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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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will labor unions feel about having the raiders come here, here is a not so subtle hint. this is what greeted lawmakers as i walked into the nevada statehouse to debate over a bill that would bring the raiders to las vegas. opponents say this would be a big gamble. from a distance, it could be a raiders tailgate party on the steps of the nevada state capital. supporters have a plan to bring the raiders to las vegas. they cheer the ideal. >> it's great for the economy. >> reporter: opponents blasted it. >> it's a bad idea. studies have come out time and time again to show that the revenue isn't recuperated in this type of investment. >> reporter: the battle over bringing the raiders to sin city is playing out in the legislative chambers. the plan, to build a $1.9 million stadium for the raiders in las vegas. to pay for the stadium, hotel taxes would be hiked on tourists by about $1.50 per night. sheldon adelson would chip in
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60 my dollars but opponents say that's not enough. >> i am philosophically opposed to having 1 billion or ask for a taxpayer handout when our state is in desperate need of improving our education system. >> reporter: a senator called the plan a terrible deal and challenged lawmakers on the floor today. >> the people of nevada, not the tourists, but the people will be left with that bill. >> reporter: but his voice may not be enough to stop a tide of support among lawmakers. >> i believe a professional football team would be a great boon for the economy and the community as a whole. >> reporter: john lupo came here to pass out flyers to lawmakers, urging them to vote no on the stadium. he worries oakland fans don't realize how dyer the situation is. >> i think there is so much of the fan base who doesn't believe this is going to occur and it's not a threat. i believe it is very much a
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threat. >> reporter: the bill also has support from some high-profile heavyweights. that bill would need a two thirds vote from both houses to go through. a vote is expected this week. >> if nevada lawmakers do end up approving a plan to pay for a stadium, what happens next? >> reporter: it won't just be up to them. the nfl ownership also has to approve it by a three-quarter vote and we have already heard from commissioner goodell that his preference would be to keep the raiders in oakland. >> christin ayers is live in carson city, nevada. we appreciate it, thank you. oakland's mayor is drawing the line when it comes to using taxpayer funds to keep the team. we are asking, should the city use public money to help the raiders building the stadium? yes or no? we will update those results as they come in at the bottom of your screen. kpix 5 phil matier is at the oakland
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coliseum with more on what the mayor is now saying about just how far she is willing to go to keep the team here in oakland. >> reporter: just as importantly, just how far she is not willing to go. let's listen to what she had to say. >> i do not think it is irresponsible to offer $750 million in public funds. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby should also made it clear -- shelb also made it clear oakland would not get into a bidding war. >> is not appropriate to come up with $750 million in public funds. we're not repeating mistakes of the past. >> reporter: the mistake was the $180 million last raiders deal that went bust and wound up costing oakland and alameda taxpayers $20 million a year. >> oakland remembers a similar promise that was made to us in the past that did not
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materialize. i hope that nevada lawmakers look at that cautionary tale. >> reporter: paying off the reader deal meant millions less for public safety, roads and other city services but if they can't match the vegas money, what can they do? >> we're offering to finance the infrastructure. that could be upwards of $200 million. >> public money going into the actual building of the stadium. the mayor has made that clear. >> i still believe we can get private investors. >> reporter: one group is headed by a former reader and 49er. >> you go and you're getting money from the federal government. are you going to the state to get grants? >> but not something the oakland taxpayers would have to play -- pay. >> i think local support is important to the economy. >> what about the owners? there is no loyalty to the community or the fan base. >> reporter: that remains to be seen. what is the mayor really going to do? chances are, she will try to
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make a play with the league. say they can't match the money but we are a much bigger media market and we have a much better fan base. whether or not that flies with the owners remains to be seen but for now all eyes are on nevada right here in a went. >> you still need three quarters of those owners to agree to that means. not a done deal yet. phil matier at the oakland coliseum. we are following breaking news right now. a fast-moving brush fire is threatening homes in napa county. it is burning off dry creek road, about 3 miles west of yorkville. mandatory evacuations are underway right now for residents in calais campbell flats and campbell creek neighborhoods. an evacuation center has been set up at the crosswalk community church. the blaze has scorched about 30 acres so far. no word yet on what started this fire.
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we will continue to bring you updates as we get them. an east bay man is recovering after a brutal, unprovoked attack last month. maan singh khalsa was left with injuries to his eyes, teeth and hands in what many are calling a hate crime. juliette goodrich tells us two people have been arrested and their fate is now in the hands of the district attorney's office. >> reporter: veronica this brutal attack came out of nowhere. two suspects have been arrested and a third suspect escaped. now, the sikh community, the victim and the mayor are calling this a hate crime. maan singh khalsa was viciously assaulted through an open window in his car. police say the suspects punched his face, knocked off his turban and cut a fistful of his religiously worn hair. tulsa asked to stay private but members of the city community are speaking up, urging police
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and the district attorney to investigate the incident as a hate crime. >> they basically shouted and said cut his hair. we keep our hair on shore and as a symbol and it represents living with the harmony and the will of god. >> reporter: two of the suspects were arrested at the scene. chased by rental of texas and dustin michael alvarado of louisiana. a third suspect got away. the attack happened at a red light near hilltop mall drive the evening of september 25. the suspects driving in the back of a pickup truck first through a beer can at the of the, scoff -- the victim's car. >> reporter: the mayor of richmond believes they are contract workers from out of town. >> i think they are probably out here to do a maintenance turnaround on a refinery. i don't know which one. they are in town for a short time and this is not typical of
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what people in richmond do. >> reporter: the sikh community has written a letter to the police chief detailing why the suspects should be charged with a hate crime. >> his articles of faith were deliberately targeted and we do believe it warrants a hate crime prosecution. >> reporter: and right now it's up to the da's office to determine if those hate crime charges will be filed. we should know sometime tomorrow or by wednesday. juliette goodrich, kpix 5 jack sock officials at the end quentin state prison are reporting an attack on a correctional officer last week on death row. investigators say convicted murderer richard panerneri was being handcuffed when he hit the officer with a handmade weapon. panerneri murdered two teenagers . the officer was treated at the hospital and is expected to recover.
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it turns out the inmate did the same thing to another guard in 2006. petaluma police are calling it a bit of a call. an 11-month-old girl is expected to survive after getting shot in a freak accident. police responded to a home on reynolds drive after the baby's parents reported she had been hit by a bullet. ironically, it happened while her dad was checking to see if the gun was empty. police say the bullet went through the baby's body. her parents were distraught yet cooperative. they won't likely face charges. the firearm is being sent to the state department of justice to see if there are any defects. and investigators are hoping this cell phone video will help them catch the bikers behind this daring sideshow on the golden gate bridge. they 'wheelies saturday afternoon along the northbound -- popped wheelies saturday afternoon along the northbound side of the bridge but stopping
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traffic on both sides. one person in another incident was cited. you can keep voting in our snapshot pull tonight. the question is: should oakland use public money to help build a new stadium for the raiders and keep the team? in san francisco, the giants have a clear mission tonight. beat the cubs or their postseason is over. we are less than 30 minutes away from the big game at at&t park. kpix 5 dennis donald is there. >> reporter: game three tonight. as you know, do or die for the san francisco giants. i'm going to give you two reasons why i think the giants can extend the season. medicine bumgardner, there is not a better pitcher on the planet. number two, the giants have been in this situation more than once and have won nine straight elimination games heading back to 2012 when they stormed out to beat the reds. days later, they beat st. louis to advance to the world series.
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in 2014, with a wild-card game in pittsburgh. and then everybody remembers game seven of the classic in kansas city. the most recent nailbiter, the wild-card game against the mets . the result of all this, three parades down market street. >> we're not putting pressure on ourselves because it's an even year. we aren't going to win the world series every even year. it took 50 years to get one. we are smarter than that, believe me but we are going to do all we can to keep this thing going. >> reporter: bumgardner may be the best pitcher in the situation but the giants have to start hitting the baseball. hunter pence is hitting .250 and brandon crawford just .143. that's the middle of the order and they got a start coming through. in 3 tonight, post game and late show at at&t. giants and cubs fans are
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filling at&t park for all of the action. don ford met two brothers. one is a giants fan and the other one is rooting for the cubs. >> have you brothers ever played? >> 30 years ago. >> the younger brother would not came out and i would sit on him. >> it both of them to take me down. >> right now on stub hub, standing room only tickets start at $130 and premium field club seats are going for more than $1100. crews find the wreckage of a boat that capsized in san francisco bay this weekend, sending 30 people into the water. our first look at the but before it sank and what it's going to take to retrieve it. tesla doubles down with an ambitious plan to turn out cars and it's a big win for the bay area. a closer look at the draft pick factory expansion that would bring thousands of new jobs.
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she dedicated her life to social justice and at 86 years old, she is not slowing down. a rare sitdown with civil rights activist dolores. -- dolores fuerte. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weekend..sending 30 passengers into the bay. kpix's... jessica flores has a photo of that boat... just before it flipped. jessica, whats thte lates we have new information on the boat that overturned this weekend sending 30 passengers into the bay. jessica florez has a photo of the boat just before it flipped. what can you tell us? >> reporter: nearly 2 dozen people were on that boat. just moments before, all those
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people are okay and accounted for but the boat disappeared in the bay. today, marine units spent all day near pier 45 looking for that boat. they say they have found it. this photo from another boater who captured the group on board. a short time before the incident. people waving, enjoying fleet week from on board the 34 foot cabin cruiser. from the photo, we counted 23 people spread out over the boat. you can't tell if there are others in the cabin below. for the front of the boat, a woman holding a toddler who was wearing a life jacket. it's not known if that child was trapped below the boat when it overturned. >> who's got kids? >> reporter: chaos caught on camera by good samaritans. now investigators are looking at all possible angles. some impairment to the boat's capacity to determine what went wrong.
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>> it's heart-wrenching when you see a baby getting cpr. >> reporter: but today, that boy's health is improving and he is listed in good condition. according to the san francisco fire department the hospitalized victims are also doing well. remarkable authorities say because as the but quickly sank, help arrived within moments. >> it did work out to our advantage but we had so many people willing to help out because it could have been a lot worse if there wasn't some many people around conducting safety patrols. >> reporter: a viewer said other photos have been turned over to the coast guard. and an update on the four-year- old little boy. we are told he is now home, released from the hospital. as for the boat, that is still in the bay. a solid company is working with the police department to bring it back up but that may take a few days. in san francisco, jessica florez kpix 5 .
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tesla has big plans to take its electric car factory to the next level. the proposal would double the size of the fremont plant and as kpix 5 reporter kit dale tells us, it could be a major shot in the arm for the local economy. >> reporter: the plants haven't even been approved but it looks like work has already began at the southern end of tesla property. it's even busier on the northern side where developers are pressing to build dozens of new homes. >> i think you need to say congratulations. >> we are very excited to see tesla stepping up to the table again. >> reporter: we caught up with mayor bill harrison at a river in -- a ribbon-cutting. the company makes parts for a wide variety of industries including tesla. on thursday, tesla will present this 417 page proposal to the fremont planning committee. the company once the option to add up to 11 new buildings, seen here in red. that's another four point 6,000,000 ft.2. if approved, the plan means
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tesla could add another 3100 jobs to the 6200 employees that are already here and go from making 100,000 cars to half 1 million cars a year. do you think tesla will be a good neighbor? >> tesla has been a partner with us a long the process. we think they are going to want to be part of what the community is being developed. >> reporter: to ease the crunch of nearly 10,000 employees, the company will encourage shuttles, biking to work or taking bart which happens to be across the street. the brand-new bart station is set to open in -- set to open in a couple weeks. crossfit is right across the street. longtime locals applaud the growth but hope traffic doesn't get too crazy. >> a lot of people say this is becoming more like l.a. where it's like right when you get out of the house, it's like what is this? >> is to help fremont grow again. they brought it back. it's good to have somebody back to keep silicon valley.
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>> reporter: in fremont, kit dale kpix 5. >> the planning commission will vote on thursday. if approved, it will go before the full city council next week. other headlines right now, a transit bus full of commuters caught fire on highway 17 this morning. the driver saw flames coming from the engine compartment and pulled over. everyone on board got off safely. a broken oil line is suspected to be the cause. no one was injured. the sonoma county airport will add service by a third airline. american airlines will start offering nonstop flights to and from phoenix by the end of the year. those flights will be operated by american's partner skywest, allegiant, and alaska also offering service. it was a perfect weekend. thank you, paul. perfect for the angels. >> it was wonderful. and sunny and hot. 90 degrees is your flavor?
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you will have to get on an airplane because it changes coming. we want balance. we have hot and dry. next weekend, not hot, not dry. the cooldown began today. it's a three stage process. we're getting cooler, cloutier, and eventually wetter. gilroy today 76 degrees, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. livermore 81 degrees and san francisco the cool spot at 62 degrees. vallejo in fremont, beautiful in the high 70s. kpix 5 high doppler radar getting a workout later this week. i know we are talking about rain but it will rain this week. it's not going to rain until friday. thursday night for the north bay but most on friday. mid-october, we don't get much rainfall but we often don't see this. this is a very active jet stream. see the red on your television screen? this is our forecast model of
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where the strongest winds in the upper atmosphere are going to be. they are not over seattle or southern oregon. it's right over the bay area. we have jet stream support adding lift to the atmosphere. how much rain are we talking? by mount shasta and the coastal range, up to 5 inches of rainfall between now and saturday. it's the heavy rainfall where our biggest reservoirs are. for the north bay, lake county, an inch of rain or more. it tapers off toward oakland and san jose and san francisco but all of us have the potential of getting at least a half inch of rainfall by the end of the week with 99% following thursday night and friday morning. tomorrow and tuesday, no rain, fog, cooler in the afternoon. we are trending downward temperature wise. santa rosa, you will not hit 70 degrees tomorrow. 60 degrees are high in pacifica. cloudy wednesday and thursday. rain on friday. but wait, there's more. rain again on sunday. two solid chances of rain.
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will end the drought? absolutely not but a nice start to the rainy season. >> welcome, fall. it started with an article about football players going hungry and now it has turned into an inspiring story of kids helping kids. the special run bringing to bay area schools together. and a reminder to weigh in on our snapshot pull going on right now. should oakland use public money to help the readers build a new stadium and keep the team here? results coming up later in the newscast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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80's ... dolores huerta hasn t stopped doing what she calls her life's work. in a rare interview: for decades, her name has been linked to the fight for social justice. even though she is well into her 80s, dolores fuerte hasn't stopped doing what she calls her life's work. >> in a rare interview, she talked to len ramirez about her
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latest battle. >> ♪ >> reporter: for dolores fuerte, leading a cause is nothing new . back in familiar territory in the salinas valley with a song that says we shall not be moved, the woman who cofounded the united farm workers union is now fighting against fracking and taking on oil companies with the same spirit and conviction she had when battling grape growers in the 1960s >> we want to protect our water and the earth so it's not contaminated. >> reporter: dolores fuerte, now 86 years old and she has been putting herself at the forefront of social justice causes for almost 6 decades. she says it has been her life's work to organize people work >> they are able to accomplish many great things. once the people understand they have that power. >> reporter: she was a schoolteacher in stockton in the 1950s when she began organizing farmworkers to organize for fair pay and
6:27 pm
drinking water and restrooms in the fields. with cesar chavez, the movement grew into one of the great civil rights causes -- causes of the last century. there were strikes, boycotts and confrontations in the fields that sometimes turned bloody but the movement grew and attracted support from around the country and from politicians like bobby kennedy. it took years but the movement led to union victories and the first farm labor contracts with major california growers. >> i remember people telling cesar chavez, she is crazy. she doesn't know what she's doing. but we went over there and we made it happen. on the talk about all of the accomplishments, we have to really think the people because they are the ones that did it. >> reporter: today, she is still marching on. terra mar continues through the dolores fuerte foundation, which this year is focusing on registering thousands of latino college students to vote in
6:28 pm
her home area of kern county. she has a son who is running for congress and she is often seen on the campaign trail stumping for hillary clinton. >> what is your message to young people today? especially those who may be looking at the candidates and saying my candidate didn't win so i am not going to vote. >> i want to say you've got to get involved in these campaigns. come out and join a campaign. go door to door. try to register people to vote. that builds emotional fortitude. the one thing i learned by organizing is the only way you can change things is to participate and vote. you have got to give -- get these people elected. >> reporter: for more than half a century, it's the way she has lived her life. in salinas, len ramirez kpix 5. coming up in our next half hour, the day after that fiery debate. the top republican leader turns his back on donald trump. the major blow to party unity and how donald trump is firing
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back. and a tense rematch in a veteran will -- in a virtual dead heat. the former president shaking up the south bay race. ,,
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a fire outside of yountville. it's burning off dry creek road. evacuations are underway for residents in the campbell fire crews in napa county are battling a fire outside jans field on dry creek road. evacuations were underway for residents in the campbell flat and campbell creek neighborhoods. evacuations -- evacuation
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centers have been set up at the crosswalk community church. the fire is about 30 acres. a possible move by the readers to las vegas is topic a in the nevada state house. lawmakers are arguing over a plan to fund a stadium including hundreds of millions in public money. in oakland, the mayor tells kpix 5 she will not try to match that kind of bid. should oakland put up public money to help the readers build a new stadium? had to our website at now to weigh in. hours after the most contentious presidential debate yet, donald trump now taking aim at numbers of his own party, specifically how speaker paul ryan. as craig boswell reports, ryan is just one of many republicans abandoning donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump returned to the campaign trail and continued his attacks on hillary clinton. >> all crooked hillary could do
6:33 pm
was talk about small, petty things last night. during the course of 90 minutes, she was exposed and her failures were exposed. >> reporter: but the crisis continues to build within the gop since the release of an explosive recording of trump making lewd comments about women. >> i just get them with a magnet. >> reporter: how speaker paul ryan says he will not defend comp or campaign with him between now and the election. instead, the speaker will sure up report for congressional race candidates. >> paul ryan will focus on being in 42 different states in 17 different states running a very aggressive next month to win back the house. >> reporter: trump's remarks have opted dozens of republicans to withdraw support. a defined trump tweeted paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and
6:34 pm
illegal immigration, and not waste his time writing the republican nominee. hillary clinton kicked off a campaign event in detroit monday after facing trump on sunday. she said his comments about women make him unfit for office. >> donald trump spent his time attacking when he should have been apologizing. >> reporter: republican running mate mike pence says trump has apologized and is ready to move beyond the controversy. craig boswell, cbs news washington. >> that brings us to tonight's not be question. we are asking you who you think one last night's debate. hillary clinton or donald trump? let us know what you think. tweet me right now@veronica de la cruz is the place. full results coming up tonight. join us for bay area night beat at 10:00 on our sister station kbcw 44 the one thing most people agree on after the debate was that this guy was the star of the show. >> what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy
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needs while at the same time reminding environmentally friendly -- remaining environmentally friendly and limiting job life -- job loss for energy plant workers. >> the internet is loving can bones look -- ken bone's look, his sweater, and his question. >> i have a suit my mother would have been proud to see me wearing on tv but i gained about 30 pounds and when i went to get into my car that morning, i split the seat of my pants so the red sweater was plan b. >> ouch. bones says he actually walked away from the debate feeling more and decided than ever. his twitter following has gone from a handful to nearly 50,000 followers. back in the bay area, congressman mike honda and his
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challenger are neck and neck in the race for the 17th congressional the strict in california. as kpix 5 reporter doesn't feel he found out, connor just received a big endorsement. >> it's such an honor to have president carter's support . >> reporter: president carter's endorsement aims at a common attack. a republican in democrats clothing. >> he is someone who is respected around the world, respected as a strong democrat, as someone who has stood up for civil rights. for him to win this race is significant. >> reporter: carter's diversity shows the dynamic between the rematch. a recent kpix 5 survey showed it was a dead heat. carter leapfrogged over the longtime lawmaker to endorse his opponent, a newcomer to elected office saying he has the type of idealism and deep commitment to public service that we desperately need in congress. he will be a future leader for
6:37 pm
our party and country. >> when you emerge from america's darkest days to help shape a brighter future, there is no rest. >> reporter: meanwhile, the opposing campaign was aiming to make the personal political unveiling an add link to time in a japanese internment camp to his later career. they touted an endorsement of their own. senator barbara boxer joined senator feinstein in supporting honda. >> congressman honda does very well with democratic voters and a month from now, democrats are going to turn out in full force in silicon valley and across this state to elect the first woman president of the united states and when that happens, we will have a lot of explaining -- explaining to do. >> reporter: in the closing days, the battle for votes and the future of the democratic party. in cupertino, devin fehely kpix 5. will a special gift from action? of abuse.
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- we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids and for their college funds. we thought, "well this airbnb is actually a great way to pay those extra bills." - every bit of extra money helps these days. we have a retirement fund of our own and i take a draw on it. i don't want to take too much either because i don't know what life is going to bring to me. i get to keep 97% of my rental price. the extra income i get from airbnb has been a huge help. - airbnb has helped me so much financially especially starting my own business. san francisco is such an expensive place to live. the way people work and travel is changing. the guests are now able to stay longer, stay five days, enjoy another day in san francisco and spend more money in the neighborhood. my guests are able to extend their stay and spend more money on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been
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a huge impact in my life. learned that football players in oakland didn't have enough money for food ... they on. when they cross country team at san leandro high school learned that the football players in oakland didn't have enough money for food, they jumped into action. >> john ramos shows us how a simple run is making a big difference. >> reporter: win 100 kids suddenly pulled up outside skyline high school in oakland, the principle wondered if there would be trouble but nothing could have been farther from the truth. >> we got sponsored and we got money so we could donate and they could use it for like
6:41 pm
homework and to help out the community. >> the san leandro high school cross country team showed up here to help their campuses service club with a fund- raising run. last year, club members read something disturbing in the local paper about another school in oakland. >> they have about eight students on their football team who are currently either homeless or struggling. they eat all of their meals at school. >> reporter: and what the adult advisor may lack in speed, he makes up for and commitment to the cause. >> i live in oakland. i was born in east oakland and i'm going to fight for this. that's why i'm here. i strongly encourage colin kaepernick to do the same. >> reporter: with that, the group was off covering the oakland heights skyline boulevard on a 10 mile run to castle mont where the school was preparing its welcome. as the first one was reached their goal, it was clear the gift was appreciated even if it
6:42 pm
came from a-year-old newspaper article. >> this was something new. i was trying to figure out what was going on. i feel like this is something new . >> reporter: they say nothing is older than yesterday's news but it can still have power if the right people pick it up and run with it. in oakland, john remus kpix 5. >> they raised $6500 total at today's run. $2500 of that "toward castle mound high to pay for student meals. let's take a look at our snapshot results. should oakland use public money to fund a new stadium for the raiders? >> our viewers are saying no in a big way. almost 80% don't want the city to spend that money. only about 20% say it would be worth it. how a teacher's prized pumpkin is helping break barriers.
6:43 pm
>> after many area -- years in the bay area, we don't see are significant rainfall until after halloween. we are getting some early this year. take a live look outside at this fantastic sunset. the clear sky is going away and then a clear radar goes away. talk about rain coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. today in half moon bay. cindy tobeck of washington.. won the grand prize.. at t
6:46 pm
an elementary school teacher had quite the show and tell moment today in half moon bay. >> her name is cindy. she lives up in washington. she won the grand prize at the annual pumpkin way off. her gigantic gourd, dubbed orange crush, tipped the scales at more than 1900 pounds. she is the first woman to win the competition in 19 years and the second any event's history. >> that is quite a pumpkin. >> yet it is. that's almost 1 ton. as we head toward the end of the week it will feel more like halloween. it will get cooler, cloudier and wetter. not a cloud in sight outside. from the top, 67 degrees in san jose, 64 degrees in san jose. concord 68 degrees. the cool spots, san francisco as is often the case, 59 degrees. your proximity to water will keep you a full degrees warmer
6:47 pm
-- few degrees warmer and then tonight, san jose 50 degrees, fairfield and vacaville 49 degrees tonight. the changes have already begun. we had to move the big ridge of high pressure which gave us the 90s over the weekend. that's done. you will be in the 70s for the next several days and the hot stuff is gone and soon the cool stuff will be gone. we are watching alaska's weather because that's the area of low pressure that will move into the gulf of alaska and then slide down the west coast and fire up a front. that is something we typically see in december or january. a very active jet stream. if you want a lot of rain in a short amount of time, you want the rain right there. northern california, fast- moving winds of the upper atmosphere. it's only monday night but come friday morning, we're talking about a good soaker. futurecast through the day tuesday and wednesday. wednesday some sunshine.
6:48 pm
cloudy come thursday. notice the rain north of lake havasu county. that works its way south. a steady soaking rainfall for the north bay before sunrise on friday and all of the bay area gets some rainfall. morgan hill gets the least but computer models suggest the entire bay area gets a half inch of rain minimum with some parts of the bay area getting an inch or more thursday night into friday morning. overnight, low clouds and drizzle. temperatures will stay cool all week. the hot stuff is gone and wet weather will arrive late thursday and friday. things are changing. that changes rather welcome. that rain is coming on friday and more rain will likely arrive on sunday. san jose tomorrow, six degrees cooler than average. the normal is 76 degrees. milpitas, union city, hayward, sunnyvale 69 degrees and 59 degrees at the beach in half moon bay.
6:49 pm
san ramon 72 degrees, pleasant hill a chilly 73 degrees. san francisco and sausalito low 60s. upper 60s in petaluma. 69 degrees in santa rosa and warmer in lake county but you are going to get with thursday evening. cooler, cloudier wednesday and thursday. here comes that first wave of rainfall, rainfall likely friday. hopefully it will be raining home runs for the giants. dennis live from at&t park next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome everybody to at&t park just outside the game is going on. i will tell you about the giants in a moment but first i think everybody in the tasting rooms in napa were expected to be inundated by golf fans this week with the return of tiger woods to the pga tour but that's not going to happen. he canceled the safeway open at silverado. the 14 time major winner was at the sanford the book -- stanford football game on saturday and has been preparing for his first competitive round in over a year. he has been recovering from multiple back surgeries but says his reason for pulling out of the tournament is not health related. he says he practiced for
6:53 pm
several days in california but after a lot of hours he knew he wasn't ready to compete against the best golfers in the world. johnny miller is obviously disappointed. >> it's hard being tiger woods, it really is. especially if you can't back it up with a semblance of the old tiger woods. everybody expects him to come back and play like the year 2000 but that's just not going to happen and i think he has got to break the ice some time. >> reporter: tiger woods is out but at least phil mickelson is in. baseball updates, giants underway. the runs have been any premium for the giants. meanwhile, their former manager trying to lead the nationals to their first-ever series win. they beat the dodgers 4-1 in game three but carlos ruiz
6:54 pm
bounced one off gonzales. that's a to run job and the dodgers within a run. same score 9th inning trying to keep it that way but jayson werth crushes one way out. the nationals score 4 off the dodgers closer. they win eight -3 -- 8 -3. indians and red sox, they trade cocoa to cleveland in september and he produced big time at fenway. a two-run shot to give the indians a 4-1 lead and they hold on and win 4 -3. big papi's career is over and they are off to the alcs. football. do not adjust the sound on your television set. the raiders today are tied for first place in the afc west. they escaped a shootout with the chargers yesterday because of san diego's ineptitude in their kicking game. may be bruce irvin and the raiders -- >> the kicker was alive this
6:55 pm
week or something. the football guys -- gods were looking out for the oakland raiders. we are appreciative. >> may be bruce irvin and the raiders are going to pray it a little bit more to the football gods. lining up for 36 yards. the snap square through his hands and the raiders won the football game. the chaos at the end of the game masks another lackluster defensive performance by the raiders. they gave up 423 total yards to the chargers. in fact, they have only held an opponent under 400 yards once this season. the whole thing got jacked up. >> stop playing santa claus. stop giving out presents. we gave out a couple today, a couple 50 yard passes. giftwrapped, placed them under the tree. at some point, we have to stop doing that . >> reporter: meanwhile in santa clara, the 49ers are back to
6:56 pm
work coming up with a game plan for the bills who beat the rams yesterday. chip kelly still isn't ready to name colin kaepernick or blaine gabbert the starter on saturday. he didn't sound any closer to a decision this morning. >> is it fair to say you are leaving the door open? >> we are looking at every option we have to be a good football team at i don't think it's different than any other position on our team. obviously that gets the most notoriety but we have to look at everything right now. >> blaine gabbert, obviously con kaepernick emma what about christian potter? three choices for the 49ers at this point. highlights and postgame on the late show. >> good job. thanks for that. remember, for news throughout the evening, we will have the latest including sports always on >> join us for night beat at 10:00 on kbcw 44 .
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? how y'all doing? thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] yeah, we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, already with a total of $20,000, from dover, delaware, it's the jackson family. [cheering and applause] and from temple, georgia, it's the callaway family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and probably drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause]
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give me sarah. give me kelvin. boy, i ain't see them right there, kelvin. i like them. boy, that's sharp right there. your wife picked them out for you? kelvin: yes, sir. steve: that's what i thought. i ain't too much wrong about people. i pay attention, boy. she said, "put these on and, wham, so when you walk out there, you will be sugar-sharp." all right, guys, let's go. we got top 7 answers on the board. we asked 100 married women, "be honest and tell us something about other women that you criticize." kelvin: their hair. steve: their hair. sarah: their clothes. steve: their clothes. pass opl


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