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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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if they're recording audio. good morning to our view irs in the west. it is monday, september 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." we're just hours away from what could be the biggest debate in the history of presidential politics. 100 million americans are expected to watch donald trump and hillary clinton face off. we're covering all angles. >> clinton's campaign manager and trump senior communication adviser will join us. and john dickerson and bob schieffer and bill o'reilly of fox news here in studio 57. >> we remember the king of golf today, arnold palmer, the man who revolutionized the game and the business of sports has died at the age of 87. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your world
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in 90 seconds. 90 minute format, not 20 second sound bites, a real opportunity to hear somebody say something and get into is that tra actually true or not. >> the candidates prep for the debates. >> donald trump has been out campaigning like regular. how has he been preparing for the debate. >> donald trump has been preparing for this debate for his entire lifetime. >> sporting world lost a legend, the passing of famed golfer arnold palmer. >> if you're playing today, would you be number one? >> i can't answer that. >> you'd like to give it a shot, wouldn't you? >> you're right. >> police say that officers shot a gunman who opened fire near a shopping center in houston. >> we know he's been neutralized, no longer a threat to the public. >> the suspected gunman accused of killing five people at a mall in washington state. >> i don't know what his motivation was to do this. >> star pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boating
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accident. >> the pride of cuba with a dazzling right arm. >> the passion he felt about playing, that's what i think about. >> in canada. >> high fived the prime minister. >> over the middle, dez bryant, touchdown, cowboys. >> jerry with a big smile on his face. 31-17, dallas. >> deep left field. would you believe a home run? >> veiin, we love you, this is r you, my friend. >> and all that matters. >> sunday morning hangover won't be the same without you. >> charles osgood. >> we thank you for everything. >> we'll see you on the radio. >> see you on the radio. >> see you on the radio. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i will see you on the radio. i want to thank you all, the wonderful audience, and i also want to thank all these people.
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>> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the first presidential debate tonight is likely to be the most watched in history. hillary clinton and donald trump will face each other in primetime for 90 minutes. the television audience could be 100 million people or more. the latest national poll out this morning shows the race is tied at 46%. clinton led by 6 points in the same bloomberg politics poll after the convention. >> key advisers for both candidates will be here in studio 57. we'll talk to trump senior communications adviser jason miller and robbie mook. first, major garrett and nancy cordes are at hofstra university, the site of tonight's debate. major is covering how trump is
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getting ready. good morning. >> good morning. this whole scene here today, tonight will remind the country powerfully of how improbable all of this once was. donald trump, pure novice, in the ultimate political ring with hillary clinton. statistically tide for the presidency of the united states. trump's preparations far more nonchalant than clinton's. a daring calculation, one that if successful could catapult his candidacy and if not might well crater it. >> trump is doing great. he's being himself. >> mr. trump is ready for the debate. he's very excited. >> donald trump's surrogates glossed over the light debate prep and suggested a life of real estate and reality tv may be enough. >> i think donald trump has been preparing for this debate for his entire lifetime. >> trump has held no mock debates and devoted little time to briefing books. his recent policy speeches have all been on teleprompter. a crutch he will not have
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against hillary clinton. house speaker paul ryan sounded a cautionary note. >> hillary clinton's been doing this most her life. she is the consummate pro. this is new for donald. so i think he should obviously overprepare for it. >> leading up to the debate, trump pledged to spend $140 million on tv and digital advertising between now and election day. ten times his budget so far. the $100 million tv investment first reported by cbs news will finance ads in 13 states including three states trump added because of tightening poll numbers. wisconsin, new mexico, and maine. another predebate development -- >> donald, you're a sniffling coward. >> ted cruz buried the hatchet and formally endorsed trump, citing the need to protect future supreme court vacancies from clinton. there is also predebate high jinks, clinton's campaign invited brash billionaire and trump critic mark cuban to the debate as her guest. trump returned the psychological warfare suggesting he will put
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gennifer flowers right alongside of had him. quick refresher, flowers revealed a decades long affair with bill clinton when he ran for the presidency in 1992. the campaign says she has not been formally invited and they don't expect flowers to attend. >> thank you very much, major. nancy cordes is inside the debate arena, tracking hillary clinton's preparations. good morning. >> good morning. the clinton camp believes tonight's debate will be so pivotal that she did just two public events all of last week, compared to the nine events that her opponent did. and they say she's been prepping for a debate that will show that she knows the issues and trump doesn't. >> clinton spent most of the weekend at home and at a nearby hotel, practicing with a small group of confidants including campaign chairman john podesta, debate guru ron klain and philippe rinus who made him a
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natural choice to play trump. clinton studies trump's primary debates to see how opponents knocked him off stride. had her campaign is trying to get under his skin by releasing a list of what they call the seven deadly lies he might tell tonight. like his claim that he opposed the iraq war from the beginning. or that he'll get mexico to pay for a border wall. on face the nation, clinton's running mate argued that trump needs to be held to the same standard as clinton had it comes to specifics. >> i think the great virtue of the debates is you get 90 minutes to look at people and really see whether there is depth, whether there is substance. and whether there is candor and truthfulness in what they say. >> when you're practicing law -- >> clinton knows the format. she's participated in 26 presidential primary debates and needs a performance tonight that will stop her slide in the polls. >> the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows her lead has shrunk from 12 points
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to 8 in virginia and down to 1 point in colorado. two states where her campaign was so confident a month and a half ago, they stopped airing tv ads. and that's why clinton's aides say her job tonight is to convince a wide swath of voters that trump lacks detailed policy proposals and is easily provoked. to that end, charlie, you might hear her talk about his admiration of putin or even question whether trump is worth as much as he says he is. >> robbie mook is here. is the goal tonight to tear trump down or build her up and get at the question of trust and command of issues? >> i'm really glad you asked that. hillary clinton does know she needs to earn the voters trust. we found these unfiltered moments as tim kaine said, 90 minutes up there, she can speak directly to the voters, she had the opportunity to talk about make a difference in people's -
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lives, but how this campaign is really a part of a life-long mission to fight for kids and families, she's done really well. i think it is an outstanding question, will trump demonstrate a command of the issues and we think that's a bar every candidate needs passed. we also are concerned that trump is going to continue to lie. and that's -- >> why do you think she can change the trust dynamic in one debate when she hasn't been able to do it over a lifetime or in terms of this campaign? >> the central question of this entire campaign is which one of these candidates is going to fight on the side of everyday people and it actually has plans that will make a difference in their lives. can they -- can voters trust a candidate to get that done? and they can absolutely trust hillary. she has a lifetime record of working with both sides of the aisle, bringing people together and getting real things done. >> we keep hearing she's preparing for two trumps. what exactly does that mean? tell us a little bit about the preparation work you all have been doing. >> one of the concerns that voters have about donald trump
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is that he doesn't have the right temperament to be commander in chief. he is erratic. we don't know whether trump is going to show up to try to have a serious discussion of the issues or whether he's going to bully. we have seen him bullying hillary with mean tweets the last few days. we just don't know who will be there. >> mark cuban in the front row, who has been very vocally against donald trump, is that a little bit of a dig to say to call him out? >> that was not the intent. both sides invite their supporters to come, we're really proud to have the support of mark cuban who came off the sidelines, he's not political. he's a businessman. has a lot of experience creating jobs. we're very proud to have a sport he's been outspoken and excited to have him there. he represents the kind of people that are coming to the campaign. republicans, republican leading independents who are concerned about donald trump's temperament. >> to follow on what gayle said, is that an early indication inviting mark cuban that part of the strategy is to provoke
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donald trump tonight, to get under his skin? >> you know, again, we're really focused on this opportunity that hillary has to speak directly to the voters on the issues. but we are concerned that donald trump may lie. he may throw information out there and hillary will have to spend all of her time trying to correct the record rather than talking about the things she wants to. >> what do you expect the moderator do? >> we ask the record be checked. if donald trump lies, which he's done in the past, that that be checked. >> one question about the surge that donald trump is experiencing, this is a dead even. you said the race will tighten. nobody thought it would be dead even at this moment. >> well, first of all, i take -- >> there is a surge. >> i take these public polls with a grain of salt. we're seeing something slightly different on our side. but, you know, operationally it doesn't matter. we should be running like we're 20 points behind, this is the most important election in our history. it is certainly in our lifetime. we should be all in and we should try to win by the biggest margin we can.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> in our next hour, we'll go inside donald trump's preparations with the senior communications adviser jason miller. that's ahead. there has been a lot of talk about whether the debate moderator should also be a fact checker. the executive director of the commission on presidential debates doesn't want that. >> commission asks independent smart journalists to be the moderators and we let them decide how they're going to do this. i don't think it is a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the encyclopedia britannica. i think it is better for the person to facilitate and to depend on the candidates to basically correct each other as they see fit. >> cbs news political director john dickerson and cbs news contributor bob schieffer have moderated many debates. they're here with perspective on tonight's face-off. good morning. let me ask you, bob, since you were involved in the last campaign's presidential debates, what about janet brown just said? is it the responsibility of the candidates to fact check each other? >> yes.
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i think the -- i think you're being unfair to both candidates if one of them makes a glaring error to not let the other person have an opportunity to call them out. i think people want to know if that person knows the answer to the question. >> that's called a rebuttal. >> if they don't, i think the moderator has to step in and say, you know, for the record, folks, and take it from there. maybe ask another question. >> there are a lot of -- there is talk that a lot of voters have still not made up their minds tonight. what are they looking for? what should each candidate do to try to get those voters on their side? >> it depends. they have two different -- basically donald trump has to show that he can be president and debate is the most formal thing we have in a campaign where a candidate looks a little bit like a president. and there is a style and so, you know, for donald trump, it is basically to present something different than the candidate who shows up at his rally. for hillary clinton, she has to
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remind people of donald trump, show something from her heart, which is for undecided voters and for her voters. we know people become stronger partisans when they watch debates. if hillary clinton has enthusiasm problem, which some of the polls show she does and enthusiasm is different than vote intent, people may be ready to vote, may not just be excited about it. if she has an enthusiasm problem, then a debate can make people think, that's why i like her. >> you think this is more about shoring up your base than it is about reaching an undecided? >> it can be both. undecided may slosh around over the course of three different debates, but there is voting going on now. if both campaigns can grab their voters who get newly energized and bank votes, get them, you know, in line so there is an organizational benefit. >> in fact, the campaign believes that 40% of the final tally may be by early votes this year. to your point. that's why the debates are so critical. not that you'll remember going to vote. people are voting now.
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>> that's why when we talk about facts and all of that, these debates are about so much more than somebody's position on the issues. voters want to take a measure of the person. does a person have the right stuff? does he have the dignity, the courage, how you react under pressure. i think the reason most people vote for a president is do they think this is someone that they would feel comfortable with in a time of crisis. >> therefore, what does donald trump have to do and how does he do it? >> it will be interesting to see. i mean, i have no idea what donald trump is going to do. and anybody that wants to predict what donald trump is going to do -- >> not a question of what he might do, but what does he have to do? how do you appear presidential? appears presidential as someone suggested, does he become somber and therefore less attractive? >> i think he has to just lead the impression he could handle the job. now, how he goes about that, i
7:16 am
have no -- >> is that a pretty low bar? >> that's what i think is the -- what people decide during these debates. >> do you think they're being judged differently, hillary clinton and donald trump, the clinton campaign says that she is being held to a much higher standard than he. >> i don't think so. i think they're both judged by exactly the same standards and we'll see what happens, how they decide what the standards are. >> you both know this impression will be made in the first ten or 15 minutes. >> that's right. because of twitter. so what is happening is a lot of -- a lot of reporters will be wasting their time looking at twitter instead of the 90 minutes and develop a narrative and that will start bouncing around and we see that in the last campaign. and that's not good. >> 90 minutes and no breaks. all right. thank you, both. bob schieffer and john dickerson. you can watch the debate tonight here on cbs. our live coverage begins at 6:00 pacific time. >> the world is remembering the extraordinary career and life of arnold palmer, the golfing great
7:17 am
died yesterday from heart complications at the age of 87. palmer's style and dominance on the golf course elevated the game to new heights. dana jacobson looks at his lasting legacy. >> beloved and transcendent, that's how he's being remembered today. his father, a golf pro and grounds keeper in latrobe, pennsylvania, taught palmer the game that he then helped introduce to millions. voted the athlete of the decade in the '60s, he was always true to his father's words, don't tell people how good you are, show them. >> the line is perfect. he's got it. >> known simply as the king, arnold palmer captivated the sports world with his ferocious style of play and the magnetism of a movie star. golf would never be the same when he burst on the scene in the late 1950s. he became the face of the sport and helped turn the country club game mainstream. in all, palmer won seven major
7:18 am
titles including four masters, tallying 62 pga tour wins. he was courted by presidents and spawned a rabid following of fans dubbed arnie's army. >> there goes the gallery. look at them race for positions. >> palmer's high risk, high reward approach ratcheted up the drama of the game. >> and this fellow is still hunting birdies. >> in 2011, he spoke to charlie rose. >> there is no game like it. you go out there, you tee it up on first tee, charlie. >> yes. >> it is you. a golf ball and the golf course. and there you go. >> palmer with a pioneer in marketing for athletes and paved the way for future stars. there is even a drink named after him. he also received the presidential medal of freedom and congressional gold medal. the battle between palmer and jack nicklaus defined rivalry and though nicklaus came out ahead most times, palmer says even the losses helped shape
7:19 am
him. >> they really hurt. but when i reflect on it now, and i look back, and say it taught me something, taught me how to live, and how to be a better guy and not let it defeat, be the end of my life. and i'm thankful for that. >> in a statement last night, his long time friend and rival jack nicklaus said we were great competitors who loved competing against each other, but we were always great friends along the way. arnold always had my back and i always had his. he was the king of our sport and always will be. and bob hope may have put it best, he said in bringing golf to the masses, two things mattered, arnold palmer and the mulligan. >> there is a saying in golf, every golfer who played since him should give him 15% of their earnings. >> exactly. >> because it elevated the game. >> everybody thinks it was michael jordan that made marketing in sports. arnold palmer started it. >> the friendship was genuine
7:20 am
and the competition he injected. >> people say one of the most charismatic men they ever met. donald trump is hearing from russia with love. ahead, we travel to moscow to see why the country's most popular singer,, of a record-setting sunday, we're in for a heat advisory for the entire bay area, starting off warm, only going to get warmer. temperature in the 90s around the bay today, upper 90s on the peninsula, triple digits for the warmest spots inland. we begin to cool just slightly tomorrow and more so wednesday and thursday. at the end of the week, week bring temperature into the 70s for the warmest locations.
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new details on a deadly rampage at a shopping mall in the pacific northwest. is there any connection to terrorism? >> ahead, what investigators are learning about the suspect captured after a massive manhunt. the news is back this morning right here on "cbs this morning." smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away.
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>> good morning. it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. today is san francisco engineers are trying to find out what is causing the millennium tower to sink. they're installing device to find out why the building has sunk 16 inches in seven years. palo alto city council votes on whether to speed up the time frame of raising the minimum wage. the base rate of $11 is expected to go up within three years but the vote could push that to 2018. coming up on "cbs this morning," maria via real is in washington with the latest on the mall shooting investigation. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,
7:27 am
good morning, happy monday. the time is 7:27 and we have a lot of traffic throughout the
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bay area, starting in the south bay. we have slow moving traffic throughout 101, 280, and the guadalupe parkway, slow traffic westbound 4 between antioch and pittsburg, down to 12 miles per hour. then let's move to westbound 80 before willow avenue. there was a multicar crash there that is clearing now but we have a new crash here san bernandino 680 at the top at lake herman road, a multivehicle crash blocking a lane, traffic moving all the way down to just about 20 miles per hour. and then our hot spot of the morning, altamont pass off the 205, just 9 miles per hour. the grant line road crash causing some -- a heat advisory is in effect for one more day, similar to yesterday, 80s and 90s on the peninsula and the coast, 90 and triple digits inland so stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activity outdoors. near 100 for concord, livermore, upper 90s san jose and north bay. tomorrow we'll cool off a few degrees, more so by the end of the week. ,, ,,,,,, refuge families
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and visited with paralympics just become from reop. >> at that age, it's tough to teach. >> it really it but they look great on the road. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, there is a search for a motive
7:31 am
in the deadly there's a search for a motive in the deadly shooting in washington state. he's expected to make his first court appearance today. ahead, the disturbing profile pieced together by investigators. plus the sudden death of marlins ace jose fernandez in a boat crash. we'll show you how teams around the league are paying tribute to one of baseball's best young pitchers. this morning's headlines, "the new york times" reports from the united states and britain accusing russia of war crimes in syria. this follows heavy air strikes on aleppo. some of the deadliest attacks happened over the week. the fighting is expected to worsen. they are preparing an all-out assault to take over the city. the latest strike claimed the family of a five-year-old girl pulled from the rubble. she was rescued an air strike that destroyed her home. her parents and four siblings were killed.
7:32 am
"new york daily news reports" reported on a wells fargo employees file a lawsuit. the lawsuit says the bank told workers to rip off the customers. wells fargo was fine $185 million this month in the fraud scandal. the des moines register says thousands of iowans are being urged to leave their homes due to a flood threat. the cedar river is expected to crest there tomorrow morning. the water could reach the level that causes devastating floods eight years ago. is and the houston chronicle says a gunman shot nine people this morning. police responded and he later died. he was a lawyer. police say the gunfire lasted for about 20 minutes. the suspect in a deadly shooting rampage at a mall north
7:33 am
of seattle is expected to appear in court this morning. accused of killing five people friday night. the victims range from a 16-year-old who reportedly a cancer survivor to a 95-year-old woman. we're outside the cascade mall in burlington, washington with the latest in the investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the mall is set top open later today for the first time since arcan sateen's alleged abeing at that. authorities were able to track him down after numerous tips came in and after they reviewed mall surveillance video. now they are looking for a motive and interviewing everyone from eyewitnesses to his own parents. investigators searched the home of 20-year-old arcan sateen sunday as they tried to piece together a motive into friday's deadly shooting. >> we feel confident that we have the shooter. whether or not anyone else was involved will be determined. >> reporter: authorities say it was just after 7:00 p.m. when
7:34 am
the 20-year-old opened fire in the make-up department of a macy's store, killing five people. >> cascade, all burlington units, male ran into the macy's with a young rifle. >> reporter: a sheriff lieutenant spotted him 20 miles away. he was in a zombie-like state. >> i took the individual in custody. >> reporter: born in turkey, he is a legal u.s. resident. he's had two domestic violence charges against him. he's been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation and abstain from drugs or alcohol. he had a fascination from guns according to social media. >> he was very hurtful toward girls. he was sexually harass them and bully a lot of them. >> reporter: according to cbs seattle affiliate, the victims include chuck egan who
7:35 am
reportedly push his wife out of the line of fire and a 16-year-old. >> her mother told reporteders she wants justice. >> she was always happy. she would be around the halls and she wouldn't not have a smile on her face. >> reporter: 95-year-old beatrice do theson was killed along with her daughter a probation officer months away from retiring. >> she motivated me and gave me hope for my future. she wanted to help everybody. >> reporter: the fbi says they have no indication that this shooting was linked to terrorism. cetin's motive is still unclear at this time. they say his girlfriend worked at a macy's store but it was not the macy's store where he opened fire. major league baseball's mourn the death of one of his stars today. marlins pitcher jose fernandez and two others were killed after a boating accident in miami beach.
7:36 am
investigators say alcohol and drugs do not appear to be a factor in this crash. david begnaud it at the park where fernandez was scheduled to start tonight's game against the new york mets. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the marlins were supposed to play yesterday but they canceled the game. nobody wanted to play. they put 16, his number, on the jumbotron. this morning people are placing flowers. ever since it was early. what a back story this young man had, when he tried to escape cuba on a boat, he had to serve jail time, dodge bullets, and even save his mom from drowning. >> the passion he felt about playing, that's what i think about. >> reporter: marlins coaches, players, and officials struggle to hold back tears. on sunday, the marlins put fernandez's number on the pitching mound. the tampa bay rays and boston red sox held a moment of silence and miami's rival the mets, put up an honorary jersey in their dug out. the boat jose fernandez was riding in was traveling at a high speed in darkness when it apparently slammed into a rock jetty and flipped over.
7:37 am
the impact likely killed him along with two others. none of the men were wearing life jackets. >> two of them were under the vessel. one was in the water. >> reporter: investigators say fernandez was not driving nor did he own the boat. >> we know that this boat knows the area. we just can't answer why this happened. >> three hitters, three strikeouts! >> reporter: fernandez journey to baseball was not a typically one. he defected from cuba at 15 and broke into the majors when he was just 20, winning the 2013 rookie of the year. a day before the announcement, major league baseball cameras recorded a surprise meeting between fernandez and his grandmother whom he had not seen since he was 15. two years later. >> so help me god. >> reporter: fernandez became a u.s. citizen. >> a dream i had when i was little so, now actually, it's an achieving it, is an amazing thing. >> reporter: it took fernandez
7:38 am
and his family four tries to escape cuba. cbs sports radio host amy lawrence. >> he was arrested, he was thrown in jail and shot at but after staring death in the face, baseball was a game to him, and he played it like a big kid. >> reporter: major league baseball's commissioner rob manfred released a statement saying he was one of our game's great young stars who made a dramatic impact on and off the field. nor ah, last week he posted on instagram that he and his girlfriend were expecting their first child. >> david, thank you. >> what a sad story. >> i know. >> terrible. >> just the last little thing at the end adds a whole another dimension how sad and tragic it is. some of donald trump's biggest fans are thousands of miles away. meet the russian singing star who says a president trump would help russia be great. that's next. if you're heading out the door, you can watch us live through the cbs all access app on your
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one of hillary clinton's newest campaign ads criticizes donald trump's business ties to russia. the republican candidate has many fans in that country starting with the president. charlie d'agata went to russia to meet another trump following of his own and someone who paid a price to standing up to russia's president. charlie is with us now from london. >> reporter: good morning. not since the cold war has russia played a central role in american elections and everybody over there is buzzing about it too, and as far as celebrity endorsements go, few come quite like this. >> reporter: one of trump's biggest fans is also one of russia's biggest stars. ♪
7:44 am
>> i think a number one in this country! ha ha! >> reporter: his enthusiasm for the republican candidate goes back 22 years when with he performed at trump's taj mahal casino in atlantic city. trump dubbed him the michael jackson of russia and the bromance has been going on ever since. >> i hope when he is president, our relationship will be much, much closer and all american people finally understand -- understood? understood? >> reporter: understood. >> understood that russia is a great country. russian people is a great people. >> reporter: that mutual admiration goes both ways. donald trump has said that he would cut back u.s. involvement in nato and has heaped praise on russian president vladimir putin, calling him a strong leader. putin has made clear his preference for a president trump white house, but there are far more sinister accusations of collusion.
7:45 am
russia stands accused of hacking the democratic party's e-mail server. >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> reporter: the clinton campaign started running new ads that call into question trump's financial ties in russia and how they could impact decisions on national security. while former russian opposition member says trump's admiration of putin is, at the very least, misguided. >> putin is not strong because he is afraid of participating in debates. he's afraid of election. he is afraid of being removed and losing control. i think it's not the position of strong leader. >> reporter: and he says putin has an easy way of silencing any serious opposition. >> i'm banned to participate in the tv discussion. >> reporter: you're banned from going on television? >> yes, i'm banned from going on television. >> reporter: now just think about that during tonight's tv
7:46 am
debate. the american election is getting lots of coverage from kremlin back channels and newspapers. no prizes for guessing who they see as the favorite. norah? >> charlie, thank you so much. a story book ending to a legendary broadcasting career at dodgers stadium. ahead, long time announcer vin scully's dramatic good-bye to his fans after 67 years! well, we broke a record yesterday. sfo, another hot one today, a heat advisory in effect for the entire bay area, temperatures warm into the 90s in san francisco and along the peninsula, 80s along the coast. upper 90s san jose. up north, 95 santa rosa, triple digits for the warmest spots inland. your extended forecast shows it begin to cool tomorrow, just slightly, midweek through the end of the week. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by
7:47 am
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i'm never going back to a manual brush. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. 0-1 to charlie. swung on and high flyball to deep left field! it is a home run! >> vin scully's voice has been the sound track for dodger baseball for 67 years. now he is hanging up his microphone. the 88-year-old yesterday called his final home game.
7:51 am
the dodgers clenched the national league west title with a walkoff home run. amid the celebration, the dodgers and their manager dave roberts, paid tribute to vin scully from the field. >> for the man upstairs, what do you want to say to vin? >> vin, we love you! and this is for you, my friend! >> to show what the team and the fans meant to him, scully played his rendition of the song, "wind beneath my wings." ♪ what a send off. >> scully was singing this song. i didn't know he could sing. very nice. >> congratulations to him. >> go ahead. what were you going to say? >> 86 is good. >> ahead we'll talk to donald trump's top campaign advisers about how he's preparing for tonight's debate and tomorrow democratic vice-presidential tim
7:52 am
kaine will be join us to break down the big moments from the debate. you are watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ is depression more than sadness? ♪ it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ♪ ♪ trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide.
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7:56 am
are looking for >> good morning. it's 7:56. berkeley police are looking for the man who shot a woman near kings street and al do dress avenue. the victim is expected to be okay. hillary clinton will face donald trump in a debate tonight. commonwealth club and santa clara university are two places that will have watch parties. coverage at 6:00 starts on kpix 5:00. and ahead on ""cbs this morning,?" the national museum of african- american history and culture opened its doors this weekend. gayle king looks at the iconic ceremony. we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,
7:57 am
all of this with the global warming and the - a lot of it's a hoax. it's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning, time now 7:57 with slow moving traffic
7:58 am
throughout the eastbay stalling vallejo, eastbound 37, two-car crash at the 80 connector and it is blocking a lane. however, tow trucks are on the way and will be in the clearing stages. also some slow traffic on san bernandino 880. we have an earlier crash there that still causes major backup past highway 92. and then also at not pass our hot spot of the morning coming off 205 at 7 miles per hour, 205 to the altamont will take you 45 minutes. and then here's a look at the bay bridge. off to you, julie. a heat advisory in effect for one more day, temperature in the 80 and it on the coast and peninsula, 90s to triple digits. stay hydrated and avoid strenuous outdoor activity today. we have unhealthy air quality for some locations. 100s in some spots and 80s on the compost. slightly cooler tomorrow and cooling more by the end of the week. ,, ,,,,,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, september 26th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." more real news ahead including one of the most highly anticipated debates ever. we look ahead to tonight's matchup with donald trump's senior communication adviser. first, here is today's eye opener at 8:00. >> donald trump, pure novice, in the ultimate political ring with hillary clinton, statistically tied for the presidency. >> she's been prepping for a debate that will show she knows the issues and trump doesn't. >> you think she can change the trump dynamic in one debate when she hasn't withbeen able to do over a lifetime or the term of
8:01 am
this campaign? >> which one of the candidates is going to fight on the side of everyday people. >> do they think this is someone that they would feel comfortable with in a time of crisis. >> therefore, what does donald trump have to do? >> it will be interesting to see. i mean, i have no idea what donald trump is going to do. >> transcendent, that's had how arnold palmer is being remembered, the athlete of the decade in the '60s, palmer was always true to his father's words, don't tell people how good you are, show them. >> one photog, tried to catch it, that was a mistake. hit in the face. >> i was trying to catch the ball and i missed it and caught the ball with my face instead of my hands. >> are you okay, though? >> i'm okay. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a record 100 million people or more are expected to watch
8:02 am
tonight's presidential debate. donald trump and hillary clinton will stand on the same debate stage for the first time. the first of three scheduled 90 minute matchups will focus on securing america and achieving prosperity. >> cbs news election director anthony is here to show us where it stands now. you look so closely at the electoral map. what do you see this morning? >> we talked about a big, big lead for clinton. that has gone away. it is a narrow lead at best. what happened, norah, is that state after state moved back to being a tossup. talk about states like ohio, florida, those battlegrounds we talk about, colorado too. >> so just to stop you, you initially had it at 264 electoral votes. now it is at 191. >> actually, she had not too long ago, well up over 300 electoral votes in states leaning her way. so she is now under the 270 in
8:03 am
states that are leaning her way because in all of those key states, they all moved back to tossups. >> the question is why? >> the answer is enthusiasm on the part of her voters has gone down and so what happens in polling is not that people are switching over to donald trump or going back and forth, it is that her voters are saying they're less likely to vote and less excited about her. >> she's losing rather than him gan i gaining. >> for the most part. she needs to rev up that base. you look at younger voters, parts of her constituency she has to get all of, and they tell you, yeah, we're a little less excited, a little less likely to come out. >> she's at 264. he's at 191, the same he was several weeks ago. >> right, but for him, that's actually -- that's actually good. because as she has come down, that puts a lot of states now where he is in striking distance and that wasn't the case before. >> she's only one state away from winning. >> you could look at it that way as well, yeah.
8:04 am
>> which way do you look at it? >> i look at it this is still a race that could go either way because it wasn't the case before, right, so she's one state away, yes, but here's the thing. she doesn't necessarily win them all in a row. these states are tending to move in tandem and so yes it is one state, but states tend to swing as a group too if a big event, big change happens. >> well, if the polls are right, 100 million of us will be watching. can't wait. thank you very much. >> yep. trust is a serious trouble spot for both of the candidates. recent poll shows that 45% of voters think that donald trump is honest and trustworthy. only 36% see hillary clinton that way. on sunday, the candidate surrogates addressed the trust issue. >> i think donald trump always speaks straight from his mind and straight from his heart. i think he's the most bold truth teller to run for president of the united states. >> she has a challenge because
8:05 am
donald trump says things that aren't true. >> hillary clinton's casual relationship with the truth is well known to americans. i'm sure we'll see it on full display tomorrow night. and i really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact checkers. >> jason miller is senior communications adviser for the trump campaign. we're glad to have you at the table. >> good morning. >> couple of things. what would be your definition of success tonight for mr. trump and what makes you look at him and say he's ready for this battle? >> i think if mr. trump is able to come out and show he's the one who will get our economy back on track, he'll keep us safe, he'll want to make sure we go and renegotiate the bad trade deals, he'll stop illegal immigration. he's able to convey that message. the same things have been -- we're seeing it with the polls, the crowds coming into this week. there will be success. >> those are all talking points. i want to get to the nitty-gritty that makes you know he's on fire and ready to take
8:06 am
on hillary clinton. one to one, 90 minutes, no break. >> tonight, i think what we'll see is mr. trump is ready to be commander in chief. this is a chance where voters have seen the commercials, more from hillary's side, $250 million dumped on mr. trump, but they'll see the candidates up there at the same time on the stage together. and i think what they'll see is one candidate, very comfortable in his own skin, ready to be commander in chief, and ready to be a change agent. someone that will change our country, take in the right direction and stacked up against secretary clinton and presenting her vision in a much different direction. >> what is on the list of things not to do? >> i would say, you know, i think tonight as long as he's talking about his message and focused and talking about the contrast between the two, the vision he wants to go versus where hillary wants to go, i think that's going to be a win. i think here is the thing for mr. trump into tonight, is that he's a candidate, he's not a politician, he's somebody not -- hasn't been doing this for 30 years, not someone that has the pull test and blow dry every single answer coming forward.
8:07 am
>> one thing that mr. trump even here has said, he's the counterpuncher, he punches back when challenged. has the campaign talked about how they may do that tonight? is he going to counterpunch? >> he'll be ready for tonight. never underestimate donald trump. >> let's ask this, is he preparing not by the way she might be preparing with the thick briefing books but looking for some psychological insight insight? >> well, the one thing that we ? >> the one thing we have seen this is more on the staff end, this is more -- as we discussed as a team and getting things together, it was secretary clinton, she'll to great in her first answer. we'll see, her first answer in each of these six sections, she'll hit a home run, programmed, pulled, tested out. where secretary clinton runs into trouble are the second and third answers where it becomes more variables come in, interaction between the candidates. that's where she runs into trouble. >> people question whether he has a second and third answer that he is not deep on terms of policy, he's primarily deep in terms of a broad statement like
8:08 am
i'll build a wall. >> mr. trump has gone laid out a number of policies in the campaign, how to get the economy going, how to stop illegal immigration, he has the policy, if you go to the website you'll see he's laid out detailed plans, great piece in the wall street journal on that point. you'll see tremendous amount of substance, a remarkable clarity, and, again, we start getting into these second and third questions, because after the openings for each candidate you have the back and forth, this ten minute section. that's where hillary starts running into trouble is because you can't go and pull test all the way through the -- >> do they question each other? >> there will be some back and forth, but largely driven by the moderator. >> where is it that voters normally make up their mind in the first 10 to 15 minutes, people watching on twitter. are you concerned about that? no 90 minute break, you can't say what you need to do here or she got you there and maybe you want to go back to this. no worries or concerns about that? >> mr. trump is going to come out and talk about his vision. again, the great thing about mr.
8:09 am
trump is that he's not the politician. he's going to be the same person, wherever you see him, and wherever he's talking about. that's what is so great about going into the debate, that's why you see the energy, the crowds, the poll numbers reflecting the great numbers we have seen from other networks this morning. >> you had mock debates. >> we have not had someone stand in as a hillary clinton. that's because mr. trump remains very focused on what does he want to talk about, what does he want to communicate to the american people. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> good to have you here. >> a reminder to you, you can watch tonight's debate here on cbs, live coverage at 6:00 pacific time. the mayor of charlotte lifted the city's overnight curfew, put in place after violent protests erupted over the shooting death of an african-american man by police. hundreds of protesters marched in charlotte last night. 11 people were detained. but there were no reports of violence. over the weekend, police released dash and body camera videos of last tuesday's shooting of keith lamont scott.
8:10 am
errol barnett is in charlotte. good morning. >> good morning. the family says the footage released by this police department over the weekend leaves them with more questions. the city of charlotte did declare the nfl game played here yesterday an extraordinary event fearing protesters would try to disrupt it. >> no justice, no peace. >> police in riot gear surrounded bank of america stadium outside. >> newton's pass intercepted! >> as the carolina panthers faced off against the minnesota vikings inside. demonstrations remain peaceful, one day after police released two videos from the shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott on tuesday. >> drop the gun. >> in the dash cam video, he walks out of his suv and slowly backs away. officers surround him, demanding he drop his weapon. shots are fired.
8:11 am
the body camera shows a different angle, but has no audio until after the officers are standing over scott handcuffing him and tending to his injuries. >> hold the wound. >> scott family attorney justin bamberg. >> there is no definitive evidence in this video as to whether or not there is an object in his hand and if there is what that object is. >> the family also released cell phone video, taken by scott's wife, before the shooting. she tells police he suffers from a traumatic brain injury. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. >> but police chief kerr putney insists scott absolutely had a gun, releasing this image as evidence, claiming the videos tell only part of the story. >> the footage only supports all of the other information, the statements from witnesses and officers, and all of the other information, scientific and
8:12 am
physical, that create the entire picture. >> chief putney says cops ordered scott out of his vehicle when they saw him with marijuana and a firearm. we were out with protesters last night and they appeared to be listening to the scott family request for peaceful demonstrations. the family is now making funeral preparations. gayle? >> thank you very much, errol. a dream deferred becomes a dream realized. how descendants of a slave helped open the smithsonian ,,
8:13 am
bill o'reilly has been talking to donald trump about how he plans to debate hillary clinton. ahead, o'reilly in studio 57 with his take on what both candidates must do to win and we'll ask about his new book, looking at the u.s. decision to drop atomic bombs on japan. and look at the toyota green room right now. our resident cartoonist, we have
8:14 am
got one, liza donley, she joins us to sketch the democratic national convention. we liked it so much, we said come back. today, she's back. tonight she'll be sketching the presidential debate with "cbs this morning." she also draws for publications like the new yorker and politico and now for us. liza live draws the debate. looking forward to that. we'll be right back. we will be right back. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto® was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto®. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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,,,, it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
8:18 am
> this picture captured a tender moment between the obama's and bush's. it came on sunday with the opening of the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. "cbs this morning" you may recall was the first media outlet to broadcast live from there. the opening ceremony for the museum located on the national mall in washington, d.c. was punctuated by plenty of powerful moments. >> reporter: national museum of african-american culture and history is a museum of pain and suffering. alongside president obama and the first lady, 130-year-old
8:19 am
bell. the museum opening was a dream deferred. john lewis introduced 13 different bills to create it. >> this place is more than a building. it is a dream come true. >> reporter: the museum contains close to 40,000 artifacts. activists fought for this space for more than 100 years. in 2003 president george w. bush signed legislation that moved it from just a bill to a building. >> great nation does not hide its history. it faces its flaws and corrects them. >> reporter: the country's first black president recast the word of poet langston hughes. >> we are not a burden on america. or a stain on america. not an object of pity for america. we are america. >> reporter: the museum met for all americans is an acknowledgment of a people's history and their culture.
8:20 am
>> it is my hope that each and every person who visit this beautiful museum will walk away deeply inspired, feel the greater respect for the dignity and the worth of every human being. >> wow. you were there, gayle. >> i was there. i have to tell you, that moment between george bush and michelle obama, number one, president bush was so poignant when he said it's a museum that tells the truth and america's capacity to change. when he walked out, the hug was very tender. >> behind signing the legislation you get a sense there is a sort of affection. >> greatly on both sides, they admire each other. you can feel people in the room going look at that. >> mrs. obama and mrs. bush were together recently working on military issues and mrs. obama and george w. bush was together at the dallas shooting. a friendship, and i think an example of bipartisanship that is needed more than ever. >> absolutely. the president is often given credit to this president's
8:21 am
father of bush 41 for influencing and what he thought of his dignity. >> i can't say enough about that museum, though, guys. every time i go, it fills you up in another way. it is a people's story and a nation's journey. there is something for everybody there. >> coming up, a unique game of catch. thousands of feet up. how two sky divers managed to play ball during a free-fall outside of a plane. >> catch me, if you can right there. >> oh, my gosh. that is what we do, unbelievable things here on "cbs this morning." t. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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8:25 am
this is a kpix5 morning update. good morning. it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. crews are making progress on a wildfire that's forced some evacuations in sonoma county. the so-called sawmill fire began about 11:00 yesterday morning east of cloverdale, the 1500-acre fire is now 20% contained. today engineers plan to begin a project seeking answers about what's causing a high- rise building in san francisco to sink and lean. underground devices will collect data to determine what's happening to the soil. the next half hour of cbs this morning, television host bill o'reilly comments about today's presidential debate. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. traffic alert for san rafael. southbound 101 before north san pedro road and it's a two vehicle crash currently blocking the left and middle lane and it is an overturned truck versus a car here so we will keep you updated as to when that is cleared. traffic moving all the way down to just 13 miles per hour. also here was a look at the golden gate bridge but head to the altamont pass, 14 miles per hour. westbound 580 before northland road a two car crash adding to
8:28 am
the slow conditions as well. here's a look at both traffic on southbound 880 in the hayward fremont area. headed from hayward to the peninsula, got slow traffic. we broke records yesterday, expect another hot one today. in fact, a heat advisory is in effect for one more day today. you will want to stay hydrated, avoid any outdoor activity if you can and at least any unnecessary outdoor activity. highs warming up into the 90s along the peninsula, upper 90s for san jose, mid-90s up north, napa, santa rosa, triple double digits for the warmest spots -- triple digits for the warmest spots. wednesday temperatures in the upper 70s. hang in there, folks. the cooldown is coming. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ two sky divs t two skydivers took the game of catch to new heights. thousands of feet in the sky. they took a tennis ball long on a recent jump in the czech republic. they casually tossed it back and forth apparently without a miss, at least not on their video. the specifically waited ball scene in the air as the skydivers played their game while plunging to earth. >> doesn't that look like fun you two? >> absolutely beautiful. >> whether you do it or not, it looks like fun. >> not to me. it looks very scary to me. would love to see the two of you and i would be there with my pompoms. if i could get into it, i would be in my cheerleading outfit.
8:31 am
bill o'reilly's book goes into the -- we'll find out what living american presidents told o'reilly when he asked what they would have done and get his take on the presidential debate tonight. >> rob lowe is in our toyota green room. hey, rob. he is joining the cast of the hit cbs medical drama "code black." ahead we will find out how the actor prepared for his new role in the series as a military colonel. time to show you some of the morning's headlines. an ambitious plan by elon musk to colonize mars. musk will lay out the details in a speech in mexico tomorrow. he wants to establish a city of mars within a decade. a city on mars within a decade. his ideas include a massive rocket and spaceship that could deliver 100 people to mars. >> if anybody could do it, it would be mr. musk. >> there is no limit to his adventure >> he dreams and thinks big. new york's daily news
8:32 am
reports on a bizarre selfie moment on the campaign trail. take a look at this. a crowd of people in orlando recently turned their backs to hillary clinton. this was not a snub. they were trying to snap a selfie with her. some people wondered whether hillary clinton had invited the crowd to take the selfie all at once. that would certainly make more sense that somebody said, let's all do it at the same time because it's unusual you see everybody turn their backs at the same time. >> she is clearly enjoying the moment. >> that is the way to make something go viral. everyone, take a selfie and share it. >> to that point this photo has been retweeted more than 16,000 times. national security is a featured topic at tonight's first presidential debate. a new bloomberg national poll finds 24% of americans believe the threat from terrorism and isis is the most important issue facing the country. fox news and host and anchor bill o'reilly takes on one of the country's most pivotal decisions in his latest book
8:33 am
"killing the rising sun." it offers a gripping look at the country's use of the atomic bomb and it is the latest in his killing series with martin duguard. the book is number one and we have him back with us. >> good morning. i don't know why you guys keep inviting me back. i'm so boring. particularly in the morning. >> you're not a good talker and why we keep asking that. >> you love the series and the movies made about these books but let's talk about the debate tonight first. snultd shber iowe what are you looking for? >> i think secretary of state clinton has the advantage and been there before. it's like sports. she's well-versed on policy. she can deal with any issue you put in front of her. so you'd have to say handicapping it, she hat gang. she has an advantage. >> is it an advantage for her that she has been one-on-one often and he has generally been with a variety of candidates?
8:34 am
>> sure. the camera doesn't lie and when yu have 17 guys up there, and your air time is limited, the mistakes don't really matter because there's so much clutter. but one on one with everybody analyzing every word you say and every syllable you say, it's a lot harder. >> one-on-one, 90 minutes with no break. you asked donald trump are you going to take hillary apart and he said, i have no idea. >> right. >> did you believe that answer from him? >> yeah. i do. i think he is a counterpunch. i think the trump track is he is going to try to portray the country as being in a serious crisis. all right? that is what he is going to do. but if she starts at him he has five or six bang bang bang. you saw it over the weekend. the clinton campaign invited mark cuban to sit there and that was, you know, a little of this to trump. what does he do? he one up's it with gennifer flowers. that's a thing, if he hits trump, trump comes back with fairly rehearsed lines that he has. >> that is the theater of this debate and certainly a lot of that in this campaign.
8:35 am
in terms of substance and the one-on-one, many of the papers this weekend sort of took apart donald trump in terms of detailing the number of factual inaccuracies he has laid out during this campaign. how do you think that plays itself out tonight? >> it doesn't. >> viewers don't really care about -- >> the facts? >> the facts? >> not about facts. trump himself is a generalist. he portrays himself that way. the big picture guys. country in trouble. i'm going to fix it and i'm the master negotiator. his supporters and those who may vote for him who are undecided accept the fact he is not a guy who is going to be teaching in princeton political science. they accept it. the voter is going to be looking how they conduct themselves tonight. >> how significant do you think the momentum he has now is? >> her -- the basket of deplorables really hurt her because that's condescending, speaking down. even if americans don't like him, they don't like that.
8:36 am
there's been so many things about her. she comes off as an ice queen. again, this is a lot of personality involved with this election. a lot of personality. >> you said that that was a condescending comment but some people would say some of the things donald trump has been very condescending to a wide variety of people. do you think that matters? >> yes. he has been called racist and misogynist. i think two candidates have heavy deficits going into this debate. >> it's called killing the rising sun about the dropping of the atomic bomb. >> when i started researching this book, martin duguard did the heavy researching. i didn't know eisenhower didn't want to drop the bomb. he told truman, no, don't do it. i won't tell you why because i want you to read the book. i will tell you why he didn't want to drop the bomb he wanted the glory of the invasion but it would have killed 4 to 5 million people. truman basically was there. >> you say he makes a decision, truman isn't sure what the bomb is?
8:37 am
>> he didn't really know because fdr, franklin roosevelt, who dies in georgia with his mistress in the room. another fascinating story. he never even talked to truman! he thought truman was a clerk! all right? truman never got briefed. he didn't know anything. then eleanor calls him to the white house and says he is dead. truman says is there anything i can do for you, mrs. roosevelt? she said, is there anything i can do for you? you're in trouble now. truman knew nothing. he gets all of this stuff. they're researching the bomb. he has to get up to speed on what it is. he had no idea. >> it's interesting. the long lens of history on that decision, interesting. you have carter and both bush's writing letters supporting the decision. >> i asked all five living presidents to write me a personal letter whether they would have supported truman to drop the bomb. three didn't. the two bushes and carter. all three said yes. this is speculation. i don't think he would have dropped the bomb. clinton didn't because he didn't want to get into a controversy
8:38 am
with his wife running for president. but i think clinton would have dropped it. >> some of your critics say that killing series, it's time for the killing to stop, o'reilly? >> yeah. we only sell 2 to 3 million books each time. yeah, i think some of the critics may be a little jealous, gayle, but that's just me. >> thank you. >> three more coming. >> killing the rising sun is on sale now. you can watch tonight's debate right here on cbs. our live coverage begins at 8:00 central, 6:00 pacific. >> he is an original member of hollywood's famous brat pack. i wonder if he is sick of that term? brat pack. he is on a new series. rob lowe is playing a military doctor on "code black." he's in our toyota green room. rob lowe as we've never seen him before. check out that hairdo, dude. good to see you.,, ,,,,,,,, ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
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actor rob lowe gained widespread fame in the 1980s as a member of the hollywood's so-called brat pack. has caught audiences taxis f s for more than 30 years. on the set of his first film "the outsiders" in 1983, oactor
8:43 am
rob lowe turned 18 and into a teenage heartthrob. new york magazine crowned him a member of hollywood's ruling brat pack. known for his good looks, he stars in cold classics like "st. elmo's fire." and "wayne's world" and "austin powers. >> lowe went on to tackle television starring his white house staffer sam seaborn in "the west wing." what could be more fun than this? >> reporter: later in "parks and recreation" as a health obsessed government official. >> what would you like? >> no thank you. >> really good for hangovers. >> okay, i'll take one. >> reporter: the brat packers legendary was cemented in 2011 when he was honored with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. now lowe joins the cast of the
8:44 am
cbs news medical drama "code black" as colonel ethan willis. >> i got a big gun. i can't set her down. not with this wind. hover over the water! >> what are you doing? >> something stupid! >> get them back to the angels! >> wow! "code black" averaged more than 10 million viewers last season and ranking second almost all new broadcast dramas. rob lowe is here. obama. >> good to be here. >> you do stunts and you're a doctor now? >> i guess. they came to me and said will you do "code black" i said, only if i get to jump out of a hospital in the pacific ocean. >> you have a good look. look at your hair. it has highlights. whose idea was this hairdo, mr. lowe? >> well, you -- >> and what cheryl lowe say?
8:45 am
>> my wife is sort of on the fence with it. people seem to like it. you know, the thing about being an actor is when you play different characters and doing it as long as i have you kind of run out of looks. >> whose idea was this? >> this was mine. >> yours? >> i like it a lot! >> what did you say, rob? were they on board right away? was the network on board? >> the good folks of cbs were like, well? everybody likes it now. i think it's grown our military. >> you have to because in the military people have a close cut and on the side like that. >> i wanted to do something different for the character. >> talk about what colonel willis does and much of the show for people who haven't seen it yet? >> so much of what we are learning with cutting edge trauma medicine is from the battlefield. and these colonels are transitioned into some of our larger hospitals to teach what they have learned in, you know, this more urban setting which is the angels memorial which is where our show takes place. >> code black means there is an
8:46 am
internal catastrophe? >> it means they are past capacity and most hospitals that will happen two or three times a year on places like l.a. county and it happens over 300 times a year. >> wow. >> just not enough money and not enough beds. >> makes me think about gabby giffords. the former congresswoman who was shot and nearly killed. >> we are working with the white house on a new initiative where you know how you have defibrillators showing up in public places? now we are going to have trauma kits that will start showing up in public places which is a sad sort of state of our culture. >> >> but one of the things we are trying to do on "code black." >> we did a minipiece of this is your life. >> oh, boy. >> when everybody talks about you a phrase and smile so nicely the brat pack.
8:47 am
when you hear that, are you mashing your teeth to powder? >> i love it. >> at 52, what does it mean to you? >> that is exactly it. when i was in my 20s, i didn't like being lumped in with, you know, a catchall phrase, right? we are all individuals! but now looking back on it, i'm just glad that people are still talking about something that a bunch of us accomplished so many years ago. it's great. >> in my high school, guys had posters of cheryl tieg and i don't know how people know how smart you are and what a political junkie you are. you love politics. >> i don't know about smart but political junkie. >> where are you watching the debate? >> with the stephen colbert writing staff. i'll be on the "colbert" show tonight live and we are going to do a surprise sketch centered around the debate so everybody is writing it based on actually what happens in the debate.
8:48 am
>> how did that come about? i think that is a cool idea. >> i know. they are so brilliant. it was their idea. and years ago, i did the same thing with the "saturday night live" people. because i was hosting during that debate and it was bush/gore first debate and the famous strategiery sketch was created. >> do you like comic? >> i love it. i think i'm a comedian/actor trapped in a leading man's body. i've done by parks and rec," and i knew i couldn't top it and code black has been amazing to do something different. >> liberace was different. >> that was a good look. that's a good look. >> look at you! >> there we go! >> oh, yeah! >> wow. the hair was different there, gayle! >> that's a face-lift. >> did they do a comedy roast of
8:49 am
you at comedy central? >> they did. we had peyton manning and anne coulter. >> what are people going to say? you don't know what they are going to say. >> it's a badge of honor to be hit that hard is a total badge of honor. i knew at the end i would give as good as we got so it was a blast. >> tonight, live with colbert writers i think a great idea. fun to watch. >> the season two premiere of "code black" airs at 10:00/9:00 central on tuesday nights on cbs. we will be right back. ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling...
8:50 am
♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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8:52 am
can't wait tore the debate. we'll be watching that. tune in to the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley tonight. scott will anchor our
8:53 am
presidential coverage at 8:00 central, 6:00 pacific. we'll see you tomor,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
trying to learn what's causing good morning. it's 8:55. today in san francisco, independent soil engineer, trying to learn what is causing the millennium tower to sink. they are installing device i around the building to see why it has sunk 16 inches in 7 years. >> berkeley police are looking for a man who shot and killed a man and woman last night. the victims are expected to be okay. donald trump and hillary clinton will debate face face for the first time this evening in new york. there will be watch parties. or you can watch the the comfort of your own home right here on kpix 5 at 6:00.
8:56 am
a hot one today. a hasn't advisory in effect once again. we broke some records yesterday. we could be there once again today. make sure you stay hydrated today. try to avoid any strenuous activity outdoors. temperatures warming up to the mid-to-upper 90s for the south bay. triple digits for the east pay, and even near 90 for san francisco. we begin to cool tomorrow, just slightly. still going to see temperatures in the 90s inland. more significant cooling heading our way by the end of the week. your full forecast coming up at noon and traffic with roqui after the break.
8:57 am
8:58 am
then a monday, everybody. time now is 8:58. let's look at this traffic alert here in the east pay, starting with southbound 101. it's a two vehicle crash. this is in san rafael. it's an overturned pup truck versus a car here. i know there is a tow truck on the scene trying to clear it out. traffic is down to just five miles per hour. it's backed up towards nevado. here is a look at another crash northbound 7880. a three-car crash in the hayward area. there are crews on their bay to clear that as well. for more we stay with us at
8:59 am
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