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tv   KPIX 5 News Sat Morn Edition  CBS  September 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpnx 5 news. right now on kpnx 5 news, a deadly shooting inside a mall sends shoppers into chaos, the search for the shooter underway this morning as we learn more about the victims. the count down to the first debate is on with two days to go. more notes released from hilary clinton's private e-mail server used while secretary of state, how it may affect her performance at the debate. live to washington, d.c. as the new national museum of african american history and culture on the national mall prepares to let visitors inside. it's just about 7:00 on this saturday, september 24th. good morning.
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i'm marie medina. >> let's get a check of the forecast. we have a hot day, a couple of advisories this morning with a look at the pyramid over san francisco, blue skies, not a lot of fog in the city and temperatures are loverring in the 50s and 60s, pretty much area-wide, and starting off cooler because we had the clear skies overnight, but cool is not the weather headline for this weekend. in fact, a heat advisory in effect sunday and monday for the entire bay area, coastal areas, 80s and 90s, inland locations, 90s and triple digits. stay hydrated. it's going to be hot. we have fire danger for the north bay area, napa counties, hot temperatures combined with gusty winds and dry conditions, all of that will be tomorrow, into sunday. today, it will be warmer than yesterday but not as warm as later on this week. the full forecast coming up. a manhunt is underway for the gunman who killed five people at a mall in washington
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state. it happened around 7:00 in burlington last night, about 65 miles north of seattle. police say the man in this surveillance photo entered the macy's store with a hunter- style rifles. the good man shot and killed four women and one man. the suspect was last seen walking towards interstate five from the mall. >> it's a rural part of washington so there's a lot of places to run to, a lot of houses, a commercial area to the east. >> the motive or relationship to the victims are unclear. in the wake of recent police shootings in tulsa and charlotte occupy oakland activists have organized a rally and march today. this comes after protesters in charlotte took to the streets for the fourth night of demonstrations. they marched peacely past the midnight curfew. hours earlier scott's family released a video of his wife
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pleading with officers not to shoot her husband. she recorded part of the incident on her cell phone. protesters are demanding police release their dashcam and body cam video of the shooting. >> if i were to put it out is discriminately and it doesn't give you good context it can inflame the situation. >> police say they recovered a gun at the scene but witnesses claim they don't see one, or they did not see one. scott's family said he was holding a book. our legal analyst disagree was the department's decision not to release the tape. >> they are making a very, very big mistake but they're just raising questions. people are lacking entrust with this police department. >> tonight's rally in downtown oakland starts at 7:00 p.m. at the square. a final farewell to one of its most influential political power players. hundreds gathered last night to
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pay their respects. rose passed away on sunday in her apartment, while the former chronicle reporterturned activist. the funeral will be held today at old saint mary's. the service is from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00, a funeral procession will follow. to campaign 2016, ahead of the first presidential debate, clinton and trump will meet separately with israeli prime minister. tomorrow's meetings will take place in new york city. he meant with dr. matt pace on wednesday in what was likely their last face to face consultation. that meeting comes as the fbi just released over 200 pages of notes from its probe of clinton's use of a private e- mail server while secretary of state.
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experts say the notes do not reveal any surprising information, but it does keep the controversy over the server in the headlines ahead of monday's presidential debate between the two. kpnx 5's political analyst says to expect fireworks. >> one of the most fun things about this debate is the way it's set up, the mod moder rater asks a question, and the other candidate gets to respond and you can get a real interaction. >> it's monday night at 6:00 p.m. the museum of african american history and culture is about to open its door. dr. matt pace will dedicate the $540 million 400,000 square foot museum this morning. we are live from -- we hear the interest is so high the tickets
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are sold out through november. >> that's right. they are sold out to november and only the people who have advanced tickets are allowed in. now, the wait has been a long one for this museum devoted exclusively to african american history and culture and for many people, visitors and the workers themselves, it's an emotional ride. >> reporter: it's a dream decades in the making, a museum on the national mall thatshowcases african american history. >> players plenty of space for dr. king and others, but what makes the museum so powerful is that it's a story of all of us. >> reporter: some 3,000 artifacts will be on display, some so large they had to build the museum around them, like this segregation rail car and a
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guard tower from a notorious louisiana prison. visitors are encouraged to start with an exhibit on slavery in the u.s. which displays, shackles, a slave cabin, and more, and a museum tour would take you chronologically through freedom, segregation and civil rights. a biplane can be seen overhead. the curator has worked to make this museum possible for a decade. >> to help make it happen is pretty special and even humbling. >> reporter: the museum' upper floor celebrates african american achievements in sports and culture and that's where you will find the cadillac convertible and the boxing rope. >> reporter: following the dedication ceremony this morning with the president, the museum will open its door to the public at 1:00 p.m.
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only those with advanced tickets will be allowed in. >> obviously this is a huge undertaking. how much did it cost to build this museum? >> reporter: this is a $540 million project but it's also quite a large museum. there's five stories and it encompasses 400,000 square feet and more than 3,000 exhibits currently on display. >> impressive. thank you. in the bay area you can also indulge in the event, the market straight railway museum. there's lots happening on the streets of san francisco, classic restored street cars will make a special appearance. vintage buses will also serve as pop-up galleries featuring photos from the photo archives. ford is branching out into bike sharing in the bay area.
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they bought the company, motivate, and the program is hosting a series of meetings to get input on where to put the east bay station for the bikes. the first meeting is tuesday night at 6:00 at the rock race branch library in oakland. coming up days after the feds laid out new guidelines for self-driving cars, a google car gets into an accident. next, what the tech giant says went wrong. battling fast-moving flails, how long cal fire says it wilt take to finally put a stop to the wildfire burning in big sir. here's a live look outside, blue skies over the bay. it's a warm start to the day. we'll see a very warm weekend. details on that coming up. on today's community calendar, the 17th annual fundraising run and walk sponsored by the breast cancer foundation, and you can check out the san francisco fire department parade and historical
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exhibition, and also at 10:00, the bay area blue's festival, running through follow. tomorrow. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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was towed away yes google is knots taking any blame for a crash involving one of its self-driving cars in mountain view. the car was towed away yesterday. a spokesperson says the self- driving car was crossing the street when another car ran a red light and slammed into its side. google said, the car was in self-driving mode with a driver in the seat. >> i never have seen one in an accident and i have seen 30 to 40 a day and they are very good cars. i was shocked. >> the federal government set up safety and performance standards for self-driving cars. google says its logged 2 million miles on the self-driving cars and they've been in about two dozen accidents but only one was google's fault. a train hauling millions of gallons of highly flammable liquid petroleum gas is parkedin sonoma county and not
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going anywhere. it's on the rail transition sit corridor in shellville and hazardous materials are required to have permits but smart officials say no permits were filed.ny say the cars are not moving unthey get the hazardous material plans. the train is believed to be owned by northwestern pacific. a fire still burning and setting records. cal fire says it's the 19th largest fire in california history. it's scorched 126,000 acres and is about 73% contained. the fire was sparked by a camp fire two months ago. cal fire estimates crews will have the fire contained in a week from now. a red flag warning in mountain and valley areas, by the way, including parts of napa and lake counties, and fall may have started this week but in the bay area people will be wearing shorts this weekend. warm temperatures have led the national weather service to issue a heat advisory throughout the region and here
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is a live look right now. it's starting off beautiful this morning, julie? >> yes. a beautiful start this morning, a bit of fog but mostly clear skies area-wide, and it will be a warm weekend, starting off with mild temperatures now from most spots throughout the bay, 59 in san francisco, livermore, 53, 58, concord. through the weekend, temperatures will heat up. we have the ridge of high pressure building, as it shifts east, our temperatures will increase tomorrow and on into monday. we also have a pressure building to the north and east and it will increase the offshore winds. those will be warm to hot, bringing temperatures up into the triple digits by sunday and monday. we're talking even 80s along the coast, so san francisco, today's forecast, upper 70s. the average, around 70 degrees. we're bust where we are formally for the warm time of year. in the low 90s for inland spots
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like concord, 83 today, and temperatures in the mid-to upper 80s around the bay, low 90s, the south bay, 70s along the coast for locations that would normally be in the 60s today. temperatures in the low 90s for the warmest spots inland. livermore, 91, 89, pittsburg. berkeley, san francisco, 75, 90 in sonoma today. temperatures in the low 90s in the far north bay, as well. we have a red flag warning in effect for many of our north bay communities, specially the higher elevations. air quality is moderate. today, temperatures 10 degrees above yesterday, but cooler than tomorrow. low 90s for the warmest spots
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today, and not cooling by the beach, 80s along the coast and bay tomorrow. temperatures begin to gradually cool wednesday, more significantly as we head into thursday and the latter half of next week. >> i'm relatively new to the bay area, as you know, and i saw a photographer posted a picture saying summer starts now in san francisco. >> yes. this is san francisco's summer, heading into october and sometimes november, the most beautiful time of the year. it's why i like living here, although it can be hot for some if you don't have air- conditioning. tesla plans to showcase its new solar roof next month. they are aiming for october 28th, unveil, the bay area of tesla solar city solar roof, 2.0 battery and tesla charger. they just announced they are buying solar city strategy for
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the two companies, included providing solar roofs to customers. these would power not only the home but the owner electric car. the soaked giant linkedin is adding a new speed offering a collection of articles and posts and opinion pieces on major news events or current issues. they are getting a new boss. microsoft i was paying $26 billion to acquire the company later this year. now in our health watch, giving babies eggs and peanuts at an early age may lower their chances of developing food allergies, according to a new study. researchers analyzed information from nearly 150 previous studies involving more than 200,000 children. they found the risk of allergies is linked to win allergic foods are introduced.
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wearable devices that monitor exercise and diet may not improve weight loss. patients who use technology lost less weight than those on standard weight loss programs. a new tool to protect california kids from identity theft, coming up next, how our consumer watch reporting has led to a new state law. good morning. if you are watching me right now, i'm really not here. i'm on a plane to nashville. but i have to leave you with something, like these highlights from friday night. i'll explain it all.
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- in 2013, i was working three jobs bartending, sharing a ten by ten room, struggling. i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life.
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california parents now have a welcome back. it's time for our top consumer watch stories this weekend. california parents have a new tool to protects kids from id theft. a security freeze, and for years it's only been available for adults. thanks to a new law signed by the government yesterday, parents can freeze their kids' credit, as well. kids can bow at greater risk for id threat because they don't have a credit history. they introduced the child credit freeze legislation. it forces the bureau to let california parents place a
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freeze before the kids are victimized. >> you know that if california acts, one-tenth of the country's population would have this. >> federal legislation was introduced but stalled over a year ago. since then millions more have been compromised through hacks and many are hope fell the california law will encourage the bureau to voluntarily offer child credible freezing nationwide. the california law was amended to address security concerns raised in the investigation and they commonly asked parents to mail in social security number and birth certificates to a po box and that's not recommended. it encourages alternative moves admitting the necessary documents. a new fall-out for an franchise wells fargo. the bank is accused of opening as many as 2 million accounts for customers without their consent. the city treasurer announced
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they will no longer be part of the bank on san francisco program, helping low income folks hope checking and savings accounts and the city will help with free credit counseling to anybody who may have been affected by this scandal. >> there's many unanswered questions but i san antonio people from san francisco to know that the city will help you get answers from wells fargo to resolve any negative impacts the actions may have had on your finances. >> in a statement wells fargo said, they are disappointed by the treasurer's decision but will continue to further its goal of helping thousands of customers in san francisco. bay area based yahoo is facing more fall-out from what is believed to be one of the big data breaches ever. they are already seeing declines in e-mail traffic before it revealed that at least 500 him of its users were hacked. experts say it will be even harder for the company to keep them coming back. yahoo says the breach happened
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back in 2014, by a state- sponsored actor possibly tied to russia. if you have a yahoo account you should immediately change your password and security question answers on your yahoo account and any other accounts that use the same information. in this day and age you should always use unique passwords, preferably long ones with numbers and simples and consider using a acronym for a phrase, hard tear crack. the value for hackers in these types of breaches is using this information to access your other more sensitive accounts where you may be using similar information. this case certainly the security answers could be reused for other accounts you may have. this is a good reminder to enable multifactor information whenever possible, which usually requires an additional code via sent per text or app. let's turn to sports. how is that coffee? how is that usual favorite
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morning beverage? it's me with friday night highlights of the giants, eight games left and they're still in it. last night in san diego, a lonely giants' fan, loves belt, wears that hat. the giants, the 1st inning, no doubt, a three-run blast by myers, given up by suarez. posey, tying the game. he hit the bottom of the wall there, scoring two, and the giants close into a 3-2 deficit and that's as close as they got because the padres put four in their fifth frame. the padres put this one away, the final of 7-2, the giants a half game up in the wild card standings to secure the number two overall spot.
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superhero night hero in oakland. a 7th inning move here, beltre, off of this player. a routine ground-out, and the rangers, they are hugging each other, second straight title for them. the rangers, their seventh overall title. from that to harris, the antioch running back and look at that. harris, 150 yards for his great career. he's verbal limited to alabama, but last night, it belonged to robinson of the spartans, over 200 yards, and they win it last night, final of 28-21, those two powers could meet in the ncs down the road sometime at the end of the year.
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that is sports at this hour. not really here, if you're watching right now. i'm on a plane to nashville for the raiders in the game with the texans tomorrow. the raiders, a toss-up game, and the 49ers, up to 11-point underdogs to get it done at seattle. we'll see you later! the warriors are getting nostalgic, on monday the uniforms will debut at the media day, when three players dominated the court for two scenes. the crossover alternate uniforms will bow worn in select sunday games this season. now posted, the search for oakland's next top cop is in full swing as the city officially posts the job application. what the mayor says a new leader must have. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i'm marie medina. >> and i'm julie watts. it's going to be a hot one this weekend. take a look outside. it almost looks hot out there, 50s in san francisco. but it's going to be a warm
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weekend. the pyramid over san francisco, blue skies, not much fog, temperatures in the 50s, low 60s for the warmest spots this morning. this is just the beginning. a heat advisory is in effect for sunday into monday. today is the cooler day of the weekend but by tomorrow, coastal temperatures in the 80s and 90s, inland, 90s to triple digits. stay hydrated. a high fire dangerous. gusty winds and hot temperatures, not a good combination. mid-to upper 80s for the south bay, low 90s for the warmest spots. your full forecast is just ahead. this is cool compared to what we'll see tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you very much, julie. a search is underway for the gunman who kilted five people at a mall in washington state. it happened around 7:00 in burlington last night, about 65
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miles north of seattle. panicked shoppers at a macy's store took cover as the gunman shot and killed four women and one man. police believe this man caught on store surveillance is the gunman. as you can see, he appears to be armed with a rifle. the suspect was last seen walking toward interstate 5 from the mall. >> this is a pretty rural part of washington so there's a lot of places to run to, a lot of houses, the commercial area to the east of us, so there's spots for him to go. >> and the gunman's motive or relationship to the victims are unclear. overnight protesters continue to march through the streets of charlotte, north carolina, past the midnight curfew, demanded police release the videos from tuesday's shooting death of scott. >> reporter: peaceful protesters marched last night in charlotte hours after new video of scott's final moments became public. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon.
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he has no weapon. >> they pleaded with police not to shot her husbands as she recorded starts of the police shooting death on her cell phone. she yells to officers that scott has traumatic brain injury and posed no threat. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a --[inaudible]-- he's not going to do anything to you guys. >> reporter: police are heard shouting 11 times to drop a weapon. >> don't shoot. don't shoot. >> reporter: the video does not show the actual shooting but captures scott lying on the ground after. attorneys for the scott family released the footage friday after three night's of protest. the scott family is calling on police in charlotte to release their case from body and damage camera and the investigators have refused. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and it doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation. >> reporter: scott's mother
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had this message for protesters. >> have a peaceful walk or anything else that you all want to do but rioting is not helping the situation and making it worse. campaign '16, donald trump and hilary clinton are postponing plans to visit charlotte. the mayor asked them to change their visits because of the ongoing protests. clinton's campaign said she'll visit the first week of october. trump took to twitter to criticize her decision to announce another visit to charlotte. he wrote, crooked hilary's bad judgment forced her to announce that she would go to charlotte on saturday to grand stand. also in charlotte last night, protesters dropped to one knee, a symbolic gesture inspired by 49ers' quarterback, kaepernick, protesting police brutality. kaepernick is getting support
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in the bay area, the mural in oakland with the words "we got your back" and the message is spreading at a city council meeting, two councilmembers sat during the pledge of allegiance. >> they are joining in the effort to make it clear we want an end to racial profiling and an end to the killings. >> the california based courage campaign is putting up this image of kaepernick's face next to the word "paypatriotism." today san francisco will give a final farewell to a beloved and influential political power player, rose pak. she passed away in her apartment on sunday. the chronicle reporter turned activist was the big personality behind turning san francisco's chinese community into a political force. she earned the respect of
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officials across the city. hundreds gathered to pay their respect. >> we have police officers in uniform patrolling the housing, one of her great accomplishments in '15. >> i still dial her number and i'm glad it has not been tuned off. >> she never held an elective political office but she's credited for keeping city leaders connected to the chinatown community. the service for rose happens from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00, and a funeral procession will follow. tomorrow marks four months since a teenager went missing. her family is holding out hope she'll be found alive. friends and supporters will have a vigil at the foot bridge where she was last seen alive. she saw her being dragged by castro who was later killed in a shoot-out with police. san jose police arrested two brothers however they say
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targeted street vendors for month. they caught up with them on wednesday. they are linked to more than a dozen robberies since july. their targets, immigrants with food stamps. >> they would approach on foot and brandishing a firearm, in most cases. one victim reported being pistol-whipped, a couple of other victims reported being kicked and punch, so violent assaults. >> police hope witnesses recognize the mugshots so investigators can learn more about just how many robberies happened. following months of input from the community, the city of oakland has formally released the job announcement for the position of police chief. they are looking for a compassionate leader of the highest integrity. the search comes after a sex scandal. the first of those officers will have to turn himself in to
7:38 am
police at the jail on monday. the criminal charges stemmed from the alleged sexual relationship with this teenager, a former sex worker. she said, she had sex with the officer and in return he tipped her off on police prostitution stings. >> the officer cooperated in the investigation and gave a full statement. in that statement he expressed remorse and took responsibility for some of the action. >> the officer's attorney says he's still employed by the oakland police department since he has not been convicted of any crime. nine richmond police officers will be disciplined for their roles in the scandal. right now the city is not naming names or giving details on exactly what each officer did. following the recent death of four children in submerged
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vehicles in sonoma county, the california highway patrol and santa rosa police and fire departments are working to better prepare for these kind of incidents. on monday they'll participate in a demonstration on how to get people out of a submerged vehicle. in the two incidents that sparked the effort, two sets of sisters drowned like this. the mothers were unable to free them. coming up next, a warning why the california department of public health says not enough is being done to stop the spread of the zika virus in our state. first, on today's community calendar, at 8:00, the saint jude walk and run at the san francisco zoo and at 10:00, the oakland eat real festival, and the sausalito floating homes
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tour on the waterfront. ,,
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"hunters point shipyard" land to developers... as they investigate an alleged radiation cover-up. trouble in san francisco, federal regulators have told the navy to stop transferring hunters point shipyard land to
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developers as they investigate an alleged radiation cover-up. there's claims that the company in charge of cleaning up toxic and radio active numbers at the site has been fudging the numbers. health officials are warning that california needs to do more to prepare for the zika virus. about 300 cases have been confirmed in california. those were outside of the u.s., the folks traveling, but many say more needs to be done about educating hike and how it spreads here, including warning pregnant women of potential birth defects. summer may be over but health workers say the west nile virus is still a threat. they are planning mosquito fogging in parts of north san jose operations, scheduled to begin at 11:00 p.m. next thursday and en2:00 a.m. friday morning. symptoms include fever and body aches and in some severe cases
7:44 am
it can be deadly. killed fires are still threatening parts of the state. right now crews are battling a fire at the air force base, about 65 miles north of santa barbara. the fire has burned about 200 acres and is the third fire at the base in a week. calf fire issued a red flag warning through this weekend in mountain and valley areas, including parts of solano annapa and lake counties. julie? >> all of us should be cautious as it's going to be dry and hot. starting out with clear skies, temperatures in the 50s and 60s out the door. today will be the cooler day of the weekend. the high pressure continues to build and as it does, temperatures will increase, specifically more sunday into monday and that's because we we'll have a surface high up to
7:45 am
the northeast, prompt offshore winds and when we she those, they are really heating things up for us and definitely drying conditions out, as well, so that leaves the high fire danger, temperatures running above average, the warm season in san francisco, the average is 70 but we're running above that today, even warmer tomorrow, temperatures in the low 90s for concord, above average. in oakland, the temperatures, around the bay, mid-to upper 80s, near 90 degrees for the warmest spots in the south bay, along the coast, temperatures, some in the 70s. low 90s for the warmest spots in the east bay. temperatures hovering near the 80-degree mark for berkeley and san francisco. daly city, low to mid-70s for you.
7:46 am
up north, temperatures in the low 90s for you, 93, clover dale, and clear lake, 91. air quality, moderate, the big story will be the hot temperatures sunday into monday, and today, definitely warmer than yesterday, about 10 degrees from yesterday, and tomorrow, hotter still with triple digit readings for some of the warmest spots inland, and temperatures warming by the bay into the 80s, 70s along the coasts, and temperatures continue to stay warm until about mid-week, when we transition and cool again, bringing temperatures back down closer to average for this time of year, cooler still by the end of the week. maria? >> thank you very much. local radio personality and educator, michael, is joining us to discuss what inspired him to write a new book, "let there be laughter." you have been a long-time radio
7:47 am
personality here. >> yes, i have. >> and now you've written a new book. tell us about this. >> i wanted a balk to be funny. people tell me this is the time when we need laughter and i knew a lot of jokes. i had an unending repertoire. these are jewish jokes, been in the public domain for many years, and i wanted to get behind the jokes and find out their meaning. >> an insight to the jewish culture, as well? >> yes, and also the extraordinary dimension of what has been contributed to by jews and the background, in terms of comedy and humor, tv and film, too. >> that's the cover there, "let there be laughter." >> that's not me on the cover. >> good to know. i asked you about a minute ago, you are not a comedian but you
7:48 am
are a funny guy. >> i don't know about a funny guy. i like to tell jokes and analyze what they mean. this is bringing the two together. >> how did this start? you started collecting jewish jokes? >> i don't know if i collected them. i remembered them and i liked to tell them and i started telling them in different venues. then it was time to maybe write a book about this because i had all these jokes and i wanted to put them in a text. it's one thing to tell a joke but it's another thing to put it in text. >> interesting. so i'm assuming then there's some jokes that you could not include. >> you are assuming correct. there's some jokes that cross the threshold of what is appropriate and what is not. but some of fascinating because jokes tread on taboos, and
7:49 am
those are the ones that often tell us a lot. >> you have a busy week coming up and in case somebody wants to pick up your book and in case somebody wants to meet you, where can they do that? >> there's a launch on tuesday at book passage, and you can go online and find out. i'll be at the commonwealth club, and i'll be also on stage with the writer from the new yorker at city art selection. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> and at a time like this we need laughter. >> yes. >> you can go to our website for information. still ahead, meet our pet of the week and find out how you can help charlise part of your family. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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charlize is in need of a new home. joining us now w n adopt her is jac >> time for our pet of the week, charlise, in need of a home. joining us now with more on how you can adopt her is a volunteer at san francisco spca. thanks for being here this morning. >> yes. >> let's take a look at the face quickly. she's only 11 months old. she looks like she's 11 years old. what kind of dog is she? >> her beautiful coat. she's a terrier mix, 11 months, and still very much a youthful puppy, the puppy personality. she has good energy, loves everybody, loving everything, every dog. she's such a joy. >> i've been getting that vibe. she can be adopted today. you are actually having an event today? >> yes, we are. our event is happening at both
7:54 am
of our campuses, one at our mission on florida street and the other at the pacific heights in fillmore and we are headed back after this to go back to pacific heights. >> it's free to adopt? >> yes. >> you can get her for free? >> you can. something we do on our adoptathon, we wave an adoption fee, and we're there from 10:00 to 5:00 at both campuses and there's not just her there. we have cats and kittens and dogs and bunnies. >> everybody wants a puppy but you push for people to adopt everybody? >> yes. she is a bit puppy but also outgrown that crazy puppy
7:55 am
phase. she such a good social companion. she would be great with any family, great with kids, socializing, on play dates. >> she's a nice doing. >> 11 months or 11 years old? i don't know, charlise. >> we want somebody though, an adopter, that really wants to give her the time to keep her groomed and brush her beautiful coat to keep her gorgeous. >> thank you very much. >> >> to learn more about san francisco spca, head to our website. a western remake, a family- friendly film opening at the box office, coming up, what is showing and how analysts expect the new movies to do. that's coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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but there are two new movies -- expected to soar past it this weekend. now to our box office breakdowns. tom hanks and sully, going down
7:57 am
a bit, but there's two movies we expect to soar. the magnificent seven, a remake of the classic western about bad guys, saving the town. analysts expect 35 million this weekend for the film. families can go to storks, the big white birds leaving the baby business behind with what cute exception. they are predicting the pg film, a new debut. so triple digit heat by sunday and monday, cooling next week, and today is the transition day, warm even at the beach, guys. it's going to be a hot one. thanks for joining us this morning. check in with kpix 5 5 news and online where the news is
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always there. we'll be here tomorrow!
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narrator: today on "lucky dog," a black shepherd fighting for his own freedom... brandon: oh, hi. yeah, okay, okay. narrator: ...and a disabled veteran searching for a new battle buddy. scott: i believe my quality of life is going to increase from knowing that somebody has my back. narrator: but is atlas ready to hold the weight of scott's world on his shoulders? brandon: does atlas have what it takes physically, mentally, and psychologically to become a service dog? i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find


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