessel since the shipping company declared bankruptcy. it came through the be this afternoon with 450 containers. the port is releasing containers to customers if payment is received in advance. a second ship is due on friday.
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a consumer watch group is demanding tougher safety standards from tesla. autopilot may have been involved in a deadly crash. this one caught on camera in hong kong. >> reporter: the best camera reports the last seconds before the tesla said to be on autopilot violently slammed into a street sweeper that was barely visible to the human eye on a chinese highway. the 23-year-old driver was killed. in may 40-year-old man was killed driving his tesla on autopilot in florida the car sensors failed to distinguish a tractor-trailer from the sky. propelling him into the semi. >> what is troubling is we are learning about the defects of a self driving car not from tesla which knew about this -- it is connected via computer. instead from the chinese media. >> reporter: consumer watchdog groups said brown's death in
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florida in may was widely believed to be the first death involving tesla technology. the accident in china happen in january and tesla did not reveal the information that could have saved brown. he argues with the lack of's safety standards is allowing tesla and other companies who want autopilot technology to use drivers as guinea pigs. after the accident in florida tesla said in a statement the drivers acknowledged the system is new technology. and in a beta phase. drivers are told to keep their hands on the wheel and that you need to maintain control and responsibility for your vehicle while using it. >> we don't call a device autopilot if you expect people to put hands on the wheel. >> reporter: he reached out to tesla that happen in china but we have a not heard back. goobers self driving cars have hit the road in
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pennsylvania. ford fusions feature 20 cameras a radar system a 360 degree 3-d map. uber launched the pilot program and pittsburgh today and uber engineer sits in the driver seat to take the wheel in case of an emergency. what is causing smartphone batteries to catch fire? samsung claims a manufacturing flaw for the problems. we have more information on the exploding lithium ion batteries. >> reporter: missing kind of batteries power just about everything in our mobile world. after a number of devices with lithium-ion batteries caught fire they are coming under increased scrutiny. the batteries are unique cause lithium ions move from one side to another. ions from the positive side are separated by an electrolyte layer and make their way to the negative side when charging. during charging the forwards versus. samsung said the sides
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came into contact causing the manufacturing process error. >> this would generally be a flaw in the manufacturing process that was not caught during the quality control measurements. >> reporter: lithium-ion batteries are popular because they are lightweight and can store large amounts of energy. the government is warning owners of the galaxy note 7 to turn their phones off. president obama is considering adding six pieces of land to the california coastal national monument. one of them is in our backyard. 5800 acres of a former dairy ranch along highway 1 in santa cruz county. the land would become federally owned and protected. not everyone on board with this idea. opponents say national monument status would drive tourists to the area and the people could deteriorate the natural beauty of the land. now you can get a rear view of the islands. this is a view
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from atop a lighthouse on southeast island. the webcam is running tonight. the california academy of scientists set up the camera. >> i wonder if you can see it on a foggy day? >> that would be cool to see. is the fog under the camera? >> or see any great white sharks. >> we will have a link on our website. we are not just looking at rainfall. we are looking at fog. it is returning to the coastline and will work its way south. you will get sunshine tomorrow except along the me you need it coastline.
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73 in san mateo tomorrow. san pedro square this evening has clear skies. it is 63 in san jose. 63 in oakland. the cool spot is santa rosa at 56. santa rosa will drop below 50 degrees. fairfield is 52. livermore is 53. it is all about a big ridge of high pressure that is moving closer. remember the low they gave us showers and thunderstorms? it is gone and moving toward salt lake city. the onshore flow gets minimized. clouds and fog along the coastline tonight. it will be warmer inland tomorrow. temperatures will hit their peak this weekend. concorde is back to normal.
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tomorrow's forecast is 86 degrees. san jose will be 79. san mateo will be 78. vallejo will be 81. 66 in san francisco richmond 68. 80 in san rafael. the weekend will have 90s inland. september could be stormy. hurricanes. our weather is near- perfect. rolling to the streets and running over cars. run for your life. what is that? here are the guests on tonight's late show. ,,,,,,,,,,
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balloon wreaked havoc on the streets of china. the balloon sent people a giant balloon wreaked
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havoc on this streets of shawn. -- china. this was caught on camera rolling over cars and people. it looks fake but according to bus speed the balloon was part of a display to celebrate the mid-autumn moon festival. luckily nobody was hurt. take has penetrated every corner of silicon valley. >> it includes a pizza parlor. a startup zoom pizza is adding robots to the assembly line. another robotic arm as toppings and cheese the founder said the goal is to eliminate repetitive jobs and free up people to do higher value jobs. >> would you like mushrooms?
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>> can the robot hit a fastball? >> no. 49er defensive lineman clears the air about retirement report. the out-of-town scoreboard is the most interesting thing right now at at&t. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cruiseliner...yea..i know what you're thinking.. and if anyon remember when the giants had the best record in baseball? they were and unsinkable cruise liner. if anyone can throw them a life jacket it is bumgarner. dickason drove home a double. the padres win. they sweep the giants. if the season were to and today the giants would pay the mets. they open up a four-game series with st. louis tomorrow.
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the yankees have reportedly signed billy butler who was released last weekend. should the yankees keep him they would pay $10 million. instead of charging the mound the rookie talked over during a change. there was a room report over the weekend about 49ers offensive lineman davis contemplating retirement again. davis did not play against the rams. the coach and the player did little to clear up the situation. >> there is a miscommunication. >> it was a miscommunication.
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anthony davis was the starting guard and reportedly does not want to play right guard. it seems like it would be good for trade because he could be a starting right tackle. who would trade for a guy who is rumored to be interested in retirement? >> how much money are they paying? >> they had to redo the contract because he retired. i don't know. we will be right back. ,,,,
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. the late show is next. >> and now, a "late show" exclusive trailer. ( laughter ) ♪ look so crazy >> stephen: all right, let's get this orgy started. i say the three of us in the flesh pit. who upons to grease me up?


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