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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  September 18, 2016 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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it was an intentional act." right now on kpix five news: an explosion causes chaos in new york live from the cbs bay area studio this isãkpix news. >> right now on kpix five news and explosion causes chaos in new york city and leads two dozen injured. what we are learning about the investigation. president obama weighing in on the race for the white house this weekend. why he says his legacy is on the line. gambling for the win, oakland raiders open the season today, the fate of the future is up in the air. oakland council member joins us in the studio to find out what's being done to find out if the stateãteam is going to stay in the bay.
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as temperatures heat up air quality expected to suffer. here's a live look outside. the air quality is forecast in both the east bay in the south bay, moderate elsewhere today. if you were trying to escape the heat and heading to the coast the national weather service saysãrip current hazards and large breakers are possible today. you want to swim parallel to the coast if you get caught in a rip current. a clear start even at the coast. a hot we can and stored in the way temperatures near the century mark. here's maria with your top stories. new york city is on high alert after an explosion ripped through manhattan injuring more than two dozen people. it happened around 8:30 pm last night and the chelsea
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neighborhood. neighbors say they discovered a second device that appears to be a pressure cooker with wire sticking out, and what looks to be a cell phone attached. the blast ripped a dumpster to shreds.>> i thought it might be fireworks.>> we saw a guy who was injured in bleeding from his head.>> those injured in the blast are expected to be okay. near the scene the mayor of new york try to calm fears of terrorism. he did say it was an intentional act.>> there is no evidence of a terror connection to this incident. >> the atf is now joining the investigation. the explosion in new york came hours after a separate blast in new jersey. a bomb went off just before runners were to take off in a charity race in the town of seaside park. no injuries have been reported. the fbi is investigating.
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investigators have not said whether or not they believe it was terror related. in minnesota and off-duty police officer shot and killed the suspect animal stabbing that left eight people wounded. police say the suspect was dressed in private security uniform, ma references to all of as he attacked shoppers. the victims were taken to the hospital to be treated. all of them are expected to make a full recovery. san jose police tell us they are not changing their patrolã they are closely evaluating events at this time. santa rosa police are investigating a reported deadly crash on sebastopol avenue. the crash prompted a larger spotãresponse from agencies. two other people inside the car were hurt in taken to the hospital. we are working together more details on this crash. the so-called old fire is now 50 percent contained. crews had a hard time getting to the fire because it's in a
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heavily wooded area and old chico canyon. the fire has burned 30 acres since starting on friday night. three advisories have been put in place. the cause the fire is still under investigation. a $3.5 million fema grant has been pulled. fire danger is high in the 25th anniversary of the oakwood hills fire coming up residents are feeling vulnerable. >> create a space of first responders can get in there. >> the oakland while partã wildfire prevention raise $300,000 to match the fema
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grant. a warning for bart riders there's no service between glen park in daly city once again this weekend. trips to sfo could take an extra hour. barks is the main purpose of these repairs is to make the trains more reliable and safer. you can expect traffic and so much to be heavy, thousands of people are expected to attend the conference. to talk about the future of technology. the oracle conference runs through thursday. to campaign 2016, president obama made a plea to black voters to help stop donald trump. he was speaking at the black caucus gala for the last time as president. obama said the progress of the country is on the line.>> i will consider it a personal
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insult, and insult to my legacy of this community lets down their guard and failed to activate itself in this election. you want to give me a good sendoff, go vote. hillary clinton received the trailblazer award.>> becoming the first major female president nominee.. >> ideas not insults, real plans to help struggling americans in communities that have been left out and left behind. not prejudice, and paranoia. we cannot let barack obama's legacy fault into the hands of someone who doesn't understand that.>> trump is taking fire from former defense secretary robert gates. the prominent republican called trump beyond repairs, stubbornly, and uninformed about the world. gates didn't spare hillary clinton either calling out her
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challenges of trustworthiness. she has time before the election to reassure people about her judgment. in response trump took to twitter, the filling new york timesãthat crooked hillary is doing so badly. 's campaign comes to the bay area this week. tim kaine will be her wednesday for three fundraisers. clinton's running mate had to an atherton home for a roundtable. he will then have lunch at an atherton home. that event is being cohosted by the chief executive of hewlett- packard. california is just weeks away from several pivotal votes including the candidates measure. and exclusive kpix survey usa poll shows 52 percent of voters say yes to making pot legal , while 40 percent say no. in an la times poll shows that 58 percent of people back prop
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64. the ballot measure is backed by former facebook president sean parker. anyone over 21 would be allowed to grow as many as six plans. the measure would impose a 15 percent tax on retail sales of the drug. half of voters oppose in november ballot measure that would abolish the california death penalty. proposition 62 would replace capital punishment with life without parole. a poll shows 40 percent registered voters, while 51 percent say they will not vote for it. an effort to get californians to register to vote is causing confusion. it started with a mass mailing to four and half million people. a tow people they were registered. there have been more than 700 complaints about voters who got those voter registration applications. some also addressed to pets, kids, and people who are dead.
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>> a couple weeks ago the register's office heard from angry voters. frustrated by letters implying they are not registered to vote. others complain voter registration forms were sent to their children, dead relatives, even. scott says registers across the state are reporting similar campaignsãcomplaints. these letters went out to four points 6 million californiaã californians.>> i think it is to try to encourage people to vote. >> we have 17 to 18 protocols to ensure that the list is as clean as humanly possible.>> the president of the -- bpc explains registry unmarried women, millennial's, and
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unregistered voters. angie says they do exclude common pet names.>> is it hundred percent perfect? of course not.>> she says they are improving.>> he has used up all of his nine lives.>> the register is concerned how the mailings may impact perception. he is not concerned about actual fraud. the nonprofit says it has successfully register more than 3 million voters. and cleared those records with secretary of state months before they were sent out. if you want to check your registration status head to how in the world are they getting pet names? they are using public records.
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does the group get money based on how many people they actually sign-up?>> they said absolutely not.>> thinks julie. it's the role of the dice, while the raiders stay or will they head to sin city. oakland councilmember, noel gile, joins us in studio to talk about what is being done to get the team to stay in the bay. ,,,,,,,,,,,,n today in
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oakland..... it could be one of the last home openers bay area fans will get to catch at the o- dot-co coliseum. that's because the team is one step closer to calling sin city home. as the raiders opened their season in oakland it could be one of the last home openers bay area fans will be able to catch at the coliseum. the team is one step closer to calling sin city home. a las vegas committee overseeing a new 65,000 seat stadium voted to approve the deal. the one .9 billion-dollar plan includes the $750 million public subsidy. it now heads to nevada lawmakers. in addition to public money there is financing from the
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casino mobile who has agreed to give $650 million toward the project. as sin city moves ahead of the race, leaders are working on the plan to get the team to stay.>> there is a deal that could be had in the city of oakland that keeps the raiders here. we will continue to move on the track we have been traveling on. >> larry breed also said the agencies are still committed to providing about 40 million public dollars for infrastructure around a new stadium in oakland. joining us to talk more about the possibility of the team moving is oakland councilmember. what do you think about the biggest deal? it is very generous of them. 750 million in public subsidies? that is huge. >> we are still not done yet. regardless of what happens in vegas or other municipalities, the raiders will be her for 2017 and 2018. we do have a strong fan base.
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i can honestly say that oakland is committed to do a regional effort. we are willing to invest more dollars.>> can you compete with one $.9 billion?>> there are many ways to get to that point. we are willing toãi can tell you what we all added up in terms of oakland's commitment we can exceed that. >> they are not using taxpayer dollars. they are proposing a hotel tax. they are calling a special session just to improve that. was specifically is oakland doing to compete with what they guess is offering? >> you have to remember we have the training land for their training. we have the land that is owned by the city of oakland taxpayers. we haveãmany developers want to invest in oakland. we can match a similar offer,
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maybe not to that tune. las vegas still has many hurdles to cross, in terms of the federal aviation improving the land because it's near the airport. at the same time, oakland is ready. we own the land and we have a stadium. we can rebuild a stadium. i am committed to keep the raiders in oakland.>> you are obviously part of the raider nation. a me ask you this, if you are mark davis which you stay or would you take the biggest deal?>> i would stay in oakland. we are already here, we have gathered many other investors that want to make the oakland raiders stay in oakland. we have the nfl owners still to vote. i think they will stay with oakland. oakland is a fan base for the nfl. we have demonstrated through all the media searches and researches that oakland is a strong place for the nfl to be.
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>> they do have this year-to- year lease here, even if they accept the deal they will be here for one more season. if they decide to leave do you think raider nation will still support them next season?>> it will be very difficult to do. it is hard for me to continue on that path based on all of the commitments and efforts that we have made. >> thank you for joining us. we will continue to cover this topic. let's turn to our sunday sports morning roundup. good morning everybody. are you ready for some football? are you ready for what you're about to see? sit back, login, and watch this go. we will hit play right now. the giants did not bring it home against the cardinals last night. matt riddle couldn't clean up the game. the cardinals one 3-2. texas size burger, at the rangers, for nothing in the fifth.
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another day at the office, 260 all-purpose yards, two touchdowns. they match the trojans 27-10 mac. huge win for kalb last night. 50-43 was the score. 93 points collectively on the board there. that is sports at this hour. a little bit later on it will be the 49ers at the panthers, 49ers come in it to touchdown
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underdog. a touchdown favorite to beat the falcons. that came on kpix five. on our sister station, 11 am uncle vernon hosting black renaissance. stepping out of my element from sports into the issues. it's going to be a long day at work for me. i better get going. you can watch the raiders take on the falcons on kpix five. gametime is 1:25 pm followed by the fifth quarter. here is a live look toward the coliseum. dozens of fans are already gathering to tailgate this morning. it continues until kickoff on 66th avenue. the group make oakland better has been putting a party on for the past 18 years. it looks like it's going to be a nice day for the home
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opener.>> we do have bad air quality over the coliseum. the gametime forecast, 71 in oakland. if you don't go out you can watch it right here on kpix five. plenty of sun and warm temperatures. out the door this morning temperatures are hovering in the mid 50s. 60 degrees in oakland this morning. it will be a warm one in the east bay. we will stay cooler at the beach. we do have a north flow, that is helping to warm things up. at the coast it is ushering in cool marine air. we warm things up, the north wind will keep things hot inland. high pressure continues to build increasing our temperatures today. we will begin to cool early next week. high temperatures, triple digits for the east bay, concord, near 90 in san jose,
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mid-80s for oakland, upper 70s for san francisco. south bay temperatures hovering near the 90 degree mark. upper 80s for the cool response. 60s along the coast. and east bay is where you will see the triple digits today. around the bay temperatures near 80 degrees for the east side of the bay. close to the upper 70s, 60s along the coast, and we have upper 90s for folks in the far north bay today. the extended forecast shows temperatures will begin to cool tomorrow. cooler on tuesday, significant drop off by wednesday. 20 degree drop by wednesday. temperatures in the 80s for the rest of the week.>> the race for the white house coming up. donald trump is gaining ground. how close he is coming to out beat hillary clinton in the polls. that is next. our political insiders weigh in on how clinton's health is impacting her support. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and neck in the presidential race. a cnn analysis shows clinton new polls show hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in the presidential race. clinton was 43 percent among likely voters, trump has 41 percent. gary johnson has nine percent, jill stein has three percent.
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>> if the polls are to be believed the race for the presidency has become a neck and neck sprain for the finish line. how did this happen? you have to explain this.>> i wish i could. there seems to be a series of bad news incidents coming out for hillary clinton. donald trump is staying on script. it seems to be working. he has a health issue, more secrets, that spread into the narrative about her being secretive. the basket of -- deplorable's comment. you have donald trump who is held to a different standard.>> as much as i hate to admit this, i have to say you were right. he predicted this about a month ago. donald trump will continue to be donald trump. he would not even try to sway over any of hillary's voters. he would sit and try to make her fall.>> you know what amuses me about trump, he knows
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he is not going to get one vote among black people. where is he going to get the press, he is going to black churches. it is absolutely mind-boggling that he would be allegedly wasting his time. he is not wasting his time. he is reaffirming to his membership, to his fellowship, exactly what he is and what he is about. >> it's interesting about the reach out, this week a lot of people have come to me and said the word deplorable. in my one of the deplorable's? she hit a nerve among voters on that.>> you just handed a gift to a showman. he will call people on stage. t-shirts have been made, hats have been made. he could run with this. he is making much more hay of this than anyone else then we
7:57 am
have seen in modern history.>> there is no occasion, when trump makes an appearance for you don't get a laugh out of something that he is doing, or attempting to do. how he looks, or how he acts.'s for one example, when he goes in for this so-called health discussion with dr. oz, how did he go in and have him certify that he was okay. ideologues of exercise, particularly with my hands. he gets away with absolute murder. it seems to me, hillary clinton should have said he went to dr. also for a physical review. what about dr. phil for his head? that might have gotten a laugh if she could have delivered it. that's all we have time for right now. you probably got a laugh. back to you guys. >> the bay area boardwalk boarded up. the plan to save a nature lovers paradise in palo alto. ,,,,
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welcome back to k-p-i-x 5 this morning. the time is _ _. good morning, i'm julie watts. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpnxãkpix five news. >> the time is 8 am. still had three brutal attacks overnight. an explosion in new york city, a minnesota mall stabbing. how both presidential candidates are responding this morning.>> safeguarding guns,
8:01 am
over 900 guns lost from law enforcement agents across the state. two of those weapons used in deadly shootings. congressman mark is taking action. he joins us live in the studio to explain how the problem can be stopped.>> thinking into the ground, san francisco county workers will be in the hot seat about the issue up with a well- known high-rise.>> it is going to be a warm one today. here is a live look outside at ocean beach. a beach hazard stay in effect for the entire coast. big rakes and rip currents are expected. stay further back from the water, never turn your back to the ocean. if you do get caught in a rip current, don't fight it, you want to swim parallel to the shore. air quality forecast, moderate for most of the bay, unhealthy today in the east bay and in the santa clara valley. if you do have asthma or other respiratory issues keep that in mind. if you can, avoid driving
8:02 am
today. clear to start this morning. we have a hot weekend, triple digit temperatures in the east bay. 60s and 70s along the coast. we will talk more about that coming up in a bit. here's maria. police are investigating a large explosion that injured at least two dozen people. it shut down a busy area in new york city. it happened around 8:30 pm in the chelsea neighborhood near a dumpster. official site a second device appears to be a pressure cooker with wire sticking out, and what looks to be a cell phone attached. witnesses say the blastsãthe blast ripped the dumpster to shreds.>> i heard debris falling on the ground.>> i was driving a car and the next thing you know i felt an explosion. the car tilted over.>> those injured in the blast are expected to be okay. near the scene, the mayor of
8:03 am
new york try to calm fears of terrorism. he did say it was an intentional act. that explosion in new york came hours after a separate blast in new jersey. the bomb went off just before runners were to take off in a charity race in the town of seaside park. no injuries have been reported. the fbi is investigating. investigators have not said whether or not they believe it was terror related. and officer shot and killed the suspect in a stabbing that left eight people wounded at a minnesota mall. we are learning isis media is claiming the man behind the attack was a soldier of the islamic state. police say the suspect was drove -- dressed in a private security uniform. the victims were taken to the hospital'sãhospital to be treated. presidential candidates responded to the three attacks.
8:04 am
>> we are doing everything we can to support our first responders. >> it's a terrible thing that is going on in our world and in our country. we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant.>> the three incidents come less than a week of the 15th year anniversary of 9/11. santa rosa police are reportãinvestigating a crash. the crash prompted a large response from agencies throughout sonoma county. two other people inside the car were hurt and taken to the hospital. the city of oakland and its police department are now facing a $66 million claim from the teenager at the center of the sex scandal. attorneys for jasmine, formally known as celeste klopp filed the claim. she said she had sexual
8:05 am
encounters with officers while she was still a minor. the former chief wins knew about the sexual misconductã and covered it up.>> this young lady will never recover from this. there's no amount of money that can restore her childhood.>> oakland has 45 days to respond. in downtown berkeley smoke billowing atto -- out of the building. crews on the fire had the fire out. one firefighter suffered a injury. that is a look at your top stories. >> sampson countyãsan francisco county workers will be in the hot seat.
8:06 am
this thursday the san francisco building department will explain to the board of supervisors why it allowed a developer to build the millennium tower without anchoring it to bed rock. the city is accused of not telling expected buyers about the towers problem before they moved him. >> there are huge gaps in the record. behind me, on february 2 of 2009, the city is asked questions about the settlement. just a few months later in august, the city and county issues a final certificate of occupancy for those units. we knew or should have known at that time of the building was thinking.>> the developers are blaming construction on the nearby trance bay terminal for causing the building to sink in tilt. the millennium tower is built on landfill. a popular boardwalk will be getting a makeover. the city is set to take a major step toward policeãreplacing
8:07 am
the boardwalk. they are expected to vote to replace the boardwalk. it will widen the boardwalk by one foot. that is one of many needed fixes. >> we have had riding, >> because the area is home to many birds, construction can only be done during the non- nesting season. from september through the end of january. it will not be completed until 2020. bart is unveiling a new powertrain this week. they will carry passengers to antioch. instruction of the 10 mile extension from the pics per big point bart station is underway right now. wednesday is when part will give us need peak. an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the highway 80
8:08 am
smart corridor project. the new highway signs are already assigned. they warned drivers, drivers face an average of 30 minute delays. the agency hopes these morning signsãwarning signs will shave off five minutes. the project cost $80 million. congressman joins us live with a shocking number of weaponsãweapons that a been stolen fromãacross the state. hat would ,,quire agencies like the f-b-i
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on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. store guns safely. ,,,,,,,,
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congressman mark desaulnier says the bill is in r a local member of congress is introducing a bill were agencies would have to store gun safely. the bill is in response to a series of gun deaths in the bay from our cars belonging to federal agents. two of those stolen guns were used in deadly shootings. that includes the high-profile death of kate steinle.
8:12 am
she was killed by walking on a san francisco pier with her father. the news reported that 944 law enforcement guns were stolen or lost by bay area police, states, and federal officers statewide over six year period. joining us now to talk is mark to sonia. over 900 guns lost or stolen over six years. that seems outrageous, what is currently in place to prevent that?>> it is a hodgepodge right now. there was legislation passed. it is pending. my bill would apply to federal officers across the united states. >> that was going to be one of my questions, your bill applies only to federal officers, what about state officers?>> it is separate. every state is different. in our case, there are federal
8:13 am
agencies that have law enforcement officers that have guns. it is a complete hodgepodge. carboãare bill says there has to be a minimum standard. it has to be locked if it is not on your person.>> you are bill says it requires standards. what kind? who decides what is the best standard? >> we live that up to the administration. we liveãleave that up to the president. they would communicate with these other agencies. some do not have any policy at all. the pure land management, the caseãgun that was used in the steinle murder. thereã >> those two agencies have no policy at all?>> the fbi does have a policy. all of these agencies tried to instill in these officers that you have to be safe.
8:14 am
we should go further than that. >> your bill does provide information about the danger of keeping an unlocked gun in the home. do we really need to tell an officer they shouldn't keep unlocked gun in their home or in their car?>> apparently. times have changed. in san francisco we have people taking into cars even when they don't see anything there on the seat. we have to update our standards.>> the majority of officers are very responsible with their firearms. 900 statewide over six years is not a huge number when you look at how many officers out there are responsible. there are some outliers. the bill applies to federal officers. there is a chance that the state law would make some changes here. >> the bill is on the governor's desk. hopefully he will sign it. it is a good step forward. california is leading the country. there has to be a national
8:15 am
standard.>> thank you for joining us. the race for the white house, trump is now abandoning his view that president obama may not be a u. s. citizen. trump is also accusing hillary clinton of starting the -- the republican nominee is still capitalizing on controversial comments.>> to all of you deplorable's. >> last night at the congressional black caucus foundation dinner the president push for black voters to help stop trump. clinton was also in attendance. she did not mention trump by name but said the upcoming election would be a pivotal choice for the country.
8:16 am
>> it comes down to who will fight for the forgotten. who will invest in our children, and who were really have your back in the white house? >> labor day has come and gone, and believe it or not we are in what is supposed to be the serious final stretch of the presidential campaign. joining us this morning melissa kane, and willie brown. this is serious?>> very serious. the whole world has changed as you know campaigns. you probably are accustomed to the link debates. we are into who is where at which chain at what time. >> we are talking aboutãwe're back again to the issue whether donald trump thinks that barack obama was born in the united states. for down to looking at pictures of hillary clinton before or after she gets into the car.
8:17 am
is it real, is it a body double, issued a robot? this kind of level of discourse is far fromã >> it is equal to the voters. the voters make their decision in that pit, and believe me every politician needs to get in that pit and be of that. in order to get that vote. that is what is happening.>> that is very encouraging for the republic. let's get it straight, you understand, i do not think it is necessary for the voters to prove that they have read or listened to all of theãthey have instincts, they had been watching you year in and year out. they know what kind of treatment they need, and you seem to provide that opportunity. although you are a pitch been on the back of a truck selling snake oil. >> now we have the candidates
8:18 am
are neck and neck at this point. hillary clinton had a good lead, especially in the number of swing states, that lead is closing. that has to be very concerning for her campaign. they had a story about how hillary clinton operatives in the bay area are bashful at how this is even close at this point. >> the clinton campaign absolutely knows that the people between the agents of about 20 and 45 are not voting for her in the numbers they need to vote for her. you will see a heavy duty does of born in that particular direction. >> a dose of what?>> a dose of what is going to move them in horror. they are going to put the president on the road.
8:19 am
i'm going to let it go with porn and college campus. that is where we are in the presidential race. back to you guys. giving bay area students a view of the world. a new geography lesson. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:21 am
this morning, the governor is sending a clear message: water welcome back. we are looking at your sunday forecast. we are heating things up today. temperatures hitting in the triple digits for some locations. new to 50 degrees mark for most locations across the bay area. we will stay cooler at the beach. what happens when we had inland. that northerly flow turns off shore, as it does it will warm temperatures into the century mark for the warmest spots in our east bay communities. 90s for the south bay, everyone warming up as high pressure continues to build our temperatures continue to climb. here's a look at those high temperatures, near 100 degrees.
8:22 am
we are above average. 94 san jose, 84 oakland, 77 in san francisco. upper 70s to mid 80s around the bay today. south bay temperatures in the mid-to upper 90s for the former spots some folks in closer to the upper 80s. 60s along the coast. 86 and heyward, farther east temperatures climb into the triple digits. temperatures near that probably not going to feel much cooler. around the bay, certainly cooler. had west today if you are looking to cool off. 80 berkeley, 84 oakland, cooler still as you cross over the bay into san francisco. 68 in daly city, 69's instant beach. can fillã91 sonoma, mid to upper 90s for lakeport. a look at that extended
8:23 am
forecast shows tomorrow still warm. not quite as hot as today. topping out in the mid to upper 90s. inland, mid-70s, 60s along the coast. a cooling trend bottoming out midweek just in time for the start of fall. we are cooling things off. this morning the governor is sending a clear message. water conservation is still a high priority in california. right now there are no standards or labeling requirements for landscape irrigation equipment. even though landscaper irrigation makes up half of the water used in homes. jerry brown is changing that. he just signed a bill that would make the california energy commission set standards for the equipment by january 2018. study show only one in americanãfive is proficient
8:24 am
in geography. >> the gross product is called the gdp. this value is a measure of this country's economic prosperity. >> the weekly afterschool class in san jose.>> i realize how important it is in a world to be geo-literate.>> the senior at bellarmine college prep found the nonprofit, geography for tomorrow. he teaches to underserved children for free. he uses virtual cardboard glasses to bring the world of clothes. arvin started geography for tomorrow three years ago after doing a community service project at another school. he discovered that the fourth- graders didn't know the capital of canada.>> i knew that maybe i could use my passion and my knowledge of this field in order to empower these youth.
8:25 am
>> with the help of 70+ volunteers arvin has taught geography to more than 200 students in south and east bay schools like eighth grader max.>> i know what goes on in the outside world. next time when i am older i can go beyond that. >> arvin's tools includes games, a giant map from organizations like national geographic. the 17-year-old developed his own curriculum. principal lorraine sheppard is impressed.>> when arvin sent me his lesson plan, i was blown away. i thought i was looking out lesson plans of a seasoned teacher.>> in organized geo-day for kids and their families at a community center. volunteerãvolunteers said arvin can lead a nonprofit.>> i
8:26 am
don't know how he does it.>> do guys want to go under water?>> sharing his passion for geography, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to arvin sridhar. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
dragon boat festival" involves a hundred teams. you can catch dragon boats out at lake merritt in oakland. indycar fans will beãthe final race. here's a look at your forecast for the dragon boat race. it will be a beautiful day in oakland. bring the water in the hat, and the sunscreen.>> thank you for joining us. have a great sunday. ,,
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," breaking news overnight. after a bomb injures 29 in new york city. and the presidential race moves back into the too close to call category. an explosion rocks a chelsea neighborhood in new york city saturday night. officials say none of the injuries are life-threatening. just hours after the attack, mayor bill de blasio spoke to reporters. >> there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection. >> dickerson: we'll bring you the latest on the investigation. the bombing had a sobering effect on a campaign where the candidates are nearly tied in the polls. >> a bomb went off in new york, and nobody knows exactly what's going on, but, boy, we are living in a time, we better get very tough, folks. >> i'll have more to say about it when we actually know the facts. >> dickerson: recovering f


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