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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 30, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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watching the winds... a live look from chopper 5... as firefighters battling the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains are hoping today's expect now at noon. watching the wind. a live look from chopper 5 as firefighters battling the "loma fire" in the santa cruz mountains are hoping today's expected strong gusts won't erase the progress they have
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made. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the "loma fire" is now 34% contained. it has burned more than 4,000 acres in the santa cruz mountains. all -- [ signal breakup ] >> as maria medina reports, crews are hoping to stay one step ahead of the weather. >> it's very sad. it's very sad to see people basically lose everything that they have had. >> reporter: with 8 homes already destroyed, there's a race to put out the "loma fire" before the winds expected to arrive today push the flames towards more property. >> can you put it into perspective for people at home? what do 35-mile-per-hour winds mean for firefighters? >> anytime we get strong winds like that it increases fire activity. >> reporter: cal fire's spokesman and captain mike perez says firefighters worked quickly yesterday ahead of the winds creating containment lines or barriers to try to keep the flames from jumping and spreading. >> the crews worked hard
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overnight and got lines reinforced so we are expecting the wind today and hopefully the lines will hold. >> reporter: but they are prepared for the worst knowing embers could fly over those containment lines. they hope their hard work keeps the "loma fire" from spreading knowing all they can do is wait for the wind to pass through. >> it's like hell, like hell came in and is burn everything up. >> reporter: fortunately, the winds are expected to die down tomorrow. then higher humidity follows that and they say that will help. a firefighter was injured yesterday but is expected to be okay. in gilroy, maria medina, kpix 5. some of the smoke from the "loma fire" is blowing toward san jose. this is a live picture, you can see this hazy condition there. the san jose unified school district is asking its schools to keep students inside when possible due to those conditions. closing arguments today in the preliminary hearing for two drifters accused of killing a
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canadian tourist and a marin county therapist. morrison lampley and lila alligood are charged with killing 23-year-old audrey carey and 67-year-old steven carter nearly a year ago. a third drifter sean angold pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and faces a 15-year prison sentence. a marin county superior court judge is expected to rule today whether there is enough evidence to send lampley and alligood to trial. new at noon we are getting a first look at a new push to get measure f passed in san jose to get rid of the 2012 pension cuts on city employees. kpix 5's len ramirez was first to share the campaign ad which features the police chief's plea to voters. >> a mass exodus of officers that have left since the struggle with pension reform. we have been losing more officers than we have been able to train. if measure f passes, i firmly believe that we'll able to recruit more officers. >> the san jose police
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department has seen officers leave in droves in recent years. voter-approved pension cuts in 2012 worsened the problem by leading many officers to leave. the department has only 812 street-ready officers down from a high of 1400. tonight at 6:00 len ramirez will talk to the chief about how the november ballot measure could help solve the shortage. in just about an hour, an officer and a former deputy charged in a bay area-wide police sex scandal are expected to face a judge. giovanni loverde of the oakland police department and former contra costa county sheriff's deputies ricardo perez both face between 16 months to 3 years in state prison if convicted. the criminal charges stem from both of their alleged sexual relationships with this teen who went by the name celeste guap. she is now using her real name, jasmine abuslin. fremont police are on the lookout for this man, they say he is a potential witness in a hit-and-run crash on wednesday
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night that left a woman in critical condition. an ac transit drive spotted the unconscious woman on fremont boulevard near chapel way. this is another look at the man from video on board the bus. he left the scene in a light- colored sedan before police arrived. grief counselors are on hand at a san pablo school after a beloved police officer was killed in a crash yesterday. kpix 5's lisa chan on how the students and the department are remembering him. >> he loved his job. he loved his coworkers. and he loved his family. so he died with a full heart. >> reporter: flags are lowered outside helms middle school as students and staff mourn the loss of officer ken zink a san pablo police officer and the school's resource officer. >> he is like a super warm human being. he sees the good in everyone. he wants to help everyone. >> reporter: officer zink was killed thursday morning in a
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traffic accident on 80 in vallejo. he was riding his motorcycle to work when he collided with a car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. robert turner worked closely with him. >> i broke down because when i found out about it, first i didn't want to believe it. and it's just like somebody just stabbed me. just kind of really got traumatized. >> reporter: turners says officer zink touched many lives. >> i don't care what color you are or race, creed, whatever, officers zink would give you anything. >> reporter: a memorial has been set up in the lobby of the police department. the flowers came from people in the community. >> he was one of the most well liked revered officers in the san pablo police department. you can't meet a nicer kinder compassionate individual. so his loss is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the principal here at helms middle school says they will plan a memorial within the next few weeks.
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in the meantime, counselors are here to help support the students and staff. in san pablo, lisa chan, kpix 5. >> officer zink is survived by his seven children. in the race for the white house, a beauty pageant winner continues to draw focus. donald trump is pushing back against claims he fat shamed a former miss universe. as cbs' craig boswell reports, trump is now saying hillary clinton is using her as a political tool. >> reporter: for the third day, donald trump is going off message to bring up his feud with a former miss universe, in a series of predawn tweets, trump said, alica machado was presented as a paragon of virtue during monday night's debate. he asked if hillary clinton helped machado become a u.s. citizen for political purposes and urged followers to look for a sex tape. machado has said trump called her miss piggy after she gained weight. conservative columnist peggy noonan blames it on trump's showing at the debate.
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>> he is in a bad mood. he is going into junkyard dog mode. and he is having these arguments and -- >> that doesn't explain -- >> reporter: the morning paper had more bad news for trump. for the first time in its history "usa today" took a stand in in the election. it said trump is unfit for the presidency. the paper urged readers to resist the siren song of a dangerous demagogue but didn't endorse anyone. hillary clinton is spending the day campaigning in florida trying to win support from younger voters. on thursday, clinton visited iowa where polls are already open for early voting. >> when you finish here, you can go vote. and we can be on the path to victory here in iowa. >> reporter: she is also calling on young people to engage in community service. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> in response to trump's predawn tweets, hillary clinton tweeted, too, writing, what kind of man stays up all night
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to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories? with less than 6 weeks from election day, our exclusive kpix/surveyusa poll shows clinton leads trump here in california 59 to 33%. federal investigators are starting to piece together a timeline leading up to the deadly commuter train crash in new jersey. they are reviewing video taken 10 minutes before the train jumped barriers and slammed into a wall inside the hoboken terminal yesterday. they will also be looking at the black boxes. a 34-year-old woman was killed standing on the platform and more than 100 others were injured including the train's engineer. former israeli president shimon peres has been laid to rest. world leaders including president obama and former president clinton attended the morning funeral in jerusalem. holly williams is there. >> reporter: they came to jerusalem from all over the world. presidents and prime ministers, to pay their final respects to
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a man who tried to bring peace to his people and to the middle east. >> the last of the founding generation is now gone. shimon accomplished enough things in his life for 1,000 men. >> reporter: palestinian leader mahmoud abbas was here shaking hands with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu as israel's foreign minister shimon peres opened secret negotiations with the palestinians which led eventually to the oslo accord signed in 1993 on the white house lawn. the first agreement between israel and palestine aimed at ending their conflict. it won peres the nobel peace prize but it didn't deliver peace in the middle east. bill clinton called him our complicated brilliant friend. >> shimon was being interviewed by charlie rose and he looked at him sort of saying, i'm going to serve a softball up to you.
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and watch you hit a home run. what do you want your legacy to be? and he said, i'm more concerned about tomorrow than yesterday. >> reporter: shimon peres was laid to rest here alongside other israelis. holly williams, cbs news, jerusalem. could legalizing marijuana lead to a spike in housing prices? still ahead, new numbers pointing to a possible connection. >> plus, crossing over a canyon with just glass under your feet. tourists returned to get a unique view from this bridge. >> seeing a lot of blue skies, plenty of sunshine, but temperatures are still on the cooler side. we have rain chances as soon as this weekend. stay tuned for your seven-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, *
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recreational marijuana becomes legal this
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november. that's accord bay area housing prices could reach new highs if recreational marijuana becomes legal this november. that's according to a new study. researchers at the university of mississippi looked at prices in colorado after weed became legal there. the counties shown here in green legalized retail marijuana sales in 2012. by 2014 they saw an average 8% home appreciation. researchers say the counties that did not legalize pot did not have such an increase. they think the bay area could see higher home prices too if prop 64 passes in november. there's a look at the big board seeing how stocks are doing on wall street. the dow is up at this hour nearly 220 points. all right. the world's highest and longest glass bridge is now back open in china. >> take a look at this. the popular and terrifying tourist spot was closed for safety upgrades earlier this month because of overcapacity.
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it stretches more than 1400 feet. no high heels are allowed. and visitors are required to wear booties to protect the glass. [ indiscernible ] [ heavy accent ] >> i'm superman! [ laughter ] >> there are three layers of the glass panels and each layer can actually withstand more than 40 tons. >> he is not strong. it's the glass. to prove the bridge's strength this summer officials had visitors try to smash the glass with a sledgehammer even rode a car over it. >> wow. >> it all seems to work. so good. elizabeth, would you do that? >> no. i would not do that. [ laughter ] >> like you said, no heels. so, um, that keeps us out. let's go out to chopper 5. chopper right now i believe is over the diablo hills so you can see some clearing beginning right now. and we are going to see a lot more blue skies and plenty of sunshine as the afternoon progresses. let's go to our maps. we'll kind posted.
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here's a live look over san francisco. we can really see the blue skies. temperatures are in the cooler side. we are seeing a lot of sunshine out there. it's still pretty chilly. and temperatures are actually anywhere from 8 to 10 degrees below average for this time of the year. so here's a look right now at temperatures out the door. we are really rebounding. you see 69 in concord. 66 in oakland. 63 degrees in santa rosa. so it is on the warmer side. it's going to be comfortable in some of those inland spots. but cooler for sure around the coast and bay. so the reason for these cooler temperatures is this area of low pressure and bringing some breezy conditions as well which maria mentioned not really helping the firefighting efforts in the santa cruz mountains for the "loma fire." the breezy conditions persist late this afternoon and continue into tomorrow. more clouds and showers are possible as we move into the futurecast. by sunday afternoon, this is our first real chance of some likely light rain by midafternoon so, say -- early
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to midafternoon on sunday and then dry on saturday. so if you have any outdoor plans, you should make them for the first half of the weekend. mostly sunshine today, temperatures do remain below average so it will feel like a nice crisp fall day around the bay area and then dry on saturday with that chance of rain on sunday and you know, the latest models are tending drier so we will just kind of have to see how much rain we will get. sunset tonight is at 6:53. sunrise tomorrow at 7:06. and checking those highs around the bay today, mostly upper 60s along the peninsula. 68 is your high in redwood city. 69 in mountain view and 69 in san jose. checking numbers around the east bay, you know, it was in the 90s, 90s in the far inland spots. it's been hot there for a while in antioch, concord, only reaching into the low to mid- 70s. and then hardly strictly bluegrass festival happens in golden gate park on saturday and sunday. but again, with the chance of showers on sunday, your best bet may be to head off to the festival for the first half of the weekend. friday and saturday, remaining dry, chance of rain on sunday. and temperatures kind of holding steady all the way
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straight through until wednesday, when we start to rebound, temperatures become more seasonal, what we typically see for this time of the year. >> thank you. citrus with an extra sweetness. here's fresh grocer tony tantillo with our tip of the day. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be honey tangerines. they are in the market now a little bit early. let me tell ya, i enjoy them. years ago they changed the name to honey tangerines. they are sweet. besides that, it sounds better than the mercott tanning reason. selection and storage is very important. wonderful. by the way, thin skin, has seeds. but big deal. they are delicious. when you buy them, make sure like all citrus nice and shiny very, very important. now, these may have a little bit of a blemish on the skin, it doesn't go all the way through. heavy for their size. that means they have juice and never store them in the
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refrigerator. honey tangerines. in the market they will be around for a while. [ beep beep ] >> they are wonderful. 'm tony tantillo, y our fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. so good. still ahead, we're talking animal health with our pet expert. today we focus on signs of cancer in older cats. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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health and well- being... dr. jill chase is with us. our topic toda welcome back. every friday we check in with our pet expert to get tips on animal health and well-being. dr. chase is here with maya. our topic today lymphosarcoma in older cats. what's that. >> so lymphosarcoma in older cats can present in many different ways in kidney, gi tract, also lymph nodes, in the neck region. maya, by the way, is fine. it's one of these diseases that's kind of quiet. so the cats seem perfectly fine. you take them in for their physician and the veterinarian finds a little mass right here in the throat region. or sometimes the owners will bring them in and they are not eating as well as they used to be or they are a little lethargic but they are never in the beginning overtly ill. they seem -- >> hard to see it. >> sometimes you won't see it. so i will default to saying it's very important always to remember to call your vet anytime there's even a subtle change in your pet because we
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can often times get on top of things quickly. >> with treatment. >> yeah. so treatment, pretty much chemotherapy and there's different chemotherapy options and i wanted to take the opportunity to say that chemotherapy in animals is very different than in people. they tolerate it very well. we are very wussy. they're very tough. so sometimes owners will be reluctant about doing chemo because therm how their families didn't tolerated it. we don't do that with kitties. >> thank you, dr. chase. if you have questions about your pets health and well-being, just email, and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we have some hat may make your day -- when it comes to cuteness. sticking with animals, we have some video that mayic your day when it comes to cuteness. tack a look. 23 panda cubs were introduced to the public this week in china. the cubs are between one and four months old. too cute.
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the giant panda was taken off the endangered list recently. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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will attempt to break a world record in a daring car race. we show you the rare a bay area man will attempt to break a world record in a daring car race. we show you the rare sports car he will be driving. that story and more at 5:00. good assignment.
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>> last check of the weekend weather. >> feeling very fall around the bay area. now, in the warmest spots, temperatures are only reaching into the mid-70s. most folks are going to feel in the upper 50s to 60s. same story temperatures for tomorrow. and then we have that chance of light rain not going to be a washout but light rain around much of the bay area especially in the north bay on sunday. so some big changes there. we rebound with the temperatures by the middle of next week so cool for a while. >> it's been nice having you hear today. >> thank you. it's been very nice being here. >> have a great day, everyone. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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♪ >> quinn: what happened? tell me. what's wrong with my husband? why is he still unconscious? >> ridge: don't tell her anything. she shouldn't even be in this room. >> quinn: i have every right to know, ridge. i'm his wife. >> steffy: if it weren't for you, my grandfather wouldn't be lying here. >> quinn: steffy, whatever happened to your grandfather is not my fault. >> steffy: your fault? of course this is your fault. you fractured my entire family! look at him. >> ridge: okay. >> steffy: look at my grandfa-- [ sobs ] >> ridge: he had a brain hemorrhage. >> quinn: brain -- how bad? >> rick: we don't know yet. ♪


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