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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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will bring construction and long term jobs. fans are thrilled at the prospect of getting an nfl team to las vegas but not everyone is happy about the deal saying taxpayers are getting shortchanged because they won't get a dime even though they are paying 40% of the cost. the governor will sign the bill monday in las vegas. in carson city, mauricio marin. >> the raiders are calling it a proud new home saying, i would like to thank governor sandoval and the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee and the members of the nevada legislature on this historic day. he is calling it an historic day. this is not a done deal. the nfl owners have to approve the move and owners have said they would prefer to keep the team in oakland. plus, there's what kpix 5's da lin reported yesterday a former own of the 49ers is interested
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in keeping football in oakland and on that negotiates da, you have some new information for? >> reporter: yeah, eddie debartolo's representatives met with the city yesterday and that meeting went well so i'm sure we'll be hearing from eddie debartolo in the coming weeks about his involvement. that he development over las vegas is a punch in the gut for loyal oakland fans. >> we are very upset. very frustrated. >> it's not over until it's over. >> reporter: oakland city leaders and fans hope nfl owners will block the move to las vegas. the city will have to present a solid stadium financing plan to convince the nfl to do so. ronnie lott's group has been negotiating with the city to redevelop the coliseum site and build a new stadium. former 49ers owner eddie debartolo is interested in the project. his real estate company's vice president holly garcia flew in yesterday and met with
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oakland's lead negotiator claudia capio who says their first meeting went well and both sides will meet again. that's great news for loyal fans. >> the debartolo family if they merge with a complementary type of energy it can only help the situation. >> reporter: debartolo and lott have a relationship that dates back to the '80s. it's likely they would work together to redevelop the large site, hotels, housing, retail, and a stadium. >> debartolo wanting to join in a effort, i think for me is exciting. they both have experience not just on the field but also in the development effort. >> reporter: capio says she is meeting with the ronnie lott group a couple of times a week and negotiations are going very well. she says the only problem is raiders owner mark davis is missing at the table. if they have a good plan, the hope is the nfl owners will stop the move and force davis to consider the plan. >> we are trying to keep the raiders in oakland. if the 49er player wants to do it and a 49er owner wants to do
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it welcome to oakland. welcome to oakland. >> reporter: we broke the news yesterday about the eddie debartolo involvement. and i understand because of the sensitivity of the negotiations and this is still very early, there's some high ranking city officials upset about this information getting out to the public. nonetheless, a lot of fans are saying that they deserve to know, given the movement over in las vegas. they say this gives them a little bit of hope. in the meantime, oakland mayor libby schaaf is giving her state of the city speech. she won't be talking about the raiders, just focusing on housing and policing. live at oakland city hall, i'm da lin, kpix 5. again, the nfl's other team owners still have to approve a raiders move to las vegas. no fewer than 24 of the league's 32 owners would have to sign off on it. they meet next week in houston where they may discuss it. new details about the boat that capsized in the bay over the weekend. we have learned the owner was
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on board. and elizabeth cook tells us so was his 2-year-old child. liz. >> veronica, san francisco police say the owner could face felony charges. it was lifted out of the water yesterday and police say it is back to the owner. investigators are looking at whether there were enough life vests. they also want to know if the 34-foot boat was overloaded. 30 people were on board when it capsized about 100 yards off pier 45 on saturday. two people got trapped under the hull. a 4-year-old boy needed cpr but everyone is now doing okay. bystanders along with the coast guard and san francisco police helped rescue people throwing life vests in the water. this afternoon we spoke to the owner on the phone [ non- english name ] who said he had his 2-year-old daughter in his arms when the boat suddenly flipped over. he tells us they were out on the bay with friends when it all happened. police say this is still an active investigation. >> there was a child on board
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that was 5 years old that flatlined and basically died. and our marine unit came up, they were able to revive the child with cpr. you can see how deadly this incident could have been if it wasn't for the quick response from our marine unit and getting this quickly to do the rescue. >> the police department's marine unit used sonar equipment to locate the boat. it's now docked at pier 39. thank you. the other big story in the bay area this evening, the weather. not a good day to forget your umbrella. and this is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very wet weekend. >> the first big storm of the season made for a rough day on bay area roads. in fact, in san rafael traffic a mess all morning. this is after a truck slammed into the center divide on northbound 101 near the civic center exit spilled a load of produce all over the highway. no one badly hurt there.
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in napa county now an osprey on a power pole burst into flames. the fire knocked out electricity to the marina area. it is unclear if any birds were hurt. in san francisco, live wires fell to the ground when another power pole caught fire on bayshore boulevard. no one was injured. but several businesses in the area had to shut down. and emily turner tells us, the storm is far from over. right, 'em? >> you're right. the vast majority of it has moved to the south so for right now we have a little bit of a breather. there's some wet weather, more of it, right behind that. take a look at our hi-def doppler. you can see if we zoom in, that it's centered just to the east of san jose and the south of it around the santa cruz mountains, where the heart of the storm is right now. in fact, if you look at our rain totals, thus far, santa monica and santa cruz mountains almost 3" "of rain. the most in the bay area. the least is mountain view because you're on the other side of the santa cruz mountains not nearly as much rain and then the totals are
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going up from there further north. but those rain totals are not over. we have another storm behind that and i can tell you when you can expect that coming up. >> thank you. people who live along the coast are keeping a close eye on that strong surf you see right there. erosion has been a huge problem in pacifica in recent years. one cliffside is crumbling so fast, an apartment building had to be demolished before it could fall into the sea. some people who live nearby worry their homes could be next if the storms keep up. >> if they endure for the entire season and they're really big, then that could cause problems. >> only a matter of time do you think? >> yeah. mother nature always wins. she always wins. >> earlier this year, another strong storm also left a gaping hole in the seawall near the pacifica pier. in the south bay mud slides and flooding big concerns this evening especially in the wake of the "loma fire" in the santa cruz mountains. mark sayre just back from the burn area at a sandbag station in morgan hill for us tonight.
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mark. >> reporter: light rain here in morgan hill, all afternoon. and officials very concerned that the loma burn area could potentially flood if we get heavy rain this weekend. the rain is coming down on casa loma road heading into the fire burn area and on those roads an emergency response team is monitoring the fire zone and the weather, including the california geological survey and cal fire. >> our concerns are that, um, it would get too much rain at one time, that, um it will destabilize some of the slopes that are unprotected or the vegetation was burned. >> reporter: cal fire says while the rains can help with the firefighting effort and will douse hot spots, the risk of runoff and floods is a big concern. >> but without that surface protection, there's more opportunity for runoff and to carry material from the surface, ash and -- and wood and debris. >> reporter: the county has opened several sandbag filling stations near the burn area. as you can see, this one is on
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a remote road leading to the main fire scene. as you can see, there's plenty of sand here. there are also plenty of sandbags. anyone wanting to take advantage of the service needs to bring his own shovel. and anything that can be brought down from the burn area can also be left here. >> dispose of any garbage or burnt material for free. we haul it out of here for them. >> reporter: back at one of the sandbag stations, morgan hill resident julie watts says she is happy to see the rain but concerned there could be problems inside and outside of the burn area. >> so i live at the bottom of a -- kind of a hill. and so i worry about my neighbor's property, as well. not that they've lost vegetation, but they are having some drainage issues. >> reporter: the "loma fire" now fully contained at 4400 acres. but what happens in the aftermath as a result of weather, of course, remains to be scene. reporting live in morgan hill, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5.
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the storm washed out classes at contra costa college in richmond when a transformer blew nearby. several neighbors businesses also closed for the day. the east bay is taking the brunt of the power problems today. nearly 8,000 customers still in the dark along with more than 4,000 in the north bay. pg&e also dealing with scattered outages on the peninsula, in san francisco and in the south bay. passengers flying out of sfo, they have also felt powerless today. the airport says the storm forced at least 128 flight cancellations so far. it is a hot topic on election day. several bay area cities about to vote on new protections for renters. tonight we look at the good and bad of rent control in one city that's had it for decades. >> a man beaten, his turban ripped off. the new evidence with attackers facing hate crime charges. >> and robin williams loved his bike and was often seen riding all over the bay area. how you can bid on the lake actor's incredible collection. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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oakland mayor libby schaaf presenting her annual "stat the city" address.... pause.. the emphasis is on affordabl happening right now, oakland mayor libby schaaf is presenting her annual state of the city address. let's listen. >> ... did to our police department's relationship with the community and even more so, to an exploited young woman and her family. because oaklanders and the honorable men and women of the oakland police department deserved no less, we took a hard-line against the reprehensible misconduct and culture that came to light this year. it also -- >> libby schaaf delivering the state of the city address. her office saying the emphasis will be on affordable housing, but we are waiting to hear whether the raiders will come up, as well. we'll have a full report live from city hall ahead at 6:30. protecting renters will be
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a hot topic in the bay area on election day. voters are considering new rules in some cases including rent control. kpix 5's melissa caen joins us now. >> reporter: vehicle, the bay area housing crisis is causing five cities to consider rent control in this november's election. san francisco has had some form of rent aren't since 1979. -- rent control since 1979. we went to small property owners in san francisco and asked how's it working. you're keeping some things off the market right now. raise your hands. keep them up. >> reporter: the president of the small property owners of san francisco. >> there was a building up the street that's now tic, but unfortunately, the owner had kept it vacant for 10 years because he knew if he let people live in there, he wouldn't be able to get them out when he was ready to
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remodel the building and sell it for tic. so six units for 10 years vacant, crazy. >> reporter: landlords were more concerned with tenant protection than rent limits. which is worse in your estimation. if you think it is the price limit, raise your hand. [ pause ] >> reporter: what about those of how think it's the tenant protections that are the worst part of it? >> i have one tenant and there's nothing i can do about it. she screams at me. >> reporter: how many of you have had tenant screams at you? tenants screaming at you? >> they have all the rights, and i have all the liabilities and all the responsibilities. what kind of a deal is that?! i got into this business because i thought i would be like mr. madrigal in "tales of the city." i had this romantic view. and i have learned that it's not worth it. so i just decided to stop renting. >> reporter: the former san francisco supervisor drafted
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the city's first rent control law in 197. >> i'm still of the opinion that so much depends on good relationships between the landlord and the tenant. not all landlords are bad. there's some very good ones. not all tenants are bad. there's some very good ones. but there are obviously exceptions to the rule. but overall, i do think it's worked well. >> reporter: for people without rent control, one bad landlord can be devastating. >> i had a year-to-year lease and my landlord modified it to six months. and when i questioned it i was told, um, that that's the way it is. what happened after six months, my rent went up again so a period of six months my rent went up $600. >> reporter: randy shaw is the executive director of the tenderloin housing clinic and heard horror stories from renters and isn't surprised about the new push for rent control. >> it only takes a handful of landlords to create the kind of
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public outcry that leads to rent control measures. >> hurts tenants because there aren't as many places available. it takes one bad tenant to make an owner decide to keep the unit off the market. it's a shame. >> reporter: one thing that we found that landlords and tenants agree on, is that the bay area needs more housing. lots more housing and development. we'll see if that comes to pass. melissa caen, kpix 5. senator bernie sanders is in california to rally support for a statewide measure to limit prescription drug prices. ♪[ music ] >> it will be great for the taxpayers of california and it will be a real blow against this greedy industry that will reverberate all over america. i hope that proposition 61 passes. >> it would prevent california from spending more on drugs than the lowest price paid by the u.s. department of veterans affairs. sanders will be in san francisco tomorrow for two rallies one for the ballot measures the other for state senate candidate jane kim. the contra costa county d.a.'s office has filed hate
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crime charges against two men accused of assaulting a sick man in richmond. chase little and another man both from texas are accused of ripping off the victim's turban and cutting his hair and beating him up back on september 25. a third man is cleared of any criminal liability. the victim, maan singh khalsa was bloodied and injured on face and hands and had part of a finger next weekamputated next week. the religion mandates hair uncut. >> to have a turban forcibly removed as it was in this case is deeply, deeply offensive. and then to have the added step of having your haircut is just uncomprehensible. it is just deeply deeply insulting. >> little is due back in court next month. colton leblanc is the second man charged today. he is believed to be in texas. there's a warrant out for his arrest. a santa clara university campus leader says they busted
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the guys who did this. surveillance video shows the two men in an elevator. this is at the dorm casa italian no last saturday. one of them presses his finger down to his leg and then he reaches up and scrawls something on the wall. turned out, it was bloody swastikas. the students's names haven't been released. the spread of the students says it's a powerful symbol of hate one that cannot be ignored. santa clara university holding a forum on tuesday to discuss it. an uber driver is in jail after police say he backed in a police department vehicle because he was mad about a ticket. last night a parking enforcement assistant issued a ticket for [ non-english name ] for stopping in a red zone while he dropped off a passenger. the man then allegedly backed into the parking attendant's vehicle, knocking it backwards. the man is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the storm surging across northern california helping to put a damper on a wildfire near
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south lake tahoe. the emerald fire burned 200 acres since it started this morning off highway 89. cal fire says flames slowed way down this afternoon thanks in part to the wet weather. but strong winds still a problem. about 500 homes near camp richardson still under a mandatory evacuations order and a stretch of highway 89 is covered in fallen trees. >> all the dead trees in the area are being blown over by the winds, 45-mile-per-hour winds that are consistent. 70-mile-per-hour clocked on the peaks. it's dangerous. >> it could be a couple of days before that stretch of highway 89 reopens. the fire is 25% contained. the fire has stopped progressing for now. the same storm that could help save some homes up in the sierra destroying homes in oregon. this tornado ripped through the seaside town of manzanita west of portland today leaving a part of torn-up trees and damaged buildings. no word on serious injuries.
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thousands of customers across the area have no electricity. the same in the bay area here. >> but we have not been nearly that severe. it has certainly been wet. but no tornadoes. thankfully. but there is more wet weather on the way. also not severe but certainly very wet. let's check hi-def doppler. the rain is scattered showers in the east bay and some more scattered showers in the south bay. those are going to slowly start to make their way out of the area further south and things will dry out for a little bit. this is a live look at the kpix 5 rooftop camera right now where there's a little bit of mist happening. but for the most part just some clouds in san francisco the coolest temperatures at the moment, 64 degrees. warmest temperatures in the south bay morgan hill 74 degrees. and then 68 degrees inland in livermore. it all has to do with this low pressure system that is still
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situated just off of the coast. what we're looking at now, see this little pack of clouds as it slowly makes its way in our direction? that's our second round of storms. that's what's going to make things wet this weekend. so with the overall story, those showers are going to finish up tonight leaving behind it cloudy weather. more rain on saturday late in the evening and then it's going to rain off and on all day sunday. it's also going to keep our temperatures pretty moderate. 68 degrees in the north bay along the coast a little cooler 66 degrees in pacifica. and then in the inland areas as well as in the south bay 72 degrees. there is a lot that you can do this weekend but i would recommend doing it on saturday for example the half moon art and pumpkin festival. saturday will be your driest day so if you are going to be outside that's when you should do that. and then for the game on sunday, it is certainly going to be rainy so pack your poncho. the seven-day forecast is coming up. what you need to know basically, is it's going to be wet. >> okay. >> bring an umbrella. >> thank you.
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the flight attendant called for a doctor, but a black woman on board says her help was turned away. and now she is accusing delta of discrimination. >> and he was once an elite swimmer at stanford. the new job a convicted sex offender brock turner just accepted. ,,,,,,,,,,
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prop 64 makes marijuana legal in california for adults 21 and over. and here's what else it does: bans marijuana use in public. permits sales only at licensed marijuana businesses, not at grocery or convenience stores. and prop 64 generates a billion
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in new tax revenue for california to fund after-school programs and job training and placement initiatives. learn more at vote yes on 64. the struggling social netwo just lost its last high-pro suitor.. salesforce. the san francisco based cloud company.. joins twittered just lost "salesforce" as a suter. the san francisco-based cloud cover joins disney and others in ditching twitter. marc benioff said it wasn't the right fit. twitter shares plunged 5% on the news. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks tells us what's next for the company. >> reporter: twitter now has to go on its own and try to grow its user base. this is a big struggle for the company for years. it's been stuck at 300 million. not able to get past that number. and a number of analysts say other smaller companies are starting to catch up including
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snapchat, which has about 150 million daily users. >> the price tag for twitter an estimated $20 billion. the social media company reports its 3rd quarter earnings on october 27. it's official the "salesforce" tower is the tallest building in san francisco. as construction on the tower at 415 mission street continues today, it got to 867 feet and it's getting taller. that means it's now taller than the iconic transamerica pyramid. more flores will be added to the sales for tower -- more floors will be added to the "salesforce" tower and it will be the tallest office building west of chicago. coming up in the next half- hour another woman comes forward accusing donald trump of sexual assault. the republican nominee is defiant. >> from a sex scandal plaguing the police department to a housing crisis, oakland's mayor laying out her game player for
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the city's top issues. >> we'll have a live report. woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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the raiders just moved a st closer to moving to las veg. today nevada's legislature cleared a plan to help fund on the strip. our top stories at 6:30 the raiders are a step closer to moving to las vegas. today nevada's legislature cleared a plan to help fund a stadium on the strip. observed hopes to keep the team, a group that includes ronnie lott the former 49er and raider is talking with the city
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about redeveloping the coliseum site. and eddie debartolo's real estate company is also involved. the owner the boat that capsized over the weekend may face felony charges. investigators are looking into whether there were enough life vests on board and whether it was overloaded. the owner says he is the owner and that he an his 2-year-old were among the 30 people on board. she would not be my first choice that i can tell you. >> you don't know. that would not be my first choice. >> donald trump fires back after more women come forward accusing him of acting inappropriately decades ago. republican nominee says there is proof that the allegations are false. and as craig boswell tells us, his rival hillary clinton is fighting some fires of her own today. >> reporter: donald trump says women accusing him of sexual assault are liars. >> they have no witnesses. there's nobody around. they just come out, some are
6:31 pm
doing it for probably a little fame. to get some free fame. it's a total setup. >> reporter: but more women are coming forward. the "washington post" published an account from a woman who alleged trump reached up her skirt in the '90s and summer a former con test is stant on "the apprentice" broke down as she talked about a meeting with trump at the beverly hills hilton. >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began to aggressively and his placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: the trump campaign is pushing back on the "new york times" report where jessica leeds says trump groped her on a flight. a british man was also on the flight 30 years ago and says trump never touched her. hillary clinton skirted around the issue during her only public appearance a fundraising event in seattle. >> the whole world has heard how donald trump -- [ pause ] -- >> brags about mistreating women. and the disturbing stories keep
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coming. >> reporter: clinton is facing challenges as wikileaks continues its daily release of damaging hacked emails from her campaign chairman. in one of the exchanges, a pollster argued for clinton changing her mind about the tpp trade deal saying, there are no other issues that labor cares about. this is it for them and they actually have voters on their side." clinton did change her position on the issue, something that trump used against her ever since. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> and trump's campaign issued a statement late this afternoon saying, quote, i vaguely remember miss zervos as one of the contestants. i never met her or greeted her inappropriately a decade ago. president obama took aim at trump and the republican party today. >> you said you were the party of family values. what, you weren't appalled earlier? [ laughter ] >> when he was saying degrading
6:33 pm
things about women? >> the president told ohio voters all of america's progress under his eight-year tenure goes out the window if trump is elected. the candidates go head to head against next wednesday. we'll have live coverage for you the third and final debate that starts at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. former stanford student brock turner is a landscaper. turner moved back home to ohio after serving three months for sexual assaulting a woman. he had to register as a sex offender and turner's new job came to light this week when he registered the wrong work address with the county. it is corrected. a doctor from houston is calling out delta airlines for discrimination. tamika cross wrote on facebook that she volunteered to help a male passenger who had become unresponsive during a flight from detroit but then says a flight attendant cut her off
6:34 pm
with condescending remarks even asked to see her medical credentials. before dr. cross could step in a white male doctor get to work. the flight attendant later apologized and offered cross airline miles. cross wrote on facebook, quote, this is going higher than her. i don't want sky miles in exchange for blatant discrimination. whether this was race, age, gender discrimination, it's not right. delta released a statement saying the airline is investigating the troubling accusations and is taking them very seriously. wells fargo ceo unloaded millions of stock in the company before fraud became public. he stole $61 million in shares in august and in september he settled a federal investigation. it agreed to pay fines and admitted that employees falsified more than 2 million customer accounts to meet sales quotas. after the phony accounts
6:35 pm
scandal came out the stock price dropped sharply. john stumpf resigned as ceo of wells fargo this week. coming up, turning off your galaxy note 7. not enough. the government takes new action to stop the samsung phones from getting on airplanes. >> did you know robin williams as a fan of cycling? his bike collection is up for grabs for a good cause. 600 dollars. of abuse. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - for the city. ot.
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kpix 5's andria borba is lit city hall.. where the annual "state of the city" addresst wrapped up. andria? oakland's mayor laying out moon shot goals for the city.
6:38 pm
kpix 5's andria borba at city hall where the annual state of the city address is wrapping up. >> reporter: allen, that's right. the speech just wrapped up a few minutes ago. council chambers are clearing out. here's what oakland's mayor libby schaaf focused on. she began with talking about oakland's road problems. and the launch of the city's department of transportation. the mayor also offered up an apology to the woman at the center of the opd and really bay area-wide sex scandal promising more police reforms and talking about the search for a new chief. the main bullet point though was affordable housing. building more and making [ indiscernible ] to prevent more evictions in the future. >> this crisis demands moon shot thinking. it's complex, overwhelming and has been decades in the making. it involves forces beyond oakland's borders and beyond our control like the fact that
6:39 pm
this region added half a million new jobs but built only 54,000 new units of housing. houston, we have a problem. >> reporter: now, what was not mentioned was the developments today regarding oakland's raiders and the city of las vegas. we were told this afternoon the raiders were not included in an earlier copy of the mayor's remarks. and they did not make it into the final copy. we are waiting to speak to mayor schaaf to get a sense of what she thinks about all this. we'll have that on nightbeat at 10:00 and kpix 5 news at 11. andria borba, kpix 5. more bad news for samsung. its galaxy note 7 is going to be banned on all u.s. flights because it's a fire hazard. there have been at least 100 incidents of the galaxy note 7 catching fire and injuring people. up until now, the federal aviation administration was urging travelers to keep the
6:40 pm
galaxy note 7s turned off during flights. well the, the transportation security administration is taking it further. it says the ban is to keep passengers safe and it starts at noon tomorrow. u.s. travelers making their way to cuba will soon be bringing back some of cuba's finest gifts. cuban cigars and cuban rum. the obama administration announced today that it will be relaxing the restrictions. for decades there was a $100 limit on cuban cigars and rum that americans could bring into the u.s. even if they weren't coming directly from cuba. the move is part of the plan to normalize relations with the country. a new poll out shows nearly half of all americans ages 18 to 30 have nothing saved for retirement, not a dime. so tonight we're asking you should personal finance be a requirement in schools? yes or no, why or why not? you can sends me a tweet, that's my twitter handle, at #veronicadlcruz. send me your comments and we'll have that's for you on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station,
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kbcw 44/cable 12. avid collector of bikes. a at his u auction righ coming up, he was a well loved comedian and actor but robin williams was also an avid collector of bicycles. a look at his unique collection that's up for auction right now. >> straight ahead, raider nation, are you ready? >> back home like. >> colin kaepernick are you going to root for him or against him? >> somebody's [ indiscernible ] >> and you're going to see me in chaps. let that visual hold. in sports, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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he had nearly a hundred of . and now... as kpix five's d ford shows us... they are ap for the late robin williams was an avid cyclist and collectser of rare bicycles. he had nearly 100. now as don ford shows you they are all up for auction. >> reporter: 87 unique bicycles are being auctioned off right now online from the late actor robin williams' private collection. when not on stage, he was an enthusiastic cyclist, competitive racer. now all those bikes are looking for a new home.
6:45 pm
a custom frame builder met williams. >> you could see his passion, riding and collecting. he was loyal, he was buying bikes and shops all over the bay area. >> reporter: his collection is wide ranging, like this hand made italian, extremely rare and collectible. starting bid, $10,000. or a limited edition carbon fiberrer aluminum trek diamond 7 a replica of lance armstrong's bike winning the 7th tour de france. opening bid another $10,000. but like the man himself, there are many sides to this collection. >> he also collected some old bikes like the old stingray type bicycle. >> like we had as kids. >> i was tuned out. i didn't get one of the i was too old. you're younger than i am. >> reporter: the famous stingray bike with butterfly handle bars. current bid, $3,300. then there's this. a unicycle.
6:46 pm
a custom exercise bike. and something that's neither bike nor motorcycle. something in between he called the derringer. opening bid, $3,800. >> in his collection he has all these different bikes to try different things out. >> reporter: he promoted biking for the handicaps often racing and promoting the challenged athletes foundation. the auction proceeds will support them and the foundation for the study of spinal cord injuries. in san rafael, don ford, kpix 5. >> cool stuff. cool guy. the auction ends october 25th and we have a link to the online auction site at well, right now, the vast majority of that weather has moved out of our area. it's just a few scattered showers to the east of us and the south portion of the south bay. mostly centered around the santa cruz mountains and, in fact, take a live look at our hi-def doppler, you can see those scattered showers still remaining but for the most
6:47 pm
part, moving out of the way. this is is a live look out of our kpix 5 roof camera where you can see the clouds are still hanging in there. just a little bit of mist but for the most part things are starting to dry up. in san francisco you got .34". the most rain we saw is in the santa cruz mountains, at 2.89 inches. but on the other side of the santa cruz mountains, kind of in that rain shadow, mountain view only .04." but that rain is not over. in fact, this low pressure system that's off the coast right now, look at this cloud right here. all these clouds that are slowing making their way in our direction, that's going to bring with it more wet weather and more storms. so futurecast, what this looks like for the next couple of days, very early-morning hours 5:00 tomorrow in san francisco, 59 degrees with those low hanging clouds. moving through the morning, those clouds may break up a little bit. not a lot of showers, maybe here and there. but then look at this. by saturday afternoon, going into the evening, about 7:00 tomorrow night, you are going to see some significant storms as that second round of rain is
6:48 pm
going to be moving in. so those showers are going out leaving behind clouds, rain late saturday night and then it's going to rain on and off through the rest of the weekend. keeping our temperatures pretty moderate just a couple of degrees actually below average from what we normally would be this time of year. south bay and the east bay cooler, as well. 65 along the coast. inland areas in the 70s. in the far east bay, warmer there. mid- to low-70s. and then in the center portion of the heart of the bay area, 65 degrees along the coast. and then oakland 71 degrees. and the far north bay is where we see our coolest temperatures. and i want to show you what this looks like for our seven- day forecast. it is going to be wet tomorrow, a little bit cloudy, certainly wet on sunday. beginning of monday. then things start to dry out beginning of next week and that is that sun comes up it will start to warm back up. [ pause ] we have all that coming up and we have sports just after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nfl up top....and the 1st place... raiders...on the f news... ...rb latavius murr the drivs seat...huge chance nfl up top.
6:52 pm
in the first place raiders, on the field news. murray is out. raiders in the driver's seat. if the nemesis kansas city in oakland if they are going to get over they have to get to the quarterback. yeah. sack leader mcgee agrees. the defensive tackle is 2.5 sacks so far and yes, they have given up over 400 yards a game. but it's all about disrupting the offense enough. like this. he knows his peeps will be watching back in oklahoma. chiefs, raiders in relative terms it's kind of like sooners, texas? >> yeah. yeah. >> red river rivalry? >> yeah, a little bit. it's a big rival game to me especially being from oklahoma, kind of grew up that was like one of the close -- and that the dallas cowboys one of the closest teams to my hometown. so every time he would play the chiefs, most people back home are like, take it easy on the chiefs. but i don't know what that
6:53 pm
means. you know, so -- just trying to win. meantime, you're going to be clapping for 49ers colin kaepernick sunday? 7 to 9.5-point underdogs when he starts under center in buffalo. the drama of his contract is over. it's go time. and the bills certainly know kap's game. they think they know what's coming. >> i think we live in a society number one that there are no secrets so if colin took all the reps with the ones on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, somebody's mole would have told them who was taking all the reps, you know what i mean? i don't really care. ♪[ music ] >> i don't buy that whole, you know, stick the banana in the tailpipe and try to tell them the car is broken. >> we're not going to fall for a banana in the tailpipe. >> you're not? >> love the axle foley. dodgers handed dusty baker his ninth straight elimination game loss last night when they
6:54 pm
knocked out the nationals. the dodgers are headed to the nlcs on the strength of clayton kershaw out of the bullpen on one day's rest to get the final two out. at the plate, here's a look at soon-to-be animated jock peterson. palo alto native cracked the game tying homer in the 7th. he threw out a runner at the plate. now, pete rose he was amazed that peterson is a man of few words. >> could you feel even as he went to the plate that maybe momentum had turned in your favor? >> um, not really. i don't know. i was -- yeah. i mean -- he was out by a lot. >> was that his first interviewer? >> possibly. [ laughter ] >> great to go to the locker room. taking out a little champagne right away. [ laughter ] [ all people laughing ] >> you'll love it. >> ah, ha!
6:55 pm
golf phil mickelson and a salty pga safeway second round. carter 7 strokes off the lead. scott piercy a little slow deliberate tempo backed up a course record 62 yesterday. with this at the fifth hole. the play was halted for weather, emily. he is 14 under, two clear of the field. they will resume play at the 11th home tomorrow. hey, the clydesdales that was a dead giveaway to the grand national rodeo at the cow palace the next two weekends starting tonight. but i have already had an adventure. >> first of all, you requested to get all outfitted up properly. make sure we can do that. >> he is a working e man shaft right there. couldn't find anything that 34? >> you're missing something. >> oh, the hat. >> that should fit you, we're hoping. >> that will fit just fine. >> so you grab the reins.
6:56 pm
you have to put one foot in the strap. you always want it to be the side that that leg will stay on. so yup, that's it. >> then you swing yourself on up there. ♪[ music ] >> whoo! >> awesome. >> how about that? >> how did i do? >> not bad. i have seen some city slickers and you got some potential in your blood for sure. >> there's a new sheriff in town! >> next thing you know, watch out for the buckle bunnies. captions by: caption colorado ,t
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how y'all? how's everybody doing today? well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day. from hartwell, georgia, it's the stowers family! [cheering and applause] all right. from seattle, washington, it's the hornor family! [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand new, state of the art ford edge. right there. [cheering and applause] hey, let's go meet the hornor
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