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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  October 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good eve plans for a huge bay area casino that hardly anyone saw coming. now a u.s. senator speaks out about her fight to stop it from being built. good evening. >> first we are following some breaking news in the east bay for you. chopper 5 live above a scene in east oakland where a pick-up truck suspected of being used in a deadly hit-and-run may have been found. police have been looking for the driver who hit and killed a worker at a san leandro warehouse earlier today. the suspect may have been stealing wooden pallets. look in the back of that truck. chopper 5 showing us this truck with pallets in the back of the truck. we are just now getting word one suspect is in custody. this location is on east 12th
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street. this all started at noon at the true world food distribution center. that is where the worker was running down. police believe that the worker confronted the driver of the pick-up who was trying to steal wooden pallets. >> palette theft is very common. we are looking into that. >> it appears that the pick of up truck that killed the worker has been located in east oakland. one suspect is in custody. we will bring you more information as we get it senator says california has too many casinos already. she is leading the effort to squash a native american tribe's project. >> to them it was a big surprise. a 400,000 square foot surprise to be exact that would go on that plot of land right there
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over my shoulder. >> how much gambling to do we need to have in california? >> she is speaking out as word spread about a proposed new casino in the heart of vallejo city limits. it is a story we broke last night. >> i have seen the buses pull up at housing projects and take people to gamble from here when the social security checks come in. can dadely -- candidly that is not good. >> the tribe is based almost a hundred miles away in lake county. the city of vallejo said they found out about the project in july even though it has been in the works for more than a year. >> we were stunned. >> it would go at the intersection of highway 37 and i-80. it is already a nightmare for
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traffic as it is. this casino would only add to that. it will however create jobs making it the largest employer in the city the tribe says. it would also provide tribal housing. >> our goal is to have a homeland for our tribe. our tribe has been landless for -- 150 years at a minimum. >> already napa and sol know counties and three congressman have joined her in opposing the project. the process is far from over. some aren't so against it at all. >> it is fine with me. i don't care. [ laughter ] i don't. it would be good for jobs. >> doesn't matter to me. i wouldn't go gamble in it. i don't gamble. [ laughter ] >> so where in the process is the project right now? well currently the application sits on the desk of the bureau of indian affairs. they will get death min if the
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tribe can reclaim these lands as theirs. if they get the sums up this moves forward to the next part of the process. if they say no the project is dead in the water. back to you. >> all right. so this obviously isn't going to happen tomorrow. if it does go through will the city see any of the revenue ? >> that is the possibility. they said that they plan on giving the local municipality, police, fire, a portion of the profit. now how much they don't know or at least it isn't listed there. can i tell you from that application they plan on this casino being a very profitable project. >> all right. thank you. well pell dish -- the governor of nevada just signed a deal to try to steal the team away. the money will help fund
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construction of a stadium near the vegas strip. >> that is right. you know, for years it has been tough being a raider fan sometimes and this week it just got a lot rougher. here is the story. first came sunday's rain soaked loss to kansas city. then today all smiles and sunshine as nevada's governor agreed to a $750 million hotel tax hike that could pave the way for the raiders exit from oakland. at the center of it all, raiders owner mark davis. this time however davis appears to have struck real gold, something oakland has been unable to match. >> i understand his role from a business perspective. as a resident of oakland i am
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not happy or pleased. >> like it or not, las vegas has set a high and real financial bar for oakland to match. >> they are using public funds which we -- we can't do it here. >> oakland has been in talks with a group headed by hall of famer ronnie lot. so far nothing hard. >> can you match $750 million? >> we may not be able to match that but i think we could do it more along the private investment. >> don't expect the hail mary save from washington either. >> i think that is up to oakland. >> would you move to block it? >> no. i would not move to block it. >> so now it is up to oakland and as we said the clock is ticking. the owners are expected to be meeting in the next couple of weeks possibly decision by january. that has a lot of time to put
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together hundreds of millions of dollars of deals. they do have a term with one group. we will see where that goes from here. back to you. day one of jury selection in the sierra lamar murder trial. she disappeared in march of 2012 on her way to school. police charged him with kidnapping and killing her even though the body was never found. our legal analysts said the prosecution will be looking for a specific juror. >> the prosecution may want engineers, people who are in the skins and technology particularly if they will use dna evidence to prove their case. >> perspective jurors will be filling out questionnaires for the first few weeks. two vallejo police officers are lucky to be alive after an attempted ambush by a highly armed gunman. police say 41-year-old adam powell tried to assassinate them using an assault rifle.
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a twist of fate the only reason they are alive happened while the two officers were on a break last night. julia spoke with a customer who saw this whole thing unfold. >> this outcome could have been tragic. now this customer was inside when the suspect walked in with the rifle. he said he saw him walk in carrying the rifle, pointed it at the officers. he didn't say anything but had it directly pointed at the two that were on their break. fortunately that rifle malfunctioned. hours earlier the suspect's 2-year-old son had been shot. police say 41-year-old adam powell drove by the starbucks at least six minutes before going inside. two officers were taking a coffee break when powell went in and tried to open fire. his rifle malfunctioned. this surveillance video shows powell running out of the starbucks chased by police who
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then shot him three times. cops confiscated an assault weapon that had a barrel type magazine that can hold about 70 rounds. powell also had an additional handgun on him and was wearing a soft body armor similar to what police officers wear on third uniforms. the suspect's family is also dealing with another tragedy. >> my grandbaby got shot. >> the suspect's son was shot five hours earlier at the suspect's home. the family says the shooting was accidental. powell fled the scene before police arrived. >> were you here in the house when it happened? >> i was here in the house. >> was it an accident? >> my grandbaby got shot. >> police are still trying to piece this together with what happened in vallejo. powell is now in the hospital in serious but stable condition. he then went to a starbuckses and opened fire on police do.
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you know what that was about? >> i don't know why. >> does he have a violent past? >> i'm not sure. >> are you surprised by this all? >> [ indiscernible ] it is what it is. we have to live through it. >> okay. >> just pray. >> the suspect and his 2-year-old son both in the hospital tonight. vallejo police tell us the suspect has a long criminal record. back to you. a man from pacific is accused of shooting a fan fran police officer. he has been identified as 26-year-old nicholas. officer kevin was shot in the head friday night. an injury left him partially paralyzed and in critical but stable condition. police were responding to reports of a man threatening people. they say they opened fire on officers when they arrived on the scene. that is when he was hit. police then chased him. officers shot him as they tried
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to take him into custody. he died from his injuries yesterday afternoon. divers recovered their bodies yesterday morning. they hiked with family and friends. the two men were wading in a pool below the falls on saturday afternoon. the force of the water coming down apparently pulled them underneath and trapped them against some rocks. the commute is about to get more interesting at one bay area bart station. this larger than life naked statute makes its debut tomorrow. rise and shine a little bit later. bay area school districts consider sliding back the start time. plus a fire boat saved lives during the devastating loma prieta quake. now 27 years later the city welcomes a new asset and shows off what it can do. as we head to high above and looking north we see almost
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nothing but sunshine as the day settles on. the post rainy weekend -- any return in sight? we will have the forecast for you after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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new at 6:00 a piece of art some might call x-rated is about to be unveiled in the east bay. the five story high naked woman now stands outside the bart station in san leandro. devin gives us a sneak peak. >> the artist said the sculpt slur is meant as a celebration of the female form but is not intended to be sexual. >> women are sexualized in this culture and that they pretty much live in a world where they their existence is sexualized. that is what i'm trying to
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change. >> he hopes it sparks conversations about the mistreatment of woman. so far it has stirred debate. >> i really like it. sit a really beautiful sculpture. i'm not sure it is appropriate for public display. >> she is not doing anything inappropriate in like a sexual way. i think it is beauty. >> the city of san leandro requires contractors to include public art in new developments but doesn't include this specific art work. >> there is many more things you could look at than nudity. >> she said she understands the public's concern but adds that true art is rarely uncontroversial. >> they said they hope it will prove not only eye catching but ultimately eye opening. >> it is a very beautiful image of a woman expressing her power
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and her -- confidence and her strength. >> back to you. >> the sculpture will be officially unveiled at an invitation only ceremony tomorrow evening. a quiet zone for the new smart train up for discussion tonight in san rafael. federal law requires them to blow the horn starting a quarter mile before they reach a crossing. residents have been complaining about the noise during the test runs of the train. now they will consider joining with them to apply for a county wide quiet zone. new at 6:00 students may soon be able to get some extra sleep. john says one of the largest school districts there is considering whether to push back school start times. >> on some mornings the bell rings as early as 7:15. in josh's world history class,
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if some of the kids seem a little groggy he doesn't take it personally. >> [ indiscernible ] >> if they are coming to school very tired and they have two cups of coffee and a red bull -- health wise that is not good. >> at the district office the data shows student performance is slipping. they believe kids aren't getting enough sleep. the american academy agrees. it is now recommending that middle and high school starts later saying teens need at least nine hour hours of shut eye. studies also show teens stay up late at night because their bodies are naturally programmed to do so. >> it is showing they can't go to bed before a certain time. they also need nine to ten hours of sleep because they are growing kids. >> the district is studying their schedules to see if it might be possible to start middle and high schools at say
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8:30 or 9:00. but that won't be easy starting later would probably mean ending later and that would impact after school activities and sports programs. especially in a district where the practice fields don't have lights. also many students have after school jobs and parents may not be able to drop their kids off at a later hour. the district says they are consider all of this. >> there is pros and there is cons but at the end it is not about -- about us, it is about our students. it is about our children and what will help them be successful in the classroom! and that is not easy to do when your body just wants to sleep. back to you. >> other districts in the bay area are already trying a later start. some schools in napa currently start at 7:30 in the morning. parts are drying out this evening. earlier the major ponding in the valley. this is the result of high tide
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at about 12:30 this afternoon. earlier there was a coastal flood advisory. and a fresh blanket of snow in the sierra. the brunt of the storm hit yesterday and left roadways there coated in white. we are going to warmup. it is all going to melt. >> short lived. >> it is early. it is only october. we have a lot of time to go. we will be below average again tomorrow. the radar shows there has not been a rack left behind. mostly clear skies for tomorrow and the rest of the week. this is after we got quite a bit of rain. today we edged up a little bit. some places 8 degrees warmer than yesterday. 71 in san jose. san rafael managed 70.
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half-moon bay 63 degrees. the storm track which has been over central california is now going to begin to shift to the north as high pressure builds in pressure comes up and temperatures follow suit. we will be in the 80s by thursday and friday. we will warm very nicely with mostly clear skies tomorrow. it will be even warmer than that on wednesday and thursday. we will be looking for partly cloudy skies tonight. a little patchy dense fog. all the moisture around will contribute to some fog formation. mild to warm by wednesday. we will keep it that way into the weekend. then we will cool down a little bit. in the meantime a heating trend to look forward to. 72 at travis air force base. 72 for concord. in livermore 71 degrees. santa rosa 73. extended forecast we will be looking at numbers reaching the mid 80s. by saturday the numbers lower a
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little bit. as the temperatures come down, one thing that doesn't look as fit will be coming down is rain. not anytime soon. there could be some changes late in the weekend and early next week. we will see. >> all right. thanks. well a fire boat safes san francisco's marina after the loel quake. now the city is getting some new protection for feature disasters. a controversial leader waging a bloody war on drugs. now bay area police are cutting ties with the philippines. the country's police chief talks about the brutal tactics ending a long running partnership. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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loma prieta earthquake.. where were you on this day back in 1989? it is the 27th anniversary of
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the loma prieta earthquake which killed 51 people in oakland, san francisco and santa cruz. the quake damaged 12,000 homes and 2,6700 businesses -- 2,600 businesses. >> on this day of rethem bans they -- remembrance they revealed the new fire boat. >> it has been 61 years since we christened the fire boat and -- they are invaluable. >> you might remember the fire boat phoenix saved part of the marina district from burning during the quake. it cost $11.8 million. it was mostly paid for with federal money. coming up, donald trump's wife breaks her silence. her first reaction to the hot mic tape of trump boasting about
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sexually assaulting women. we are continuing to follow breaking news from the east bay. a driver accused of stealing from a warehouse then running over and killing a worker before taking off. we are on scene where a suspect has just been detained. we will have a live report coming up. life and death. 600 dollars. of abuse. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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chopper five overhead as the driv a deadly hit a we begin with half hour with breaking news in the east bay. chopper 5 over head right now as the driver of a pick-up wanted
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in a deadly hit-and-run is detained. christen is life in the east oakland neighborhood where that truck was stopped. >> well police confirming to us this is what they believe is the truck that was involved in that hit-and-run in san leandro earlier today. oakland police pulled this truck over around 5:00 and detained the man who was driving it. they had to chase him and found him hiding under a parked car over here. now all of this started around noon, just before noon today in san leandro. authorities are telling us there was an altercation between a man who works a at facility in san leandro and the person who was in this pick -up truck. authorities believe the man in the pick-up truck was either stealing or didn't know that he wasn't allowed to be grabbing some wood palettes that apparently are worth quite a bit of money when they are recycled.
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there was a confrontation between him and the man who worked at facility and the man in the truck apparently jumped in his truck, hit the man who worked at the facility and drove off with those wood palettes. in our video you see those wood palettes were still in the back pick-up truck. not confirming tonight whether this is the same man who was driving in san leandro earlier today but again they do have a man detained at the moment and they do have that pick-up truck here just behind me. back to you. our other top story donald trump is continuing his attacks hillary clinton and the mainstream media. our new survey poll shows support slipping for both trump and clinton in california.
6:30 pm
that is compared to an identical poll conducted right before the first president debate. we asked if the election were held today, who would you vote for. clinton holds the lead at 56%. trump 30%. 7% of state voters are undecided. a rally in green bay wisconsin a couple of hours ago trump repeated claims that the media has hijacked the system against him through the his campaign. >> we are competing in a rigged election. this is a rigged election folks. i said it with me -- remember i won louisiana? i said wait a minute, this guy has 18, i won the state -- no well that is the way the simms works. i said well it is a rigged system. >> trump is not offering any evidence. trump also attacked clinton on a new report about her use of a private e-mail search very while she was secretary of state -- survey while she was secretary of state. they say fbi documents show a
6:31 pm
state department under secretary patrick kennedy contacted an fbi official in 2015 to dispute the classification of a clinton e-mail about benghazi which was reclassified to secret. the bureau official then asked kennedy about a request for more fbi slots overseas in u.s. missions. the fbi said the classification was not changed and denied republican claims this was evidence of a quid pro quo. hacked e-mails continue to come out. they believe russia is responsible. today we asked her about attempts to influence e-american elections -- american elections. >> it is high impact. it is meddles around with america's most precious constitutional concept which is free and fair elections. >> yesterday russian president slugged off the allegations
6:32 pm
calling them campaign rhetoric. in the meantime she is standing by her man in an interview a short time a go. she blamed access hollywood host for encouraging trump to make lewd comments about women >> i wonder if they knew the mic was on. they were kind of -- a boy talk. and he was -- lead on like -- egg on from the host to say -- um -- dirty and bad stuff. >> late today nbc fired bill bush over that leaked tape. the final presidential debate is this wednesday. we will have live coverage of the event starting at 6:00 right here on kpix 5. bay area police and a long running training program in the philippines. it is a curbalty of the country's brutal war on drugs only an 5:00. we will have a sit down with the head of the national police who
6:33 pm
is make nothing apologies for the bloody tactics. and bob dillon responding to his win with radio silence now. the panel has given up trying to get ahold of him. ,,,, woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it
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continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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members of the philippine national police force... because of a bloody war on drugs.. that has seen philippine poli we have learned bay area law enforcement officers will no longer train
6:36 pm
them. [ indiscernible ] >> in a story you will see only on 5 kate was in the philippines recently and sat down with the head of the philippine national police. he told her the killings will continue. >> these are california law enforcement officers on a mission in the philippines last year doing charity work in schools, training the philippine national police on how better to fight crime and donating police equipment. >> we are doing our thing but now it is affecting us. >> retired san francisco police lieutenant is an organizer with the program. it has been a 16 yearlong partnership that is now over. in a statement to kpix 5 they said that is because of concerns over allegations of civil rights and human rights violations in the philippines. the partnership a new casualty of the philippines war on drugs.
6:37 pm
months ago he launched a fierce campaign calling for drug dealers and drug addicts to turn themselves in or face death. since june 30th many people have been killed. they said they have killed more than 1,500. others taken out by suspect vigilante groups. >> our nation is -- in trouble and it just gets worse and worse. economically because of this controversy it is affecting every segment of making us better nation. it is disappointing to me. >> i got a chance to sit down with him weeks after he was appointed. how do you feel the people perceive you? >> they perceive me as -- their --
6:38 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> he promised to clean up the drug problem by next summer. >> they should pay for the crimes they are doing. they should pay for that. >> do you think death is an appropriate punishment for these drug people? >> it depends if -- we can't get them -- we cannot get them in the regular -- [ indiscernible ] or in the legal way, there are some other ways. there are some other options. >> they said there are three million drug addicts in the country. the country's brutal tactics have caught the attention of the united states and the european
6:39 pm
union. but he doesn't care. >> it will continue. [ indiscernible ] >> they love him. 76% of them give him a high satisfaction rating. 84% trust him. the president is even featured as the hero in an app called fighting crime. the police chief opens up with a machine begin. so far two million people have downloaded the game. >> this is someone else' country. maybe you should live in there and see how it is. it doesn't justify it or not but
6:40 pm
maybe give you a better perspective of why they are coming on so hard. fighting back and forth just drags everybody down. it breaks ties that have been there for years. >> the only talking the government seems willing to do is hardly diplomatic. earlier this month the president there told president obama he could go to hell and he has made it clear his unapologetically brutal war on drugs will continue. no drug dealer, not even small time drug user is safe. >> what is your message to your enemies? >> you can be my friend or you can be my enemy. if i'm your friend i'm your best friend. if i'm your enemy i'm your worst enemy. i won't stop till i don't get you. >> back to you.
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[music playing] in the weather department after a wet weekend it is time for something completely different. i mean completely. as we look live over ocean beach we have the forecast after the break. coming up the 49ers stumble again. >> that was all i needed to hear. >> the question is did he do enough to get another start. >> there is some things he did on sunday you can build upon. >> alex smith the former 49er has plenty to build upon against the raiders. you need something to cheer about? catch our sports cast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trading today. that comes after the los shares of netflix surged as much as 20% in after hours trading today. that comes after the company released their third quarter earnings report. it showed better than expected boost in subscriptions. macy's a will opening -- will be opening their doors earlier this year for shopping. they will be opening an hour
6:45 pm
earlier than last year at 5:00. macy's opened for the first time on thanksgiving in 2013 at 8:00 p.m. which brings us to our question after the evening do, you think stores should remain closed on thanksgiving? yes or no? why or why not? you can weigh in right now. send me a tweet. your comments and our twitter poll results to flight on bay area night beat. come join us at 10:00 over on our sister station. bob dillon is keeping his thoughts to himself after the honor. they have been unable to reach him. the award winners are expected to attend a banquet. so far he has not rsvp'd. we turned -- as we got
6:46 pm
fairly clear skies around the bay area tonight, we are looking for things to warmup. high pressure is on and the rain is pretty much dried up. the doppler showing hardly a thing out there except a beautiful night in the bay area. boy. -- boy, what a weekend. oak land did well took into consideration -- too, almost fire inches. tonight we will getting down into the low to mid 50s for the most part. a little bit cooler at santa rosa at 47 degrees. livermore down to 49. that low pressure that has been hanging around what seems like
6:47 pm
an eon off the pacific northwest finally gets bumped to the north. they had get thunderstorms up around seattle. we will be dry for the rest of the week and be warm by wednesday inland. temperatures in the mid 80s. a little bit of an offshore flow means we get kind of decent beach weather. tuesday is shaping up to be just that. 67 in san francisco. close to the average of 69. concord 72 degrees. in the south bay the numbers will be close to 70 degrees. nice, beautiful day on tap for tuesday. dry too through the end of the week. that holds for the east boy as well. san ramon a little bit cooler at
6:48 pm
69. in vallejo 70. up in the north bay tomorrow a patches of low clouds. aside from that it looks beautiful. 73 degrees for santa rosa. 70 at petaluma. 71 at kentfield. 68 ate at -- at richmond. a mighty nice tuesday on tap for the bay area. upper 60s around the bay. low 60 at the beach. look what happens on wednesday, thursday and friday. the numbers climb to the upper 70s inland. it will warmup even at the beach. that is the same -- usual sort of thing for october. by the weekend we will cool it down a bit. let's enjoy it while we can. winter can't be too far behind. we have sports coming up next. ,,
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prop 64 makes marijuana legal in california for adults 21 and over. and here's what else it does: bans marijuana use in public. permits sales only at licensed marijuana businesses, not at grocery or convenience stores. and prop 64 generates a billion in new tax revenue for california to fund after-school programs and job training and placement initiatives. learn more at vote yes on 64. learn more at - i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money
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start at quarterback right now, their issues run a whole lot after another loss it is becoming increasingly it doesn't matter who the starting quarterback is, their issues run a whole lot deeper. >> the losing streak now at five
6:52 pm
after being blown out in buffalo. they racked up over 300 yards on the ground. as for kaepernick he was average at best in the first half connecting with smith on a 53-year-old touchdown. he did struggle in the second half. he finished 13 of 29 passing. chip kelly said he will start again sunday became off sounding like paul ryan trying to support donald trump. >> there are some things he did on sunday you can build upon. for his first extended playing time since last year -- i thought there was some real positives there we need to continue to build with him and get going. gives us the best chance against tampa bay this week. >> the bills weren't as diplomatic. steven gilmore said he is an athlete, you can't take that from him. when it comes to passing the ball, he can't really throw. as for the raiders maybe they would be better off in las vegas because they are are sure having
6:53 pm
trouble winning in oakland this season. >> we should be able to have the biggest home field advantage going there and dominating. we just haven't created that yet. it is frustrating. >> yeah. frustrating in deed. they are just 1-2 at home. yesterday it was alex smith and the chiefs taking the air out of the coliseum. smith completing 19 of 22. just over 200 yards. did not throw a touchdown but he still wins. he is 8-1 all time versus the raiders. >> when you are winning and playing good during the second half your attempts will be more limited. >> good football player. a little under rated. he has to rely on throwing the balls, really not his strong suit. [ indiscernible ] >> jim who is back in the bay area this weekend recruiting. of course because he is jim
6:54 pm
harbaugh, he doesn't just sit in the crowd. he announced the homecoming queen on friday night. >> they needed a guy and -- was promised -- a sandwich at halftime and that was all i needed to hear. [ laughter ] >> there you go. the sharks at the world's most famous arena for the second stop. take advantage of a 5-3 -- i like that light. second period rangers. ryan shot goes wide but rick nash there for the put back. the rangers go on to win 7-4. they hand the sharks their first loss of the season. if you were busy hosting choir students -- here is what you missed this weekend.
6:55 pm
[music playing] he decided to join the cheerleaders to celebrate. the lions beat the rams. this is pretty good. [ laughter ] not bad. joe showing off the athleticism. he makes it off and threw a touchdown on saturday. oklahoma blew out kansas state. this may have been hard to come by in the nlcs. look at that. he lays out -- he broke his belt in the process. dodgers and cubs now tied at one game a piece. he showed off his receiving skills when he caught the pass and pounded his way into the end zone. >> i'm taking credit for that one for all the clubby guys out there. i'm taking credit for that one. [ laughter ] >> indeed. interesting after that game alex smith -- when he realized was a
6:56 pm
lateral pass he did not get credit for the touchdown pass. >> interesting. >> i'm still stuck on the choir students. >> i hosted two wonderful kids kids -- [ indiscernible ] wonderful singers. i watched them to -- today perform at a church. there is about 20 kids. just wonderful choir. >> i knew there was a story there. >> good having you guys. >> join us for night beat at 10:00. and right back here at 11:00. ,,,,,,
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you. how's everybody? appreciate it. thank you very much. thank y'all, man. i appreciate it, folks. thank you very much. ha! well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] heh. well, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day with a total of 20,900 bucks, from kansas city, missouri--it's the champs--it's the dunn family... [cheering and applause] and from davie, florida, it's the stone family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and
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possibly drive out of here in a brand-new car. let's go. give me rebecca. give me krissy. here we go, ladies. we got the top 8 answers on the board. name a term of endearment it would be weird for a man to use when addressing his mother. [beeping] rebecca: "sexy." steve: "hey, sexy, what's up?" krissy: "hey, baby." steve: "hey, baby." krissy: whoo! you want-- we're gonna play, steve. steve: they're gonna play. [cheering and applause] hey, darrick, give me a term of endearment it'd be weird for a man to use addressing his mother. darrick: "you have a great body." krissy: yeah. good answer.


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