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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  November 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> verne: maybe not. >> gary: first down. it would be demoralizing and i think they were just running a quarterback draw to kick a field goal. that's all they wanted. >> verne: bradley bozeman. >> gary: they were trying to get 5-8 yards, kick a 50-51-yard field goal, and they get a first down and they might be able to put this football game away. >> verne: a 23-yard gain for hurts. 18 carries now near 101 yards. >> gary: this is where leadership for l.s.u. has to step up. that's the most demoralizing plaist game so far. >> verne: bo scarbrough the running back on first down and 10. they feed scarbrough. he cuts it upfield and bangs his way to the 10 yard line. lester cotton, starting right guard led the way. number 66. >> gary: there was no finessing. he went to the left. he planted his left foot and he ran straight ahead and
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bulldozed. >> verne: lester cotton from tuscaloosa. >> gary: this drive has eaten six minutes off the clock. reminiscent of last year's final drive by alabama when they took the final 9:18 of the game. >> verne: dave aranda. defensive coordinator. first year. corner blitz. >> gary: boy, oh, boy. he's a warrior, he's the leader. when you go to practice, he's the one yelling at his teammates. egging them on. he's in the box. he's in that troy polamalu spot. half linebacker. half strong safety. smartest guy on the defense. calls all the defensive plays. >> verne: third down and four at the 11. a reminder that l.s.u. had to
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use two of its three time outs earlier. third and four. 5:35 to go. harris is running -- oh, dear. >> referee: number 74, five-yard penalty. still third down. >> gary: cam robinson was sure he was right [laughing] -- he turned around and yelled. he yelled at somebody and said "somebody said something." watch him. he's not just jumping, he's ready to block. i think he might have said that it was the l.s.u. sound that drew him offside. >> verne: ridley far left. gehrig dieter. also two wide to the right side. harris. designed run.
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drives himself down to the five. perhaps even more. jalen hurts not harris. >> gary: l.s.u. was misaligned. they didn't know what they were doing in the back seven. they were looking at each other and they did not have that edge rusher that they had previously. no one to the left side of the formation. watch how much open field there is. watch the safeties. looking right. doesn't know what to do. that's exactly where alabama attacked. >> verne: first down, goal. 4:40 to go. >> verne: damien harris. kendall beckwith, with the stop. >> gary: cotton, number 66, comes inside running toward the true freshman. williams, number 73 who just
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slammed down and got his block, and look how alabama is seeing that clock -- remember, bama was willing to kick a field goal. they ran a quarterback draw to say "give me five." they made third and 15 and third and nine on this drive both by running the quarterback. >> verne: hurts with 19 carries. 112 yards. alabama takes a time out. >> gary: i don't think it's the worst thing. under four minutes to go. alabama knows how big a touchdown would be here. >> verne: jalen hurts. all they were trying to do was position it.
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then let's hit the lights and light up some faces. right now get 20% off artificial trees. only at the home depot. more saving. more doing. >> verne: this drive might remind you of something. how about a.j. mccarron. >> gary: we talked in the open. could jalen hurts do with a couple other quarterbacks did? a.j. mccarron in 2012. the final drive. three passes and a screen pass to yeldon and he showed he could win the game in the fourth quarter. jalen hurts as a true freshman has had his best quarter in the
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fourth quarter. >> verne: after the time out -- excuse me, gary. >> gary: as we talked in the open, he didn't just have to beat this l.s.u. defense, he had to beat death valley and he has not blinked. it hasn't been pretty but he has not blinked. >> verne: a glimpse of tre'davious white just outside the one yard line on second down. >> gary: jalen hurts has eight rush attempts for 68 yards in this quarter. >> verne: handoff. right side. kendall beckwith and jamal adams. the stop of bo scarbrough. >> gary: i remember a couple years back, blake sims running a naked bootleg faking it to the
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tailback and keeping it and bootlegging around the left end. it does look like l.s.u. is trying to sell out on the ballcarrier. >> verne: this is the 14th play of the drive. >> gary: motion again against alabama. >> verne: yeah. >> referee: before the snap, false start. offense, number 71. five-yard penalty. still third down. >> verne: ross piersbacher, the left guard. >> gary: they came out of the huddle late again. i didn't see that. >> verne: i didn't either. >> gary: i didn't see anything there. maybe i missed it. the umpire makes the call. that's who made the call. >> verne: the last touchdown drive lasted nine minutes and 21
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seconds. this one 9:29. third and goal. >> gary: they got the edge covered this time. >> verne: hurts. under pressure. four down. damien harris objection not hang on. lewis neal, number 92, with the pressure. >> gary: how about that l.s.u. defense. they hung in there. they got the penalty call to move it back. but they hung on and they've got a chance. we've already seen them miss one. >> verne: cooper bateman is the holder. adam griffith, 25 yards away. cole mazza will snap it back. got it. 10-0.
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>> gary: he had a chance. early in this drive. settle for a field goal. ended up a field goal. all arou. in the unseen corners of the world. no monuments built in their honor. or mountains, adorned with their face. because heroes aren't driven by fame. they're carved from courage. guts. glory. ram.
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>> verne: 2:41 to go in the game. 10-0 now after the field goal. alabama's crimson tide. coming up, the napa play of the game. obvious he presented by napa auto parts. 10-0. that was the longest scoring drive -- it ties the longest scoring drive of the season. >> gary: coming into the game, l.s.u. had only given up eight touchdowns in seven games. they don't give up much. they've given up one in this game. >> verne: here is the kick. taken at the five by -- he's loose down the sidelines. danny etling getting his first start in this bitter rivalry,
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and he has been under pressure all night long. >> gary: started early and never let up. you have to admire the way he's hanging in there but he's taken a bunch of hits. i you thought they might try to put somebody in there to get a spark in the game, brandon harris, because of the number of shots etling has taken in this game. >> verne: danny etling from terre haute, indiana. he told us a fascinating story yesterday. he was on a recruiting trip to wisconsin as a junior in high school when he was listening on the radio to the 2011 game, the famous 9-6 finish. when it went to overtime he asked his mom and dad if they could pull in to a fast-food
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place with a television set. they did. he watched the finish of that overtime game, and that was when drew alleman -- i have been working on that -- he hit his field goal 25 yards out and l.s.u. won, and that was the last time they won in this series. c.j. chark with that catch. marlon humphrey with the tackle. >> gary: great alabama defense forces the ball to the shortest receiver. no yards after catch -- except for the tight end delay on first down, i have not seen one l.s.u. receiver catch a ball and run for any yards. >> verne: beginning this possession l.s.u. had had 23 total yards in this half. one first down. >> gary: yeah. >> verne: incomplete.
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intended for deshawn smith. high hopes tonight leonard fournette would have a breakout game. he had one two weeks ago off the injury. this is only his fifth game. tonight, no. 2.1 average. >> gary: alabama in the second half. their offense finally found it. 196 yards of offense in the second half. l.s.u., as verne just told you, 25. >> verne: fourth down, eight. incomplete. ball goes over on downs. >> gary: with a nice play by ronnie harrison that time. man-to-man coverage. stayed with it. didn't interfere, and got his right hand on it. watch him. 15 chd matched up on the tight end. he knows it's going to go to the outside. turns around and bats the ball
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away. what a wonderful play. i don't know if he touched it, to tell you the truth as i look at it one more time and looking at the reaction right there, i don't think he did. a good throw by etling and a dropped pass. good coverage but just not quite handles -- deshaun smith could have made that catch. he did not come up with it. >> gary: only one time out left for l.s.u. they had to use two. we began -- >> verne: we began this evening game telecast talking about the alabama listen to this one. l.s.u. in the game so far has six first downs. and eight punts.
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>> verne: 10-0 alabama. 1:43 to go in the game. l.s.u. has used its last time out. those who remain, for the most part, are wearing crimson and white in the stands. we have a few l.s.u. faithful. >> verne: hurts.
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>> gary: as alabama runs out the rest of this game, it does look, as auburn heads to georgia next week that if auburn wins a couple more games, it's going right down to the iron bowl, doesn't it? >> verne: auburn won today. this afternoon. they're now 7-2. they have won six in a row. 300 or more rushing yards. in four of nine. >> gary: shawn white who did not practice all week came off the bench and led them. one more tiger cage match to go. >> verne: alabama's 19th shutout under nick saban. >> gary: i think ed orgeron can be proud of his fastball team tonight and the job they've done. l.s.u. does not have the offense especially against this alabama elite defense to match up.
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>> verne: it is our pleasure to announce that at 3:30 eastern time we will be in athens for auburn and georgia. 3:30 eastern. 30 seconds to go. alabama has now won 21 in a row. last loss at home to ole miss a year ago september. they have defeated l.s.u. for the sixth consecutive time. nick saban, ed orgeron and it's time now for the napa play of the game. only one touchdown in this one. here it was. jalen hurts. >> gary: sprint-out to the
8:21 pm
right, turns it up, one l.s.u. defender had a chance but he outran him. >> verne: always a pleasure to listen to the voice of eli gold of alabama. >> stepping up. has running room, turns it upfield. he's to the 10. he's to the five. he's in. touchdown, alabama, jalen hurts. >> verne: that was eli gold. nick saban is with allie laforce. >> allie: coach, it's never easy in death valley in a game that was difficult for both teams to score. what gave your team the edge? >> i think we made more plays in the second half, we squandered opportunities inside the one yard line that we didn't score on but our guys kept fighting and i'm proud of our team. this is a tough place to play, they've got a really good team and they're playing well but our guys persevered and i'm proud of them. >> allie: your offense held scoreless for three quarters. you challenged jalen hurts.
8:22 pm
how proud are you of the freshman in this environment? >> he did a great job and made plays but i'm proud of our defense who shut them out all day, if we didn't score for three quarters, they didn't score for four. >> allie: you have mississippi state who beat texas a&m today. then the iron bowl. tough games coming up in the two weeks ahead. what does this team need to improve on even with the success they have had? >> this is like the playoffs. we've got to improve every week. we've got to get better. there are obviously a lot of things that we can do better as a team and that's something we certainly want to work on. >> allie: thank you, coach. congratulations. >> thank you. >> allie: minkah, the defense dominant game in and game out. how did this defense overcome it and shut out l.s.u.? >> we had to stay disciplined and trying to stay focused and make plays. >> allie: congratulations, enjoy with your teammates. >> thank you. >> allie: verne. >> verne: allie, thank you.
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10-0 the fievenlt 21 wins in a row, jalen hurts. 20 for 114 rushing. two really big plays. >> gary: our play of the game where he scored a touchdown. and then the third and 15 quarterback draw where he went one way and made the first down the other way. in this game, the mark made by the freshman was with his legs. >> verne: so alabama-mississippi state next week. the final here 10-0. jalen hurts. what a day. 10 of 19 throwing it for a most 107 but boy, was he excellent on the ground. 20 carries, 114 yards, and the only touchdown of the game. >> verne: final 10-0. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist
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going on around the country today. minutes ago kirby smart's georgia bulldogs a field goal as time expired to get the win at kentucky. 27-24. a couple highly ranked s.e.c. teams falling on the road to unranked teams. number four texas a&m loses in starkville, s.e.c. east leader falls at arkansas. auburn holding on at home. otherwise blowout city around the country for teams in the top 10. louisville's lamar jackson seven total touchdowns today. washington late first quarter against cal. a reminder. the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action. most will see the steelers and the ravens. then the colts and packers. it gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." enjoy the rest of your weekend and don't forget to set your clocks back. when the clock strikes two. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division 7 on the house by switching to at&t... t the ame what??.... aand you got unlimited data because you have directv??
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please. vote. vote. vote. vote. panic on the campaign trail tonight as secret service agents rushed donald trump off the stage at a rally in reno. the commotion and the crowd that said it all off. >> welcome to this special edition of kpix five news. let's get right to our reporter live in reno. >> reporter: donald trump was giving a speech at the convention center when he stopped talking and it was a
8:32 pm
pretty dramatic pause as to secret service agents rushed onto the stage, grabbed him, pulled him back behind the curtain as apparently the commotion in the crowd was this was going on. donald trump was pulled back to safety and came out and addressed the crowd later. the man in the crowd that caught the attention of security, the cops rest on him and witnesses tell me he had something in his hand and someone said he has a gun and people got scared. but they grabbed this gentleman and he started to struggle and several men in full military regalia came out and i stood back and watch them take him away. >> reporter: it turns out there was no gun. the man was just released a short while ago. he did have a sign that said republicans against trump so he was a protester, but no gun involved.
8:33 pm
as for trump he did give a speech and it was abnormal and that he stuck to his script. we spoke with some in the crowd many of whom were from california. stock is down to earth like in the union or the steelworkers union. he is telling what people are thinking and these other politicians will say one thing and do another or do nothing at all and that's why even whole lot of republicans still like trump because they are afraid of what he can not because he's dangerous because he is good for the working people. >> reporter: is it possible if he gets into office and can't accomplish a lot of these things because [ overlapping speakers ] no one can seem to accomplish anything. >> i think he will do what he can. >> we are honest people. we accept people that we send it to higher office.
8:34 pm
we expect them to be honest. >> reporter: is there anything your candidate has set resemble a lie? but you know what. he without sin let him cast the first stone. you know. >> listen to the issues. we have a bush clinton, bush clinton country where people have tried to protest against each other. to tell me that our prisons are full of mexicans that have come across the border and committed crimes. >> reporter: to give you a sense of the bubble that was the first time it actually seemed up close the red make america great again hat that he
8:35 pm
gives out at these rallies. i will say the crowd was well- behaved and cheerful and the speakers started whipping them up and directing their attention to us and we were booed several times it reminded me more of a pro wrestling match than a campaign rally at times. as we approach three days before the election donald trump trying to shore up support in nevada. spoke to job in reno thank you. hillary clinton [ inaudible ] she was in a rainsoaked rally in florida. polls showed them in a virtual tie in that state. the democratic nominee cut the stopped short before suspect because of the weather. >> let's get out, let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. god bless you. >> she headed to florida -- philadelphia for a concert with katie peary. a new national survey shows a
8:36 pm
razor thin difference. one poll shows trump trailing clinton with a single -- single point. back here in the bay area dozens of supporters held a roadside rally in san jose and waved american flags and for trump t-shirts as they encourage passing drivers to get out and vote. the oakland mayor found a different way to peddle their message. they set off on bicycles to drum up support for measure kk it would allocate hundreds of millions of dollars to repair city streets. >> reporter: our new department of transportation is ready to do 10 times the street repaving so that and 10 years instead of just a quarter of our streets being in decent condition more than 70% of our streets can be
8:37 pm
safe, healthy and smooth. >> some of that bond money would go toward upgrading libraries and parks and renovating buildings for affordable housing. many people took advantage of early voting. online form at san jose. it's one of the half towing -- dozen polling places. >> we have a lot of people voting and people are very excited. i'm asking how long there waiting and they said i'm not even paying attention. i'm excited to be voting. start early voting is an option this year in 38 states. more than 35 million people have already cast ballots. tomorrow morning the candidates in the bay area artist congressional race will join us to make their final pitches. and of course join us for extensive election coverage on tuesday and we will have
8:38 pm
reports from political insiders and the rest of the kpix five team. still to come chaos outside a bay area nightclub. dramatic rescue on the coast to people and a pet are hoisted to safety. recreational season appears to be off to a good start, but there is a catch. >> there is no caption weather forecast it looks like studies sailing. after one little wrinkle coming in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:40 pm
wounded.. including the two suspected shooters. and it left many businesses owners in the area.. sweepip a gunbattle erupted outside in oakland mike ludlum the people wounded including the two suspected shooters and left many business owners sweeping up broken glass. it started just after midnight near the golden bull bar about a block from city hall. a reporter shows us the aftermath.
8:41 pm
>> reporter: paramedics rushed the victims to the hospital. this woman was shot in her right leg and an officer and a friend tried to stop people as they waited for paramedics. police say six innocent people were shot. four of them women and one person remains in critical condition. lease arrested two suspects. they were also shot. the mayor says detectives are working to figure out if they were shooting at each other. >> this week has seen some incredibly disturbing instances of violence in oakland. is heartbreaking for asked. >> reporter: the shooting happened after midnight on 14th st. near franklin street. it is a busy block with a nightclub and a bar. the victims were likely coming out of those businesses. >> we have had a good number of homicides and shootings and a block away from city hall and we need to be able to make sure it is safe.
8:42 pm
>> reporter: he takes up a busted window in front of his printing business. he has to hand-deliver customer orders because they refused to walk on this block. >> my customers don't want to come down anymore. >> reporter: other businesses are also worried. they say the news is scaring people away from a nonprofit event at the smart gallery tonight. >> i'm getting calls that people are concerned for an event that i have 300 people and about 50 of them will be attending because they feel concerned about the safety of their lives. >> reporter: please do not have a motive. of the six victims the youngest was a 17-year-old boy. >> lease officer shot in the line of duty three weeks ago is feeling well enough to pay his fellow officers a visit. officer kevin down stop by the station yesterday. he is in the dark t-shirt. last month he responded to a call about a man threatening customers at a -- store.
8:43 pm
that man opened fire hitting him in the head. the bullet lectured his goal an spring, leaving him with paralysis in his right leg. other officers later shot the suspect who died two days later. a wild ride for two construction workers they were in the year for two and half hours. the hydraulic system in their left malfunctioned and they couldn't get back down to the ground. the left failed so they call the fire department. they use a 100 foot letter to rescue the two men. another dramatic rescue. this time in the north bay. a helicopter was to two people and a dog to safety from a cliffside at rodeo beach. she said her dog fell over first and when she and a bystander went down to rescue the dog they got stuck.
8:44 pm
>> we realized it was going to be hard to get out and buy sister said the fire department was on the way and we were down there for a little while while they got the operation together and ultimately we were lifted out. >> the man and woman not hurt and the dog is shaken up, but okay. it is open season on [ inaudible ] the without for the start of the fishing season and a reporter shows the first catches getting mixed reviews. >> they look like these. [ laughter ] we are eating tonight. >> reporter: he has fish these waters for more than 40 years. he was out here even before the sun was out and his early start definitely paid off. >> right now they are jumbo nice rebounders so we can be selected. you can take what you want and later in the season
8:45 pm
you have to get more choosy.>> reporter: the department of fish and wildlife was camped out your to making sure everyone was obeying the law. >> we make sure everyone has 10 and they have to be a certain measurement and make sure they are the right size and the right amount.>> reporter: crab caught here are safe to eat, guts and all, but dungeness crab caught north of . raised the department of public health has issued a warning. the -- more testing on the acid levels need to be done. it is recommended that you stick to eating the body me for now. recreational crab season has just begun, crabbers are not overly optimistic. >> usually we let our pots soak for several hours and we get lemons. the first sign is not going to be a good season, but who knows. >> we see guys come back with some good-looking crabs this morning and it is the first day so it is hard to tell.>>
8:46 pm
reporter: commercial crabbing season doesn't start until november 15. for now they belong to recreational crabbers and their dinner tables. we are starting now with mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. winds are light out of the southwest to about six and this is in advance of a weak cold front and that means maybe a few light showers mostly for the north bay in the small hours of the morning. the numbers right now, mostly in the 60s. 61 degrees in san francisco, 64 in oakland. sunset tonight was at six tackle sex. sunset park night will be at 5:oh 5 pm. it is time to fall back. set your clocks back an hour tonight. overnight shower tonight and then mostly cloudy sunday and it may be a little bit of drizzle. as you see in the future cast
8:47 pm
it looks like a mattress exploded over the bay area. the green indicates light showers possibly working its way into the north bay and as the day goes on there is not much in the way of moisture, but plenty in the way of clouds. it will be a mostly cloudy day with a peak at the sun from time to time. cloudy and mild and we will drizzle from time to time. the week ahead looks pretty good. the raiders are taking on the broncos for night partly cloudy and 63 degrees and as burns said oh by the way the 49ers you remember them if you want to have fun with the family tomorrow how about the holiday ice rink. 64 degrees and 65 in union square. overnight lows temperatures will be in the mid-50s and sunrise tomorrow. rejoice the sun will be up.
8:48 pm
high temperatures tomorrow will be near 70 degrees in the bay area and extended forecast is calling for a chance of light showers before we go partly cloudy on monday and tuesday and the latter half of the week increasing sunshine and temperatures and increasing joy and happiness in sports coming up after the break. fr i went to iraq in 2004 to fight for freedom. for generations, our troops have sacrificed for our freedoms. one of the most important things we do is vote - to protect that freedom. i'm tom steyer. let's make the people we're so proud of, proud of us. please. vote. vote. vote.
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pick it with john elway, stanford gr8, bronco's gr8...and nows president... ...his team plays sunday... college team, stanford let's pick it up with john elway. it's team president and the team plays on sunday. the college team worked over oregon state. running back for more yards. 16 1600 yard games and he worked for them. i guess oregon state, 1st quarter love in the backfield, love in the middle.
8:51 pm
[ inaudible ] 56 yard touchdown cardinal led 10-0. to the third quarter. stanford up seven. the quarterback made the highlights. is he gone? he is inside the five. that's the name of another football show. shameless plug. two plays later we have christian mcafee again. into the end zone finish with a season. raised his record to 6- 3. enough fall and the [ inaudible ]. national audience marmite hosting the broncos and this one bigger than take with first place on the line and the raiders respecting [ inaudible ]. >> the road to winnie division goes through them and the road to the super bowl goes through them.
8:52 pm
we are definitely not on top. they are on top and we are very confident. but why shouldn't they feel confident? here's a look at the standings and in the winter tomorrow night takes over sole possession of first place. here is a little hard to heart. i've been doing this for a long time, longer than you've been alive so it's a lot of weeks with a lot of players stepping in front of the cameras saying this is the most important game. >> it's just another game. were trying to make it bigger than what it is. >> i honestly treat every game the same. i really do. >> even you have to admit this is a mega-blockbuster game. >> yes it is. we are tied for first so this is for all the marbles. we are coming out and ready to play.
8:53 pm
it is going to be a big game on a big stage. >> say one more thing, you see this guy [ inaudible ] is he getting better and better? >> from that year to now and it is a leak. >> what does he do? >> he just goes out there and played like you trust the receiver and he trust all of them and loves all of them. he plays with so much passion. i can hear it in his voice sometimes. >> you will be the only thing going. >> your come out and support us.
8:54 pm
>> oh by the way [ inaudible ] i'm coming back with some [ inaudible ] game. stick around. marijuana in california. man: time to "vote yes on prop 64." woman: it's "better for public health, for law and order and for society." man: "it makes sense to regulate and tax" marijuana. woman: "prop 64 would bring discipline and oversight." man: "prop 64 is the first step toward a rational drug policy." woman: "it's time for a new approach." man: vote yes on 64.
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8:56 pm
game, so coach jim harbaughe a few additions to prep fors week they love him..... maryland... michigan football ranked number two they had several players come down with the flu before last weeks game. the coach made a few additions to prep for this week. >> more hand sanitizer and more push-ups and whole milk. >> they love him. they were hosting maryland and admitted fans you missed them to. don't you miss them? come on. wolverines rolled at home. here is a look at wilton state. wide open. back of the end zone
8:57 pm
and they scored all five of their positions -- possessions in the first half. the wolverines 9-0 for the first time since 2006. not a good look when texas a&m quarterback is in street close. not for the mississippi state game with a shoulder injury. not to be denied. here is the upset of the fourth- ranked team of the country. here is the last chance for the aggies. passes completed to the wrong guy and mississippi state a double-digit dog beat number four texas a&m 35-28. we will tell you cal is hanging in there with washington down 21 to 13. i will tell you who won the day. the bulldogs finishing a 6-0 in high school football.
8:58 pm
>> don't mess with them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
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