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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  September 24, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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standoff right now. i'm told that sfpd crisis negotiate have been on the phone with the subject for hours trying to end the crisis at civic center. the massive police presence and road closures around city hall and civic center plaza began with a phone call from the man sfpd negotiators are trying to talk down. >> he stayed that he has a gun, that he is willing to use it on himself and on any law enforcement officers that tries to approach him. >> reporter: the goal for sfpd to end this situation without gunfire. >> he has a gun, a minneapolis, that's very visible. -- an automatic that's very visible that can be sign by officers. >> reporter: it's known as time and distance. the policy was enacted and implemented after a spate of officer-involved shooting in the department that left people dead. the last thing you want to do is move in to prompt this individual to do something. you don't want that. >> reporter: a two-block radius from civic center plaza was
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evacuated and will remain that way until sfpd and the fbi can disarm the man. >> time is our friend of the as long as he seems to be in that same spot and he doesn't want to move around, that's good. we are communicating with this person. >> reporter: this is a busy intersection here in san francisco. officer manfredi of the san francisco police department the last time they had an incident like this one with a barricaded suspect, the standoff went on for 24 hours before they peacefully negotiated its end of the andria borba, kpix 5. we want to show you videos posted on facebook of the cop cars are lined up outside civic center plaza. armored cars and fire trucks have shut down nearby streets. the area around civic center
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plaza is an officially no-fly zone. the faa issued a temporary flight restrict until 11 p.m. the noise from the helicopters is hampering the law enforcement negotiation efforts. we are keeping an eye on the situation and will have an issue later this is newscast breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. police have just released the video of officers shooting and killing a man. it is hard to watch. dashcam video shows two officers shielding themselves behind a white pickup calling to a man in the car on the left. finally keith scott emerges slowly, walking backwards. the officer is to his right. suddenly shots and fired. [ shots ] >> and scott goes down. body cam video also released shows an officer running up behind the same white public where the second officer already has his gun drawn. the officer comes around the car and scott can be seen standing for a split second. on his right ankle you can see
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what appears to be an empty ankle holster. the officer ducks and then emerges and scott is on the ground. police also released picture of the evidence they say was collected at the scene including the gun officers say scott was holding. the colt mustang pistol is cocked, the safety is off. the a second picture shows the ankle holster and the third a partially smoked marijuana cigarette. his wife released the same video of the deadly confrontation. >> drop the gun, drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. >> mrs. scott is heard asking police not to shoot explaining her husband has a traumatic brain injury. kpix 5 legal analyst and retired judge ladoris cordell questions why officers don't seem to react. >> what doesn't happen is there's not one police officer who comes over to her and says, something like, tell me what's going on with him. >> now, in the video, police
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can be heard ordering scott 11 times to drop a gun. but the camera cuts away as they open fire. meanwhile, back here in the bay area, "occupy" oakland plans to hold a march and rally one hour from now in response to the shooting in charlotte. all indications are that it will be a peaceful protest but we'll keep an eye on the situation. well, if you saw smoke rising over san francisco earlier this afternoon, this is what it was, a car on 101 in flames near candlestick point. isn't clear if anybody was hurt. the fiery scene did slow traffic to a crawl it. set off a small brush fire on the shoulder. incidentally, a red flag warning is in effect for parts of the bay area right now because of gusty winds and rising temperatures. right now clear skies over the bay area. the numbers at the moment not so bad yet with concord reaching 92 so far, livermore
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90 and hayward 82. all happening because a massive dome of high pressure that's been out in the pacific is now sliding to the east. it will set up offshore winds. it will keep us warm to hot tomorrow and monday. but because temperatures will spike on those two days, there are heat advisories posted for both of them. the forecast for you is coming up in just a few minutes. colin kaepernick making an impression beyond the sidelines of nfl games. he brought his national anthem stand to a high school game in the east bay. kpix 5's jackie ward shows us it all started with a tweet. >> reporter: this is the tweet that got colin kaepernick's attention. it was sent by the cast lon high school football team. >> why don't we make some noise and tell him we got his back by doing what we did. >> reporter: it was a statement the head coach edward washington supported. >> my player took the lead and i was following right behind him. [ national anthem ] >> reporter: the 49ers quarterback wanted to show that he appreciated the gesture and decided to visit the team.
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[ singing the national anthem ] ] >> reporter: kaepernick told them to keep doing what they believe in. >> it was game day. >> reporter: that's when the team took the protest to the next level. at last night's game at home the castlemont players lay down on the ground with their hands up. >> basically showing our vulnerability from them being the authority and the power and us being the citizens. >> reporter: to the castlemont coaches and staff, their job is more than just winning. >> football is a last thing that we deal with here. we're teachers. we're trainers. we're teaching them and training them for life, you know what i'm saying? football is only what you do. >> reporter: coaches from across the country have reached out to applaud the team, too, which continues to generate the broader controversy. >> we can just run with it and hope for things to change.
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but we're trying to make that change. i feel it's coming. >> reporter: this isn't the last time colin kaepernick will be here at castlemont high school. he already has another date set for the future. the media is just not being told what that date is. in oakland, jackie ward, kpix 5. hundreds paid their respects to the most formidable san francisco politician never to hold public office. kpix 5's da lin was in chinatown as the city said good- bye to rose pak. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: politics was her sport. at her funeral a gathering of local and state politicians including the current and three former san francisco mayors. friends and foes all came to old st. mary's cathedral to pay their respects. >> i miss her yelling at me. [ laughter ] >> candidly, she was acerbic. she was trenchant at times. she was biting. and, um, at the same time, she always had a sense of humor. i'll remember probably half dozen parades where she had
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some choice words for me. [ laughter ] >> a couple of choice words. >> you can't -- you would have bleep it out. >> reporter: even though she never held elective office she was one of the most powerful people in town able to get people in office and just as easily out of office. >> rose came to me as soon as i got elected and said, it's time for an asian police chief. and what did i say? i said exactly what many politicians have said to rose regularly. whose going to be our chief, rose? >> reporter: her goal was to empower asian-americans especially poor immigrants in chinatown. and the only way she thought was to put her people in public office. >> i think she wanted to reverse over 100 years of discrimination and isolation of the chinese-americans. >> guys like me come and go, mayors come and go. rose pak was a constant.
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re. >> reporter: she was the force behind the central subway project in chinatown. she raised millions of dollars to renovate san francisco's chinese hospital. and she helped to elect the first chinese mayor in san francisco. >> despite all the sharp edges and even sharper tongue, at her core rose was motivated by love. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: rose pak is impossible to forget. her legacy will live on in san francisco's chinatown. i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> rose pak died last sunday at the age of 68. she is being buried at the cypress lawn memorial park in colma. it's supposed to be a safe place for children in trouble. but only on "5," we found out kids at this bay area shelter could still be at risk of falling into the hands of pimps. >> and talk about a messy commute. the massive clean-up effort along one bay area freeway and why critics say they are not
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going to solve the real problem.
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statewide: reports have skyrocketed by6 human trafficking is becoming a huge problem in california. statewide, reports have skyrocketed by 86% since 2012. we have seen reporting on a number of troubling cases here in the bay area involving a safe house where alameda county sends as risk children. our christin ayers discovered despite efforts to help them, those kids might still be recruited to the sex trade. >> she goes, okay, mom, i love you. >> reporter: it started off as any other morning with her daughter angelique going off to school. but the troubled 12-year-old had a different plan. this was the day she was going to run away. >> saying she has going off the bus as soon as she reached the
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school and was gone. >> her grandmother made flyers posting photos of of the missing child through the east bay >> i was angry, confused. the unknown. >> reporter: they found her but dropped her off at alameda county social services assessment center in hayward. it's where children at risk are first taken to safety. but the mother says for angelique, it was the opposite. >> the family says she met a teenaged girl on that very first night in the shelter who took her to a nearby motel. that's where they say she was first lured into the sex trafficking pipeline. >> doesn't surprise me at all. >> reporter: this counselor works with exploited children and has helped angelique through her struggles. >> this is not just in california. this is everywhere. from our experience exploiters will go to where there are kids who are more susceptible to being exploited. >> reporter: even though the
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county keeps the assessment center's location a secret, pimps know where it is and could use children inside to recruit others. >> a lot of children are groomed by the exploiter to become what we call a peer recruiter. >> reporter: over several days and nights, we videotapes activity at the motel that angelique was taken to. it's a busy place. we saw young women arriving in the evening others lingering at the doors of rooms. we watched various men visit those rooms while others escorted women into cars whisking them away only to bring them back hours later and there always seemed to be someone on the lookout. up the street at the assessment center no sign of activity but angelique's grandmother is convinced exploiters are lurking in the shadows. so you think there are pimps waiting outside the assessment center? >> i believe so.
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she doesn't know the area. >> ultimately state law we can't physically prevent them from leaving. >> reporter: jody lang is director of policy and communication at the west coast children's clinic a private company that runs the assessment center under contract with the county social services. she says peer recruitment is a problem and the staff has strategies of stopping it. >> if there is a concern where they are already being exploited and they might recruit other youth, then our staff will, you know, will work with that child, um, separately, monitor, you know, interactions with other youth. >> this is a girl whose life changed drastically because of where she stayed for a very short amount of time and how close a nearby motel was. she might have been better off not going to the assessment center. what do you say to that? >> that's a really good question. somehow i think that's really why it's important to develop
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these alternative resources so the assessment center isn't the only option. >> reporter: but for angelique it was the only option and that, her mother says, unacceptable. >> why would you put an assessment center walking distance from the stroll? from these hotel rooms? i don't know whether it's the law, whatever, but that needs to change. >> reporter: hristin ayers, kpix 5. >> well, like countless other exploited children, angelique's family says her pimps got her addicted to heroin and she is now in rehab. tomorrow is four months since a vallejo teenagers disappear the. pearl pinson's family is holding out hope she will be found alive. tomorrow afternoon people will join them for a vigil at the pedestrian bridge where pearl was last seen alive. police say that witnesses saw her being dragged away by fernando castro. he was later killed in a shootout with police in solvang. taking the secret of what happened to pearl with him. police have arrested two men accused of terrorizing san jose
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street vendors for month. the brothers are suspected in more than a dozen robberies since july. their targets mainly immigrants who parade food stands and may be afraid to report the crimes. >> they would stop, get out of a vehicle, approach on foot, and in most cases, they were brandishing a firearm. one victim reported being pistol-whipped. a couple of other victims reported being kicked and punched. so again, some violent assaults. >> police hope that witnesses recognize these mugshots so they can identify and assist more victims. and new at 6:00 a massive clean-up effort is under way along 680 in san jose this weekend but how did it get this bad to begin with? kpix 5's keit do on who is making the mess and why people who live nearby say cleaning it up won't solve the real problem. >> reporter: to see how complicated the homeless problem in the south bay is, drive along 680 in east san jose. there's trash everywhere.
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caltrans says there are now about 20 encampments along the 680 corridor around the mckee and alum rock exit. there are just a few steps away from traffic in the bushes. others are out in plain view. but the end result is the same. the mounds of garbage left behind gets blown up and down the road for miles. it's also made the commute more miserable. last winter debris clogged up the storm drain flooding 680. ray branson with the city of san jose says the homeless are migrating toward the freeway where they can stay for months. >> off city streets and out of view from the general public where people aren't going to be normally going through typically very attractive. people are just looking for a place to sleep where they won't be disturbed. >> they started telling us, get out, get out. >> reporter: mariana lives next to a cluster of encampments of a few weeks ago a campfire burned down her fence and nearly caught her house on
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fire. >> we are upset of course about it. but what can we do? >> reporter: help is on the way. a caltrans crew will be in the area for a massive clean-up starting saturday. the agency says the homes used to stay away for months afterwards. but now they return in a matter of days. >> i'm hopeful that it will help but solve the problem? i don't think so. >> reporter: in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the clean-up started today and will continue for weeks. in addition to removing encampments and litter, workers will be clearing overgrown vegetation. an oil sheen that caused a sickening odor around vallejo and rodeo has finally dissipated. a clean-up team has removed containment booms from san pablo bay and wrapped up its work. the coast guard discovered the sheen on tuesday near the phillips 66 refinery. the strong odor sent many people to the hospital complaining of headaches and dizziness but so far, investigators still aren't sure where all that oil came from.
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let's get to the news that affects everyone watching this broadcast tonight. the weather of course. it was warm today. it will be warmer tomorrow and will peak on monday. down to 69 degrees in san francisco. still 88 in concord. san francisco, i already said 69. san jose i 82. santa rosa 87. red flag warnings are posting in 3 p.m. tomorrow. the north bay mountains we have offshore winds classic for this time of the year and, you know, if you have lived here that september, october can be the warmest months of the year at the shoreline in the bay area. it's shaping up to be that way for the next couple of days so heat advisories are posted through monday with temperatures in the low 100s inland and warm at the shore, as well. so stay hydrated and extra care for pets and for the elderly. offshore winds means warm to
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hot right through monday. we get a little bit of a break on tuesday but real cooling as the wind shifts to more offshore and highs hitting 100 tomorrow. we don't cool down back to the 80s until around wednesday. have to wait that long for the cooling. and here's how this looks now as we look out there at the bay bridge. so far, concord has gotten up to 92. fairfield at 92. livermore hit 90. no big deal. i mean, it's generally in the 90s inland. but it's going to be in the 100s tomorrow. and on monday. so sunny, hot through the pearl of the week. heat advisories are up baywide for tomorrow and for monday. cooling will begin midweeks. fog fest an absent guest in pacifica for the festival this weekend, warm and dry no fog. bay area blues festival in martinez home of joe dimaggio once upon a time 93 degrees for that. and nostalgic day car show.
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nostalgia day car show, get it right, brian, hot 100 degrees. overnight temperatures in the 50s to 60s for overnight lows. here's the head line numbers. 86 in san francisco tomorrow. 100 degrees in concord. 90 oakland. south bay 100 morgan hill, 97 los gatos. 93 cupertino. and 92 at fremont. east bay about the same numbers another 100 degrees tomorrow in concord, pleasant hill and walnut creek 99 at pleasanton, 98 livermore. and in the north bay plenty warm, as well. look at santa rosa and petaluma. 97 degrees there. kentfield 96. so ukiah, lakeport, clearlake cloverdale for once not an exception. they will be in the 90s. in the extended forecast numbers hot right through monday which will probably be the warmest day of the week. finally, they back off the numbers we had today on tuesday. distinctly cooler by the time we head to wednesday, thursday and friday with low clouds
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returning to the shoreline. between now and then, it's going to be one sweaty period in the bay area. so stay tuned for all the details. here's juliette. thank you. we have an update now to our top story. within the past few minutes, the armed man who prompted a day long police standoff at san francisco civic center plaza surrendered peacefully. he had been holding officers at bay for hours armed with a gun and threatening to harm others or himself. in the end, no one was hurt and again, he surrendered peacefully. still to come, a bay area crossfit star calling on his inner strength after his little girl gets a terrifying diagnosis. how her courageous fight is now inspiring her family to fight for total strangers. >> and next in sports, another look at an a's rookie pitcher as the a's look to end a four- game skid and the giants fighting for a wildcard spot. we'll show you where they stand tonight as they try to get into the post-season. we'll be right back. ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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suddenly found his life turd upside down. doctor a bay area father who became a star in the crossfit community found his life turned upside-down. doctors dying his daughter with leukemia. kpix 5's maria medina shows us how he is using his connections to help his daughter and complete strangers. >> reporter: when she was just had 4, ava began to battle a deadly disease she never heard of. >> she had never heard of cancer. >> reporter: she had leukemia. >> she is tired all the time. there's always something hurting her. her legs hurt. she never wanted to walk anywhere. she didn't smile much. she didn't talk much. she was very quiet. >> reporter: for the last several months, ava has gone through chemotherapy and slowly but surely her parents say the medication began to have positive effects. >> we had our daughter back. we had a happy child again. >> our eyes opened through this
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experience. >> reporter: jason and his wife decided they do do much more than help their daughter. they could help others they had never met. you see, jason is a crossfit game champion and entrepreneur. he is a founder of nc fit which includes several gyms in california. and so he used his status to spread the word about becoming a bone marrow donor. and he began to hold blood drives. this weekend, he opened up his san jose gym for a blood drive. one donation could save a life. ava is proof. >> i'm forever grateful to the person who donated the blood so many times for ava because they don't even know that they did that for my daughter. right? they just donated blood. but i couldn't go out there and buy it. someone had to give it. >> reporter: aria medina, kpix 5 r. >> ava's parents say after living with leukemia, ava now wants to help others, as well. she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. great to see. >> nice story. >> a lot happening tonight.
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>> we have college football but for now with just eight games left in the season the giants' focus is now on clinching a wildcard spot. all eyes on madison bumgarner to notch his 15th win of the season. this is his first game since the whole don't look at me fiasco with the dodgers. meanwhile the cardinals trying to stay on the tail of the giants in the wildcard race. top of the 2nd st. louis leading 4-2. pleasanton native steven biscotti connects for his 22nd home run of the year making it 5-2 and the cards won 10-4. the cardinals tied with the giants for the second wildcard spot for now. the mets who hold the first wildcard spot lead san francisco and st. louis by a game but they are losing right now. would the rangers are a hangover in oakland after clinching the a.l. west last night? texas's elvis andrews missed the celebration with flu-like symptoms and in the sixth he goes deep down the left field down for a two-run shot giving the rangers a 4-0 lead.
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same score bottom of the 8th the a's with the bases loaded but steven vogt flies out. texas wins 5-0. oakland lost 5 in a row. in golf the final event of the fedex cub play-offs. chapel for birdie from the rough. three shots of the leader dustin johnson. in the 18th hole johnson trailed by a shot but johnson's bunker shot sets up for a bird for the lead. if johnson wins the tournament, he would win the fedex cup title. the giants right now leading 3- 0 so we'll see if they can hold that lead. >> that's a good sign. i know it's just the 1st inning. >> yeah. i think it's about maybe the third by now. >> there you go. we'll see if they can hold on to it. that's been an issue for them. >> thank you. coming up in our next half- hour, continuing to follow that breaking news out of charlotte where police have just released the video of the deadly encounter with keith scott.
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>> perhaps they can help a white visitor understand the pain and anger of demonstrators in places like ferguson and charlotte. >> it took a century to get it done but tonight a key chapter in history is on display in washington, d.c. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're now getting a look atr first look at what police in charlotte saw.. as they opened fire on keith scott. the dashcam and bodycam vid e past few hours. welcome back. we are getting the first look at what police in charlotte saw as they shot keith scott. the dashcam and body cam video released in the last few hours. the kenneth craig on what it does and does not reveal. >> reporter: charlotte's police chief released dashcam and body camera video recorded during tuesday's fatal shooting of
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keith lamont scott. >> in the spirit of transparency, you're going to get everything that we can deliver. facts, footage and an explanation of where we stand today in the investigation. >> reporter: he said officers were attempting to arrest someone else when they saw scott with marijuana and a gun. >> yes, based on the totality of what we see, he absolutely was in possession of a handgun. >> reporter: but the chief says the video released saturday does not show scott pointing a gun. [ shots ] >> reporter: an officer shot scott after police say he refused to drop the weapon. putney maintains his officers acted appropriately. >> don't shoot him. >> reporter: scott's wife recorded video said hers husband was unarmed and posed no threat. the police chief told reporters here he decided to release the department's footage after state officials said it would
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not interfere with their investigation. hundreds of protestors demonstrated for a fifth day demanding to see the video for themselves. >> we need to hear and see everything. >> reporter: they are under a state of emergency and citywide curfew continues at midnight. kenneth craig, cbs news charlotte. a gunman who killed five people at a mall in washington state is still on the loose. last night in burlington, north of seattle, a man opened fire at the makeup counter inside a macy's. four women and a man died. surveillance video captured the suspect going into the mall unarmed. then entering macy's 10 minutes later with a rifle. police say he acted alone. i don't know what his motivations was to do this. i don't know his motivations was to continue. i don't know what his motivations was to stop. >> this is a senseless act. it was the world knocking on our doorstep. and it came to our little community here.
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>> the fbi is now assisting with the search. at this point, investigators say there does not appear to be any link to terrorism. incidents like the small shooting and the unrest in charlotte will surely factor heavily in the first presidential debate just two days away. donald trump and hillary clinton will take the stage together monday night in new york. kpix 5's political analyst melissa caen says expect some fireworks. >> reporter: now, one of the most fun things about this debate is the fact that the way it's set up, the moderator asks one candidate a question. that candidate then has two minutes to answer. but after that the other candidate on stage gets to respond. and you can get a real interaction between them. >> you can watch the debate monday night at 6:00. we'll be broadcasting it right here on kpix 5. for the first time, all three presidential debates will also be streaming live on facebook. the social network plans to do the same with next month's vice- presidential debate.
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today marked the official grand opening of america's newest national treasure. marlie hall was in washington with the historic moment more than a century in the making. [ bell ] >> reporter: with the ringing of the bell president obama officially dedicated the national museum of african- american history and culture before a crowd of thousands on the national mall. >> it is an act of patriotism to understand responds where we have been. >> reporter: people help celebrate it with poetry, speeches and musical performances. ♪[ music ] black civil war veterans conceived of the idea more than a century ago. and former president george w. bush signed legislation authorizing the construction of the museum in 2003.
6:37 pm
>> this museum tells the truth. that a country founded on the promise of liberty held millions in chains. that the price of our unions was america's original sin. >> reporter: the 400,000- square-foot museum showcases four centuries of black history with nearly 3,000 artifacts on display. museum visitors are encouraged to start with the slavery exhibit then move chronologically through displays on freedom, segregation, civil rights, then lastly the achievements of black icons. every story is told through an african-american perspective. >> african-american history is not somehow separate from our larger american story. it's not the under side of the american story. it is central to the american story. >> reporter: a story with a chapter that was never told until now. marlie hall, cbs news, washington. >> only people with advance admission could get into the
6:38 pm
museum today. tickets are going so fast they are already sold out until december. >> still to come, snapchat is working on a top secret project. so top secret that we are reporting it. new video of its high-tech [ indiscernible ] >> why your uber driver will soon be required to snap a selfie before taking you for a ride. >> and coming up tonight, on the season premiere of 48 hours a couple of college engineering students seemed to have it all until they were accused of engineering a murder. the social media mistake that may have led the 13 yearly victim to a date with death. >> and the killer app coming up tonight at 10:00 right here on kpix 5. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to make its passengers feel safer. starting monday, uber san francisco-based uber is rolling out a new security feature to make its passengers feel safer of the starting monday uber drivers have to come firm their identities with a selfie before each shift. if the photo doesn't match, the
6:41 pm
driver can't pick up passengers. just this week, investigators accused a southern california uber driver of assaulting women on the job. snapchat is taking video recording to a new level and the result is unique. snapchat's chief confirmed the rumors. snapchat spectacles are real. you show them off to a small group of people and revealed the company's new name, snap inc. the camera can record 10 seconds of video with the tap of a button and capture circular footage that mimics our images. millions of phones are damaged by water every year but now there's a device to save your soaked smartphones. two colorado engineers built a machine that can save damaged phones in just about an hour. their inspiration a classmate who dropped her phone in the toilet. reporter tried out the machine called tech dry and here's what
6:42 pm
happened. >> we are going to take this iphone and drop it in the toilet. about 50 minutes later, my contacts are here. and the power is good. >> okay. right now, their machines are being leased to dozens of staples stores across the country. the entrepreneurs say they can fix more than just phones. their machine also works on laptops and electronic key fobs. if you ever wanted a drone but didn't think you could afford it why not do it yourself? the california company is now selling do it yourself drones. they are made from legos. the fly bricks kit comes in two versions. the basic package is $185 and works with a smartphone app. the deluxe version sells for $245 and comes with a hand-held controller. you can buy them online. coming up, temperatures going up. we have a heat advisory, "spare the air" and where's the
6:43 pm
relief? we'll cover it all with the forecast coming up after a break. >> and in sports, we check in with this week's 49ers opponent the seahawks say they are not worried about their lack of offense and the raiders and vern are in nashville as silver and black try to get back foot win column. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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minnesota.. where water is covering str and coming up to houses. and there rain ton much of the upper midwest
6:46 pm
under water tonight. flooding in minnesota. chance of more rain tonight. in cedar rapids the cedar river is expected to crest at more than 4 feet on tuesday flooding thousands of properties in the downtown area. while workers are busy building flood barriers and packing sandbags, homeowners are packing. >> when we heard the flood was coming down here, everybody started pulling their trucks up immediately and taking stuff out. no matter -- it doesn't matter if it's 19 or 22, 25 feet, we are getting out until the flood comes through and then we'll come back. >> the city is asking people to stay out of the downtown area starting tomorrow night. wow. problem seems tame compared to that with a little bit of a heat spell in the bay area at 100 degrees tomorrow and monday. monday will be the hottest day of the next few and then we'll cool down next week. as the sun sinks slowly in the
6:47 pm
west, concord 88, oakland 75. san jose 82. red flags warnings until tomorrow afternoon for the north bay mountains with offshore gusty winds. and heat advisories posted for the entire bay area for sunday and monday. the coast will be in the 80s and 90s. it will be in the 100s inland so stay hydrated and have a care about pets and the elderly. what's happening is that high pressure is edging close to the west coast. and that means temperatures in the 100s inland tomorrow. so it will be sunny and hot through monday. heat advisories up, cooling will begin on wednesday. overnight lows tonight will be near 60 degrees. sun-up tomorrow morning at 7:01 a.m. on your sunday morning. tomorrow concord 100. san francisco86. south bay plenty of sunshine down 101 to morgan hill 100 degrees. over 17 there's los gatos at 97. half moon bay pacifica good place to at least get a little breath of cooler air with readings at the beach in the
6:48 pm
70s. inland though, whoo, hot! ! 96 at brentwood. warmer at walnut creek 101. that's what happens with an offshore flow. 97 dublin. 99 pleasanton. up in the north bay, sonoma, santa rosa, san rafael, petaluma, everybody is in the 90s tomorrow including ukiah, cloverdale in the mid-90s. 100 in the warmest spots tomorrow in the east bay. and then tuesday, wednesday, thursday we'll cool off and we'll back into the 70s by next weekend. but between now and then, we have some hot times to deal with and some exciting times in sports. lots going on. the raiders offense may be on a roll but the defense has room for improvement. it's given up over 1,000 yards in the first two games. vern is in nashville with more on this week's matchup. >> reporter: all right, welcome to the grand ole opry. signature landmark here in
6:49 pm
nashville. great country music. and some 11 miles from here, the raiders will attempt to make their own mark at the expense of the tennessee titans. it's impossible to expect the defense to fix every issue in a week. defensive back must respond. delaney is nursing a hamstring issue but is still dangerous. >> why is he not still across the bay? you know? guy is a good player. i have a lot of respect for him game. >> reporter: the raiders counter with the league's top offense. deandre washington, yeah, the rookie, has been a nice one two combo especially on third down. facing the titans is a reunion of sorts for washington, a native of houston. and i believe antoine blake is on the titans, another buffalo alum. >> now, we looking forward to, you know, crossing paths like
6:50 pm
once again, you know, he is did he defensive player. crossing past once again. >> this could be a moment where you guys -- >> looking forward it. >> reporter: back here at the grand ole opry, it has been the showcase for country music for over 85 years ago. and tomorrow, the raiders hope to make their own music. we will see. that will do it from nashville. vern glenn, kpix 5. tomorrow, the 49ers will visit a seahawks team that has scored just 15 points in the first two games of the season but despite their offensive struggles, seattle coach pete carroll had all typical one- liners. >> playing home got a division game coming up. want to bounce back. going to give you a lot of short little one-liners here. um, we need to get right.
6:51 pm
um. guys are excited to be playing again here. want to get on the right track. so we are looking into toward putting together a great week. this is a huge opportunity for us and we want to take advantage of it. is that enough of those typical things that you see? about 10 of them, i think. san jose state's josh love getting his first career start today at iowa state. 2nd quarter, the spartans driving down 17-3. love hit as he throws. and that's picked off by jay jones. picked off four times in the game. 3rd quarter 23-3. parks finds young for a 49-yard touchdown pass making it 30-3. game officially over. iowa state wins 44-10. san jose falls to 1-3 on the season. jim harbaugh getting himself warmed up before michigan against penn state. wolverines leading 14-1. the first career touchdown catch.
6:52 pm
number 4 michigan rolls 49-10 improving to 4-0 on the season. amazing what harbaugh does where he goes. >> no one called this the cliche counter. no. >> we'll be right back. pay their final respects to ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
to pay their final respectso rose pak. for decades: hundreds gathered in san francisco's chinatown today to pay their final respects to rose pak. for decades she was the face of the asian community going back to a time when that community wasn't so well represented. joe vazquez shows us from her larger than life personality to her sledgehammer approach to politics she never failed to make an impression. >> she was one in a million. by turns disarmingly charming, and tough as nails.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: born in china, rose pak burst on to the san francisco scene first as a "chronicle" reporter, then as a community activist. as the long time leader of the chinese chamber of commerce, rose pak helped many immigrants resettle in the city. she was the godmother who worked to bring them better living conditions and help bring them to the polls to gain political power. >> we lost a lot for the community. >> i don't know what kool-aid he drank from. >> reporter: she was funny and profane and loved a good fight. just last month, she was upset about the proposal for union square to keep stockton street blocked off. so she threatened her own blockade. >> we have thousands of trucks and cars blockading the whole city hall and mta areas for one week and see how they like it. nobody could get in and out. and that's a promise. it's not a threat. it's a reality. >> reporter: in her role as power broker, rose pak
6:56 pm
persuaded the current mayor ed lee to run for office among others. >> she was one of the persons that requested me to run for mayor and told me what she would do to make sure i won. and that obviously was -- she was the friend and enemy of mayors and members of the board of supervisors, um, but at the end of the day, she was a lovely person. and, um, i'll miss her. [ sirens ] >> that was joe vazquez reporting. that's it for us at 6:00. thanks for watching. see you at 11:00. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on or tune in at 11:00 tonight. we are okay with that, too. have a good night and see you later. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
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