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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  October 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> yeah. >> a fun season. >> great season. >> thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. time now 4:30. let's welcome in roqui and julie. >> good morning. >> thanks, guys. >> we made it to "hump day." it's another dry day. but not for long. by thursday night into friday we are going to be seeing a ton of rain. today the return of the fog. temperature-wise we are in the 50s areawide a bit cooler than this time yesterday. 49 in santa rosa. 58 san jose. 54 in concord. temperatures are cool. we'll talk more about that coming up. how are the roads. very good. let's take a look at the bridges first. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. 580 to golden gate toll plaza should take 15 minutes inbound. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound along the eastshore freeway should take 19 minutes. but keep in mind there is some
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roadwork there between the yerba buena tunnel and the anchorage. a live look at the san mateo bridge. if you are heading into the peninsula from hayward 880 to 101 westbound 12 minutes. a san jose state university one water polo player won't be showing up for practice anytime soon. the investigation is under way to determine if he sexually assaulted two women. betty yu reports. >> reporter: san jose state university officials say two students came forth to report that a freshman water polo player had raped them at an off- campus party over labor day weekend. the school has not released his name but says he has maintained his innocence from the beginning. in september, the san jose police department and the school's anti-discrimination, or title ix office, started investigating after the first woman came forward. two weeks later, another woman did the same. and the school suspended the
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athlete temporarily. he is not allowed to participate in any water polo practices or go on campus property. >> it's sad because after the whole brock turner thing there was a huge uproar in just everywhere you looked and it was made apparent that that is not okay. >> reporter: senior oliver chandler says the school has made an effort to raise awareness. >> when you are coming into the school as a transfer student or a freshman, we go through orientation and they talk about, like, things like sexual assault and going to parties and drinking and stuff -- it's -- it's -- it's not okay. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the santa clara county district attorney's office is now reviewing the case. so far the athlete at the center of it hasn't been charged with any crime. oakland police are looking for two men who robbed an older couple at gunpoint. newly released video shows the crime which happened at 33rd avenue and east 16th street back in august.
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they were leaving a restaurant when two men in red approached them. they rushed the couple with guns drawn. the husband says the robbers held a gun to his head and demanded his valuables. they struck him in the head and pushed his wife then made off with money and jewelry. contra costa county investigators are looking into the fatal shooting of a stabbing suspect by concord police. the man who was shot is suspected of stabbing a man as well as this k-9 officer are gardening shears. it started yesterday afternoon on crawford near san carlos avenue. more now from kpix 5's andria borba reporter: there are two scenes here in this concord neighborhood that officers are looking at right now trying to figure out the events that led up to the afternoon shooting. the victim was stabbed least once in the upper torso and the suspect took off hopping fences and landing in this person's backyard. >> he came into my backyard. i had no idea what was going on. ist, like, who is this person? in my mind, i was shocked. and then i see, like, someone
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running. >> reporter: that's when concord pd moved in. >> our police station is pretty much a stone's throw away about two or three blocks from here so we had a lot of officers on scene quickly. >> reporter: the suspect was cornered nearby. >> all of a sudden i think they found him and i heard gunshots and i heard the dog barking. >> reporter: that's when the suspect stabbed the k-9 multiple times. two officers fired their guns at the suspect, killing him. >> this was a suspect who had just stabbed somebody who just attempted to kill somebody. >> reporter: both the dog and the first man stabbed are in stable condition. corporal chris blakely says the suspect has been arrested several times in the past by concord officers. the officers who pulled the trigger have been on the force, both for more than 10 years, and are training officers. in concord, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the suspect's name is not going to be released until his
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family is notified. both concord officers are being investigated by the district attorney's office which is protocol in contra costa county. thanks to help from sonar equipment san francisco police think they have figured out where a capsized boat sank into the bay. 30 people had to be rescued when it went under saturday afternoon near pier 45. police don't know why it capsized but it may have been overloaded. there's no timetable to raise the vessel at this time. the chicago cubs are moving on to the national league championship series ending the san francisco giants' play-off run quickly. the cubs won the division series three games to one after a come-from-behind victory last night here in san francisco. joe vazquez spoke with some gloomy giants fans reporter: at&t park. the giants fight to keep alive in the play-offs. if they lose, it's over.
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the home team is determined. the energy level is high. the roar of the crowd, the crack of the bats. early hits were a blessing for the giants and a curse for the cubs. on top of the actual famous curse of the goat that has plagued chicago fans for years. the goat made an appearance at the park earlier in the day. >> we love the goat! there's no goat curse now. we love the goat. >> reporter: the curse is over? >> it's done. >> reporter: the giants kept hitting. they were up by 3. >> we won 2012, 2014, we are going to win again 2016. >> which clearly we are about to. >> reporter: but the cubs weren't done. a ninth inning rally put chicago on top. giants fans fell silent. they prayed for a miracle but it wasn't to be. chicago wins, the giants are done. >> they just couldn't make that extra out. they get two strikes on somebody and then they get hit. two strikes on somebody and
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then they get a hit. it just drives me crazy. >> let's go, warriors! >> i don't understand the goat thing, kenny. >> a long time ago, at a chicago cubs game they wouldn't let this goat into the game. >> a guy brought his pet goat. >> because of that the cubs lost and ever since 1908 they haven't won a world series. >> when he was kicked out, he said, you'll never win! so the giants lost last night. >> yeah. >> so on to weather. >> happier news. it's going to rain and we need that. we have a drought and we could add to our rain bucket. we are gonna do that later on this week. in the meantime today temperatures will be cool once again. outside right now we are in the 50s in the area. we have fog and marine layer. visibility okay on the roads at 3 miles in half moon bay. farther north about a mile visibility in santa rosa.
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shouldn't affect you on the road but definitely a bit more gray out there this morning than yesterday morning. starting off partly cloudy skies with some fog at the coast cool again force wednesday temperatures similar to yesterday. the rain arrives late thursday from the north bay and then friday for the rest of us and we're look at a good soaking rain especially up north where we need it. we are seeing the possibility, you know, three to five inches of rain up here. some of our northwest california mountains could see upwards of 15 inches of rain. great news for our rain totals for the season. and a good soaking rain in the north bay, as well. in fact, we'll probably see or we could see a couple of inches of rain. now, the average for the month of october is under 2" and we are expecting if the forecast holds steady as much as 2" maybe more by monday morning from the rain coming through friday and then again saturday into sunday. so stay tuned. we'll talk more about that coming up. i'll time it out in your full forecast. here's a quick look at your temperatures. again, we are on the cool side of average for this time of
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year topping out in the low 70s for the warmest spots inland. at the altamont pass coming off 205 at just about 40 miles an hour. so pretty slow but not the worst. 205 to the altamont pass will take 10 minutes. frees up through livermore. dublin interchange, here's a live look here altamont pass to 680 westbound will take you about 15 minutes. now moving over to the nimitz freeway heading from san leandro on 238 to the maze right now that should take about 16 but otherwise looking good in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza good until 5:30 this morning when those metering lights will turn on. carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound about 19 minutes. roadwork on the bay bridge, between the yerba buena island tunnel frees up at the fremont
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exit and slows down at the exit. folks in some oakland neighborhoods are fed up with their streets being used as public dumping grounds. kpix 5's christin ayers looked into why the city can't clean it up reporter: it's a perennial problem in east and west oakland and it's getting worse. illegal dumping. tires mattresses last week it was dog feces left dumped in front of a school for five days. >> i'm out here on e street east oakland. >> reporter: 24 hours later people held their noses after an rv released a trail of human waste down their block. public works they claimed rarely respond to their reports. >> we today taxes and they just don't care. >> we are taking this very seriously. this is one of our top priorities. it's, you know, it's -- it's
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-- it's inappropriate for human waste or feces to be on the streets or anywhere near, you know, where people live. >> reporter: she is chief of staff for rebecca kaplan city council member and chair of the public works committee. she says there's a reason public works has struggled to respond quickly to illegal dumping reports. an aging fleet of dump trucks. >> they were older trucks breaking down. >> reporter: today kaplan pushed through a plan to buy or lease at least one new dump truck as quickly as possible. the city will buy three others down the road and now instead of dummy cameras posted in dumping hot spots, working cameras. >> high resolution cameras so we can have the evidence to go after these people who are illegally dumping. >> reporter: the city has also given the green light to a reward program that gives cash to whistle-blowers who report illegal dumping. it's not clear when that new dump truck will come in.
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they hope to have a timeline by december. the san francisco-based wells fargo lost its accreditation with the better business bureau. last year they were hit with a $185 million fine after it was discovered that employees illegally created up to two million accounts that customers never wanted. previously, california's treasurer suspended ties with the company for at least a year. time now 4:42. twitter users pushing back against donald trump. how they are bringing attention to the millions who stay silent with the hashtag, not okay. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's not a weekend hobby.ance? you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. conversation about sexual assault. and as anna werner reports: it's only g the video of donald trump making remarks about women started a national conversation about sexual assault. anna werner reports. >> reporter: hours after the
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tape hit the airwaves, an author asked people to talk about sexual assault. >> i was sharing personal experience and when i you do that you put yourself in a very vulnerable position. hundreds of people with the same horrible story and telling them maybe for the first time. >> reporter: one woman wrote, family friend laid on top of me on the couch and wouldn't let me up. i was about 11. while these stories are being shared today, the theme and its reality are nothing new. 25 years ago, 35-year-old law professor anita hill went before the senate judiciary committee reporting how harris thomas allegedly harassed her. he got on the court, she spent a lifetime defending herself. >> it's the harm that sexual harassment causes to the victims. >> reporter: those hearings like the trump tape triggered a
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national conversation on assault. but hill fears when the news cycle ends, the talk of how to change will stop. >> this is a powerful moment for us to understand that and to think about, okay, what do we do next to make sure this doesn't happen to another generation? >> hill says the fact that people are outraged over trump's comments is a difference. she doesn't believe that would have happened in 1991. anna werner, massachusetts. a consultant heads to a seat she paid for on a plane and she is told the two monks in a row refuse to sit with women. so the million miler got moved and her story made headlines around the world. now they won't approve flights for united or airlines that
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defies discrimination laws. campos was an apology from united. >> i'm not going to let it go because our daughter and other females deserve that. >> in a statement, united stressed that we regret that our handling of the seat assignment has caused concern. the airline said that it has zero tolerance for discrimination. a teenager in new york has scored an honor that no fellow before him ever has. james charles has just been hired as cover girl's first cover boy. but the 17-year-old is no stranger to the spotlight. the makeup artist regularly posts beauty tips on instagram. he has nearly 500,000 followers. cover girl calls james a boundary breaker and they are going to put him in national tv ads for the brand. the teen even gets to work closely with another big hire by cover girl, katy perry. time now 4:47. julie has weather. >> we have a lot going on.
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this is the calm before the storm. ask for help on friday. clean out the gutters and storm drains if you live in a low- lying area that floods when we get these big storms, clean it out because this is going to be our first big storm of the season and we'll see flooded roads. and maybe even some downed power lines by the end of the weekend because of the saturated soil and high winds. today the fog continues to roll in. in fact, we have now erased the bay bridge in this shot. [chuckling] temperatures in the 50s pretty much areawide, 49 in santa rosa. this is the source of the soakers that heading our way. it was once a tropical storm. we are getting the residual moisture combining that with a jet stream that's right over the top of it and that's really helping to enhance the rain for us as we move on thursday into friday. so as our first fall storm and
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it is going to be a doozy. here we are thursday evening with scattered showers up north of saint helena, santa rosa might get showers early during the commute. thursday night into friday heavy rain in santa rosa and sinking south through the bay area. friday morning commute 7 a.m., we will likely see some of our heavier rainfall during the friday morning commute. because we have slick roads, we'll have oil that's been building up on the roads, we'll see flooding and ponding on the roads adding to track problems. friday afternoon, some lingering showers as far south as say, monterey bay and certainly east and then we dry out friday before we get a break the next storm system moves in saturday night into sunday. overall nearly two inches maybe more for some north bay locations santa rosa over an inch and three-quarters near an inch in concord and half inch
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in redwood city. today cool temperatures 70 inland for highs. we have mild temperatures for the next few days showers, rain really on friday, break on saturday, and then another chance of showers sunday into monday. roqui, over to you. >> thank you, julie. hopefully that rain on friday doesn't keep us too busy in the traffic center. time now 4:50. let's check your morning traffic. looking at eastbound 80 at 880 split here it's a big rig fire on the shoulder but it is a u.p.s. truck trailer that did catch fire. we have emergency crews out there trying to figure out that situation and get that fire out. here we are at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound 80 carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze westbound will take you 20 minutes but those toll plaza metering lights will turn on at 4:30 this morning which will cause traffic to start backing up towards the maze there [ sic ]. 205, 20 miles per hour slow
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this morning 205 to the altamont pass. it will take about 15 minutes. so pretty slow into livermore where it freeze up a bit. but here's a look at that slow traffic in the commute direction of the dublin interchange. altamont pass will take you 15 minutes. moving over to mass transit, if you want to avoid the roads this morning, there are no current delays to report. back to you guys at the desk. >> all right, roqui. thank you. many bay area millennials swipe their phones until a face pop up that spells soulmate. >> it's that easy, huh? these online daters are crushed when the person is disappointing. kpix 5's emily turner shows us the dating app that's dropping the swipe in the name of love. reporter: the dating apocalypse. sounds dramatic. but that's exactly what many millennials say has happened to the world of "romance" since swiping hit the scene. >> really tough. it's really hard. >> i think it's very like disconnected. >> you have to be pretty much
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use everything available to you from, um, bumbles, tinder. >> reporter: swipe right if you like the person, left if you don't. the technique is a staple of most dating apps including hinge or at least it used to be. the ceo is the first to swipe left on his own system scrapping it and starting over. >> people were really dissatisfied with the apps. and they felt they had nowhere to turn. >> reporter: while the engagement numbers were high, dating rarely happened. only 18% of their users ever found a relationship. bad odds for a product that's meant to romantically connect people. instead it fostered bad habits. swiping is addictive. >> you get that dopamine hit every time you have somebody who likes your photo but it wears off quickly so when that wears off then we go back to the phone and we're swiping more. >> reporter: so today, nine months later, hinge is launching a brand-new system aimed at rehumanizing our pursuit of love hoping it will trigger dating changes across
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the board and on your home screen. a single crowd hopes so, too. >> we are trying to create a counter-culture to that. >> love to see just more people being willing and open to actually talking to you. >> reporter: tournament of roses kpix 5. >> time is 4:53. samsung's reputation is at stake after their galaxy note 7 smartphone was taken off the market. how it could benefit apple. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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yesterday, apple stock went up 2- point-3 percent... after rival samsung suspended production of its "galaxy note seven" s de samsung'sapple's stock was up 2% after samsung suspended production of the galaxy note 7 smartphone after reports of fires in phones that were meant
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to replace defective ones. apple plans to open one stop food shop and convenience stores. the initiative is code named project comoe and comes amid an ongoing effort to open more brick and mortar locations. the recall of the galaxy note 7 smartphone is creating a blow for samsung. samsung scrambling to save its reputation after the company decided yesterday to permanently scrap its device. cases of the phone bursting into flames followed by reports of replacements with the same problems proved too much for the south korean company. samsung is putting customer safety at top priority but plenty of damage has been done. >> problem is last week the allegedly fixed devices still had problems and suddenly this whole issue of trust has been compromised. now we're not sure whether we can believe what samsung says. >> the note 7 was the company's effort to take on the apple
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iphone 7. it turns out you may not be seeing much of ronald mcdonald over the next few weeks. the mascot is keeping a low profile thanks to reports of creepy clowns sightings across the u.s. the fast food chain didn't provide details about how it plans to change ronald mcdonald's appearance. but the company says it's being, quote, thoughtful in respect to the participation in community events. it is 4:57. donald trump says the shackles are off. and a little bit confused on what day is election day. the latest on campaign 2016 next. >> and today we'll hear what the department of justice discovered about the san francisco police department's policy. it was a review that took 8 months to complete. and many hope it will lead to reform.
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michelle. let's get a look at weather and traffic. here's julie
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good morning. it's wednesday, october 12. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. a little drizzle out there. it's foggy and that's a live look at coit tower this morning. i had to turn on the old windshield wipers on the way to work. and i guess this is just the beginning. huh? julie? >> well, this is not just rain. this is fog. we had the sheen on the road as we drove in this morning. the real rain is coming. it's just a couple of days away. so i have been saying it all morning. i can't stress, if you want to prepare now, clean out those gutters and get ready for a wet one on friday. so here's a look at what's going on outside. you should be able to see the bay bridge out there right now and you can't because of those low clouds and fog. they are lower and more dense than we thought this time yesterday. san jose at 58 right now. 53 in livermore. 53 in concord. here's a look at your visibility though not too thick in terms of roadway problems and low visibilities down the road but you can see that the low clouds and fog have made their way inland this morning. partly cloudy with fog


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