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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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they caught super man, bat man, officers confronted him. >> striking several times and the hulk and ninja turtle taking him down. >> reporter: early monday the scaling the building. they weren't fighting bad guys, fbi raided the suspect's apartment in elizabeth, new jersey and collected evidence. instead they cleaned off the investigators also collected a backpack filled with bombs at a gunk and crime, all while bringing smiles to the patients nearby train station, including inside. >> the parents have their own sense of struggles and really neat to see the kids getting one with a robot detonator. president obama is urging excite and waving and pointing. it's a very exciting time for everyone to remain vigilant. >> i think it's important to them and we enjoy it as well. >> reporter: after the hard work the super remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to washers scaled down to building to meet more do. they are trying to hurt innocent new friends at the bottom. people, but also want to inspire >> that's a great idea. fear in all of us. >> reporter: police have detained at least fe that's it for kpix news at 5:00. others in connection with the bombings. >> reporter: and late this afternoon, authorities in new cbs news can scot coming up jersey officially charged this next. man with a variety of criminal charges, right now he is being ,, ,,,,,,,, held on a 5.2 million dollar
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bail. an identified officer was shot in the abdomen and is expected to survive. >> a second explosive device that he placed was discovered by a woman who thought something didn't look right and she called 911. the bomb squad safely detonated it. as you saw, fbi agent and security analyst jeff harp say tips from the public are really important. >> as these events transpire over time, more and more people get concerned about their safety, so they really take that to heart, see something, say something. a lot of folks think well, if i say something, they are not going to act on it. that's not the way it is these days. if you call fbi, they will act on it. they will open an investigation. they will act on these. they do not take these things lightly. >> reporter: and it applies for those of us in the bay area, just like we had with super bowl
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50, it is important to stay vigilant. and the fbi is investigating an attack out of the minnesota mall as an act of terrorism. the st. cloud center reopened after nine people were attacked. captioning sponsored by cbs he asked people if they were muslim and used a knife to >> pelley: the suspect is captured alive. attack those who said they were an afghan immigrant is arrested in the bombings in new york and not. it ended when a police officer new jersey. shot and killed him. speaking of the new jersey >> as americans we do not, and never will, give in to fear. bombings, trump says it is >> pelley: also tonight, further are proof or immigration terrorism again becomes a campaign issue. system is broken. >> from 911 to san bernardino. >> i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. we see it puts all of our zenrd >> hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than she does about islamic terrorists. >> shots fired! citizens in danger. >> reporter: and hillary clinton's was an ouh >> pelley: video captures the fatal police shooting of an to my unarmed black motorist in tulsa.
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len i can't tells but switched. and we'll remember when rock was >> it is a sober reminder we young and loud. >> it was just like, "she loves- - ahhh!" need steady leadership in a dangerous world. >> each of the candidates meet tonight with the president of egypt. trump and clinton are expected to face off a week from today. battleground state is as tight as they come. clinton and trump tied at 42%. and we are following breaking news right now on 280, an overturned gravel truck is blocking four lanes at magdelane avenue. expect at least a two hour delay. in the last 45 minutes or so crews managed to fix a gas
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line break. along gaskoin drive near sterling. now people are being allowed back into the neighborhood. we are told a third party contractor hit that line with a backhoe. someone at skyline high school in oakland has tuberculosis. the school district will not say it is a student or staff member, the district is working to contact anyone who could have been exposed. the school is holding a parent meeting tonight. >> and a sunt at the state university drowned on a trip to sequoia national park. we just learned details about what happened. >> reporter: the university's president said billy win was a student who could sometimes be shy, but also one who had a love for the outdoors and for exercise and she says his enthusiasm for both of those could be infectious. the 19-year-old was with students and class members to
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sequoia park with the adventures program. they were swimming in a lake when for some reason he began to struggle. his classmates and teachers tried unsuccessfully to save him. park rangers recovered his body the next day. they released a statement as a president and parent i am heartbroken for the winn family and all who knew and loved their son. please keep billy and those involved in your hearts. he participated as a freshman also last year. a man is in the hospital in critical condition after someone opened fire on him with a paint ball gun. it happened around midnight in the 800 block of mission street, 33-year-old strict tim was discovered on the ground.
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his face and body covered with paint, showing where he was shot. >> there may have been some verbal altercation between the victim and some unknown subject. they may have come back and at that point shot the victim with the paint ball gun. >> reporter: this is the latest paint ball attack. back in may someone was attacked while driving a van. that shot left him blind. this housing is designed for african american students and culture. jessica is here for more. >> reporter: it's unclear how many dorms wile dedicated to the african american culture. the university say its plans are in the very early stages. >> reporter: cellphone captured a racially cn encounter on the campus last spring, an african american
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woman getting physical about a white man and his gredz. now campus officials are responding to demands from the black student union and plan on create ago new space where students can safely live and talk about issues affecting black americans. >> we want to work with our leaders and other color organizations to make sure our living community here is inclusive. >> already several dorms for business. one for civic and community engagement. this newest theme would be specific around race and culture, calling it an an afro themed dorm. >> especially the black lives movement, in that's incorporated into it, i think that's a good thing. >> reporter:
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they have already started housiy for black students. critics say it could lead to self-segregation. >> united dorms and have difsht cultures -- different cultures be together and come as a group. >> they say the african deemed doorm floor would be open to everyone. >> not that african american eggs only could live in that floor. >> they have not said yet which dorms will house the dorm floor. kpix 5. around big sur is the most expensive fire in history. it broke out july 22nd from an illegal unattended campfire. at last check it charred more than 113,000 acres. it is now 61% contained.
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the u.s. forest say the costs 198 million dollars. did you get outside and enjoy the sunshine? people flocked to ocean beach in san francisco, as well as runners and surfers. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in concord, when i left that side, it was toasty. >> reporter: i tell you what, as soon as we lose the ocean influence, that's worth about 20, 25 degrees, just a few days 70s inland. now we are right at the edge of santos plaza in the shade and it's 95.7 degrees off of a high of 98, 99 today still in the mid-90s with very low maumdu humidity. the air quality is bad, some of the smoke is wafting its way north and temperatures all throughout the bay area are running at least 11 to 16 degrees warmer than average.
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liver moor, second straight day in triple digits, so you are 16 degrees above normal. and 99, 16 degrees, san jose hit 94, 14 degrees above normal. and san francisco, your normal high is 70s, and all we did was lose the breeze from the ocean. now, something is changing tomorrow because look at the air quality for tuesday, going from unhealthy back to good and moderate that's because the ocean breeze will return and temperatures drop significantly. coming up, which one day looks to be cooler than average or 30 degrees cooler than today, coming up. >> cooling off tomorrow. the world downtown? san francisco, or cal created a section, howard street is
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closed. they expect 60,000 people and the city say they will provide a 120 million economic boost. on wednesday gwen stefani and sting will perform. coming up, a common children's medicine that could have dangerous side effects. >> plus go pro, latest cameras including a drone. and what is becoming a growing problem. ,,,,
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his grass was gone... stolen! kpix five's john ramos shows us this new kind of turf battle. concord garden business owner wendt to work and noticed his grass was stolen, a new kind of turf battle. >> concord garden equipment sell just about everything for those who like to garden and even those who don't. that's why they installed artificial turf outside their building. but mike stopped by the store and found someone dumped a pile of sand on the sidewalk. as i got closer, no, they didn't dump sand. they stole some of my cur f. >> a little bigger tharn a king size mattress and this is the
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second time. in may an elderly woman had most of her front lawn ripped off. concord police are at a loss to explain it. >> there is no market value. you can't bring this turf anywhere and sell it to anyone. in this latest heist the section stolen was custom fit to the opening, including a cutout for this big rock. . >> it is one of those crimes we are scratching our head and wonder, who would steal turf cut specifically for this area. >> you see each square foot contains about 3 pounds of sand, which means even the smaller section probably weighed close to 500 pounds. so without a forklift they had to leave the bigger piece behind. >> i had this business for 36 years and nothing surprises me anymore. i just figure hey, it's just all part of doing business.
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>> reporter: in concord. john ramos. a man accuseded of beating a woman to death was in court. zachary is accused of attacking flo douglas in an invasion robbery. she had a broken nose and head injuries. he was arrested last wednesday and appeared in arraignment with shackles around his waist. he is charged with attempted murder, robbery and elder abuse and each count has an added indication of burglary and he was under probation for car theft and hit and run. for decades. codeine has been used for pain relief. now a new report is warning about deadly dangers for children. >> reporter: that's right. the american academy of pediatric say stop giving
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codeine to children under the age of 18. >> reporter: linked to side effects and deady breathing reactions, but some doctors still prescribe it to treat pain or coughs in kids. >> there have been deaths in children undergoing tonsillectomy, but not just tonsillectomy and particularly children who have problems with sleep apnea. >> it turns the body into morphine and depending on how bad it breaks it down, some are getting too much of the drug. despite warnings, codeine -- codeine is still available in over-the-counter medications across the state. there is no evidence that codeine works for coughs and when it comes to pain after
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tonsillectomy there are difference available like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are also becoming common. there were 21 deaths from codeine from 165 to 2015. again, the american academy of pediatrics say kids under i should not be given the drug. >> thank you. go pro is adding drones, the founder and ceo from the camera based company made that announcement in squaw county. take a look. >> so much more than a drone. >> reporter: the new drone combines complicated technology that go pro claims is simple enough for the everyday person to use. the go pro karma drone will be available october 23rd for $799, it's compatible with the new hero 4 and hero 5 models.
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it's becoming pr common, companies requiring you to have a security code usually sent to your cellphone to access your account. >> but julie explains that requirement is causing some people a confusion. >> i thought it was a scam. i thought it was click base. >> reporter: john was skeptical when he got this e-mail about his security benefits. >> something about a one time only text code. >> reporter: requiring people to enter a code via text message to sign in. >> just seemed all wrong to me. >> reporter: but the e-mail was legit. >> hw do they know i have a smartphone. >> reporter: in order to make it more secure they implemented multifactor, it also required users to enter a text code. the problem is not all seniors have text enabled cellphones. >> where the cart got before the horse is when they made it mandatory -- >> reporter: he writes about
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security and points out an extra verification is the new online security standard. but for social security recipients. >> 70 to 80% a probably don't have a smartphone and b wouldn't necessarily understand setting up to factor of authentication. >> reporter: realizing rolling back the texte requirement, making restricted access to our users. >> time not quite come yet. >> reporter: more likely to embrace, many like mortimer happy it is not yet mandatory. >> reporter: now working on an alternate autn option. coming up all new at 6:00, you have been seeing the changes, now a pricey upgrade to
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relieve traffic on one of the bay area's busy commute is finally -- finally complut, but how much time is it shaving off drivers' commute?
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kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno joins us now from concord... paul, how long will this heat last? summer heat not letting up. chief meteorologist paul joins us now. paul, you say it's going to cool off, pretty hot tonight. >> it's pretty toasty, 96 in the shade. we are not in the shade. about 98 degrees in concord. what a way to spend a monday evening, plenty of choices for something to eat. you may be going to the ice cream first. it's about 17, 18 degrees warmer than normal. haze as well from the fire. smoke wafting from montere county heading our direction.
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that will change tomorrow. the heat will change tomorrow. as a matter of fact concord will struggle to hit 70 as soon as thursday. that's 30 degrees cooler than today. san francisco, you are warm, 76 but that's relatively speaking because we have widespread 90s, concord, 98, the hot spot and liver moor 96 degree, right arrange 60 for sand jose and liver moor, napa 54, concord continue and minimal cloud cover along the coastline, you will notice the low pressure area to the south and that low is bringing rain to san diego county and portions of san bernardino county. it's raining in the southern california area, whereas we are baking in 100 degree temperatures away from the water. the change of wind, ocean breeze comes back tomorrow.
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so a stronger sea breeze means cooldown near the water, but also inland. another 10 degrees wednesday and additional 10 degrees thursday. tonight clear with patchy fog along the coastline. it will not be as warm tomorrow. three-day warm snap is done and much cooler as the cooling continues and the ocean breeze gets stronger by the middle to end of this week. liver moore, still warm. 10 degrees cooler. napa very comfortable, 82. oakland tomorrow 71 and santa rosa 83 degrees. watch the drop wednesday and thursday. thursday low to mid-70s and 70s near the bay. cooling begins tomorrow. the heat is finished. there are a couple kids out here on the plaza trying to make the best of a hot monday afternoon. we are live in concord where it
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is still 98 degrees, but the heat is done tomorrow. we will be right back with more news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hollywood adventur well, a group of super heroes showed up and came to the rescue in oakland. >> looked like a scene from an adventure movie.
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