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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  October 27, 2016 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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and this one's gonna soak t entire bay area. 'm elizabeth this is the calm before a north storm. this one will soak the entire bay area. >> let's get over to brian for the forecast. >> we have one that will spread they wide and like the storm earlier this week it will get the south bay wet as well. for the north coast plenty of rain coming down around the crescent city but already we are getting hit from the north and south. there are echoes showing up that is from a different direction. moist and moisture laden. the result is we will pick up 1-3
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inches of rain over much of the bay area and it is no wonder they have flash flood watches posted. they could pick up three inches or more by friday afternoon. timing on this is trickey but we will cover it in the forecast. the question you see berkely tonight how to stop a string of sexual assaults against women. some strict new rules are in place instead like mandatory training before being allowed into a party. will that work? >> reporter: the strict party guidelines meant to crack down on instances of sexual assault at fraternities but tonight some students to me they are not so sure this is the answer. >> i don't like going to fraternities. it is a grimy atmosphere. >> reporter: she says she simply does not feel safe at parties on uc berkeley's fraternity row. >> it is a mentality that we want girls at the party's. bring more girls.
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the ratio is outnumbered for girls. >> reporter: a week and a half ago two women in today's claimed they were sexually assaulted at off-campus greek houses. the president of the council that overseas berkely fraternities took swift action. >> we want to make sure we are providing a safe environment for our guests. >> reporter: he they and came a parties. tonight with the ban lifted the council has announced new rules to make fraternity parties safer. no hard alcohol. sober monitors appointed at each house to supervised parties. mandatory sexual consent talks before guests can enter a party. >> i think it is a good idea because it gives people a basis of what consent means. and they cannot be liable. everyone knows going in exactly what the guidelines are. >> reporter: others say the guidelines simply don't do enough. >> you cannot say okay here is any role without explaining and
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educating people why the rule is in place. >> reporter: the new rules are not enough to get her to go to a fraternity party. she is hopeful this is just the beginning. >> i hope with a small steps we will be heading in the right direction. the mercury news reports students will have to pass a quiz about sexual consent before they are allowed to enter the party. a health alert in the east bay. 500 students at clayton valley charter high school have been out sick in the past couple of days. because of an outbreak of the flu. a nasty strain. the school sent a letter home to parents warning them. the school said it is working to disinfect all the restrooms and classrooms. a racist -- only on five we show you some buildings are being slapped with a scarlet
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letter. >> reporter: san francisco's 2016 of the scarlet letter is not written by nathaniel hawthorne. the department of building inspection. dozens of buildings citywide were slapped with this sign. earthquake warning. >> an earth quake income anytime tonight or tomorrow. >> reporter: the notices are the second round issued by the department for building owners to retrofit the soft story buildings with the russian space on the ground for and housing above. >> we want to strengthen the ground for areas. >> reporter: the city initiative to get buildings compliant gain steam in 2013 and many building owners including these in lower pacific heights have progressed to get it for new year's. a big reason the six-figure price tag a quota signs like the nuance of how those a masterpiece they are still meant to shame. for building inspection director the rush to get the building ready comes from a memory 27 years old. >> we are having an earth
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quake. >> reporter: a building collapsing in the marina during 1989. the goal is to get owners inside the building department with a plan to withstand the next shake. this next round of scarlet letters is waiting to be delivered september 15. >> right now we are looking at only 40% compliance. in fact tonight central italy continues to be rattled by earthquakes. for more have hit since two this morning. that makes a total of six all day. the largest magnitude 6.1. cameras caught shaking during the first two? early this morning. outside a church crumbles. panicked people were sent running into the streets. there are widespread power outages. despite the damage there are no reports of serious injuries.
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seismologists say today's quakes are actually aftershocks from the big one that hit two months ago. daly city is trying to figure out what to do with a giant blue whale. its body washed up this afternoon on thorton beach. it is becoming quite the spectacle. >> reporter: it is only natural that the largest animal on earth would drop an equally impressive crowd. >> i came to see the blue whale. >> i wanted to see how big they are. >> reporter: dozens of beachgoers and gawkers made the trek to thorton beach state park in daly city today to see this massive blue whale that washed up on shore mid afternoon. tomorrow's scientists will perform any copsey to determine how it died. what happens to this endangered animal? that is up to the state park for the city. after the necropsies performed they will to it out to sea we did where
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it is or bury it. >> it made me sad to see it on the beach. >> reporter: most onlookers are upset knowing this endangered animal is no longer alive. >> there are not that many of them. it is sad. >> reporter: they may be bothered by the oppressive smell. scientists say there is no timeline for how long the whale will be left on this beach. a systemwide computer outage still causing problems at the dmv for the third day in a row. most offices were empty. many drivers showed up only to be turned away again. the computer glitch was supposed to be fully fixed on this morning. but only 21 of the 122 offices that were impacted were back to normal. with no lines some drivers drove up and thought it was the lucky day. >> usually this is the most
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packed dmv. i was shocked. >> this is the first time this week trying to get a printout. i cannot get that. >> the dmv released a statement saying the repairs are taking longer than anticipated. they say the work needs to be completed by field office staff. the polls are coming in fast and furious. tonight according to the real clear politics average of major polls hillary clinton has a five point lead over donald trump. down from a seven point lead last week. the election is less than two weeks away. both nominees are bringing their message to the battleground states. >> reporter: donald trump missed business with politics on the campaign trail. the republican nominee attended the ribbon- cutting at his new luxury hotel in washington dc. >> i wanted to be there for my children. who worked so hard on the hotel.
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>> reporter: in florida today hillary clinton accused trump of hypocrisy. >> he once again relied on undocumented workers. the same people he has been consulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. >> reporter: los angeles police are investigating this. a man dressed as a construction worker destroying donald trump's star on the hollywood walk of fame with a sledgehammer and a pickax. the vandal explained his motive. >> i had four or five family members sexually assaulted. i am terribly upset that we have a presidential nominee is become sort of the poster child for sexual violence. i will selfies and raise money to give to the women who have been sexually assaulted by mr. trump. >> reporter: police say he could face felony vandalism charges. the hollywood walk of fame said it will replace the start.
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police said it is bay area filmmaker shot and killed a man. tonight why his lawyers said he had no choice but to use deadly force. i am morgan and i am a racist. >> it is like alcoholics anonymous racist. the bay area's 12-step program. is driver left the wheel of a delivery truck. tonight what was
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because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians... every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes...
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is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56. find all their stuff stolen. tonight, reporter jennifer mcgraw tells us: lots of people have gone to the gym and returned to the locker to find all of this stuff has been stolen. tonight the suspected mastermind of a crime spree in the bay area and beyond is now under arrest. >> reporter: a shocking discovery leads police to a suspect they have been tracking for weeks stealing ids keys and just about anything you can find in a gym locker. >> breaking in and affecting so many people's personal lives. >> reporter: he was one of at least 50 victims who had their lot shop and belongings gone. >> your stomach sinks.
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i realized what happened immediately. >> reporter: dozens forced to cancel cards by defense and change the locks. >> all the stuff that was on the table is just a fraction of what was found in the car. >> reporter: officer said the bust was a great catch by chb. a suspected drunk driver loaded to finding the man in the passenger seat. the man is a was behind jim thefts from rock went to the bay area. the driver and a third suspect were all arrested. >> they appeared to be very busy and they hit multiple locations and multiple cities covering several different counties. >> reporter: police believe the thefts were so recent a found locked inside the suspects car. they are trying to reunite dozens of items with the owners . >> they called and said they found more of my stop. >> reporter: he feels like one of the luckier ones. his car keys returned and peace of mind. his livelihood is not in the
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wrong hands. >> they could show up and get into my house or drive away with my car. >> reporter: police say no telling how many lockers were hit. victims are getting some of their stolen items >>. he is facing many charges. if you happen to be a victim give your local police department a call. we are getting our first look at the man gunned down at a house in san francisco glen park neighborhood earlier this week. he is identified. police say he was a transient. this video shows the suspect showing kevin epps being released from jail. he was let go after prosecutors said they don't have enough evidence . >> i am blessed that san francisco justice system can work and justice can work for a black man in america.
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>> he said he is not allowed to talk about what happened but his lawyer said the shooting was in self-defense. a pastor from sunnyvale is trying to combat racism. by treating it like an addiction. we go inside the 12-step program. >> reporter: something that is usually unspeakable >> i am a racist. >> reporter: is a conversation starter at a meeting of racist anonymous. participants in a multiracial group try to become more aware of their own biases. >> it means that in arabic person gets on a plane and i automatically think terrorist. >> reporter: the goal is to abolish racism from their communities by first eliminating it from themselves. >> often we don't realize we are being racist. >> reporter: the pastor started
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weekly meetings last november at his congregational church in sunnyvale after watching town after town get eaten up by hate and violence. so often borne out of prejudice. >> black lives matter has made wonderful impact in so many ways. this is a different approach. focused on the individual. instead of talking about other people's racism to say it is me. >> reporter: she has been a participant since the beginning . >> i have not consider myself a racist coming here. but once we got into these discussions it started me thinking maybe there is a little bit of racism and everybody. and i was one of them. >> reporter: in a nation searching for answers it is a small step. but a step in the right direction. it was a silicon valley surprised. tesla smashed 3rd quarter things expectations sending the stock soaring.
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the palo alto-based automaker raked in a net income of nearly $22 million. that is the first time they turned a quarterly profit and more than three years. tesla revenue more than dampening. the company credits its payday two more stores and new product launches. imagine you are driving down a freeway and you look over and you realize the semite next to you has no one behind the wheel. >> reporter: everything about this semitruck with ordinary. until you look at the driver's seat. san francisco-based so start up auto which uber recently bought shared this video of what it calls the world first commercial shipment by self driving truck. inside more than 50,000 cans of budweiser. using cameras radar and sensors auto system control the
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steering breaking and acceleration on its own. for the 120 mile journey in colorado. >> if i were driving next to it i would be scared. it is good as far as technology. but i would be kind of where he as far as what if someone stops in front of him. >> i would trust robot drivers more than i do a human. >> reporter: the company agrees. >> i think of a train. when you see a vehicle with somebody in it you know it is unlikely to get excluded. >> reporter: the driver will pickup load and secure the freight and truck drivers will have the chance to rest during long stretches of highway. the president and ceo of joint venture silicon valley. >> it is been a long time coming. the technology is here. we can actually do this. what is not there yet is the body of regulation that will make it actually permissible on the roadways. the technology works.
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before hitting the snooze button a black bear had to scratch an itch. this black bear used a tree as a back scratcher. this was captured on a trail camera near the canadian border in washington. biologist say by the size of this beer is ready to go into hibernation. we are going into winter. >> according to doppler it is just about here. we have a look at temperatures. 58 at concord. 60 in san francisco. doppler showing much of the rain concentrated around cape mendocino. that will sink south but it's also got moisture coming north from an interesting source. low pressure is sweeping up
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more stress from that. a hurricane off of mexico. when the moisture interacts with this trough that is off of california you have cold air coming from this direction and warm and moist air coming off of the hurricane. the combination means we are in for wet days. the initial hit from this is in the north bay early tomorrow morning. here we are tomorrow morning at about 8:00. you can see there are some scattered light rain showers and time for the morning commute . the rain with the front is north of the north bay for the most part. as the day goes on the weights of rain from across the bay area at 6:00 at night and showers over the bay. light but persistent rain. that we get some heavy rain in time for the morning commute on friday. there is rain on thursday and friday. by the time this is over we will pickup 1-3 inches. more comes in by saturday evening and sunday morning.
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the future cast is picking up the fact that we will be picking up 1-3 inches in the north bay. 2-3 inches in the santa cruz mountains. not a huge rainmaker by the time everything is over on friday but it will be wet. we get more clouds tonight and a little bit of a chance before sunrise. heavier toward sunset tomorrow night. it will remain unsettled all the way to tuesday your we will be in the mid-60s and in the extended forecast we will look for rain to develop tomorrow. it will be south bay and north bay and the same will be true for friday with various waves of rain sometimes like sometimes moderate. we get a break on saturday. those showers the develop will continue sunday morning. halloween looks dry. before more rain comes in on tuesday. >> a little break for the trick- or-treaters. displays one the world's
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highest culinary honor. we will take you to san jose's first michelin star restaurant. here are tonight's guest on the ,,,,,,,,
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culinary honor, a michelin . adega is a portuge tonight star is born in san jose. >> we are talking about the highest culinary honor. a michelin star your it is a portuguese restaurant renowned for its of an roasted octopus. it is the first restaurant in san jose and only the second portuguese eatery in the nation to win the honor. >> we were excited. >> good luck getting a reservation cents snagging the michelin star the phone has been ringing off the hook. when it comes to portuguese food i get the same thing every time. i have breaking news out of tel aviv. the big backer of the raiders stadium deal in vegas issues a
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warning to the raiders. i will have that for you. a brand-new car cost $1200 in 1945. that is the last time the cubs won a ,,
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sheldon adlelson could walky from the stadium deal, sayi about the raiders, "they wao much. tell he deal, reuters reports that las vegas casino mogul could walk away from the stadium deal saying they want too much. tell them i could live with the deal i could live without the deal. if they don't want it to buy. the raiders rocket in florida today. a weeklong stay at the ritz- carlton what else could a pro athlete possibly one? >> i love it man. the weather is nice. and there is no state tax. that is always a good thing for the people that live here. game two of the world series. cubs looking like geniuses.
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chicago was up in the third. that was enough runs to struck out six. the cubs win. the first world series win since 1945. indians manager battling the cubs and the elements. >> it was so cold i tried to go to the bathroom in the fourth inning and i could not. can i go? >> please. that is good. thank you. six points is his debut but barnes got $94 million from dallas and hit the three against the pacers. it sent the game to overtime. the mavericks lost tonight. westbrook in his first thunder game without wingmen durrant. he goes for 32 against the sixers. he got a double salute from a fan in philadelphia. the thunder beat 76ers.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. we have a nice break from the rain for a few days but we will get it back. >> starting tomorrow. san jose will get some. santa cruz mountains and bay wide. that is through friday. >> how cold is it in cleveland? >> 47. the next newscast is
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tomorrow morning. we will see you
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