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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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some people around town are concerned it will make the neighborhood less safe and a couple of homeless people we spoke to said they don't think it will work. when you walk down the street in walnut creek, you see shopping bags, strollers and expensive storefronts. when we told people the national guard armory here would soon become a homeless shelter, they were very surprised. >> i couldn't believe they would do that here in walnut creek . >> reporter: but make no mistake, homelessness is an issue here. there is a family camped right outside where the new shelter will be. >> they have been trying to get me out of here since i got here . >> reporter: rather than police forcing him to leave, it's this new shelter that makes john hudgins wants to go. he has no interest in staying at the shelter because it's run by saint paul's church which means he would have to follow strict rules. >> the program requires that they be members of the trinity center at least 30 days prior
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to being part of a homeless shelter. they are background checked to make sure they are safe . >> reporter: sandra myers says this is for homeless individuals who are very serious about finding long-term housing now. still, reviews among the community are mixed. >> i think it's a good thing but i want to make sure the community feels safe. it's very scary. you have a lot of kids around here. >> reporter: like it or not, this shelter will be open as of november 12. as for the money portion of it, $100,000 is coming from the city. the rest is donation-based. new at 6:00, a sneak peek at the bart's silicon valley expansion plan. it has two phases, one from warm springs to milpitas. phase 2 goes from berryessa to santa claus a -- santa clara.
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getgo joins us from the milpitas station. >> reporter: growing up in the south bay, i can tell you it is surreal to say that we are coming to you live from the milpitas bart station but this is really happening. we got a tour of phase 1 and got some good news. the bart extension into san jose is ahead of schedule and under budget that that's not the only reason the head of the transport is in a good mood. >> you are smiling because you just got money? >> i am delighted that the government has seen the quality of our application. >> reporter: $1.5 million to be exact. the grant will go toward planning bart into downtown so -- san jose and santa clara. they say the focus will be on making the developments easily accessible and beautiful. >> they are going to be very attractive stations.
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you can make an underground station look extremely attractive, very aesthetically pleasing. >> reporter: we got a sneak peek at the berryessa station, still very much under construction. the platform, the wright area -- ride area and a walkway to the san jose flea market. they are findings might way -- smart ways to put homes, and hubs near transit stations. >> those are key attributes of what we're looking at in these planning grants. this is a way to combine benefits. >> president obama likes the bay area. >> reporter: the congresswoman says the obama administration has been key in getting funding for bay area projects and moving them forward. >> are you saying if there is a republican in the oval office, it's not good for transportation projects here? >> i won't say that. i will just say that voters have a very big choice to make. >> reporter: bart is expected to go all the way to north san
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jose late next year. eventually bart will go into seven -- santa clara in seven years. getgo kpix 5. >> the new warm springs station could open before election day according to the san francisco business times. the station would add five and half miles of new track from the last stop in fremont. the developments from concord. a stabbing suspect shot dead by police officers. police say they opened fire after that suspect stabbed another man and stabbed a police dog in the area of prospect street near san jose avenue. jessica florez is in concord with an update. >> reporter: will this all happened just a few hours ago, around 2 pm, i want to show you where this happened in a home behind that home in the
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backyard. two veteran police officers shot and killed a man after he allegedly attacked a k-9 officer. we have new pictures of a dog. they call the dog jelly belly. concord police say the suspects used garden shears to stab the dog in the face and body. you are seeing pictures of the dog at the vet. the canine is okay and is recovering tonight. it's unclear if the suspect charged the officers as well or what caused the officers to shoot and kill the suspect. we do know it was the dog that led officers to the backyard as they looked for the man who allegedly stabbed someone else just a few blocks away. the victim in the first stabbing is in stable condition. police have not released the name of that stabbing suspect that they did shoot and kill but we will stay on this story. as we learn more information, we will bring it to you. jessica florez kpix 5 we're learning some new information about the murder of a palo alto
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woman earlier this summer. according to a court document released today, jenny sheen had dozens of stab wounds. police were called to her home for a possible residential burglary and found sheen lying in a pool of blood in her bed. her sister-in-law is set to be arraigned tomorrow on one count of murder. court documents revealed the suspect's dna was found in sheen's home on a doorknob and a window. campaign 2016. two south bay congressional candidates were not looking for votes today. instead, they squared off in federal court. devin fehely on the computer hacking case. >> reporter: mike honda and rochon appeared in court this afternoon. rochon has been slapped with a federal lawsuit alleging his former campaign manager access stan stovall information about people who had donated money to congressman honda.
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the campaign manager resigned when the allegations surfaced a few weeks ago. the lawsuit alleges that he once worked for a company -- a company that fund raise for honda and continued to access information years after leaving the company. >> when you do something wrong, you are hoping you're able to say there is nothing to it. will, this process shows us there is a lot of things that have to be uncovered. >> reporter: this is a final hail mary pass and it didn't work. >> the judge i think showed great judgment and recognized our perspective. >> reporter: amid the mudslinging, san jose political science professor melinda jackson says voters will have to decide for themselves who they find trustworthy. >> trustworthiness is very important for what voters look for.
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voters want a candidate who is a strong leader, experienced, honest, trustworthy and who seems to care about people like them. >> reporter: rochon's team struck a deal agree not to use the names, email addresses, phone numbers or mailing addresses of more than 400 people who appeared on a list of potential donors for both campaigns. names of people congressman honda said had been stolen from him. devin fehely, kpix 5. developing now, and nevada senators are voting on whether to finance a new raiders stadium in las vegas. the proposed bill would increase hotel taxes on tourists. pat walker is there. give us some insight to the debate. >> reporter: good evening from carson city, nevada. this has been quite an interesting afternoon. still the fight for votes really happening up until the last moments. voting is underway. we are hearing speeches from
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all of the senators explaining their vote. the magic number for opponents is eight. so far, we have counted five knows. it's going to be tight is our prediction but the inside has been interesting even up through today. that pool of voters in between the governor counting votes, how many would vote yes or no, how many need to be swayed, i think that number was a lot larger than he expected and as that happened today, the governor did last ditch efforts to try to sway lawmakers and lobbyists. so far, it seems to be paying off. the final vote count coming in just moments. >> maybe we will get it before we go off. oakland's mayor has been pretty firm about not wanting to spend any public money on a new stadium here in oakland. this plan involves a $750 million public subsidy. that means the public is on the hook for it. what kind of opposition has
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come out there? >> reporter: there has been some very strong opposition. this was a project stepping back several months that was originally pitched as a private project asking for public help. that did not go over well at all. it was changed to adding a stadium district and a public project. but many do not believe this is a public project so that is the blowback. the senate democratic leader has been talking about just that and the threats he has been receiving. that has been a very passionate issue. that an education funding. here, the education system is near the bottom. that is one of the big things folks have been speaking out against most. >> there is an interesting component because this proposal is getting a lot of support from casino owners with a lot of money. sheldon allan has pledged $560 million to the project but some people say he has deep pockets and could actually cover the
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rest of you wanted to. what are you hearing about that? >> there is no doubt he could cover the rest. the man is worth some $28 billion. that's another fundamental argument here but support from the casino area -- owners, this combines an extension center, which las vegas residents are unfavorable to but is desperately needed by the convention of visitors authority so they bundled the two together with the stadium to try to get this to pass through the legislature. on its own, there is a good likelihood the stadium would fail and the convention center would pass. there is that dichotomy and the interesting political play happening out here with a special session. >> we will watch it play out tonight. hardreck walker, thank you very much. we have seen people across the country inspired by colin kaepernick's national anthem protest but this time the actual anthem singer surprised everyone. the bay area woman explains why
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she took a knee. it will be one of the first things people see when they fly into sfo. the air traffic control tower makeover that is about more than just good looks. how it can ride out a major earthquake. and you could say they are breaking the great ceiling. how women are changing the face of winemaking. i will be absolutely honest. i have no idea where my umbrella is but you and i have two days to figure out where it goes or buy a new one because that guy is going to change everything around here. tonight, not even a cloud over quite tower -- quite -- coit tower. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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according to social media his name is armani edmond. his family brought him to a hospital in pleasanton on frid bay area investigators are looking into the death of a two-
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year-old boy. according to social media, his name is armani edward. he died in the pleasanton hospital. investigators now believe he was injured in stockton. an autopsy will be done later this week. police are interviewing family members but no one has been arrested. hawaiian airlines is investigating three baggage holders after three guns were stolen from luggage. the first theft was reported back in june. a month later, an officer flying from hawaii to san jose had their gun stolen. hawaiian airline investigators narrowed down the suspects. today, police and federal agents arrested the airline workers. sfo is flipping the switch on its high-tech control tower. reporter john ramos says the tower can withstand pretty much anything including a major earthquake. >> reporter: they say 16 million people pass through san
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francisco international airport each year and almost nobody sees the old control tower. >> i don't think they even notice it. >> reporter: so when the faa said it wanted a more modern tower -- >> sfo wanted a tower that reflected the city . >> reporter: this morning, they both got their wish. >> 3, 2, 1. >> ♪ >> reporter: with the click of a ceremonial switch, the new control tower was officially dedicated standing more than 220 feet tall. the tower offers a stunning 3600 view of sfo. the glass panels wrapping -- running up its center will be lit with colored led lights and the center has won an award for green technology. the building interior is spring- loaded and is said to be able to ride out an 8.0 earthquake. >> it could move up to potentially 6 feet in a major
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earthquake and come back. it's not going to to form . >> reporter: it features the latest radar and touchscreen monitors with a datacom system that can relay information to pilots as fast as sending a text but the city is mostly proud of how it looks and that it sticks out in typical san francisco style. >> infrastructure can be functional and elegant. this adds to the iconic facilities in all of san francisco. our control tower at sfo. now we have another place that people are just going to come and see a marvel. i can't wait to see it went in orange. >> reporter: john ramos kpix 5. >> the new tower cost about $80 million to build. both the faa and the city chipped in. it's going to take about four months for it to go fully online. move over blaine gabbert, the 49ers have added colin
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kaepernick back into the starting lineup. he will be your starting qb. the niners quarterback has generated attention for refusing to stand during the national anthem. coach chip kelly says is ongoing protest has nothing to do with today's decision. instead, the coach is looking to jumpstart the offense. let's see what you can do. the team takes on the bills sunday in new york. a berkeley woman follows colin kaepernick's lead last night at the sacramento kings game. macie jenkins tells us she took a knee while singing the national anthem. >> i am not a bit pleased with it. >> reporter: monday night marked the first kings game in the new arena but it's not the players people are talking about on tuesday. >> if she wants to neil, let her meal. she sees disparities. there are disparities. >> reporter: leah tysse made a
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statement of her own, kneeling on the court while singing the national anthem. she explains on facebook "i cannot idly stand by as black people are being unlawfully profiled, harassed, and killed by our law enforcement over and over without accountability. it started with football player -- accountability." it started with football player colin kaepernick as other have followed suit -- others have followed suit. >> that is his right hand i think we are holding athletes to standards they should be held to. >> reporter: leah tysse now receiving largely positive feedback on twitter. one person says as an african- american and veteran, you made my heart smile but other veterans -- >> i am not crazy for that at all. >> reporter: say it wasn't the time or place to make a political statement. >> it sends a bad message to other people in our country and around the world.
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>> reporter: alfred haynie says her kneeling sent chills down his spine. >> i think the national anthem should be respected. >> reporter: but mendoza says you can make a statement and still respect the u.s. at the same time. >> i love this country. it doesn't mean that i disagree with people kneeling. >> reporter: leah tysse continues her statement to say until we had knowledge white privilege exists, we cannot have a dialogue about race. tracy jenkins kpix 5. paul says we have some rain in the forecast. you were just saying you don't know where your umbrella is. >> haven't needed one for a while. amazon prime. get it before the rain. >> brought to you by. or your favorite department store hardware store. a peak outdoors it shows you the dry conditions that will be with us for 48 hours before things change. a pleasant day, not as warm as
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yesterday. napa 72 degrees, concord 71 degrees. a couple weeks before halloween. half moon bay 65 degrees. morgan hill 73 degrees. let's put rainfall totals in perspective. is that above or below normal? what should i expect? for october in the north bay, santa rosa, you managed 1.81 inches of rain for the month. what you will get between now and monday morning is more than that. we are forecasting more than 2 inches of rain. more rain the next couple days then you typically see in all of october. it's a big storm getting at sac together and we could see double-digit rainfall totals in northern california. all that moisture just thinking up against the mountains. for us, rainfall totals may exceed two or 3 inches. a soaking rain is likely. for northern california, where our reservoirs are, 10 or more
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inches of rainfall from a storm in october. partly cloudy skies overnight. overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. 51 degrees fremont, 52 degrees vallejo and 54 degrees in san francisco. no rain tomorrow or thursday. tomorrow will be a bit cloudy and temperatures cooler than average. fremont 68 degrees, 71 degrees napa and concord, redwood 70 degrees. that's not the only rain chance. we're looking wet on saturday. if you want to enjoy a dry day over the weekend, that would be saturday. it looks like showers may not exist until monday morning. all of a sudden, rain chances are spreading. three of the next seven days carry a chance of rain. >> to your happy dance. >> you've got two days to find your umbrella. >> i was on amazon prime. done. a california-relives the moment a bareheaded straws around his neck. how he managed to escape a
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vicious attack in the mountains. and from picking grapes to bottling them, how women are rising above the stereotypes and changing the world of wine making. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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does the work force. kpix 5's emily turner explains... this year... more women are behind your wine. it is harvest season in wine country. >> emily turner explains, this year more women are behind your wine. truck you might not expect a woman to be out here in the vineyards but they are and in growing numbers. traditionally, it has been a man's world but from low winds to the maintenance, women are entering winemaking more than ever. waterloo bay rodriguez -- guadalupe rodriguez is one of them. >> translator: i say females. >> i asked her why. she says because she is a woman. they want profit-sharing and
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buffett sharing -- health benefits. it's hard to pass up -- pass up even though the work is hard. >> our seasonal workforce is about 40% female versus five or six years, probably five or 6% female . >> reporter: so now the company is looking into childcare services. this winemaker's team once women. >> watching them really come into a culture that is not necessarily welcoming for them and how they handle it, how they manage it. it has been impressive. >> reporter: like natalie. she is the assistant winemaker here. >> i think we're going in a direction where it is very equal. i don't feel like there is any -- when you interview for a job, i don't think there is any difference between a man or a woman. >> reporter: one day she may take the reins and become winemaker herself, making wine and waves. emily turner, kpix 5.
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>> changes to the california labor laws are likely to encourage even more women into the labor pool by 2021. the workday will eventually be reduced from 12 to 8. donald trump says his shackles have been taken off. now, he declares war on his fellow republicans. the fierce attacks on the party leaders who have shunned his campaign. and trapped between two bears. the california hiker who is speaking out from the hospital. what he was thinking when a massive bear had its teeth around his neck.
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- i was diagnosed with parkinson's actually in early 2013. it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
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finance a new raiders stadium in las vegas. the assembly still needs to vote this just in. nevada state senators voted 16 to 5 to approve a proposal to finance a new raiders stadium in las vegas. the assembly still needs to vote on the measure on thursday. the stadium what cost $1.9 billion. the bill would be paid for by increased tourist taxes in hotels. plans to convert this armory into a homeless shelter as the city deals with an increase of homeless on the streets. while some praise the effort, others are not sold on the idea. the gloves are off and so are the shackles. donald trump went on a tweet
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storm lashing out against members of his own party for taking back their support. in our snapshot poll, we are asking what do you think of donald trump's tactic of taking on gop leaders? is it a shrewd move or a desperate act? had to to weigh in. craig boswell shows us the treats and how the democrats are using this rift in the republican party to their advantage. >> reporter: donald trump is attacking republicans who have turned their backs on him. he took direct aim at house speaker paul ryan calling him weekend ineffective. >> you have people who can't fix the budget but they start talking about their nominee. >> reporter: the fallout happened after leaked video showed trump using crude language to describe advancements on women. >> i just it's like a magnet. >> reporter: in los angeles, the national organization of women marched at mgm studios to demand the release of on aired footage from the up in tyms, wish -- from the apprentice,
6:32 pm
which allegedly revealed him talking more about women. >> transcripts show him talking about women's skin. i would like to know what else he is talking about. >> reporter: trump's tape has republicans worried about the majority in congress and democrats are doing everything they can to tie gop members to trump. >> eric paulsen refused to disavow trump until it threatened his own campaign. >> reporter: democrats need 30 seats to take back control of the house and five to win back the senate. >> it is one of the most important issues at stake in this election. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in florida talking about climate change with former vice president al gore. craig boswell, cbs news capitol hill. earlier this month, donald trump suggested there will be voting irregularities so he sent melissa ken to find out just what kinds of issues elections officials look out for and how they plan to handle them.
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>> reporter: at a recent speech in pennsylvania, donald trump repeated a request to his supporters. >> you got to get everybody you know and you got to watch your polling booths. go over and watch. and watch carefully. because we're going to win the state of pennsylvania. >> reporter: on election day, could there really be poll watchers? according to the director of elections, california law is pretty strict. >> the law doesn't permit and we wouldn't sanction anyone going to a polling place and start challenging voters. we would have to respond to that and remove that nuisance from the polling place so people could cast their ballots. >> reporter: while there is a process to challenge a voter on election day, it's hard to do. how many challenged votes do you get in a normal election? >> at the polls? zero.
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it just doesn't happen. the standard is so high and i make the decision that no one has ever brought it forward. perhaps it will change this election but since i have been director, i have never had to make a decision on a voter being challenged at a polling place. >> reporter: one reason ballot box challenges are so rare me be the vote by mail system. 55% of san francisco voters are registered by mail and even higher in other bay area counties. >> each ballot that comes back, we scan it so we compare -- we take the scanned image and compare the signature on the envelope to the signature we have in our registration database. >> reporter: the biggest challenge with absentee ballots is that people want to know where they are. >> the code says to send it out 29 days before the election. however, that was columbus day, which is a holiday so we pushed it to october 11.
6:35 pm
everyone is wondering where they are. >> so they should relax. >> relax. they are on the way. >> reporter: remember, when you're signing absentee ballots, sign them clearly. don't let family sign up for you. for those of you going to the polls on election day, only officials can challenge your ballot. anybody else who tries to interfere should be reported. more trouble for the palo alto based companies ferranto's after a major lawyer has sued the company for lying. a spokesperson for the company says the lawsuit is without merit and the company will fight it. this is the latest low for the company. federal prosecutors are looking into whether they used fraud devices and recently the company announced it would close its labs and lay off more than 300 workers. some sad news out of sacramento. the first dog of california, sutter brown, is sick. he is governor jerry brown's
6:36 pm
welsh corgi. he is featured in water and energy conservation campaigns on twitter and accompanies the governor to the polls at time. a spokesperson for the mayor says sutter was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. that's removed several masses but say the prognosis for sutter doesn't look good. a southern california hiker lived a real life nightmare when he came face to face with not one but two bears. it happened yesterday along a canyon in sierra madre. dan richman was hiking when a bear charged him. as a began to run away, another bear attacked him from behind. it flashed him in the neck, arms and legs as the bear's jaw clamped down. richmond's only choice was to play dead. >> the bear had me in a position where if i tried to make any fast moves, it could finish me off.
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it was almost like it was saying are you done? because if you are done, i'm done. >> reporter: since the attack, the department of fish and wildlife closed the wildlife park indefinitely as rangers try to track down the bear. sam son kills its popular galaxy 7 phone at the risk of bursting into flames. the fireproof way you can send your phone back. and there is still time to vote in our snapshot poll. what do you think of donald trump's tactic of taking on gop leaders? is it a shrewd move or a desperate act? results after the break. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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by drops in health care and biotech stocks. l also the dell saying 200 points today led by drops in healthcare and biotech stocks. a dip in the price of oil is also hurting the market. the nasdaq and s&p 500 closed down 1%. sales of apple shares soared after fires affected the samsung galaxy note 7. the problem is so bad samsung has decided to discontinue the note 7 altogether. that includes original and replacement models. and get this, according to the tech site gadget, customers who need to ship their phones back can now get fireproof boxes from the company. in south korea, shares of samsung plunged another 8% marking a nearly $20 billion loss in the company's market
6:41 pm
value. and the hits keep coming for sam son. the smart phone giant is in a years long patent war with apple claiming that samsung copied distinct features and lower courts have ruled in favor of apple. now the supreme court is deciding how much the infringement should cost in damages. the design of the iphone's front face, it's rectangular design and rounded corners and the secular home button are in dispute. comcast has been fined more than $2 million for charging customers for services -- for services they never ordered. the fine comes after an fcc investigation detailed numerous complaints from customers who say they were charged for premium channels or equipment after specifically telling the representatives they did not want those items. the investigation also found problems with comcast customer service including abusive behavior from customer service
6:42 pm
representatives. compact -- comcast calls the issues isolated and says it is working to improve customer service. president obama is helping 1 million low income high school students receive free internet access. today in greensboro north carolina, he took part in a forum focused on the my brother's keeper initiative. the program is teaming up with sprint to provide minority male students with free tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices along with for years of service. let's check the results of our snapshot poll. what do you think of donald trump's tactic of taking on gop leaders? >> an overwhelming 86% of our viewers are calling it a desperate act. 14% say it's a shrewd move. let's talk about some weather. if you look at your smart phone, it looks like a washout from friday to monday. that is absolutely not the
6:43 pm
case. you have got to get more detail than that. i will provide that detail in a couple minutes. would go hour by hour for when the rainfall moves in but also when it moves out. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we are talking about the giants...and last nights game...was a real nail biter. they won aga in overtime. well, you know what they say about it being an even year. we're talking about the giants of course. last night was a real nailbiter.
6:46 pm
tonight, they are back at at&t park. we are asking you, do you think the giants will go all the way? let me know. tweet me at@veronica -- at @dailey park -- at@ veronica de la cruz. the curse of the billy goat lived on today outside at&t park. check it out. giants fans rented a goat, which any cubs fan we'll tell you is a scary sight. as legend has it, a 1945 cubs world series game, someone brought a goat. the guy actually bought two tickets, one for him and one for the goat but fans complained about the smell and management had been kicked out. the guy turned around and told the managers they will never win the world series. that is the curse of the billy goat. >> he was there last night to.
6:47 pm
>> for the goat's sake i wouldn't bring the go to chicago. for the goats safety. keep the goat in california. by thursday we will have a big change on the radar. maybe not for the giants but for rainfall. where mostly cloudy and getting dark in san jose. livermore 64 degrees, mid-60s concord and oakland. santa clara will likely get an inch of rain fell before this weekend. san jose tonight, 52 degrees and partly cloudy skies. a foggy night in pacifica. san rafael 51 degrees. there is a storm coming on friday. are we going to see flooding? no. are we going to see big time wind issues? no. travel delays? absolutely. that friday commute, on a perfectly dry morning, is horrible. about an inch of rain fall now in the middle of that commute. if you can work from home on
6:48 pm
friday, i strongly suggest you ask your boss two days in advance. here comes the first fall storm. every once in a while we get "lucky" when a decaying tropical storm like 10 days ago sends a big slug of moisture across the pacific ocean and every once in a while it hits the west coast. usually, seattle, portland. this time, it's heading toward us. a fall storm that will be juicy . you could get two or 3 inches of rainfall by friday night. 7:00 in the morning thursday, not tomorrow but thursday, is when we get mostly cloudy. when does the rain get here? spotty showers midafternoon thursday. sonoma county points north. that you middletown and ukiah. by thursday night, steady, soaking, perhaps even heavy rainfall.
6:49 pm
9:00 at night, the rain hits in north bay, moves south and a line of steady soaking rainfall right over san francisco, oakland, hayward, union city which will push its way south through the morning commute. most if not all of the rainfall is done by lunchtime friday returning on sunday. rainfall totals, we average an inch of rain for the entire month of october. more than that for napa, hayward, santa rosa and nearly that much in san francisco. highs quickly over the next couple days 70 degrees for santa clara, partly sunny, 62 degrees in san francisco. san rafael 69 degrees. cloverdale tomorrow partly sunny 77 degrees. is the cloudy thursday. the rain mainly friday morning. on saturday, a dry day. it's not going to rain saturday but saturday night into sunday with scattered showers continuing into monday morning. a wet day coming up on friday. we have sports and we're talking giants coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is great. willie mays just came by on a golf cart. if you had been here 20 seconds later, i would have had a close up with willie mays. willie mays has left the building but the giants have
6:53 pm
not. that's great stuff. other big news, besides willie mays, the 49ers have a new starting quarterback. chip kelly announced colin kaepernick will start on sunday in buffalo. why not? wing gaborik led the 49ers to a 1-4 record through five weeks and is the second lowest rated quarterback in the nfl. san francisco still reportedly working on restructuring kaepernick's contract which would take them off the hook for paying his feet -- his $14 million contract next season should he get hit this year. >> i don't deal with contracts. it has nothing to do with contracts. i don't even know where his contract is at. it's a good question for him but i have never discussed his credit -- his contract nor will i ever. >> i think i have always been confident. it's something i am ready to step on that field. i am ready to play. it's been about a year since
6:54 pm
live game action. i am itching to get out there. >> it sucks. unlike nonplaying. i will be very forward about that. drove these were kaepernick's numbers last season before he lost his job to blaine gabbert. six touchdowns, fine -- five interceptions in eight games. dodgers manager danny roberts gave the ball to clayton kershaw on three days rest to keep their season alive. he had a 5-2 lead against the nationals but then bryce harper loaded the bases. going to the bullpen was a disaster after daniel murphy drives home two with a total of 5. kershaw tonight, his first postseason win. he roped one through the whole to drive home and the dodgers escape with a win. they force a game 5. the indians punch their ticket to the alcs. it was a sudden end.
6:55 pm
a sudden end to the career of david ortiz. the slugger stayed on the field fighting off tears when he eventually will be a hall of fame career. >> i was screaming at my teammate put me back in it. me -- make me where this uniform one more day. >> been through a ton of tough games, great winds, terrible losses. been through everything together. you know, it's going to be tough not having him around. >> reporter: there goes willie mays. willie mays has left the building. see the license plate? that's the say hey kid. the warrior's open the season two weeks from today at home. the san jose sharks, tomorrow night against the kings.
6:56 pm
both teams made the playoffs last season. san jose of course beaten by the pittsburgh penguins in the stanley cup finals. this is his second season with head coach pete devore who is expected to make them contenders yet again. >> i think we should feel good about the journey. i think we should have a bad taste in our mouth of losing in the final and come back reenergized and ready to make that journey again and again. the tough part is you don't get to start where you ended. you have to start right at the bottom of the mountain again and start climbing. >> the sharks on the ice tomorrow. the giants better win or their season will be over. highlights and reaction tonight on the late show. >> and a willie mays exciting. get the latest on ,t
6:57 pm
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? appreciate that. thank you, folks. i appreciate it. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. thank y'all. thank you, babe. well, welcome to "family feud." i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their third day with a total of 20,805 bucks, from dover, delaware, it's the jackson family... [cheering and applause] and from lawrenceville, georgia, it's the obu family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying
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to win theirself a lot of cash and possibly drive out of here in a brand-new car... [cheering and applause] and let's go meet the obu family. olu: how's it going, steve? steve: olu. olu: yes, sir. how's it going, steve? steve: oh, it's good, good, good. well, your name is obu... obu: yes, sir. steve: and your last name is obu? obu: yes, sir. steve: obu obu. ibum: you should ask him what his middle name is. olu: oh, god. obu: steve's not ready for that. steve's not--i don't think you're ready for that, steve. steve: you don't know how ready i am. matter of fact, we not doing a damn thing till we find out. what is your middle name, obu? obu: it's obu. steve: obu obu obu. obu: yes, sir. shall i show my i.d.? steve: no. you don't got to show me your i.d. you got it on you? obu: yeah. that's always the process i go through. go on and check that out.


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