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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. at 11:00, remembering a bay area power player, and activist, who some say had more influence in san francisco politics that elected officials. good evening. i brian hackney. >> i am julie goodridge. let's go to job osgood who joins us from outside the home in chinatown tonight. joe. trevor rose pack was often referred to as the most powerful person in san francisco, and not too many people in chinatown or across the city would argue with that. >> she was one in 1 million by terms -- a charming, tough as nails. >> reporter: family and friends at the way to shed tears and honor the namesake of the street. she was discovered by a caretaker this morning with heart problems and had recently
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received a transplanted kidney overseas. >> it is still a shock. she seemed to be full of life and full of health. >> reporter: born in china, she burst onto the san francisco scene first as a chronicle reporter and then as a community activists. as the longtime leader averaged -- chamber of commerce she helped many immigrants recital in the city and she brought the better living conditions and to the polls to gain political power. >> we lost a lot. we lost a lot for the community. >> i don't know what kool-aid she drank from. >> reporter: she was funny and profane and loved a good fight. last month she was upset about the proposal for union square to keep stock in street blocked off so she threatened her own blockade. >> we have thousands of trucks and cars, blockading the whole city hall and mta areas for one week. to see how they like it. nobody could get in and out.
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that is the promise and it is not a threat. it is a reality. >> reporter: in her role as the power broker, rose pack persuaded the current mayor to run for office among others. >> she was one of the persons that requested me to run for mayor. and she told me what she would do to make sure that i won and that obviously was the decision. >> reporter: late this afternoon a small crowd held up blankets and umbrellas to shield the view as the rose pack body was removed from her home. >> she was the friend and amit -- an enemy of mayors and members of the board of supervisors but at the end of the day, she was a lovely person and i will miss her. >> reporter: the street that bears her name does not say rose pack way but it says rose pack way and that is no accident as one political leader told me that it has always been rose packs way or the highway. a force of nature died of
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natural causes and she was 68. in san francisco chinatown, kpix 5. san francisco city hall is lit up in white in honor of rose pak and that the mayor has ordered flags to be flown at half staff. he said in a statement that this is a great loss to the city as a whole and the chinese community in particular, a community that rose, served, supported and 54 often fiercely her entire adult life. supporters are tweeting the reaction to the passing of rose pak, one thing rest in peace and thank you for showing us how to fight for things that you believe and your dedication to our chinatown community. another says the san francisco will not be the same without you.
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switching gears to the other big story, record heat of parts of the bay area with the last weekend of summer -- it really felt like it in spots. high temperatures sent people towards the water to cool app even san francisco hit 90 degrees in parts of the city. we will take a look at how hot it god with the record highs in oakland, 89 degrees today and killed ray, 102 and richmond, 90 degrees, all of them records or tied records. hot temperature i sent hundreds of people out to the coast and we will see exactly how they spend it with kpix 5 sandra osborne. >> reporter: if you are working on your tan -- >> it is finally warm. >> reporter: or your eyes can count, you are sure to notice the temperatures this weekend. the beach was packed it despite the u.s. coast guard warning swimmers off strong rip currents. she had to be rescued by fellow beachgoers after being caught in one. >> something was wrong -- really fast. >> reporter: despite following saltwater, help arrived in time. >> i appreciate it. i needed it. i needed that time. those guys -- i appreciated the help. >> reporter: they enjoyed the
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waves from the safety of the sandor they had frozen treats to cool off. >> i played soccer this morning i was really hot >> reporter: guys couldn't san francisco -- it is a popular place by workers fear that there has been an increase in the number of customers, especially with a higher temperatures. business could be booming for a while longer as warmer temperatures are still here on monday. san francisco, sandra osborne, kpix 5 the heat was bad news for firefighters around that bay area added greene county a brush fire burned 10 acres near a boy scout camp outside of fairfax. it started at around 4:30 pm in your the camp and crews got a quick handle on it but they are monitoring the area in case of any flareups. 11 acre brush fire sends smoke over dublin canyon road today. crews dropped a fire retardant from the area they used that on the ground to put out the flames. a bigger fire is burning out of control in central coast tonight. it is in a remote canyon on air
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force base, with 2200 acres of burning. the fire is burning on the south end of the base, with heavy brush providing fuel, ed winds are expected to increase overnight. nearly 800 firefighters are at the scene. and the wildfire has forced officials to scrub a satellite launch. and atlas five rocket was supposed to blast off today with a satellite designed to capture high-resolution images of the earth. developing news, the fbi is working desire met four suspicious devices found near a train station in new jersey. a fifth device exploded while a bomb squad robot was trying to disarm it -- nobody was injured and matt bise questioning five people in connection with last night's bombing in new york city. cbs reporter brook silva-braga -- took silva braga is in manhattan with the latest. >> reporter: surveillance
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footage captures the moment a pressure cooker bomb police believe injured 29 in the chelsea area of manhattan, all released from a hospital. a second pressure cooker was found four blocks away and disassembled by police on sunday. >> was it a political motivation? personal? what was it? we do not know. >> reporter: andrew cuomo noted in a morning press conference that no terrorist group and claimed responsibility. >> at this time there is no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. >> reporter: law enforcement sources tell cbs news that the bombs in new york and the one that went up on saturday morning in new jersey along the course of their marine charity race were designed to be used with a cell phone triggers that they cannot say definitively if the events are links. >> definitely an explosion. we definitely felt it from two blocks away. >> reporter: nypd is on heightened alert and estate police and national guard are deployed into transit hubs all while hundreds of international
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dignitaries arrive in new york for the un general assembly, brook silva-braga, cbs news, new york. the fbi is coley is stabbing spree a potential act of terrorism. last night a man injured eight people and that he was shot to death by an off- duty police officer. the attacker asked people if they were muslim if they were not, he stabbed them he was 22- year-old immigrant from somalia who has been in the usa for 15 years. cbs news is reporting that he had recent run-ins with police. and isis related website claimed that he was in isis soldier but it is not clear if he had any real connection to the grill. in response to the attacks this weekend, increase security at the giants games and there is no known threat against san francisco but police are asking people to report anything suspicious. people are wondered why
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that bombing in new york targeted the chelsea neighborhood instead of other attractions. we asked kpix 5 security analyst and former fbi agent to weigh-in. >> chelsea is a nice area with a nice market so it is another target, and other soft target and that is what they are looking for so as time goes on and in areas of popularity, they become somewhat hardened, they will look for the softer locations such as chelsea. >> he says that they will look at how the pressure cooker was constructed, where it was made and sold and try to pin down suspects. terrorism will likely take center stage in a presidential rate -- race in the wake of the attacks. don champion -- or what the nominees are saying and their plans for the days ahead. >> reporter: the presidential campaigns are reacted at sunday to the weekend attacks in new jersey, new york, and minnesota. donald trump running mate spoke in florida. >> prairie and vigilance is the order of the day. >> reporter: in a statement hillary clinton said i am confident americans will once again choose resolve over fear. this week hillary clinton will meet with world leaders at the united nations general assembly. donald trump plans to stump in
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battleground states as the campaign is dogged by questions about his sudden shift on friday on president obama's birthplace. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. on face the nation, the campaign manager tried to move past the controversy. >> he advocated something for five years that was a lie. why did he do that? >> i think that this is a sideshow now and diabetes seems upsized. >> reporter: with hillary clinton slipping in some polls, president obama rallied a black voters behind on saturday night during a fiery speech before the congressional black caucus foundation. >> i would consider it a
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personal insult, an insult to my legacy, if this committee lets down his guard and fails to activate itself in this election. >> reporter: hillary clinton will campaign in pennsylvania on monday. don champion, cbs news. the latest battleground tracker finds hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie across key states. the first presidential debate will be held a week from tomorrow. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in the bay area this week for several campaign fundraisers. on wednesday he will attend to in san francisco. supporters are paying anywhere from $1000-$33,000 to get in. president obama will meet with world leaders in new york for the un general assembly. jfk -- earlier today -- and they attended a private fundraiser for the hillary victory fund. ben carson wants to make law-enforcement officials more responsible for keeping track of guns after several high- profile shootings involving officers firearms. the family of -- they are reeling from their loss particular member of the 32- year-old was shot last year while walking in san francisco. allegedly by a man who used a gun that was stolen from a federal agent a year ago artist
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antonio ramos was shot while painting a peace mural in oakland. the gun was used to kill him -- it was stolen from a federal immigration agent in san francisco. now a proposed bill would require federal agencies to store their gun safe way. the bill is on the governor's desk so hopefully he will sign it, a good step forward and as usual california is leaving the country but i think that there has to be a national standard . >> more than 900 guns have been stolen or lost by law enforcement officials around the state since 2010. neighbors fired up over a stinky situation in the south bay. >> the smell knocks you down. >> we suffer a lot. >> the proposal that has the people fighting for fresh air. a bay area gathering place goes up in flames, the emotional loss for many neighbors and tourist . closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces furniture. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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a daycare. it happened on grayson court around 6 o-clock. a covered patio was on fire... and the flames spread into the home. no one was inside at the time. but a woman came back... and tried to save investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire at a home and that was used as a daycare. it happened at grayson corrine brown 6:00 a covered patio was on fire and the flame spread into the hall. know what was inside but a woman came back and try to save the pet rabbits, sustaining minor burns to her hands. fire tore through a beloved landmark on the san mateo betty close line, firefighters arrived before dawn to find
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flames spreading through the country store and if you have ever been to pescadero, you have been there, a popular eating and gathering spot with lots of fun local gives insight and a coffee shop and the business -- it was a total loss. neighbors stood near the site in shock. >> right now i am shaky because i cannot believe it has happened. >> it means everything to this town. this was where everybody met. every day. for coffee. for a sandwich, just to say hello. >> many times neighbors say they want to help the owner rebuild. the cause of the morning's fire is under investigation. a new development in the freak accident that killed a man in menlo park. one of its trucks may have been involved. the schp things that this metal not through -- flew through the windshield of a minivan as it was going northbound on 101 on friday. the object appears that the neck of the 82-year-old driver and it killed him. caltrans says the projectile may have come from one of its own trucks and the agency is
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cooperating with chp investigators. a smelly dispute in the south a common issue of is to expand a landfill that people downwind call a nuisance. protesters gathered at the newbie island landfill on the san jose borders, and kpix five devon still he has more on the fight for fresh air. >> reporter: neighbors say that there's something rotten about the island landfill. >> the smell knocks you. >> reporter: he says he has lived nearby for nearly 40 years and during this time he has seen it grow along with the overpowering odor that emanates from it. >> san jose -- to expand this. that is not good. it is not good for the property values. it is not good for our kids. >> reporter: demonstrators gathered outside the landfill to protest plans to expand beyond its current size and capacity. >> when the wind blows from that direction -- the landfill does the smell is really bad. so the wind is in the direction -- much cleaner air.
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>> reporter: not everyone agrees that the landfill should shut down. she is a former employee and says that neighbors knew the risk when they moved here. >> this has been here forever. it is not their fault that they have opted to build closer to the landfill. you know? it is one of those things. >> reporter: a spokesperson for republic services which operates landfill says that they have listened to the community's concerns but ultimately the landfill is a vital asset for the bay area and is expected -- expansion will enable the community to address needs for environmental service as. and answer not likely to satisfy protesters who think that the landfill and any plans to expand it just plain stinks. >> we suffer a lot. >> reporter: san jose, devin feeley. san francisco building officials will be in the hot seat to answer questions about a sinking high-rise. is a 58 story millennium tower. it has settled by more than 1 foot since it opened in 2009.
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it also tilts a little bit to the left. the city supervisors want to know why the developer was allowed to build it without anchoring it to bedrock ny condo buyers were not warned about the problem before they moved in. nfl commissioner roger goodell said today that there's a lot of work to be done before the lee considers moving the raiders to las vegas. kpix 5 jessica florez was at the team opener or the raider nation could have been making its last homestand. >> painted faces, tattoos, ac of silver and black, in oakland, raider nation and runs deep. with of the raiders eyeing las vegas, what happens to these fans is that the team moves. >> we are still loyal fans and we will support them regardless. >> to make a weekend trip. >> nevada oversight committee approved a $750 million in funding for an nfl stadium.
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while oakland city leaders have said no taxpayer dollars will go into a new stadiums here. >> it is not always about the money. it is about the team, the atmosphere. you look at it in oakland that you will not see the same in vegas. >> i hate to see them leave but as a business decision, it is awesome. >> bad news for city leaders in oakland? >> have not taken care of us and that is what it comes down. >> reporter: why aren't you stepping up and keeping the raiders here? >> raters belong in oakland honestly but if they do not want them, we are gone. >> reporter: in a statement, the mayor says that she is working to iron out a deal with the radars and with the nfl to keep the team in oakland. >> oakland has to stay here, diehard. >> reporter: are you willing to have taxpayers pay for part of the stadium? >> yes. >> reporter: other fans do not share that enthusiasm. do think that taxpayers should be paying for a stadium in oakland? >> that is another question. >> reporter: the question city leaders are tackling is keeping the raiders in oakland worth of
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taxpayer dollars? nevada, state lawmakers and the governor would have to approve any taxpayer-funded stadium there. in oakland, jessica florez, kpix 5. part of san francisco will be more crowded than usual, as of the open world 2016 is under way. the annual conference runs through thursday at the moscone a center and commuters take no. howard street is closed between third and fourth until then and there may also be some delays in the area. sweltering in the hot noon day sun of monday because we will get a break but not much. cool down more on tuesday but tomorrow, almost as hot as it was today as we look live out towards the bay, the tower in the distance and the numbers are still warm, 75 in san jose and the city, 64 degrees, 74 in concord and 67 in oakland and we get all the way up to 100 degrees in concord, 100 livermore, 98 at fairfield,
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then josi, hitting 93 degrees. and at the airport. it is warmer downtown. the beach warmed up a good deal with a little bit of an offshore portion that is all it took to send the temperatures skyrocketing especially in land. you can see little green -- of those green things -- we do not put them on there for fun. they are representing the direction of the flow, the winds at the surface and things get hot. this helps, high pressure that is a little low of high pressure over northern california creating the offshore push but as the height uses, the temperatures come down a little bit, a slight cooling and a little bit of fog by the shoreline but there will be more coming in on tuesday and wednesday and we will be dry through the weekend. the overnight lows, on the mild side, mid-50s and if you low 60s. sunup tomorrow at 6:55 am, and the equinox. it comes into the bay area. the northern hemisphere. on thursday. it is the last weekend of summer.
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at least measured astronomically and the highest temperature forecast tomorrow, san francisco 71, concord not, 94, oakland, 77 and then south bay, mid-80s will do it with some exceptions, campbell -- at 90, cupertino, not far behind, 80 degrees and a mid-90s tomorrow -- a breath of fresh air after hundreds today. we will come down about 5 degrees there and in the north bay. readings will be in the mid-80s as you get away from the water, cooler than that. closer to the water, mid-90s will do it for cloverdale and clearlake and ukiah. 70 outlook, looking for significant cooling on tuesday and wednesday, 80 degrees in the, so it will be 20 degrees cooler by wednesday but you'll have to wait because tomorrow still looks plenty warm and that is what is ahead in weather. for what is a headed news, juliet. trading in the basketball court for the track, they -- a special ride with a racing legend. coming up, next on game day, the raiders gave up 500 yards for the second straight week. >> defense only.
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that hertzberg >> the 49ers gave up 500 yards as well. >> it is always hard when you get the first loss of the season. >> no kind of offense like that for the giant at at&t. >> that is a rap. >> week two of the nfl and baseball wild-card race it next on game day. >> kpix 5 weather is sponsored by mancini sleep world. enjoy savings at the mattress sale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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drivers, start your
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engines. >> she is serving as grand marshal of the indycar season finale and sonoma. her husband steph curry also snapped a picture with legendary racer mario andretti, both hopping into his car for a fast ride thousands of air racing fans got a treat this weekend in reno. >> racing has become the theme of this segment, watching precision fires in the annual air races, pilots in 130 planes this year including the blue angels performed acrobatic feats like roles and dives. organizers say that attendance was up by about 10% with some 40,000 people showing up each day. and that we will be right back. ,,,,,,
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charmian carr played liesl von trapp... the eldest daughter in the hit musical in 1965. ting gigs... prepare for a shock -- i hate to tell you this, the actors famous for her role in the sound of music has died she played the eldest daughter in the hit musical in the hit musical and i did 65. >> she had few other acting gigs and went on to become a interior design. she died at the age of 73. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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