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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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w everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. waters. and not far away... a mystery ople to the now at noon a mysterious sheen in bay area waters and not far away, a mystery smell sending people to the hospital. anne makovec is reporting from vallejo where people were told to "shelter in place" for hours. >> reporter: you can't see this sheen that we have been talking about from the shore.
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but it is out there in the bay. we don't know yet if it's some sort of oil or gas spill or if it's necessarily related to that noxious odor that sickened a lot of people here in vallejo last night. this is the mysterious sheen in the waters of the san pablo bay it's a mile long by 40 yards wide. thousands of people had to "shelter in place" last night when a strong gas odor enveloped vallejo. >> what if this stuff is really toxic and we find out later that it's going to affect us? >> reporter: around 1,000 calls came into 911 dispatch starting just after 7 p.m. >> call the police and they told me to evacuate the city or go into shelter. >> reporter: hundreds of people went to the hospital complaining of nausea and trouble breathing. >> smell was horrible. >> reporter: at around the same time the smell was reported, a
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ferry spotted ashen in the water stretching from san pablo bay to the carquinez strait. the coast guard sent up its chopper this morning to investigate and several early vallejo ferries were canceled so the boats wouldn't spread the sheen leaving commuters in long lines for buses. >> my boss is pretty flexible, so i think it will be okay. >> reporter: now the coast guard is testing the water to see if they can figure out what it is and how it might be connected to last night's gassy odor but the fire department says there's no danger to the public. >> we have four gas detectors that we e to monitor the breathable atmosphere. we didn't pick up any unsafe readings anywhere throughout the city. >> reporter: but he isn't letting it go. >> i was very frustrated because they had no answers. i have no idea what my family was breathing. >> reporter: the good news is that the smell is gone here in vallejo today. investigators are looking at several refineries in the area but as of this morning, they have not officially reported
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any troubles. live in vallejo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. berkeley police chief michael meehan has resigned after more than 6 years in the position. he has been recently criticized regarding his leadership, staffing level and low officer morale. captain andrew greenwood with the department 31 years is now acting chief. pacifica police are trying to find four men who forced their way into a home and held a family at gunpoint. it happened about 1:20 this morning on sky ridge drive. investigators say the masked men ransacked the home and stole money and personal property. one victim was struck in the face and was treated for a minor injury. the daughter of a homicide suspect fatally shot by police is now suing the city of san jose. kpix 5's maria medina asked our legal analyst to weigh in on the wrongful death lawsuit. >> my guess is that this is going to be a very difficult case for the family to win.
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>> reporter: but retired judge and kpix 5 legal analyst ladoris cordell also said it's not impossible for richard jaquez's daughter to win the lawsuit she just filed against the city of san jose. >> there's some real issues in this case, problematic on both sides. >> reporter: last year, police defended their actions when they shot jaquez in the back as he fled from officers. >> the officers chasing the suspect and the suspect reaches for the waistband area. >> reporter: but 24 hours later police retracted that statement, a statement that could now come back to haunt them. >> that's a big issue because that sheds light on the credibility of the police officers. so, you know, a juror hearing that says, wait a minute, if they lied about that, maybe they are not credible about anything else. >> reporter: although it turns out jaquez didn't have any weapons, police did believe he was not only armed but dangerous. he was wanted in a cold-blooded murder caught on camera and they believe he was about to kill again when they tried to pull him over days late aer.
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that's when he ran and was later shot by police. >> given that, the law tends to lean in favor of police officers when they fire even if the person isn't armed. it's what they reasonably believe. >> reporter: that man was apparently running toward a home with his back towards police when he was shot. >> if he is running toward a home he could use that gun to hurt people in the home. so their argument is, we shot because we wanted to keep him from doing harm to anyone else. >> reporter: turns out he was running toward his cousin's home when he was shot by police. a police spokesman directed our questions to the city attorney, who has yet to return our calls. at sjpd, maria medina, kpix 5. new at noon, the fbi just released an image of two men who they believe took the suitcase holding a bomb that didn't explode in new york city. the feds say the men were seen removing the bombs from a piece of luggage then leaving the device behind on saturday
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night. they are being sought as witnesses, not suspects. meanwhile, kenneth craig tells us the key bombing suspect faces new federal charges today. >> reporter: the bomb that exploded in new york city saturday night was made from easy-to-fine materials bought on ebay. a new federal complaint shows ahmed khan rahami bought sit truck acid, conductor boards, electric igniters and ball bearings just this summer and citric acid. he now faces at least 10 federal charges including use of a weapon of mass destruction and bomb a public place. >> in the near future it is our intention to bring the department to federal district court for the southern district of northern which has jurisdiction over the manhattan neighborhood where more than 30 innocent people were wounded and countless others were gravely endangered by his bombs. >> reporter: prosecutors also found video that shows rahami shedding off what appears to be a pipe bomb in his backyard here in elizabeth, new jersey, earlier this month. investigators say it may have
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been practiced for saturday's attacks in manhattan and new jersey. rahami, a u.s. citizen, born in afghanistan, made several trips to afghanistan and pakistan in recent years, where he married a woman. she eventually came to the united states but left in june. sources tell cbs news, she was scheduled to return this week and is cooperating with authorities. prosecutors say rahami was also carrying a journal when he was captured that included the message, death to your oppression. craig boswell, kpix 5. make fallout after two police involved shootings this week one in oklahoma, the other in north carolina. reporter don champion is in charlotte, where a night of rioting left a dozen police officers hurt. >> we're hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. >> reporter: police in charlotte, north carolina, say they are ready for more protests after a night of violence following the fatal
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police shooting of keith lamont scott. 16 officers were hurt as demonstrators threw rocks and bottles. officers in riot gear fired tear gas to break up the riot, several police cruisers were damaged. >> when that behavior becomes violent, aggressive, and destructive, we have to act as we did. >> reporter: police say scott was spotted during the the search for a suspect want for an outstanding warrant. they say he got out of his car, carrying a handgun and ignored repeated commands to drop it. >> he stepped out, posing a threat to the officers, and officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon. >> reporter: scott's family says he was unarmed and was reading a book when police approached little. >> they said hands up, he got a gunner, got a gun, pow, pow, power, pow [ screaming ] >> that's it! he had no gun!! >> reporter: but police say a handgun was recovered from the
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scene. >> we did not find a book. >> reporter: charlotte police say their investigation will be transparent and fair. officer brentley vinson has been placed on administrative leave, pending the findings of the investigation. don champion, cbs news, charlotte. >> community leaders in charlotte are calling on blacks to boycott the city. a rally is planned for this evening. and in tulsa, protestors are calling for the firing and arrest of officer betty who shot and killed a man on friday night. she pulled the trigger in fear for her life. she is on paid administrative leave as the feds investigates. chopper 5 video showing terrence crutcher's suv idling in the road with his hands up and he was walking. tulsa police say that crutcher failed to obey officers' commands and tried to reach inside his vehicle. the 40-year-old father of four was tased by one officer, then shot by another. the two main presidential nominees are commenting on the
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recent police shootings. republican donald trump in ohio today was with boxing promoter don king. trump is very troubled by the officer-involved shooting in tulsa and doesn't know what that particular officer was thinking but he added, he is a tremendous believer in police and law enforcement in general. last night, democratic nominee hillary clinton posted a comment about the tulsa shooting on twitter. she wrote that it's, quote, just unbearable and it needs to be intolerable. clinton is campaigning today in the key swing state of florida. clinton's running mate tim kaine is set to attend bay area fundraisers today two in atherton, two in san francisco. one of the atherton events will be hosted by hewlett-packard ceo meg whitman. the 2010 republican nominee for governor. she is endorsing hillary clinton. still ahead on the hot seat for hiking the price of a life- saving drug more than 500%,
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the makers of the epipen testified before the feds. >> relief for samsung users dealing with the galaxy note 7. >> it is the last day of summer and we have had sprinkles across the bay area. now the potential for thunderstorms and where to expect them. i'll have that plus the first day of autumn forecast as the news continues. we'll be right back. ,,
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announced their next big initiative.. on facebook live just about an hour ago. chan wiped awa new at noon zuckerberg and his wife announced their big next initiative on facebook live about an hour ago. priscilla cried as she talked about her mission to help children thrive. >> by investing in science today, we hope to build a future in which all of our
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children can live long and rewarding lives. [ pause ] >> so today we're partnering with scientists, doctors, engineers and universities to achieve this goal. our aim is to bring together teams of innovative scientists and engineers to build transformational tools that unlock a new era of accelerated progress in science and health. for this initiative, we'll be investing more than $3 billion over the next decade to achieve our collective mission. [ applause ] >> she and mark zuckerberg made the announcement in san francisco. she says they are investing in basic science research with the goal of curing diseases. today the ceo of the pharmaceutical company mylan is testifying before a congressional committee about the skyrocketing cost of epipens. the devices are used to give emergency shots to people with
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sudden severe allergic reactions. mylan's ceo has indicated her company has no plans to lower prices despite public outrage and criticism from some lawmakers. a 2-pack of epipens now costs more than $600. that's 5 times the price it sold for back in 2007. samsung says starting today, new galaxy note 7s will be available. the recall was prompted by batteries catching fire. samsung has been scrambling to fix the problem in the latest version of its top of the line phone. it's been available in the u.s. since last month. all eyes on the federal reserve today. about an hour ago the fed is keeping the key interest rate unchanged but signals a hike may come soon.
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>> time for a check of weather with roberta. >> boy, we have some good things happening today. we have a combination of an area of low pressure to the north and south and the end result is we have a changing forecast for you. let's go ahead and call on our live hi-def doppler radar. and at this particular time, i'm going to go ahead and zoom on in on the greater lake tahoe area because the sprinkles we received this morning all lifting in the high sierra but see this that i'm circling? this activity right here is moderate rainfall some strong echoes. right now computer models want to take it right there into the greater lake tahoe area. if that happens, we could see some thunderstorms blossom this afternoon. so we are going to keep an eye on that as well as this. it's our live weather camera looking out there dublin towards mount diablo and look at the layers of clouds and the flags are on the fly. what a difference it makes. this is the last day of summer but it feels more like the first day of autumn.
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59 degrees at this hour in san francisco. we are in the 60s throughout the tri-valley. yesterday24 hours ago we were in the 80s. now 7 in redwood city. winds southwest at 14 in pleasanton. these winds are variable. take a look at it, it's going to be a breezy afternoon and then a blustery evening. okay, let's say good afternoon to lindsay patton. i was work on this, 56 degrees. it's already windy on the coast with the clouds stacked up next to the beaches. satellite-radar, areas of low pressure to the south bringing lots of rain to southern california. it's bringing a swath of clouds into our area. we'll call it partly cloudy today. and definitely cooler. i know you feel the difference. it's cooler everywhere. this weekend i'm keeping my eyes on a low. this is the low affecting us now and this will come south
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pulling down cooler air, tomorrow the coolest day of the week. thunderstorms in the high sierra. we have a red flag warning in effect for the greater lake tahoe area and the northeastern sections of the high sierra. 60s and 70s up to 80. that's as good as it gets. livermore monday you are at 101. today we are talking about 74 degrees. sunset at 7:07. and by the time it sets these are the numbers we will record. 59 to 80 today. only mid-70s inland on the first day of autumn and nearly 100 on saturday and sunday in our inland areas. the potential of a red flag warning or watch going into effect for our areas due to extremely dry conditions. >> thank you. still ahead, it's millennials versus gen x. the new edition of "survivor." just hours from the premier we talk to the bay area contestant hoping to be the last one standing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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person standing... on the hit cbs show "survivor." the latest season pits millennials versus gen-x. i sat tonight 20 people become the quest to become the last person standing on "survivor." the latest season pits millennials versus gen x. i sat down with contestant adam klein a stanford grad from burlingame. he has been dreaming of being on "survivor" since he was a kid. >> tell me abouter, um, super fan dom why, what drew you so
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much to the show? >> there's something about the idea of challenging yourself physically, living on an island while also playing the most incredible game that's ever existed. i mean, it is 24/7. you have to survive with these people. and you have to find food and you have to get along and build shelter, but you also in the back of your mind are always like, are you trying to vote me out? and eventually, i'm trying to vote you out. so it's -- it's -- the -- the show -- the -- the natural place of the show creates conflict. in fact, you have to vote somebody out of your tribe. >> what is the ultimate survivor? what does that person consist of? >> it's -- it's really -- a -- an interesting game because you want to have all these skills and you want to be able to make alliances and do well in the challenges. but you can't be too good at any one thing because then you're a threat and if you're a threat no one wants to go to the end with you.
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so that has to play through your mind, as well. i want to be good enough that i'm not voted out for being a liability. but i don't want to be too good that i'm looked at as a threat so there's a lot to think about. >> we'll root for him. watch our entire interview with adam on and check out the 90-minute premiere of "survivor" millennials versus gen x tonight at 8:00 here on kpix 5. the fruit that's good for baking and for salads, as well. fresh grocer tony tantillo has our tip of the day. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be is going to be with pears. i love the name of them and i love the flavor. loaded with flavor and in europe, these are like the number one sold pear. they have different names in europe but there's a longer pear where it's not too pear- shaped on the bottom. when you buy them, make sure they have beautiful colors all the way around like this. a little bit of give to the touch. but not too much. when you bring them home store them on the counter not the
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refrigerator but don't let them become too soft. it's almost like a bosc pear a little crunchy and soft, together you will love this pear. also great for baking. in the oven, it holds up. the sugar holds up in this pear. out of hand or in salad, you can't beat it. 'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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woman's mailbox: an expensive watch. but she didn't order it. how the coming up at 5:00 a mystery gift shows up in a woman's mailbox an expensive watch she didn't order. how the discovery turned into a case of address fraud. we'll have that and more at 5:00. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. we had a great walk today at coit tower. >> refreshing. >> enjoy your day. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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♪ >> ridge: she has to be stopped. quinn is nothing but trouble. >> steffy: as a mother-in-law, she was trouble. as granddad's wife, this is a disaster. we all know how dangerous she is. >> rick: he can't marry her. >> thorne: he won't let that happen. >> ridge: glad you're here. >> thorne: we need all the support we can get. >> zende: my mom is really upset about this, too. i told her what was going on. she was not expecting that wedding invitation. >> pam: [ scoffs ] nobody was. >> steffy: look, we just need to get through to him before the wedding. i mean, it's tomorrow. >> ridge: yeah, and the plan we had for keeping quinn out of the company has hit a snag, so... >> thorne: spencer's shares in the company? >> steffy: bill's gonna give his shares to brooke as a wedding present, and then she's gonna sell them to dad. >> thomas: that would have given us the power to remove granddad as c.e.o.


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