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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 31, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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pie tomorrow. my very first. >> scary. >> just buy it from the store. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, october 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." fbi director james comey faces major backlash for a new review of clinton-related e-mails. former attorney general eric holder says comey is a good man who made a serious error. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is here in studio 57. a shoot-out overnight kills a double murder suspect who posted live videos on the run. an officer was also shot as the week-long manhunt came to a violent end. and do you ever get mad of drivers who zip ahead when a lane is blocked. we'll show you how merging late can actually speed up traffic for everybody.
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>> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. we won't be distracted no tter what our opponents t at us. we're just getting warmed up. right? >> the clinton campaign fires back at the director of the fbi. >> fbi director comey for going long on innuendo, light on facts. >> to throw this into the campaign eleven days out seems to break with precedent and be inappropriate. >> hillary clinton is not the victim, by the way. you the american people are the victims of this corrupt system. >> another powerful earthquake rattled central italy. this tremor the strongest since 1980. >> the week-long manhunt in oklahoma is now over. michael vance has been killed by officers after a shoot-out. >> a car plowed into racing fans waiting for autographs at martinsville speedway in virginia. the injuries were minor. >> i felt the wind go behind me
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and heard skreems. >> the bomb scare forced the evacuation of a flight. it did take off after it was cleared. >> a close call at a tiny zoo after he climbed into the giant panda enclosure trying to impress two women. >> all that. >> wide open. to win the game! >> he struck him out. there will be a game six! >> they're going to win it, yes! >> and all that matters. >> it was just announced that the fbi is reopening their investigation into the illegal conduct of hillary clinton. >> we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> on "cbs this morning." >> it's true. it see ant weiner is forcing the nation to rewitness the e-mail controversy and putting hillary clinton's chances of winning the presidency in serious danger. come on! >> it's a rip-off.
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>> you're ruining my chance! >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." the fbi now has a search warrant to review whether newly discovered e-mails passed through hillary clinton's private servers. the messages were found on a laptop used by former congressman anthony weiner. he is the estranged husband of longtime clinton aide huma abedin. >> former attorney general eric holder and nearly 100 other ex-federal prosecutors and officials have signed a letter credit sizing fbi director james comey. holder writes in "the washington post" that comey made a serious error and says it is up to the director to correct his mistake. not for the sake of a political candidate or campaign, but in order to protect our system of justice and serve the american
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people. fbi director recommended no criminal charges against clinton for her use of private e-mail servers while she was secretary of state. jeff pegues is outside fbi headquarters in washington. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. law enforcement sources say the fbi is now trying to get the technology infrastructure in place to sort through these thousands of new e-mails that they want to review. we're also learning that the fbi made this discovery earlier this month, but fbi director james comey says that he didn't find out about it until last thursday. >> step back. >> reporter: cbs news has learned that fbi director james comey has been calling members of congress who've demanded that he release more information about the review of the new e-mails. comey is under fire for making the disclosure eleven days before the election. >> how are the voters, how is the public supposed to respond to this? and there's simply no way for the public to make an informed judgment. >> reporter: democratic congressman adam schiff says friday's announcement broke
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agency protocol. >> this violates the department of justice policy against speaking about open or closed investigations. but also the doj policy about speaking about an investigation this close to an election. >> reporter: in a letter addressed to the fbi director sunday democratic senator harry reid accused comey of partisan actions, and alleged that he may have broken the law by violating the hatch act. it bans most federal and some other government employees from participating in political activities that could help or hurt a partisan group or candidate in a partisan election. investigators seized the laptop belonging to longtime clinton aide huma abedin and estranged husband anthony weiner during a separate probe into weiner's alleged communication with an underage girl. against the guidance of attorney general loretta lynch, comey sent a vaguely worded letter to congress friday, saying that he didn't know whether or not this material may be significant. cbs news has learned the fbi
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deliberated over whether to disclose the information. officials debated whether they'd be accused of trying to manipulate the election by hiding the renewed investigation if criminal evidence was found. a person familiar with the process says officials ultimately concluded that the letter was the most credible approach after comey pledged to inform congress if anything new came up related to the investigation into clinton's use of the private e-mail server. >> we would certainly look at any new and substantial information. we commend the fbi, and the director, on their decision to keep their word. >> reporter: over the weekend vice presidential candidate mike pence praised comey's decision. >> what the decision this week showed is even eleven days before an election no one is above the law. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say that abedin is cooperating, and that she seems is your priced that the e-mails were on her laptop. >> all right. thank you, jeff. 71% in our latest cbs news battle ground tracker poll say
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that this e-mail disclosure will not change their vote. some of those people in 13 battle ground states have already voted. and just 5% of democrats say it makes them less likely to vote for hillary clinton. nancy cordes has clinton's response to the fbi letter. nancy, good morning. >> good morning. well with so many americans voting right now, the clinton camp didn't have time to dwell on what they saw as an unfair move by the fbi. instead, they're moving aggressively to shape public opinion on this, calling on the fbi director to explain himself with the assumption that the best defense is a good offense. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. >> reporter: clinton came down hard this weekend on comey's move. >> it's unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling. >> reporter: her campaign followed that up with a facebook video. >> the more information came out the more overblown this all seems. >> reporter: it's already been viewed more than a million
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times. >> you're probably just as puzzled and outraged as we are. >> are any of you going to be distracted? >> reporter: tim kaine argued that outrage was actually helping the campaign. >> it is kind of revved up some enthusiasm, a little bit of a -- a little bit of righteous -- a little bit of righteous indignation in righteous anger has revved it up a bit. >> reporter: huma abedin s clinton's longest serving aide and was with clinton when the news broke friday, but stayed home in new york over the weekend. she separated from anthony weiner in august. >> huma. they just found a lot of them. we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> reporter: campaign chairman john podesta said there will be no changes to abedin's duties in these final eight days. >> she's played a central and vital role in this campaign, and she continues to do that. >> reporter: at a church in fort lauderdale clinton said the bible had taught her about resilience. >> no matter what is thrown our way, we are not going to back
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down. we are not going to give up. >> reporter: one thing giving the clinton camp hope right now is the fact that so many americans, more than 20 million, have already voted, before the fbi took this step. the campaign has been careful to use words like puzzling and confusing to describe comey's move. relying on other democrats like harry reid, who they know will go a lot further. >> thanks, nancy. our battleground tracker also shows a close race in three key states within the margin of error. the poll was taken before the latest e-mail news came out. donald trump holds a two-point lead in arizona. hillary clinton leads by three points in colorado. and three points in north carolina. she is also ahead in pennsylvania by eight points. over the weekend, trump lashed out at clinton over the e-mail discovery, major garrett is covering the trump campaign and has more information. major, good morning. >> good morning. republicans in battleground states tell me they can feel the ground shifting and this race tightening significantly. now these field organizers are
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not predicting a trump victory. not yet. but they say hillary clinton's new fbi woes are rallying skeptical republicans to trump who was trying to hit these notes with everything he's got. >> now the fbi has found, you're not going to believe this one, this just happened, another 650,000 e-mails. >> reporter: donald trump placed hillary clinton's ongoing e-mail scandal at the center of his stump speech sunday. >> i think that's called the mother lode. i think they found them all. >> reporter: delighting in tensions between the fbi and justice department officials. >> the department of justice is fighting the fbi. that's because the department of justice is trying so hard to protect hillary clinton. >> reporter: prior to friday's discovery the fbi was a favorite trump boogeyman. part of a rigged beltway culture
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only he could fix. >> they've essentially corrupted the director of the fbi. what's happened with the fbi is so sad. do they make a deal where everybody protects each other in washington? maybe that's it. i really believe it. the agency is now back on trump's good side. >> what happened today, starting with the fbi, may be the system will become a little less rigged. beautiful. >> reporter: trump is counting on voters' anger with clinton to help win over skeptical republicans, and build on his enthusiasm edge. the latest cbs news poll shows the majority of trump supporters in north carolina, and arizona, are more enthusiastic than in previous elections. less than 40% of clinton supporters feel the same way. >> we're leading numerous national polls, and those polls are all before the bombshell of
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corruption. >> reporter: over the weekend, trump tend warning about nonexistent voter fraud, repeated his promise to bring back waterboarding, and said clinton's lax immigration policy could allow 650 million people to sneak into america in just one week. why even newly optimistic republicans fear trump's penchant for veering off script could undercut his recent surge in momentum. charlie? >> major, thanks. cbs news political director and face the nation moderator john dickerson is in washington. >> good morning, charlie. >> what impact and what might be discovered that could make this a game changer? >> well, i -- i am still trying to handle this first discovery. i can't imagine what might be discovered. we used to have october surprises. it was a single day in october. now the entire month is a surprise. i think, though, the change, of course, is the conversation is all about hillary clinton, and a damaging thing for hillary clinton, and something that
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encourages the campaign to behave in a way that reinforces people's skepticism or concerns about it. which is why it's really interesting whether they'll continue going after comey, which is basically all they can do. or whether they pivot. but the question is, does it move anything, and you know, our polling, other polling shows that october surprises aren't what they used to be. because everybody sorts new information by their existing partisanship. there is a lot of partisan sorting. there aren't a lot of people sloshing between the two candidates. and 22 million or so votes have already been cast. the activity on saturday suggested that early turnout among democrats, you might expect a little dampening after this news coming, hadn't happened. so we'll have to see how it plays out in the last couple of days. the real thing to watch is the republicans skeptical about trump that they've been worried about on the republican side, does it change any of those minds. that's what i'm looking for. >> does mr. comey have any other options here, john? if he had waited till after the election to reveal this he could
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have faced other accusations. was there another way to handle this? >> i don't know. we don't know exactly what he has. and that's one of the things that seems to be confusing. you're right, though, imagine if anything had been said and then it came out after the election. it seems like this was designed in a way, though, to make everybody unhappy. no matter what the election outcome is, people are going to be able to look to the fbi, and have complaints. it is curious, this idea of if the warrant had not been issued when he put out his first announcement, and therefore they hadn't looked at the e-mails, or it seems mentioning that might have lowered some of the speculation. of course they might have looked at the e-mails without a warrant. there's no evidence of that. but i guess, it's just quite confusing why there was not a -- something to kind of keep everybody from wildly speculating, there was a lot of speculation, and we see donald trump saying that the only reason they did this is because they found some huge bombshell in this new cache of e-mails. >> you mentioned that more than
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20 million people have already voted in the early votes, so some question about how much this may influence the final outcome. what have we learned from the early vote numbers? >> well, we find that, you know, it depends on the different states how it's working. there is -- it's up in north carolina, for example, democrats are up, but they're down from where they were in '12. so, we know there is a lot of early voting going on. it will change in its composition. so, we -- we don't really have a strong signal from early voting although the democrats say that they are -- they're up in the early voting compared to republicans. >> but down from 12 and they lost in '12. >> right. down but you have the composition of the electorate is different and the early voting rules in north carolina and florida are a little different so comparisons to '12 you have to be careful about them. >> okay, thanks, john. in our next hour, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway will be right here in studio 57. we'll get her candidate's latest reaction to the fbi letter.
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that's ahead on "cbs this morning." the manhunt for an oklahoma suspect wanted in the deadly crime spree came to a dramatic end. michael vance jr. was killed last night in a shoot-out with law enforcement officers. a sheriff was hit in the gunfire. vance had previously shot two other officers. police say he had a hit list with what appeared to be more intended victims. david begnaud is in butler, oklahoma, near the scene of the shoot-out. >> good morning. it's not being dramatic to say people across the state of oklahoma were worried about how this was going to end. here was a guy who had killed two members of his own family, shot two police officers, and then went on social media and threatened more violence. it ended right here on this road where i'm standing in rural western oklahoma. behind me in the distance about 70 yards is a white pickup truck that the suspect was driving. news 9 in oklahoma says the gunman was shooting out the back window of that stolen vehicle at oklahoma highway patrolmen as they followed him and returned fire. eventually killing him.
7:17 am
a manhunt ended right here. in a gun fight with law enforcement officers in rural western oklahoma. the violent crime spree of 38-year-old michael vance has come to an end. authorities say dewey county sheriff clay sander spotted vance in a flatbed truck and pulled him over. they exchanged gunfire, and the sheriff was shot in the shoulder and the elbow. vance took off. but was tracked down about 25 minutes later, and killed in a shoot-out with four oklahoma state troopers. authorities got a tip sunday afternoon that the fugitive was hiding out near hammon oklahoma. he apparently had stolen a car and hidden it away under heavy brush. >> a former discovered a vehicle in his field. the vehicle had come very close to matching the description of the man we've been looking for. >> michael vance is expected of shooting and stabbing to death his aunt and uncle, ronald and valerie wilkinson. it happened eight days ago. according to vance's arrest report he attempted to sever his
7:18 am
uncle's head. when authorities went to find him vance shot and wounded two officers. >> this is more intense than i thought it was going to be. >> reporter: during his run from the law vance posted live videos to facebook threatening to attack even more people. >> what's up y'all? letting y'all know look this is real. see, [ bleep ] going on. that's the real deal. >> reporter: what remains unclear is whether michael vance had help in carrying out the crimes committed over the last eight days. he has quite a criminal history. he also had the aids virus and officials in oklahoma were warning people that he may try and infect other people with the disease. what is clear this morning, is that the threat is over. >> hmm. what a strange story. all right, david, thank you so much. italy is assessing the damage from its strongest earthquake in nearly 40 years. the 6.6 magnitude quake yesterday rocked mountainous central italy. it is the third powerful earthquake to hit the region in two months. drone footage shows how an iconic medieval church was leveled. the basilica of saint benedict
7:19 am
dates back all the way to the 14th century. other treasured landmarks that withstood the previous quakes why also destroyed. no one was reportedly killed or seriously hurt. cubs fans this morning are keeping hope alive. they celebrated outside wrigley field last night after chicago avoided elimination in game five of the world series. >> 2016, struck him out! there will be a game six! cubs win it 3-2. >> a 101-mile-per-hour football ended the game. the win was the first at home for the cubs since 1945 in a world series. 9 indians still lead three games to two. game six tomorrow in cleveland. >> it's getting good. >> oh, boy. >> talk about pressure, though. pressure. pressure. >> 105-mile-per-hour fastball. >> incredible. >> i predict it's going to go all the way. >> all the way. >> seven games. >> all right. now this story. there are new questions that have emerged about the sexual
7:20 am
assault scandal at baylor university. ahead, a 60 minutes sports investigation uncovered how more football players than first report w,, good morning from the studios in san francisco. it will rain today. doppler radar picking rain to the north and west. locally heavy rain late this afternoon and early evening in the north gradually falling apart it's a slides from the north to the south. bulk of trick-or-treating will be dry at the cloudy 40s and 50s out the door right now. later today 70 degrees. right around towards the evening commute through tomorrow morning.
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drivers who cut the line in heavy traffic could save time for everybody. >> you've been merging wrong your whole life, at least that what traffic engineers are finding. we will show you way up high why the zipper merge may work better. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." tself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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good morning. it is 7:26. crews remain on the scene of a three alarm fire in oakland. the fire began earlier this morning at hanover and lester avenue. this is near lake merritt the building was under construction but about 100 people were evacuated from nearby homes. so far no reports of injuries and cause the still unclear. today in petaluma caltrans crews will remove trees along highway 101 that were damaged in a fire last week. that fire destroyed four homes and damaged 10 overs. stay with us traffic and weather in a moment. ,,,,,,
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good morning happy monday.
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let's take a look in san francisco where we have reports of a bus fire. the al amini on rain to south bound 280. that the 280, 101 connector. it's a schoolbus fire and no passengers. we will keep you posted. cars in the area at 20 miles per hour. moving over to the pins in -- peninsula commute it's a slow one 880 -- peninsula commute it's a slow one 882 101 -- 880 to 101 will take you 80 minutes. with fog and mostly cloudy skies. the winds will pickup later and rain will develop. this is the scene towards the golden gate bridge a cool start to the day 40s and 50s. doppler radar picking up the rain to the north and west of the bay area. should be pushing and towards evening commute in the far reaches of the north bay sliding to the south. bulk of the day will be dry
7:29 am
temperatures in the 50s and 60s. just shy of 70 degrees. rains this evening and chance of a thunderstorm. ,,,,,,
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♪ and, now, the stream of consciousness musings of wcbs-2 meteorologist john elliott. >> it is 7:19. time to check your local weather. >> thank you, norah. you know, if i was to scale, my head would be worth about $400 million. >> it is time to check your local weather. >> thank you, kristine. i know her! i know kristine! rob lowe and his hair are downstairs right now. that's right. this guy does not age! look. a little gift for you. like a little pearl. the morning sun. >> it is 7:19. time to check your local weather. >> you know, i just got to say it. i think gayle's hair looks great! >> moving on! >> when you take it out of
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context, it looks a little goofy, right? but maybe in the moment it makes a lot of sense. >> i've known john elliott for a long time. my kids love him. they say he is so great and they look great to get his reports every morning. >> seems like you never know what is coming out of his mouth. we love you, john elliott. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour, "60 minutes sports" investigation about the sexual assault scandal at baylor university. that is not funny. how the athletic department kept abuse hidden from administrators. >> some traffic engineers are promoting a controversial way to merge on the highway but not all experts believe it's safe. ahead, we will show you the zipper merge and why critics say it could lead to accidents. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. the times of london says russian president vladimir putin will launch a huge assault on rebel-held areas of aleppo in syria and could happen as early as this week. put to a strike position
7:32 am
in the mediterranean. an accident involving an american airlines jet has touched off an investigation into certain engines made by general telectric. this plane caught fire on friday as it was taking off. all people were evacuated. the fire was caused by a disk that broke apart inside the mg. the trial getting under way of a former south carolina police officer charged with murd last year while he was shooting lyft passengers.
7:33 am
both uber and lyft say they do not tolerate sexual discrimination. the sexual assault scandal rocking baylor university and its football team is far worse than previously disclosed. "60 minutes sports" has learned since 2011, 17 female students had claims against 19 baylor football players and that included four alleged gank rag s rapes. ken starr and art briles lost their jobs. armen keteyian has been investigating since may. he talked with top administrators. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. our variation investigation rev raymond ramsslaur offer crossed with crawford.
7:34 am
crawford said she couldn't get police results including one for a baylor student who claimed she was gang raped. the gang raped encloses armstead and chapman in 2013. baylor university was contacted about the charges. reagan said the baylor campus police department he oversees had a history of bearing sexual assault complaints that came to them. >> here it is. >> reporter: you'll notice here, baylor university was contacted as part and parcel to the investigation of this incident report. nothing ever happened for well over a year. i'm just wondering what happened there? was there an investigation and, if not, why not? you have a police report. >> there was a police report. i suppose it stayed with the police department.
7:35 am
it never came out of the police department that was -- that was a significant failure to respond by our police department. there is no doubt about it. >> reporter: the victim blaming would be one answer. the other answer, i'll go back to it, is protecting the football team, protecting that brand. >> i don't believe that was at all the reason. i really think that it was probably feeling -- i don't know what was said, if they did talk to them. i don't know. >> reporter: they did talk to the victim. there is no question. there was -- it's a detailed police report. >> right. there was a title ix case that was opened up, we opened up that up and that is when i learned about it. and, at that time, we took the appropriate actions and eventually he was found responsible. >> reporter: eventually, he was. but in 2014, travon armstead was all big 12 tight end. >> that th-- that would be true >> reporter: patty crawford has years of investigating sexual assaults but nothing she said prepared her for baylor. in your mind, who is
7:36 am
responsible? was it institutional failure right up to the highest level of baylor, and i'm including the board of regents? >> absolutely. there were a lot of people like me at the university that did not want these things happening and fighting for it, but they didn't have the power or the authority and they were not heard. that is institutional. what drives a culture? it's the top. and that was the hardest thing for me to come to grips with was after all of this, this report is released after all of this, the discrimination became so clear, even against me. that's power and that is control. what is rape about? power and control. >> reporter: baylor prides itself on its christian values and creating a caring community. but our investigation found a culture where victims who came
7:37 am
forward found themselves blamed for violating the university's strict code of conduct, which prohibits drinking and premarital sex. >> so this is as much about a culture as one particular individual? >> absolutely. we talked to four of the board of regents and i interviewed the interim president and former coach of baylor, who sexual assault allegations were raised to that coach and went forward to the athletic department and that coach was told, "that's not your job. your job is to coach." >> did briles defend himself to some of the member of board of trustees? >> art briles is caught in the middle of this and a lot going on here, charlie, from the victim blaming which baylor now admits for the first time we blamed the victims, to i think what is happening with art briles is it's confusing to say the least right now because just take for a second. if reagan ramshaer said the reports stopped in the baylor police department, i would ask
7:38 am
this question, how would art briles know? >> ramsbaer had an interesting verse. >> patty crawford laid out the senior leadership at baylor what was happening and reagan ramshauer who denied saying this, patty said outloud in the meeting that these were not facts, that these women had mental illness. >> mental illness? >> that is the culture that patty crawford said she was dealing with at baylor. >> can you e armsee armen's ful report on "60 minutes sports" tomorrow night on hbo. >> drivers may help the flow of traffic who merge. a controversial driving maneuver is called the zipping merge.
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♪ last-minute merges on highways are often blamed for causing a little bit of road rage. but engineers and a handful of states are now encouraging drivers to use what they are calling the zipper merge. it's when drivers wait until the final moments to join a single lane of traffic before the construction zones. kris van cleave is driving through the 395 tunnel under construction in washington to explain this controversial move. >> reporter: well, good morning. this construction zone is one where lanes can go away and it can be very congested with
7:44 am
speeds very low. it's perfect for the zipper merge. the challenge is getting all of these drivers to understand it's okay to merge at the last minute. >> i stay in that lane as long as possible and then i merge into it. >> reporter: can you really blame deanna graves? when the other cars line up in the right lane, all that empty pavement on the left is just sitting there unused. now some traffic engineers are saying, go! use that space! so it's okay to cut? >> it's okay to take turns. >> reporter: kansas is one of at least eight states to try what is known as the zipper merge system. the state department of transportation put up signs asking drivers to use both lanes and take turns near a bridge construction project outside of kansas city. kdot is finding this brings predictability to the community and know it takes five to six minutes to get through the work zone in peak traffic and from the air you can see the cars keep moving and they come together -- well, like the teeth of a zipper. hence, the zipper merge.
7:45 am
all right. so both lanes are in use. we are moving. traffic engineer chris ty erickson showed us the zipper. >> they made a gap. weren't sure at first. >> reporter: one of the big challenges is retraining drivers not to merge early. some states have gotten creative to explain how lining up ahead of time can increase the backup. >> if they just do the zipper merge, that line wouldn't be so long. >> reporter: several studies point to the benefits of zipperer merging including 50% of shorter lines and reduction in speed and drivers reporting less anxiety and frustration. >> here in california, we are all about safety. >> reporter: mark zinger says his state continues to urge drivers to merge early. >> we don't want those people to cut in at the very last second.
7:46 am
not only can it lead to road rage incidents but sudden braking which can cause a direct collision. >> reporter: do you see a stday where the zipper merge is a norm. >> >> yes. it's one of those things come along as our cities grow that comes as welcome news to deanna graves. so this is like a life changing day for you? you're no longer the bad driver on the road? >> yes. my life is complete. yes. >> reporter: the zipper merge only works in high traffic, low-speed situations. if it's a work zone traveling closer to freeway speeds, experts say it's better to merge early and safely. >> kris, thank you. that makes sense. i feel like when you're on the highway, everybody is going fast and takes a while to get over. >> it doesn't seem to be the safest thing to do, i have to say. someone who has done it a couple times. >> what do you think of the zipper merge? >> i'm for it.
7:47 am
if a man wants to impress a woman, perhaps he should steer clear of bears. ahead, how a zoo visitor's antics landed him in a brawl with a panda. things i've never said on television before. >> things charlie rose will never do, impress with you a bear! first, it's time to check your local weather. happy halloween. it will rain today. rain is right there to the north and west of the bay area. we will be -- it will be pushing in. otherwise mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog with 40s and 50s. with the cloud cover and rain developing gusty winds of 20 miles per hour in the late afternoon hours potential for thunderstorm in the evening hours and lingering showers tomorrow. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by publishers clearing house.
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7:52 am
for him. >> to quote beyonce, i'd say, boy, bye! the first and last date with that guy. you get into an enclosure and tease a panda? no thank you. >> he just needed help. >> flowers normally work! a key to creating a multidollar business was never give up. that story ahead. on medicare part d. from one-dollar copays on select plans to rewards points on all prescriptions, it's easy to save big at walgreens. ♪ just stop by walgreens. ♪ then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it. trying to figure out what caused a three-alarm blaze this morning at hanover and lester avenues, by lake merritt. we've learned up to 200 people were evacuated. so far, no repor it 7:56. in oakland firefighters are trying to figure out what caused a three alarm blaze this morning. by lake merritt. 200 people were evacuated. no reports of any injuries. starting today at the oakland international airport you can sign up for the tsa pre- check program. the program entails and $85 fee. in the next half hour of cbs this morning donald trump's campaign manager ways owing -- weighs in on how the email scandal can affect the race.
7:57 am
7:58 am
we have a lester avenue hanover avenue and also -- there still close be -- you want to avoid this area right now. let's move over to the bay ridge toll plaza. maine to downtown will take you 20 to 25 minutes. i love the view of the golden gate bridge because it does tell a story. this is it's. we're looking at some areas of fog and increasing clouds all due to an area of low pressure to the north. the wind is relatively flat but we will pick up winds out of the south 10 to 25 miles per hour. it's currently in the 40s and 50s and participation -- reciprocation to the north. the bulk of the day in early evening dry with rain
7:59 am
developing and a chance of thunderstorm and 70 degrees. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers on the west. happy halloween on this monday, october 31st, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including the fbi director criticized for telling congress about more e-mails, possibly linked to hillary clinton. see how it is changing what the candidates say about him. first, here's today's eye opener at 8:00. the fbi made this discovery earlier this month, but james comey says he didn't find out about it until thursday. >> the clinton camp moving aggressively to shape public opinion on this, calling on the fbi director to explain himself. >> hillary clinton's new fbi woes are rallying skeptical republicans to trump who is trying to hit these notes with
8:01 am
everything he's got. >> what might be discovered that could make this a game changer? >> still trying to handle this first discovery. i can't imagine what might be discovered. used to have october surprises it was a single day in october. now the entire month is a surprise. >> here was a guy who would kill shot two police officers and , - went on social media to threaten more violence. it ended right here on this road where i'm standing in rural western oklahoma. >> italy is assessing the damage from its strongest earthquake in nearly 40 years. the third to hit the region in two months. >> since today's halloween take a look at how these dancers at a charlottes hornets game got down during intermission. ♪ >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. fbi investigators is have a
8:02 am
search warrant to review thousands of e-mails that may have passed through hillary clinton's private servers. fbi director james comey on friday sent congress a vaguely worded letter saying he didn't know yet if the e-mails may be significant. >> former attorney general eric holder along with nearly 100 former justice department officials on both sides of the aisle said that they were astonished and perplexed by coax comey's decision. holder wrote this, that james comey may have hurt the public's trust. >> since july, when comey recommended no criminal charges against the former secretary of state, clinton and donald trump have had different reactions to the e-mail server investigation. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a
8:03 am
case. >> today is the best evidence ever that we have seen that our system is absolutely, totally rigged. >> we did not find evidence sufficient to establish that she knew she was sending classified information beyond a reasonable doubt. >> what he said, what he testified before congress, when he did, he clarified much of what he had said in his press conference. and i appreciated that. >> but he said it was sloppy. >> no, he did not. >> hillary clinton's handling of top secret information was sloppy or represents sloppiness. >> yeah, that's another way of trying to express the same concept. >> the biggest rigging of all is what happened with the fbi and the justice department with respect to hillary clinton. because she is so guilty. >> there is not a fair basis for saying we did it in any way that wasn't honest and independent. >> it was revealed by the fbi director that thousands more e-mails have been discovered on a laptop that was shared by her top aide, huma abedin, and her
8:04 am
husband. >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. >> voters deserve to get full and complete facts. and so we called on director comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table, right? >> the fbi may have to check thousands of e-mails so the review is expected to run past election day. >> donald trump's campaign manager is just arriving here at the cbs broadcast center. we'll talk to kellyanne conway about the fbi e-mail probe and what else could happen. there she is, in the last eight days of the campaign. first, a check o,,
8:05 am
kellyanne conway, donald kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager, joins us at the table. we saw you walking in the door. welcome. donald trump said this is bigger than watergate. do you know something we don't know and how could he know that when the fbi says we don't any
8:06 am
what's in these e-mails yet? >> he's just saying, gayle, this is explosive. and i think it reminds people what their hesitations about hillary clinton are in the first place. even for undecided voters, they're quite decided about hillary clinton, they have known her for decades. >> how can it be explosive when we're told we don't know what's in it yet. >> even the democrats are calling it explosive and unprecedented. >> they're saying that about the fact he made the announcement. >> yes, but how -- look, sitting on information like that also could have affected the election. so i think comey was in an impossible spot. i'm reading the reports this morning and yesterday that suggest that others in the fbi knew about it for quite a while and just told james comey. he was compelled to come forward and say his testimony was no longer true. >> the hillary campaign is calling on them to release all the information they have before election day. >> i would agree with the fbi doing what it can given the fact that the circuitous investigations usually take time. i don't think anybody should force their hand. i think the clinton campaign is asking the fbi to do something they know the fbi can't do. which is to rush through because
8:07 am
there is an election next week. rush through the normal channels. there are 650,000 e-mails as we keep reading in these published reports. >> on anthony weiner's laptop. >> that's a lot of e-mails to sift through and see if -- >> if the fbi says we can not go through this by election day, that's okay with you? >> i mean, it would be fine with us. we don't want to politicize the fbi and see hillary clinton engendering boos for fbi director comey yesterday at one of her rallies. i'm reminded, maybe asking the wrong candidate all along are you inciting anger and violence at your rallies, are you qualified for president? >> you want the fbi to announce, we looked at all these things and there is nothing there, we maintain our original judgment? >> if they want, they can say that. i guess so. but the damage is done in this way. remember, we're having this entire conversation, let's go back to the beginning, hillary clinton floundered along in the first place. home grown private server, her
8:08 am
people were told they were not allowed to do. she's receiving e-mails from the president of the united states on a private server who then president obama apparently happened to notice and told somebody, is this a private e-mail? this woman has imperiled our national security and for what good reason, for her petty personal political gain. she is unqualified and unfit to be president. that simple. >> let me ask you about the democratic senator harry reid. he wrote a letter highly critical of what the fbi director has done. he says that comey also has, quote, explosive information about close ties and coordination between donald trump, his top advisers, and the russian government. would you encourage the fbi to release information about that? >> if they want to. but who is to -- we're listening to harry reid. put him under oath and say if he'll say the same thing. he gives all kinds of allegations about people and people repeat them without any evidence. i think it is really dangerous.
8:09 am
>> you to know anything about what he might be talking about? >> i have zero. >> some former official in the campaign who may have had some contact with the russian government? >> i have zero knowledge except for what i read in the press like we all do. >> his claims make no sense to you? >> they make no sense and i thought it was one of many desperate attempts i saw by the democrats over the weekend. look, this is a woman who is reported last week hillary clinton spent tens of thousands of dollars on polling and focus groups two years before the election to find out what she believes, who she is and how to convey that to the rest of us. there is no way to have a plan b in place. they were told the race is over, in path for trump, wait out the clock. if you look, her poll numbers were already evaporating a bit. they were evaporating in some of the swing states before fbi comey made his new revelation and i don't think they were ready for the race to take this turn again. >> let's talk about our battleground tracker poll that says 71% of the people already voted. and that this new revelation will not change their minds. will this alter the --
8:10 am
>> 71% haven't already voted, just 71% won't change their minds. >> it hasn't changed their strategy. it was announced around 2:00 on friday. he mentions it at the beginning and then talks about obamacare and isis and job creation. and patriotism. and the reason he does that is because this just has to go on independent of us and also obamacare is a huge issue now. people are opening up their mailboxes, clicking on to their computers and noticing premiums are exploding out of control. we don't want americans to go through another 4 to 8 years where they decide between paying for rent, food or these explosive obamacare premiums. >> can you turn around pennsylvania? you're -- she's up eight points in the latest tracking poll? >> we don't see it that way. >> you disagree with the numbers? >> we see a tighter race in pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a state where donald trump's message of
8:11 am
renegotiating bad trade deals and creating 25 million jobs over ten years and unleashing energy investment and also just repealing -- replacing obamacare -- >> it has become your issue? >> it has been a huge issue for republicans for years. 2010, 2014, it is a signature issue that helped republicans win and 2012, we couldn't do it as much because we nominated romney care which was the inspirational blueprint and political cover for obamacare. people are getting those premium increases now. and they're waking up to the fact that this has been a raw deal for many americans. >> there is a profile about you, you're the mother of four toddlers, four children, you're used to working with young children and in some ways he's compared how you respond to donald trump the way you would with your children. what do you say to that? >> i love the picture for once there are so many bad ones out there. that's not a fair assessment of mr. trump and our relationship with each other, frankly. we have a great working relationship. i just -- i respect him and it
8:12 am
is his campaign, gayle, and his candidacy, has to be his voice and his choice. but i love the fact that i'm heard and that it took donald j. trump to elevate the first female in history to be a presidential campaign manager. >> do your mothering skills come into play? >> 24/7 for every situation. not just donald trump. >> all right, thank you. eight more days. eight more days. >> former drug user channeling his experience on the streets to help his juice business thrive. >> the addict in me is what i fwroi th bring to this operation. pure authentic self-appreciation. >> how focussing on wellness for you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back.
8:13 am
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♪ a former drug addict turned millionaire is sharing his story to inspire others. khalil rafati was a heroin addict and turned his life around startinging a los angeles juice change. his book "i forgot to die." mireya villarreal shows how it's a constant reminder of his troubled past. >> one day i woke up and this was my life and i couldn't get out. >> reporter: on the streets of louisiana's notorious skid row and the smell of waste and crack
8:17 am
her owen is in the airplane. it brings back memories for khalil rafati. >> i saw take a syringe. >> reporter: he moved to los angeles. but there was no escaping his demons. rafati started using and selling drugs and that led to a felony drug conviction and later his decent into heroin addiction and homelessness. >> this is the last house on the block. i had nowhere else to go. this is where i could get drugs and i could panhandle. it's like being hijacked. you have to have drugs. >> reporter: more than once, rafati ended up in the los angeles county jail. so you actually haven't been back here since you were released in jail? >> yeah. now that gave me a shudder. >> reporter: yeah? >> yeah. inside there is way worse than where we just were.
8:18 am
>> reporter: how bad were the withdrawals in there? >> the worst ever. on a cold, cement floor. yeah. >> reporter: rafati has been sober 13 years now, but admits he still thinks about getting high sometimes. what stops him, he says, is the life he has now. >> that is as california as you can get. >> reporter: a thriving business he built with his pattern haley gorsy and the ruffle 200 employs that depend on him. sun life organic has six locations in los angeles. his flagship shop in malibu with his loyal celebrity clientele sells super food spoojmoothies a life that he credits saving his life. it's a long way from skid row. what was the point where you were, like, no, this really is the end? i'm stopping. >> the seizures, the abscesses, my teeth were literally rotting out of my head. so just the physical condition
8:19 am
that i was in really drove me to kind of have the realization that, like, my time is pretty much up if i don't make a change. >> reporter: after finally getting cleaned, he started working odd jobs doing yard work and cleaning houses. that led to steady jobs, investments and eventually a successful business venture focused on, of all things, wellness. >> when i completely fell apart is when i wasn't working. i got to work. >> reporter: rafati said he got a second chance at life but his past remains pretty much a part of his present. >> the addict in me is what i bring to this operation, this relentless pursuit of greatness and pure authentic self-expression, that is what it's all about. so what i bring to the table is, yeah, being nuts. >> reporter: could you say that this has become your new drug? >> this isn't just my new drug. this is my anti-depressant and
8:20 am
the greatest anti-depressant i've ever had. i've tried them all. >> reporter: what advice do you give to maybe not recovering addicts but people had out there that you had a dream and to own a business. >> never, ever give up. >> reporter: period? >> that's it! never give up. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning: saturday," mireya villarreal, los angeles. >> never give up. >> i like that guy. i want to try his stuff. the grandfather of the bride stepped up for his wedding role. how he delighted the guests performing a job usually reserved for a little girl. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control.
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8:23 am
please. vote. vote. vote. want a great way to help our children thrive? then be sure to vote yes on proposition 55. prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. instead, it simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians to prevent education cuts that would hurt our kids. no wonder prop 55 is endorsed by the california pta, teachers and educators. because all of us want to help our children thrive. it's time to vote yes on proposition 55.
8:24 am
video shows a grandfather of the bride stealing the show at one atlanta wedding. jen briskin wanted a beloved role for her grandfather stanley. she asked him to be flower girl grandpa. he sprinkled some of the petals on the guest and not just in the aisle. go, grandpa stanley. don't you love that story? >> i do. congratulations to them. bruce springsteen is standing up for heroes. ♪ ♪ higher even if we are just dancing in the dark ♪ >> he'll be back on stage tomorrow to the bob woodruff
8:25 am
foundation. bob and his wife lee will share their life to help this is a kpix5 morning update. 8:25 firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire in oakland that is burning at an apartment building near lector -- lester avenue and hanover. it was reported at 5:00 this morning. >> my next-door neighbor was outside calling my name and i thought i was dreaming. next to the nine new, i could see the blaze. >> at last check, the fire was not yet under control and there is no word on injuries. bob woodruff made it his mission to give veterans the support they need and next, woodruff is in studio 57 to discuss his foundation and how he supports injured heroes.
8:26 am
traffic and weather in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
happy monday. it is a 27:00 and if you are going out, let's look at the golden gate bridge. 580 and san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza will take you 15 minutes. moving to a different story, the bay bridge toll plaza, the maine to downtown will take between 20-25 minutes. the traffic is backed up and let's go to the on ramp in san
8:28 am
francisco to southbound 280, there is a bus fire on the shoulder. it is causing delays with cars moving at 18 miles per hour and this is at the 280-101 connector. the san mateo bridge, into foster city, 882 to 101, a long 32 minutes. it looks spooky outside. we have areas of clouds and fog and rain is developing that should not interfere with the trick-or-treating. this is the live weather camera looking easterly from the transamerica pyramid and you can see the bay waters with temperatures cool, 40s and 50s. the winds are relatively flat but will pick up to 20 miles per hour. the high def doppler radar shows rain pushing into the north bay by late afternoon or early evening. otherwise, temperatures are in
8:29 am
the 40s and 50s and will top off at about 70 degrees and we will have rain showers developing to the north and south with a thunderstorm possible and lingering showers until tuesday. ,,,,,,,,
8:30 am
♪,,,,,,, ♪ take me out to the ball game for it's a 1, 2, 3 strikes you're out at the old ball game ♪ let's take this shout! >> that's great. pearl jam singing "take me out to the ball game" is a wrigley field tradition. he is a chicago area native and lifetime cubs fan. >> should they do it for eddie?
8:31 am
fun seeing him singing "take me out to the ball game." ." harry caray used to all sing that song. journalist bob woodruff turned the worst day of his life in a force for the good. he's in the toyota greenroom with his wife lee! hello! and somebody else sitting there. ahead, their mission to help wounded veterans. who else is there, norah? >> jeff kinney. how his hugely popular children's series "wimpy kid" helped him meet the pope. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. bob dylan broke his silence about winning the nobel prize for literature. he spoke to the telegraph in his first interview since being awarded the prize earlier this month. the singer seemed amused by the honor saying, "isn't that something"? dylan plans to be at the awards
8:32 am
ceremony in december, quote, if it's at all possible." >> the los angeles times found a woman alive after a week missing in the mohave desert. she had been in a wreck. she had been missing for five days. h injuries are called serious but not life-threatening. >> the candy sales are expected to go 5.5% up this year hitting nearly $4 billion, the strongest increase since 2011. one comist says it's part of consumer spending because of low gas prices and modest inflation and they say 70% of parents eat their kids candy. >> i'm guilty. i had three pieces last night. >> there you go. "usa today" reports on tesla motors elon musk backing solar tiles and made by solar city which is seeking to merge with
8:33 am
tes tesla. musk says the price will be better a house with traditional roofing and power from the grid. new york's daily news reports that swimmer michael phelps has taken his marriage wedding public with a ceremony in cabo, mexico. they were married weeks before the olympics. he posted his pictures on instagram as mrs. nicole phelps. they have a five-month-old son. bob woodruff was seriously injured by a roadside bomb ten years ago while on assignment in iraq. he spent five weeks in a coma but he recovered and returned to work 13 months later. the experience inspired bob and his lovely wife lee to start the bob woodruff foundation take helps wounded service members and verts and their families. >> since 2007 their annual benefit stand up for heroes has raised more than $33 million and
8:34 am
brings together the biggest names in music and entertainment. tomorrow it features bruce spring sting and jon stewart and more. they have raised more than $5 million. bob and lee woodruff are with us this morning. can i begin by reading this note? none of us can prevent the bad things from happening, but the key is how we respond. so i want to thank you ten years after from the worst day of our lives from taking something awful and building some things to do good. looking back, could you ever believe to believe what it has been? >> i don't think so. i mean, it's been ten years. after this event, we will have raised $40 million. giving that back to the landscape of veterans communities. >> i thought it was going to be small? we thought it was going to be small and not this big. about 40 million raised and 2.5 veterans and their family members have been helped.
8:35 am
>> also, you're recovering too. >> that is true. that's true. i got my abilities back now and have a wife still with me and didn't divorce me so it's been amazingly successful. >> we are big fans of lee's as well. >> thank you, norah! >> i think one of the things both of you have done is because you were cared for at walter reid and you were embedded with u.s. troops and decided to do this and give back to them. explain why you feel a debt of gratitude to the military? >> well, i think everybody in this country, we know how much we owe for those who have served in these wars and risked their lives to accomplish what they have in a world that the united states has remained vulnerable. we were invaded back in 2001. they have done so much for the people and also the most skilled military we ever had. probably any military in the entire world what they have been able to do and part of that there is no draft. our kids don't have to serve. that's their decision. and the ones that are doing it,
8:36 am
not only they are so good at it but the ones who have taken this risk for our country. >> you talk about, bob, the anniversary of your live day. i love how you characterize that. you say you can find happiness again but what was it like from getting from there to realizing i can be happy again? because it seems so overwhelming and so helpless and hopeless. i remember this story, as we all do at this table. i remember that story we vl when you were hurt. >> yeah, it's been a long path, but i think, you know, just have so many friends and so many kids, you know, and my wife and my family, it's been -- it's coming back faster than we expected. >> i think, too, you asked about how we got here. i think being so privileged, bob being a journalist and having being injured on the job, as if any of you were, you know, cbs would bring everything to bear, so we had so much for his recovery and we looked at the others in the hospital who were in the military who didn't necessarily. we thought, no one knows this is
8:37 am
going on. everybody in america just assumes that our service members are taken care of when they come home. and ten years ago that was not the case. >> what did you see, lee, in particular being that made you say unit? we got to do something about that? >> we saw empty rooms with young injured men and no family members able to be there because that's not something we pay for as a government. and you recover with loved ones around you. right? that is your motivation. >> you hope new things available to veterans including ivf. >> i've been very passionate about that. we stepped out of our lane. we are not an advocacy secret all. i feel so personally passionate. our twins are ivf babies so i know the heart ache of infertili infertility. we have saw the injured service members come home and not able to have families and the government does not pay for that. if you're active duty, the government pays for it that is just wrong. >> you focused on care for
8:38 am
wounded warriors but you haven't left out the care givers who are usually the spouse which also bear a heavy burden. >> i think a couple of big things that don't get as much attention for what they have done, absolutely. medically, the doctors, the nurses, the medics, and the caregivers, the spouses at home, whether it's a wife or a husband. >> anybody that -- >> one of the things, you know, i know about the foundation is bring the caregivers in too. you treat them and give them a full spa day. >> we have massage and yoga and l'oreal hair and outfits and dior makeup. >> you make them feel special. >> it's like a queen for a day moment. >> it is a queen for the day. >> anyone who knows bruce springsteen and jon stewart, not surprised they are involved. how did you get them involved? >> they moved to new jersey! >> that's right. not far away. early on the new york comic festival, the amazing people from there saw some of the
8:39 am
stories we were reporting on about a year after i came back, exact issues we are talking about. they looked at this and they were so moved by it and so upset by how the veterans are being treated. they said, we can have a little fund-raising event. we can have comedians and they can donate their time to come here and do a fund-raiser. next thing you know springsteen wants to come and do the same thing. >> i have a funny story. coma, five weeks and playing bruce springsteen music. when he wakes up, i tell him in his coma, so bruce wrote him a letter. bruce was a fan and he was a fan of bruce. bruce said i'll come back stage when you wake up. i lied a little bit and said bruce said he will come down and play for you. he wakes up from his coma, i need one of those nanar, because he didn't know guitar. i said why? you never played guitar. he said i have to be ready when the boss man comes. he heard that and only thing he remembered in his coma. he told bruce that story and ten
8:40 am
years later, he is playing. be careful what you say in a coma. >> i know. ten years and going strong. goodness. congratulations. >> nice. you got to come. >> empire state building is being lit tomorrow night on stage. >> wow! >> for the first time. good. >> congratulations, woodruff's. >> thank you for all of your support too. >> absolutely. glad to do that. you can get more information on the bob woodruff foundation and stand up for heroes by visiti i "cbs this morning".com. >> the best selling authory behind diary of a wimpy kid is in our studio. he will show us how the character is,, happy halloween from the kpix studio in san francisco. it will rain today and rain is right there to the north and west of the bay area and will push to the north bay toward
8:41 am
the evening commute. otherwise, mostly cloudy with areas of fog in the 40s and 50s and with the cloud cover, the rain develops with gusty wind developing during the late afternoon, and potential for a thunderstorm in the evening and a lingering shower tomorrow.
8:42 am
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♪ >> i always figured they had make a movie about my life, but i didn't think they would start the story here because, seriously, who wants to see a movie about a kid who is stuck in middle school with a bunch of morons? >> that is how fans met the movie version of the main character from "diary of a wimpy k kid." the author jeff kinney. the books have sold more than 180 million print copies worldwide. he has earned the number two
8:45 am
spot on the 2016 forbes highest paid authors list. tomorrow the series 11ed book "diary of a wimpy kid double down" hits the book stories. i think we have the whole collection in our house. we are fans in our house. i didn't know you originally had wanted to write this for adults? >> yeah. when i was a kid, i read comic books and comic strips that my father put in front of me, so i always thought that i would be a cartoonist. when i wrote "diary of a wimpy kid." i thought i was writing for my father, somebody who wanted to work back on his childhood. my editor said we think you've written a children series. >> you went, really? >> are you greg? >> i think i'm greg but sort of a tortured twisted version. actually, he is a twisted, tortured version of me and exaggerated form of my worst part, i think. >> lisa who produces this segment her son colton is here.
8:46 am
colton has never been to this program, by the way. you're in today and colton is here. you walk in the room and his mouth falls open. what were trutiying to connect h kids? greg is sarcastic but not a wise ass which i think is fun to read. >> greg has plenty of flaws. maybe he is less flawed than i was as a kid. i'm really trying to look at childhood from every possible angle and greg is the avatar. he is the ki gooi representing all kids in my mind. >> reporter: when you first started the hrp books were big and you thought i can't be like that or i need to do something else? >> when i was writing "diary of a wimpy kid" i was reading "harry potter" and "harry potter" is a underdog but not in some ways. he is brave, he is famous and magical. he is powerful. he's a good athlete. i was like i wasn't any of those things. i was just a normal kid. greg is the anti-"harry potter" in some ways. >> as you travel around the
8:47 am
world, the pope has a copy of w most? >> i have found that kids who have autism or dyslexia that they really take to my books. i think that what it is is that these pictures in the books, they give the kids little islands to swim to and the pictures provide context. even the pope, if he is learning latin, he can look at the picture and read the text and he gets some context from that feedback. >> you're taking this worldwide, though. as charlie said, when you go on the on road, this is the first time you're doing a book tour globally? >> we started that book tour last year and continuing it this year. we went to brazil, china, romania and going to india and korea and all around the world this year. >> the message resonates even outside of america, a lot of wimpy people around the world is what you're finding?
8:48 am
>> yeah. if i'm sitting in front of a crowd in brazil, i say what is it about this book that about really an american kid that resonates? i think is that childhood is a universal condition, really. is that kids have -- most kids have parents and siblings and pets and homework and teachers. this is the stories of childhood. >> why did you and your wife decide to open up a book store? >> because we wanted something nice in the middle of our com t community and now in plainsville, massachusetts, we have nationally known authors visiting us and we are enriched and the greater community is already enriched. >> a book store can be a community gathering place? >> absolutely. book stores are so vital to a community. >> remember that cartoonist career you had wanted had ever worked out for you? are you frustrated it didn't go the way you wanted? clearly have you commercial success, he i get that. >> i was frustrated i didn't
8:49 am
want to become a newspaper cartoonist because i wanted to be but i think this is a better dream. the fact i'm here with you today is would not have happened if i was in newspaper comics. >> you'll be in movies as well and television? >> yeah, we are working on a fourth diary of "wimpy kid" right now and long haul and next work i'm starting on an animated television series. >> thanks. >> congratulation, jeff kinney. >> thank you. >> "diary of a wimpy kid double down" goes on sale tomorrow. dogs deserve a treat on halloween! a gold retriever comes to life. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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the mae gave her top executive managed aa huge pay raiseet, and a lavish car allowance, run up a deficit, then cut jos for local teenagers, and cut after-school program. no wonder tchronicle called mae torlakson "flat-out unprepared" for the assembly. they endorse tim grayson. as mayor of concord, grayson balanced the budget every yer while doing more for kids. tim grayson for assembly.
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oakland. this is a kpix5 morning update. it is 8:55 i'm kenny choi. it's not clear what caused a major fire in oakland that began at about 5:00 at hanover and lester avenue is near lake merritt. the fire engulfed the building under construction and about 100 were evacuated from nearby homes. no report of any injuries. early voting is officially under way in the bay area with official same 100 people have already cast is 100,000 people of cast ballots. anyone who wants to vote early may do so. at the airport, you can sign up for the tsa pre-check program to let you leave she does let you leave shoes and belts on. it entails an $85 fee. for a look at weather, here
8:56 am
is roberta. as you get ready to go out, we have mostly cloudy skies and areas of fog and due to the low ceiling, sfo is delayed on some arriving flights. high def doppler radar tracks round four, another storm heading to the bay area and there it is. it will bring rain showers by late afternoon or evening in the far reaches. it will be dry for trick-or- treating with temperatures in the 40s and 50s, a cool and ghoulish start to your halloween day. later, temperatures in the 60s and 70s and 70 in san jose. 70 and san ramon and 60s and 70s, the rain will arrive around cloverdale at 5:00 to 7:00 and the chance of a storm tonight through tomorrow morning. a look at your roads with rocky is up, next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. it's 8:58 and the bay bridge has a crash causing problems on westbound 80 after 4th street. a two vehicle crashes blocking the left lane causing traffic across the span of the bay bridge. let's take a look at the toll plaza. to downtown, up to 25-30 minutes unluckily, the traffic is not backed up into the maze after the crossing. let's go to the freeway into downtown oakland, a slow commute.
8:59 am
238 will take you to downtown with a heavy 32 minutes. see you at noon.
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